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    Toyota Etios Liva
    Toyota Etios Liva
    Rs   5.44 - 7.38 Lakh*
    Maruti Swift 2018
    Maruti Swift 2018
    Rs   4.99 - 8.29 Lakh*
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  • VS
    Toyota Etios Liva
    Toyota Etios Liva
    Rs   5.44 - 7.38 Lakh*
    Maruti Swift
    Maruti Swift
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    Toyota Etios Liva
    Toyota Etios Liva
    Rs   5.44 - 7.38 Lakh*
    Maruti Baleno
    Maruti Baleno
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    Toyota Etios Liva
    Toyota Etios Liva
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    Hyundai Elite i20
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    Toyota Etios Liva
    Toyota Etios Liva
    Rs   5.44 - 7.38 Lakh*
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It is

By for Toyota Etios Liva from Kolkata 2011-01-06 14:21:59.0
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Look and Style :- Although it is not radically different or new but still having the Toyota badge& that will help. The interior space is awesome. The only and big problem we thing is that how Toyota have ever introduce a car without power steering as standard fitting? Cost cutting is understood but in 2011 can anybody do w/o P.Steering? Pl look into this seriously. Comfort

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  • V.Radhakrishnan |19 Jan,2011 08:32:14 PM

    w/o power steering is ok, if it gives the seme comfort and smoothness while actuating the steering weel

  • RKSHARMA |24 Jan,2011 02:40:44 PM

    Eagerly looking for TOYOTA LIVA LAUNC date for buying it.

  • Manish |26 Jan,2011 10:55:56 AM

    Eagerly waiting for Liva, hope it shall be better than swift petrol, please advise if possible, because I shall likely purchase LIVA as it is coming under the TAG of Toyata Motors .

    sanjay |29 Jun,2011 03:05:21 PM

    After tking test drive...totally disappointed, nothing new in it...except the fact it is newly launched, on raod price for base model will be 4.5 to 4.60 lacs and what a great options and complete package is available in market in this range, like shift, ritz, figo and i10 and in this range of 4.5 to 4.75 u will get all these models fully loaded....it does nt make any sense going for liva at this price tag...yes it is worth if it comes in price range of 3.5lacs to 3.90lacs on road, infact look wise/featurewise/performancewise/mileagewise/service back up wise i found Maruti A star the best, just took delivery of A star VXI as my 3rd car, hving santro, aveo Linited edition and now A star and i love driving it in city...great pick up , good handling and awesome average...what else is require for city drive...but yes on high way it gives some vibration when u cross 120km/hr...but thats okay.. except Toyota Brand name which this company has build in last 10 yrs ...this car so called LIVA has nothing in it...Toyota are known for sedan (big car) and customer in this segment dont mind paying extra for brand name and performance but when it comes to small cars customers need entire good price Vs value proposition , p/v is not there in this car...so Toyota need to work hard to bring P/V proposition equal to or higher than other cars in this segment...and this is just not easy with just using their brand name and trying to attract customer of this segment...need to give sustance ...just Brand name will not do...thats my option dear frds..

    Anoop |06 Jul,2011 12:41:36 PM

    Check out Fiat Punto.

    Adnan Aquib |11 Jul,2011 01:38:28 PM

    Are u the Business Development Manager of Fiat.You are promoting Fiat punto wherever you get a chance.Fiat Punto got its look but has severe problems with ac and gear shift.After sale support of Fiat is pathetic even though they have tie up with tata.Read the articles related ratan tata rethinking of their partnership with Fiat coz of Fiat's low sell in India...

    Anoop |12 Jul,2011 12:59:26 PM

    Have you taken a drive in FIAT Punto ? I own Petrol POLO and Diesel PUNTO. Mr Adnan try a FIAT Punto Diesel and give your feedback. Try Punto Emotion Pack Auto climate Control and Swift Automatic Climate Control and revert on AC quality. Revert on Mileage ? am getting a 24 in Highway and 18 in City. I have never faced an issue in Gear shift. I accept they are not able to get that facelift. but that is again because they are under tata leadership.Let they come in India alone in Indian market. Dont just comment like this,try it out reply. Am from Kerala and there are mainly two groups who provide the service in Kerala. Both are equaly good.As my friend has taken it from a different Service Centre in Kerala. also compare the features that Punto provide to you compared to other cars.

