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Renault Duster Review

By for Renault Duster 2013-06-22 20:37:29.0
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Pros : ----

Cons : so many

Hi, Im using Duster for the past 8 months and here are the following complaints for which I dont recommend Duster to others,I'm from Chennai and I always travel with my family with 2 kids and I'm not a racer. I drive in a very safe speed. My vehicle number is TN 09 BQ 6594, This is my 6th car after Maruthi Omni, Honda City, Santro, Mits Pajero  & Tata Manza.The service team in Khiviraj Motors are so sad and they are all learners and they are just kids. I've been to their center 7 times so far but never met any Manager as such. When I took the car from the showroom I almost missed hitting 3 or 4 vehicles on the 2nd day itself and found out there was a delay in the braking so I took my vehicle to Khiviral and they accepted it and corrected it in 1 hr. In 5,000kms I had severe wheel balancing issues which they corrected it on it service. After 5,000 kms the reverse gear get stuck so I need to put the 1st or 2nd and then to the reverse everytime. Within the 10,000kms I had 3 tyre punctures in its MRF Wanderer and now im in 18,000kms where I have to purchase a new tyre for 7,000 as the company said it got damaged. The service guy says the company promises upto 30,000kms for each tyre. In 15,000kms all my doors started to make rattling noise and I gave it for service with these complaints and they could not correct it properly, still Im getting it from my rear. Whenever you go to collect your vehicle after servicing you need to wait for a minimum of 1hr. The availabiliy of accessories is a pain, still Im waiting for the rear wiper unit which got broke during the recent rains. On my last service I have been told by a Tyre replacement mechanic that its a manufacturing defect so i have informed to the service staff and  they took my damaged tyre and they said they will send it to MRF and check  but after a week they said MRF said its not a manufacturing defect so i went to Lal Tyres in Royapettah and purchased a new tyre recommended by the service staff at Khiviraj but when they searched for the stepney it was not there so I have to go back and they gave back after keeping it for a week and they said sorry. They took exactly 1hr and 10min to fix the stepney and no service staff was ready to take the job since it a repeat repair and the same service staff was not there. The servicing of Duster is very expensive everytime I need to pay a minimum of Rs 1,600 for Deisel filter, Rs 750 for CRTG Air Filter, Rs 500 for Air Filter , Rs 450 for Oil Filter, Rs 1,200 for the Prestigrade Oil, VAT around Rs 600. They are expensive than Toyota Innova!!!. This vehicle is no way close to the comforts and service of any Toyota Vehicles or Honda. The quality of the Audio is so sad. Tata manza has a better quality sound. Also the pickup is getting reduced week by week. You need to put the 1st gear to climb your car park which is just 6inches fromm ground.Taking Duster to service is a Nightmare. You need to wait for 6 days after you book and then you need to wait for 1 hr inside the waiting room where they just put a tamill movie DVD to forget the time being wasted. Then you will get an estimate of around 8,000 for your service then you will minus the Wheel Balancing or any other to cut cost. Whenever you go you will definately listen to 2 or more Duster owners in high pressure moods and ongoing arguments with the service staff there. This is what I get from Renault. The Khiviraj service center number is always busy or the staff is not reachable. I have purchased it when they launched it last year and they have many Dusters on road now and I feel in another 6 months from now Renault will feel the consumers complaints on Duster and they will have to answer the buyers. Now people just dont buy new cars, they surf the net to get to know the car in detail before they buy. Twice I have received calls from the after service staff and I have explained the issues and they said they will ask someone to call me but noone called. They just dont bother with your complaints. Hope this forum while help in getting my Renault cleared of all the faults. Renault needs to call back all their cars for a free checkup once in a month for the first year and should extend their warranty. Its not  worth for the money.  

