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    Tata Safari Storme
    Tata Safari Storme
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    Mahindra Scorpio
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    Tata Safari Storme
    Tata Safari Storme
    Rs   10.38 - 15.5 Lakh*
    Mahindra XUV500
    Mahindra XUV500
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    Tata Safari Storme
    Tata Safari Storme
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    Tata Hexa
    Tata Hexa
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    Tata Safari Storme
    Tata Safari Storme
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    Toyota Innova Crysta
    Toyota Innova Crysta
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    Tata Safari Storme
    Tata Safari Storme
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Shame of India

By for Tata Safari Storme from Dubai 2012-05-26 11:35:16.0
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Pros : Still continuing to fool people with a 20 year model...

Cons : Its a shame for India..

Look and Style : Like a grandmother, not to explain the beauty....   Comfort: 20 years old comfort... Nothing to say   Pickup: Nobody want to discuss the pick-up of a goat   Mileage: best in the world - 9km/litre   Best Features: floor mat   Needs to improve: everything   

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  • Jarnail |30 May,2012 09:18:43 AM

    HaHa nice little boy safari is a Bulet there is hardly any change in it and we still love it. Safari is not for economist cheap kids like your self. I is for Men like us who enjoy it and has pasion for it. if you want more Kms per liters I sugest you take a Riksha because you simply can't afford a Safari

    keshav |25 Jul,2012 09:09:05 PM

    You are right...Safari make us pride...

    Indian |29 Jul,2012 10:18:22 PM

    You must buy Rickshaw. TATA and his product are pride of India

    jatinder |19 Dec,2012 08:05:50 AM

    Completely agree with you bro... Tata Safari is our pride thats i felt and bought this when i was back now India was surely driving with Pride until i came to NZ and drove world class cars Land Cruiser, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Holden (Chevrolet Captiva) than came to know the difference. Indian cars have good exterior but cheap interior quality, less safety, Ok suspensions, its OK ride quality but not very comfrtable and on the top of this customer service is like harassmant. These thing you dont notice when live in India......

    sudesh |29 Jan,2013 04:33:27 PM

    Its really a pride of India.

    taran |25 Sep,2015 12:05:47 PM

    Safari is for true lovers simply first love..

    Ganda Singh |04 Sep,2016 11:01:46 AM

    Agreed sir, ghar ch kala bullet te kali safari honi hi chahidi

  • anil kumar |01 Jun,2012 07:35:07 PM

    i think everyone confuseed for this suv,tata motors also because they also dn't know the launching date of this suv & features.god bless these ppls.if u contact in tata agency they said we have also no any idea of his launching,features,price........???? ye hain india ki shan lage raho.

  • Rajender kumar |04 Jun,2012 02:00:37 PM

    nice sub tata motors

  • gauvav nma |08 Jun,2012 03:58:43 PM

    tata is global brand so and tata strome is good looking and reil suv car in indian market..............

    raj |10 Jul,2012 08:55:18 AM

    tata is good brand name. but new look in safari very ugly. please dont change its look.

  • Ashish |11 Jun,2012 11:20:59 PM

    to all claiming against TATA and SAFARI. Get a product in near future of 20 years that can match it with price, comfort and fuel economy. Specially Mr.Jarnail a cycle rickshaw is better for u. It will keep u in better condition health wise and wealth wise. Mr. Joe, Its not a shame of Indis. Its a pride of India. Have a contest. If u dare to !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sidhu |01 Jul,2012 09:42:59 PM

    Ashish i agree with u for 30% but safari is the all time fav suv for so many in this segment thats y it is continuing form 1998 without any major changes safari has its own pasion..........

  • raj |10 Jul,2012 08:53:34 AM

    new tata safarilook very ugly. please dont lounch this model

  • Abhijeet |23 Jul,2012 07:09:19 PM

    safari is not ur cup of tea and ur not worth it ; your country don't manufacture any suv feel pity for dubai Indian make Dubai move and Tata safari' is the best Suv on road

    SHINE |31 Oct,2012 09:27:06 PM

    U r right....