  • ankit |29 Jan,2011 01:48:05 PM

    yes it is a gud car for a family of 4 and large boot space and performance is gud enough 80 ps power 1.2 litre engine is very fuel efficient and a gud option to buy

  • Vibhu |30 Jan,2011 04:13:51 PM

    I am also planning to buy Liva but I am not so sure since early booking will be available before the launch, Etios Sedan is already now available with 4months waiting now, so once paid, and even without looking at the car, there is no other alternative. Test drived Sedan Etios and looks wonderful and is very comfortable, hope that the interiors of Liva and Etios SEDAN are the same.

  • morajkar |09 Feb,2011 12:10:00 AM

    ofcourse, sence it is toyata brand i just waiting to buy

  • ashish bagga |09 Feb,2011 11:25:27 PM

    nice car

  • rabden |10 Feb,2011 01:08:24 AM

    i hope it will survive on indian roads especially in hill areas

  • virender |14 Feb,2011 02:19:33 PM

    without power steering is big no.

  • krshetty |21 Feb,2011 09:19:40 PM

    i am eagarly waiting for etios liva lounch .

  • SANJU |22 Feb,2011 03:18:08 PM

    ofcourse, sence it is toyata brand i just waiting to buy

    Nitin Wadkar |30 Dec,2012 09:54:51 PM

    Etios Liva is garbage products it is just like Bulleckcart and toyota is a cheater

  • pnnnambudiry |09 Mar,2011 10:40:53 AM

    yes, w/o p steering I cannot think of a car now. but as a friend pointed out, if it gives the same smoothness of the etios sedan with p.s it is fine. could we expect this comfort from TOYOTA.

    Ravikiran Nutalapati |09 Mar,2011 12:00:56 PM

    with out power steering is a bad sign for its TAG... its really difficult in current road traffic conditions. Every small car has come with power steering. when we drive our car, we should feel comfortable in our journey to destination.. so need to think on this before buying it.

  • Ravikiran Nutalapati |09 Mar,2011 12:01:46 PM

    with out power steering is a bad sign for its TAG... its really difficult in current road traffic conditions. Every small car has come with power steering. when we drive our car, we should feel comfortable in our journey to destination.. so need to think on this before buying it

  • s.p.patil |09 Mar,2011 04:22:43 PM

    Its a Nice car

  • VARUN R.MANDHANE |09 Mar,2011 05:14:54 PM


    amod joshi |22 Jun,2011 03:37:50 PM

    Diesel version will be launched by August 2011 !!! I am also waiting for that.

    varun |27 Jun,2011 05:00:09 PM

    thank u for replyin...but wat will b the on road price of 2nd model in thane without octroi n wat mileage is expected from it???had visited showroom today itself specially to c liva gr8 car simply loved it...waitin for ur reply asap...

    varun |27 Jun,2011 05:01:08 PM

    im askin diesel variant

    Anoop |06 Jul,2011 12:42:48 PM

    Try FIAT Punto Diesel.

  • shekhar |13 Mar,2011 07:49:42 PM

    What are the variant available in LIVA ? The price is only indicative , real choice will be based on models & its respective price.

  • thiagavelu.k |15 Mar,2011 12:41:31 PM

    I am waiting for livas's updates regarding its power steering and other features better than other hatchback cars.

  • Prabhat Bharat |22 Mar,2011 01:15:58 PM

    It would have been nice if it was produced with power steering and automatic transmision. price may come up but its ok.

  • CarDekho Team |22 Mar,2011 01:21:24 PM

    A fully loaded Etios Liva variant is also expected.

  • sushil |23 Mar,2011 12:34:57 PM

    w/o power steering and w/o power wndiow i do not like car this is most important for car , tata nano provide both facility in low price so why toyota not thinking about , i am surprised to read the matter

    tuntun |03 Aug,2011 06:47:16 PM

    Nano is not providing Power Steering.

  • CarDekho Team |23 Mar,2011 12:38:49 PM

    There would mostly be a fully loaded variant of the Liva that will have the power steering and power windows as standard.

  • harbhajan |26 Mar,2011 08:37:46 PM

    i am waiting fulli loaded diesel liva

  • Pawan vishwa |04 Apr,2011 01:41:24 PM

    sir please send me all details of new models louch car in indian market

  • CarDekho Team |04 Apr,2011 01:43:01 PM

    Expect the Etios Liva in July this year.

  • Ajay Raghav |11 Apr,2011 06:18:33 PM

    i am waiting fulli loaded liva diesel & Petrol

    Obalaraju |26 Apr,2011 04:50:24 PM

    full loaded diesel etios liva with powersteering is apt for present requirement

  • swapnil |12 Apr,2011 09:20:39 AM

    when toyota liva will launch???????

