Why Skoda Fabia ?

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Pros : sfaety, style, brand, value 4 money, looks, boot space, handling, head room, stable

Cons : after sale service, cost of parts

I love the car & I am going to book it soon.It has new engine so it has overcome all the old issue of mileage & pickup issuesBelow are better pts in Fabia 1.2 MPI Ambiente version ( mid range petrol) i see as a hatchback car below 6 lak1. Best Looks2. Brand skoda !3. New engine ( Most IMP *** it has lot of enhancements, it uses fine tuned Parent company Wolkswogan engine )4. 2 Air bags in a Rs 5.75 lak - on road- car ( after corporate discount of 7.5 k) , no one gives in market ( mig range 1.2 petrol MPI)5. Height good in the segment6. More masculine, compare the door or the bonnet feel with others! Its a Tank like body.7. Trendy interiors, say illumination for the glove box8. Good Quality plastic, has soft plastic board, other are having boring hard one in that segment9. With new engine mileage has gone to 12 to 14 km in city with AC says the dealer10. New model has more length & height, so more boot space of 315 Lit11. Safety standards & feature of Skoda, eg the door are with 3 strong rods to protect & many moreBasically they have reduce the price by reducing feature & trying to compete with i20 & swift My imp pt is, when ur driving with ur parents, wife, kid .. whts more imp than safety ? Anyways this was my small review .. hope you all agree with me here Soon I will post my reviews when i own it :) Look and Style - gr8 Comfort - gr8 Pickup - OK Mileage - No idea , looks 12 in city Best Features - Safe, Comfort Needs to improve - Hope soon we will see too many fabias around Overall Experience - I am going to buy soon

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  • anil |15 Nov,2010 01:22:19 AM

    nice review.. i too like this car,most importantly meeting safety aspects(2 airbags) with in the budget below 6 lacs, no other car with that quality is providing

    Subbu |16 Nov,2010 10:02:33 AM

    Very Car, Last month I purchased the same vehicle and now very much happy with the performance ,looks and comfort. You can blindly go for the vehicle.

    Muheeb |26 Nov,2010 08:03:38 PM

    hey I'm also buying it soon

    kiran |22 Dec,2010 02:49:32 PM

    dude i have booked it as well , price will go up in Jan fyi

  • Subbu |16 Nov,2010 10:03:04 AM

    Very nice Car, Last month I purchased the same vehicle and now very much happy with the performance ,looks and comfort. You can blindly go for the vehicle

    kiran |16 Nov,2010 01:09:23 PM

    thanks subbu, any idea on the mielage in city it gives ?

    kiran |22 Dec,2010 02:50:12 PM

    12 to 14 in city

    Ramesh |22 Dec,2010 07:35:50 PM

    I bought fabia in may this year. It is giving very poor mileage(10km). Even after checked by the service engineer no improvement is found. otherwise, the car is O.K. One who do not bother mileage can opt Fabia.

    kiran |06 Mar,2011 10:11:58 PM

    Ramesh the old fabia gives 10 I know that, that less for sure. But for readers this is the NEW fabia launched 12th oct 2010, it has same engine as Polo & gives good mileage of 12 to 14 KM.

  • kiran |16 Nov,2010 01:11:26 PM

    Also in my study, i asked the cost of the spares parts of the car, they have reduced it a lot from Jun 2010. Eg, the door was 20K, now 7k. etc ..85 % spare parts have 66% reduction in cost. This info is nowhere in net, strange !

    By Team CarDekho |16 Nov,2010 05:55:10 PM

    The price list of spares are different across the manufacturers depending the car and model etc. Yes there has been a considerable reduction in the prices of some spares. We will soon be airing a story on this. Thanks, CarDekho Team

    kiran |29 May,2011 07:34:40 PM

    is the story out if yes .. link pls

    kiran |20 Dec,2011 03:33:02 PM

    When you will air this ? It will be useful for all readers .. its very strange that the thing most of the buyers looks for is not in net anywhere , Main spare part comparison of all cars in segment in say a 10 coloum ( as we have 10 odd cars in hatch segment now) * 15 rows, is what all of us will love to look at. Team Cardekho pls take this initiative.. its not big deal for you ppl ..

  • kiran |17 Nov,2010 12:47:53 PM

    I believe the new fabia team will have to work more on the new faclft launch as still most of the ppl's mind there is the old fabia is playing around. Can anymore comment on MPI mielage in city , i read its 11.6 in city.

  • kiran |17 Nov,2010 12:49:14 PM

    i know they are doing their bit, but may be the chervale promise kind of stuff is needed to air on adds, may be they can reduce the price for the skoda shield & air about it as well

    Team CarDekho |18 Nov,2010 03:17:43 PM

    The new Fabia uses the 1.2 Diesel and the 1.2 Petrol along with the 1.6 Petrol engine that are also on the VW Polo. The Fabia Petrol 1.2 returns with an fuel efficiency figures of close to 16kmpl. Thanks, CarDekho Team

    Aashish Nischal |13 Dec,2011 02:32:49 PM

    I agree I am getting excellent mileage from New Skoda Fabia...infact I wanted to buy a second hatch back but currently I can't find anything even remotely close to Fabia in terms of the build quality, space and the driving pleasure it gives !!!

  • sadashiv |19 Nov,2010 09:06:12 PM

    I want know that whther ground clearence of 158 mm is sufficient for Indian roads

    kiran |19 Nov,2010 11:46:12 PM

    test drive n decide :)

    kiran |11 Dec,2010 07:14:09 PM

    actually yes .. as long as u avoid too rusty roads

    kiran |11 Dec,2010 07:14:55 PM

    but yes good Q... the quality of the shock absober matter .. remember its Skoda !

    kiran |06 Mar,2011 10:13:45 PM

    Ok as I have the car for more than 1 month now, I can tell u know Q of gr clearance at all, i have driven even with 4 ppl in car work very well.

  • Kiran |23 Nov,2010 08:14:42 PM

    one more thing best in class fob lamps :)

  • kiran |23 Nov,2010 08:16:17 PM

    did i told u ppl that spare part prizes have reduced by almost 66% since june 2010 ? trust me :) thats gr8 new, well few days back i have booked my fab. Also the waiting period is going high now. I have to wait for the colour i choose for 2 months

  • kiran |25 Nov,2010 09:19:34 PM

    team may i know the mileage 1.2 MPI fabia gives ?

