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Pros : Brand, Style, Money of value, Power.

Cons : Mileage, Desk, Dealers are less in India.

Hey, friends, I'm back with my 2nd review, that is the Renault Duster. So, let's start with it. 

Look and Style: With a bit outrageous look, it's the right looking Sports Utility Vehicle in its class. The style of the car is very sporty and its very cosy, mostly the cruising people buy this car. 

Comfort: The comfort level is superb, with the five seats in this car, this can be told as the mini-SUV. A 4-5 hr of the ride can be easily done in this car, but after that, it is upon the passenger to take a break.

Pickup: With the cross engine of Nissan-Renault-Dacia, the pickup of the car is awesome at 100kms/7.8sec. The car runs like a cloud on the road. 

Mileage: Its a bit matter of concern as the mileage is 10-14kmpl, the Cross-over engine of the Duster is weak at this point. The company has compromised the mileage for the speed. 

Best Features:  1- Speed. 2- Brand Power. 3- Comfort. 4- Value for money. Needs to improve:  1- Mileage up to some extent. 2- Changes in the desk. 3-  Customer service (As it lacks the dealers in India, It will create a problem as parts of the car are not available easily).

Experience/ My view: I will recommend this car as its best in its range. The basic safety of any car is present in here, as its a European car, International standards are followed, and ABS-class-2.1 is provided in the basic model with the Air-Bags for the driving seat. Quality standards are followed and a strong car is built. This small SUV is enough to beat Mahindra's Scorpio and Xylo, Force One and Premier's SUV range. 

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  • V Vishwanathan |03 Jan,2012 06:37:31 PM

    I would like to know whether it is suitable for the rough and pot hole filled roads in and around Chennai. What is the final technology they are going to introduce to attract Indian customers. If they have not many dealers across India and parts are not easily available how do they maintain this vehicle? Is it costly compared to our Indian cousins over a three year period to maintain. What is the mileage on diesel and which one is a better buy?

    Udit Pandya |03 Jan,2012 07:30:20 PM

    Mr. Vishwanathan, This car is a budget SVU, this car is best on Indian roads as i said that this car runs on clouds. The best part is that, this car has climate control system, ABS and Air-bags in their starting models, the Renault Duster doesn't have manual window control knob and every things is almost automatic except the gear.. The Duster can beat any Indian SUV car in its range as its having all the qualities of high range models of Indian SUV in its basic model.. The mileage in diesel is 10-14kmpl and its okay as it has the power to produce 109BHP and 110BHP.. Diesel is good to buy as the prices of the diesel is cheaper than petrol..

    Venkat |03 Feb,2012 12:25:16 PM

    I heard the petrol version would start from 7.5 lacs on road. 13 lacs for a diesel vs 8 - 8.5 lacs for petrol version. Don't think one would be able to recover the cost incurred initially ( 3.5 lacs - 4lacs extra for a diesel) even if the average mileage/usage per day is 100kms and used the car for about 5 yrs. Would you be having the engine configuration details and the other feature for both petrol and diesel version to make a wise choice?

    Udit Pandya |03 Feb,2012 03:24:38 PM

    It depends upon you that which type of engine configuration you need.. This car has 4WD and 2WD.. If you go for 4WD, you will definitely pay more than that of the 2WD.. Starting cost for the Diesel version for 2WD starts @8.2 lacs (Estimated).. Generally if you are not a off-road fan, you will go for a normal 2WD instead of sporting 4WD.. If you are not a frequent car user (Drives once a week for long drives), you should take 2WD Petrol.. the Diesel variant would be costly and the engine will give you work in 4-5 years.. But if you are a crazy off-road fan and loves to go to rural places every 2-3 times a week and has to mostly travel, you should go for 4WD Diesel will may cost you @11.2 lacs (Ex-showroom).. Thanks!

  • jitendra hazare |09 Jan,2012 04:25:58 PM

    10 - 14 mileage on diesel seems extremely poor. specially when the actual may be 10 o/o less than claimed. when most other bigger diesels are giving better mileage, how do renault justify this bojh on earth?

