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Pros : Dual tone interiors, gear position, gear transmission(shiftment), tyre size, legroom, Killer looks.

Cons : Back looks are not that good

Look and Style : Amazing looks, headlamps and tank look from the front is just awesome. I fell in love with this car on day 1 when I took the test drive.

Comfort: Seating (rear/front) is quite comfortable in this urban box. Gear position is extremely comfortable. Gear shift is just smooth and dimensions are comparable with Swift or Grand i10, which I was planning to buy earlier.

Pickup: This is the grey area, may be, for driving enthus. Considering 1000CC K-series engine and mammoth sized car. at lower speeds where we can consider to get a good pickup in 3rd gear, you might have to come down to 2nd. Over all pickup out of 10, I will give 7 because it meets my needs. :)

Mileage: Wow!!! on my second day of purchase, I took it for a long drive Pune-Bangalore highway. Amazingly I got an average of 19 . Ideally after the first service we get such mileages.

Best Features: Dual tone interiors, gear position, gear transmission(shiftment), tyre size, legroom, Killer looks.

Needs to improve: Back looks.. are not that good enough, if compared with front view. But considering the price it is okay!!!

Overall Experience: 8.5/10. Amazing experience so far!! My A/c is always on and getting a good mileage so far!!!

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  • VAIBHAV |19 Mar,2014 06:56:40 AM


    Imran |19 Mar,2014 06:53:05 PM

    CELERIO VXi - Manual

    Sandeep |20 Apr,2014 11:01:32 PM

    Hi... you have purchased the car 1 month ago... what is your opinion now and what about mileage Is there any problem like vibration felt by you while driving.

    mahmud |04 Jan,2015 03:56:55 PM

    Hi Imran, From last September 2014 I also own a Celerio Vxi AMT. When the car was handed over to me the average mileage shown on the monitor was 11.2 km/L. The second day when I drove a trip of around 50 it improved even up to 19.4 km/L. But after approximately 1000 kms it dropped to be 16.4 or so. The Maruti centre people say it will improve once the periodic services are done and I'm in that expectation. Otherwise my overall experience with the car is satisfactory. What would you say?

    sandwep |20 Apr,2015 03:45:49 PM

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    rajat sharma |15 Dec,2015 09:27:58 PM

    Helo imran ji my self rajat and i planning to buy celerio in petrol vxi manual can you please tell me the mileage in city

    ram |11 Apr,2017 06:50:40 PM

    very good car in city i got 19 km pl & highways 22 lmpl

    sandwep |20 Apr,2015 03:44:05 PM

    Get emi free car call me 09711529507

    Gaurav Chauhan |08 May,2016 03:16:32 PM

    How can I get EMI free car ?

    naveen |10 Nov,2015 11:19:25 PM

    Vxi is best modal

  • Aryan Patodia |19 Mar,2014 07:35:04 PM

    it is vvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy gooooooood

    Imran |20 Mar,2014 12:37:14 PM

    Absolutelyy.... the car is very nice :):)

  • ANkur |21 Mar,2014 02:52:13 PM

    Hi Imran, Nice review, I want to buy this car with Manual transmission, could you please suggest me which version should I buy?. Are you quite satisfied on ur decision? I am confused because till the time I did not find any review on Celerio Manual transmission. Please suggest

    Imran |21 Mar,2014 03:25:19 PM

    Hi Ankur, Thanks. I believe on Indian roads, if you know a li'l bit of driving, should go for Manual as compared to Auto gear shift. Instant gear shift as per road and traffic conditions, in manual ists quicker and far more efficient. Agrred AMT does come with Manual mode but again there may be some latency in transmission... so!!!! My thumbs are up for manual. If i have to buy it for my parents I would go for AMT but for me.. !no! What is your budget? My take will be on VXi and the reasons are - * You'll all windows power windows * Child lock * Single key all doors - auto lock. * You can put music system as per your choice (which will be by n far cheaper than next higher variant in-built music system) - i have got double din SONY music system with JBL speakers. The quality is just great. * You can ask for Body color door handle and mirror(2 mirrors) - it will cost you around 1500Rs. All in all, you have got all top end features except ABS & airbags. What else am I missin? All your needs are met.. So you can go for it. *Your second question - Am i satisfied or not? Answer - Yes, a lot satisfied. I was researching from past 4 months and it all happened when Maruti sales executive brought Celerio for a test drive (manual) and told me about its specs. I took almost 4 test drives (city+ highway)... Only then I had my decision. Moreover Maruti Suzuki is a great brand in itself... + Service quality is just awesome ( My dad is driving Maruti Suzuki prods from past 8 years).

    Imran |26 Mar,2014 07:22:44 PM

    Ankur, now you have got one more reviewer for Celerio VXI-Manual. Read below Tony's review on it.

    vaishnavi |17 Apr,2014 02:51:51 PM

    hey imran, nw m plannin to go fr vxi model as zxi is nt available, the sales guy told me that body coloured mirror and door handles wil cost me 4k and remote lockin 5k and music system JBL 4 speakers 4 DIN wil cost me 12k. pls advise. i wanna knw the ri8 rate fr al these.. thanks :)

    Imran |12 May,2014 01:01:45 PM

    Hi Vaishnavi, i might be late to reply, just now saw ur query, Well, you can very well negotiate with the dealer for Body color handles and mirror ( it cost me around Rs.1500/-) and why are you going for all 4 JBL speakers, you can opt 2 JBL speakers for front and 2 normal speakers for rear door(Alpine is a good brand) along with 2 DIN music system. Am not sure about remote locking cost :(

  • ANkur |21 Mar,2014 03:47:00 PM

    Thanks a lot Imran for providing such a wonderful reply. This will be my 1st car and I don't have much idea on this area. My budget is around 5L, so I think VXI model will be good in my budget.

    Imran |21 Mar,2014 04:13:38 PM

    Do check out for any offers and on-road price. Good time to purchase as the excise has already been reduced. Get a good deal for Music system and speakers. I would suggest to go for atleast two speakers of 150 RMS. ( for front doors) and normal speakers for rear doors and a tweeter. Thanks by the way for your compliment. :) Good day.

    ANkur |21 Mar,2014 04:47:03 PM

    I am in Pune, as you already done enough research, which dealer you would suggest me to contact for best offer and on road price? Have you installed the music system from Maruti dealer itshelf or from outside? How much cost of it for Sony music system you get installed?

    Imran |21 Mar,2014 04:52:25 PM

    Sai service. Yes, i have installed it from Maruti dealer ( reason being, chances of warranty being lapsed, if any wire cut happens or so). Sony double din music syst will cost u around 10k and speakers ( depending upon the size and RMS) 2 JBL and 2 ALPINE will cost u around 6k.

  • ANkur |21 Mar,2014 07:24:52 PM

    Thank you so much Imran :-)

  • Imran |21 Mar,2014 07:32:14 PM

    The pleasure is all mine :) Hve a great day!! We will form a Celerio Community and stay in touch for Our Car related solutions/suggestions/assistance. More ppl will join us and can be a help to everyone. What say.!!! Just an idea.

    VAIBHAV |22 Mar,2014 06:48:21 AM

    please form community..

  • dipin dhingra |22 Mar,2014 01:40:45 AM

    What about VXI AT? i took test drive. looks good. what about mileage?

    Imran |24 Mar,2014 12:17:31 PM

    Hi Vipin, Even i took the test drive of VXi Automatic transmission, If you read my review above, i have given my vote to VXi Manual. I have felt a latency in AMT as compared to Manual. If you're a driving enthusiast and know a lil bit of driving then in manual variant you would love to drive. No doubt the autmatic transmission of Maruti Celerio is good, but the choice is yours. Your second question - Mileage: Not sure of AMT but manual will give you around 18+ with A/C on City roads (traffic included). Hope this will help you.

  • raghavan |22 Mar,2014 07:18:45 AM

    is it autogear. and which r the colors available. :)

    Imran |25 Mar,2014 05:40:13 PM

    Yes Raghavan, it comes in two variant Automatic Transmission and Manual Transmission (our regular cars). For Colors you may check out on Maruti Suzuki official website, as far as i know Glistening GREY is there, Silky silver, White, Orange(i dnt know what do they call it). For AMT, in short words, there is system that puts gear for you depending on various parameters. Take a test drive and you will be amazed to see the transmission. The AMT version has manual mode as well i.e. (+) will lead you gear increment and (-) will lead you to gear down... uhh just like console video games. Hope it will help you.

  • Hitesh Patel |24 Mar,2014 06:23:16 PM

    I have booked Zxi version. more 30 K than Vxi. company fitted music system goes to 20K + body color 4 handle + Electronics adjust ORVM + adjustable stering + titl back glass with wiper BIG PLUS for Driver side Airbage. My Opinion is go for Zxi

    Gokul |06 Oct,2015 06:42:34 PM

    Sir hw was the Audio system in the celerio ZXI MODEL

    gokul |17 Jan,2016 11:28:26 AM

    Hi sir Wat about the Audio System quality is it average or Ok

  • Imran |24 Mar,2014 06:56:50 PM

    SONY double din music system along with JBL (best in class) 150 RMS speakers, company fitted comes in less than 15K. * About Electronic adjust ORVM - My open question - How many times while driving do we adjust it? hardly once or twice. Agreed, it looks good, but even i minor jerk or crack will lead you to loose your pockets (considering the type of traffic). I have an example where my frnd has this electronic adjust ORVM and overtaking biker hit it and the motor went off. Ask these dealers how much they will charge you for replacing ( they dnt replace instead they put up a new one). VXi variant has internal non-electronic adjustable ORVM which is quite effective. You may reconsider your thought. Adjustable steering - Yes this is something required if you have multiple drivers to same vehicle having diff heights. Otherwise, just think, will you be tilting it everytime for a new journey.!! NO!! Then why to increase your budget. Driver side airbag - It is equally applicable for co-driver's seat, isnt it? Then one shd go for Dual airbags. Celerio does lag in safety (in terms of airbags), but considering your max travel on city roads, You may opt for VXi.

