Maruti Rits - Car Of The Year 2010 (but nothing so special.....)

By for Maruti Ritz from Kolkata 2010-05-25 11:20:46.0
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Pros : fine engine performance, spacious, sporty exterior looks

Cons : low mileage, high cost with less interior features

Ritz is the best small hatchback car launched by Maruti. But if anyone is planning to buy this car, think twice. Ritz has got a high cost with lesser interior features as compared to other hatchback cars. If anybody is interested in a spacious car, then one can go for ritz but that won't be a good choice. I would rather suggest Chevrolet Beat or Ford Figo. Anyway all these hatchback cars are 5-seaters so a few millimeters of a space won't make much difference. I think it is the interior features that matter within a reasonable price. And ritz has got a high cost. Now I shall tell you another fact. Chevrolet and Ford have launched their hatchback cars at a competitive price to gain the market. So do not miss this opportunity and go for these cars before their price rises. On the other hand Maruti and Hyundai have successfully gained the markets. Now, conventionally most people go for maruti and Hyundai. I suggest everyone think out of the box and give your preference to the other hatchback cars especially beat and figo that cost lower but has additional features making it an absolute value for money. (--please rate if this review is helpful--do not hesitate to put forth your valuable comments--)

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  • Deepak Bhatt |26 May,2010 03:51:10 PM

    I bought Ritz Petrol 3 months back. I feel proud for choosing Ritz from the wide confusing portfolio of hatchback in this range. Its performance is excellent, tall boy design, sporty look

  • Anjan Mustafi |26 Jun,2010 11:07:07 PM

    Hello Abhik, I read your review. You have suggested to think out-of-the-box and try Chevrolet and Ford hatchback cars. These cars have competitive prices to start with. But, what about the service, maintenance, repair and spare parts costs of these as compared to those of Maruti and Hyundai? I am talking about the Calcutta scenario. Can you comment on this?

  • Abhik |30 Jun,2010 10:45:31 PM

    Hey Anjan, that's a good query. First leave apart the Kolkata scenario. There are enough service centres available here so that is not a problem. However it is true that there are more service centres of Maruti and Hyundai available throughout the country as compared to Chevrolet and Ford. But the costs of repairs and spare parts are overall the same. If you do live in some remote area, then do not go for these Chevrolet and Ford cars. If you are a resident of Kolkata then it won't be a problem. So think wisely, chose wisely.

  • DJ |08 Jul,2010 04:17:24 PM

    Dear abhik, i dont know how can somebody compare cars like beat and figo to the ritz...(1)first u can see the overdrive test of hatchbacks on youtube in which the ritz is the winner, will give u ample reasons to believe that ritz is the best........(2)Figo gives a power output of 71 ps compared to 85 ps of ritz.....the beat has 80ps again less and on top of that these vehicles have a poor gear shift ratio.........the pick up is absolutely sluggish compared to ritz...and in a crowded city like kolkatta a beat and figo owner will just see the ritz owner overtaking and passing by at every signal all because of poor pick up......u can only love beat and figo if its your first car.....but once u have driven all three....i doubt how many will still choose the beat and figo....and if your concern is money, let me tell u ford is one of the costliest brands to maintain dont just go by the introductory offer....ask any ford owner..if u r someone who is brand loyal then i take back my words....i personally love ford but figo is sum up go for the car you like and within your budget.....not because some company is giving a cheap introductory price.....

  • DJ |08 Jul,2010 04:25:58 PM

    to add...... I have personally test driven almost all hatchbacks except the honda jazz...........i always ignored the ritz and never test drove it because of its rear looks.....i had finalized on i20.... then one of my relatives bought a ritz and one of my friends who owns a i10 also suggested to try the new ritz...........let me tell u.....the first gear was on and i knew i was giving a serious thought to this elegant car....i changed to 2nd 3rd, 4th, 5th......vroooom..........and there it was i had finalized within 4 kilometers of test drive that my dream car is The Ritz..........go and experience it for yourself..............

  • DJ |08 Jul,2010 04:33:37 PM

    one star is for your review and not the car.............

  • Abhik |08 Jul,2010 11:33:29 PM

    Hey DJ, firstly please refrain yourself from posting a barrage of comments. Next, I would also like to tell you that whatever you said is absolutely correct. Not only Ritz but all Maruti cars have a perfect engine and gear engine system...better than all other hatchback cars. But to me some other things also matters. I wonder if you have ever heard about petrol vapour circulation system. This system circulates back the unused petrol vapours by means of a vaccum suction. This is primarily done to increse the mileage but it also makes the pickup sluggish. Maruti has got this sudden pickup because of the absence of this PVC system while Chevrolet Beat has got this PVC because of which the pickup is sluggish but the mileage is far better than that of Ritz(Ritz pickup is about 16.6 kmpl while that of Beat is 18.6 kmpl). Morever I would like to mention that I would not be using Beat in a crowded city like Kolkata. I have my Alto for that. Beat also has a better suspension than Ritz. Beat LT also has an infotainment system but it is present only in the higher models of Ritz(and it is beyond my means to cross my budget of 4.5 see I am not a very rich man). I agree with you that Figo is not comparable to Ritz. But Beat definitiely is. And Ritz I must say is also overpriced a bit as it has got lesser features. This is my opinion and you may definely not agree with me.(As i see you have rated my review with a single star but there are others who have agreed with me as you can see more than 25 people have found this review helpful.)