  • CarDekho Team |26 Nov,2010 01:23:20 PM

    The Fabia uses the same 1.2litre 3 cylinder petrol engine as the VW Polo. Its efficiency figures are of 14kmpl in city and 16.5kmpl on the highway run. Thanks, CarDekho Team

  • Tej |30 Nov,2010 10:43:07 PM

    I strongly feel Cardekho team should come out with common spares comparission between Maruti-Swift, Hundai-i20 Vs.Skoda Fabia. So people can decide for Fabia if they have doubt about costly spares. Also in Fabia Only one service is required in One year ( or 15,000 KM)Where in Maruti/Hundai 2-3 service is required in a year . Also German Car does not required more maintenance than Japanies or Korean cars. Go for Fabia...............

    kiran |06 Mar,2011 10:15:20 PM

    I agree.. i am looking for the it for long :) comparison of spare parts of all cars , hope car dekho team reading it :)

    Arme |24 Mar,2011 06:54:12 PM

    I also agree with this ... I want to know spare parts as well as maintanence cost difference .... also I know that swift will have least , but want to know exact fugures .... Thanks.

    bharat |23 Oct,2011 09:42:13 PM

    Is service at 15000 km a tactic to compensate for less availability of service centres in India. Usually in first 3 years any car would need less maintenance.

  • kiran |06 Dec,2010 08:21:51 PM

    wow 14 KMPL in city is cool

  • Dhruv Samel |08 Dec,2010 12:58:47 AM

    just booked my Skoda Fabia Ambiente (P).. awesome car... Petrol way better that Diesel..!!

  • kiran |10 Dec,2010 06:59:36 PM

    cool Why petrol is cool u feel ? Skoda is more famouse for their diesel cars Mine is also MPI though ;)

  • kiran |10 Dec,2010 07:00:33 PM

    How much it cost u on road ? How much delaer & consumer discount they gave to u ? location ?

  • kiran |11 Dec,2010 06:51:03 PM

    guys .. this has never happned from the day of launch .. i20 just to compete the Fabia has ~ 18 K discount ie magna MPI .. no insurance cost for u ...

  • amritesh |19 Dec,2010 09:09:19 AM

    can anyone plz tell me d maintenance part of fabia..its spare parts cost and availability..as well as its network ?thanx...

    CarDekho Team |20 Dec,2010 12:24:55 PM

    Hi Mr. Amritesh, This is in regards to your query posted on the website CarDekho.com, we would like to inform you that Maintenance of new Skoda Fabia has reduced in comparison to its old model, Skoda spare parts are slightly expensive than Maruti and Hyundai parts. To provide proper service and maintenance channels the company avails the service facility available in the areas where service stations are not available. Thanks

  • kiran |19 Dec,2010 10:35:03 AM

    give me ur email n i will mail u spare part prizes ... netwok depend on location of urs .. eg in bagalore there are 3 dealers so that's fine ..

    madhuranath |26 May,2011 06:12:28 PM

    Hi Kiran can you please mail me the spare cost details.My mail ID is madhuranath@gmail.com

    kiran |01 Jun,2011 08:50:59 PM

    i guess i mailed already

    Subhash |23 Aug,2012 04:12:32 PM

    Can you email me the price list of skoda fabia spare parts at subhash.jnu@gmail.com. Thanks

    Hemant |29 Jul,2014 10:04:17 PM

    Hello Kiran, Can you please mail me the spare part prizes on hemantkumar.pradhan@yahoo.com

    kiran |31 Jul,2014 10:10:36 AM

    Let me check my old emails... btw the production is stopped now. Why u wan buy it now ? The good news is the car will be launched 3rd time.. sometime end of this yr .. that is the rumors .. how relevant the prices now not sure tho... i would suggest u go to a dealer & find that info.. good luck

  • Aditya |21 Dec,2010 03:14:59 PM

    hey.!!! nice lukzz........... strong body....... and itz like ful f features........... vry good handling......all u need is in one....!!!!!!!! guyzzzz trust me...... u will feel your car............. i m not sure abt its maintance....... bt i m sure it will not make us sad........ planning to have it with in this week.......... skoda.!!!! rokZZZ..........

  • kiran |21 Dec,2010 09:31:32 PM

    cool man !!! have fun !

  • Satender Singh Patwal |21 Dec,2010 09:52:06 PM

    Hi car Dekho team and other folks in this thread, Thanks for sharing the info on reduced spare parts cost, I am currently planning to buy this car and spares and maintenance were my primary concerns- also after sales service. Do you guys have got the spares price comparison with other competing cars and any official declaration from Skoda on the reduced prices of spares... thanks in advance!

    CarDekho Team |22 Dec,2010 01:46:52 PM

    Yes infact the Skoda MD had made it clear at the press conference of the new Fabia that the prices for its spares have been cut by a big amount and moreover the major technical parts are same as that on the VW Polo and the Fabia and Polo are both built at the VW Chakan Plant. Thanks, CarDekho Team

    kiran |06 Mar,2011 10:25:33 PM

    Dude its the spares and maintenance were my primary concerns for only u but all who wan go for this car ;) well per me its not big issue read only the entire thread n u will know, btw u may give me ur email id & will frw the spare part cost list which i have

    Shekar |13 Mar,2011 11:10:35 PM


    kiran |31 May,2011 07:28:10 AM

    Give me ur email id

    Shekar |01 Jun,2011 07:40:03 PM


    kiran |02 Jun,2011 07:57:06 AM

    Sent dude

    bhavneesh |17 Jun,2011 11:45:05 PM

    hi kiran, m looking to buy a new fabia for ...bt there s a negative feedback dat evryone s giving bout its high maintenance cost n cabin noise n low mileage. Kindly provide me the spare part list too.. i have a quite run of 1200 km in a month...cn u suggest petrol/ diesel version ....m quite confused. Kindly suggest

    bhavneesh |17 Jun,2011 11:52:02 PM

    email id is ....ar_bhavneesh@yahoo.com

    karthik |26 Jun,2011 09:51:51 PM

    can u please send the spare parts list to me as well. kar_kct@rediffmail.com

    Dev |06 Jan,2012 07:34:13 AM

    I am looking to book Fabia Ambiente (p). What is the on road price pl? and is the service from dealers good.. i see lots of complaints that Skoda dealers are not good? is that true ?

  • kiran |22 Dec,2010 12:10:45 PM

    i don't have .. i have spare part cost of fabia though in pdf so can not copy ... u may ask dealers of all cars the same & then campair of ur own

  • aMIT |28 Dec,2010 09:27:57 AM


  • kiran |28 Dec,2010 05:23:05 PM

    how much on road ? city ? colour ?

