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Pros : nissan name


As I bought a Nissan SUNNY car through a GSA of HDFC Bank on 11th oct 2011 (Tuesday) and the Bank’s GSA Delivered this car at my home when I was not present.  The Bank GSA came to my office and got all the papers signed by me. When I reached home and saw the SUNNY Car it was fitted with Nissan MICRA accessories as the MUDFLAPS and FOOTMATS etc. when tried to contact the Dealer m/s. MALWA MOTORS KARNAL the phone no. was given on Nissan website was FAKE and when tried to contact NISSAN Company the EMAIL ADDRESS of the Nissan India company is  FAKE and you do not even find any contact no. for the NISSAN company even worldwide websites. Anyhow when contacted the dealer m/s. MALWA MOTORS KARNAL, they say the company is giving the cars like this only. Is it true that the Company could not complete the car and selling it in a hurry?and when called company’s customers care ( a call centre )  they promised to check the problem and promised to rectify the same in 72 hrs. but found no response as yet. If the DEALER m/s. MALWA MOTORS KARNAL  is a cheater or the NISSAN COMPANY?  but in any case it spoils the name of the NISSAN.

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  • jacob |18 Oct,2011 11:55:45 AM


    leslie locker |18 Oct,2011 12:59:40 PM

    I have driven the Nisaan Sunny abroad and it is a workhorse of Nissan for long yeras. I undersntd that the Sunny being sold in India is called Verna and do not know if this is the same car? Normally Nissan is a good car car company, but their marketing is sleepy and that is why Toyota is selling more cars. I have driven the Nissan Pathfinder 4x4 automatic and it was a very good vehicle even in deep desert sand.

    umesh gambhir |18 Oct,2011 02:22:56 PM

    dear jacob , you are lucky that you are not in india, this comapany is recently launched in india and you can read the practices they have adopted. no aftersales and services.

    ALEX .K.KOSHY |30 Oct,2011 05:53:58 PM

    Nissan sunny is a very good car am using this car last 10 years-2001 model now am compleate near 250000 km am not face any major really happy about nissan service&customer care.

    d c kolse |13 Aug,2012 01:53:32 PM

    Dear Mr. Jacob , the dealers of Nissan sunny are most cheaters , once we booked the car they will never reponds to our phone . every time they will give some diffrenet numbers. some how i got my money back. thanks to god. i suggets not to buy this car atleast in India. No doubt Car is excellent.

    sorabhsaini |01 Oct,2012 03:18:53 PM

    As I bought a Nissan SUNNY car from M/s Royal Auto motors P Ltd. Jaipur dealer of NISSA on 19.9.2012 and reached at my home 500KM from Jaipur I found the heavy oil leakage under the car , when I open the Bonnet of car there is also heavy oil leakage I had taken it local sale point of NISSAN and mechanic shows the fact that fuel return pipe had been damaged by some rat like animals and when I talked to the GM service of Royal Nissan then he told that yes it may be happen that there are lots of rats in there workshop/godown after that when I checked my new car at home there are some wiring also damaged and covered with local tapes . The complaints was loged with NISSAN but NO response was found from them also When I reached home and saw the SUNNY Car was fitted with Nissan MICRA accessories as the MUDFLAPS and FOOTMATS etc. when tried to contact the Dealer m/s. Royal Nissan jaipur about same they refused for the same. The email was given on Nissan website was FAKE and when tried to contact NISSAN Company the EMAIL ADDRESS of the Nissan India company is FAKE and you do not even find any contact no. for the NISSAN company even worldwide websites. company??s customers care ( a call centre ) they promised to check the problem and promised to rectify the same in 72 hrs. but found no response as even after lapse of more than 11 days. I don,t know wheather DEALER m/s. Royal Auto motors Jaipur is a cheater or the NISSAN COMPANY. But in any case it spoils the name of the NISSAN and I recommend to please beware when ever you by a car from NISSAN.

  • B Kamti |27 Oct,2011 04:07:58 PM

    No idea,since i have not purchased yet. I have to find out first details and contact numbers of cutomer care representative of Sunny Nissan Cars in India.

    umesh |28 Oct,2011 11:02:45 AM

    just find their phone nos. and give them a false car for roadside assistance so you will have all the idea. call any dealer and ask for some spares like headlight, tail light set, bumper,bonnat, mudflaps, etc. and spares like clutch , breaks etc. they will say that you have to wait for few days. that they will have to call company to get the spares as company also do not have in stocks.

  • Paul |27 Oct,2011 07:55:00 PM

    car lunched and delivered. Till dealers doesn't have accessories price. Wondering... Do they have spare parts for the car? (with in a year!)WIll they have price?

