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By for Renault Duster 2012-10-14 12:57:25.0
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I had booked one of the Renault cars Duster in July with Renault's Kolkata dealer against Booking ref No is 238 & had paid a booking amount of Rs.50,000. The dealer promised the delivery to be done within 30 days. Initially, we were told t hat the vehicle will be delivered during Aug'12 later on promised for September'2012 delivery rescheduled to October'2012 and to my utter surprise now they are saying that the delivery will not be possible before Feb'13 and it might take Mar-Apr'2013. They are forcing to accept either of the option to pay more for the upper version or else wait till Feb-Mar'13. It is very difficult to believe the system failure on the part of a century old European organization like Renault with their customer. Renault trying to take their Indian customers' granted...Treating them as Europeans' used to treat us 65 years back... Renault TRYING TO CHEAT INDIAN CUSTOMERS’!!! SHAME!!! running pillar to post ___but no solution from RENAULT...  

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  • Pradeep |14 Oct,2012 11:37:53 PM

    Same experience

    kiran |16 Oct,2012 07:18:54 PM

    This is what exactly happening for me too... This is shame on Indian customers... I doubtful whether Indian Govt is paying attention on this kind of issues... How can they say customers whomever booked the vehicle on the launching day and keep on put him/her on waiting for 3 1/2 months then asked to go for high variant or wait for another 5-6 months....... I'm 100% with you....

    Lawyer Tort |19 Oct,2012 10:14:06 PM

    File a law suit dont wait for 4 months .Pay some lawyer .,Dont pay them ,they have breached contract ,consumer court is good option .

    jatan shah |01 Oct,2016 11:05:18 AM

    can we go to consumer court as we dint have anything in written.

    kishorekumar |31 Oct,2012 07:29:55 PM

    I had booked rxl optional on august in bangalore , at time the period was 5-6 months n wen i asked for 2 variant they told 7-8 months is it that much demand or they r creating i am totally confused

    Ramesh |27 Jan,2013 02:41:27 PM

    Same way Cennai Dealer cheated me and my friend Mr Naraysnan infact he has paid full amont but they had returned the money after two months

    Bhhg |28 Jul,2015 01:21:45 PM

    W egegbeehbem

  • manoj hazarika |17 Oct,2012 11:21:08 PM

    Same thing has happen to me in Guwahati

    manash deuri |08 Nov,2012 12:49:25 AM

    so sad

  • H.R.Kaushal |19 Oct,2012 10:48:22 AM

    i want to buy renault duster disel version . i belong to h.p. pls tell me weather this car is available without booking in Chandigarh.

  • ajay |20 Oct,2012 11:47:31 AM

    even after buying the car still wating from last one month for the number plates, bulshit customer service,

  • Tamding Bhutia |24 Oct,2012 12:04:24 PM

    I would like to know if bookings can be made in Sikkim? How long do I have to wait after the booking? Please advice.

  • sumeet |26 Oct,2012 12:26:44 AM

    same is the case wid me... booked Rxe 85 on 3rd july before the launch... no clue of allocation till date. any idea how to launch a legal/consumer case against them

  • Akhil |26 Oct,2012 12:51:50 PM

    Guys.. Can anyone confirm the performance of Renault Duster C4 or C6 variant.. I am planning to buy this car.. Thanks..

    Venkat |17 Nov,2012 10:42:17 PM

    Engine capacity to vehicle size is actually a misfit, a typical SUV would require a much larger enginer & more HP, whereas the engines in Duster are meant for cars not SUV, hence in the long run the engine will struggle when the vehicle is fully loaded, i suggest that u avoid

    Akhil |18 Nov,2012 06:13:22 PM

    Thanks Venkat...

    Roshnai |06 Nov,2013 03:16:47 PM

    Thanks Venkat. Yours was the most useful advice.

    Pradeep lohia |17 Oct,2015 08:10:00 AM

    Billkol nahi buy karna bhai bahot bakawas car hai.

  • dipak |28 Oct,2012 07:54:36 PM

    The website does not speak about the details like -no. of seats available in each variant.Seems to be incomplete information. In view of doubts and apprehensions expressed by the prospective buyers the manufacturer is required to come out from their costumed veil. They should be more transparent regarding their commitment to delivery schedules.

  • basanti phukan |04 Nov,2012 02:37:02 PM

    u guys saved me...!

  • Rajat |04 Nov,2012 07:44:11 PM

    I am planning to buy the RxE (Diesel) version as I need to drive around 80 kms a day for the office. Can anyone tell me the mileage that this vehicle gives

  • Jaswinder Singh |05 Nov,2012 05:50:43 PM

    I am comparing Renault Duster with Maruti Ertiga and possibly another car. My plan is to buy it around next month. The review for Duster's delivery on this site seems to be very negative...I'll investigate a bit to see whether this is true in Pune as well or not.

