Maruti Cervo Vs Tata Nano

By for Maruti Cervo from Bhubaneswar, Orissa 2010-05-04 11:10:41.0
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Pros : Sporty Design Like Beats

Cons : Base Price should be comparable to Tata Nano

There are plenty of options in the price range of 3-5 Lacs. If Maruti really wants to beat Tata Nano, they have to plan the base model in the range of 1.2 Lac than only mass market will book the vehicle. Even 50% of the mass who have already booked Tata Nano and still not been delivered, will be shifted to Cervo. Target should be to convert 70% of the two wheeler riders to become Cervo customer. By making mass production, it will further reduce the cost. Common Maruti, launch the car with a 1 Lac Tag to make the Auto Segment unstable. Later on for the higher end, you can always increase your profit margin.

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  • Swannima |04 May,2010 11:17:37 AM

    Perfectly mentioned. In-fact Maruti should accept booking even in advance to make highest booking ever in the auto industry before launch of the model which I don't think anyone has made in past. I am not sure if legally it is allowed.

  • Anil Dhamija |05 May,2010 07:41:54 AM

    This product from Maruti stable when introduced would sell like hot cake. The design is excellent the features etc are unknown. But definitely would give a tough competition to NANO. Since it is a product from Maruti and slightly higher priced than Nano people would not mind. The target buyer should be younger generation and two wheeler users.

  • Babu A |11 May,2010 09:00:58 AM

    Really exited waiting to buy the car launch soon oh great Maruthi is launching the indian people car appreciate the Maruthi efforts , if really launch the car for the India Middle class people.

    aman |05 Jan,2011 06:26:33 PM

    car is very nice

  • aditya |13 May,2010 11:06:13 PM

    planning to buy cervo

  • raj |14 May,2010 12:00:04 AM

    cervo will suerly "beat" nano. i'll buy it for sure

    ram |29 Nov,2010 03:27:45 PM

    i think it is better to purchase than nano.., its really good upcoming car from maruti & also for middle class people , i am eagerly waiting for this

    kaushik kher |26 Apr,2011 01:00:41 PM

    i am planning to buy a cervo

  • Santosh |14 May,2010 06:21:49 PM

    To find more details you advice to contact Maruti Dealers.When we ask the dealers they just refuse to give any information pretending that there is no such car in the name of Cervo Maruti is dealing with. I am too confused.

    harshit vatsa |10 Dec,2013 07:43:46 PM

    i like car but.

  • Harshal |15 May,2010 02:32:12 PM

    Cero superrrrrr

  • joginder kataria |24 May,2010 06:11:09 PM

    i want technical specificatoin of maruti cervo car

    kamlesh R Kayastha |05 Feb,2011 10:08:26 PM

    I required technical detail of maruti cervo.

  • paul shant raj |25 May,2010 03:31:58 PM

    As i am planning to buy a car in the near future i think i shall wait for the cervo it seem to be better than nano the reviwes are good.

  • Sachin |09 Jun,2010 04:17:23 PM

    Will be launched after deewali and price will be 2.8-3 lacs. Nano compitition is rumor.

  • anurag srivastava |17 Aug,2010 12:26:13 AM


  • pathak AK |17 Aug,2010 11:06:30 AM

    no mention abt specnification 2 compare with Nn

  • Sachin |17 Aug,2010 05:37:02 PM

    i love this car. realy i need it. i want book now ........... dealy i see this car pitchers and pls adivice me when it came in market ...........................i love it. that's the my dream car.

    Rahul |18 Jan,2011 08:30:37 PM

    Sachin Bhai Kya bol raha hai..pehele soch to le....Intna excited hona thik nahi..zaldi gir zaye ga....

  • Mohan |23 Aug,2010 02:13:55 PM

    When will available Maruti Cervo in Jamnagar (Gujarat) showroom?