  • Shilpa Padte |27 Oct,2011 08:57:44 PM

    Even I am been cheated by Ichibaan Nissan Mumbai.I was promised the delivery as on today ie 27/10/2011.I had made a booking payment by cheque of Rs Three lakhs.Loan amount of Rs five lakh had been sanctioned by HDFC Bank but not disbursed as per Bank the owner of Ichibaan Nissan Mumbai had been defaulted at the time of holding Ichibaan Honda. I just came to learn on 15/10/2011.I have also paid the cash of Rs 6950/as the total cost for sunny xl is Rs 806950.00 as I did not want any delay for my car to be handed over to me.

  • Shajahan |27 Oct,2011 09:36:32 PM

    Will Diesel Nissan Car available soon?

  • Shilpa Padte |27 Oct,2011 09:46:53 PM

    please help & reply.

  • Shilpa Padte |28 Oct,2011 03:54:57 PM

    Mr Ghambir,Thanks for your suggestion.

  • Paul |03 Dec,2011 03:42:18 AM


  • janardan |17 Dec,2011 03:44:51 PM

    i have visited nissan show room at palm beach road but sorry to say that head appointed there is not know the marketing and all employee are wandering here and there . head is busy all the time on phone he is not bothering about customer also he needs training for marketing from lic marketing executive. owner of showroom should think of it otherwise he will force to close the showroom because customer are purchasing car because of they need it not of salesman.

  • Jagadeesha Y N |18 Dec,2011 09:17:05 AM

    I want more information about this car.I am planning to buy a sedan car, i want more suggestion in finalising the same.

    umesh gambhir |18 Dec,2011 10:13:27 AM

    my suggestion, just go through company's set up in India , as Renault India is the parent company for Nissan India. Renault India is ever been an unsuccessful in Indian history as Logan owners know it well. they are always short of spares and accessories for their products. you may call Nissan customer care as a car owner of Nissan Indiaa and can check their attitudes and services for the aftersales complaint. you will come to know about it. Better look for another and better product. Nissan has always hidden the facts about them in india, (1) milage for petrol car is about 11 kmpl maximum in city like new delhi. (2) Dashboard is very average with very little glove space. (3) Interior is like INDICA cars., as TAXI type feeling inside the car . as i have not gone for first service for the same because could not drive more than 1500 kms. in 2 months as do not feel to drive it much., i want to get rid of this vehicle.

    Deepak |23 May,2012 07:14:17 AM

    Since you are so upset, can you come up with the modle and in case you want to sell it, pl. come with aquote. Regards, Deepak

    SK Jaiswal |31 Jan,2012 11:12:37 PM

    Even after reading so many negative comments u want to buy it? I was attracted by its shape only. But I have dropped the idea now.

  • Jagadeesha Y N |18 Dec,2011 10:36:52 AM

    I feel really scared to go after reading this comment.

  • jojo |19 Dec,2011 11:47:28 PM

    In abroad ONLY MALLUS are using Nisan Sunny car........its a cheap car, i am using Nissan Ultima2011 d best.......

    faiz |22 Mar,2012 04:16:32 AM

    atleast spell it correctly nonMallu..its Altima,by a mallu...{ sir please we are also using maxima altima xtrail n patrols...if some one using cheap car doesnt mean he is cheap..he is saving for his family...ok dear...And also Nissan Sunny is the best than my maxima 4 sure. caz i hv driven that for 2 years nd no extra money it made 4 me othr than oil n service....}

    ramees |30 May,2012 09:02:26 PM

    nissan sunny is a good car.i think it's your bad luck

  • sunil prabhakar |03 Jan,2012 11:41:17 AM

    I have purchased Nissan Sunny car in the month of oct11 i have very good experience of Aster moters baroda they are very curtious and humble. They delivered car in time ( The date was promised to me) good experience on first service. Regarding accessories still i m waiting no date is comitted by nissan co. overall car is very good Sturdy, tough very good pickup, sufficient apace. its very early to say about avarage it will be checked after 2000 km drive. i m planing to go all india round on this car. i love this car.

    Mathews |10 Jan,2012 07:17:43 PM

    I too bought the sunny on 14th dec-11.So far my experiance with the car is very good and I am happy with my buy. But the same time Nissan has to go a long way in providing a good buying experiance to its costomers.

    Ritesh Madhok |23 Apr,2012 01:04:05 PM

    Congratulations on your buy, you have rightly opted a carrrrrrrrrr which has not let down any of its owners (Exceptions are always there). Since the company is new to Indian market, it has been facing a little problem, but we hope to see them improving it soon. Cheers!!!

  • Namit |25 Jan,2012 11:09:22 PM

    Dude it looks like you had very high expectation but very little research before you bought the car and now repenting your own mistake and blaming the manufacturer. Did you not know that the interiors of Nissan ( mainly the dashboard) is completely borrowed from Micra because they share the same platform? Go check the review on this website or any other website that has it's review and they all will say the same too. Did you not see that the glove box is so small when you took the TD? If you didn't know these basic facts about the car, then I believe you booked it without first checking what you are ultimately going to get. That's your fault and you shouldn't blame Nissan for it.