    Hitesh Patel |25 Mar,2014 04:31:20 PM


    Imran |25 Mar,2014 05:32:56 PM

    Hi Hitesh, looks like your comment hasnt got submitted properly.

    Nataraj |03 Dec,2015 07:06:14 AM

    Plz suggest Imran about maintenance of i10 and celerio vxi

  • Tony K |26 Mar,2014 07:11:41 PM

    Hi guys ! Good to see Celerio people here. Even I have got a Celerio-VXi-Manual from Varun motors, Hyderabad. I am driving it for almost a month now. Total city usage with almost 60% AC usage and the on-board system tells that the mileage is 18-ish(I guess it would get better after the 1st service). Things I like so far: 1) Crisp & quick gear shift 2) Refined engine 3) Easy and pretty responsive steering that makes this car very maneuverable (For those who love the Figo, you won't get that much feedback) 4) Live mileage indicator(this is different from the overall mileage indicator), which helps you to drive efficiently and makes you forget about the fact that there is no RPM indicator in the VXi model. 5) Comparably high seating position. 6) Good rear visibility, which is very helpful in traffic as well as while reversing / parking. 7) Very beautifully put together interiors, with ample storage options. 8) Boot space is good too, and gets enhanced with the 60:40 folding seats. 9) Happy passengers who find the rear seating space and headroom to be ample. Yeah, people do have a mixed reaction to the way the rear part looks, but at the same time everyone loves the design of the front. The overall built quality of the body is also liked by many of my friends. Pickup is good enough, considering the 1000cc engine. I would put it as a value for money car, which is practical for most of the city users.

    Imran |26 Mar,2014 07:19:04 PM

    I second your point Tony. Welcome to The Celerio community. Yeah, I would say it is 'value for money car' :) You've mentioned almost all the points - Liked it. We will form up a community on FB or so where we can share our experiences/sugegstions/pointers/solutions. Great to see!! Have a good day.

    Bhaskar |27 Mar,2014 11:17:09 AM

    Hi Imran & Tony K, Congrats on your cars. Good to hear that car is performing well. I too have booked Manual version but Zxi(o) variant. The car will be delivered in 2 weeks. Regards, Bhaskar

    Imran |27 Mar,2014 12:12:44 PM

    Hi Bhaskar, ...Many Congratulations!!!! Would like to read your reviews here :) Welcome to the CELERIO community !!! .Life is taking a LEAP. :)

    Bhaskar |27 Mar,2014 05:59:20 PM

    Thanks Imran. Sure I will post my review :)

    sanjay |03 Jul,2014 02:15:53 PM

    Dear bhaskar, pl. give ur feedback and experince for zxi(0). Average and benifit as compared to VXI

    Ramesh |13 May,2014 05:49:26 PM

    Do you feel vibrations when you cross 100+Km /hr ?

  • Rahul |26 Mar,2014 07:25:24 PM

    It s a nice car.

  • vaishnavi |27 Mar,2014 03:29:50 PM

    Hi. i too have booked a celerio zxi manual transmission. bt the dealers say it ll take a mnth fr delivery of the car. M very excited. :)

    Imran |27 Mar,2014 03:33:10 PM

    Many Congratulations Vaishnavi :) I am sure you will fall in love with this Celestial CAR.

    vaishnavi |28 Mar,2014 04:31:12 PM

    Thanks a lot n congratulations to u 2. :) m sure i ll love it.

    Bhaskar |30 Mar,2014 02:42:19 PM

    Hi Vaishnavi, I booked Zxi(O) a month ago. Now I heard from my dealer that Zxi and Zxi(O) waiting period are 6-7 months!! How about yours, are you sure you will get withing one month? I am thinking of booking Vxi which is available now. I am confused between Swift Vxi and Celerio Vxi :-| Imran, which one you would suggest to me? Swift or Celerio? This is my first car! Thanks.

    Imran |31 Mar,2014 05:40:37 PM

    Thanks Vaishnavi. :) As mentioned by Bhaskar, I know about the waiting period has gone to 5-6 months in Pune!! Whoaa!! Can't really wait. ............................... | Bhaskar, your'e getting confused between Swift Vxi and Celerio VXi - earlier to which, I was also in the same dilemma. My suggestion has got few parameters to take on - 1). Most importantly, what is your budget? Roughly there will be difference of Rs.75000/- Swift on higher side(ofcourse). Performance wise - Swift is on higher side (considering 1197 cc engine capacity) as compared to K-next 1000cc engine but again how much will it matter in ur daily life where u have to deal with a lot of traffic at lower speeds. Looks wise - Swift is proven, Celerio has killer looks in this price range. Leg room/space is almost same as Swift, infact better. Now comes the most important factor - MILEAGE, My new Celerio is giving me 18+ on city roads. How much new Swift gives - between 12-13kmpl. Quite enough to take a call. Right!!!

    Bhaskar |03 Apr,2014 01:04:30 PM

    I am going with Swift Vxi since my budget was 6 lakh. I liked swift :) I would have bought Celerio if Zxi(O) was there.

    Bhaskar |03 Apr,2014 01:04:57 PM

    Thanks Imran for your Suggestions. :)

    vaishnavi |01 Apr,2014 12:13:31 PM

    Hi Bhaskar, i stay in mumbai. i have not received ne sort of communication frm their end. i hope to get it soon. how did u knw tht the waiting period has increased to 6 mnths ? did they communicate it to u ?

    Bhaskar |03 Apr,2014 01:02:48 PM

    I called them to enquire about the delivery of the my car. He told he told that there is no production of Zxi or Zxi(O). It could take 2-3 months... He couldn't able to give approximate waiting period. Hence I checked with other dealers, they told me it would take 4-7 months. But when I checked in Bangalore, they told it could be 2-3 months. Well i think these dealers have no clue i think. Check with your dealer otherwise they will come back after one month and say that.. it will take more months.

    vaishnavi |03 Apr,2014 04:11:36 PM

    Ya i cald him today n chkd wit him. he said he ll try n arrange it as soon as possible. hoping for the best :) hopefully shud b able to receive the delivery of my car by the ned of this mnth. :)

    Bhaskar |03 Apr,2014 05:30:17 PM

    Oh fine great. Hopefully you get it within one month. :)

  • Kapil |28 Mar,2014 01:10:46 PM

    Hello all, :) I too have booked Celerio VXi - Manual. I was looking for ZXi, but found that VXi is in budget with almost all the utilities. M waitn 4 it, desperatley.

    Imran |31 Mar,2014 05:45:36 PM

    Many Congratulations Kapil :) Hope to see ur reviews here.

  • Madhusudhan B |30 Mar,2014 01:34:08 AM

    Hi guys..pls clear my doubts to get a clarity. I'm a new learner. Just learnt driving with a driving school fellow who controlled clutch,brake with his foot at left side of the car along with me. I thought I learnt the car vary fast but when I tried it in my friend's car, I found difficulty in taking reverse/parking and also shifting if gears with clutch. Car was getting stopped almost many times when I tried to move in 1st gear. Any how, now I have a very little bit of confidence of driving a manual geared car thinking that it's not a big issue to learn it. I've booked Vxi AT a month back and it may be delivered somewhere around May-14 1st week. After driving school incident I changed it to Lxi MT and almost getting delivered. Then I changed it to Lxi AT as I thought to get rid of this gear shifting JHANJHAT. Frankly I'm thinking that, if I learn/get experience driving on my new celerio, new gearbox may get damage or give poor performance in future. Am I thinking correctly or is there no problem of learning on my new celerio. Salesman is forcing me to go for MT as AT may take 2 more months. I'm confused what to do ? Pls help me guys. Also, confused about version. Lxi/Vxi/Zxi. are power windows and central locking needed. I thought to go for Lxi as there are not too many differences in Lxi and Vxi except the ones mentioned above. Why to waste money, or else go gor top end Zxi with all features.

    Imran |31 Mar,2014 05:58:16 PM

    Madhusudan, your doubt on colours - Well, Your salesman is correct that white/Silky silver is safer in terms of maintaining it. Talking about colors like Red or Blue, it needs daily cleaning as dust will look more prominent as compared to silky silver. Any scores or scratches will be quite visible in blue/Red maroon (may require touching to ponce back) whereas in silky silver/white color its quite safer. ....... Birds dropping may react with color but am nt sure on this. You may take reviews from users who have got this maroon red or blue color. . and yeah you will have to employ daily cleaning guy for ur car, another kharcha of approx Rs500/- per month. Choice is urs.

  • Madhusudhan B |31 Mar,2014 06:00:42 AM

    one more doubt i got. I love blue colour but salesman is telling that white is safer and its color will not get dim/sahdeout due to climate conditions(sunlight,acid rains etc) as the time passesand also resale value for white is more/good. Do color matters. I may sell my celerio after 10-15 yrs to upgrade to higher version. pls help.

    Imran |31 Mar,2014 03:00:57 PM

    Hi Madhusudan,...First of all, Congratulations for booking Celerio. Coming to your second point for selecting between Manual or Automatic transmission. [Read below] ----- See it all depends if you're a drving enthusiast. Even when i learnt driving (not from any driving school), i used to think that I may not be able to drive efficiently, but now i consider myself towards pro (in driving). You will have to get good hands-on practive on your own car to understand how it responds (in the sense, gear shifting, manueavering and braking). You will maximum take a month to do that and slowly you will be a pro of ur car. I used to learn in my colony for a month(very slowly) and then eventually i took it outside, then highway and then I got perfect hands on my prev car. . ......................... AMT is good, no doubt, but i feel there is a latency in gear shifting as compared to manual car. For example you're drving on highway in D-Drive mode and you feel you want to overtake a bus and want to shift down your gear ( or for any other immediate reason) you may get jumbled up in AMT+/- mode and its quite risky, atleast on highways(try not to be too heroic). That's one reason but as you have mentioned jhanjhat, this jhanjhat (in manual) will get over once ur car starts responding well after learning it. Hope this will help u.

    shweta |25 Jun,2015 05:15:34 PM


  • Madhusudhan B |31 Mar,2014 08:20:48 PM

    Thank u Imran for review. Clear my one more doubt of version. should i go for Lxi/Vxi/Zxi. I'm thinking about money. I'm thinking that instead of giving money to maruti for all the facilities in Vxi/Zxi, I want to take Lxi and get power windows & central locking outside to save money. Now tell me whether outside made power windows & centrla locking differ from maruti. If yes, in terms of what like looks, safety, maintenance, efficiency of work done. Are power windows required as no children are there for us right now. what is the maximum and usefule purpose of power windows and central locking. Can i go for Zxi without thiking of money. or else take Vxi and get music system and speakers outside. Which one is better. Pls reply asap as i've decided to go for MT after ur reply. If version is decided, I'll pay the amount.