    Udit Pandya |09 Jan,2012 09:13:55 PM

    so what my friend? Even Mahindra clams to have high mileage but in fact its have low.. and this car is by the way better than the Scorpio.. Its on you how you think.. -Choose one of the best car makers in world (Renault) or -One of the Indian company which has still not hit the International markets (Mahindra) Thanks for the comment by the way.. :)

    Ritesh Madhok |21 Apr,2012 03:30:32 PM

    Dear Udit, we expect Renault Duster to indeed prove itself as a good option in this segment. Since it is yet to be launched and is speculated to emerge as a stiff competitor to Mahindra Scorpio, we should not forget few very important features that Duster will likely not to offer including Child Lock system, Air conditioner, front fog lights and few more even after charging approximately 9 lac rupees, while in the same price Mahindra Scorpio offers it all. Cheers!!

    Udit Pandya |15 May,2012 06:05:15 PM

    Hello Ritesh, I think you mentioned a few that are mandatory in the car. It seems that you are fan or owner of Scorpio. When a company gives ABS, Air-bags in their basic models, do you really think that Duster will not have a Air-Conditioner? It seems funny for me that you mentioned an Air-Conditioner. About child lock? Have you even had ride in Logan? Even i own one. For Front-fog lamps, you are right that they don't provide it. Even Innova, Ertiga, and your very own Scorpio doesn't provide that. Even your company doesn't provide much.

  • ajay |01 Mar,2012 10:23:21 AM

    I want to buy diesel version of this car when it is available in India

  • Udit Pandya |01 Mar,2012 07:36:56 PM

    By mid April or early May..

    ffg |19 Nov,2014 01:48:26 PM

    Ffg chugging

  • Smita |02 Mar,2012 01:26:18 PM

    Does it have blue tooth, parking cameras ?

    Udit Pandya |03 Mar,2012 11:04:09 PM

    Yes, it will have it.. The same European version will be launched here..

  • rahul |17 Mar,2012 03:58:45 PM

    What will be the price 2wd diesel model

    Udit Pandya |18 Mar,2012 03:25:15 AM

    May be around 7.56lacs.. Thank you for comment.. :)

    ffg |19 Nov,2014 01:49:14 PM

    E. Gffggg

  • rahul |19 Mar,2012 03:16:02 PM

    does this car will have a resale value after 2 to 4 yrs ?

    Udit Pandya |19 Mar,2012 03:54:26 PM

    Of course.. Its a European built car.. Renault is a pure french car maker..

  • rah |19 Mar,2012 06:46:56 PM


  • KIRAN |19 Mar,2012 09:49:38 PM

    I Drive around FORTUNNER during my long trips and I want to replace my verna which I USE for my regular movong around daily of aboit 50-60 km with the DUSTER 1.whether it is value for money like fortunner 2.the YETI of SKODA was very disappointing with that congested space , hope this compact suv is not like that crampled YETI. 3.The dealers are taking some small advance for priority booking,hope the vehicle is released in april may 4.IF the local content is there surely the maintanance and spare parts prices would be cheaper and affordable like TOYOTA. 5.what is the response of the present owners of FLUENCE AND KOLEOS about the service and attitude of the RENAULT dealer after sales. 6.HOW IS THE ROAD PRESENCE OF THE SUV, WHETHER IT IS A BETTER BET THEN THE FORD ECO SPORT, MARUTHI MINI SUV AND A MAHINDRA SYANSYONG MINI SUV

    Udit Pandya |09 Apr,2012 10:11:23 PM

    Replies: 1- My dear friend, you can;t compare a fortuner for this car. Toyota's Fortuner is a pure full size SUV. This is the segment for the cross-overs (Half Sedan & half SUV). But if you compare this car with others in this segment, such as Tata Aria, you'll surly be proud to own this car. To be precise, you can't compare Duster with Fortuner. 2- Duster is spacious than yeti. They almost fall in same category. In yeti & duster's compition, Duster would be the overall winner. But you'll not get the luxuries like Skoda. 3-Yeah, for a few dealers, you'll have to pay the advance and some down-payment. But i'm confirm that the Renault would the car in June for a few cities and July for a few. Better book the car in mid-May. 4-If you think that the Renault will use Indian contents, i'm afraid, you are in big miss understanding. Renault is purely a french car. They guarantee you the quality will not be compromised in any way. For a time period of 6 months you'll not get enough maintenance of the car. Local dealers are now having the spare parts of the car. Like Nissan, Renault will be able to capture the entry level car segment. 5-Yesterday i went to Renault's office in Andheri, Mumbai. They have said that we are having a good time with the customers of India. The people who are the owner of Fluence & Koleos are having happy time with the car. 8/10 users have rated the car as best they have ever owned. I'm sure that Pulse owners are feeling the same. I can bet on this that Renault will never make you feel sad. 6-Of course its better that other cars in this segment out there. In any kind of comparison, you'll get the overall champ Duster. May it be the Ford Ecosport, or other cars of Maruti. Regards.

