Toyota Etios, a complete family car

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Pros : Stylish and elegant exteriors, reliable and powerful, high performance, low maintenance, good fuel economy.

Cons : Low quality interiors and plastic.

Look and Style: I am looking to buy a sedan car and my friend suggested me to find out details about Toyota Etios. Recently I got a chance to test drive Etios and I am very much satisfied with the overall performance of the car. The sportier and classy exteriors of the car attracted me the most. Comfort: When I stepped inside Toyota Etios I was stunned with the amount of space it offers. But I was disappointed with the quality of plastic and fabric used in the sedan car. The rear side of the cabin provides a decent space to seat five adults comfortably. The high roofline with decent headroom and legroom space further enhances the overall comfort of the car. Etios also offers decent boot space to carry daily luggage bags. Pick-up: As I am looking to buy a sedan car for city usage, Etios delivers decent power and output performance. Car accelerates to 60 km per hour in few seconds. Mileage: As per company words, Toyota Etios offers an impressive fuel economy of 20 km/l in city conditions and 23 km/l on highways. Best Feature: Excellent fuel efficiency, superb exteriors and advanced technological features are few of its best features. Need to Improve: The interiors of the sedan need to be spruced up as they adorn low quality plastic and fabric. Overall Experience: Overall Toyota Etios is a complete family car which delivers a world class driving experience.

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  • sleeba philip |29 Feb,2012 06:05:53 PM


  • raja |29 Feb,2012 09:56:30 PM

    Toyota India( it means fraud) , Toyota cheating Indian peoples and they can't sale these type of worst car in any of the world.Somebody like Abishek (uneducated about car field)may only given those types of reviews. It's not only bad in plastic also a car in great technical failear product. Totally it's worthless bad car.

    ashu |01 Mar,2012 10:25:00 AM

    I agree fully. Nowhere in the world would Toyota get away with such a shabby pruduct (Except probably some poor African nation). Toyota has always seen India as a country for outdated, obsolete and left over products, where people seem to be ignorant of quality, and can be sold any garbage at any price. Remember Qualis ? Etios has cabin noise similar to a roadways bus, the finish is cheap and similar to Made in China plastic toys . The cabin color combination a crass mismatch, and drive experience of an Ambassador. Toyota has brought in an outdated and discontinued model from 1990's and packaged in a gaudy new body. Promise you will not finish your test drive beyond ten minutes. Last but not the least I was a die-hard Toyota fan (Because of its innovative and great quality products around the world) but no longer want to drive a Toyota. Chevrolet and VW give a far far superior quality, aesthetics, comfortable ride, and a good value for money. I advice if you have a limited budget, go for a Hatchback live Polo or Fabia or wait for Chevrolet Sail for 2 months.rather than go for Etios. Or up your budget. Etios is comparable to Logan, maybe worse.

    Ashutosh |29 Mar,2012 02:40:23 AM

    Hi, Raja Have you ever reviewed Cars from Maruti (Sedan Ones), Mahindra, Tata or any Indian Companies. No doubt after thorough research Companies like Toyota launch any car in any part of the world. Before speaking anything just concentrate on the pricing part as well. You need aal luxuries in just 6 lakhs? Its not possible. If 6 lakhs is all u need to pay for all luxuries, then companies like Mercedes, BMW, Ferrari etc are wasting their time in India. God plz help we Indians, we demand more & more for the least. Hahahahahahahahahahaha

    raja |31 Mar,2012 03:03:55 PM

    Hi, Ashutosh , here v r not only talking about d price range n v r talking abt d quality n it's worthless price of d car. If u want a bad metal body in d name of a car dan u go behind maruti etios. Wat u mean by luxuries? huh, even though maruti didn't say etios is a luxuriant 1, dan how can u? huh. May be u r d 1ly 1 in d world d best car reviewer.huh. Any 1 intelligent, wish 2 buy a car in all aspects not 4 only d price.

    Srinivas |07 Apr,2012 09:41:03 PM

    Raja, This is a serious forum where relatively less-savvy people (obviously you have appointed yourself as an expert) are looking for some sensible and objective advice. Let's talk that instead of going on an ego trip. And what's with this rubbish SMS-styled language? Opinionated with bad grammer. Can't get worse as a adviser. Can it?

  • anshuman |29 Feb,2012 10:03:40 PM

    etios is my favourite car...................

  • Dr.Thomas George |01 Mar,2012 08:27:15 PM

    I would like to buy an Etios Diesel. Regarding all aspects, the exterior is stylish but interior maily the Dash board is VERY POOR in design. I shall spend little more money, if there is improved interior of Etios diesel.