    CarDekho Team |28 Dec,2010 06:31:08 PM

    Dear User, We would like to inform you that the petrol Skoda Fabia starts from Rs. 4,35,000* (Ex-showroom Delhi) and the diesel base model starts from Rs. 5,40,000* (Ex-showroom Delhi). Skoda Fabia is available in six exciting colors : Candy White, Corrida Red, Satin Grey, Brilliant Silver, Cappuccino Beige and Black Magic Pearl Effect. Thanks

  • kiran |04 Jan,2011 12:40:02 PM

    Why this car do not get nominations ? I guess it will get car of year in 2011 .. wht say ?

  • rajjj |09 Jan,2011 09:05:52 AM

    lot of different opinions abt mileage of fabia........ Pls tell d correct 1.....

  • kiran |09 Jan,2011 10:11:27 AM

    Hi, not only mileage but many mis-understanding about the car thanks to old car with few issues, well skoda is not fool, they know the competition in hatch cars & that's why they have improved on 2 things, cost & mielage, so new car which also delivers in Polo, 1.2 MPI in city gives 12 to 13 which is good & almost the same as any other car. the updated 1.2 12V DOHC 3 cylinder petrol, 1198 cc, 75 ps@5400 rpm, 110 Nm torque@3750 rpm, the official number is above ~ 17 KMPL. DO don't much bother about the mileage as its nearly the same. It lot depends on the expertise of the car driver to get the max.

  • vinod |16 Jan,2011 01:03:00 PM

    hi buddy, i agree with ur review, nothing is more important than safety when u travel with ur beloved ones.

  • kiran |18 Jan,2011 11:09:27 PM

    tx buddy

  • rajesh |22 Jan,2011 12:22:35 PM

    hi i am using skoda fabia diesel since aug.,2008. great pickup. 23km per ltr milage on highway. SAKODA brand. proud to be owner

  • Shabu |28 Jan,2011 04:16:17 PM

    I guess 23 is too much. I own a fabia 1.2 tdi. What I get for a worst case is 15 ltr(5people travelling with full time A/C)(for a sample of 500 kms)

  • manoj |03 Feb,2011 03:48:26 PM

    Its quite early for right comments (review) for me, since just driven for a week and only 1000 km. But can share ones feeling. I opted for classic petrol. Drive is good, compared to Figo or Maruti Vechil of similar class i.e. 1.2. Pick up is smooth. You can feel the difference, its visible and felt. 4.35L is advertised price, the actual cost of car is much more, if you take Skoda Shield into account (extended warranty for 2 years). Car is sold only with it. Extra 25-30k. Its quite trim down variant of Skoda Classic European version. Engine is quite Noisy. I am looking for doing some damping under the hood. Don't know where to do it in Delhi NCR. In Europe car is available with proper sound proofing and hence quite successful. Hope Skoda Motors India, will learn from TATA (as in case of continuos improvement by doing small changes in Nano) and will do some by reducing Engine noise, and adding stop and drive facility for greater fuel economy. The same shall be be available as accessory for old customer of Skoda Fabia like me.

  • thomas |09 Feb,2011 04:54:11 PM

    hi all I plan to buy skoda fabia 1.2 mpfi ambient i came to know through this reviews skoda is noisy and petrol engine also having noisy like diesel dear friends and long users please tell me the truth shall i go for skoda fabia 1.2 mpfi ambient

    CarDekho Team |11 Feb,2011 04:04:11 PM

    The Skoda Fabia 1.2 is a well made car with good engineering and fit finish, the engine noise is not felt inside the cabin but there is a different feel as it is a 3 cylinder engine, overall the Fabia is a very good car with best in class fit and finish. Thanks, CarDekho Team

  • kiran |09 Feb,2011 06:59:23 PM

    Noise issue was in OLD skoda, its fixed now. SO go for skoda.

  • Hariprasad Moyyi |11 Feb,2011 12:25:49 PM

    Hi Friends, I am planing to buy skoda fabia 1.2 mpfi ambient/Volkswagen Polo/Maruthi Swift/ i20 for long period(10 to 15 Years). Can you please suggest me on this. Which is the best on Fuel efficiency, Maintenance and comfort for long run. Thanks Hariprasad Moyyi

    CarDekho Team |11 Feb,2011 03:04:04 PM

    Dear User, Maruti Swift and Volkswagen Polo are better as compared to Hyundai i20 and Skoda Fabia in terms of fuel efficient. But if you are looking for a vehicle which have low maintenance cost and decent mileage, you can opt for Maruti Swift. Thanks

    Hariprasad Moyyi |16 Feb,2011 10:48:12 AM

    Dear CarDekho Team, Thanks for your valuable suggestion. I have to verify Ethios Hatch back model. -- Hariprasad Moyyi

  • Kiran |13 Feb,2011 12:32:09 PM

    Fuel efficiency-- Swift might give u 1 or 2 KM more in City Maintenance -- Swift is clear Leader comfort for long run -- Fabia is far better than Swift, per looks, comfort, Value for Money, Safety etc The choice is urs

  • subhash shinde |14 Feb,2011 09:03:42 PM

    thnaks car dekho team 4 giving us actual information about this car,

  • Deepak |23 Feb,2011 12:24:53 PM

    i m confused between swift n fabia which one is better n value for money pl help.

    CarDekho Team |23 Feb,2011 01:12:42 PM

    Dear User, We would like to inform you that Maruti Swift is a better option over Skoda Fabia in terms of low maintenance cost, good resale value and strong service & dealership network. Skoda Fabia has its own advantages like its powerful engine cannot be compared with Maruti Swift and also its strong build has been ranked amongst one of the most safest cars. Thanks

  • Kiran |25 Feb,2011 10:04:16 AM

    Thinking of resale value is like thinking of divorce b4 marriage ...

  • Sharad |05 Mar,2011 03:16:27 PM

    Having read all the comments above, it seems that most of the car's avg is 12-14 only. i m planning to boook Skodia Fabia as i out safety above all. any comments...? car dekho team/anybody else?

    kiran |06 Mar,2011 11:39:53 PM

    give diesel car a good though ... petrol is almost Rs 70 now & diesel is comparatively low .. but then ppl say if u drive 60 km per day then only for for the same ..

  • kiran |06 Mar,2011 10:08:13 PM

    Good choice dude go ahead ..