  • K GANESH BHOOPAL RAO |05 Feb,2012 01:50:10 PM


  • K GANESH BHOOPAL RAO |05 Feb,2012 01:55:31 PM


    russell |05 Mar,2012 10:27:15 PM

    it 7,24,400 on road... nice gud with tamilnadu madurai showroom..jeevan nissan

  • Rajesh k |19 Feb,2012 10:45:17 AM

    The very fact they have only one dealer in a city like Mumbai shows their arrogance. One can think what about the after sales service. for NISSAN India I will suggest them they should think about after sales service and customer satisfaction..This is India..people don't change their vehicles every now and then... Cars are still a luxury item for many Indians and families expect it serves them for years.

  • P.M.Patel |03 Mar,2012 08:17:56 PM

    I was thinking to buy Nissan sunny, but I got nervous with such a poor customer service. I will have to think it again. The local dealer is behind me. I will show him this review.

  • rasal |05 Mar,2012 10:55:24 PM

    nissan micra premium... diesel is gud n im comfortable with this car n showroom service... jus 3months passed n im satisfied with this model..i donno with othr person probs but to me itz really gud n i recommended to my frnz n hope thr to dealer jeevan nissan until now gave me gud response..hope dis continues in future.. i read few saying negatives on might be the wrong lazy dealers or othr competitor posting these wrong sunny is gud caar.. but for indian roads n traffics it might b worse..but or long drive itz comfortble days indian market is the top most market in buying cars..due to competition rumors rounding ....pls try to post true says than fakes..

  • Dr.Peter Zachariah |17 Mar,2012 06:06:03 PM

    I have paid advance for the sunny's diesel version and was promised the car in a month, before the budget price hike.. When ever i call my dealer he says it will be delivered in a day or two.. and nowadays he stopped picking up the phone. Today i forcefully talked to the sales manager and was told the vehicles are not being delivered the showroom, and i wont get the benefit of the pre budget booking.. should i pay more for this long wait or cancell the order!!!

  • raj |31 Mar,2012 11:15:55 AM

    Never buy Nissan from Chennai Jain Jubilant..... Please dont buy nissan... I was cheated and lost my money... go for VW/ honda/toyota or Maruthi...PLZ dont go for Nissan.... No response from Nissan or Jubilant... PLZ PLZ PLZ..... Car is not worth for that price... They Cheat u Cheat U.... Never from Jain Jubilant Nissan...

  • Raja |31 Mar,2012 11:16:23 AM

    Never buy Nissan from Chennai Jain Jubilant..... Please dont buy nissan... I was cheated and lost my money... go for VW/ honda/toyota or Maruthi...PLZ dont go for Nissan.... No response from Nissan or Jubilant... PLZ PLZ PLZ..... Car is not worth for that price... They Cheat u Cheat U.... Never from Jain Jubilant Nissan...

  • Raja |31 Mar,2012 11:16:34 AM

    Never buy Nissan from Chennai Jain Jubilant..... Please dont buy nissan... I was cheated and lost my money... go for VW/ honda/toyota or Maruthi...PLZ dont go for Nissan.... No response from Nissan or Jubilant... PLZ PLZ PLZ..... Car is not worth for that price... They Cheat u Cheat U.... Never from Jain Jubilant Nissan...

  • william |14 Apr,2012 08:05:37 PM

    i realy plan to buy this nissan sunny xl. but now iam scared to buy this car. can you explain anyone about this car......

    martha |04 Jun,2012 07:07:52 AM

    thNk god never will buy sunny

  • deep |14 Apr,2012 10:22:39 PM

    its really a good car its very easy to drive i really love i have Audi q7 and skoda Laura but sunny very easy and lite to drive this is the best car in this price. i think this guy raja have problem with showroom guys because he write there (never from Jain jubilant Nissan)

    Saju |14 Nov,2012 12:00:16 PM

    I really agree with the Sunny. It is a good car and driving is very smooth. But the response from the dealer is pathetic. My nissan sunny met with accident and it heavily damaged. But the claim process is going indefinitely after 2 months of accident. It looks to be the technician's are not efficient to take the estimation.

  • Nikhil |27 Apr,2012 02:24:24 PM

    plz tell me the pros and cons of sunny (in terms of fuel average,service and maintenance)

  • Nikhil |27 Apr,2012 02:24:43 PM

    plz tell me the pros and cons of sunny (in terms of fuel average,service and maintenance)

    jiten |14 May,2012 05:39:50 PM


  • prashanth |20 Jun,2012 11:28:47 AM

    i really loved this car and i was about to book it now ive changed my mind.....whats car without proper a crap ..... thank you people

  • pawan sharma |12 Jul,2012 09:05:49 PM

    very true, services of nissan is very poor. this is cheat company.