  • Anup Sharma |13 Apr,2011 09:53:04 AM

    I was waiting for Liva but w/o power stearing in unbeleable.

  • Sugam |13 Apr,2011 10:29:09 PM

    Please don't buy LIVA with a price of approx 4.75 lacs .. wait for other cars to be launched... I don't think it is worth for your money..

  • arvind kumar |23 Apr,2011 09:17:00 PM

    Sir,i am waitting LIVA with fulli loaded in diesel and petrol.

  • Raman |29 Apr,2011 04:00:28 PM

    i am also waitng for LIVA launch. CARDEKHO team please let us know the expected date if possible.. thanks..

  • santosh |13 May,2011 04:16:30 PM

    how toyota launch car without power steering in compition to other

  • jitender |30 May,2011 08:39:59 PM

    waiting for last six months to buy etios liva petrol/diesl

  • Mahboob |05 Jun,2011 06:39:09 PM

    Good evening,,i am employee in Toyota dealer in Sales,, Toyota Liva is going to launch shortly in June but in petrol version only,,, all above buyers comments are regarding p/w and diesel but if u want p/w buy higher variant,,w/o p/w is for those buyers who will drive in local and expecting in their price tag coz p/w cost extra 30-40k xtra...coming to diesel its small car fuel efficient car for those buyers who drove upto 2k pm so they don't need diesel cars,,, i hope al of u undrstand abt Toyota, it is now market leader in SUV, MPV, and going to boom in small car segment also,,,njy safe driving don't forget to wear belt while driving...happy and safe driving

    Padmanabhanjs |24 Aug,2011 09:54:50 PM

    thanks Mahboob, i am planning to book Etios liva this week end (G), shall i proceed as ur comments was during the month of june

  • SP Verma |08 Jun,2011 03:27:41 PM

    Badi der bhai nand lala, ye vehicle ha nirala. I love it. I will definitely purchase it.

  • raghu |17 Jun,2011 08:54:24 AM

    can anybody clarify how can aliva weigh only 890kgs where as awagonR which is smaller in length and width weigh 1300kgs.

    Joshi |13 Jul,2011 08:33:35 PM

    Its 920 Kg,Toyota always known for their QDR quality Durability & Relibility , to give you best result of power to weight ratio they use Galvanized sheet metel which is long life & light in weight....Go for Liva Enjoy driving...

    jerry |25 Dec,2011 12:17:02 AM

    due to its low weight, toyota tuned the engine to reduce power to 68 bhp and increased the mileage.

  • SS Ahuja |20 Jun,2011 10:48:10 AM

    Power steering is a must,

    SS Ahuja |20 Jun,2011 10:53:07 AM

    We want a small car with ABS, Power steering, AC, Safety Bags at least 2, stereo alloy wheels. with fuel efficiency. If such car is launched by Tyota it will rock

    navneet singh |30 Jun,2011 03:03:10 PM

    go for skoda fabia elegence than!!!!!!!!

  • jayaprakash |23 Jun,2011 08:34:10 AM

    basic model is only without p.sterring,higher model has its p, sterring

  • V.S.SOLANKI |24 Jun,2011 01:24:37 PM

    I am eagerly waiting launching of Etios Liva.

  • Atul |26 Jun,2011 07:30:45 PM

    Who said this car doesn't have a power steering? It certainly has. This rumour mongers and/ or paid agents of other car manufacturers/ dealers should be banished from this site for spreading mis-information.

  • jacob |27 Jun,2011 12:25:30 PM

    toyota ethios was the remodelled scrap called toyota echo given to the ignorant indian consumer and now its the hatch back modelled on the lines of the toyota yaris.Good going guys.

  • pris |27 Jun,2011 03:18:43 PM

    toyota etios liva.i wnt 2 nw bout da car nd its features. Bt i lyk dis car. I wnt to purchage a car first da optin btwen ford figo nd wolkswegen polo. Nw today i saw dis car so i wnt know about dis car.

  • pris |27 Jun,2011 03:21:39 PM

    i like dis car

  • S.K. Arora |27 Jun,2011 07:25:39 PM

    I just cam to know from fellow friends that LIVA is without power steeing and without D model. I don't think in this jet age without power steeing and without D engine model. Hope toyota will look into the two requirements of clients.