  • suresh chaudhary |09 Apr,2012 07:57:08 PM

    I am residing at Bhopal in M.P. and I want purchase renault dauster in the month of April or first week of May,when vehicle avaiable and how much amount deposite and when ? thanking you

    Udit Pandya |09 Apr,2012 09:47:57 PM

    Sorry friend, We contacted the Renault yesterday, they have extended the dates to launch the car for the public. In Bhopal, there are very few dealers so you'll have to wait for July. Regards..

  • Sagar |18 Apr,2012 03:32:44 PM

    What will you feel about Suzuki Ertiga.... Is there any comparison between these two utility vehicles in terms of cost, comfort and performance? Suggest me which one is better.

    Udit Pandya |18 Apr,2012 07:22:59 PM

    Frankly speaking, I don't think that Renault could stand in front of MS Ertiga. Its because Maruti Suzuki has great power over the people of India. Its natural because an average Indian would go for an Indian brand. Its Renault who would be the winner in both. Suzuki is still biased in safety. Suzuki is sill not providing the basic safety in their cars, such as ABS, AirBags, and traction control. Renault has followed all the standards with out any warning or notice. They don't charge a single penny for this mandatory features. Suzuki has 20 years of experience in India, but still they don't provide these things. I'd still go for Renault. Its up to you how you judge both the cars. Thanks for the comment.. :)

    Udit Pandya |18 Apr,2012 07:28:57 PM

    And yeah, Renault would be overall winner. Comfort level in Renault is better than Suzuki's Ertiga. In terms of performance i think that Suzuki will beat Reanult because Suzuki has a lot of experience in Indian roads. In terms of Cost, Suzuki would be the winner as 6-9 price tag is beat for this segment. I feel that Suzuki is still biased in terms of customer attraction. I feel that this will be the biggest lag of Renault & even Ford's Ecosport.

  • Baraa' |04 May,2012 05:14:32 PM

    1-I would love to know about the prices of spare parts . like timing belt , suspension , axles (in case of accidents ) ,.... etc. I would be grateful if u provided me with a link for their prices cuz I do care about its maintenance cuz I planning to have it for at least 6 years 2- its maintenance should be in the dealer , so do they take much money for service as no one in the mechanic shops will deal with it as it is not popular ?

    Udit Pandya |05 May,2012 03:20:28 AM

    Well its upon you how you use your car. I can't tell you the prices of that cz' I don't know it. Well for an instance, Renault claims the support of 2 and half year maintenance free record. I just have this information for the maintenance section.

  • Ajay |04 May,2012 09:28:33 PM

    Hi..I reside in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. I am really interested in buying this car, but to my surprise there are no dealers of Renault in U.P. The closest is Delhi. I am sure it does not make sense to buy a car without any local dealers or service stations in the city and even near by. I contacted the customer service centre but there was no firm reply given. Can you please tell me till when Renault will be coming up with there dealer network in Uttar Pradesh? Thanks.

    Udit Pandya |05 May,2012 03:33:06 AM

    Hello Ajay, I'm glad that you are so curious bout' this car. Well i contacted the Renault dealer in Mumbai. He has said that there are 3 outlets of Renault's In-Circle dealers in Lucknow. The official launch of the Renault's branch in UP will be a late deal. For now, you'll have to watch out for the local dealer which is avail in Lucknow. Renault, Nissan & Bajaj are teamed up and will try to increase the store numbers by end of the year. If you are eager to buy it, you'll have to wait for this car as it will launch in July or August. Mostly it will be before the launch of Ford's Ecosport. Well try your luck in local dealers. Renualt dealer names of Lucknow 1-Jugal Kishore Motors, Address: 13-a Rana Pratap Marg, Ymca Building, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, 226001 2-Narain Automobiles, Address: 4 Shahnajaf Road, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, 226001 Thanks for the comment.. :)

    Ajay |14 May,2012 05:26:45 PM

    Hi Udit Tried contacting both the dealers..they have no idea about it and not aware of anything..honestly not even the model of the car I was talking about..phew!! Can you please find out and lemme know the tentative month of launch for duster in U.P Thanks

    Udit Pandya |15 May,2012 01:12:16 PM

    Hi Ajay, I told you i wasn't sure about these dealers. They are the local dealers. I'll let you know the current situation there. Give me time of 2 day. Regards.

