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    Maruti Baleno
    Maruti Baleno
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Baleno Response

By for Maruti Baleno 2015-11-03 17:29:57.0
348 people found it helpful. 134639 ViewsWrite Review
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  • Appearance
  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Value For Money
  • Fuel Economy
  • Overall Satisfaction

Pros : Looks

Cons : Comfort, build quality, safety features

Look and Style: Looks wise, this car is good but engine wise it is very low as compared to VW Polo diesel, very low power.

Comfort: The rear legroom is not much as compared to VW Polo.

Pickup: Pickup is not good bcoz of lower engine cc and torque as compared to VW Polo 1.5 litre.

Mileage: The company claims 27 kmpl of mileage but real mileage is 22 kmpl which is highest, not more than this.

Best Features: Looks and pickup are ok but unique features are not available just like remote operated all 4 power windows, one touch up

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  • karan |03 Nov,2015 06:07:19 PM

    This review is not right I have also driven the baleno the car looks better in this segment the feature are the best the engine is also better as it is an fiat source engine Do you should go for all new baleno

    chintan |06 Nov,2015 02:06:03 PM

    Ya ur rt. Baleno looks awesome and wid all safety features. ..wid low price..and wid good leg rum. ..In spite of full backward push of front seats..wid good boot space...ya definitely baleno has 1.3 ddis ...so power little lower it is bt obvious not dat m

    dushyant |08 Nov,2015 07:11:11 PM

    Fake review

    saquib karim |13 Nov,2015 02:04:41 AM

    I am going to buy my first car. Then tell me is baleno petrol variant ok? What's the actual average the petrol variant gives? And how about the leg room for passengers?

    Karan |30 Nov,2015 08:38:14 PM

    Yes the petrol variant is OK as it has more pickup and speed than the diesel engine

    Karan |30 Nov,2015 08:44:30 PM

    I am have test driven the bale no diesel engine the average was going 26.2kmpl at the city and the company claims 27.59kmpl.The average is ok when compare to i20 active as i20 gives 18kmpl and the company claims 21kmpl.

    Karan |30 Nov,2015 08:44:47 PM

    I am have test driven the bale no diesel engine the average was going 26.2kmpl at the city and the company claims 27.59kmpl.The average is ok when compare to i20 active as i20 gives 18kmpl and the company claims 21kmpl.

    chintan |05 Dec,2015 06:03:42 PM

    I got average 28.2 on screen of baleno so it must be 25 on and average..its awesome..

    hiren |17 Dec,2015 05:45:33 PM

    Hi i won't to talk you plz give mobile no.

    Karan |30 Nov,2015 08:45:40 PM

    I am have test driven the bale no diesel engine the average was going 26.2kmpl at the city and the company claims 27.59kmpl.The average is ok when compare to i20 active as i20 gives 18kmpl and the company claims 21kmpl.

    Karan |30 Nov,2015 08:48:40 PM

    Leg room is much better in its hatchback segment like Honda jazz Hyundai elite i20.

    karthikeyan |20 Dec,2015 10:32:54 PM

    I took a test drive and leg room space, pick up , driving comfort for a new car but it seems worthy. Even I am a first buyer too

    jitendra singh |02 Jul,2016 06:25:26 PM

    Call me plzzz

    Prakash shetty |27 Nov,2015 06:10:56 PM

    Mileage plz for diesel n petrol also

    balakrishnan |08 Dec,2015 10:29:54 PM

    Yesterday i completed test drive of baleno. Style: awesome, bit of volvo style Price: great value for money and giving lot if features in base model Brand: better servise and resale value Engine power: average inthis segment. Compared to jazz, baleno is no way near to it. So, guys except smoothiness all you get in baleno. Enjoy

  • vamsi |03 Nov,2015 06:22:26 PM

    Then better buy polo

    chintan |06 Nov,2015 02:06:55 PM

    No if u go through features den ..baleno is better option

  • trail |03 Nov,2015 08:36:45 PM

    Thinking of VW Polo why did you bought Baleno?