    Hitesh Patel |01 Apr,2014 10:58:04 AM

    Hello Madhusudhan, dont go for Lxi, front steel grill not include in this version, which looks very good also tyre size reduce in this version. I got my Vxi 3 days ago.. I will add following accessories compare to zxi... Music system + speaker = 10000 Remote Central Locking = 2400 Body color handles/mirror =1800 Earliner I was thinking for zxi, but long waiting list for zxi in selected color of white/silver/gray so i buy vxi. Price diff is 30000 btw vxi and zxi, u will get other accessories in approx 15000 for vxi as above exclude only driver side airbag. I think go for Vxi. but choice is yours... :)

    krunal |05 Jun,2014 11:16:38 PM

    hi hitesh which music system spec you choose ?? and also remote central lock is just 2400 is it? i checkd with sai service in pune .. it is saying 4000 around i is fair cost?

    Imran |01 Apr,2014 12:20:48 PM

    Hi Madhusudan, Dont opt for power windows and central locking from outside. Yes they are different from Maruti Genuine accessories and they may tamper ur car warranty (Electric fitting), to save money you might end up paying more later. For ur second question - Power Windows is anyways a good option and has really got nothing to do with children :) When u r spending money - then why nt go for VXi ( it will have central locking [key]), + Power windows). ...... Yes you may get music system n speakers outside but again go to a branded shop to get it done. SONY double din music system + JBL speakers(4) + Alpine speakers will cost u around 15k. U may get the combination changed for speakers and get the deal in 10k.

  • Madhusudhan B |01 Apr,2014 11:22:43 AM

    thank u imran. by the way, what is remote central locking. is it like keyless entry. pls tell me the brand name and model nos of music system and speakers which come at 10000 bucks as u told. What is earliner. Can i go for Zxi if it is available now or waiting period is less like 1 or 2 weeks. I think air bags are safety concerned. Is tilt steering not necessary for me. I'll only drive the vehicle as my wife don't know to drive. pls reply before 12 pm if possible so that i can call salesman and tell him to collect cheque.

    Imran |01 Apr,2014 01:03:51 PM

    Remote central locking is an electronic system where you can lock and unlock all the doors by a remote which is installed in ur car key. VXi variant will have Central locking but there wont be any remote. And for Music system u may opt for double din SONY Xplod, + 4 Speakers you will get it in 11k-12k. Dont get confused and I would suggest u to go for VXi. Value for money car. :)

  • Madhusudhan B |01 Apr,2014 11:40:43 AM

    sorry hitesh, it was mentioned wrongly as imran.

  • Madhusudhan B |01 Apr,2014 01:24:46 PM

    Thank u imran. I've decide to take Vxi & told the salesman to confirm Vxi and deliver it asap. Ur reviews helped me a lot. If I've browsed this website a month before, by now I would be driving my dream car. Thanks again.

  • Hitesh Patel |01 Apr,2014 02:56:18 PM

    congrats... Madhusudhan Pioneer 2 Din music system ( which cover all empty area) looks dashboard decent, u can find models online but install it from locally. Imran, told answer about remote lock Here in AHmedbad On Road Price of Vxi is 4.70 Lakh, what about in ur city ?

    Imran |01 Apr,2014 03:18:05 PM

    Anytime....Congrats Madhusudan :)... Yeah you can go either for Pioneer 2 Din music system (as mentioned by Hitesh) or SONY Xplod G88UI and will cover the empty area on dashboard. Quality wise both are 19-20, ask ur sales man to show u both the models and ask if 150RMS speakers will be compatible with the music system. See, u will be putting up the speakers only once so why not go for 150 RMS speakers (front two speakers) with twitters... These two speakers will cost u around 4K but the sound quality is just awesome. ...............................................Hitesh, VXi in pune is 4.74 lacs. What about Madhusudan's city?

    debamitra ghosh |13 Feb,2015 02:42:07 PM

    Hi Imran......I'm Debamitro.....whats there in option in d ZXI OPTIONAL version ?? I'm planning to get a new one nxt mnth....

  • Madhusudhan B |03 Apr,2014 07:45:22 AM

    I'm from Baroda n here it's 4.72 lacs. are DAPIC music system, nippon speakers good. My dealer s having only nippon speakers and music system is also of high price compared to outside shops. Salesman is telling that warranty will get void once wiring gets cut by the outside shop's fitting persons. But the shop owner is telling they also do take care of warranty of the car and do socket to socket connection only and not by cutting the wires. There may be a price diff.of around 3-4K from dealer to outside.

  • Madhusudhan B |03 Apr,2014 07:48:05 AM

    how about installing a LCD on roof top for viewing videos by rear seaters also as music system with LCD will be not visible by rear seaters comfortably. Which brand is good for roof top LCD.how much it costs. will there be any issues in long run with it.

  • Madhusudhan B |07 Apr,2014 03:16:35 PM

    Hi Imran/hitesh, pls help me n reply asap. I've decided to put 2din sony XAV65/63 model with 6 sony speakers from outside. But the dealer is telling that if it's fitted outside, warranty of electrical things mainly ECU warranty will be void as they cut wires n do it. But outside dealer is telling that it'll be joined socket to socket only n any company fitted wires will not be cut. Player's price is 16990 in maruti dealer and 13000 in outside dealer. I asked maruti why it is given at MRP. so they replied it's a genuine accessory and outside dealer's player may not be a genuine one. They told if i fit player outside and bring car to showroom to check the wiring warranty status, they will show what wrongly has done by outside dealer and how my warranty will be void. Salesman is helpless and telling that to go for 1din player given by maruti of ALPINE make in a package. I got frustrated why these company dealers make me feel that y did i go for a car. Is it a wrong decision/sin to save my hard earned money. If at all, if i fit my player outside, pls tell me that will this cause any problems to ECU in future. What electrical parts will not be covered by warranty once thae SAID warranty gets void as per maruti. Kindly pls elaborate and help me out imran bhai.

    VAIBHAV |07 Apr,2014 06:12:38 PM

    You may check that with other authorised maruti dealer. you may get good offer.

    Imran |09 Apr,2014 12:28:15 PM

    See, there are two things - First, its quite obvious that the Maruti dealer wud not like u to install music system from outside: reason being; just in case something wrong happens in circuit, you will snatch collar of ur dealer and not outside music shop wala. Second thing, how will u be so sure that music system from outside is genuine..(consider the fact that outside world is full of cheats :) No PUN intended). It will be a matter of 2k-3k max but in a long run you will be satisfied - Suppose u have fitted ur music system from dealer and tomorrow it stops working then u dnt have to run after music company - Maruti dealer will take all pain for u..thats for sure. If any Maruti Dealer is reading this post, do comment on it........ and sorry for late reply as i was on leave. Have a great time.

  • Madhusudhan B |07 Apr,2014 07:06:35 PM

    what imran/hitesh,, no replies till now.. i'm waiting for replies..guys pls help me out

  • sachin |08 Apr,2014 07:02:36 PM

    Hii everyone, I am planning to buy celerio Vxi model but I am confused between white and grey colours. Please advise which colour I should choose considering all the parameters( like resale value, maintenance requirement etc.). Thanks in advance.

    Tony K |14 Apr,2014 11:28:41 AM

    Sachin, your concern is genuine. I went to the showroom with Blue colour in my mind, but wasn't really impressed, and liked white one instead (didn't see the grey one though). The only solution I suggest to you is to have a look at the model at the showroom(s), as the overall look is pretty different than how it looks in videos and pictures.

    sachin |28 Apr,2014 11:30:12 PM

    Thanks Tony. Earlier I booked Zxi model but your review changed my mind and I booked Vxi (waiting period for ZXi was about 3-4 months too). I chose to book Celerio in grey colour since white is very common and grey was looking better and black coloured rear view mirrors and black in front were matching better in grey coloured celerio.

  • dipin |08 Apr,2014 07:20:35 PM

    I was thinking of buying AT version, but the wait is long. so I think manual VXI is also good. what do you say'? and is silky silver good color for celerio?

    sachin |28 Apr,2014 11:32:39 PM

    I would suggest to look white and grey before finalizing it.

  • K R Mohan |11 Apr,2014 09:28:13 AM

    I just booked a Vxi Celerio for my son in Bangalore at Bimal Motors. I test drove an auto gear shift version and was impressed. Car looks good. But delivery is 7 months and hence we settled for manual. Imran's reviews, suggestions and advice are excellent and very helpful. Good work Imran.

    Imran |15 Apr,2014 04:13:11 PM

    Thanks K R Mohan, .... !!! And Many Congratulations :) Hope to see ur reviews here.

  • Madhusudhan B |14 Apr,2014 12:56:13 PM

    Hi frnds, happy to share with u dat I became a CELERIAN(don't know this word is right or not but used as it sounds good n matches with my celerio-who cares-r8) on 9th april. Got fed up of waiting for AT n finally took MT. Guys, this is car is really awesome. Feeling like to drive always in the car. not interested to go home. like to keep on driving but pockets are getting empty due to high fuel prices. any how, i'm taking it with me everywhere. I'm the 1st owner of celerio in my frnds circle and obviously all are asking about its performance. What to tell, as per me, there are no CONS to this car. This is my 1st car. U can read my earlier conversations by which u can get the idea of my driving. Now, i'm able to ride it like a master. I've added accessories woth 30K from outside only, including music system and speakers. I stood there and ensured that they make socket to socket joint and not cutting ny wires to loose the warranty. Maruti is making money in accessories only as they are not giving any offers in celerio. They sell accessories at MRP which is remarkably high when compared to outside reknowned accessory sellers. Just personally look after the fit up jobs and u'll be safe. Thanks to all who added their valuable comments and suggestions to get this car.