  • Sid |05 May,2012 05:35:41 AM

    When will this ultimate SUv launch in delhi or gurgaon??? i am eager to buy it now.

    Udit Pandya |05 May,2012 01:34:35 PM

    Well Renault will launch it nation-wide in July or August.. :)

  • RAJU PATWA |06 May,2012 02:30:55 PM

    Duster model is indian model. I hope All indiansa will like This model.

    Udit Pandya |08 May,2012 08:26:18 PM

    no my firend, Renault duster is totally a European model.

    raju patwa |10 May,2012 10:42:24 PM

    my mean all indian will be like this model.model is uropen but it will be like all indians. Thanks.

    Udit Pandya |10 May,2012 10:53:16 PM

    Yeah.. you're right.. :-)

  • RAJU PATWA |10 May,2012 11:03:28 PM

    i purchase this car and sale sentro Gs model.

  • swastik |11 May,2012 05:08:43 PM

    when this car will kolkata???what are dealer address and what are delar contact numbers...I want to book from now... Again what would be the minimum onroad price for the diesel variant???

    Udit Pandya |15 May,2012 01:04:17 AM

    Hello Swastik, For an instance, this car will be launched in late July or early August. For minimum on-road price, its nearly rs.7,34,980 (approx.). For diesel variant, minimum on-road price is rs.8,15,000 (approx.). I'll catch you on the dealer section as i haven't met my friend in Renualt. He will be able to contact me in a few days. So i request you to please give me time for this. I'll try to reply you in next 2 days. Regards..

  • shastri |15 May,2012 11:57:08 AM

    Udit, How duster will be overall in comparison with Mahindra XUV 500. THX

    Udit Pandya |15 May,2012 12:57:22 PM

    Hello Shastri, Renault's Duster and Mahindra XUV500 cannot actually be compared as i mentioned in my previous replies to the queries. XUV500 and Duster can be compared in most levels like quality, Pricing, and safety measures. XUV500 is a full size MUV & Duster is a cross-over SUV. In terms of quality, Pricing and safety, Duster wins marginally. In terms of power, XUV500 will easily take on Duster. Even in terms of fuel economy, XUV500 will beat Duster. Duster is weak in many points, but it is best in rest. Well if you say for Skoda Yeti v/s Renualt Duster, Renault would be the margin winner. Yeti is the perfect opponent. For now, XUV500 and Duster are better in their own segment.

  • Atanu |23 May,2012 02:21:23 PM

    Can the bootspace be modified into 7 seater.

    Udit Pandya |23 May,2012 08:08:31 PM

    Hello Atanu, For your information, there is no 7 seats option in this car. but you get a really fantastic storage space in this car, the dickey of this car is like a small room. This car is only available in 5 seats.

    ARPAN SAINY |05 Jul,2012 01:35:46 PM

    atanu ji saw the vehicle yesterday only its really gud and the boot space can be modified into seven seater reno duster has that option

    Atanu |07 Jul,2012 10:31:41 PM

    Thanks Arpan. All my needs will be fulfilled. Suv with Good Mileage and good for family trips[7 seater].