  • shakeel |24 Aug,2010 02:37:49 PM

    just like wow

  • murali |26 Aug,2010 07:54:43 PM

    i like very much pls tell me the launch date

    Ashu |10 Nov,2010 09:30:00 AM

    nice looking car

    Gunjan |12 Apr,2011 01:22:18 PM

    April 31, 2011 launching date has been declared by Maruti Cervo

  • ullas |30 Aug,2010 09:36:15 PM

    Maruti is better than Tata. Tatas know only to make good trucks, not cars. Maruti knows to make cars, nothing else. Each has their own field, Nano vs Cervo = lot better. Nano makes you feel as if you are standing inside, not sitting. The car is so tall, it resembles a van actually. Nano made world news for its cheap price, they should have copied something like M800 which still has such a good design

  • paul |31 Aug,2010 04:51:14 PM

    I was going to buy nano but then i came across cervo seem to me this is a good car it looks good and stylish but i dont know any other details when i approched dealers they have no details about the car please let me know the luanch of the car so as to enable me to make a desicion to purchase this car

  • Anshul Gulati |04 Sep,2010 07:39:08 PM

    look is very very good ,beter than nano, but have see the price tag quite more Rs.50,000 than nano, much much better than nano. i will soon buy this car

  • RAJ |19 Sep,2010 10:31:21 PM

    all is good but the multi million question when it is launching cervo

    Tilak |04 Mar,2011 02:22:50 PM

    Not before 2012 April..Its still in the project phase.. Nothing is finalized.

  • pankaj |20 Sep,2010 11:04:19 AM

    i am also waiting for launching cervo the decide which to purchase Nano or Cervo

    Shikha Trivedi |27 Jan,2011 11:58:29 AM

    Even I am confused whether to buy a Nano or Cervo. Plz advise which is better. In the news it says the launch date is 3rd feb 2011. but God knows when it would be launched. So plz let me know as soon as it gets launched. And also which is a better one. The price also.

    PRADEEP THAKUR |23 Feb,2011 02:36:19 PM

    car is very good beter then nano ilike this car

  • sandeep |23 Sep,2010 02:48:32 PM

    cc is very low...pls increase the power...

    Sandeep_Buster |30 Jan,2011 12:50:49 PM

    As u say sir ! Maruti is at ur service mch power wud u like, sir ?

  • Sumeet Kshir |02 Oct,2010 01:51:52 AM

    This is the sexiest Maruti Car

  • subratadutta |08 Oct,2010 03:56:18 PM

    it looks really attractive but the maruti dealers are not aware of the cervo's launching date. hence it is confusing as to how long we should wait for the car. besides the company is also not disclosing any information regarding Cervo.

  • jayanta |24 Oct,2010 09:34:19 PM

    please tell me, what is the cervo launching date ? If the cervo will not launch, I will go for nano car.

  • Sree |25 Oct,2010 02:14:23 PM

    This is just another campaign by maruti to lower nano sales. god knows when the car will actually be launched. plus nobody is really aware of the specifics. The price mentioned is just the factory price. Actual on road price will be much more.

  • Arun |27 Oct,2010 12:39:12 PM

    I need this car. because its a beautiful look better than nano.

  • Vinayak |27 Oct,2010 01:37:16 PM

    yesterday I saw news in TV channel Star Maaza. It was told that maruti is launching cervo in india. It will be available in december this year. surprisingly, there is no such news on internet.

  • Pinak |02 Nov,2010 08:06:47 AM

    Cervo is really the car of my dreams. I would like to book one during launch .

  • Vinayak P Kubal |02 Nov,2010 07:38:57 PM

    i want to buy it now, whom to contact, let me know the details???????????????????????????????????

  • NARENDRA |06 Nov,2010 04:31:45 AM

    Hi All are giving reviews but i think it is not not still declare by Maruti people for its legal launching so if any one know then please tell here.i think all this are fake till now. Cheeers........

  • suraj |06 Nov,2010 10:59:43 PM

    cervo lookwise is so sexiest car and suitable for middle class family

  • VALLABH SHROTRIYA |09 Nov,2010 06:03:52 PM

    Planned for TATA NANO but when see on web wait for test drive of Maruti Cervo.

  • govind |09 Nov,2010 11:24:54 PM

    cervo name is different at the same time car is also different i saw some photo in cervo it is sutable for midd family engine config is good but 60BHP is not enough &660cc not also enough for raz driving plz increase BHP&cc iwana see in real when cervo launch i wanna wait to see it & buy it ??????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • R.Mukherjee |10 Nov,2010 04:23:54 PM

    when will actually the Maruti Cervo launch in the Indian markets?