  • George |13 Jul,2012 11:04:48 AM

    In Kerala Nissan dealer charges more than what company prescribes as basic price. Also their handling charges are more than other brand car dealers (handling charge itself is cheating which I think is not there in other states). Handling charge denies us the advantage of reduction in road tax in Kerala. This shows their cheating attitude (this will continue in their service and spare charges) which should prevent us from buying the particular car. They are trying to make hay while the sun shines.

  • dr.g.r.v.r.reddy |18 Jul,2012 01:49:37 PM

    compared other cars in this segment nissan sunny is good except for the service.the reason might be it is an new company in india and having teething problems.most probably they might improve and expand their dealership and sales in comming is not an small company known worldwide for its quality products.i think it is wait and watch.overall it is an good car.

  • deepak |17 Oct,2012 01:03:12 AM

    if u want sucess evalia 5hn change butterfly glass make it up down.otherwise faot change ur engeener

  • Emmanuel Gardia |04 Sep,2013 06:33:54 PM

    I procured Nissan XE on 30may 2012 and I was anxious about the servicing of my car any how finally it got serviced after one year. Yes I must say the company does not show any interest after the sale. Another thing the naked price of the car when I purchased was 446000/- but today it has reduced to a great extant its 350000/- I must say that the company has cheated me and had taken extra money from me.

  • MOHSIN |30 Sep,2013 10:22:46 AM

    Please don't buy Nissan Sunny, use less service in Kerala I had proudly purchase a Nissan sunny Model VX diesel on August 2012 from EVM Nissan Show in Trichur, Kerala. My happiness didn't last one month even first trouble came out. The car was not starting and when informed the dealer, towed it to their service station and they returned in ONE WEEK(BATTER Y PROBLEM).... After a years scare total mileage till now is 8000 only and careful use as I had considered it as my prized possession again problem propped up form last month. The car was not starting and when informed dealer (by now they had changed name as PINNACLE NIISAN)) THEY TOWED AND TOOK BACK TO SERVICE STATION. They kept the with them for a WEEK and initially said problem could be due to fuel mix with kerosene and later said sorry it was a Electrical problem and sown how returned to me in moving condition. After exactly next day use again the car was not starting up once again the drama of towing happened and they were not able to diagnose the issue and took another ONE WEEK to return. Same drama repeated again four time and car still in dealer work shop. They admitted they doesn't have expert staff and has to wait to experts from Chennai. I was one month leave at my home town from Muscat, where I work, but unfortunately I couldn't use the car the entire leave period and had a to resort to renting cars. Still now I am not confident to take the car form the work shop if It is ready and I am afraid can break down any time. I had purchased Sunny by seeing the quality of NISSAN overseas, but my dream car in my Home town had given me lots of mental agony. SO AS AN ADVISE FROM ME.....DONT BY NISSAN IN KERALA....

  • Harsha |21 Oct,2013 03:54:42 PM

    Can anyone tell me the petrol consumption of the basic model of Sunny ?

  • NIPUN ARORA |04 Nov,2013 03:13:57 PM

    i am taking about ZEDEX NISSAN --parparganj, and their employer are totally liars ,three persona are aporba,nadeem,and the biggest liaer is their sales manager gurmeet ,never book your care with zedex nissan,this whole company is the bunch of liars ,i booked car in august ,they said u will get your delivery in october last,but failed,1st november a good day for you as dhanteras,again fails ,3rd november as diwali this is the best day for you ,and who know what they didnt open their showroom that day ,i waz just standing in front of their showroom ,and when i called them they said sorry today also v cant deliver your car as v cant able to trace your vehicle .this is Nissan ,makiing fool of their customer day by day,and the main thing is they said to take insurance for the car as i took it on 1st of november ,but still no sign of my car ,useless company ,usless people ,please guys never go for nissan car ,or for ZEDEX NISSAN

    Dipti |09 Nov,2013 07:00:45 PM

    Dear Nipun Sir, We extremely apologize for the inconvenience that the transportation delay from Chennai to Delhi during Pre-Diwali festive period caused a delay in delivery. I know that this cannot be compensated but we delivered your car and gave 5000 rs. extra discount for this. We assure you of best services. Dipti Dhawan CRM, Zedex Nissan

  • Tarun Sharma |20 Nov,2013 07:25:55 PM

    Hi guys, Amazing how @ Nissan_India is taking Indian customers for a ride. Sheer rubbish in the name of after-sales service, no back-end logistics for replacement parts etc. WOW and now they are asking for 1 more good month to even start Awesome! Please RT.

  • Nitin Samvedi |21 Nov,2013 04:25:08 PM

    I agree pathetic service I have mailed and done complaint but no reponse has come the Service station at Kanpur has goons as managers. They threaten you for whatever work they do not do or for any ignorance done at their part.

