I have been driving the Toyota Etios and want to give the following feedback: Plus points: The car

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Pros : Good looks, excellent space

Cons : Turning on the ignition shakes the car like a diesel engine.Bad insulation, lot of noise,vibration,

Look and Style good Comfort GOOD Pickup GOOD Mileage AVERAGE Best Features LOOKS, SPACE, COMFORT Needs to improve The car is too light. When the ignition is turned on the car shakes violently like a primitive diesel engine. The car has constant vibration like a diesel vehicle. The insulation is very poor and there is a lot of noise inside the car. When the ignition is turned off then again the car shakes violently. The front suspension also looks inadequate to handle the weight of the engine. I understand all this has been done for the sake of cost cutting and mileage which is also 13 kpl and nothing great. A 1000cc engine would have been better for such a light platform. For the sake of a few thousand rupees, it is sure to bring a bad name to the brand. I have already advised many friends to cancel booking and go for a Maruti Swift Dezire instead which is far ahead in performance. Please inform about the steps being taken by the company on the issue of vibration which needs to be adressed urgently to sustain public interest in the vehicle. The hatchback will have no buyers if nothing is done on SOS basis. Overall Experience average

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  • prakash |30 Jan,2011 09:51:17 PM

    I have test driven the vehicle twice. but i found it ok. good pickup, control and comfortable too. No issues with suspensions. One thing i am agree with you that it is too light.

    navneet panwar |31 Jan,2011 02:18:21 PM

    While starting and turning off, the car shakes like a diesel engine. There is vibration and noise also. I have riven the test vehicles also at the showroom but all have the same problem. However if u are interested pls go ahead and buy it. The views expressed are purely personal and I am not an expert at analyzing cars.

    D. Dutta |05 Sep,2011 12:47:39 PM

    I have already driven 1500 kms. Never found any violent vibration during start and stop of ignition and never experienced any noise insulation problems. I think your particular vehicle has this problem. I get consistently above 13 kpl close to 14 kpl in bangalore city traffic with AC on. The mileage depends a lot on the quality of driving, frequency of gear changing ( in Etios you do not need to change gears much. It can be driven in slow city traffic at 15 kmph on third gear. This is something very special with etios and dzire cannot match it. Parallel parking is so good and user friendly and so is the turning radius. I think a person owning an Etios is an intelligent buyer

    Pallavi |28 Dec,2011 06:05:42 PM

    i totally agree with D.Dutta !! i'm just in love with this car

    Rajesh Kanna |28 Apr,2012 09:38:00 AM

    I am taking your comments.. I am palnning to buy Etios..I am convinced that I ma choosing a right car

    Kaushik |11 Jun,2012 05:12:47 PM

    My father has an Etios and I noticed the vehicle had some issues when driving over speed-bumps where the base of the car was hit a couple of times at least. Have you had this problem?

    prakyath |30 Mar,2013 12:03:34 PM

    i hav had this problem many times.....Also the doors do not close properly unless you bang it...not the same with the other cars

    ram |07 Jun,2013 12:41:37 PM

    i had brought my etios vehicle last year in oct.there is proablem that the friction sound between tyres and road are heared by the people who r inside the cabin and ac won't work properly..even in indica if we switch on the ac the inside will be so cool but in etios it is not like that. and when we go at top speed 100 kmph some times it's base touches the ground..other than this the performance of engine is so good..

    ROSHAN |05 Aug,2013 11:47:31 PM

    which year u purchased your vehicle. mine is 2012 model. i changed my front two suspension under warranty. two weeks back changed my back suspension(left). suspension system is total failure. boot door will not close properly. i have to close it hard. milleage is less. in city with AC I AM GETTING in full tank diesel at about 510 km fuel light start blinking. and again i will run it for another 50 km after blinking. so total of 560km.

    ROSHAN |05 Aug,2013 11:49:30 PM

    my cars odi reading is 18500.