  • nitin |14 Apr,2014 10:30:25 PM

    Dear all celerians, I am planning to buy my first car with a budget up to 5lakhs. I finalised 2 model from maruti 1.wagor cng (due to its higher efficiency with low cost CNG and space in cabin) 2. Celerio (more space, comparative good petrol mileage) To be honest I am more in love with celerio but can not ignore the long term running avantage with CNG wagon R. So my question to all of you is which car should I prefer if my monthly average running is not more than 600 Kms. i had also been listening since past that CNG fuel prices are set to rise specially after elections. please help me with ur views (specially Imran , Tony, Hitesh), I am really confused.

    Madhusudhan B |15 Apr,2014 08:37:42 PM

    Hi nitin, I too thought of going CNG actually. but my running is max 500 kms/month, and there is no much difference in diesel n petrol prices. Who knows diesel price may rise after elections if govt gives full authority to refineries. So, petrol is a good option rather than diesel if running kms 500. Coming to CNG, u cannot convert K10 engine (which is in alto K10 & celerio) to CNG afterwards. CNG engines need maintenance after some time in long run and no resale value for them as I heard from my frnds. CNG prices also may go up definetely as govt looks to earn money from all sources so they'll not leave this option also. One more thing is even with CNG, wagonR gives mileage around 26 which is just 3kms less than celerio's 23 kms as said. So as per my opinion, u should go for petrol only in any variant. If u want mileage, blindly go for CELERIO. I'm not telling as a owner of celerio. I've searched a lot in net, frnds circle, dealer networks, garages and finally took CELERIO. Till now, I'm in heaven with my celerio.

    nitin |16 Apr,2014 09:36:48 AM

    thanks Madhusudhan ur reply will really help me to take the final call.

    rttttttttttttt |30 Sep,2014 05:43:13 PM

    Hi Dear,,,, How much Average u are geting in CNG CELERIO.. Please share the view

    prabhat kumar |24 Jul,2015 10:45:53 PM

    Go for celerio zxi

    Tony K |24 Apr,2014 04:21:00 PM

    Hi Nitin, there were 2 reasons I opted out of CNG & got fixed to petrol. 1 I had approx 600km running per month. 2 CNG kit uses up all the boot space which takes the practicality out of the car. Hope this helps.

  • Abhijeet |15 Apr,2014 04:07:12 PM

    Hi All, Nice word Madhusudhan CELERIAN I liked it ......... I booked the Celerio AMT on 15 Feb 2014 from Mumbai. Earlier I was told waiting period is 2-3 months but in last week when i checked , dealer is not sure about delivery date. According to them it may go more 3-4 months. I want to know from any one using AMT Celerio that how is performance m mileage with AC and experience specially while overtaking. This very poor response from Maruti if they r not bale to manage such good response from people. Grt work Imaran

    Madhusudhan B |15 Apr,2014 08:46:53 PM

    Hi abhi, thanks for the compliment. I too booked AMT in feb end but waiting period was not confirmed by the dealer as they got only 1 car delivered in march. They are telling that AMT's are not sent by maruti due to less production. I changed from AMT to LXI AMT then to LXI manual then to VXI manual. I went with manual due to 1) too much waiting 2) thought that due to shortage of automatic gearboxes and heavy demand for AMT versions, maruti is not able to meed the demand which may force them to make ready the AMT's in hurry to satisfy customers. In this process, some minor/major parts may be not fitted properly or may not be PERFECT. any how they will be looking after these issues once customer faces it. but our time will be wasted and we'll be disappointing to face this. Of course maruti will not do it but in some hurry some mistakes may happen. this is only my perspective whether u agree or not. 3) Manual version is much better to control the speed. I'm saying this after driving my celerio only. As I got very much confident after driving celerio. Moreover, AMT's are going to be launched in alto K10, by tata, honda. So, competition will be high in future during which these AMT's will be very much cheaper from now. I think I'm right. What do u say guys.

  • Renuka Joshi |16 Apr,2014 09:23:28 AM

    Hi people I am first time car buyer and have to drive around 60 kms per day in traffic thinking of LXi Auto Celerio stress free and convenient driving is my first objective what are your thoughts on it?

    Rakesh Tiwari |23 Apr,2014 03:30:06 AM

    Hi Renuka....go for VXi (ATM) or VXi (Manual), LXi is not having some key features compare with VXi.

    Imran |29 Apr,2014 02:35:47 PM

    Hi Renuka,....... How enthu are you about driving? If your answer is 'too much' then u shd not go for AMT. Yes, AMT will give u stress free and convenient driving, but if u read my posts above on AMT, you will get to know about the stands on AMT (both sides). How much is the waiting period in ur city? better u book it now.

  • HItesh Patel |17 Apr,2014 11:43:26 AM

    My VXI manual run 600 KM/ 20 Days giving 17 KM/Liter mileage - 100% AC mix in city and highway. I hope after first service i will get mileage of 20.

  • shiv |21 Apr,2014 10:06:36 PM

    want celerio AMT (AGS) in ZXI(o)

  • Tony K |24 Apr,2014 04:29:16 PM

    Update: The 1st service is done. My AC usage has gone up to 100%, total city driving. Current mileage is 17. (It was 18 before servicing at 60% AC usage, total city driving)

    Imran |29 Apr,2014 01:27:23 PM

    My Update: After 1st Free servicing Average is coming out 18.2 kmpl. (90% AC usage). Lets see when will i reach 19 :)

  • Kavita |29 Apr,2014 01:23:13 PM

    Hi all, Firstly Congrats to all those Celerians out here.. Can someone out here tell me the actual mileage for AMT. I am sure 23 is just a company quoted number wanted to know it from experienced Celerians.

    Imran |29 Apr,2014 02:43:10 PM

    Hi Kavita,.....ARAI gives the mileage for a new car after testing it under ideal conditions. so its not the company that claims the mileage. Second point, if mileage quoted is 23 kmpl then expect around 18 after first-second servicing. My Celerio is giving 18.2 after first servicing (manual). Hope it will help you.

    sachin |04 Sep,2014 12:09:30 PM

    My celerio is giving mileage of 14-15 even after 1st service and with 50% a/c usage. Kindly advice what should I do to get its mileage increased to 20kms/lt.

  • avinash |30 Apr,2014 06:45:42 PM

    congrats on ur new car imran if u can plzz mail some pics of ur car to my mail id avidhoni183@gmail.com

  • avinash |30 Apr,2014 06:47:38 PM

    Imran one more thing i already read somewhere around the comments that you insisted the celerians to start a community to discuss about the car. So lets start a new community on FACEBOOK .

  • Hitesh Patel |01 May,2014 05:25:53 PM

    Last sunday i drive my celerio from ahmedabd to baroda express highway with speed of 100 to 120 speed (120 for 5-7 mins only and than 100+ all time), continue 90 Kms in 5th gear, feel like swift driving and got 20 km/l mileage with 5 people and luggage.

    Imran |12 May,2014 12:17:01 PM

    Last to last week, Mum-Pune Expressway, I drove at an average speed of 100 kmph with a/c. Got mileage of 19.2 kmpl. I second ur point Hitesh, Drive was quite smooth and steady at higher speeds. I enjoyed a lot. :)

  • bibek |03 May,2014 07:51:29 AM

    In my budget celerio is fit. But i have a plan for long drive 550km once in every six month. Please suggest me. Should i go for it or swift.

    Imran |12 May,2014 12:19:24 PM

    Hi Bibek, what are you looking for in car? Budget/Mileage/performance/looks/comfort? Both the cars are good considering the parameters that fits in best.

    raja |08 May,2016 04:18:24 PM

    How about diesel Variant I need only diesel

  • Sahana |05 May,2014 01:41:56 PM

    Hi Imran, I always stayed in US and drove automatic transmission Honda. Given that I have now returned back to India, most of the cars are manual transmission with which I am not really comfortable. Hence looking for a good economic AT to begin my journey. Please let me know what are the pros and cons using AT Vs MT on Indian roads?

    Imran |12 May,2014 12:51:47 PM

    Hi Sahana, --- As far as my knowledge on automobile is concerned am listing few of the points. ----- Disadvantage - If you read my post above, I ve mentioned that there is a latency in gear shifting for AT so at times when you need to overtake a long vehicle or bus then AT may not respond you accordingly (better option, try not to be heroic and draft the vehicle). THere is an extra mechanism installed so kerb weight increases. ---------- ADVANTAGES - At lower speeds you really dont have to fight between clutch, gear and throttle wrt speed. I support AT for you Sahana.. Celerio will give you good mileage on Indian roads and importantly elder members of the family can drive it easily. Hope it will help you.

  • Djlk |11 May,2014 11:58:43 PM

    Can someone please suggest me out of Celerio Zxi And Ford Figo diesel EXI (removed Grand i10 magna diesel from my list due to battery problems people have reported)? The onroad price difference is around 70K. My monthly running is around 900kms or more and I am looking for comfortable drive. I will be having the car for around 5 years so not concerned much about the resale value.

  • Hitesh Patel |12 May,2014 08:12:07 PM

    confusing, celerio zxi is petrol version and figo diesel, first u need to choice between petrol or diesel. celerio zxi waiting period is at least 4 months.

  • vaibhav |20 May,2014 11:13:24 PM

    Celerio also launched in vxi manual CNG..

  • RAJASHEKARAN |22 May,2014 08:34:32 AM

    i brought my Car MauthiCelario VXI model last week, i was total confused past two months to select Car, initialy my friend insist on new model Celario Car. i had visited a show room and i was impressed by Model over all look and Feutures . ASAP booked the Car, Later my friend was insisit to buy SWIFT, since Celario is new Car, Yet to Prove on the road, i decided looking at Feutures and Test Road Performance . finaly Purchased the Car. Now I am So Happy and No more confusions.

    Srinivas |24 May,2014 05:47:43 PM

    I too booked the VXI AMT 1.5 months back, dont know how long it will take for delivery...Now i am in confusion to wait for this or go for SWIFT. suggest me is it worth to wait for 2 or 3 more months for this car. is ur car is AMT? how long you waited for?