  • shailesh |08 Mar,2011 11:19:18 PM

    Dear Friends, Hi I am confuse in fabia,i20,and etios.my budget is 6L.please help me I want good mileage car with very low maintanance. Regards Shailesh Tayade 9766500444

  • kiran |10 Mar,2011 08:32:26 PM

    low maintanance. then may be fab is not for u as i20 will give u slighly less maaint cost, read slightly ! What are ur top priorities ? my personal opinion is u can go for fab as i did .. even i was confused with the 2 .. fab wins in boot space, built, looks, 2 air bags 6 lak, gear box, handling . I20 might give u little more legroom but then the AC is very bad, fan has nice back seat vents as well so far better then i20, for i20 many ppl have given rattling issues apart from obvious AC issues. But i20 has few good things as well... But then I20 gives u .. AUTO CLIMATE cONTROL ?? ( get fix ur AC 1st ;)) USB/ Blue tooth??? I agree with expensive but not so cool music system fab top model has, mine is mid range so i will fit as i like :) Electrically folding mirrors???... Fridge in GLOVE BOX(AC cooled)??? NOW THAT is handy for beer lovers .. i don't booz ;) .... EPS???.... multi info display screen???..... 295 litres of boot??? less than fab but may be #2 in primium hatch market ... hyundai's cheap n easy service spares???...... for long i tried to compare spare part prizes of both .... but hundai ppl never gave me it, unlike the Skoda ppl, & per CARWALE the prize diff is very little now... Remeber Skoda spares are NOW since June 2010 are reduced in cost After resale nd market value of dt of d i20???... Its like thinking of divorse b4 marriage Strong engine of i20 VTVT as cmpared to fabia?? TD & check !! bettr mileage dn d i20 ??... Not really 60:40 split seat fr more luggage?? Not much diff Steering mounted audio controls?? Cost to high to get that in i20 LEather rapped Steering n gear knob??? Fab has sexy chrome 6 speaker system audio?? But then, the aura surrounding these polos and skodas cannot be matched by other hatches for sure !

    meenakshi |30 Mar,2011 09:03:48 PM

    Dear Kiran can you mail me the price list of the spare parts for skoda fabia as i am equally keen to buy the FAB but people around seem to be discouraging on account of high Maitenance and low re-sale.My email id is puneetsahney@yahoo.com

    kiran |01 Apr,2011 11:48:09 PM


    Maclin |01 May,2011 10:28:08 AM

    Dear Kiran, Your review is quite good, it touches upon everything on skoda.. i am planning to buy one, please mail me the spare part cost details. Thanks & Regards Maclin

    kiran |27 May,2011 07:57:58 AM

    email id ?

    Tej |27 Apr,2011 04:51:00 PM

    Dear Kiran, Got encouraged by your nice comments about Fabia. Request you to kindly send me spare part list of Fabia on tej_raval@yahoo.com , Thx in advance

    kiran |27 May,2011 07:53:33 AM

    Sent please check

    Bijo |27 May,2011 11:20:53 PM

    Hi Kiran, After such a long period of searching, I am planning to buy the 1.2 TDCi elegance model.... If you don't mind, can you please share the spare parts details to me. Any update would be greatly appreciated. -- Thanks, Bijo

    kiran |27 May,2011 11:34:47 PM

    Dude how can i share if u do not give me ur email id ;)

    Bijo |28 May,2011 07:32:50 PM

    Oops!! I sent the mail to your email id :kd_patil@yahoo.com My id is bijo505@yahoo.com. -- Thanks, Bijo

    Tej |28 May,2011 11:22:20 PM

    Thanks a lot. Received.

    kiran |29 May,2011 07:36:32 PM

    Sent @Bijo

    kiran |31 May,2011 07:30:31 AM

    Welcome :)

    pradep thangaraj |20 Aug,2011 02:12:39 PM

    hello mr.kiran, can u please send the spare parts price of new fabia?.. please.. my id id pradepnifin@gmail.com..

  • shashank |27 Mar,2011 08:33:39 PM

    Hi, Ur r right buddy... it is really fab....

  • shashank |27 Mar,2011 08:39:42 PM

    i am also owing swift petrol 1300cc, no doubts the car is awsome and has nt given me any troubles yet but looking at fab.. it has everything wich u can ask for in any sedan... safety, looks, performance and yeah brand ofcourse. It is an emerging auto market.. so every day improvement will come for sure...

  • krishna |06 Apr,2011 10:06:37 PM

    Thank you guys for u r reviews. Then I have made vice decision in booking the skoda fabia elegance model.

  • Kiran |08 Apr,2011 12:03:43 PM

    cool man .. keep us posted :)

  • kiran |10 Apr,2011 11:44:29 PM

    Guys I am the one who gave the 1st review & i am just re-formatting my yje 1st post & adding few more points which I missed last time, so here its for u :- My choice is New Skoda Fabia. 5.83 lak is fab on road in bangalore ( 1.2 MPI mid range model) is what it cost me, in cities like Mumbai may be 20k-30K less , starting at 4.19 ex-showroom in mumbai, & also 10K corporate discount (if u work for big company .. check with Dealer for that)- Adding skoda shied for 2 2 yr warranty cost on road ~ 6 Lak inclusing my owne music system - Hightlights It give u highest boot space Rare leg room is also very nice Its AC is very strong Its the longest hatch in india Safest hatch in india as it will give u 2 air bags at that cost Best in class finish, Ivory finish from mid-level The stearing has horizontal & vertical adjustments as well are too cool, well me tell u not many in class have this feature Gear box is excellent & just like mukhann!! Its got top class ride quality, highway drive, I find Fabia is excellent, even at 120 or 140 u will feel stable. Its heaviest hatch in class so mielage is may be 1 KM less than the light the other light hatches in India. It gives 12-14 so almost equal to others. Fabia is the only hatchback which almost feels and looks like a sedan. Fog lamps !!! Biggest & sexiest in class ... But you get them only in Elegance model. Fab key is too cool ..But you get them only in Elegance model. What i got from dealer : Mud Flaps, Sun film, Mats, Idol, Perfume, Side beddings. NOW MOST IMP PART *** ppl will discourage u but on A.S.S & Maintanance, I guess the rumble against skoda in Tbhp has more to do against their A.S.S rather than the cars themselves., Believe me the A.S.S is improving greatly here(Touch wood).Partly because of competition, partly because spares are more localised and easily available and with increased volume its slowly becoming viable for the dealers.For example a clutch plate which used to be imported from Prauge and costed 35K is localised now and costs 16K. So prizes have revised from Jun 2010, unfortunatly i have the scan copy in pdf format so can not give more egs. Also frankly i have not comapired them but per wht I heard from experts is its not huge diff for the spare part prices. Infact the Skoda MD had made it clear at the press conference of the new Fabia that the prices for its spares have been cut by a big amount and moreover the major technical parts are same as that on the VW Polo and the Fabia and Polo are both built at the VW Chakan Plant. The fabia has actually a new lease of life after the facelift and dropping of prices.Sales have increased from the 200 odd to over 1000 a month now. Opening and closing the door once is enough to tell the difference from the others in the segment, THE GENUINE THUD and a premium feel unmatched by any car the south of 15lakhs, All will tell u same stuff for Fabia its built like a tank. A 'tank on tyres' it is !