    ROSHAN |05 Aug,2013 11:54:59 PM

    wind shield wiper is waste. during heavy rain even in day visibility is poor.

    nav |01 Dec,2014 03:33:47 PM

    Writting for naveen pawar Hshaha hhhhs d dhshsbs ebebbe hwhsbdd d bbdbdbs dbdndnn

  • MCT |31 Jan,2011 03:17:38 PM

    On the budget, price, performance, mileage aspects definitely Maruti Dzire will be the best option as it has been already proven by Maruti, when compared with Etios. Etios may not be in the front run as Ford Figo(really a price-worthy car) does in its segment. Definitely, Toyota will have to do many refinements in Etios, to really compete with Dzire. This might be an alarm to them.

    vineet |01 Feb,2011 01:14:52 AM

    Frankly, Etios is just minting money by selling the BRAND - Toyota. Even I was about to join the bandwagon and book it, but then came to senses, test drove it and finally booked DZire - a well tested and proven car in its segment.

    gyanu subba |03 Feb,2011 07:50:11 AM

    how cm u hav been driving etios as it delivery is pending till may....pl explain n mine car didnot shakeup while turning on ignititon so....

    rajban |29 Apr,2011 07:03:50 PM

    It is not Shaking exactly, a vibration is felt. Just check where is the Engine mounting. The mounting is at the side-perhaps. If you watch carefully, you can feel the vibration. We donot expect any such minute error from Toyota brand.

    Venkat |11 Feb,2011 09:05:55 PM

    You are 100% correct

    Pallavi |28 Dec,2011 06:07:23 PM

    Dzire looks like an alien spaceship to me (no offence)

    George |17 Apr,2013 06:23:37 PM

    Alien ship with a lot of junk in the trunk

    Jacob |21 Apr,2011 02:06:08 PM

    I do not like the boot of Dzire which looks like a Trunk Box fitted to Swift. Swift looks good.Dzire has to resign to a more refined & universally excepted body line.If the car is redesign like a mini SX-4 it looks nice & hit the market. All cars should be fitted with reverse sensor to avoid the complaint regarding reverse view of the car.

  • gyanu subba |03 Feb,2011 07:43:58 AM

    well as far as i know my test drive was as good as it can be for etios vx yes its a light car but very steady at high speed,ground clearance 170mm is best in its class, supension is excellent, pickup 0 - 100km in 12 sec is good,airbags are there, best part is very much drivable in city as car does well in 5th gear in speed as low as 16 kmph so overall value for money n offcourse brand toyota looks better in ur kitty than the others so choice is ur i hav booked mine go for it bluish silver looks amazing...good job toyota

    navneetpanwar |03 Feb,2011 04:32:31 PM

    I get delivery on 27.01.2011 and have driven 50 kms in Delhi traffic. I do not like music in th car. While starting and shutting down the car shakes like a diesel car. There is constant vibration when the car is idle. Toyota had sent some officials from Bangalore who patiently noted my grievance and have promised to address the issue and make the necessary adjustments, if so required.Toyota is known for its services and I am sure something will be don to resolve the issue.

    Rajarshi Banerjee |29 Apr,2011 07:09:50 PM

    Let us know please what toyota has done for this issue

    Hitesh |09 Apr,2012 07:21:48 PM

    I am agree with you as engine noise is too much as you are sitting in a plane.I have driven 20000km and after 3rd service only the noice has increased even more.

  • Bidhayak Bhowal |03 Feb,2011 03:51:25 PM

    Well, I also agree with my friend Subba.I have test driven the etios vx, nice car, with good space, its value for money buying an etios. Good experience during test drive.

  • Amber_Naik |04 Feb,2011 02:25:49 PM

    Got my delivery yesterday.. its an awesome car.. and I dont understand why people complain about the vibration... I dint experience anything when car is idle.. But yes the engine noise is more but its value for money car.. Its much much better than Dzire in looks and also comfort... And very good car to drive in city... Good job done by toyota....