    Mohit |12 Nov,2015 10:41:02 AM

    Hahaha exactly :D

  • sandeep |03 Nov,2015 09:23:37 PM

    Do you have eyes.?? If you have.. Then i would like to recommend you to see the price of baleno first and then the price of polo. You are comparing a 1.5litre engine to a 1.2litre which is generally known to all that the 1.5litre will be the more powerful

    Ankit |04 Nov,2015 10:22:32 PM

    Well said sandeep

  • Kumar |03 Nov,2015 09:38:19 PM

    Who is this moron updated his review like this... And he might be thinking that vw is greatest of all

    chintan |06 Nov,2015 02:08:35 PM

    Go for baleno..baleno good leg rum ...boot space..and looks is appealing. .

  • Kumar |03 Nov,2015 09:38:24 PM

    Who is this moron updated his review like this... And he might be thinking that vw is greatest of all

  • ishu |03 Nov,2015 10:14:08 PM

    I think he is a frustrated man who recently buy polo and regret of buying baleno iinstead of polo..

    chintan |06 Nov,2015 02:09:39 PM

    Absolutely rt..he is constipated frusty person..poor guy....

  • satish |03 Nov,2015 11:08:40 PM

    Childish Review by Mr. Purohit... Surprisingly he is writing Polo name after every 5-6 word... Polo hi lelo Bhai.

  • Prem kumar |04 Nov,2015 01:30:10 AM

    Name should be change.. Belano is old name

  • gagan |04 Nov,2015 08:07:59 AM

    What a baised review, VW polo is possibly the worst car in its segment, Mr Sanjay Please dont mislead people.

    chintan |06 Nov,2015 02:10:34 PM

    Yes ur rt...he such a bullshit....person. ...who misguide other..

  • Bala |04 Nov,2015 08:21:15 AM

    Looks like this review is given by a polo agent. Nothing realistic.

  • Bala |04 Nov,2015 08:24:17 AM

    In the review following statement is given Rear legroom is not much compared to polo ??? - is this a valid statememt ? Please dont post unrealistic statements. Did you atleast test drive baleno ? This review is just by polo agent.

    Zahir Hussain |06 Nov,2015 10:14:59 AM

    Well said Bala..he must be the vw agent think so

  • Dev Dutt |04 Nov,2015 08:27:20 AM

    Look at the price difference. You are comparing 8 lack with rs. 5 lack car. Do you have a mind. Polo is a flop car with 8 lack price. Costlier service and maintance. Baleno will be the best car in this segment.

    bipul |04 Nov,2015 12:55:49 PM

    Maruti is maruti..no one can beat maruti hehe...though i have not got this car, seen specification, very nice safety features starting from Base model in this reasonable prices for middle class..medium people will also go on road with best safety feature

    vikram |11 Nov,2015 02:46:47 AM

    Perfect review's

    abdul rahman usmani |14 May,2016 01:24:03 PM

    Thanx Dev Dutt

  • Tushar Thorat |04 Nov,2015 02:28:55 PM

    How can mr sanjay say that car average is 22 km after 2-3 servicing we get correct average of any vehicle Sanjay misguided people

    sameer joshi |23 Nov,2015 11:25:27 PM

    Tushar if you consider zeta model you will get R16 tyres with alloy wheels , reverse parking sensor, good petrol average @21 not bad, good boot space , good leg room , maruti low maintenance and good looks too as compared with vw polo. So go for baleno ..

  • sarang |04 Nov,2015 04:38:15 PM

    spam review.. Disagree. i have drive this car.. n allover prformance is great as compared to all of the availables cars in this class.. why he is comparing this car to VW polo only? this mean that he know nothing about car. Don't consider this review guys

  • keyur davda |04 Nov,2015 04:55:06 PM

    Hmm right guys. I think mr. Purohit was giving a wrong feedback...I m also planning to book baleno... After so many time I totally satisfied in all terms with baleno.

  • Nhl |04 Nov,2015 05:34:27 PM

    I am not agree with the review. Do not misguide people.