  • Ravichandran |04 Dec,2013 09:31:09 AM

    My micra axle bent.. Nissan customer care do not even anwser my call .. Very poor quality and service. I will never buy anissan car . Pl do not buy nissan

  • p. singh |05 Jan,2014 08:55:06 PM

    i am planing to bye a sunny car but upset to see some comment from ppl, about service and dealership , company is the responsible for this all

  • Rajesh Narang |11 Feb,2014 08:22:32 PM

    Hello Friends , I saw Nissan today and was impressed with the looks and the engine. I am in Pune and want to know the after sales service of dealers here .pl advice, Thanks Rajesh Narang

  • Anurag |06 Apr,2014 02:50:20 PM

    I have been cheated. I brought NISSAN SUNNY XV D SPECIAL EDITION IN AUGUST 2013, and guess what, YES THE CAR IS HAVING MANUFACTURING DEFECT. It has got problem of excessive smoke exhaust with a mileage of 11-12 KMPL only. I have been to Nissan Dealer from the day the car was delivered to my home numerous times (as I have lost the count) but they did nothing and putting it into the service station and returning the car back to me. I called up Nissan and mailed letters and exchange emails with Nissan but it seems like they don€™t pay any heed to customers after ripping them apart of their money €“ all thanks to NISSAN and HOVER AUTOMOTIVE INDIA PVT LTD €“ bloody Burglars and Dacoits. Upon trying to get my problem rectified when nothing seems to happen, then eventually I filed a consumer case against Nissan in Consumer Forum. Nissan still pays no heed to the case, whereas the Consumer Forum Judge is furious at Nissan and has given 4 extensions for filing written argument by the Lawyer appointed by Nissan €“ and yet he sleeps and claims fees for it every day. Guys, think atleast four times before making any purchase with €“ NISSAN, RENAULT & DATSUN €“ they all are baby from the same mother in India and are born in same Chennai plant. Fellas it is your hard earned money, do not let it waste. I wasted my Rs. 10,60,000.00 and it hurts like hell every minute to look at the car.