    Abhi gupta |03 Dec,2012 01:33:51 PM

    Well, to sum it all in one word....its a poor mans corolla or Altis ! No offence intented but after i bought a Suzuki Ritz it came out in the market.I repented for not waiting for it as my Ritz Zxi and etios base model are same price. But today iam quiet happy with driving a Maruti ritz with a gem of an engine :)Rather than a cost cutted toyota brand car.Agree that even the Ritz has body noise n a confused soft suspension set up.But the interiors , pick up, mileage ,steering n seats are way above competitors.So i would advice to go for Altis rather than etios,But if u r planning to buy Indigo then Etios shud be a def. better choice !Dezire new 1 is also gr8.

    Samir |17 Apr,2013 06:41:59 PM

    Agree with you... Altis is choice to make if you have some more money. For the 'aam janta' that is looking to move upward from a sedan to a hatchback ( the esteem quotient associated with a sedan is KEY here), etios is the car ya... it's good for the money. It can be your first sedan. When you have more money in another 3-5 years, you can buy a better and more expensive sedan.

  • mm |08 Feb,2011 11:10:27 AM

    i have driven my g model for over 600 km. every thing good except interior looks and slightly noisier sound during starting and running. when ac is running, donot notice noise. after diesel model arrives, tough competion for indica and indigo taxis. toyota wants to enter into volume segment in india. i donot expect corolla at etios price. may be driver seat should have been three inches taller for better visibility as i am accustomed to my maruti 800 and qualis. i expect etios will compete with all sedan models sub 10 lakh,which is what toyota expects probably

  • Venkat |11 Feb,2011 09:09:33 PM

    Etios is a value for money buy, everybody will accept it. But even for that money also they need to improve the quality of the car to great extent.

  • Alexander |22 Feb,2011 11:04:00 AM

    I havent the faintest idea about who writes the reviews for CARDEKHO and from where they are based, but here is a honest feedback for whoever has written the above review, the TOYOTA ETIOS reminds one of the Toyota Echo and not the Altis, The Echo for the information of all who havent heard of it has been discontinued from all other markets with the introduction of the YARIS, it is being introduced in the Indian Market after it was taken off most other markets worldwide. Apart from that , ENGINE & MAINTENANCE -this car is a work horse and doesnt need much maintenance, INTERIOR & EXTERIOR - the exterior and interior are very boxy and unappealing , the interior has a lot of places for storage, PRICE - At this price (5.2L to 6.2L) this is probably the best buy in the market. The car is slightly overpowered and has been involved in a lot accidents , so speedsters be wary.

    navneet panwar |22 Feb,2011 06:30:12 PM

    The Echo has not been sold in India and therefore all comparisons will have to be based on the cars available in the indian market and driven on indian roads. Since the latest models of all major car manufacturers are available in India the ETIOS based on the ECHO is bound to disappoint. The sound and vibration are a major let down. As regards the power, it is being marketed as a car for city driving and with perpetual traffic jams in cities, one seldom presses the throttle. The ear shift is also not very smooth and the rpm does not come down immediately on taking the foot from the accelerator. The target market for the car is highly educated and well informed middle class which has a knack for detail. All the negative things could have been avoided by having a 1.3 l engine and better mileage.I will not recommend the car to anyone after having driven it on Delhi roads for over 1000 kms.

    D. Dutta |05 Sep,2011 12:58:36 PM

    I have driven 1500 kms on my Etios G safety and I do not agree with any of your negative comments. I am an automobile engineer myself and can say with authority that Etios petrol is certainly better than Dzire petrol in all departments. Kindly refrain from making negative publicity

    NAVEENKUMAR |12 Feb,2015 04:15:16 PM

    Dear sir, I am planning to buy an etios G petrol varient. Can u please suggest me regarding its pros & con's in its segment and mainly regarding mileage..

  • Anand |11 Mar,2011 04:14:41 PM

    Now now now... people who r saying that etios is not good-looking aere saying that dzire is much better looking...hehehehehehehe how funny is that?... a swift with a boot is gud-looking?...well well... whoever has booked the etios pls go ahead with ur buy...coz its definitely a better looking car than dzire... also dzire is more cramped in the rear seat while etios is spacious... dont listen to all the negative responses... have driven the etios 4 times on test drives... there was no shaking of the car... so guys those who r writing theses negative reviews may just be maruti dealers... so go ahead and get this car... its a nice one for good value ( and neither am i a toyota loyalist nor a maruti one)... but owning a toyota will always give u a feel gud feeling than owning a maruti :) well done toyota !!!