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  • Mukesh |24 Jun,2013 07:36:06 AM

    i liked duster very much ..smooth driving best for race ....im from coimbatore.annamalis renault are giving best serive to us.they are very friendly.we use duster for long drives esp more than 300kms-1000kms... have driven to nagapattinam ,kanyakumari via kerala n via tamilnadu,various parts of kerala.this is ma reply to a chennai whu told duster offers poor pick up and mileage ....we brought duster on its releasing day...driving the duster till d date.no problem no accidents...but i agree with them on 4 things 1)horn is very bad 2)dim/high light not enough to drive esp in kerala(lots of turning n high ranges),and coimbatore-salem-banglore/chennai four lanes. 3)there is some problem in reverse gear 4)A/C blower sound... First u need to drive very carefully , good gear shifts , obey traffic rules .. i started my journey from nagercoil on 5pm n reached coimbatore by 10pm (abt 450kms in 5 hours) first 300kms a straight 4 lane road till dindigul then remaining 150 is 2lane/single lane ..with that condition i reached coimbatore safely(no pick up problem as u said /no brake problem)...mileage was between 16-17kms...during kerala journeys im getting 18.1-18.9km/litre ..normally i can say the mileage of my duster is 18km/litre..... got 20km/litre for first 5000kms... im regularly driving the car to kerala ..excp ma palakkad remaining places have lots of steep roads n turnings i ll maintain 40-60km/hr speed and there is no problem in stability of balancing ..... once i had a race with fortuner,benz e class from kochi to trichur thru NH47 4lane (most busiest road due to harbour presence) i was unable to overtook fortuner but kept 2nd postion for abt 40km stretch ...afterwards benz dominated ... so i would recommend duster if u really car sporting

  • Raj |27 Jun,2013 01:14:59 PM

    I am using Ford Ikon for the last 8 years. Driven 70,000kms. Not changed even one tyre so far. Looks like another 5,000km more to go before changing the first tyre.

  • Pratik |27 Jun,2013 02:33:11 PM

    Very sad to read this review. I also own a duster (110ps diesel) but honestly I have never faced a problem with it. I bought my Duster from Nagpur but I stay in Bhandara so I have to drive down to nagpur to get my car serviced. As you are suggesting, I have never faced any problem with After Sales Service. My dealership has always been friendly. I guess your dealership is at fault.

    dggfg |04 Aug,2015 02:33:09 PM

    Dgzjtdiyfyico uffdtudu glut ft I ft ft xyi ft ixr

    chandan |31 Mar,2016 12:19:23 AM

    I am also a duster owner from 3 months and i can simply say that in this segment this is a best car one can have i really love it

  • s.k.subba |17 Jul,2013 01:57:47 PM

    I am also a Duster owner of 9 months.I usually drive in pretty bad road condition in Sikkim.I appreciate the ride comfort of the duster.But find it bit underpowered at time while climbing the steep hills.Also, some rattles in the body of doors is evident while driving in bad roads.Getting in and out of duster is also bit tricky and most of the time ,your trousers or saree etc gets soiled by the side fender below the doors.Also, the tyres have almost worn out within 12000 km run.Now ford has launched Ecosport, so Renault need to improve the quality and servicing record in order to maintain the tempo.

  • Ramdas Menon |15 Aug,2013 11:05:56 AM

    Thanks for your candid review, Godwin. You have managed to put the fear of God into me. Honda Amaze, which was the other car I was thinking about, has terrible reviews regarding their service and personnel attitudes. As far as we hapless customers are concerned, it boils down to a choice between a rock and a hard place. Thanks once again for alerting us.

  • Rajesh Retnakar |21 Oct,2013 03:34:12 PM

    Really I was taken aback on seeing the reviews from owners, who's hard earned money was put into this Duster to get the best car and what the review say is another.... Well I was planning to buy one, but now I'm thinking of not getting one. The after sales is also very very important; which sadly is not there. Really thanks all the owners who make it a point to have their views out and thanks to CAR DEKHO. I request the concerned people if Renault to address all issues and have a solid after sales team... see one potential costumer is lost.....

  • VIPUL WAHI |31 Oct,2013 04:41:06 PM

    Thanks Godwin.. for the review. I nearly bought a Dusted..oops a Duster ;-) 12 lacs for a car is a lot of money for me..thanks again.