  • Vin |11 Nov,2012 12:54:54 PM

    bed delivery

  • jose |14 Nov,2012 01:00:34 PM

    i was planning to prchase an a car of renaukt duster diesel model but unfortunatily above problems i read now i am afraid to purchse

    vijayakumar |21 Nov,2012 10:31:57 AM

    according to me it is very wrong review...I am holding a volsagwanvento... i am changing to duster rxl110ps disel...the driving and handling of vehicle was really great....space and grgonmics also very good....but ls donot go for higher version RXZ..rearacvent creates problem for middle person...

  • jose |14 Nov,2012 01:04:21 PM

    i was planning to prchase an a car of renaut duster diesel model but unfortunatily above problems i read now i am afraid to purchse also seat at least 7 and folding type

  • Bhaswar Sarkar |06 Dec,2012 11:01:55 PM

    Hi guys, there are lots of opinion regarding the technical aspects of the Duster. Please keep in mind that the Duster is not a full blown SUV but rather a cross over and is in the same league as the Scoda Yeti. The objective is to have a smaller SUV mainly for urban driving. Cross overs are not people movers (Ertiga is an MUV and has little off roading capabilities). Its fun driving them since the ride and handling resembles a car. At the same time, the veicle can do a fair amount of off roading. Interesting I have a Scorpio and a Duster and hence in a position to compare. The engine in the Duster is less powerful but gives very good mileage of around 13 to 14 km/lt of diesel. Obviously, you cannot have a 2500 cc engine (as in the Scorpio) that has that kind of mileage. To sum up, the Duster is in a different market segment than normal SUVs and the decision whether or not to purchase will depend upon your requirements and desire (more often than not, buying an SUV is matter of desire rather than utility unless one is in the business of transporting people). Somewhat like sports cars which have their own fan following notwithstanding that much larger sedans are available at half the price. I have also experienced delayed delivery. Fortunately for Renault, Duster bookings exceeded their expectations and the Company is still trying to ramp up production to meet demands. I doubt whether this can be termed as cheating. Why aren't people complaining about much delayed deliveries of the Dezire which currently has a long waiting period. Same reason guys. Go ahead and decide for yourself. Cheers

    sandeep |14 Dec,2012 06:03:35 PM

    Hi Bhaskar Thanks for your Valuable Comments. me too almost zeroed in on the Duster RXZ Pack(i just need to have the SUV drivoing feel, as for Last 20 years , ihave been driving only cars ) what do you suggest, I shall be using this for 1500 kms a month for short distances only, i have a family of 4 person Please advise Regards

    Bhaswar |18 Dec,2012 07:39:51 AM

    Hi Sandeep, I am enjoying driving my duster. However, whether the Duster is a perfect fit fior you depends upon other factors as well e.g. the size of your family, which city are you from (navigating through traffic and parkings are headaches in most place specially Mumbai and Kolkata), how often do you drive over bad stretches of road. Depending upon these factors, one can choose between the Duster, the Scorpio or its more gizmo fitted chic looking sibling XUV 500. I feel that most people buys SUVs for their gut wrenching (for others) presence. This is a global phenomenon. The enginesb in the Scorpio or XUV are more powerful (approx 2,500 cc) as against the Duster's. However, unless you are able to utilise such power over long stretches of driving you may be more tempted by the Duster's economy (my diesel duster which is little more than 15 days old is returning around 13 km/ltr. in city driving which is expected to reach 14 or 15 km/ltr.after first sevicing). if you are keen to force others to get out of your way, then Scorpio or XUV may be a better choice. Do connect with me if you consider necessary. Cheers

    himanshu |20 Jan,2013 10:57:04 PM

    can u suggest me for duster ? should i buy it or not ???? i have already booked it......reply asap....i mentioned my no.

    himanshu |20 Jan,2013 10:57:54 PM


    Sujit |30 Mar,2013 10:23:44 PM

    Thanks Bhaswar. That was an eye opener!. Im a little foxed with most guys going for the 85PS Duster. Thats pretty underpowered considering hathbacks today have 90PS. Why not the 110PS ? Apart from the cost differential and minor fuel consumption increase any other reason? Like you said: SUVs are bought largely on vanity. People want them.They dont really need them.So why go for the 85PS?

  • sainiratinder |13 Dec,2012 11:30:49 PM

    i am still waiting from 10 july 2012.plz donot book base model because i think now its not coming for 5 to 6 month......

  • siva reddy |20 Jan,2013 03:42:50 AM

    i want to buy duster but no money....!

