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Maruti Suzuki Wagon-R- Perfect in Hatchback Seagment

Gourav Gupta
for VXI
On: Dec 30, 2016 | 30 Views

Exterior 1. SMART LOOK. 2. HAD ITS OWN PERSONALITY. 3.FITTED WITH NICE ACCESSORIES. 4. BRIGHT LIGHTS. Interior (Features, Space & Comfort) 1. AIRY INTERIOR 2. COMFORTABLE FOR SHORT AND LONG JOURNEY 3. DESCENT BOOT SPACE ( FOR ME, BECAUSE MY FAMILY CONSIST OF ONLY THREE MEMBERS) 4. FEATURE LOADED Engine Performance, Fuel Economy and Gearbox 1.ENGINEBECOMES SMOOTH AFTER FIRST 1000 KM 2. ENGINES TENDS TO RUN OUT BREATHE AFTER 4500 RPM OTHERWISE THERE IS AN AMPLE AMOUNT OF TORQUE TO RUN FAST AT 3000RPM BUT WE GET THE MAXIMUM POWER AT HIGH 6000RPM WHICH IS VERY CLOSE TO REDLINE DRIVING CAR AT SUCH A HIGH RPM CABIN BECOMES VERY NOISY... 3. FUELECONOMY IS ABOUT 13-14KMPL IN CITY (KOLKATA, INDIA) AND AT HIGHWAY IT IS GIVING AROUND 19-21KMPL (MY CAR IS JUST 7 MONTHS OLD AND I HAD NOT TRIED IT IN THE HIGHWAY BUT MY ELDER BROTHER OWNS THE SAME CAR WITH IDENTICAL TO MY EXCEPT THE COLOR WHICH NEARLY A YEAR OLD, HE TOLD THAT IT IS HIM AROUND 20 IN HIGHWAY.) 4. GEARBOX IS NOTCHY. Ride Quality & Handling 1. COMFORTABLE RIDE QUALITY 2. STEERING BECOMES LITTLE BIT TIGHT AFTER CROSSING 80 KMHR MARK (I DONT WHY) OTHER HANDLING IS VERY SMOOTH. 3. BEST CRUISING SPEED IS AROUND 80-110 KMPL ( HERE YOU CAN EXTRACT THE MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE OUT OF IT) 4. TURNING RADIUS IS SMALL THUS HELPS ME TO PARK AT MY PLACE TO BE HONEST THE GARAGE SPACE FOR MY WAGONR IS VERY SMALL AND TIGHT, THUS IT HELPS ME A LOT. 5. IT CAN HANDLE THE BROKEN ROAD AND PUDDLES WITH EASE... Final Words I LOVE MY CAR SINCE IT IS MY FIRST CAR... IT HAD ALSO STRONG SOLID STRUCTURE AND CHASIS. Areas of improvement FIT AND FINISH OF THE CAR, CHEAP PLASTIC USED INSIDE THE CABIN, MILEAGE Overall This is my first car and I always wanted it to be a special one. I could easily buy the Wagon R model under my budget. It has a smart look indeed.Maruti Suzuki is known for its reliable prices and excellent service. This variant?s exterior is inspired by its former models along with some new curves. It is fitted with manual air conditioning with the electric power steering to give a hassle free ride. It has a decent range of safety features as well. Engine performance is slightly lower with Ac in the third gear at low speed. Very smooth and you will feel that you are sitting in a big car, because of the height and ground clearance.No matter where I go, I always find people who seem to be burdened with unpleasant mileage issues. Fortunately for me, my Maruti Suzuki Wagon R does not bother me in any such way. The fuel tank capacity of this car is exceptional. The original version of the Wagon R is one of the top selling models of the family, and a better Wagon R is definitely an idea in favor of its manufacturer. It offers a displacement of 998cc. It is a fuel efficient car with good mileage and proper control on roads.

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