  • Atanu |24 May,2012 04:29:14 PM

    Hi Udit, In most of the websites it is mentioned as Duster mileage is good. but you have mentioned as 10-14. Bit disappointed. I was thinking to purchase Duster because of its muscular features along with good mileage. Should I rethink Tata Safari option, as it also has around 10 mileage and cost is also 9-10L [LX version]

    Udit Pandya |25 May,2012 02:43:41 AM

    Hey Atanu, Well I have kept it in the lower side of the range. I have a MS WagonR & Renault Logan. I had a thinking that MS WagonR is the top-dog of the samll car segment so the mileage give by Maruti Suzuki was 14-18kmpl, but infact its only 11-16kmpl. Thats the different between the paper work and real fact. I know that even Duster claims the mileage of 14-18. But lets be realistic. So the average i calculated goes same as the MS WagonR after a year or so. Even my friend in the company have agreed the same calculation. So don't get nervous if i mention 10-14kmpl. Well about the TATA Safari, i would personally give you an advice that you should not buy that car. Its old car, it will give you good amount of work cost after 3-4 years. I would suggest you to go for Toyota Innova or MM Scorpio. Rely more on Toyota Innova. MM Scorpio has a bad suspension other vise its a good car. Good Luck, Regards..

  • guneet |24 May,2012 09:27:26 PM

    Hi udit, Currently i am driving santro my running is around 1400kms per month what you suggest which variant suits me diesel or petrol. what about handling of this car after driving santro for so many years. can you tell me about mileage and prices also.thx

    Udit Pandya |25 May,2012 02:00:20 AM

    Hey Guneet, Well you'll have a whole lot of different experience in Duster. Duster come in 6 categories. Normal Petrol & diesel, 2WD petrol & Diesel, & 4WD petrol & diesel. Your run counts up to 1400kms in a month, that means you're a average travelling person. You should go for 2WD petrol. Its ranging between rs. 8,56,000 and the mileage is about 10-14kmpl to be on better side. Regards.

  • Gaurav Khanna |28 May,2012 01:28:45 PM

    When is the car launching? Have the dealers in Gurgaon/ Delhi started taking bookings for the car? I dont see any adds in the tele or papers... some website - Cardekho say the launch is delayed to October? Any news on that?

  • Mahesh Gosavi |30 May,2012 04:29:21 PM

    Dear Udit ,am impressed with your knowledge and passion to pass it on too ...i agree to most of the points you have had mentioned ,however would like to mention that The Indicative price 7-9 L is ex Showroom and for Petrol Varient ....On Road , 4WD Disel Model (Top End) will be around 15 L while the Base Model of Diesel will Start fm 11 L ....Have rechecked on this information with the Dealer as well .... Please do share your views on the same ......also the Duster is Launching on June 28th ,as of now

    Udit Pandya |05 Jun,2012 08:14:10 PM

    Hello Mahesh, Well friend, Renault won't make such mistake by launching the car with price tag of 15Lacs. They have already suffered the loss of Logan. They have made this car for the people who are having hatchbacks or low variant sedans such as MS WagonaR. I am very sure for this car as even Renault's Fluence is facing lack of customers in the segment. Anyways the dates will be shifted along with the Ford EcoSport. Renault has become a smart cat. I know they will not make any mistake by launching it before Ford's Ecosport. The price tag would lie between 7lacs to 10lacs(Top variant).

    Mahesh Gosavi |06 Jun,2012 03:07:24 PM

    Thanks Udit ...Yes you right ,Top Variant Diesel would be 12-12.5 L ON ROAD ......But for SURE they are launching Duster on June 28 ..(BTW ,Have advanced book the Duster Y'day only) .......Besides ,i have seen Duster y'day as it has come through RTI to Showroom ...was quite fortunate to see the one ...Honestly i found it bit Small as compare to what i thought i would look like .....Doesnt look to Muscular as well ,....But am Sure the Drive would be excellent ,,,Conversly the Space inside is too good ,,,,Hope they will Launch 4WD Variant

  • navya |03 Jun,2012 02:36:28 PM

    wen ll the car be launched in hyderabad? wats the mileage of 1.5Dci??

    Udit Pandya |06 Jun,2012 06:59:18 PM

    Hello Navya, I had a test drive in December. I was told that the mileage in both Diesel and Petrol is 15-18kmpl in IRT tests. But i am considering it at 11-14kmpl (Average). In hyderabad, It may launch by July or August. But just re-confirm it from the local dealer as i haven't went to the Renault's office in Mumbai since 2 months. Regards.

  • Dean |06 Jun,2012 05:06:05 PM

    hi i just wanted to know whether duster will have 4WD option in its high end model????