    Puja |17 Oct,2011 01:34:55 PM

    Hello Kiran! Your after reading ur review abt Fabia,i m much more relaxed as i baught Fabia 1.2 petrol (Ambiente) last month, i went thru with other review as well but urs helped me a lot . i am quit new for cars as this would be my first car i m still learning driving hence dont know much difference than others, but for sure this is really good car,also wanted to find out ,Is it good to go for Skoda Shield the exdented warrenty? and if u cud send me the spare part price list to me too that will be really kind. My email Id id is : puja.kabir@yahoo.co.in : Waiting for ur reply... Thanx a lot once again to uoe and to CarDekho Team for making such good plateform. Puja

  • kiran |10 Apr,2011 11:44:58 PM

    There are hundreds who just buy whatever sells the highest numbers. That's the only reason Maruti is the market leader (purely my opinion). The service intervals are getting longer ie 15k KM, dealers are being more responsible, extended warranties are being offered ( 2 2 yrs, isn't that too cool !!!) so definitely things are moving in the right direction.

  • kiran |10 Apr,2011 11:48:58 PM

    The aura surrounding these polos and skodas ( car from same Parent Company) cannot be matched by other hatches. Also Skoda is gr8 brand even in india, this is new fabia launch on 12th oct 2010, it has same eng as Polo. So totally new car, also waiting period as of now is 35 days, which is little high but then it shows the demand is high as well. Let me tell u ... Skoda Octavia Petrol ranks highest on the TNS Total Consumer Satisfaction study - Scores 100/100!, It has raced far ahead of competition such as the Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, and Chevrolet Optra Magnum Petrol. This tells that skoda is gr8 brand & you will certaily feel proud to tell others I own a Skoda car. So u Test Drives all the hatches in india & then only take a call is my advice, also u need to get advice from many ppl in ur locality on how good are the local dealers,.... remember take any hatch & u will have ppl with good & bad experience.

  • kiran |10 Apr,2011 11:49:10 PM

    And my final word is - If the heart says yes, just go for it.. for that matter any car u choose .. u don't buy car often so take a call carefuly ...

    Tej Raval |27 Apr,2011 05:02:47 PM

    Dear Kiran, Got encouraged by your nice comments about Fabia. Request you to kindly send me spare part list of Fabia on tej_raval@yahoo.com , Thx in advance

    dasaradhi |25 May,2011 10:18:33 AM

    Hey Kiran, I just love your phrase if the heart says yes, just go for it. Yesterday I had test driven Fabia 1.2MPI Elegance and my heart has already gone with the vehicle Thanks for all the great comments about SKODA. I was a bit concerned about the spares & maintenance cost. But now i feel that even if it is 10 to 20% more costiler than the other hatchbacks, i would go for fabia. Such is the driving feel, the interiors - space (leg room), robust & safety feel etc..... Your comments have firmed up my decision and I am planning to book Fabia 1.2MPI Ambiente on coming FRIDAY (26th May 2011) Thanks again

    kiran |27 May,2011 07:56:34 AM

    Gr8 man ... so u purchased ur car ? U did not sent me email id ? Send me pics of new car @ kd_patil@yahoo.com

    dasaradhi |27 May,2011 09:21:49 AM

    Please email the spares list file imemdiately to ae@melssauto.com and also gdasaradhi@yahoo.co.in I am planning to book the Fabia today. However, it would like to have a look at the spares price list before taking a final call Thanks

    kiran |27 May,2011 09:25:29 AM

    Ok sent :) keep us posted

    dasaradhi |27 May,2011 10:12:30 AM

    Received file. Thanks a lot. Is it the authorised skoda dealer price list - just a confirmation Thanks again

    dasaradhi |28 May,2011 11:01:03 AM

    Dear Kiran, I am happy & pleased to inform that I have booked a Fabia 1.2MPI Ambiente (Petrol) - CAPPUCINO BEIGE colour yesterday (27.05.2011) at Gurudev Motors, Chennai - Arumbakkam Your spares price list was helpful in getting clarification from the Showroom executive. They accepted that their indigenous parts would be 30% more than other brands and those imported greater than 50%to 70%. With full understanding I have gone ahead with booking the car For the benefit of others who may be interested in SKODA Fabia, I am giving the below details The price detail is Showroom Price 4,94,700 Optional Skoda Shield 13,000 Road Tax 61,970 Optional Secure Package 5,184 = Total on-road 5,74,854 (Insurance is FREE for cars booked between 15th May and 31st May 2011 - this offer is to boost up sales and dispose available stocks) Skoda Shield gives you extended 2 year warrany (in addition to the mormal 2 yr standard warranty) 24 x 7 On-road emergency attendance anywhere Secure Package takes care of those features / parts (they call it bumper to bumper) like scratches, glass breakages, damages to aesthetic parts which normal insurance will cover only 50% of cost. This package takes care of 100% for these type of parts also One can also take the above without Skoda Shield and Secure Package in which case price would be 5,56,670 The above variant is without Music System, Remote Lock, Remote Boot & Fuel Door, Rear Speakers (only Front speakers provided), rear roof handles. Fuel door opening is manual like normal vehicles (of course does not open if central lock is ON), BOOT lock opening manual but will not open if central locking is ON or all doors are locked As there is so much apprehensions about Service & maintenance, I discussed with the Executive and also their Service Manager and following are the details First Free Service - end of first year or 15,000kms whichever is earlier - you need to pay about 3,000 to 3,500 for engine oil, brake oil, coolant, filter change etc (Labour is free) Second Free Service - end of second year or 30,000 kms whichever is earlier - all other details same as first Further paid services will be at yearly intervals and labour cost of Rs.1,000 to 1,500 will be additional Some of the common spares cost as discussed with them is Spark Plug Set 800, Brake pads (4 nos) 5,000, Clutch Plate Disc - 12,500, Battery 6,000, Alternator - no need to replace, can be refurbished Spare parts indiginisation is around 60% now and expected to increase once the numbers on road go up. With all the above understanding I have gone with SKODA Fabia and will be taking delivery on 1st June 2011 THANKS A LOT FOR YOUR HELP