  • Rajesh kumar |04 Nov,2015 05:39:05 PM

    If you jst possess any other car even tata nano... you won't find other cars better than urs one...at 4.99 price tag you get safety features like dual airbag. . Abs...ebd..etc

  • Aman |04 Nov,2015 07:14:14 PM

    I m confused between swift dzire or baleno diesel Which one to buy Swift is always a favourite car for everyone

    Aman |04 Nov,2015 07:16:18 PM

    I am confused between swift vdi or baleno zeta diesel Which one to buy Plz suggest as swift is always a favourite car for everyone

    akash |04 Nov,2015 08:01:57 PM

    Polo wale bhai aankhe to kholo..baleno is the best car in this segment...

    abhi |18 Nov,2015 10:28:35 PM

    Matter of 80k extra for alpha, go for it

    bablu |04 Nov,2015 09:48:18 PM

    Go 4 belano

    Aman |05 Nov,2015 12:10:56 AM

    Why not swift

    chintan |06 Nov,2015 02:17:05 PM

    Go for baleno it has more boot space den desire and definitely awesome look wid good safety feature..

  • Judo |04 Nov,2015 10:07:29 PM

    Baleno is a Great car with pretty good features and it offers Dual Airbags and ABS as standard for all Variants which is very good , You Probably Shouldn't Compare Baleno with VW Polo As They both stand in Different Categories.

    ajmal |21 Nov,2015 04:09:14 PM

    Hey judo this is not a safe car. Fully collapsed while accident. Check today's oneindia automobiles news 21/11/2015

    Akash |21 Nov,2015 06:05:03 PM

    Dude can u send me the link of the news as I can't find it in the internet.

    Akash |21 Nov,2015 06:05:08 PM

    Dude can u send me the link of the news as I can't find it in the internet.

  • Akash |05 Nov,2015 02:43:00 AM

    Guys confused between Honda jazz n baleno...baleno is a good car BT its light weight n even big in size so have they used a low density material to build the car? Will the car b stable in highways as its a light car? Pls help if anyone can...thank u..:-)

    anu |05 Nov,2015 10:45:54 AM

    Do 1 thing bro just take a test drive of baleno &jazz then compare both cars 1 thingh is that maruti cars scervice is much lower than honda &honda jaaz looks good but its mantinance is more than baleno + accesries are more expencive of jazz

    Akash |05 Nov,2015 11:48:48 AM

    Ya I will better take a test drive of baleno...as I have tested the jazz n I liked the premiumness of d car...dnt kno about baleno..should check and see..anyways thnx for ur reply anu...really appreciate it.

    balakrishnan |08 Dec,2015 10:33:39 PM

    I tried both jazz and baleno Except engine performance and smooth, baleno is ahead of everything. Even i am confused, but gone with jazz as they take for better resale of my car

  • amit |05 Nov,2015 09:55:46 PM

    Non sense. Kindly suggest

  • pruthvish |06 Nov,2015 11:01:36 AM

    Oye get some knowledge abt cars n then review bloody fool

  • seema |06 Nov,2015 01:08:16 PM

    All fake vw 1.5 cant be compared to this model

  • chintan |06 Nov,2015 02:01:27 PM

    I think dis sanjay raj purohit had gvn review totaly baseless.....safety features its good dat all variants provide abs ebd and airbags....no other company provide dis much in dis low price.....t think he is from voksvgn company and musguide d other ppl.

    Ragesh |26 Dec,2015 10:36:44 AM

    Polo or baleno Both cars looks good. In performance terms,polo is bit ahead. Baleno use same swift engine.

  • surinder |06 Nov,2015 03:57:39 PM

    good car in this segment and polo is not in the competition poor legroom no brand value please dont compare it with polo

  • DrMdk |06 Nov,2015 07:35:34 PM

    This man is a from suzuki .rival ...it seems

  • Rameese |06 Nov,2015 11:54:23 PM

    I think he is working in vw showroom

  • Pratik Maheshwari |07 Nov,2015 06:08:22 AM

    Then why the fuck did u get a baleno...get a VW and shove it up ur ass bro

  • anil |07 Nov,2015 06:38:19 AM

    I think u r big fool belano is very good option OK..and polo is good car but too old..the fresh look of belano is great I mean look at man awesome car great job maruti..

