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By for Maruti Kizashi from Cochin 2010-09-14 09:50:22.0
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Pros : Powerful engine,large size,value for money

Cons : Low mileage

Look and Style It looks decent.Mayb the front looks similar to SX4.But the bumpers are different and u have got projector headlamps.And when u turn on the xenon lights,it is in a different class. Comfort Very comfortable seating with luxurious interior. Pickup It may not match the camry but comes close. Mileage Well, mayb the big disadvantage it will face in India.U probably wont get more than 10. Best Features Powerful engine atlast from maruti. Opional 4WD. Gadgets. Needs to improve Mayb they could make it look a bit more like the concept kizashi.That was simply awesome. Mayb they could also add a v6 option. Overall ExperienceThe perfect sedan from maruti.Seems like the car will be on sale soon.Maruti has already opened its website

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  • R L MUTHU VEERAN CHETTIAR |08 Oct,2010 04:03:19 PM

    wats the difference between camry corolla honda ccord and finally our indain ambassador MARUTI SUZUKI kizashi????

    Milap Seth |17 Mar,2011 08:11:45 PM

    ppl uve missed sumthin...the specifications of this car..the car has a 2.4 plus engine n i think it clearly is above da honda civic or the city infact its a more powerful engine than the chevy semi sports car the Cruze. Keeping all the brand names aside and their history...theres the oldest quetion in the book..would you buy a high tech car thats manufactured in india so if nythin goes wrong with it you can toss it to its nearest service station and you know its Maruti..they will fix ur car wether ur stranded in a desert or drownin in the ocean.Also if u compare the spare parts and maitainance of Kizashi to a Scoda or a Honda lower segment car and ull be surprised to see in 10 yrs uve spent enuf to buy another car..!!

    Milap Seth |17 Mar,2011 08:15:37 PM

    do u think the maruti suzuki kizashi is our indian ambassador...??then what happened to the actual Ambassador thats still the car highest politicians and Armed forces Officials feel safe to travel in..?

  • sachin garg |17 Oct,2010 11:09:37 AM

    very hot car yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarr..............

  • dilip |20 Oct,2010 06:50:03 PM

    my god out of this world varooooooooooooooooooommmmmm

  • mruthi |22 Oct,2010 07:26:32 PM

    This car wil b a flop man...Maruthi can never live upto this segment of class.I would definitely prefer a laura!!!!

    Indradeep |12 Jan,2011 04:11:31 PM

    U boast about laura who nobody talks abt. Well have u ever ride SX4? Ride it first, feel the power and thrust of it and then we'll talk abt Kizashi then. I'm sure u own a laura and u have no other option bt to talk abt it coz u can't put it on scrap. Since I've been based abroad for many long years and driven many types of cars (even a friend's ferrari for tht matter) bt our very own maruti has amazed me with that kind of thrust, power & performance...blame our goverment that we dnt have those roads to drive such awesome the way skoda is quite popular in Europe, bt laura is least, whereas in many countries u see SX4 cruising in thts an achievement u so much under-rate. Something of things are actually good in India as in the marutis..we should recognize and highlight it rather than highlighting those which are not even ours...cheers mate!

    Ammy |09 Feb,2011 12:00:56 PM

    Hey Bro Laura is One of the best car in this Segment, by looks , performance, engine, power, Quality, and handling.... Drive it, then open Ur Mouth.

    karan |10 Feb,2011 10:23:51 AM

    @ammy. dude.. no doubts laura is a gud car, be it style, quality interiors, mileage and power. but dont forget that all skoda car's maintenance is pain in a**. i will never buy a car for which i have to pay heavy maintenance every other month. i have many friends repenting aftr buyin a skoda car. down wid Laura... down wid Skoda.

    abhigo86 |27 Apr,2011 05:56:11 PM

    HAHAHAH maruti can only make cheap technology cars, plese don compare with honda , volkswagen, even with chevrolet cruze Please be practical

  • ASHOK |31 Oct,2010 08:48:30 AM

    Maruti Kizashi - why the mailage is so much low ? & Is it camparable with Honda City in any way?

  • Midhun Divakar.A |01 Nov,2010 03:44:31 PM

    Simply Smart...................

  • amit |02 Nov,2010 09:25:08 AM

    At that price, most people will go for Honda City. This car will be a flop.