    avi |21 Jun,2011 05:36:29 PM

    hi, plz send me spare parts list as im planning to buy SKODA Fabia, plz also suggest me in Hundai i20 & Skoda Fabia. reply me asap. Thanks

    dasaradhi |25 May,2011 10:21:15 AM

    Dear Kiran, If you dont mind, cany you email me the PDF version or whatever version of the Fabia spares list

    kd_patil |26 May,2011 07:12:21 AM

    email id ?

    madhuranath |26 May,2011 06:23:38 PM

    Kiran can you please mail me the skoda fabia spare list.My mail ID is madhuranath@gmail.com

    kiran |27 May,2011 07:54:18 AM


    kiran |27 May,2011 10:26:32 AM

    @dasaradhi .. Yes its the Tafe access Bangalore.. email has the number as well so you can cross check with them as well

    kiran |28 May,2011 11:09:01 AM

    @dasaradhi (28 May,2011 11:01:03 AM update ) -- Congrats ...and good info for the new buys as well ... give me ur # please in email & I will get in touch with you for some more info .. have fun ... and keep us posted

    kiran |21 Jun,2011 05:53:59 PM

    @avi how can i send the list as i can not imagine wht could be ur email id ;)

  • kiran |10 Apr,2011 11:49:34 PM

    One more final Trillian $ advice, is ref the url http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/official-new-car-reviews/

  • kiran |10 Apr,2011 11:49:47 PM

    it has all the official car reviews & they are unbiased :) Unfortunatly there is no review for Fab as official review, but good review for picture & good end user review is :

  • kiran |10 Apr,2011 11:53:20 PM

    getting error while trying to add url

  • kiran |10 Apr,2011 11:54:07 PM

    oh looks it does not allow to add urls in here

  • kiran |11 Apr,2011 12:04:32 AM

    but i can tell .. so go to team bhp official reviews i mean ... juts search in google

  • kiran |27 May,2011 08:04:57 AM

    Many of you asking me f for the spare part cost .. email me kd_patil@yahoo.com in case you need it .. also do not forget to ask the same in email from the local vendors .. ask all of them say .. i20 ppl n swicft ppl ..etc then campair ... Again spare part you all neeed not to worry much for 1st 3 to 4 yrs ... unless u are rash driver n good at bad work ;) Unfortunately the i20 guy never emailed me the spare part stuff so i could not do any comparison .. n i was never into swift .. polo also i rejected for leg room .. n figo coz of head room n interior so did not asked for these cars ... also etios was not lauched that time when i buy my car ..

  • kiran |27 May,2011 12:08:59 PM

    All, i just called my dealer and he told that the corporate disc now is 15k but he cost of the car also has gone up due to VAT in bagalore n normal hike as well

  • bhavneesh |18 Jun,2011 04:44:23 PM

    hi kiran, m looking to buy a new fabia for ...bt there s a negative feedback dat evryone s giving bout its high maintenance cost n cabin noise n low mileage. Kindly provide me the spare part list too.. i have a quite run of 1200 km in a month...cn u suggest petrol/ diesel version ....m quite confused. Kindly suggest

  • kiran |18 Jun,2011 05:47:56 PM

    diesel only u can go for.. it gives ok kind of Mileage, Spare part are not that Sky high .. Spare u should not worry unless ur expert in doing accidents...

  • bhavneesh |18 Jun,2011 11:47:59 PM

    what u have to say bout cabin noise.....dt reflect in evryone's reviews....

  • kiran |19 Jun,2011 12:09:13 AM

    in diesel car as it has 3 cylender .. u bound to get noise ... but with glass up it will be little .. with music on it will be none.. so try TD urself n check it ...

    ag ray |21 Jun,2011 01:53:28 AM

    Dear Kiran, Could you please mail me the spare parts costs list. Your review and opinion have been hugely influential in my decision making. Earlier I was thinking of buying RITZ Lxi, but now I will go for Skoda 1.2 Classic. I think I should be able to get it within 4.5 lakhs now. mail id: agray_05@yahoo.co.in

    kiran |24 Oct,2011 12:05:21 PM


    kiran |12 Jan,2012 06:48:18 PM

    in mumbai on road for the same is 5.3

    CarDekho Team |14 May,2012 02:31:40 PM

    We would suggest you to go for the facelift version named Skoda Fabia Scout which has just launched, though it will get a little costlier but will come with refreshed features. Regards

  • kiran |21 Jun,2011 10:49:24 AM

    Hey good one ... even i was confused between ritz/i20 & Fab.. fainally i gone for Fab... see a german car is german car .. also the FOBIA among Indians is true as they do not have the latest updates ... eg cover for bumper was 8k so all will fear to buy the car & u know ppl keep on telling u know wht ist soooo costly But very few know its only 2k now since 1st june 2010.. Spare part list on way in email to agray_05@yahoo.co.in ... \ also ensure u get this buddy checked with the dealer ... may be prices reduce more ;)

    Satish |22 Jun,2011 10:01:50 AM

    Dear Kiran I stay in Pune. I test drive Fabia and falls in love with the vehicle. Can you please help me in sending spare parts comparision price list to my email ID.

    kiran |22 Jun,2011 10:14:49 AM

    So strange ppl do not give email id and ask me to send email ;) .. u r not the 1st one scroll up .. ok mail me kd_patil@yahoo.com :)

    kiran |22 Jun,2011 10:15:32 AM

    Let me guess is it Satish@gmail.com ;)

    Satish |22 Jun,2011 10:26:58 AM

    Dear Kiran Sorry. The correct email ID is : sat_adhikari@yahoo.co.uk. My mobile no is : 9890500454. Can I have yours pls.

    kiran |22 Jun,2011 10:35:38 AM

    Please call me on My mobile -- 91-9886-577-539, ck ur inbox

    vikas |02 Sep,2011 04:33:47 PM

    hi i m planning to buy fabia ambiente diesel,i m bit confused as i don't hav the real update.kindly mail me the spare part list and also the status of ASS by skoda.wht is the mileage?? tht also if sumbody can tell.. vikaslovesuall@gmail.com

    kiran |24 Oct,2011 12:05:35 PM


  • kiran |22 Jun,2011 10:32:47 AM

    Please call me on My mobile -- 91-9886-577-539, ck ur inbox

  • kiran |27 Jun,2011 10:36:20 PM

    Sent @karthik

    karthik |29 Jun,2011 12:40:02 PM

    Thanks Kiran

  • kiran |29 Jun,2011 08:36:13 PM

    WC dude

  • Anzal |03 Jul,2011 09:05:50 PM

    hav u installed rear power windows........?

