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    Maruti Baleno
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Baleno- The most elegant functional hatchback

By for Maruti Baleno 2015-11-06 14:59:37.0
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  • Appearance
  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Value For Money
  • Fuel Economy
  • Overall Satisfaction

Pros : Mileage, looks, comfort

Cons : Nothing

Look and Style Very elegant, rich and suave looks.

Comfort: Spacious inside, especially the rear seats. The widest Hatchback in its class, 16-inch tyres would give you max ride comfort.

Pickup: with Torque of 115 ps and Kerb weight being at 890kgs, the car has the best initial pick and it is fun to drive

Mileage: ARAI certified mileage is the best in class.

Best Features: Feature packed car except Sunroof and cruise control options.

Needs to improve: Everything is perfect, nothing to work on.

Overall Experience: Awesome experience.

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  • Raj |06 Nov,2015 08:04:26 PM

    I think ur conmenting on petrol model.right?

  • ricky |06 Nov,2015 11:01:20 PM

    whatever bt its too good car....

  • Manhas |07 Nov,2015 08:09:59 PM

    Which petrol version of baleno is perfect plz suggest bros

    swapnil |07 Nov,2015 09:17:47 PM

    Delta is better variant for you

    Jitendra soni |21 Nov,2015 08:59:18 AM

    What mileage can I expect practically from Delta petrol..??? Plz revert....

    JITENDRA SONI |29 Nov,2015 01:29:44 PM

    What's the mileage you are getting...?? Please revert...

    Bhushan Chaudhary |19 Nov,2015 12:42:40 AM

    Go for full loaded Alpha

  • Ram |07 Nov,2015 11:02:04 PM

    Please suggest i should go for figo aspire or baleno both in base model.

    Rohan Shigvan |24 Dec,2015 09:02:18 PM

    Base model of baleno is not nice in looks and features of both petrol and diesel... if u want to buy baleno then choose between delta,zeta or alpha model.. and if want to buy figo than go for figo titanium model

  • prakash |07 Nov,2015 11:07:06 PM

    My baleno is buzzing bilapur road. Smooth &stylis.

    Chandra Shekhar Biswas |09 Jan,2016 11:45:53 AM

    Plz tell me in details about your baleno experience

  • Shyam raut |07 Nov,2015 11:11:58 PM

    Best car in this segment.. Regarding..interior exterior..& mileage..

    Navin |09 Nov,2015 03:45:55 PM

    Hi are u using baleno petrol? How is the performance of petrol version and more importantly whats the average mileage ur gettin?

  • jaideep |08 Nov,2015 11:07:06 AM

    Very cool looks amaizing features ligts are look like mercides a ,class intereor is very very good i lke this car

    Sikander |16 Nov,2015 03:09:08 PM

    Baleno's which variant model has DRL running lights

    Pradeep Trivedi |19 Nov,2015 04:16:25 AM

    Alpha model

    chandan |17 Nov,2015 12:18:58 AM

    How is zeta can any one tel me

    Rohan Shigvan |24 Dec,2015 09:16:12 PM

    Zeta model has got same features of delta model but in additional you get welcome door lights,color tft screen,chrome on door,alloy wheels(16inch),telescopic sterring with leather& leather gear knob cover and no day-time-running lights

  • Kewal |08 Nov,2015 02:22:59 PM

    Thanxx swapnil

  • Manhas |08 Nov,2015 02:26:25 PM

    Everyday i saw the price of all models had changed what the hell it is

  • ritik |08 Nov,2015 09:53:40 PM

    Did ny bdy got de car ,i have booked de car long tyne befre ,m not getting de car ,plz gelp

    Bala |12 Nov,2015 12:06:43 AM

    I also pre booked around october 10th and still waiting for the car 😉...

    chintan |05 Dec,2015 06:01:42 PM

    I got zetta diesel awesome car ...must gotl for it u will be at top of d sky

  • Pristly |09 Nov,2015 03:33:23 PM

    Baleno which color is good either granite gray or ray blue?

    Aadrrr |13 Nov,2015 07:41:27 PM

    I think silver is the best option it looks official as well as decent too...

    durgesh |15 Nov,2015 08:48:32 AM

    Which is best color in Baleno?

    satyajit sethy |16 Nov,2015 10:30:35 PM

    Ray blue colour looks stunning...

    Durairaj |14 Dec,2015 10:20:06 AM

    Granite gray.... decent colour and low maintenance

  • Navin |09 Nov,2015 03:46:58 PM

    Can any one give a detailed review on petrol version. I want to know the average mileage

  • jayesh bokaria |10 Nov,2015 09:32:19 PM

    V good car.

  • naveen |10 Nov,2015 11:15:04 PM

    We excepted curse control and beach intirier all of double ok ! ...

  • karthi |11 Nov,2015 11:17:09 AM

    Anybody explain why it s best...? Mileage. ? Style.? Performance. .?

    Bala |12 Nov,2015 12:05:23 AM

    Best in mileage , maintanence , latest features , best price , already proven engine , light weight , airbags from base model , abs from base model , apple car play in top end , ample leg room , uv cut glass , projector headlamps and reverse camera and sensor in top model , colourful live charts on driving torque etc , and much more 😊

    JITENDRA SONI |29 Nov,2015 01:30:41 PM

    What's the mileage you are getting...?? Please revert...

  • Yogesh Shukla |11 Nov,2015 11:00:04 PM

    I want to purchase Baleno but why? Please explain

  • Akash |12 Nov,2015 03:40:14 PM

    My Baleno is coming home next week...super excited..:-)

    Saurabh Shinde |14 Nov,2015 11:59:26 PM

    When did u booked ur baleno And which variant

  • SARVESWARAN |15 Nov,2015 12:18:25 PM

    The premium hatchback with a powerful stance, iconic body and innovative featutes. The Baleno is more than just the personification of these qualities they symbolise the car's attitude and that's why we call it 'made of mettle'.