  • Nandakumar Menon |02 Mar,2012 01:13:36 PM

    Yes I agree with Mr. Ashu. - For Gods sake please don't buy this cheap car.The door rattles while driving, cheap interior, engine performance is very bad will not give you the promised mileage.In short has CHEATED the Indian Consumer with a cheap product. Like Mr. Ashu has rightly stated that Toyota sells failed models in India - Qualis, Innova, and Etios are good example. Its like cheap made in China Toy.Within 7 months my two side mirrors have fallen - should ses the cheap tyope of plastics used in the product. Regret having brought this Etios, within 7 months its given me umpteen number of problems.PLEASE DON'T BUY THIS CHEAP CAR - ITS DEFINITELY NOT VALUE FOR MONEY. If you ever buy this car you must be out of your head. After Sales Service is not at helpful - what can the poor guys do when they have sell cheap quality cars at a premium price. Been a Toyota Fan - but now will never ever buy this Cheap stuff from 'Toyota Cheats'

    Ashutosh |29 Mar,2012 02:43:32 AM

    Mr Menon, How do you came to know about these stuffs? If you dislike Toyota so much why did you purchased that car. Indians are not fool but they need to chnage their mentality. Don't go by the others words try using your brain tooooooooooooo. I mean it seriously.

    Ashutosh |29 Mar,2012 02:45:34 AM

    one more thing at times Maruti Omni and 800 ruled the Indian markets. Plz post review about those as well. Don;t you think Maruti also befooled Indian Customers as well.

    Nandakumar Menon |30 Mar,2012 07:36:02 PM

    Dear Mr. Ashutosh Like you I have been a die hard Toyota Fan.During my stay abroad I owned and drove 3 Toyota models - Corolla (1600cc), Camry, Prado. All these cars from Toyota are great in performance and truly value for money.My daughter drove a Toyota Corolla for 7 years and she used to commute every day from Dubai to Abu Dhabi and back almost 300 kms a day 5 days a week at that too alone on a highway at an average speed of 120 -140km. Believe me not one day she had a break down or her Toyota Corolla gave her a problem. Such is the quality of car Toyota sells - but not in India. Thats why I brought Etios with great expectation.I hope I answered your question. I am not here to compare Etios with any other models or other car makers but I just felt how Toyota Etios is a big big disappointment and hope other prospective buyers for whom car review matters on CarDekho should make a proper choice and just not buy a car like Toyota Etios which is not true to its brand and philosophy. As you rightly said its made in china toy in big size. Lets leave it at that as I said those who buy Etios should just think twice.I just shared my honest opinion - take it or leave it.

  • sreehari |02 Mar,2012 02:50:13 PM

    Why go in for Etios when Swift Dzire cars are ruling that segment on the roads. Drive one and feel the difference in performance, pick up and style. They are too zippy. You'll have no second thoughts then.

    neeta |01 Apr,2012 02:28:55 PM

    What style ??? They look like alien spaceships...

  • leoDN |02 Mar,2012 03:23:46 PM

    i also agree to most of you....i myself have driven this car, it is so-so not a very great car to drive, interiors are realy very cheap mainly dashboard....i also agree to the point that Toyota offers very old technology to Indian customers....nowhere in the world Qualis was running when it was offered in India. please be careful before spending your hard earn money on any car......

  • VIJAY SEHGAL |02 Mar,2012 05:18:14 PM

    I am getting discouraged to go for this after my drive yday on this car strengthened further by reading some of the comments above. No more on this.

  • prabhakaran |02 Mar,2012 06:33:17 PM

    don't go for the looks. The machine is good.Adequate space, driving comfort and Toyota's service back up. If you have the money go for BMW or merc

  • neeta bhardwaj |02 Mar,2012 11:12:49 PM

    i have been driving Etios V petrol car for the last 3 months. It is running perfectly fine .I fail to understand why so many negative comments are being written against it.

    Ashutosh |29 Mar,2012 02:50:42 AM

    Neeta I totally agree to you. All these comments are either posted by those who are merely drivers not owners or by those who doesn't have any work rather than picking fault in any thing they encounter. Apart from that If BMWor Merc or Even Rolls Royce offers them cars at cheaper rate they even can say that these companies are sheeding their worst products in Indian Markets. Thing is that India is a democratic country and tehy can speak anything, please ignore them and drive your Etios with comfort. HAHAHAHAHA

  • alias |03 Mar,2012 02:16:36 AM

    why toyota introduced a car like etios (both sedan as well as liva). Its build quality is very poor especially interior. If they improved the quality of plastics , centre console in interior , single wiper at out side , engine capacity and iternal fabrics ; can compete with swift, polo, micra ( all diesels). A little bit in price increase may not be a matter to choose a good car especially from toyota. It is heard about honda is going to introduce diesel engines in city and in a hatch back model. Nobody expects that honda will introduce a cheap car(Even though they are not famous for diesel engined vehicles). Chevy's sail, ford's ecosport, renault's duster are the other competitors.

  • Ashutosh Mittal |06 Mar,2012 08:59:16 AM

    Indians will remains as indians.Company like toyota is dumping old technology to feed up their new projects outside india. Indian Crowd is more price concious rather than quality . Compromising quality is what toyota is doing by using D grade Plastic . indian should maintain the dignity by buying indian car rather tha buying a Dumped Carrrr.