  • kiran |04 Jul,2011 05:07:25 PM

    no not needed as my AC will be on most of the time .. wht is that which u can not do from front power window ? I am not sure if its possible atall on the Ambi version.

  • unni |11 Aug,2011 08:59:10 PM

    kiran plz mail the prize list of spare cost of fabia , My mail id unnikms@gmail.com. I confused with a list of cars like punto, micra, poloa and fabia. U give a good suggestion ? Ther is no more review of fabia.

  • kiran |12 Aug,2011 02:29:23 PM

    ok sending email

  • pradep thangaraj |20 Aug,2011 02:42:57 PM

    pl send me the spare parts price to pradepnifin@gmail.com

  • pradep thangaraj |20 Aug,2011 02:45:04 PM

    huh..spare parts price of skoda new fabia

  • kiran |01 Sep,2011 01:54:34 PM

    pradep did u got it ?

  • krishna |02 Sep,2011 12:30:24 PM


  • vijay khurana |04 Sep,2011 10:39:50 PM

    Hi Kiran, test drove fab1.6mpi it was mind blowing.was planning to buy figo duratorq titanium.pl send spares price list & help choose between figo & fab.

  • kiran |05 Sep,2011 12:02:16 PM

    ok sent ;)

    Puja |17 Oct,2011 01:37:06 PM

    Hello Kiran! Your after reading ur review abt Fabia,i m much more relaxed as i baught Fabia 1.2 petrol (Ambiente) last month, i went thru with other review as well but urs helped me a lot . i am quit new for cars as this would be my first car i m still learning driving hence dont know much difference than others, but for sure this is really good car,also wanted to find out ,Is it good to go for Skoda Shield the exdented warrenty? and if u cud send me the spare part price list to me too that will be really kind. My email Id id is : puja.kabir@yahoo.co.in : Waiting for ur reply... Thanx a lot once again to uoe and to CarDekho Team for making such good plateform. Puja

    kiran |17 Oct,2011 02:19:54 PM

    congrats .. i sent u the spare part list.. get it buddy checked from ur local dealer as well

  • kiran |05 Sep,2011 12:03:03 PM

    sent to vijay.khurana@microsoft.com ... isn't that ur email id ;)

  • kishore |02 Nov,2011 08:19:13 PM

    hi all, i am very excited by the new fabia petrol high end version but my major concern is the ground clearance(158mm).actually the car is for my dad who has to travel to remote areas where there wont be proper roads.so much bothered abt that.otherwise everyting is perfect.can anybody shed light on that aspect plz.if that is a problem then i have to choose from polo,swift,figo,punto,micra,brio or jazz.plz guys help me in this asap.

  • kiran |03 Nov,2011 12:13:07 PM

    polo,swift,figo,punto,micra,brio or jazz has more Ground clearance than Fab ? Well i am not expert on the Ground clearance ... What i know is Fab has good suspension. I drove in city mainly .. with 4 ppl in car it take well the speed barkers, but nasty road i do not know how it does compare to other cars. good question though. Nasty roads SUV is beat choice though. I heard Mahindra is coming up with 4 lak SUV ..

    Amarnath |16 Dec,2011 12:55:41 PM

    Kiran, Pls send me the Fabia Spare Part price list . email id - amarnath.am@gmail.com

  • kiran |16 Dec,2011 10:33:45 PM


  • Navi |19 Dec,2011 01:22:53 PM

    hey Kiran I sent you mail for spare part list..also thanks for your review about fab...

  • kiran |20 Dec,2011 02:44:09 PM

    sent dude.. Everyone, pls check the list I sent to you with the local dealer as well as prices should be more down now .. this is almost 1 yr old price list.

  • veekkas deshmukkh |25 Dec,2011 09:18:32 PM

    Hi,Guys I have booked the Fabia Elegence 1.2 mpi , and I WILL BE GETTING IT ON 6 JAN 2012. It is my first vehicle, having gone through the above review I am satisfied with car.More from me when I will drive some few hundred Kms.

    kiran |31 Dec,2011 03:39:58 PM

    congrats ... hope my review was helpful for u :) happy new year to all of you ..

  • anant |26 Dec,2011 01:29:25 AM

    can ny one plz help me bye sending the price list...my email id is anantaeron@yahoo.co.in

  • kiran |31 Dec,2011 03:38:09 PM

    sending it to anantaeron@yahoo.co.in

  • kiran |31 Dec,2011 03:42:31 PM

    Ok friend is working in IBM & there seems to be some offer till 31st dec only.. he is getting elegance on road in mumbai with skpda shield as IBM employee for 5.6 lak only !!!! so around 60-70 k discount looks !!! i know short notice for u all .. but just grab it if u can .. in case u are getting similar deal... he was in sync with JM dealer in Thane, mumbai ..maharashtra ... cheers

  • Amarnath |05 Jan,2012 12:57:00 PM

    Happy New Year to all , i got the Fabia 1.2 Petrol ambiente in chennai on 26th Dec .. 2 questions 1. when starting the engine , hear lot of noise inside the cabin and also in 1st and 2nd Gear . is it normal for fabia ? 2. i need to install remote keys in chennai, where i can get it done without voiding the warranty . dealer is aksing 12k Pls advice

    Dev |06 Jan,2012 07:38:19 AM

    Hey Amarnath, I am planning for Fabia Ambiente petrol myself... Could you give your on road price pls? Am from chennai as well.. how long did it take for delivery after booking?

    Amarnath |06 Jan,2012 09:15:25 AM

    i got it for 5 Lak , last month there was a discount of 1 Lak due to Year end. within a week i took the delivery. contact the below gurudev sales mgr and tell my name Badri - 7299079988 , he will be available from tomorrow

    Dev |08 Jan,2012 09:31:38 AM

    Thank you so much Badri, I stay in chennai but i am booking Fabia for my parents at Coimbatore. I find that Ambiente lacks cd-player and rear power windows. Ambition looks compelling which offers cd-player, with front stereo, front power windows, rear a/c vents. difference between ambiente and Ambition is very marginal. I would appreciate your view.