  • JAI |20 Mar,2011 12:15:16 AM

    The car gives vibrations in idle mode. The dealer informed me that engine will free after some time, not an inspiring reply.

  • JAI |20 Mar,2011 12:16:02 AM

    Whether the car is crash tested in India?

  • Dr V K Bhatia |03 Apr,2011 10:42:55 PM

    1. Engine Noise 2. Vibrations on 3. Switching on Switching off 4. Poor Pick up 5. Light wait 6. Over powered 7. Poor Average etc are many concerns of the viewers may be prompted by the compititors Once we get the convining justification / clarification me and most of our family friends will love to have it fast There must be many logical / good reasons for your designing please let your technical experts explain thoroughly regards

  • Trisal |10 Apr,2011 11:42:35 AM

    Ok every body! ... If you had bought a Etios and you have any issues, i am there to advocate it... 12 daysback, i got a new etios J delivered as the delaer gave his own booking vehicle to us. i have already planned to take the vehicle straight away to manali, to have a complte feel of the car,the mileage for the entire trip is 17kmpl, you can claim the steep curves in your third gear,suspension and rear leg room is best in class, the engine is bit noisier, but get used to it.Enjoys every moment with pride, atleast i got 50 enquiries abt the performances from friends,neighbour's.i had a vintage maruti swift. and in every way, ETIOS is better than an maruti.Please dont compare MANZA with etios unless u drive it with 300 kilas at the back seat.MANZA Bumpy RIDE. so those who have booked ETIOS continue with the booking,but i think is for sure that it will replace the current indigo and will be TAXI CAr of the future. Toyota Diesel will be a sure mile muncher!

  • kirankumar.y |13 Apr,2011 04:15:05 PM

    we love our vx vermolinred ETIOS because the comfort,worthy for money ,quality of toyota brand which gives the basic middle class family requrements WITH high end cars speciications. before commenting the work of toyota they should work in r&d of toyota then they wont find any words to comment. even they can read manuls of toyota before commenting my friends. before launching a model thousands of enginers do lots of research which a normal customer cant do even .00001% friends dont compare brands different companies will have diffrent advantages and disadvantages. KIDNLY DONT DAMAGE THE BRAND NAME OF TOYOTA we wish you all the best for ETIOS FAMILIES.

  • Abraham |14 Apr,2011 03:20:04 AM

    Can somebody confirm what's the delivery period? I've booked on 1st March and still no assurance of delivery in April. Thinking of scrapping the deal and go for Vento VolksWagon or Ford Figo! brgds/

  • Dr V K Bhatia |20 Apr,2011 01:18:35 AM

    Expect a speedy clarifications / specific explanations from the Toyota engineers on what has been done / proposed on the common concern ie the Vibrations / Noise in idle and running conditions. Poor collision impact tolerance is another concern of one and all. Am confident Toyota will live true to its reputation to rectify the problem at the earliest. Already reply to many users are awaited since long.

  • Ramesh |20 Apr,2011 11:28:22 AM

    I have booked G model. Didn't yet drive for a test but after going through the comments w.r.t. viberation and noise, it making me feel to cancel the booking. Toyota's Engineerings are requsted to give the feedback on this issue as early as possible ! ! ! ! ! !

    D. Dutta |05 Sep,2011 01:04:36 PM

    Dear Ramesh : I have driven 1500 kms. There is no serious issue with vibration and noise. I sold my old swift to buy Etios and I can vouch that Etios is certainly smoother and quieter than my old car. So just go for it and don't lend your ears to the negative comments..

  • ravi gupta |24 Apr,2011 01:02:02 PM

    I am really afraid from comments like vibration & noise as shared in most reviews.For good understanding, request Toyota engineering to provide feedback.