  • Ankur Tantia |07 Nov,2015 06:59:55 AM

    By any chance- are u anti Maruti or from other car dealership? This car is like Love at first sight for this segment!

  • Ram |07 Nov,2015 10:58:31 PM

    Dear please suggest me. I should go for baleno or figo aspire both in base model.

    Anish |09 Nov,2015 05:47:16 AM

    hey guys i also took test drive polo and baleno..no doubt that both are good cars but polos maintance is very high as campared to baleno and people reviews is also not good for polo , i suggest that we should go for baleno, as i m also going to buy this

    Ankur Tantia |09 Nov,2015 07:12:12 AM

    Ram- I was also confused between Ford and Baleno but I am going with Baleno now as this is Maruti and will have low maintenence....with all features. And going by safety Baleno has ABS and Airbag in base feature...which is now mandatory from 2017...

  • vinay dandagalkar |10 Nov,2015 05:52:21 PM

    Which car is Baleno, i20, polo or jazz... Plz suggest...

  • Ajay Dahiya |10 Nov,2015 06:26:43 PM

    I think this guy is from VW group only otherwise he should had been talk abt elite I20 also but anyway stay away from all these useless comments

  • Ajay Dahiya |10 Nov,2015 06:28:51 PM

    Baleno- eye catching, heart stopper and with Full loaded features

  • rishikesh |11 Nov,2015 02:25:42 PM

    The bloody reviewer works for pollution cheating company Volkswagen Polo

  • sai |11 Nov,2015 03:01:56 PM

    Lol this is a crazy review. Hats off. I think this person is from mars or some other planet as he knows nothing about cars on planet earth as we know about aliens on other planet.

  • Debasish |12 Nov,2015 03:09:12 PM

    M alleady book 2 car ie..Baleno Delta petrol and grand i10 asta o, plz suggest me which 1 is better for me..still m confused.. Baleno having no offer..but Hyundai give huge offer...

  • Sammya Sen |12 Nov,2015 11:29:15 PM

    Totally baseless and misleading review!

  • sachin |13 Nov,2015 03:13:56 PM

    Can anybdy post d pics or videos of maruti baleno zeta model .

    Karan |14 Nov,2015 06:23:00 AM


  • arun |14 Nov,2015 04:44:10 PM

    First car booking for baleno bit confused ...needs suggestion pls Hi guys I am buying my first car and have a budged to 6 so I booked baleno base mode sigma , but bit confused if can go with base model with limited features or can upgrde to delta .

    abhi |18 Nov,2015 10:33:20 PM

    Go for delta, it provides so many features, matter of 60k

  • Vaibhav |14 Nov,2015 04:57:28 PM

    Sir are you a VW Polo fan??

  • Jatin |14 Nov,2015 06:27:33 PM

    Fake statement baleno is much much better in this segment.. Polo is a premium hatch dear... I know it has full driving pleasure but also come with lots of expenses.

  • Rathin |15 Nov,2015 11:54:31 AM

    Baleno is best .dude don't post such wrong comment .polo f...ck

  • Vikas |16 Nov,2015 08:43:38 PM

    Bed car. Break not good.pick up slow

  • Shashikant |16 Nov,2015 09:21:38 PM

    Who forces you to buy Maruti baleno, why are you comparing this to VW polo. If you like polo then go ahead with that. Maruti provide trust, low maintenance wide network in India, more fuel efficient then the polo. Day light headlamp. Have polo these featu

    sanjeev |18 Nov,2015 01:39:06 PM

    freinds pl guide. confused between Baleno which is excellent looking and good car and swift dezire which is sedan..

  • abhi |18 Nov,2015 10:25:46 PM

    U might b a vw marketing manager, look wise Polo is good compared to this, leg room baleno is the leading car since it has 3995 mm in length

  • Karthik Rajan |21 Nov,2015 11:18:53 AM

    This review is bullshit!!!