  • Jayashankar |12 Jan,2014 02:55:23 PM

    I have purchased Renault Duster in Dec 2013 from Cochin,Kerala and since then doors giving rattling noise. I will be going for first service in a day or two.I could Understand from reviews that the more vehicles have the same problem.I hope my problem will be rectified. I request Renault to look in to this problem seriously . Rest all are perfect. Good Mileage,handling ,comfort , spacious interiors all up to the mark.. My contact No 09447456344

  • Naveen Kumar Kulhar |12 Mar,2014 10:36:01 AM

    This is what exactly happening for me too

  • fog |19 Nov,2014 05:12:57 PM

    F J

  • kamal |18 Jan,2015 11:03:05 PM

    Thank you for your reviews.. You changed my view...

  • Mohammed Abdullah |02 Feb,2015 10:15:18 AM

    How do they get 3.5stars with all this issue

    Hariprasad |15 Jan,2016 08:16:56 AM

    There are not many manufacturers in the market who can match Renault engine performance, in the respective price segments, another thing is Renault is always value for money car.

  • guryf |18 Feb,2015 12:24:17 PM


    guryf |18 Feb,2015 12:24:55 PM

    I dhc5eycydte5f

  • vicky sachdeva |28 Feb,2015 02:18:42 AM

    I will not buy duster

  • Rinku devi |09 Mar,2015 12:41:33 PM

    Evrything sucks except the rear comfort.

  • kuldip |12 Mar,2015 08:54:37 PM

    M wondering to buy duster.... Its gud car or bad???

  • Dinesh Kumar |14 Mar,2015 05:34:58 PM

    I own a hyundai I 10 and i am very happy with the car and the dealership apco, i am looking to up grade thought of duster but now feel ho..thinking of ford eco sport but frankly waiting for the launch of hyundai ix 25 because i love driving and have been using cars for 20 years and i liked the hyundai vehicle very much i liked 1 20 but looking for suv,i may opt for ford eco sport if hyundai ix 25 launch is delayed

  • Pardeep Kapoor |28 Apr,2015 11:26:23 PM

    It is true . The quality of every thing is very bad. My Duster is 12 monts old and the whole body is ratteling. l recomend not to purchase Renault cars. If Managing director of Renault is reading be ready to fight in courts. I am planning to go file case.

  • hello |16 May,2015 03:26:47 PM


  • Ullas |30 May,2015 06:16:31 PM

    Valuable feedback ...Thanks

    Joy Mac |15 Mar,2016 12:14:54 PM

    Always heard bad things about Renault.... From trusted source

  • RipxXon |06 Jun,2015 10:28:23 PM

    Lol u must have been cursed with some bitchy ghost whose constantly making u to change ur car go and visit some good priest ??????

  • Naresh |22 Jun,2015 06:22:18 PM

    Oh this review is really sad. I think the service centre is to blame because I am using Duster since past three years and I have never faced any after sales service issue. Did you buy another car eventually?

  • Shyam |26 Jun,2015 04:43:10 PM

    Godwin your review is compelling for anyone to think against buying duster but I have had a different experience altogether. I own a top RXL 110 ps awd duster, it hasnt been that long that i do. All the rattling problems, not so cool interior, clutch issues, driving experience issues have been rectified in the new duster. It is a new car now and the after sales service experience may largely depend on the number of complaints people had with the old variant. Now most of the issues have been resolved to make duster a better suv.

    sachin nikumbh |17 Aug,2015 12:32:35 AM

    I am planing to buy new face lift duster petrol veriant please give me suggestions which is good vehicle creta or duster in petrol veriant

    Ranjan Koyu |27 Feb,2016 12:02:19 PM

    I'll advice for creta which is more better than duster

    lovekesh |01 Oct,2015 08:29:35 AM

    Greetings shyam my budget is about 13 lacs and i have an i20 magna from last 6 yrs and my experience with it is excellent..After reading all the reviews I'm confused between Hyundai creta and duster. I like duster's look and spaciousness..pls suggest

    mahe |21 Feb,2016 02:42:45 PM

    Hey u must buy duster its a good car m using duster since two years n faced no issue I have to travel to villages u know how Indian village roads are but dis car made m happy all d time...

    kaushal |14 Dec,2016 04:51:18 PM

    Thanks Shyam! I am thinking to go for Duster RXL 110 PS, your review has helped me to think for it while few reviews are so disheartening.