  • Rtn M Vijaya Bhaskar |08 Apr,2014 06:35:53 PM

    08/04/2014 To M/s. Vibrant Nissan Hyderabad Email: Kind Attn : K.Soma Sundaram, D G M, Mobile : + 91 96669 22220 Res Sir, Ref : AP 28 CL 5577 , Purchased on 12/02/2014 Res Sir, Thx for sending back the vehicle. But we failed to express our feelings about the inefficiency of your people. Just repaired the audio system and send back the vehicle. No sounds problem rectified.We may feel comfortable if made journey in a normal auto riksha compared to this TERRANO A/c ?????. So much out side noise was coming in side. Unbearable bad smell was coming inside.{Even in option of closed air of ac} Gap of Bumper & body not rectified.In addition to that we were communicated by saying that cant be adjusted further and that gap was there for new coming vehicles also. Reg carpet, we were asked to wait as you are going to get approval and to get new carpet for making replacement. Why your people not maintains minimum required stock levels?. Why that was not replaced / assured on that day it self ie the date of A C water leakage problem arrested on 28/03/2014. As on date we lost 6 working days due to the in efficiency of others. No stand by vehicle provided. Our vehicle driven for repairs more than 300 km's with our expenditure. Does your company wants to cheat further ?????. Unbearable. Problems faced as on date with this branded NEW terrano: Clutch {Rectified} Braking {Some how better now} Noise {Still facing} water at Rear Ac blower and wetting the carpet { Problem rectified and the Carpet to be replaced} Bad smell { To be rectified} Poor mileage.{We were asked to wait until first servicing} Audio as well as rear Speakers {Rectified}... ??????? WE DEMANDS YOUR PEOPLE TO EXCHANGE WITH NEW TERRANO as we fed up with this problematic vehicle. Expecting your immediate, proper action even now. With Regards Rtn Vijaya Bhaskar M JAGISA GROUP Of Agencies Plot No : 624, Bhagath Singh Nagar Phase 1, Near Vasanth Nagar Colony Main Bus Stop, K P H B colony post, Hyderabad -500 085 Ph: +91- 40 - 6451 5947 , 2305 8615 Mobile: +91 98481 136 83 Email: Visit us at:, C C to Mr Rakesh - Area Manager after sales / NISSAN Mobile: + 91 74067 00011 Email: M D, Vibrant Nissan. All Fellow Rotarian's: With an intention -Not to become fools by NISSAN Media Consumer forum On Monday, 7 April 2014 8:13 PM, Rtn M Vijaya Bhaskar - JAGISA wrote: Not at all bearable reply. Demand to replace carpet. Not at all acceptable gaps in between bumpers and body. Expecting immediate action in this regard. With regards Rtn M Vijaya Bhaskar .Mobile: +91 99514 13683 Ph:+91 40 2305 8615, 6451 5947 On 07-Apr-2014, at 15:49, Soma Sundaram - Vibrant Nissan wrote: Dear sir This is further to your mail concerns which you mentioned is attended and rectified. Whereas your concern of gap between fender and front Bumper looks normal as it is in other vehicles also similar. Thanks & Regards, K.Soma Sundaram, image001.png DGM Service ? Vibrant Cars Pvt Ltd, 15C,IDA UPPAL,Hyderabad -500 039. Tel. No.: + 91 40 27210000 | Fax. No: + 91 40 27210010| Cell: + 91 9666922220 | email:| website: image002.png image003.png From: Rtn Vijaya Bhaskar [] Sent: Monday, April 07, 2014 12:12 PM To: Subject: Fw: PROBLEMATIC vehicle - TERRANO 2014 07/04/2014 Kind Attn : K.Soma Sundaram, Vibrant Nissan Hyderabad Res Sir, Ref : AP 28 CL 5577 .. Res Sir, Thx for sending back the vehicle after keeping three days. We feel that your people realised the difficulties / trouble which we are facing with this branded new vehicle ???????? {If it so}. Once again we sent the vehicle for rectification of the following. Back door gaskets fixing properly. Fix the Carpet properly. Keep the fuse clip in proper place. Adjust the front and back bumpers properly as too much gap was there. Poor mileage. Send back our Manual, C book original and insurance papers which we have sent along with vehicle. {Not recd back}. Facing non working of audio { Some times}. Non working of Rear speakers. FRANKLY WE FELT THIS VEHICLE WAS A BENCH MARK OF NISSAN. With Regards Rtn Vijaya Bhaskar M JAGISA GROUP Of Agencies Plot No : 624, Bhagath Singh Nagar Phase 1, Near Vasanth Nagar Colony Main Bus Stop, K P H B colony post, Hyderabad -500 085 Ph: +91- 40 - 6451 5947 , 2305 8615 Mobile: +91 98481 136 83 Email: Visit us at:, On Monday, 31 March 2014 11:09 AM, Rakesh, Radhakrishnan wrote: Dear Mr. Vijaya Bhaskar, We thank you for providing us the opportunity to understand your concern and resolve the same at your satisfaction. For further queries/feedbacks/escalation contact the undersigned. Wishing you happy motoring! Regards Rakesh R Area Manager ? After Sales NMIPL From: Soma Sundaram - Vibrant Nissan [] Sent: 29 March 2014 18:07 To: 'Rtn Vijaya Bhaskar' Subject: RE: PROBLEMATIC vehicle Dear Sir Thanks for giving us opportunity to serve and resolve issues in your vehicle. We hope your vehicle will perform better and you can feel free to contact under signed at any time. WISHING YOU HAPPY MOTORING!!!!!! Thanks & Regards, K.Soma Sundaram, image001.png DGM Service ? Vibrant Cars Pvt Ltd, 15C,IDA UPPAL,Hyderabad -500 039. Tel. No.: + 91 40 27210000 | Fax. No: + 91 40 27210010| Cell: + 91 9666922220 | email:| website: image002.png image003.png Kind Attn : K.Soma Sundaram, Vibrant Nissan Res Sir, Ref : AP 28 CL 5577 With ref to the above and yesterdays conference call of your Manager of Nissan From Chennai +91 74067 00011 and with your good selves, we were assured to complete, through check up will be made before making delivery of the vehicle to avoid this sort of problems. We feel ashamed to inform as we fedup with these type of frequent problems / break down with this new branded vehicle {if it so ????????} and demanded your people to go do complete check up with your own cost to avoid this type of nuisance and nonsense. To be examined: Gaps in between to body and bumpers Front as well as back Suspension Mileage. Noice was coming in side even after closing the glass doors. Expected minimum fittings : As informed, pl discuss with sales people & ensure to get it fitted the same with your own cost. Mud flaps Teflon coating. Body bottom rust preventive coating. Pl do needful immediately and organise to send back the vehicle as earliest. Please ensure that the problems should not be repeated. With Regards Rtn Vijaya Bhaskar M JAGISA GROUP Of Agencies Plot No : 624, Bhagath Singh Nagar Phase 1, Near Vasanth Nagar Colony Main Bus Stop, K P H B colony post, Hyderabad -500 085 Ph: +91- 40 - 6451 5947 , 2305 8615 Mobile: +91 98481 136 83 Email: Visit us at:, On Wednesday, 26 March 2014 4:30 PM, Rtn Vijaya Bhaskar wrote: Kind Attn : K.Soma Sundaram, Vibrant Nissan Res Sir, Ref : AP 28 CL 5577 THX FOR YOUR REPLY. We don't have any problem to keep the vehicle in your show room for ever. PLEASE ORGANISE TO SEND NEW TESTED, PROVEN VEHICLE AS REPLACEMENT AS WE FEDUP with this vehicle. Or else we will arrange a press meet in this regard as well as complaining to consumer forum. With Regards Rtn Vijaya Bhaskar M JAGISA GROUP Of Agencies Plot No : 624, Bhagath Singh Nagar Phase 1, Near Vasanth Nagar Colony Main Bus Stop, K P H B colony post, Hyderabad -500 085 Ph: +91- 40 - 6451 5947 , 2305 8615 Mobile: +91 98481 136 83 Email: Visit us at:, On Wednesday, 26 March 2014 4:01 PM, Soma Sundaram - Vibrant Nissan wrote: Dear Sir This is with reference to your complaint we received your vehicle today and on inspection it was found that A/C water leakage, to rectify this complaint we need time and KO job approval please. Thanks & Regards, K.Soma Sundaram, 26/03/2014 To M's Vibrant Nissan, Secunderabad Ref : Terrano registration no : 5577 With ref to the above, we have purchased the above vehicle on 12/02/2014. Earlier we have used Verna from 2006 and driven around 2,05,000 km's with out any difficulty. We feel ashamed to purchase your Terrano due to the following reasons. This vehicle was got break down on 05/03/2014 due to clutch problem. Later the vehicle was shifted to your servicing center and returned on 06/03/2014.{There is no stand by vehicle provided}. For road side service also, your people wasted my valuable time more than 5 hours. Today we have sent the vehicle for general check up and to re fix the vehicle as we observed so much noise and Seepage / moisture problem at rear Ac vent. Poor Milege : JUST 12 Km's / liter in city . We observed that your people not provided any car cover , Mud flaps. Where as other mfrs were giving better service and quality compared to your people with lesser price. Just recd a call from your service people by saying that it needed minimum 2/3 days time to rectify the problem as the dashboard has to open.We fedup and expressed our feelings and asked your people to take back the vehicle and insisted to replace with new one.He denied for it so. Immediately we called your Manager mr Siva +91 96669 21000and asked him to do so. He assured to discuss with higher officials and to revert. WE DEMAND YOUR PEOPLE TO REPLACE THE VEHICLE immediately or else we were compelled to lodge a complaint in consumer forum as well as arranging a press meet. With Regards Rtn Vijaya Bhaskar M JAGISA GROUP Of Agencies Plot No : 624, Bhagath Singh Nagar Phase 1, Near Vasanth Nagar Colony Main Bus Stop, K P H B colony post, Hyderabad -500 085 Ph: +91- 40 - 6451 5947 , 2305 8615 Mobile: +91 98481 136 83 Email: Visit us at:, image002.png