  • Soby Ninan |27 May,2014 08:45:18 PM

    Hi All, I booked a VXI AMT 1 month back & the waiting time told was 5 months. I am disabled guy, who can only use AMT. Due to milage issues I changed from WagonR AT to Celerio AMT. Is there any dealers in your city delivers before 5 months... Really in need of a vehicle as I cant drove a MT. Can anyone of you help me.

  • Megh Shah |28 May,2014 10:23:56 AM

    Hey guys...nice to see all giving their reviews on celerio..Nice reviews and answers by Imran...Tony..Madhusudan..Im from Baroda too..:) I am confused between VXI and GREEEN VXI CNG.....price difference is 70K... Avg use will be 1000 kms/month... Can anybody pls guide?

    Imran |28 May,2014 01:02:24 PM

    Hi Megh, thanks for the kind words. Well, how much is your budget? Having CNG fitted, your boot space will be gone. Agreed, you ll get a good economy in CNG but whats the current price of CNG plus you will have to wait for long queues for refilling in petrol pumps. Consider all the points and take a call... My vote is for Petrol Variant.

  • Kannan |30 May,2014 12:24:54 PM

    Hey all, I own a Celerio VXI AMT. With the launch of CNG, wanted to check if anyone is aware if we can get a company fitted CNG for my petrol car, how much will it cost and is it adviseable to fit CNG.

    Srinivas |01 Jun,2014 04:06:18 PM

    Hi Kannan, good to see a commnet from a owner of Celerio AMT. I too booked the AMT version 2 months back, as per dealer may be i need to wait for 5 more months? I have several question going around my head, whether to wait for so long for this AMT model or go for SWIFT. I love to go for automatic car, and luckily we have this one with low price compared to all other cars. As you are the lucky owner of AMT, please share your thoughts on AMT, milage, comfort, etc. Also suggest me, is it worth to wait for 5 more months for this car.

    Kannan |02 Jun,2014 12:46:17 PM

    Hi Srinivas, I know the waiting period for Celerio had gone up, I was lucky to get it in 2-3 weeks probably bcoz i had booked it even before it was launched. I have been using it for last 2 months and i feel its an awesome car. If you wanna go for AMT then I think this car is worth the wait however if you are not too specific on AMT then u may look for options. Its pretty comfy and spacious and I get a mileage of 17-18 driving in the heavy traffics in Mumbai.. also i have driven only around 500kms..I am sure as time passes by the mileage will get better..also now with Celerio Green being launched you might want to check that as well. All the Best..

    Srinivas |03 Jun,2014 10:44:19 PM

    Hi Kannan, Thanks for your replay. You made me to turn towards Celerio AMT. As of now decided to wait for some more time, hope i will get it soon. Hope we will see posts/review on AMT from you.

  • veena |30 May,2014 04:59:27 PM

    Hi All, I have just got my DL after going through the classes at driving school. My intention is that I should start driving soon after my driving lessons or I will loose touch on driving. But, as madhusudhan mentioned above , I too have the same fear regarding the gear shift and possibility of vehicle coming to an halt in first Gear. So, I was thinking of buying an Celario AT. But the waiting time for Celario AT is arround 7 months now. Also , after reading the reviews here, I am building up some confidence and planning to go for Celario MT ( thanks to Imran... your reviews are so encouraging). The main reason I would prefer celario is because of its size, milage and price.. My driving lessons were on i10 and celario also has similar dimensions of i10. So I am hoping my driving is going to be comfortable on Celario MT.

    Imran |30 May,2014 06:00:05 PM

    Hi Veena, Thanks for the kind words. Driving is all about once learnt and forever... you will never forget. Its just that you need to adjust how ur car responds. The best driving lesson learnt is at lower speeds, 1st or second gear. So ask your driver/trainer to guide u how u shd drive at lower speeds. Its all about leaving clutch and brakes...you really need not worry about throttle and clutch when u get in slow traffic. The best way to learn is.... first get hands-on on ur new car (15-20 days) for first 15-20 days, then go for small distances (another 15-20 days) - Dont just bomb up into heavy traffic from day 1 - u may get ur morale down. Once ur car responds u.... Go and Drive as much as u want.....!! Am sure you will fall in love with ur car as I am. :) Thanks

    madhu |06 Jun,2014 11:43:05 PM

    Hi Veena, don't worry about driving. U know what... it's just an art which gets better day by day only by practicing. So, u can practice only in MT as u'll not be able to do it in AT. But in AT also, gears can be changed only for increasing and keep in mind there is no clutch here. In a nutshell driving is only stress free in AT and nothing else. Once u master the driving in MT, then u'll feel having to gone for AT. Me too was scared to take MT as I was new to driving, i just took 5 day/120 kms drving lesson in maruti 800 basic car. After taking my celerio, i took it on to roads of surat from baroda and went upto 110 kmph. drove it in the traffic, sometimes got struck due to clutch n gear mastering art. in only 2 days i learnt it and after that my celerio never stopped at signals and any where. Now I drive it very easily and never look upon gear rod. My left hand left leg automatically gets moved based on the road traffic. Ur brain will make them do that perfectly. One disappointment is, after 1st servicing, mileage got down from 17.6 kmpl to 16 kmpl. don't know what's the reason and not sure whether it'll go up or not. I'm feeling regret to take this car as I took only beacuse of higher mileage of expecting atleast 20 kmpl. WagonR, estilo and Ritz also give around 16 kmpl. they were having huge offers n discounts but since mileage claimed was 23, i took this car. i hope it'll make me smile in future in terms of mileage. Rest everything is 10/10.

  • Ajay Rathi |31 May,2014 04:05:19 PM

    I had purchased celerio VXi manual on 4th May and had driven 550 KMs on busy Delhi roads with 90% AC ON. but the mileage it is giving is just 12-13 kmpl. Everything is OK with the car and love driving it but the only concern is the mileage. Wil it improve after 1st service. Can somebody give me tips to improve the mileage.

  • Prasanta |01 Jun,2014 12:00:04 PM

    Hi I am planning to buy my first car in my life. Last month I have gone to driving school and learn driving. I am confuse with Celeria LXI and Swift LXI. Which car should I buy.

    Imran |02 Jun,2014 05:26:07 PM

    Hi Prasanta,.. I think you shd first finalize ur budget. And Why are you looking for LXi variants... it has got no additional features. See this will be ur first investment (atleast i treat it as investment) so go for a little extra budget and get a VXi variant....and you will get Power windows, auto lock... what else? Just ask ur sales executive. In times to come, Celerio may beat Swift in terms of Mileage... but there is no comparison as both the models fall under diff CC category. Celerio is 1000 cc K-Next series engine. Hoep this helps you........------- Regards, Imran

    krunal |05 Jun,2014 11:30:46 PM

    Hi imran, i read that you have bought the car from pune sai srvice. Today i visted the one at hinjewadi.. he is qouting on road of 4.84. ..i dont know why ??? can you pls help me from which sai service you bought this and what all configuration changes you added to that... it will be great help ... thanksss

    madhu |06 Jun,2014 11:48:53 PM

    Dear Prasant, If mileage is not ur concern, then don't go for this as there will be no offers on this. If celerio is ur final choice then go for Zxi/Zxi optional as ABS & air bags are now a days very important. Consider taking swift/Ritz/estilo/wagonR if ur mileage expectation is 16 kmpl. All celerio's are giving meileage from 16-18 only. Think before buying, if ur budget is high, go for i20 as it's very spacious also.

  • Uday Naik |06 Jun,2014 11:30:43 AM

    Hi, all celerian, i have booked my first car as Celerio ZXI MT at dealer RNS bangalore on March 09. Dealer is saying i may get within 15 days. iam observing all your comments feels happy to shar. my question is what are the issues i should look before dealer handover the cat to me. what are the documents and accessories should be in my check list? kindly suggest, since iam new to buy this. plz give your suggestions. Thanking you all.

    Imran |06 Jun,2014 12:37:22 PM

    Hi Uday Naik, Congratulations !!! To answer your question, I should say, Rest assure if you are purchasing it from an authorized Maruit Suzuki Dealer...They wont cheat you. ( @Maruti Guys...you should treat this as a CSI). First of all, be clear when you are dealing with the freebies, the sales executive has promised at the time of delivery. If you are installing company fitted music system, make sure they are fitted properly (you may even ask them to open the board and show it). Tool kit, Car Manual, Stepney, jack and umm... pls check with the sales guy. Ask for the initial kms before they handover it to you. Ask for all warranty cards of accessories installed. Invoice sheet, RTO receipt, insurance copy. Thats all i think. Hope this help.

    Uday Naik |10 Jun,2014 04:40:04 PM

    Hi Mr.Imran, Mr.Madhu, and to all celerians, i have one question, is alloy wheels(Company fitted on delivery) cars deliver lesser millage? and new cars needs tephlon or other coating? plz clarify.

    madhu |06 Jun,2014 11:57:07 PM

    Maruti dealer will have a pre-delivery checklist which u should cross check and fill by looking at ur car inside and outside, like scratches on body, first aid kit, new spare tyre with rim, check all 5 tyres are of correct size and same make, all accessories warranty cards duly filled and signed/stamped by the dealer for music system,speakers, seat covers,body cover if they have warranty. i think music system and speakers are fitted at manufacturing facility itself so no need to worry about dealer end. also maruti gives 5 ltr petrol, extended warranty. be clear about pricing in each and everything. if delivery murtam is fixed, then go and finish the documentation part one day in advance as it'll take 2-3 hrs and it may ruin ur plans of getting car delivery as per ur time. hope this will help.

    Uday Naik |10 Jun,2014 04:40:16 PM

    Hi Mr.Imran, Mr.Madhu, and to all celerians, i have one question, is alloy wheels(Company fitted on delivery) cars deliver lesser millage? and new cars needs tephlon or other coating? plz clarify.