    Amarnath |09 Jan,2012 11:28:40 AM

    Badri is the Gurudev sales mgr name, my name is Amarnath. Ambiente comes with 2 Air bags , i think Amibition does not have Air bags. today i received the below SMS - unregistered skoda demo cars in sale, fabia top end is 5.25 on road. Pls call Badri - 7299079988 and check

    Dev |11 Jan,2012 11:42:17 AM

    Amarnath, Finally I booked the Fabia Ambition - petrol. But curious to know your experience ... whats your feel driving the car ?... how does the engine sound like ? ... hope am not bothering you ...

    Amarnath |12 Jan,2012 02:17:16 PM

    driving is good , streeing is very comfortable. engine sound is there in low gears. where did u book the car ? chennai or comibatore. Yday there was a add for 1 Lak discount. Pls check or call Badri - 7299079988

    kiran |12 Jan,2012 06:41:37 PM

    Just wanted to inform you all...Jan 2012 fab has few more enhancements . not many tho, but rear wiper is coming for them, my friend as i told you, who has booked it in dec offer is lucky to get the Jan (fresh lot) lot as he did not get C Biege colour in dec lot, that too fully loaded for 5.8 Lak on road, JMD Auto thane. Pls note cost in mumbai is around 40K less compare to bangalore due to less transport cost & less road tax. Also I am here now in mumbai for last 3 weeks & noticed that in mumbai now there are lots of Fabs.

    Irshad |15 Jan,2012 02:27:26 AM

    Hi Kiran, could you send me spare part price list irs.b@hotmail.com.

  • kiran |05 Jan,2012 01:27:22 PM

    Is ur diesel ? Noise is little issue in Fab, get music on roll the glasses up is what i do. For keys best check with vendor only for the warranty related stuff. I am really not keen on the remote keys so never did research for the same

    Amarnath |06 Jan,2012 09:16:51 AM

    mine is 1.2 petrol 3 cyl

  • kiran |06 Apr,2012 04:52:29 PM

    not sure why cardekho team have hide this review of mine from main portal ...

  • saseendran |24 Apr,2012 06:41:01 PM

    Sir, i have read all the above coments and reply carefuly, thanks. im working in muscat, Oman and planing for a vacation in may first week and intersted to buy a smll car, my option is fabia pertol 3rd option or full option , then toyota ethios liva. my use for this car is only 40 days in a year, and very rare my family will use, i have no more extenisvie use at present, only just visit my family members and tour program with my children, so kindly i request u that, my budget is 6 lakhs, can i get an advice from ur end, my id is sasinairkvs@yahoo.com. im belong to kannur, kerala. i have no botheration of maint cost, coz good car should be maintain good, and spare parts cant copanre with others, eg. Merc.Benz and TATA cant compare . so kindly give a feedback and guidence from ur end. I wil be hightly obliged for the same Saseendran Nair. Muscat Kuthuparamba, kannur dist kerala

    CarDekho Team |25 May,2012 01:25:31 PM

    You will soon be contacted by our concerned person on your email ID. Hope it helps, Cheers! :)

  • venkatesh |12 Jun,2012 01:56:33 PM

    Can some one mail me the list of the spare parts cost to my mail id svr_venki@ymail.com.As am planning to book the car now

  • Harpreet Singh Brar |13 Jun,2012 12:28:37 PM

    I have booked Capachino Beige 1.2 Fabia petrol 50 days back with Jaipur dealer (SAGA AUTO). At the time of booking, the waiting period was mentioned as 10-15 days... Now the wait is getting longer. Earlier the dealer was asking that Skoda has stoped Skoda has stoped the production of C.Beige fabia, but when i inquired from other dealers and from customer care, they denie any such issue. When I informed the same to the dealer, then he retraited from his previous statement and said, that this color is not in allocation for this month's lot (May's lot), but will be available in June's lot. Now when I enquired from his yesterday, he said that this color is not in allocation for this month also. I have emailed and called at coutomer care centre no. of times, but they deny andy such issue, but I have not received any revenrt call... Need some help...

  • Harpreet Singh Brar |13 Jun,2012 12:54:07 PM

    I have booked Capachino Beige 1.2 Fabia petrol 50 days back with Jaipur dealer (SAGA AUTO). At the time of booking, the waiting period was mentioned as 10-15 days... Now the wait is getting longer. Earlier the dealer was asking that Skoda has stoped Skoda has stoped the production of C.Beige fabia, but when i inquired from other dealers and from customer care, they denie any such issue. When I informed the same to the dealer, then he retraited from his previous statement and said, that this color is not in allocation for this month's lot (May's lot), but will be available in June's lot. Now when I enquired from his yesterday, he said that this color is not in allocation for this month also. I have emailed and called at coutomer care centre no. of times, but they deny andy such issue, but I have not received any revenrt call... Need some help...

  • kiran |13 Jun,2012 03:20:21 PM

    Customer care is really hopeless for sure .. i had a case of extra change for my side mirror but they never gave me answer .. what help u are looking for here ?

    harpreet |01 Aug,2012 11:59:58 AM

    Booked Fabia petrol in C.Beige color in APRIL . After waiting for one and half month, dealer enquired with the production team at Aurangabad for non-allocation of this color. In the reply the tentative allocation to be possible was stated as END OF AUGUST... Now I don't know why it is taking so long (booked in APRIL and delivery to be in AUGUST and that too is tentative) i.e. nearly 5 months.. Neither the production team, nor the customer care and the dealer is saying that the production for this color is haulted or stopped...?? I enquired the same color with other dealers in Delhi and Chandiragh, and they said they are still taking the bookings for this color..!! Made an n number of calls to customer care, but never got a revert call from any of the official from SKODA .. NOW EVEN AUGUST HAS STARTED.... Lets WAIT and WATCH... If someone from Cardekho can help me out in finding the current status of this color...

  • kiran |01 Aug,2012 07:17:16 PM

    Felt sorry about this harpreet . Hope u will get the same asap. I agree you can expect little from the customer care. Well I talked to Kashinath from Bangalore Tafe access just now, he told me he can give this colour Fab petrol/diesel in 7 days. You can take his number from me from my email id in discussion above.

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