  • A.Rajendra Prasad |06 Mar,2012 11:10:14 AM

    I have brought Etios G version (Petrol) in Nov.2011 and it's performance is fine and giving good mileage. Ofcourse, it should have better interiors, but the price is not more for what it offered. I see so many negitive feed backs on the vehicles in the internet but as number of vehicles are not seen on the road.

  • Minal P patel |06 Mar,2012 02:33:32 PM

    I like this family car but found some problems like rear suspension touches when it is with 5 passengers inside also i have suggested engine guard cover to protect engine from dust and small stone in running condition but still no result which creates too much noise in running condition at the average speed of 80-100 k mph in running condition for which their dealers donot have any solution even about colling also because you will have to keep on fan to make a car cool after installation of sun guard film on windows As a owner of this Toyota Quality Car i felt very bad after facing this kind of problem which i didn't expected from this leading brand because i didn't gone to Swift Dezire when i got Etios at the time of delivery a year back but my problem has not been solved till date by company or by dealer whose sales related services are very bad Evrybody appreciated about my decision but as a middle class i found my decision to go for etios was wrong against the previously selected swift Dezire I spoke to dealer that may be problem occurs in one car not all in my last one year complained several time but in vain Still i am hopeful about solution of my problem narrated as above if Toyato take involvement in this regards so i never suggest to go for this Thanks and sorry for the above but as a middle class man ,i am facing this therefore i wrote my comments which is true

  • minal p patel Ahmedabad |06 Mar,2012 02:36:43 PM

    Expecting some positive reply from Toyota the Q class organization in car segment Minal Pragnesh Patel Ahmedabad 0091-9824510846 9725810707

  • Minal P Patel |06 Mar,2012 02:45:35 PM

    Etios engine is programing very well on road and giving good milage too but other factor which i faced that all expressed

  • Sachin |28 Mar,2012 06:03:52 PM

    Maruti cars are crap. They can't face the competition from Toyota so what they did....introduce ugly small dzire. It's neither a hatchback/sedan/notchback....don't know what it is. Common Maruti be brave and show you can fight other competitors and not take a step back.

  • Paramvir |05 Jun,2012 01:42:20 PM

    I have bought Etios VXD in February 2012. I have already driven the car somewhere about 3000 Km. The car is very comfortable, very spacious, handling is superb, pick us very good in city,I liked the dashboard because its different, However, It takes time to get used to it. Breaking system is very good. Suspension is good but not excellent. turning radius is very good.Bottle holder and cup holders are in well placed. the glove box have very good space and AC vent is given inside to keep the the water bottle at drinkable cool temperature.Leg space is very good in the car in front and back seats also. I have taken test drive of similar segments cars and cars in same range. I found this car the best among all of them. In this price I got 2 airbags, ABS and good space full sedan with very huge trunk space. I am very satisfied up till now and have not got any problems at all. Audio control is on the steering which is just fantastic. Cons: The mileage is not what company promised, because I get Mileage of 16 in city with AC and 18 on highway with AC. I expect that after first service the mileage will increase. And its true that there is a lot of noise in the cabin when the car is on speed of 110 plus.Top speed is only 165 max, doors are light in weight, body is light compare to competitors. there is no engine heat indicator and yes digital clock is missing.

  • B.VENU GOPAL |24 Jul,2012 10:25:10 AM

    I purchased this car 6 months back. Driving very comfortable and engine smooth. Mileage i city 12.5 . Bumber to be improved. At present only thin material used. Car looks good and okay.

  • Jayakrishnan N |31 Jan,2013 12:01:54 PM

    It is for all purposes a practical car. If you are looking for a true sedan at this price, this is the only one in this segment. I feel it is good value for money because it provide good utility, with loads of cabin space and the biggest boot in this segment (mind you at 595 lts, this boot is even better than a Civic). I think it suits both city and highway, I have driven this car from Mumbai to Ahmedabad, and it handling and stability were great at variable speeds, even at 140 kmph, which is the max I prefer to go, especially with family. The interiors and the cabin noise do take a while to get used to, but the drive quality is excellent, the steering is butter-smooth, handling is excellent, looks from exterior or not bad for the price (atleast it does not look cut-down from behind like a Dzire!). Mileage for me has been satisfactory -clocks 12-13 in city roads and 15-16 on highways. The interiors, of course need augmentation, but you may choose to spend some more money and the dealer would get it a dual tone, I didn't waste money here because that was not my priority. All-in-all, when you buy a car, you need to decide what your priority is - looks, mileage, utility and mind you all this needs to be balanced with budget and above all, service and maintenance. I have only been owning an Etios G for the past 3 months, have clocked around 5000 kms and it has been what I expected, no surprises! An advice to all my friends who post their views here - the idea should be to share and accept views so that we can all learn from each others experiences. Additionally, new car buyers would also like to tap into experiences like the ones being posted here, so request you to make it least offensive yet objective and logical.

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