  • rajendra singh |08 Sep,2015 04:44:08 PM

    It,s really bad

  • sanjeev |26 Sep,2015 01:10:53 AM

    Actually govt need to screw their ash likein America the norms are so good in consumer favour but here all is bhagwan bharosa. Last timed I banged on mihindras showroom due to same problems.fuck this service centers

    Subodh Talukdar |04 Oct,2015 01:33:56 PM

    Am 60 years old. I like Driving. I have one 2008 model Hyundai petrol car and another is Mahindra Quanto c8 model car. Now I want to sell my Quanto car and planning to purchase another SUV. Finally decided to buy HYUNDAI CRETA or Renault 110ps RXZ car.

    karuppasamy boopathy |07 Mar,2016 01:32:28 AM

    I m boopathy., own a duster RXZ AWD 110PS..It's a amazing car for good and bad road., I don't break for humps and bad roads, cause the suspension is ultimate... Especially it will beat even innova's suspension easily...very smooth engine.,worst head lamp

  • Pradeep lohia |17 Oct,2015 08:01:14 AM

    Right you say good about dustee

  • Avrajit Das |26 Dec,2015 11:05:34 AM

    Thanks for such a review and changing my mind.

  • shuvam |28 Dec,2015 10:46:10 PM

    It is totally personal grudge against service centre. Few things right also.

  • Saiomkar Minekar |11 Jan,2016 11:55:45 AM

    I have been using duster from last 2& half years its really a good performance car... & I'll suggests whoever has a bugget of 13lakhs to take duster... Saiomkar Minekar

  • rajen parikh |04 Feb,2016 07:16:57 PM

    Don't want to buy duster

  • mahe |21 Feb,2016 02:38:13 PM

    .I m d owner of duster since a year ...faced no issues till now but one thing that is the baddest part from Renault is Dr after sales service....am not satisfied with it ...n planning to book another service at mahindra first choice

  • Pradeep lohia |13 Jul,2016 06:47:48 AM

    Bhai you are right there is so many problem in duster

  • Dr Sanjiv |25 Aug,2016 07:49:39 PM

    I purchased Duster 85 RxL Option model in november 2015. I have driven about 8450 kms so far. Car is driving very good with excellent driving comfort. On some occasions i drive my vehicle for about 500 to 550 kms in a say but i don't feel tired. I went to dealership at Amritsar for minor air filter and air conditioner cleaning. The staff here is very cordeal and well versed with their professional knowledge. The vehicle is so good at driving that i never let my official persons drive it. It has become a valuable asset to me and a member in ny family. I am not happy with the way the company is promoting this vehicle.

  • Dev |12 Jan,2017 02:06:22 AM

    I was planning to buy this car, but after read a comment from Godwin, now dropped the idea. I'm satisfied with my swift.

  • Nkpatel |15 Mar,2017 11:48:35 PM

    I purchased new dustar rxz befor 2 month .this car is bad car.100% i am un satisfide .

  • Natvarlal k patel |15 Mar,2017 11:53:31 PM

    I purchased new dustar rxz befor 2 month .this car is bad car.100% i am un satisfide .please🙏 dont purchase this car

  • Pradeep Lohia gurgaon |04 Apr,2017 11:04:19 PM

    Aapnay bhoot badi galati ki hai aap duster ko lay kar faas gaya hai mai duster user ho 2012 say mai bhoot paraysan hu duster ko lay kar duster ki maintains bhoot costly hai 30000 ₹ ki service bhi hoti hai or toho or service center walay bhi kuch nahi kar saktay hai kuyu ki duster company mai hi parts available nahi hai agar kuch part maga liya toho bas gaya 25/30 din agar aap aapnay kikisi dost ka bura chatay hai toho bas duster dilawaa do fir oosako dusman ki jarut nahi agar aapko meri baat oar faith ba ho toho mera no 8470000017 hai call me

  • MURALI |13 Oct,2017 05:33:12 PM


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