  • Imran |06 Jun,2014 12:35:47 PM

    Hi Uday Naik, Congratulations !!! To answer your question, I should say, Rest assure if you are purchasing it from an authorized Maruit Suzuki Dealer...They wont cheat you. ( @Maruti Guys...you should treat this as a CSI). First of all, be clear when you are dealing with the freebies, the sales executive has promised at the time of delivery. If you are installing company fitted music system, make sure they are fitted properly (you may even ask them to open the board and show it). Tool kit, Car Manual, Stepney, jack and umm... pls check with the sales guy. Ask for the initial kms before they handover it to you. Ask for all warranty cards of accessories installed. Invoice sheet, RTO receipt, insurance copy. Thats all i think. Hope this help.

  • krunal |07 Jun,2014 01:11:16 AM

    Hi imran, i read that you have bought the car from pune sai srvice. Today i visted the one at hinjewadi.. he is qouting on road of 4.84. ..i dont know why ??? can you pls help me from which sai service you bought this and what all configuration changes you added to that... it will be great help ... thanksss

  • Uday Naik |07 Jun,2014 01:22:19 PM

    Thanq u very much Mr. imran and Mr. Madhu for your valuable and useful suggestions. its really worth for any new buyer like me. keep helping here for those who needs. and today i rcvd offer from my executive is that ZXI MT (O) is readily available (i have booked ZXI earlier )and i can go for that. ZXI (O) provides Front Fog Lamps,Alloy Wheels,Co-Drvr. air bag, drvr seat adjuster, security system and ABS for another more around Rs.50000/- . iam thinking to go for that. is ti worth buy no dear celerians?

    Imran |26 Jun,2014 03:13:21 PM

    Thanks for ur kind words Mr Uday Naik. The pleasure is all mine.

  • Uday Naik |10 Jun,2014 04:39:26 PM

    Hi Mr.Imran, Mr.Madhu, and to all celerians, i have one question, is alloy wheels(Company fitted on delivery) cars deliver lesser millage? and new cars needs tephlon or other coating? plz clarify.

  • VAIBHAV |12 Jun,2014 12:51:22 PM

    Now I am also proud owner of Celerio CNG. Feeling happy.

    megh |26 Jun,2014 02:19:38 PM

    Hey Vaibhav..congrates... im also planning to buy Celerio CNG.. hows ur expereience of 15 days...What average you are getting? Please guide..

    Imran |26 Jun,2014 03:11:40 PM

    Hi Vaibhav, Many Congratulations..... Welcome to the Celerian's Community. Do share your reviews of ur urban box.

    Vaibhav |07 Jul,2014 07:15:55 AM

    HI all, Thanks. Sorry for delay in reply. Very good experience till now. About FE on CNG , i will confirm with couple of days.but surely i think that it will be best . In this week i am planning to do car 1st service.

  • adae |17 Jun,2014 09:31:04 PM

    pls suggst, should i go for wagonR vxi or celerio vxi.

    Hitesh Patel |26 Jun,2014 06:22:59 PM

    Go for Celerio, Wagon is outdated

    Imran |20 Aug,2014 12:52:05 PM

    heheh nice reply Hitesh Patel. i second your thought.

  • Amol |22 Jun,2014 12:08:50 AM

    If anyone purchased Celerio Green? please share the experiences about the same.

  • megh |26 Jun,2014 02:20:14 PM

    Hey Vaibhav..congrates... im also planning to buy Celerio CNG.. hows ur expereience of 15 days...What average you are getting? Please guide..

  • Uday Naik |26 Jun,2014 03:17:02 PM

    hi sir, i also booked celerio ZXI(O), can u plz tell me on delivery, whether they give stepny (5th extra wheel) of alloy wheel or normal wheel? these executives are telling different. plz clarify.

  • sachin |26 Jun,2014 08:53:38 PM

    hi guys! me too planning to buy celerio VXI CNG( my first car ) ..... guys who bought this....pls share ur experiences.

  • sonai.karnik |27 Jun,2014 10:26:14 PM

    hi all i work in powai mumbai where i have to climb up the flyovers. i cannot drive the car in manual mode as car slides back in back to back traffic. can AMT mode of vxi celerio help me for driving up flyovers. please suggest me.

    Imran |22 Jul,2014 01:29:48 PM

    Hi Sonai.Karnik, My answer to your question is YES. It has got a wonderful AMT brain that will take care of car driving on steep roads. Hope it will help you. Why don't you take a test drive. And take your car where you feel your car will slide back...test it!!

  • sachin |30 Jun,2014 12:08:49 PM

    hi! I m also planing to buy a car bt I m so confuse between maruti celerio ZXI or VXI and honda brio SMT. pls someone( IMRAN/MADHU/ UDIT) help me to decide.....

  • Vaibhav |07 Jul,2014 07:16:38 AM

    HI all, Thanks. Sorry for delay in reply. Very good experience till now. About FE on CNG , i will confirm with couple of days.but surely i think that it will be best . In this week i am planning to do car 1st service.

    VAIBHAV |13 Jul,2014 03:43:10 PM

    Till now drive 237 km on CNG refill of 8.8 kg. I am expecting 25 km more. It is 95 % non ac & no traffic road in city drive. Will update once tank is empty.

    Amol |14 Jul,2014 11:54:27 AM

    I am planning to buy my first Car, I am confused over selection of first car, In mind , I have options of Wagon R CNG, Celerio CNG and Hundai i10. Please suggest.

  • Amol |16 Jul,2014 12:27:05 PM

    I am planning to buy my first Car, I am confused over selection of first car, In mind , I have options of Wagon R CNG, Celerio CNG and Hundai i10. Please suggest.

  • Anil |22 Jul,2014 01:02:51 PM

    Hi Imran, Thanks a lot for sharing all the details and initiating the discussion on celerra. initially i decided to go for Hyundai i10 sportz. It is costing me around 5.10 onroad price in bangalore. After seeing these discussion, i am thinking of celerio also. Celerio VXI is costing me around 5.05 L in bangalore again. So, is it worth spending 30K for this compared to i10. And would be great if u share me ur thinking on various options before deciding on Celerio.

    madhu |20 Aug,2014 03:38:24 AM

    hi anil, better go for swift rather than this. Being a owner of celerio i'm telling this. If u have any offers or discounts u can take this. or else change ur mind to swift or i20. my car's mileage is got down to 15 kmpl. still to take it on highways. lets see.

  • Imran |22 Jul,2014 01:26:31 PM

    Hi Anil, Thanks a lot for your kind words. Pleasure is all mine. Well, If you talk about the space that i10 has and Celerio has got, there is a hell difference. If your family is going to travel with you most of the time, then why not go comfortable. Celerio has got ample space both in front and rear side. Even Five people can be accomodated (including driver). Hyundai i10 is, no doubt, a good car in its segment. I particularly feel it to be quite compact, less boot space and interiors. Wheelbase of Maruti Celerio is almost 100mm more than i10. Mileage of Celerio is at upper hand. 4 valve cylinder (Celerio) produces even torque and power as compared to 3 cylinder(i10). What else... See you need to take the call. If it is the combination of mileage, performance, space, dual interiors, boot space, features, and money involved - Go for Celerio, ELSE, Hyundai i10. Hope it will help you.

    madhu |20 Aug,2014 03:40:05 AM

    Hi Mr. Imran, i think our celerio is also a 3 cylinder engine.

  • Anil |24 Jul,2014 02:50:05 PM

    Hi Imran, Thanks for the quick response and clarifying me the details. I decided to go for Celerio now, and thinking of booking VXI after i gone through the details above , advantage of booking VXI and having the accessories separately. Dealer confirmed 10% discount on accessories on top of that.

  • Shalini |01 Aug,2014 09:24:19 PM

    I booked Autogear VXI model in Feb and got it recently, Im completely new to driving, infact learnt driving very recently, but Im loving the drive so far, Yes agreed the pickup is a bit slow, but the car is so very easy to drive like butter :D Very happy with my purchase !

  • Shalini |05 Aug,2014 09:30:53 PM

    I got my Celerio VXI AT July 2014, and i will be moving to Kolkata by Aug end, can anyone please help me understand the Registration and Road Tax procedures, Im told I may have to get an NOC, Suggestions please...

    madhu |20 Aug,2014 03:42:32 AM

    u need to take NOC first from RTO office where it got registered. n then u should apply for new no in Kolkata. This is as i know.

    Revelino |28 Aug,2014 08:47:20 PM

    Hi Shalini how are you?i need to know what is the mileage of the Vxi AMT model and how's the car overall.... I have already booked one and expecting it in September. Looking forward to hear from you.

  • dorji wangchuk |06 Aug,2014 09:46:36 PM

    at first i planed to book grand i10 sportz model which will be costing 6.5lac from showroom,but due to unavailability for this phase which will arrive in the month of sept. if i have to wait for 2nd phase, i have to wait till january 2015. now i have booked celerio Zxi which is costing me 6.26lac(showroom price). i am in Bhutan,so let me know price at ur place please........did i done rite choice to oped Celerio over Grand i10????suggestion please.

    madhu |20 Aug,2014 03:43:52 AM

    i think for 6.26 lacs, u shld hv opted for mini sedan like swift dzire, xcent,amaze,zest.

    dorji wangchuk |27 Aug,2014 06:27:00 PM

    for mini sedan like swift dzire,xcent,amaze n zest....price is more than 8 lac in our country due to 55% sale tax on import of car less than 1500cc engine..

  • Jessica |13 Aug,2014 02:36:46 AM

    Hi Imran... Thank you very much for the candid review, follow-up and suggestions... Its very nice and thoughtful of you to guide other fellow citizens... Many Thanks... I'm interested in buying Celerio VXi Automatic... My question is -- Can I get an FM Radio installed in it ? ... I don't want any hi-fi Music System... I just want a 'simple' Radio in my Car... Hence, would it be possible to get one installed... Please guide, as to how, I should go about it... Thank you ~

    madhu |20 Aug,2014 03:46:05 AM

    in that case, u just go 4 a single din FM player of kenwood/JVC/Pioneer only. Speakers must be of pioneer/JBL only. Minimum price for them can be spent.