  • sunil ajgaonkar |25 Apr,2011 06:01:12 PM

    dear friend I am also a owner of a etios like you .I have even bad experience than you .On the fourth day it self we decided to sell the car but till date ( a month later) i am un able to find a buyer. In fact when i took the car to the dealer ie sharayu toyota in Goa the supposed to be respective managers (sales & service) are avoiding to talk to me and help me solve my problem. My next step is to communicate to the chairman of Toyota because the rest seen to be good for nothings jockers.

  • R S P Singh |08 May,2011 05:48:15 PM

    I am planning to book Toyota Etios G variant but seeing review on same I am in doubt whether to continue for booking or go for other similar model like Volkswagen or Maruti swift.Pl give me some geniune comments on it although I also feel interior of Etios particularly rear seat is not of good quality. Sanjay

  • MATHEWS |10 May,2011 04:30:33 PM

    I am also in the look out for a 6 L sedan. test drove etios. These are my observations. GOOD: 1 Space 2 responsive engine 3 the expected FE 4 handling 5 large boot space BAD 1 very bad interior 2 back seat has space but no comfort due to poor widtth, lack of thigh support not so comfortable sitting posture 3 The door panels are flimsy 4 No accessories 5 with 5 people inside and at 30km speed it hit the bottom over a speed breaker. Toyota seems thinking that indians deserves this much only. This car is not at all VFM at 7L . Tata Manza is the only other and better option at this price range and if you are looking for space.

  • anil malhotra |15 May,2011 01:15:10 PM

    i purchased etios on 9/5/2011 from globe toyota karnal. interior is so-so as compare to price but there is much noice in side while driving it should be rectified immediately otherwise it will hamper the image of toyota as new vehicle people enquire from the user. prospective client will not prefer to bye such vehicle if the is not rectified immediatly after calling the sold vehicle. as per delivary is concern globe toyota has not provided a sufficient petrol even to reach the nearest petrol pump. dealer has sent the balance amt due after 20days the cheque was not cleared the amt is still not credited, on my querry over phone no satisfactory reply was given by accont deptt. rather in such way as they are use to such , its for the customer to deal with them further at their terms only

  • SS naik |14 Jun,2011 04:55:25 PM

    I have been reading lot of negatives about the engine vibration, and poor mileage etc of Etios car . since we have beeked this car, i wish to know from the Toyota engineers as to how they are addressing these issues?

    sunil |19 Jul,2011 10:15:40 AM

    I brought and drove 2000 kms. Yes, there is engine noise and feels like diesel engine. But NO vibration at all except when car is being started. The bad part of the car is it has poor insulation and it is light. When you go around 100km, lot of wind and road noise and engine noise. I was disappointed. I only hope it will be better after 10,000 KM. There is no leg rest which is very stressful for long drives

    sneha sharma |13 Aug,2011 02:07:08 PM

    the caar is good. Engine noise is normal but due to lack of insulation there is some noise in the cabin but a car is not only judged by it's NVH level. Etios is uberly spacious and the plastic quality is good no doubt about it however the interior design is plain but practical.All of the safety features are present in the car including air bags,abs,eps etc.The best thing of the car is it engine. The engine is reliable it is responsive and also it is fuel efficient..so if you want to buy a car for tension free ride buy this car...because it's engine and not the xtra perks which matter most for a hassel free ride.

    myetios Munish |02 Oct,2011 12:05:25 AM

    @Sneha Engine NVH is the measuring parameter of Engine only. You are contradicting your statement - How can a Engine with higher NVH be good Engine?

    Amit Sharma |05 Nov,2011 10:45:05 AM

    Hi, Please tell know that i should by Toyota Etios or Maruti swift by bugest is six lack

  • SS naik |14 Jun,2011 04:57:00 PM

    I have been reading lot of negatives about the engine vibration, and poor mileage etc of Etios car . Since i have booked this car, i wish to know from the Toyota engineers as to how they are addressing these issues?