  • AG |12 Nov,2010 12:37:19 PM

    Any idea when bookings will start for Cervo?

    Team CarDekho |12 Nov,2010 03:07:19 PM

    The Cervo would be mostly launching in the 1st quarter of 2011, await its launch. Thnkas, CarDekho Team

    Jyotirmay |01 Dec,2010 11:22:50 AM

    Dear Friends! Definitely its a good news that Cervo is expected to be launched by 1st quarter 2011. However, don't expect to get one before 2011 end or even mid of 2012 since like Tata Nano, there will be huge number of booking and Maruti will not be able to supply such huge qty at the initial period.

  • Yogendra |12 Nov,2010 02:38:47 PM

    Is Cervo really coming to India ? Or its just a rumor ? No Maruti-Suzuki officials confirmed yet about Cervo. If it is true, it would have been mentioned in Maruti website.

  • By Team CarDekho |12 Nov,2010 03:16:36 PM

    the vehicle would be launched by the first quarter of 2011. The company officials have not confirmed the date/price officially as of now. Thanks, CarDekho Team

  • pandit |17 Nov,2010 12:29:56 PM


  • krishna |02 Dec,2010 06:50:51 PM

    jaldi launch karo bhai munna bhai bhi lin pay laga hay

  • harish |16 Dec,2010 08:07:15 AM

    cervo is reallllly super

  • R.P.MISHRA |18 Dec,2010 05:03:13 PM

    pl tell me more about it

    CarDekho Team |20 Dec,2010 11:21:34 AM

    Hi Mr. R. P. Mishra, This is in regards to your comment for Maruti Cervo, we would like to inform you that Maruti Cervo is expected to be launched in the first quarter of 2011. The car will come in 660 cc liter petrol engine. The car is expected to be priced between Rs. 1.5 to 2 lacs. Thanks

  • Somangshu Biswas |05 Jan,2011 12:59:32 PM

    The Tata Nano with its absymally poor peak time city traffic mileage of 10.5 Kms per litre against the advertised ARAI certified mileage of 23.6 Kms Kms per litre will obviously take a severe beating. However, Maruthi should ensure that the promised and actual peak time city traffic mileage of the Cervo should not be lesser than 16 to 18 Kms per litre. Highway mileage will not be a matter of contention since a car with a 660 cc engine would largely be ussed only for commuting within the city.

  • shiv darshan |06 Jan,2011 11:45:53 AM

    Nice cervo looking Exterear and interear but price should be clear city wise of different varients

  • surjeet |09 Jan,2011 04:36:10 PM

    cervo is looooooooking nice but specifiction r big factor to decide which car is better. as per me nano is like sombody packed in a gunny bag and thron on road.better to watch and see what is offered by maruti as thy deliver nice of now offer looks nice.

  • bovan paul |13 Jan,2011 11:16:26 AM

    I think Cervo will kill nano

  • Mukesh Sharma |16 Jan,2011 09:37:42 PM

    When Maruti is going to quench our thirst for buying Cervo

    Rahul |18 Jan,2011 08:34:57 PM

    It will take time..till that time manage with Aquafina...

  • DALJEET |18 Jan,2011 05:32:56 PM

    Plese let me know what it is the range of this car, sitting capacity,colour when it is expected to launch

    Rahul |18 Jan,2011 08:33:56 PM

    Daljit Bhai....15 people can sit at a time...kafi hai na... Agar family aur bada hai to XXL bhi available hai...

    CarDekho Team |19 Jan,2011 12:25:29 PM

    Dear User, We would like to inform you that Maruti Suzuki has not disclosed the exact launch date of Maruti Cervo but as per the sources, Maruti Cervo is expected to launch around March-April, this year. The car is speculated to come in the price tag range of 1.5 lakhs to 2.2 lakhs and will have seating capacity for 5 passengers. Thanks

  • satyam |19 Jan,2011 04:39:30 PM

    really, this car is definatily defeat the tata nano by NOs. nano is not quite good looking and comfortable. i hope this one crack the record of all. i wish maruti cervo engg. and manufaturing team all teh best.......

  • sac |21 Jan,2011 02:12:38 PM

    cervo ROCKS..!!!