  • Anirban |19 Nov,2010 11:32:08 PM

    Guys plz get ur concepts clear about the different categories or class first.. HONDA City, Honda Jazz, Maruti Swift Dezire (most probably but a li'll under powered and cheaper tha the rest) are in the same class...Toyota has in fact not launched any vehicle in this category in India yet..they do have vehicle in this class in other markets known as Toyota Yaris- this category is broadly entry level Sedan. The next category is the HONDA Civic category where you have also Toyota Corolla and the SX4. Again the SX4 is cheaper than the others. I guess is is a strategy of Maruti to launch vehicles which are cheapest in their category even though they maybe a bit underpowered. The kizashi seems set for the next category same as Toyota Camry and Honda Accord although less than half compared to the others.... I doubt though that this will be again underpowered compared to the others. But in a price sensitive market like India, Maruti's strategy works..

    Indradeep |12 Jan,2011 04:33:24 PM

    yea...ur right mate! i still feel maruti is capable of keeping the price down because of it home grown vantage. Beyond our boundaries, they are selling @ quite as compared price...Marutis are too good and Im happy they are irritating the so called foreign car lovers since they are foreign..y irritating? coz with cars like SX4 and Kizashi, foreign car lovers are nt able to have that kind of definite stand out, even in terms of price coz they have become pricy too. I have found out that most people dnt knw and never imagined that sx4 cost 9.6 lakhs, coz of its maruti label. But, if u tell abt honda city or civic, by default they take it fr granted that they are expensive cars. Remember, even if the prices are less, they are nt too far apart. Infact, some of the foreign brands are introducing cheaper cars than marutis whereas, no way I feel marutis are in price war with the foreign. They would price according to the car. The foreign brands are going lower in the segment whereas marutis are looking stronger n better with higher end cars..cheers!

    karan |10 Feb,2011 10:31:03 AM

    @anirban sx4 is not in category of civic or carolla. honda city, chevvy aveo and sx4 are C segment cars. while Civic, Laura, Cruze are D segment cars. Suzuki has put Kizashi in between D segment and Luxury car segment like Camry, Teanna etc. so obvious its price is above D segment and below Luxury segment yet giving all the benefits of a luxury sedan. Suzuki itself said in an interview on Kizashi launch in India we are known to create a new segment in India All said, suzuki launched Diesel version in USA, i will rather wait for it. Moreover, depending on its sale/booking they may start manufacturing it in India which will further bring down prices.

  • Deepak mago |30 Nov,2010 10:00:50 PM

    If we get this car with the price mentioned it will be super hit !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super hit !!!!!!!!!

    Indradeep |12 Jan,2011 04:39:19 PM

    yea...u bet singapore where im presently located got some very good response for kizashi..i've a SX4 and i aint that rich tht I can buy another car of tht same budget, bt if i hadn't i wud definately bought it!

  • manavalan |09 Dec,2010 03:15:25 PM

    lousy name for a car

    Indradeep |12 Jan,2011 04:15:07 PM

    u suggest one?

  • GURWINDER SINGH |12 Dec,2010 04:10:14 PM

    I LOVE THIS CAR.....

  • vickie |04 Feb,2011 09:00:35 PM

    this car is not in league with civic or cruze.....i'm not happy with maruti, again they made the same mistake like vitara ..the pick up is not good and engine is not perfect , bit audible and raspy ...CVT gearbox is completely spoils the drive, turbo lag is evident, the lag is long too, the car is not comfy in the rear,no disel option (atleast in india) price tag of 16 to 17 lac...according to me maruti should work on small cars....kizashi can be bought only for features and looks....tht's it ...

    xyz |05 Feb,2011 10:16:56 AM

    have u ever driven this car???????/ how can u so confident abt the failure?????

    vickie |06 Feb,2011 04:21:35 AM

    my friend ...i drove this car in abroad already...tht's why i'm talking about the engine , transmission and interiors..i give comments after i test drive the car...& i'm an auto consultant

    Zubin M Mehta |08 Feb,2011 01:49:19 PM

    Drove this car in abroad?

    vickie |09 Feb,2011 09:11:40 AM

    in singapore and us

  • umesh |05 Feb,2011 01:06:49 PM

    18-22 lacs price segment and SUZUKI ? not a big brand to consider as compare to toyota , skoda, honda, nissan, VW etc. this segment of spending people will never buy as 2-4 lacs spending up and down is not a consideration for them. histroy speaks itself for suzuki in india about the failiure of baleno and grand vitara. nothing much comparable to other brands in this price segment.

  • Yash |08 Feb,2011 01:07:07 AM

    its a nice car but there is no option apart from the leather seats n im not comfortable with buying leather, thats the only thing holding me back from buying this car...

  • rajeev |04 Nov,2012 08:19:51 PM

    Hello Experts, I am planning to buy kizashi because they are providing huge discount of 5 lac and after all on road price is comming to 13.75 lac. will it be good decision to buy kizashi. i drove Cruze but not yet kizashi, cruze is amazing in pickup but not sure of kizashi. how it is fast as compared to cruze.

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