  • Sanjay |16 Nov,2015 11:22:40 PM

    What's about cvt automatic baleno delta

  • shailender |17 Nov,2015 12:23:08 AM

    Guyzz can u plz suggest me which 1 modle should I go for sigma or delta in petrol variant..

  • Raj dalvi |17 Nov,2015 01:02:02 PM

    I want to buy baleno petrol . please tell me which is the best ?

    Pristly |17 Nov,2015 04:26:52 PM

    Go for zeta it is having all the features like 16 inch alloy , uv cut glass , fog lamps arm rest,chrome strips n start n stop button..in outside we wont get all those by paying extra 60k

    Raj dalvi |19 Nov,2015 06:34:15 PM

    How is your experience about Zeta? milage? .

  • Tushar Thorat |18 Nov,2015 06:59:31 AM

    Mr suri is agent of Volkswagon company

  • ravi |18 Nov,2015 10:12:09 PM

    Baleno or elite i20 which one is better

    Durairaj |14 Dec,2015 10:17:45 AM


  • Raj dalvi |19 Nov,2015 06:36:19 PM

    Please tell difference between Belano & SX4 .

  • Ashish Jackson |20 Nov,2015 08:52:10 AM

    Is there's problem in rear suspension in Baleno??? Help me....

  • Jitendra soni |21 Nov,2015 08:57:54 AM

    Can anyone pleassssse tell me whats the mileage of Baleno Petrol????

  • Vineet Tripathi |23 Nov,2015 12:12:44 AM

    Please guide for new car i planing Maruti Swift ZDI Desal or baleno 3rd variant plz gide

    Karan |23 Nov,2015 01:30:13 AM

    Buy Baleno Alpha Diesel. Safe bet for 10yrs. Looks good, excellent mileage, supperb ac, fun to drive. Low on pocket. Go ahead bro. You will be happy.

  • Saurabh Shinde |23 Nov,2015 11:40:48 AM

    Accident of new baleno in Jalandhar, It got fully damaged,after looking at those images question of its safety arises,shd we buy that car? Baleno got zero ratings from euro NCAP safety ratings then why should we buy this car?

    Raj |01 Dec,2015 08:49:47 PM

    accident details pls bro

    Shariq |02 Dec,2015 11:08:23 PM

    Just search for Baleno accident on google. Car is in pretty bad shape, obvious to raise questions on its saftey.

    sunny Bhai |02 Feb,2016 12:24:06 PM

    Even Porsche car crumble like baleno it depends upon the accident so let's not justify car performance by accident, baleno is a good big car. Else we have to buy armour army tanks to run on roads for more safety.

  • Zahir Hussain |25 Nov,2015 01:17:25 PM

    Reverse parking camera is available on all the models or certain model

    nishant |29 Nov,2015 09:19:43 AM

    Reverse Parking sensor in All and Camera in alpha/top model only

  • Gaurav Palkar |27 Nov,2015 08:32:26 PM

    By increasing budget i am thinking of buying base version of baleno instead of eon or alto.Is it worth buying please suggest.

  • Kuldeep sharma |05 Dec,2015 09:03:53 AM


    Saurabh Shinde |08 Dec,2015 04:59:41 PM

    Anyone got Baleno car cover n other accessories?Also I got Baleno white,suspension on highway good bt on city roads n breakers these r very bad is this problem is with me only or any other is also facing the same?

  • ashika |15 Dec,2015 03:09:13 PM

    My budget is 7 lakhs which one should I buy, baleno or figo or aspire I'm really confused

  • kartik |20 Dec,2015 10:35:06 PM

    I will think so thai I purchase baleno petrol model tell me is it good or Not sigma model

  • abhai kr rao |26 Dec,2015 05:41:53 PM

    Guys These nexa people gave me 1.5 months for delivery n I booked on 11 nov 15. Last week i visited nexa outlet n there i was told dt they wont be able to give me in dec n they are still not sure abt jan also and on their saying i got the dd made early bt now they are dissapointing me alot.

    Karan |28 Dec,2015 11:38:49 PM

    evn i booked on same date thy r gvng me delevry on 2nd Jan

    abhai kr rao |30 Dec,2015 06:32:00 PM

    But in my case they are not even promising me for jan also

    abhai kr rao |02 Jan,2016 08:56:53 PM

    Now since i have complained abt them and told them clearly that i will take them to consumer court. Then they have promised me that i will get my car before 15th jan.

  • Hemu Shukla |01 Jan,2016 08:06:58 PM

    I want to purchase a diesel car & I have a options Baleno, I 20 active or ford Eco Sport which one is better please suggest

    shad |21 Feb,2016 02:42:29 PM

    Baleno go for it as it looks like an audi from back. Next year onwards u will find baleno in top 5 cars in india for a decade.

  • pankaj |17 Feb,2016 12:02:44 AM

    what about 1.3 delta diesel model anybody tell me and what problem in shockup rear seat i am thinking to buy baleno

  • tushar thorat |19 Mar,2016 05:16:44 PM

    I test drive baleno in nexa showroom seva nasik The back sit of baleno is totally detective When we sit back no thi and back support For only that reason we not book baleno It is good car but for long drive backsit have zero comfort

    ali |27 Mar,2016 06:50:56 PM

    I don't think so it's one of the most spacious car in terms of back seat sir

  • sachin |23 Apr,2016 11:34:00 PM

    What is mileage of baleno delta petrol model in city and highway

    singh |10 May,2016 05:00:53 PM

    Which colour is stilesh and decent in baleno plz tell me

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