  • sandeep |21 Jan,2013 10:37:31 PM

    i want to sale my duster 85 top model as per company purchase rate .date of purchasing 1/1/2013 .contact only before 23/01/2013

    naman |10 Mar,2013 01:54:00 AM

    its a nice car wth nice ground clearence...nice otlook too..best for offroaders

  • Satish N |12 Mar,2013 09:54:17 AM

    Is there really so much demand that one has to wait from 5-9 months for the mid and basic variants? The high end models are available much sooner, which is unfair. I get a feeling too that they are trying to build up a demand, which may not there necessarily.

  • B K VASHISHTA |04 Apr,2013 10:40:25 PM


  • Vikas Goel |21 Apr,2013 08:21:18 AM

    Renault head office and dealer service pathetic. I am a prospective customer and am still struggling to get a test drive of the petrol version

  • Ravishankar |02 Mar,2014 06:17:29 AM

    By looking at all these complaints, i have decided not to buy Duster.

    anand |20 May,2015 12:04:04 PM

    Bye bye Renault

  • sangan ton |21 Mar,2014 03:16:32 AM

    Hello Dear frinds, If you have the proof for commitment on the delivery date and other faults from delers or company, You can contact the Chamber of commerce. Chamber of commerce is responsible and ultimate authority in this regard. We are un aware oif this hence thss delers play games. Just to Quote an example: In Saudi Arabia one case has happenad in February 2014 like this, A woman booked a imported car, and the deler deliverd the car but not the car documents immedietly, documents sent one two weeks later to the owner of the car. The Lady found descripencies, The car details(chessy Number etc) and the details on the docuemnt were not matching. The deler simply try to avoid the issue some how by false information, Funaly the lady approchd the Chamber of Commerce of Saudi Arbia, See got her whole mony back as a mistake from the Car comapny, also the CAR with her.... Indians we dont know the power of Authorities, since these are ruled/adminstered by Corrupt people. Now it time for revolution, We can qustion every step of the traders and politicians / administartors.

  • Ashish Sharma |12 Feb,2015 09:25:00 AM

    I am planning to buy this car, after reading this post I am now afraid of booking. Could anyone suggest me whether I should go for this Car or Nissan Sunny XV?

  • Pawan Kumar Agarwalla |23 Feb,2015 01:34:55 PM

    Renault #renault_ referring to Duster car.. this so called brand has found a new way to fool customers.. I have take a DUSTER car with bearing registration no OD19C0623 on September 2013. 1.) Every two months one or the other problems is arising from the car. Mostly all the time engine problem is there. 2.) All the time after asking to the service centre of BHUBANESWAR (ODISHA) I am taking the car to the service centre for the service. They are detaining the car for atleast two days and then saying sir your veichle is done and you can take it back, bt after a day or two again the same problem arises. 3.) On the month of November I had a oil leakage from the engine, I called up the service centre as so is the problem what should I do? They asked me to bring the veichle will have a check on it. 4.) I took it there, they kept it for almost 3 days and then said me sir your veichle is ok, you can take it back. Making a bill of Rs10000 approx. 5.) After 2 days again the same problem occurred. I called them again n again they said me sir bring back the veichle will check it whats the issue. 6.) Again I took it and now this time they said me we have to keep the veichle for a week, will have a total over look and then will see what?s the issue. 7.) Still the problem was not solved. This time I called the head office at delhi and they promised me sir please visit the service centre and will have a thorough look on it and we promise you never there will be any problem with the veichle. 8.) The promise has not lasted two months again a problem arised near the engine. 9.) I called up the service centre, they said me to bring the veichle will have a check. I took the veichle they had a over look and in the evening they called me and said sir your car is done, you can take it back. 10.) This time again a bill of Rs10000 approx was made. I came back with the veichle. Just two days have not gone again the problem arised from the engine.. So what should I say for the Service centre and the renauly company. 11.) This is for very sure that service centre of Bhubaneswar is not all looking towards the veichle when service is done. just only they are fooling the customers and making the bills. Pathetic experience from the So called company ?RENAULT?. From the very ist day of buying the veicle I have faced lot of problems from the car. Mainly the service centre of BHUBANESWAR should go out from the business.. Guys never trust on RENAULT any more. You people have many other good companies of cars to buy a car. They have a better service also It's high time companies like these should focus more on quality of service Thank You for such a pathetic experience and you just lost another customer.

  • bahubali shah |18 Jul,2015 10:27:59 PM

    Pl do something

  • japjyot |17 Mar,2016 03:38:30 AM

    Bhai plz duster mt lena!!! its a terrible car. Swear to god isse gandi car ni dekhi. PLEASE PEOPLE DONT BUY THIS CAR

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