    Munish |02 Oct,2011 12:07:13 AM

    I have bought my ETIOS in February but I am unable to drive my ETIOS because of higher NVH and absence of weather gaskets on all 4 doors. www.myetios.com

  • SUBIR DUTTA |07 Jul,2011 02:22:41 PM

    I have booked Toyta Etios-G in February,2011 still I have not communicated about the date of delivery. While going through the negative comments like engine vibrations while switching on and off of ignition key and noisy sounds inside then I get confused whether I should go for it or cancell the booking.Should I opt for Ford Fiesta or wait for R&D Toyta will really address the concerns of the customers. Subir Dutta.

  • vinod chauhan |23 Aug,2011 12:52:38 AM

    i m really with comment of all of u i also test drove vehicle but what i didnt like is cost cutting single viper bad interiors seats without headrest like that of nano very minor differences in cost cutiing within different varients didnt expected such 'KANJUSHI'from toyota but then what to xpect at 6 6.5 price band i may cosider it even than just for brand toyota.

  • neeraj |30 Aug,2011 01:49:31 PM

    we just have booked etios diesel( pre-launch) but the feedback of the people with petrol version is frightening me if this is the condion of petrol i.e. cabin noise, vibration,no headrests all these things worry me.or i shud cancel my booking ? if toyota engineers are reading it plz. do something urgently. or quality peole will run away

  • sandeep |12 Sep,2011 07:00:10 PM

    Everybody is of the same opnion that there is engine vibration and noise. I was also in a mood of buying. but now i have to rethink.

    myetios Munish |02 Oct,2011 12:08:47 AM

    Sandeep also read the reviews of myself and the other buyers like me at www.myetios.com and also at internet with myetios.

    Ashish |19 Oct,2011 02:49:16 PM

    Mr Munish. u are earning with myetios.com . Very cleverly done by you to earn money with negative review of etios in most of the car website on internt.

  • sundar |22 Oct,2011 09:01:57 PM

    I love my Etios-V petrol. My detailed review is here .mouthshut.com/review/Toyota-Etios-review-pqooolnunn

  • raghavendra.n.p |24 Nov,2011 01:07:43 PM

    has made us rethink on buying the same:(

  • SAMBANDAN |25 Nov,2011 03:17:11 PM

    On seeing all the reviews, one can easily conclude that etios is only value for money and who needs premium vehicle can go for other cars like honda jazz or vw polo. there won't be no noice or poor insulation or light weight feeling in these two models.

  • mary |09 Jan,2012 12:15:26 AM

    After reading all comments i am confused to go or not to buy Etios.R&D Toyota please clear this doubts and help us to decide.Thanks.

  • vijay |20 Jan,2012 12:48:58 PM

    i want to purchase sedan car in range of Rs.7.00 lac to 7.50 lacs in disel version for hilly area, please suggest me which car is better in allover

  • AMALRAJ |04 Feb,2012 04:15:37 PM

    Yet to go for test drive. What are all the key points to be observed. From the various comments i understand 1. Vibration/Noise related to insulation 2. Rear seat comfort during long drive

  • Happy |27 Mar,2012 08:51:16 PM

    Hello frenz, i m planning for a diesel sedan car and i have budget for Etios GD or Swift Dzire VDI. Please advice me which is better as per performance.

  • Hitesh |09 Apr,2012 07:25:42 PM

    I have driven 20000KM and after 3rd service its engine noise is like you are sitting in a plane which is very irritating.Till the time you are listening music its fine otherwise noise is too much.

  • gurbinder |29 May,2012 03:26:28 PM

    mileage is not good gives only 10 in city drving conditions.