  • NIKAM |31 Jul,2012 05:49:07 PM

    witch thing they do not know u r talking about it e i SHAME TATA dealers and company both are cheaters and helpless as well as hopeless

  • NIKAM |31 Jul,2012 05:49:52 PM

    witch thing they do not know u r talking about it e i SHAME TATA dealers and company both are cheaters and helpless as well as hopeless

  • sabyasachi chaudhuri |25 Oct,2012 05:39:16 PM

    well guys do not judge people about their ability to purchase the new safari or not. I beleive all of us are car lovers and we also have a strong feeling for our nation. Mr joe is not educated enough to judge the pride and shame of any nation. As far as the new model is concerned please you all are advised to do a little survey before deciding to buy any model of any company. There are both good and bad things and it is the same that applies to a car also. As far as same and pride is considered we must share that there severel engineers from all around the world who work for TATA MOTORS and therefore we all can easily understand it. Thank YOU.

    raj bana |22 Apr,2016 04:34:54 PM

    you are right sir

  • Surender Lal |30 Oct,2012 06:04:09 AM

    You are right I am one of the suffer of Safari, Tata should manufacture Trucks not Cars-SUVs. Is anyone who can purchase by VX 4 x 2 Safari storme for 10 lakh ?

  • CSD. |31 Oct,2012 09:25:20 PM

    I think Mr. joe was a window purchaser...... Mr. Joe, i'm working in Saudi Arabia. and I have Tata Safari vx and Tata Sumo Grande mk 2 in india and here i have Toyota Fortuner in Saudi. I like Tata Safari... I have no complaint against Tata Vehicle... Sumo finished around 123450 km. Still Strong and comfort. Safari finished around 68000 km. Mohandas service center Trivandrum, Kerala. gives very good service. So i think Some BULLY OWNERS need same Vehicle. I'M PROUDLY SAYING THAT, TATA IS NOT FOR URS... TATA IS FOR INDIAN GUYS... WE ARE PROUD TO USE INDIAN PRODUCTS.... Joe spend money and enjoy with TATA OWNERS... jealousy is not good....hi..hi...hi.. Do u Know the value of Parents and Grandparents????

    Shelby |22 Jan,2013 06:01:26 PM

    I second you CSD... And the case with Mr. JOE or watever your freakin' name is.. You are the biggest shame for India, if you don't respect Indian products and the efforts. Go and get some basics of Automobiles it will really be beneficial for you and only then litter your shit in the thread. And No wonder why you are in Dubai cuz in India therz no place for LOSERS like you.. Tata Motors launched its first SUV in 1994, and within 15 years its already cmpeting with rivals such as, Ford, Toyota, Chevy and Honda, who are in the market since many decades!

    SHINE |22 Jan,2013 06:47:51 PM

    @Shelby, thanks for your comment... Yes i'm Accepting that, U r the winner... Friend, How many Vehicle U have??? Did u have any tata Vehicle or Tayota??? I have... I'm considering My budget also.... May be u r not... and I THINK INDIA FOR ALL CATEGORY... NOT ONLY FOR WINNERS..... BUT WHEN I'M READ UR MESS. NOW I KNOW, WHY INDIA STILL GOING THE SAME....BRILLIANTS ARE WORKING ABROAD.. SOME FOOLS HAVE THERE LIKE U...HI..HI...RIGHT???? FIRST PURCHASE AND USE A PRODUCT... AND COMMENT PLS.... DON'T EAT SHIT OF OTHERS....

    raj bana |22 Apr,2016 04:37:28 PM


  • ARUN SEBASTIAN PANANAL |01 Nov,2012 09:28:51 PM

    Tata Safari Storme -: Very good name, Truely international style and comfort, Fantastic offroad-onroad performance, Suitable mileage, Amazing Price range. Needs 1st row model 2nd row captain seat and bench type foldable 3rd row seat. Transfer '4WD switch' to dashboard because its risky to keep out of childrens hand.

  • koti |25 Jan,2013 07:11:43 PM

    Safari is pride of India

  • N.Subbanarasimha |20 Feb,2013 09:57:49 AM

    Some foolish people think that they are great by abusing our own products. Designing, producing an automobile is not a joke... Tatas are really doing a great job.... They only are able to compete against multinational products.... Cheaters are those multinationals who are dumping old junk , outdated models in India because fools like you will buy them and fall at their feet.......you have no rights to comment on TATA......

    NKK |22 Apr,2013 12:16:41 AM

    I truely agree with Mr. Sabbanarasimha... It is not really easy to make an automobile... We should be proud that an Indian company has actually sustained the competition, esp. after liberalization of economy, from European, Japanese and Korean manufacturers who have been making products for more than 100 years. Kudos to Mr. TATA who can dream and made the dream a reality. One thing I like about TATAs is they really think what people want. During the time when we used to have tiny Maruti 800, TATAs came up with Indica (note that the name has Indi) which was very spacious and wth more economical fuel, diesel. Secondly, when everyone in the world ridiculed 1 lakh car, TATA promised and delivered it. Moreover, I am a proud owner of Indica and now I booked Safari Storme :-) Let's think of how we can make our brands better rather than just making fun of ourselves, why not our best engineers work for Indian companies. Cheers...