  • monty |12 Jul,2010 12:16:38 PM

    hi, I want to buy ritz as my first car. But when i compared it with beat, it has less features at a high price. the beat's highest version priced at anound 4 lakhs having many features(power steering, abs,cd player) but the lxi ritz not having power steering, ABS at 4 lakhs. These features are available in Ritz vxi at 4.6 lakh(still no cd player). I like the ritz looks very much. The A star has all ther features at 4.2 lakhs. Which car should i go with?

  • jignesh desai |07 Aug,2010 03:44:18 PM

    i want to bye a new car.My budget is around 4.5 Lakh. I am beat confused between Beat, Ritz and figo. Can anyone suggest which should i go for.

  • Sumit Sharma |21 Sep,2010 04:31:38 PM

    Jignesh i ll prefer ritz

  • Somani Aniket |04 Oct,2010 11:53:32 AM

    Really wanna tell you guys being a owner of Ritz I am very proud and i swear by it...its making lots of waves and no wonder its car of the year - actually the facebook page is far more better check it out here - ' ....also trust me it is a sturdy and stable car even @170 km/ph

  • ketan mehta |31 Oct,2010 10:43:50 PM

    very useful

  • Jaymin |18 Nov,2010 04:29:07 PM

    Even the driver's height [for 5 feet 10 inch or taller ] is a very imp parameter, where the tall-boy Ritz wins hands down.

  • swapnil halarnkar |12 Dec,2010 09:34:37 AM

    Hi ... Let me tell.. we had finalized on a car which was in our budget as Ritz was not in our budget , but after going through some reviews I found problem with service for that brand although they were giving very good introductry offer, after a week the salseman called me for the booking I told him we are not going for that car , he asked me reason, I told him we are going for Ritz, as there is a problem with service for your brand Car, he just kept his phone down... because he deed know abt thier bad service. also when I went to that showroom there was no courtesy shown by salseman..

  • kt |13 Mar,2011 01:30:04 PM

    let us define how ritz is far better than figo and beat...first ritz(zxi) has steering mounted audio controls that both these cars doesn't..this is very important feature for safe driving. second ritz has engine immoblizer that beat doesn't have..i am amazingly surprised that figo's top end model doesn't have power rear window and u can open only half rear window of figo..ritz has 85 ps power..figo has 71ps power and weight of figo(titanium) is 1090 kg . Power to weight ratio of figo is worst. Ritz has dashboard mounted tachometer which if clearly visible when u r driving as u see on the road while u are shifting gears...beat has very poor rear lights as compare to ritz. ritz's ground clearance 170mm more than other's . ritz has tilt steering and 60:40 split rear seats..while figo and beat dont have..ritz is more spacious than last it is product of maruti suzuki so u get best after sales services ...if u go for a long drive u find maruti's service station every where..imgine about daewoo matiz's owners ka pata nahi..lekin maruti always stands in think carefully before buying any car..

  • kt |13 Mar,2011 06:10:24 PM

    one thing more ritz has widest tyres in its range for better grip on the road and rear fog lamps for enhancing visibility..over all ritz is far better than its competitor ..figo has no rear and front fog lamps..

  • ashish |19 Jul,2011 07:17:08 PM

    conclusion is that . . . Ritz rocks . .. .

  • ksihore |09 Jan,2012 09:06:02 PM

    man ritz is the best.the steering comfortable, the dash board, the gear box, shifts, the stability, the sports syle model, the power, the space,the loyalty tall elegant look,low noise for diesel version in compare to other cars,.....what not, the best car in that range,the service,the samllest turning angle, ....what an invention........u feel like driving a f21 jet.

    Ritesh Madhok |20 Apr,2012 03:26:20 PM

    The aerodynamic styling,front look, and comfort makes it the best in the class, yet the leg space given in the rear seat could have been better like other in competition.

    Ritesh Madhok |20 Apr,2012 03:26:28 PM

    The aerodynamic styling,front look, and comfort makes it the best in the class, yet the leg space given in the rear seat could have been better like other in competition.

    Ritesh Madhok |20 Apr,2012 03:26:37 PM

    The aerodynamic styling,front look, and comfort makes it the best in the class, yet the leg space given in the rear seat could have been better like other in competition.

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