  • gururaj shetty |25 Feb,2013 11:32:34 PM

    friends i m buying a new car for 1st time dont know much about technical so can any one help me which vehicle can i buy my budget is 9lakh plz suggest me my numbet is 9980183332

  • Samir |17 Apr,2013 06:38:05 PM

    This is NOT a 1000 cc car as per the original review. Can't believe the owner does not know the cc for his OWN Etios car. For petrol variant it is 1,496 cc , For Diesel it is 1,364 cc. Agree with all other points. But for Toyota, this car will lose its advantage if they increase the price for this car. Within 5L, this is all they can give to people who want to move from a hatchback to sedan. If noise, sturdiness, looks are all important factor for you, you may want to skip this car. - Other advantage of the car is because it is light and the engine is around 1500 cc, its acceleration is better than most of its competitors. - The boot is quite big too. - There is no hump in floor in the rear seat, ie. the floor is pretty leveled so if there is a 3rd person sitting, he/she can sit comfortably.

  • Mohit Gupta |14 May,2013 11:31:37 AM

    Etios is right chioce for city driven,I owned lots cars from 800 to Corolla.. All car are good performer at their platform. But in Feb 2011i took my etiios petrol. in first Look i was so happy but with little fear in my mind about their performance since its a test launch of Toyota in this segment in india. No doubt japanese creats good. Now about car Looks is good, Mileage is near by 12- 14 in city with A/c dirve and even i trip to jaipur a constant drive its make me happy. Suspension is best in the segment. Its sucks all small and big bump of road it remind me my Opel Astra that i think the best suspension in car i ever owned. about milage its delived me 686 Kms in 42 Ltr in constant Delhi to jaipur and Jaipur to Delhi with A/c. But somehow i have one question on engine sound when i drive it more then 90 its feels like i am forcing the car to go on. But actually its not like that is the nature of this car. That grear box make best for city drive. it can go on15 to 20 km in 3rd grear and a good relief for city drive traffic drive. Cabin Space is best But i expect the toyota must take a step to upgrade its display and instrumental meter panel. Car is realy have very competitive price in market and with one of the best international brand of japan ... Durable and one of the best buy in the segment. people have to think practically then decide what u expact in this package. maintenace cost is very Low. And engine durability is good. A/cof the car is good. and even girls and ladies realy like this car better then honda City and Fiesta by its soft driving.

  • Veera |08 Jun,2013 07:26:21 PM

    Etios GD model low budged Sedan model. After finishing my 3100KMs drive. I got four good views. (1) Great mileage (2) Superb pickup (3) No need to change gears frequently (4) Cabin and Boot area is Spacious. But I also got 6 issues (1) Self engine and Horn noisy is disappointing (2) doors will not close properly (3) No clock (4) Seat height should have been better as now my outside vision is not clear compare to other cars (5) ground clearance is too bad, even small humps also will damage my car (6) car inside lamp is so dull, we can not makeout anything.

  • Naren |17 Feb,2014 09:51:21 PM

    I took a second hand car four months back. Actually it belonged to june 2011, may be when it was launched for the 1 st time.the car hits the ground particularly at the rear even to a small bump or speed breaker when there is luggage in the boot. I dont think any suspension problems..i really dont know. Ac is quiet ok. Driving is a pleasure. I am not very happy about the mileage as its giving me around15 kms on the highway. The cabin is a bit noisy may be due to bad insulation.. I like the looks though. There should have been the guage for the tank to be empty and mileage guage like the swift dezire...bad luck. The service is excellent at toyota , very prompt, fast and value added service...kudos to them...cu again

  • Rajev Naik |24 Mar,2014 05:13:28 PM

    I have bought Itios GSP model & am very happy with it. I have completed 500 km with it. It has superb pick up & I have never felt those vibrations problems even with vehicle at stand still or moving at 80 kmph. Its space is really awesome. You can keep many things in various pockets provided. Gloves compartment & boot space is perhaps largest among similar cars. Fuel consumption is is yet to be tasted properly. Of course, door gaskets missing may prove to be a problem in rainy season & I EXPECT THAT TOYOTA OR SOME OTHER MANUFACTURER SHOULD START GIVING THESE GASKETS AS ACCESSORIES SO THAT THOSE WHO WISH THEM CAN BUY THEM AT PREVAILING COST.

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  • Ptr |09 Mar,2015 07:14:30 PM

    Guys What is better Toyota etios diesel or honda city diesel

  • Sam |24 Apr,2015 06:11:55 PM

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