  • sandeep |21 Feb,2013 01:05:31 AM

    Tata will definately show improvements in future bcoz tatas have given the best of vehicles which sereves the IT park, also in future it will serve for india & globally. I have strong faith in tata and they are growing as per the coustomers demand.In 2014 it will definately show a growing future in new vehicles its a challenge.

  • jawa |15 Mar,2013 11:56:23 AM

    im owning safari lx dicor 2.2 giving mileage= 16 (without AC) and 14 with AC = highway roads and 12-11 km/litr on city roads(with AC). i think the mileage is better than other SUV's. More than that a musculine feel inside safari while u go on road. No matter the cars u look but all will look u and ur safari car.to be frank with economical money it gives royal look. what else u need more. interiors are cheap and less durable. comfort is ok. pick up is good.we normally travel 5 to 6 members and big bags. its comfort class is always high. we faced few electrical problems and customer service rectified it. its good vehicle. we have experimented all the SUV's finally selected tata safari. being from middle class, i looked 1.the cost 2.comfort 3.mileage 4.durablity 5.service as tata vehicles we can service anywhere in any part india . price range= santafe,pajero,Xuv 500,fortuner,...we looked as for single family use and luxury look.even fortuner is good but the mileage is low comparing to safari...twice the price of safari... Xuv 500 is having 16 complaints 1.RIM is rusted soon. u can check in showroom itself please refer sites to look the complaints.maintenance and the price are high pajero is comfort but comparing to mileage,price and maintenance charges scorpio is already out as the comfort and maintenance charges duster is best but its not genuine suv .space less comparing to safari... innova gives a good comfort and luxury car... but with less comfort and price rate safari is best for us... after a detailed experiment i said ok to safari . as per our usage we drive 20 thousand km in a year. please keep ur usage first before buying any car. just calculate for a month and convert it to year.then go for any car...for us next 5 yrs we ll complete 1 lak kms... we wont use it for commercial purposes like taxi and travels. for single owner better go for safari .save ur valuable money.apart from that we also looked for sedan type cars but the price is close to safari,this is also another reason. In market u have lot of Suv's...u are buying for transportation. mostly all are alike with diff mil,comf,price,maint. see with comfort little less than other Suvs tata safari is the best. if u have more money and ready to spend on maintenance charges u can go for pajero,xuv 500,santafe hyundai.

  • raj |03 Sep,2013 10:10:49 AM

    If a ricksaw wala buy safari he is gonna feel feel shame.....

  • Manoj Nair |14 Apr,2014 11:50:58 AM

    I have been using Safari since 2009. Covered around 1.7 lac kilometres. Had a Fuel injector problem and spent Rs. 2 lacs . But still I did not leave it. Because of the following 1. Has biggest inner space and seating comfort as compared to any SUV. 2. Ride is excellent. 3. Gud off road performance. 4.During turns it manages better than any SUV. 5. Gud suspension After driving more than 2500 kms from Jamnagar( Gujarat) to Dharamshala ( Himachal), we still did not feel tired. The following improvements need to be made. 1. Sub standard parts and fittings - need change 2. AC not power full enough 3. Better infotainment system. 4. Control panel needs to be improved. Manoj Nair

  • sanjay |23 May,2014 08:08:57 PM

    Dear All, Please spare this Mr.Joe. He is from a rival company and was thrown out of his job as he is still mentally challenged. He cannot appreciate a good thing. He is perhaps a vagabond who sits on some cybercafe which reeks of rotting semen and cigarette butts. He just wrote this review to release himself. As for Grandparents- he doesn't know if he had any- they probably gave up on him long ago as did his parents. Joe,you are a pack of Woe- so keep your pervert views to yourself- you are a SHAME and a DISGUST to this world-leave alone India. Go drive a Bullock Cart and save ur B**LS,i.e. you brains.

  • kushilov |27 Feb,2015 12:09:43 PM

    Tata Safari Storme is the best SUV in India. I dont know about other US and UK countries. I just took delivery of TATA STORME EX model (Pearl white) and it really rocks. This Mr Joe is mentally not fit and he is the SHAME to the Universe

  • royal |06 Mar,2015 12:41:09 PM

    It is a pride. .not a shame I guess....I think safari is the best SUV on its range when compared to the rest.....I support safari is the legend on the Indian roads...

  • Mayank Yadav |02 May,2015 12:19:41 PM

    Safari is one of the best car man!! U dont know anything about it!

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