    Imran |20 Aug,2014 12:46:20 PM

    Hi Jessica, Thanks for your kind words. I am all glad that you liked the suggestions and my reviews. Well, coming to your question -- FM Radio is an additional feature to music system. You can opt for SINGLE DIN music system SONY/JVC/Pioneer/Kenwood with two speakers(SONY). SONY speakers (XS16382) will cost you around Rs.1500/- (Check with dealer) and music system should cost around 3.5k - 4k. You will get a decent quality and moreover you can use your pendrive as well. You may ask total price from maruti Dealer for installing the music system mentioned above. Negotiate with them. I am quite sure they will give u a good deal. Hope this helps you.

    Jessica |29 Aug,2014 06:02:06 PM

    Dear Imran and Madhu... Thanks a Ton for the valuable advice... On Sep 1, we will be going to the Maruti Showroom to Book Ma Car... Cheers :)

    VAIBHAV |30 Aug,2014 01:21:35 PM

    I will recoomend Harman Intensity Or JBL speaker over sony. costing arround Rs. 4000 for 2pair.

    Imran |30 Sep,2014 01:14:57 PM

    Many Congratulations!!!! Please do share your experience over here.

  • VAIBHAV |30 Aug,2014 01:21:16 PM

    Highway FE is 31+ km/kg with out AC. I will recoomend Harman Intensity Or JBL speaker over sony. costing arround Rs. 4000 for 2pair.

  • Yasher Khan |01 Sep,2014 06:32:31 PM

    Hi , I have booked Celerio CNG in Pune on 31/8/14. I am confused as to which music system I should fix and which company speakers . I have zeroed on sony WX-GT88UI. Is this a good music system or I should go in for some other .My budget is Rs 10,000. I also want to know which speakers are good for a car like maruti celerio. My budget for speakers is Rs 5000/-

    Yasher Khan |04 Sep,2014 09:01:19 PM

    Hi , No reply for my query which I had posted on 01st Sept .14

    Imran |30 Sep,2014 01:13:58 PM

    HI Yasher, WX-GT880UI is good one. Go ahead. And about speakers...if you are a music enthusiast then you shoud opt for nothing less than 150 RMS speakers, believe me, your friends will envy you. Front Speaker- JBL 150 RMS ( will cost u around 6k) and rear you can opt for normal speakers. Like ALPINE. Total should go around 16500/- but it is worth.

  • Rinku |10 Sep,2014 03:15:57 PM

    HI, Can somebody gudie me properly .... I have learn to drive few days back on Maruti 800 MT , While learning i was facing one problem in driving because as i have little problem with my right leg from ankel and when every i had to change my right foot from race to brake i have to lift it fully and then apply the brakes this takes some more time as compare to normal and it can be very risky in city tariffic so now i am afraid my one friend told me that maruti celerio AMT will be better for me is he right plzzzz tell me i m in great conffusion or MT can go for me is it just a fear only ........

    Imran |30 Sep,2014 01:17:04 PM

    To be posted in simple words - If you're a driving enthusiast and cant live with out it, GO FOR MANUAL else AMT is there and is proving its mettle. Dnt get confused.

    ashish |30 Jan,2015 12:24:17 PM

    Can you please comment more on driving experience ? in regards of vibrations at higher speeds, reaching triple digit speeds, gear shifting effectiveness and on high way experience ..

  • NIKHIL |12 Sep,2014 01:01:33 PM

    Hi Imaran, I hv booked VXI manual model. costed 4.71, dealer gave me offer that if I will opt car care for 7k then he will give discount of 7k on any accessories. Was this deal worthy.. car care includes Teflon coating twice in a year, rustproof coating for 5 years. Also I want to know as my budget for accessories is fixed at around 30k max. 1) Should I go for remote lock which costs at around 7 k or parking assistance with led display which costs at around 3.5k. 2) Should I go for company fitted music system which would cost same from outside shop. ( I want to go for SONY ) 3) How about to go for music system available in ZXI model compare to SONY ? If both of above accessories I installed from outside will it surly going to loose company warranty or only if any cut or damage happens to wires. I will be happy if get answers by coming week, as I will get delivery next week. Thanks

  • Aslam |08 Oct,2014 12:39:36 PM

    Dear Imran and Madhu... I am planning to buy my first Car, I am confused over selection of first car. I am a driving learner. I have an idea for Celerio, Ritz or Swift. My requirement is for daily office usage around 50km per day and in every 3 months long drive to native around 700km. Budget is 4.5-5Lakh. My family is of 5 person including me, mostly of us looks average and obesity and I am 6.2 feet height. Please advise me on the car selection with the variant.

  • rajib |22 Oct,2014 02:54:33 PM

    Can someone give a suggestion between Celerio and Grand i-10. Very much confused...

  • Chang |19 Nov,2014 04:56:53 PM

    Uufu. Chcjcchनककनतददपप

  • Chang |19 Nov,2014 04:56:53 PM

    Uufu. Chcjcchनककनतददपप

  • Chang |19 Nov,2014 04:56:53 PM

    Uufu. Chcjcchनककनतददपप

  • Chang |19 Nov,2014 04:56:53 PM

    Uufu. Chcjcchनककनतददपप

  • Venkat |25 Nov,2014 01:06:48 PM

    Hi Everyone, Thank you all for the information on Celerio. I too feel it is a good one, thinking of buying Celerio VXI (manual transmission) soon. However, in the same budget I see competitor's models (mainly i10) and oscillating because it is a trusted + tested vehicle. Please give your comments on this thought. -Venkat Ram.

    Imran |30 Jan,2015 12:56:58 PM

    Dear Venkat, If you talk about i10, then you should talk about interiors as well. Space wise it is celerio, base - it is Celerio, Driving Experience - Both are good. Leg Room - Celerio, Cost wise (having so many things)- Celerio. I recently drove i10 - and my friends fell short of space behind. They said, my car is better in terms of space. So now Choice is yours.Hoep this helps.

    Venkat |01 Feb,2015 07:45:43 AM

    Hi Imran, You are right, talking about i10 it has better interiors than Celerio ( + better offers from the dealers compared to Maruti is what I think) . I have visited the MSI dealer and got a good feeling about this car. Driver seat is very comfortable and space is the main selling point. I had taken my friend for a test driver (manual version) and he said that the gear shift and transmission is butter smooth. The back seat legroom is good, but they have reduced the width of the back seat. Does it have any discomfort in long drives ? Please do provide your feedback. As of my current status, I will go ahead and book the VXI trim soon. I will be a Celerian too ! -Venkat Ram.

  • Anjan |27 Jan,2015 06:01:40 PM

    Dear Imran, I purchased Celerio VXI AMT, then just reading these reviews which wud hv bn helped a lot but I gone few reviews & gone for purchase, Now also reading this gained knowledge, for music system sony taken from out side which sud not hv taken, any way, now pls suggest me - as because I stay out of india running is too less 500-600 km per three months, 1st servicing done today - whether we asked them to increase millage which is now as per showroom fitted, 2. I wud like to put remote key how much it costs ? whether we sud purchase from dealer or out side, I wud like to inform u all Celerio VXI is Awesome...driving experience is nice, will suggest for learner, easy to drive...even Scoot y harder than this for driving, any one can go ahead with this budget.

    Imran |30 Jan,2015 12:52:59 PM

    Dear Anjan, Congratulations and you are now one more CELERIAN :). Thanks for your kind words, it propels me to write mor eblogs on Automobiles. Why do u worry to increase mileage? Efficient driving brings good mileage and doesnt put extra load on engine. 2). Remote Key, Please get it done from your dealer and not from outside. THey will charge you genuine. You will enjoy driving your car.. !! Its awesome in this range.

  • Prithivi |14 Feb,2015 04:04:15 PM

    Dear Imran Thank you for your Celerio review. My Celerio Vxi (MT) Delivery on 20th Feb 2015.. After long serach (Swift,I10,EI20) I go with Celerio White Colour.. My father interest white my wife interest red, my friend advice gray Finally I go with WHITE with my wife 5050 acceptance. What about white colour.

    madhu |28 Mar,2015 12:28:20 AM

    Dear Prithvi, I'm logging in after a very long gap. U can read some detailed reviews by me n Imran in earlier messages. I was also in confusion about color and finally got WHITE. Reasons : - 2nd best in terms of ROAD SAFETY, Silver is 1st best. Y bcoz, most of the times, accidents do happen in night times in highways only. In night times, white gets highlighted and in day times darker color gets highlighted. As per the survey I read somewhere, grey is mostly preferred and felt safer than other colors. Darker colors ONLY LOOK GOOD for some time for your eyes and it gets routine to ur eyes. WHITE is BETTER OPTION THAN SILVER. - Since these are metallic colors, darker colors are costlier than lighter, in this case, blue,red are very costly than white n silver, scratches in darker colors looks n gets highlighted easily. U can find a small scratch in blue/red easily from far but not in white n silver. U hv to carefully watch for scratches. I've tried this before buying white color. - Painting charges are less than darker ones. - Simple & decent, apt for the ones who do not prefer sporty n style looks, - MAINLY, RESALE VALUE OF WHITE N SILVER ARE ONLY HIGH, U can go n c a re-sale cars showroom and u'll find 90% cars will be white/silver only. They get sell very early n at higher price, u need not compromise on re-sale value. where as in case of darker colors, as they are not much preferred and there may not be lot of people who like to get a darker color car that too in re-sale. - Dirt on the white car looks little like not even present. Watch out for a car with darker color kept uncleaned for long time and u can c d diff. I hope all above points gave u a clear conclusion about color and any other doubts, u can revert back.

  • saad |16 Feb,2015 10:52:22 PM

    Hi I am planning to buy celerio amt please let me the amt performance on the highway it is possible to drive on highways or not. Thanks Saad

    madhu |28 Mar,2015 12:36:20 AM

    Dear Saad, I own VXI MT from 4/14. I drove it at avg range of 120-145 kmph in baroda-ahmdabad expressway and got a mileage of ~ 17. while coming back, drove it in range of 50-70 kmph, CAN U BELIEVE, IT GAVE ME 23.56 KM/LTR AVG with AC @ level 3,, Avg.meter shown me the avg as 28.8 km/l . So, its ur wish to get the mileage how u want. Even at 145 kmph, car was steady, no vibrations. Keep closed all windows and then notice that u cannot even hear engine sound at 145 kmph. Such an amazing feeling I had like I'm driving a plane and u won't believe that u r going at that speed when u look outside and overtake other vehicles. Mileage in city-medium traffic-Maximum in 3rd n 4th gear only I can run-13-15 sometimes upto 16.5, in highways, 110-140 kmph - 18-19 kmpl, Avg.meter shown me the avg as 28.8 km/l 50-70 kmph - 22-23 kmpl.