  • Purushotam Agarwal |11 Apr,2014 04:35:34 PM

    I bought a Nissan Terrano car from Jain Jubilant Cars Pvt Ltd., Chennai. Till I decided about the car their reception was good but once I gave D/D they are least bother about the customer. My car's one of the tyre has big bubble.when I went there they said go to MRF service centre they will replace immediately. I drove the car to service center which is 30 km from my place.2days after they have send the tyre to dealer.Now the dealer is asking 750/- for the replaced tyre. I have forwarded the complaint to Customer Care 3 times but till today they are not responsive. PLEASE DON'T BUY NISSAN CAR

  • Amaninder singh |07 May,2014 11:11:00 PM

    I had bought Nissan Terrano (Regd No. HR 01 AH- 6505) on 15 January 2014,and it have covered just 2745 km till today. I want to complaint about car breakdown as I was driving Terrano first of all its air conditioned stopped working then immediately after that power steering stopped working and after then battery sign began to glow continuously and temperature was rising finally when I stopped to look after the problem i got stuck on that road after that I started calling dealer for help and assistance and while calling dealer again and again I did not received any help from them. After that I called toll free number which I got from manual inside my car but I was shocked to know that they never heard of AMBALA as well as YAMUNA NAGAR they kept on asking me everytime when I called them IN WHICH STATE IT LIES? and even after telling them in detail about my location no assistance/help came there even after waiting 4 hours. So after getting this 'shocking response' from toll free number I decided to left my so called new car TERRANO over there as it was getting night and go back home.Even I was worried about my car's safety over there but I had no other way rather than moving back to my home using public transport. all I want to say is that I want my money back and I will legally take action against the concerned authorities about that harassment that has been caused to me because of getting no help from your team. I want my full money back from you and compensation from you as well for harassment. One more thing, Even at the time of delivery on 15 january 2014 my car's mileage reading was 92km....even I objected on that and asked them that how can a new car run 92 km before getting sold???? From that day only It was a doubt in my mind that if it is a demo or test drive vehicle??? When I raised this question before manager (sales) GIRISH : He replied that the vehicle was taken to yamuna nagar once which is 45 km from dealer's location so vehicle's current reading is 92 km. since sales manager's answer was not satisfactory so I kept on raising that question again and again but they did not bothered about my this question. I still have a doubt about that in my mind that I have been delivered a used car. I want all the details of technical or mechanical faults that this car faced as well as work that is being carried out on my car at the service center. I want all the details in written from you for future references so that I can have proof of the problems and harassment that this car have caused for me. Even I will advice all of my knowns/friends/relatives to not to buy any car from Nissan due to their poor assistance as well as poor response from your dealer in ambala(KHANNA NISSAN,AMBALA). I hope you will look after this matter and will take a strict action as soon as possible. MY CAR DETAILS ARE AS FOLLOW: NAME: RAJESH SINGH ADDRESS: 06,HARIKRISHAN NAGAR,JANETPUR,AMBALA CITY PHONE NUM: 9813108866 REGISTRATION NUMBER: HR 01 AH 6505 DATE OF SALE: 15 JANUARY 2014 CHASIS NUMBER=MDHHSNAW5D9000059 ENGINE NUMBER=E037780 DEALER NAME = KHANNA NISSAN(MOHAN VEHICLES PVT LTD) AMBALA, HARYANA COMPLAINT REFERENCE NUM: 13521 *Note :- This all happened and till now your team has not acted promptly to resolve the problem they are acting like layman is it all due to irresponsible management, poor management or due to my bad luck that I trusted on a barnd NISSAN. Since 72 hrs passed their is no response after spending 13 lakhs I am travelling in buses/autos to your Khanna Nissan showroom and my sorry your vehicle is standing in corner to get a Good mechanic to come and check into it is this how a brand Nissan works or something else you want to show me. See, sir that is all good your enjoying your teas planning your future but plz pay attention in sinking ship of Nissan which this vehicle is doing and kindly pay my money back so I can go some of the best brands available in INDIAN market rather than looking back into a hectic story your brand made of me. * I here by request all receiptents of news agencies plz highlight this in media so no other INDIAN suffers.

  • chaitanya arora |26 Mar,2015 04:27:18 PM


  • Madanan |26 Mar,2015 07:02:27 PM

    I am one of those who terribly regret for buying a vehicle from this brand. Nissan terrano a car which has zero driving comfort. Hard and shuttering clutch, elusive seating position, awkward placement of abc pedals, low quality switches, shaking seats, supported with irritating sales and service most of whom have no complete knowledge of the product. Over all these issues, the super duper dont care customer care of nissan india backs up their unprofessional dealer networks leaving all their innocent customers under tremendous stress I WOULD REQUEST EACH ONE OF YOU IN THIS FORUM TO COME UP TOGETHER , SO THAT WE CAN FILE A MASSIVE CASE AGAINST NISSAN INDIA AND ALL ITS DEALERSHIPS THRU A CONSUMER FORUM TO EDUCATE NISSAN INDIA WITH AN EXPENSIVE LESSON WHICH THEY WOULDN'T FORGET FOR REST OF THEIR LIVES.

  • Rajesh Kamath |25 May,2015 07:56:14 PM

    I believe, the big issue with Nissan in india today is after sales service.which $ucks big time.The 60 mins express delivery is to fool people.When you land in a service station you'll realise that they will take more than 120 mins to even come and ask you for the details.When they are busy they will ask the delivery boy to take account of the inventory and issues and service advisor will never even bother to talk to you. I have two cars, one is terrano and other is maruti alto.I have really happy having Maruti alto.......Maruti's after sales service is par excellance and i am really proud to say.My sincere advice is think twice even before investing in this brand Nissan.

  • nikhil |16 Dec,2016 01:38:22 PM

    I had almost finalised buying this car today. Thank god i read the reviews here today. Dropping the plan. Ritu Nissan, Thane, Maharashtra.

  • Prem |10 Jul,2017 01:20:25 PM

    Think before you decide to purchase any Nissan Car in India. Their products are not upto expectation and the quality of the cars are worst. Even after sale service and responses including Nissan customer care is pathetic.After 1 year of the purchased, the gear shift started to stuck. Now the major issue is, within 1 and half year, I noticed rust on all the doors and other parts of the car body. Even Nano cars are manufactured with better quality and 10 years old cars will not have rust formation

  • sahil madan |12 Oct,2017 06:59:06 AM

    Hi my name is sahil madan in the month of Feb 2017 i Purchased a New Brand Nissan Micra Active Chassis Number # MDHFBUK13GC501867 / ENGINE 871565C / REGISTRATION NUMBER # HR51BN4889 Km done aprrox 14000 km It was first new car i am having a pathatic experience I Feel like i have wasted my money buying this car because this car is full of issue, I ws critisiged my my friends and family whiling making a desion of buying this car , and now after 6 months i felt that they where right . Number

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