    Udit Pandya |06 Jun,2012 06:53:07 PM

    Hello Dean, Yes of course. 4WD models actually make the top variant in the Duster. Regards.

    dean |07 Jun,2012 10:46:02 AM

    thanks for your valuable information sir... but according to the sources in our region it has been told that only 2WD option will be there in India... awaiting for your reply

    Nithin |07 Jun,2012 08:31:17 PM

    I have also heard the same Dean that only 2WD is available. Only variation being the 85PS and 110PS models. Udit can you please confirm about the 4WD model as i was planning to make the advance payment and book it. The sales guy in the Bangalore showroom said there were 110 booking so far. Not sure if that number is true.

    Udit Pandya |07 Jun,2012 09:19:39 PM

    There will be 4WD launched in India. Regards.

    Nithin |08 Jun,2012 12:19:12 AM

    Thanks Udit. But do you think i can go ahead and pay the advance or wait till the launch? Also any idea on the advance payment? I was initially told that it is 25K over phone and today when i personally visited the showroom, i was told it is 50k.

    Udit Pandya |09 Jun,2012 11:56:59 PM

    Well Nitin you must wait till August starting in my personal fact. Till August all the dealers will get the main idea of the car and they can help you in better way probably. Such as people in UP. They do not have much idea about the car. So you must wait until company really launches it in market. So its your choice friend. Hope you like my advice Mr.Nitin. Regards.

    Dean |07 Jun,2012 11:10:49 AM

    is duster a FRONT WHEEL DRIVE or a REAR WHEEL DRIVE??????

    Udit Pandya |07 Jun,2012 09:37:32 PM

    I had a test drive of the car in December, it was a 2WD Petrol Mannual. My friend working for Renault gave me a small tutorial of the car. I was told that you can either shift to the Front wheel drive when you are climbing or moving the car at highway, or Rear wheel drive if you are gliding the slop. It give you full power at the wheels which increase the grip of the car. HE even explained me that if you want the 4WD, you can shift the knob to the auto mode. Auto mode means the car will automatically adjust according to the terrain you are driving. And yes, 4WD will be launched in India. It is confirmed news. Regards.

    Dean |11 Jun,2012 05:24:20 PM

    thanks a lot sir

  • JONUS |06 Jun,2012 09:44:57 PM

    hai UDIT ,iam in big dilemma,as i ve booked 4 ertiga zdi(mostly 'll get it on mid july) & 4 duster 'll get it on launch, may this month end. so which one 2 choose?get me ur valuable opinion.THANK YOU

  • Jimmy |11 Jun,2012 09:16:06 PM

    Hi Udit, do you have any information / update whether the Duster in 2WD or in 4 WD will have an automatic version. I am keen on the Duster only if it has an automatic transmission. And whether the AT version will be launched in June end or will it be delayed. Appreciate if you can give visibility on this. Thank you & regards,

  • Jimmy Anklesaria |11 Jun,2012 09:47:29 PM

    Hi Udit, Could you clarify whether Duster will be launched in end June with 2WD or 4 WD version which has Automatic Transmission as well. Or will it be only Manual Transmission in both 2WD and 4WD. Thanks and regards

  • Mahesh Gosavi |12 Jun,2012 07:10:07 PM

    Sad News Udit ....No 4X 4 Variant launch of Renault Duster in India ....not to launch 4WD in near future as well .......Disappointed as was eagerlly waiting for 4WD ....not sure why Renault is acting so funny if the Prize will go anything above 10 L (ON ROAD) then it will be a problem for Renault ,i assume

  • arpan sainy |04 Jul,2012 10:52:03 AM

    udit ji first of must appreciate ur sincere efforts of replying everyone query. well can you just thro some light on th on road price of duter base petrol model. and also i saw a brochure on net the base model is not havin dual air abs n all that stuff.

    Udit Pandya |04 Jul,2012 04:16:57 PM

    Thanks a lot Arpan, Its my duty as a reviewer to interact to your queries, as I am the first one to give detailed light on this car.. Well It depends on you variant. I mean what variant are you going for. Such RxE, RxL & RxZ. The starting on road cost of the petrol one of RxE (Lowest variant)is about 7.85lacs. By the time you reach top one i.e RxL pertol, it will sum up to 8.70Lacs. Pretty cozy price tags, but with matters me the most is the Diesel costs. Thats but natural to be that high. & About the base model, you cannot expect anything huge in the base model as they have to keep some distance between the top & base. If you see for the Innova base, you will be shocked to know that they don't provide anything in base model. Regards.