  • digvijay chauhn |04 Mar,2015 06:26:21 PM

    Nice car in this segment i have also purchase very good car i really nice look styles interior and every thing nice i really like this car.

  • amit |11 Mar,2015 06:58:42 AM

    The vxi AT lacks safety features. Zxi is fully loaded with safety features but it has no AT. Maruti should also consider a zxi AT version for people who want a safe AT car at a affordable price.

  • ashu |24 Mar,2015 10:31:29 PM

    Is the pickup like swift I mean could I do a burn or drift

    madhu |28 Mar,2015 12:39:21 AM

    Dear Ashu, Y don't u go for swift. Swift is a SUV and used for car racing. But celerio is not for that. Its for economy purpose. Coming to celerio, in 1st n 2nd gear, pickup is like a horse, but in 3rd n 4th gear pickup is very poor and u can't expect it from 998cc,3 cylinder engine when compared to swift's 1198cc,4 cylinder engine.

  • Rajesh |02 Apr,2015 10:34:28 PM

    I don't know how to drive car so more interested in taking celerio AMT. Still having doubt like the performance of car after 3 years or 60, 000 kms. As AMT is very new to Indian market and no one knows the mechanical issues of the car in long term. Please suggest. Main Point: Is Celerio AMT a fault free car in long term? And is this a great car in highway if speed of the car more then 100 Km. Thanks, Rajesh

  • sandwep |20 Apr,2015 03:46:50 PM

    Get emi Free car 09711529507

  • Pink |21 Apr,2015 06:00:45 PM

    Maruti celerio

  • nawal kishor |11 May,2015 11:19:47 PM

    I want to buy zxi any suggestions guys

  • Sany |15 May,2015 05:41:38 PM

    Hi Celerians, I'm exited to post here, by next week i'll be getting my first car, Celerio ZXI AMT. I inquired about accessories like chrome lining, fog lamps, leather seat cover and rear spoiler, The Maruti dealers are saying the price higher than the quoted MRP from Maruti company itself, they are charging about 25% higher than the Maruti MRP price with reason as fitting charges. Please suggest should i go with only MGA products or i can go with outside service shops for chrome lining, fog lamps, leather seat cover and rear spoiler? Reply asap as im getting the car in 2-4 days.

  • rasool |17 May,2015 07:25:51 AM

    Hi, Friends my plan is to buy a successful car below 5 lacs and just looking towards Celerio. Is it really a successful car in all aspects ?? Is it like zen estilo or A-star which was flop ?? Please suggest me... What are the factors that will be considered to say that a car is flop ???

  • krishna mohan |17 May,2015 06:16:13 PM

    Brother Imran, I would like to buy celerio vxi as per your guidelines please suggest me which colour i chose, i like grey is my first choice second is silver. Please finalise the colour at your point of view.

  • Niraw Kakad |24 May,2015 08:51:16 PM

    Hi Guys, What detailed reviews. Thanks for them esp Imran and Madhu. You guys just make me finalise Celerio to another level. Have few queries. Would be helpful if someone of you help me resolve it. To be contd...

    Niraw Kakad |24 May,2015 08:55:23 PM

    This is my first car and so am a bit confused . My office drive is around 50-60kms per day and so was opting for CNG. Is it wise to. How's the leg space for the rear seat people. Can you please tell me the exact specification for the music system.

    Niraw Kakad |24 May,2015 09:00:55 PM

    As the CNG comes only in VXI, I think its not opted with multi control steering wheel. Am I correct? Can i get that as an accessory ?

  • Aumit Bhagat |09 Jun,2015 08:13:20 PM

    Hi all, thanks for all the thoughts and experiences that you have shared about the car which has really helped me in deciding which variant to choose. I booked the VXI manual yesterday and awaiting to be a proud Celerian. I have just started to learn driving and maybe in the near past I would be posting my feedback about the car.

  • Aumit Bhagat |09 Jun,2015 08:14:26 PM

    sorry near future.......

  • vikram |15 Jun,2015 05:18:45 PM

    Hi, Thanks Imran, Madhu and others for sharing the valuable feedback and guidance here. I am going to buy my first car and was confused between Swift, WagonR, Ritz and Celerio. Considering my budget and being my first car, I think Celerio is best bet. I have following queries around Celerio: 1. Is there a lever at the front to open the boot-space? I heard that neither VXI nor ZXI has such option. it is available only in ZDI option. Please confirm. Otherwise, is that we have to remove the key and to use it to open the boot space? Also, if so, can a lever arrangement be fitted either from Maruti dealers or outside? 2. Most of you seem to be doing fine without ABS even on hi-ways. Since this is my first car and my usage will be mix of city (Gurgaon-Delhi-Noida) and hi-way (occasionally driving from Gurgaon to Amritsar -470 KMs - one-way), is there a definite need of ABS? Also, can ABS be fitted from non-Maruti dealership? is this generally good enough? Request you to guide this mortal soul :) -Vikram

  • Abhay |22 Jun,2015 06:22:27 PM

    Hi all, i am planning to get my first car. My uses are city and outskirts (with-in 200km) .Can celerio fulfil both the needs. i could not see any comments about Highway performance of celerio . can any one help?

  • darshan |02 Jul,2015 04:12:34 PM

    which car is batter for me Maruti Suzuki celerio petrol or Hyundai i10 ? I am employee in a company. 500 km traveling par month.

  • leo |03 Jul,2015 01:16:24 PM

    Hi Imran, i have a Celero VXI manual. its been 1 year now and i want to go on long route highway. from bhopal to Rajasthan kota. can u tell me it is a city car or i can take it to long route as well ? if yes then how far i can go with it in single drive shot ? i am not sure of its engine heating up if i drive it for long time on highway. Please advice

  • Prangan mukherjee |23 Jul,2015 05:20:15 PM

    Its a good car ... I drove it yesterday ... Its the best in this price range

  • Deepak |30 Jul,2015 07:53:29 PM

    Hii celerians.. i have run my celerio 4600 km only, and i am getting 18.3 kmpl milage with AC on almost...

  • idols |11 Aug,2015 01:57:29 PM


  • haskar |05 Oct,2015 11:34:00 PM

    More spacious.... better mileage....

  • Sanjay Kumar Singh |16 Oct,2015 08:01:00 AM

    Hi Imran I want to purchase diesel version what is your suggestion

  • vipin |16 Oct,2015 11:59:51 PM

    Disel engine giving smooth performance today I drive with for peson 130km speed , very good product from maruti but dont its future of 798cc 47bhp top diseal engine work like 1100cc

  • vipin |17 Oct,2015 12:10:56 AM

    Go for ldi or zdi diseal engine if you have silm famlly vdi useless

  • Deepak |18 Oct,2015 06:05:26 PM

    Hey guys Celerio Zxi, Mileage review - getting mileage 18.2 with AC and 18.4 without AC.. as per meter statics and that are exact... What about yours...

  • manish |19 Oct,2015 02:58:51 PM

    Bhai Kya ye car shi h koi problem to nhi h

  • haskar |31 Oct,2015 11:00:38 PM

    Amazing mileage in manual model. Good pickup.. powerful AC. Best head room.

  • hemant |15 Nov,2015 03:48:11 PM

    Over all good but touch screen display features not available

  • bappa roy |24 Nov,2015 03:25:12 PM

    Which one is best between wogner vxi(o)&celario zxi(o) petrol version..

  • amit |03 Dec,2015 10:36:38 AM

    Hiii ... What about Zxi ?

  • Ravi kumar |08 Dec,2015 07:28:24 PM

    In a simple word its awesome car last 6 month i was driving cng version best car in class..

  • Aman Singh |11 Dec,2015 09:47:36 AM

    Give me knowledge of maruti celario ZDi model

  • Prakash |28 Dec,2015 11:23:17 AM

    I want purchase wagoner or celariao, pls suggest anybody

  • Sanjeev kumar |07 Jan,2016 07:51:52 PM

    I am using calerio since september 14, and getting mileage on highway 25 and in city 20. It has big cabin, leg space and boot room than any other car in this segment. It fulfills my requirements.

  • Pankaj |19 Jan,2016 10:30:50 AM

    Overall it's very good compact hatchback car from maruti Suzuki I will give 8.5/10

    pushpa |08 Mar,2016 09:17:24 PM

    Hi i am very confused. Pl help Wagon r or celerio amt. Driving 20km per day

  • vishal bhoir |10 Mar,2016 09:32:16 AM

    Which car is better... Celerio or wagoner

  • sairakeshbt |24 Mar,2016 03:16:56 PM

    Hi sir. Sir i m planning for zxi celerio is gud for me bcz u always use to go onsite so i m lit bit confussed is it work outs for me

  • shankar |18 Apr,2016 02:51:29 AM

    Hi every body even I am confused and stand in between Swift vxi or celerio vxi please help

  • amay bansal |22 Jun,2016 11:38:08 AM

    I have a vxi amt version of the celerio since 1 year. The long term review is not so satisfavtory. The car gets too tiring to drive on long journeys. And the mileage after the 3rd service reduced to 13 which is nothing as compared to the 23 maruti claims. A real let down

  • Shaji Rajan |30 Mar,2017 10:34:57 AM

    I am so excited about my new Maruti Suzuki Zxi AMT (O) delivery tomorrow. I have read the comments on this portal and so glad that I have chosen the best car in automatic segment. My mind was switching between Celerio and Grand i10 Sports, but price-wise, mileage and maintenance-wise, I think i have taken the right decision..!!

  • Imran |16 Jan,2018 12:03:49 PM

    Feels great to see 200,000 + Views on my blog. Have a great year ahead. Celerio rocks.. but am moving to Baleno now. :)

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