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Rating of Maruti Swift Dzire 2014-2017

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BEST sedan of the DECADE

for VDI
On: Nov 08, 2016 | 108 Views

Hello, fellow citizens, I am driving my car, SWIFT DZIRE which I bought on DECEMBER 2011. Till now I have completed 1,60,000+ K.M. on the odometer. It has been a great pleasure driving around in a car that is comfortable and as well as efficient. I am loyal towards my car by getting it serviced on time and repairing every wear and tear that occurred to the car is being on time. As a result, the car till now run smooth as new. Because of the on time service and patient driving I have changed the CLUTCH PLATES only after 1,50,000 K.M. and no major repair has been done to my vehicle. My office's round trip is almost 100 KM, some part of that is highway and some are under city driving. Under controlled circumstances like speed control, unnecessary overtaking, fluctuating speeds, and other measures, I got 17 K.M.P.L mileage from my car with my air-conditioned working all the time. Sometimes, when I woke up late and I have to drive fast but responsibly and have to overtake cars that too shows no stress on the car engine. Swift Dzire is a big car with boot amount in abundance so that I can fit all of my luggage, in case I have to go on a trip. The car is neat and the engine noise is also up to the mark and also responsive as it has done more than enough mileage on the odometer.

INTERIOR: the - As per the year of manufacture the interior of the car is quite good as I bought a VDI variant I got essential things like in-car entertainment, power steering etc. The plastic quality is also quite good as compared to other vehicle's of this segment at that time.

EXTERIOR:- The exterior of the car as people say is not appealing because of large boot this is what they say, But in my opinion the car is quite good for the time period and the black pillars look quite good, I have fitted the car with alloy wheels that enhance the overall look of the car.

ENGINE: upto- The engine of the car has done 1,60,000+ K.M. and even with that amount on the odometer the car doesn't bother about anything. I have driven up to140 K.M.P.H and it was quite stable at that speed. with the air-conditioned turned-on but because of the traffic situation I cannot got more than that. I think with A.C. turned-off the car can go more than that easily. The engine NVH level are quite good too, but at higher speed you can feel the Noise of the engine coming to your cabin, not in large amount but we can feel the difference between a noisy cabin and quiet cabin.

Final Words: - As you can easily guess I am fan of this car and with MARUTI SUZUKI confidence. I am quite confident that I can drive this car for around 3,00,000 K.M. And the with quality of the overall car I can easily say by the god grace I have invested my Hard earned Money on this car. Thank You everyone for reading this and for your precious time.


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