  • amit singh |05 Jul,2012 10:38:10 AM

    sincerely appreciate your efforts to respond to queries bro , my query is that which is a better buy the duster Rxl diesel optional , or the Rxl diesel, how much of the diff will a 85PS @3750rpm with 200Nm @1900rpm torque be than 110PS @3900rpm with 248Nm @2250rpm torque make , which would u suggest would be a better buy . As for Rxz diesel is it worth its pricing .my driving is mostly in the city with a weekend get away a few times too thanx

    Udit Pandya |27 Jul,2012 02:40:09 AM

    If you are city oriented dirver, i must suggest you to go for 85BHP Duster. Regards.

  • Deepak |26 Jul,2012 01:02:46 AM

    Thnks bro fr all ur research adn ur valuable replirs.. i am luking fr duster. i had even visited the showroom and had a test drive. i want 2 ask dt i am planning 2 purchase the 85ps model with additional features. and it will cost me around 13 lacks.. is it worth fr dt much money?? and will the additional cose bt coveres dt i wil pay extra fr the diesel variant.. i am planning 2 use this car fr the next 6 years.. and lastly, hw expensive would be the after sales services?? thnx in advance :)

    Deepak |27 Jul,2012 12:37:27 AM

    i am sorry.. its on road price in delhi is 11.35 lakhs.. i just wanted 2 know is that worth that price tag??

    Udit Pandya |27 Jul,2012 02:53:29 AM

    Well it is worth buying the car until and unless you are dedicated to your car. I own a MS Wagona R & a Renault Logan. Its been 4 years buying my MS Wagon R. I am really upset with the way the car is working right now. I was given assurance from my car dealer (Maruti HQ in mumbai) what i will have best exprience with the car. After 2 years of my drive i have face many problems. As far as service rendered by Maruti, i am not so impressed. About my Renault Logan, I am looking forward to see another Renault car in my family. I am really impressed with the after sales services. I know that Renault is new in India. There are only 55 main dealer i.e HQ dealers. The way Renault had handed my car, i am surprice that even after 3 years there is hardly any cost of it. As far as Duster is concerned, I was just amazed with the test drive. I think its worth buying the car & forget about the after sales services. The qualitiy will be maintained not like MS that make false claims and give less power cars to ppl and making them a fool. This car is worth buying. You can easily take up to 7-8 years in this car. Regards.

    Deepak |27 Jul,2012 04:30:07 PM

    thnx fr ur valuable reply.. my average running is around 50 kms per day.. so according to my needs, petrol model would suit me better.. but its petrol mileage is very low. so i am more inclined towards its diesel model because of its good mileage.. is it a good decision?? and would the 85ps car would prove good in heavy traffic of delhi??

    Udit Pandya |27 Jul,2012 04:42:20 PM

    well i suggested you 85bhp cz' it has low power than 110bhp. I know that average city ranging would be 30-40kms. I you really want to drive in city than you should really look forward to 85bhp Diesel car. But i would like to tell you one thing, once you own a diesel car, you should at least have 30km journey per day. It woulbe be waste if you take a diesel car and keep it in your garage & only use it on sundays. 85bhp car will give you great results as far as your mileage is concerned. I feel 85bhp Diesel will be a better choice. & By the way, you must be aware that there was a massive Petrol price hike in May. So its a wise decision for long run. Regards.

    Deepak |27 Jul,2012 07:17:48 PM

    Thnx a lot for ur valuable replies :) all ur comments releived me a lot..

  • Jay |24 Dec,2012 07:30:41 PM

    wht is the maintenance (service) cost of Renault Duster..??

  • suji bharathy |18 Mar,2014 08:30:27 PM

    frnds dealers are saying mileage for renault duster is 20.45 kmpl but u comment it as 10-14 kmpl which one is trustable

  • prashant singh |01 Feb,2015 08:10:44 AM

    is renault duster 7 seater also?

  • sakthivel |15 Feb,2015 07:37:14 AM

    I am using duster car mailage 18.5 came driving comfort very good

  • test vg |12 Jan,2017 10:34:55 AM

    Best Vehicle

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