  • Shakun Sharma |28 Jun,2011 09:54:32 AM

    Hi everyone, The car looks nice & no doubt its Toyota so you don't have to think about performance.But the most concerning factor is Power steering....Its very very important specially in cities like Mumbai......Here only the car lags behind...

  • dennis |28 Jun,2011 07:48:53 PM

    noone will buy the base model at this price without power steering.

  • Naresh thakur |29 Jun,2011 11:11:57 AM

    Guys, There is power steering in Liva.. so dont believe on some one and get the test ride....

  • Deb |29 Jun,2011 12:46:32 PM

    Guys, I am confused whether to go for a Etios liva (Petrol) or Maruti Suzuki Ritz (Petrol) (my earlier fav before the launch of liva). Didnt want to take on the Ford figo in petrol as I have heard abt its low fuel efficiency on petrol variants. I was about to buy the ritz vxi in October, but now gradually I am tilting towards LIVA G. Please advise.

  • CarDekho Team |29 Jun,2011 01:20:04 PM

    @ Deb - The Etios Liva is fairly larger in size than the Ritz and is the current hot model in this segment, we advise you to book the Liva quickly as the wait period is increasing day by day.

  • vijay verma |30 Jun,2011 09:11:08 AM

    i have seen the liva toyota, frankly awesome .its cool for a small family .and toyota i feel has got its best engines.thats it

  • Anoop Das |04 Jul,2011 06:12:29 PM

    Pros : Toyota Brand Name, Cheaper Car Cons : Not having a great Looks, Cheaper plastics, AC vent not designed correctly. Description : After Test drive of 8 Hatch Backs judgement. After a Liva drive.My feelings Look and Style Exterior Even though it looks similar to Etios from Front, I like the rear part,its deisgned more better than Etois.Etios has a Ambasador or Ceilo back,something uncommon.In case of Liva toyota has given more care as it has beutifully designed rear. In the lot for exterior style : I feel Fiat Punto wins, followed by Suzuki Swift, Liva, hyndai i10, Ford Figo, Ritz, Micra, Vista, Interiors : Main issue in Liva is its position of Speedometer which is in the centre.Why Liva & Vista has placed it in centre. Eventhough it is becoming common, personally I feel is looks odd.Quality of Seat, postion of AC vents, Stereo and seats Liva look very much odd in the lot. My rating for Interors will beSwift, Ritz, hyundai i10, Fiat Punto, Ford Figo, Micra followed by Liva & Vista. Comfort For Long drive: Order will be Hyndai i10, Ritz, Swift, Fiat Punto, Micra, Vista, Liva, Figo. For City drive : Order will be Ritz,Micra, Figo, Hyndai i10, Swift, Fiat Punto, Vista, Liva. Pickup Swift, Ritz, Hyndai i10,Fiat Punto,Figo, Vista, Micra, Liva Mileage Fiat Punto,Vista, Figo, Ritz,Swift,Hyndai i20,Liva, Micra Best Features Nothing specific only Toyota Badge. Needs to improve Interiors and Good engine. Overall Experience Choose Better options available. Thinkof Service centres, spare cost, features, security, stability for long drives, and Mileage. My Rating for Hatch backs will be 1. Fiat Punto, 2. Swift, 3. Ritz (for people who like the rear) , 4. Hyndai i10 5. Vista 6. Figo 7. Micra 8.Liva

    RAJESH YADAV |01 Oct,2011 07:22:32 PM


  • mkumar |14 Jul,2011 12:18:20 AM

    no power steering???? are u sure man...nowhere i have seen that liva doesnt have power steering

  • kuldeep yadav |21 Jul,2013 06:08:22 PM

    the suspension is hopeless ... shame on toyota....

  • Daleep chand sharma. |18 Nov,2013 09:22:34 PM

    My son Neeraj kumar purchase this car on 6th of oct 2013 .the experience of driving this car is like you drive SUV.it is two specious and good pickup Most importent the staff of M/S Anand Toyota Hamirpur aspecialy Mr Lokesh and Miss Sushma thakur Sale officer the dealing of these two employee of Anand Toyota are in the marks they force me purchase this car and i proud that my son buy this beautyfull car.The millage of this car in deasil veriont is about 23 km .we fell that this car is better then i 20 because we used i 20 car for 4 years. we will give five star for dealing of staff 5star for comfort of this car 4star for interior because the deshboard can not be a toyota standred for sefty five star over all four and half mark.

  • wd |20 Nov,2014 02:26:40 PM

    Rcrctct by gtvtc tvtvtvtvggfffttvv

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