  • shobha |25 Jan,2011 05:51:32 PM

    tata nano peksha khupach stylish aahe,i am waiting for launching carvo car

  • V.K.Haridas |26 Jan,2011 09:09:27 AM

    Seen a lot of comments based on expectations only.Making an opinion without experience means beating the bush in the darkness. Maruti never introduce a substandard model to compete nano.

    Haridas_Eye_opener |30 Jan,2011 12:54:30 PM

    Maruti stopped producing its M800 soon after Nano was launched. Do u think they did this to bring out a BMW-competitor later on, huh ?

  • kishor Jha |30 Jan,2011 11:12:38 PM

    very nice lookng car at that lowest price sagment. Planning to buy a car with in 4 month. so its may beter option to me also rather tha riding a bike.

  • Vickie Vittal |09 Feb,2011 09:37:51 AM

    cervo looks better and thousand times better than nano in pictures.....good car indeed thanks to maruti for creating another small car....i will wait fr this will be big hit..if specced properly....worth waiting for this car....thanks maruti once again...

  • YOGESH |14 Feb,2011 01:44:36 PM

    cervo car nice car for maruti

  • YOGESH |14 Feb,2011 01:48:20 PM

    neno car se to bahut hi bhadiya hogi maruti cervo........ YES MARUTI....YES.......MARUTI WEL COM TO GUJRAT AHEMDABAD YES YES

  • mandeep thakur |02 Mar,2011 05:44:18 PM

    nano car se to bhaut bhadiya car hai ye nice model ?

  • Mandeep thakur |02 Mar,2011 05:47:06 PM


  • mandeep kaur |03 Mar,2011 12:34:03 PM

    auto gear car hai? to best hai.

  • Tilak |04 Mar,2011 02:25:23 PM

    This car is still in its project phase.. It is not getting launched before Arpil 2012.. And the price is nowhere near the rumored 1.5 lakhs.. It will be priced between 2.2 lakhs and 3.9 lakhs.. Though nothing is finalized.. It looks good undoubtedly and with Maruti's tag on it, the quality will definitely be damn good..

  • Dr Ranji Gogoi |16 Jun,2011 10:43:08 PM

    cervo car is attractive look . Hope boot space is good .Request for increase pick up .

  • Sedhuraja |23 Jun,2011 11:21:07 AM

    very nice car i wish to buy this car when will lanch lanching is ongoing

  • sukhdev Shelke |01 Jul,2011 05:16:05 PM

    Khup Stylish Aahe, pan kadhi launch honar. Majha mitra Neelu and Dash la khup garaj aahe...

  • Neelesh Nair |01 Jul,2011 05:17:49 PM

    Nice Car... When it is going to launch? I m planning to buy a bike...

  • amit verma |13 Jul,2011 02:02:46 PM

    super hot and sexy look car by maruti jiyo maruti

  • Nitu Kalita |02 Sep,2011 12:14:59 PM

    I like this car..I think cervo is better then Neno...

  • dinesh mandawat |21 Oct,2011 04:35:53 PM

    cervo when lunch then clean swap tata nano

  • rabisankar rabidas |23 Dec,2011 02:27:08 PM

    i just want to buy a nano but the cervo is superbe i want to know when will it launch?or booking start.

  • Mrinal Kanti Mallick |09 Feb,2012 02:14:03 PM

    i just want to buy a nano but the carvo is superbe i want to know when will it launch?or booking start

  • Nabyendu Sarkar |15 Apr,2012 10:35:02 PM

    I want to know when will it launch?or booking start

    Rajib |17 Apr,2012 03:39:14 PM

    I think this is a fake news. Till now Maruti did not declared it Itself, that they are planning to release Maruti Cervo. I think this car is designed for Japan only. That is, SUZUKI CERVO. Which are successfully running in Japan. Nowadays best buy Option iS: HYundai EOn.

  • Arun |03 May,2012 06:20:32 PM

    cervo when lunch then clean swap tata nano

  • chandan pawar |04 May,2012 01:59:53 PM

    hi, I have seen comments from 2010 but now it should be launched soon to availa benifit so that we can confirm that news is not fake it can caputre market since maruti is a big brand

  • rajesh kumar |03 Jun,2013 04:38:17 PM


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