  • ajmal |21 Nov,2015 04:06:30 PM

    Baleno is not a safe car. It's fully collapsed while accident. Check today's oneindia automobiles today 21/11/2015 news. 4 peoples died near punjab. Everyone started thinking about this car. Please don't buy this tin

  • Manu Kurian |21 Nov,2015 10:49:52 PM

    Ha ha and Mr. Sanjay this car does not POLLUTE THE WORLD AS MUCH AS A VX POLO!!! so Polo is a better brand... Are you a Volkswagen salesman?

  • Bhushan Wani |22 Nov,2015 10:45:34 AM

    Sanjay Sehgal, a businessman based in Jalandhar, had purchased new Maruti Baleno on the eve of Diwali recently. To surprise his only daughter, Deepti Katyal (now married to Amit Katyal), about the new car and also celebrate the first birthday of his grand

  • Pushkar |22 Nov,2015 03:09:28 PM

    I took test drive of baleno petrol version. It was showing 12 kmpl but company claming 21 kmpl car was already driven 112 km. I had booked elite i20 asta but confused with baleno csn anyone tell me whats it sverage in city

  • Saurabh Shinde |23 Nov,2015 11:42:24 AM

    Accident of new baleno in Jalandhar, It got fully damaged,after looking at those images question of its safety arises,shd we buy that car? Baleno got zero ratings from euro NCAP safety ratings then why should we buy this car?

    Gopal |23 Nov,2015 11:13:36 PM

    bhai bmw ke bhi kitne accident aaye usme bhi sab mar gye the vo bhi ghatiya hai kya

    Saurabh Shinde |24 Nov,2015 08:36:47 PM

    Yes i agree bt marutiSuzuki has bad records of NCAP tests everytime,It is a nwbie no any results of tests r arrived yet and this accident happns, I also dnt wnt to conclude its safty capability frm this incidence but Its safty test history mking confusing

  • Sumit |24 Nov,2015 09:13:55 PM

    I have small request to the writer of this review, please write any review with open mind

  • Fazil |26 Nov,2015 11:20:24 PM

    If you are compairing baleno with polo why dont you talk about the price ?

  • shameer |27 Nov,2015 11:10:36 AM

    which one is better to buy baleno(petrol) or elite i20(petrol)

  • sanjaykumar |03 Dec,2015 01:41:11 PM

    I parches baleno disel 9.11.15. Tank full to tank full mileg A.nager to Nasik 24.84 km/ltr baleno is verry good car Iam satisfy baleno parchese drive verry comfart copair to Dizier Feachars,LOOK, Picup ZABRDAST

  • Vinod PJ |05 Dec,2015 09:37:57 AM

    Its not right.i think this user is a dealer or exicutive of Volkswagen.

  • prashant |05 Dec,2015 10:59:38 PM

    Total lied....i think this person even doesnt have any technical knowledge if baleno... especially anti pinch windows..air bags...ABS n EBD is standard even in basic models.....he better not give reviews as he doent deserve of lack of knowledge .

    Saurabh Shinde |08 Dec,2015 05:02:18 PM

    Anyone got Baleno car cover n other accessories?Also I got Baleno white,suspension on highway good bt on city roads n breakers these r very bad is this problem is with me only or any other is also facing the same?

  • Akshay |11 Dec,2015 01:20:58 AM

    Most of the reviews are seems from Suzuki team member for devaluing other competitors. CarDekho team should improve the security

  • Ajit |13 Dec,2015 06:43:52 PM

    Saying false

    namdak |13 Dec,2015 07:49:36 PM

    What is the actual average of petrol version baleno top alpha????

  • rajesh |21 Dec,2015 11:47:00 PM

    In coimbatore nexa. There is no respone for customers. Which gives a world class buying expericence for cudtomers. Thete is no response & replies fromAMBAL Nexa coimbatore

  • Sathish Kannan M |23 Dec,2015 03:00:45 AM

    Fake review

  • Amit kalro |27 Dec,2015 11:05:22 PM

    Baleno no doubt best car in its segment...good design

  • aajajahahav |29 Dec,2015 05:36:59 PM

    This is not write bcoz its looks , ground clearence is actually quite impressive it has more milege then polo so power will be automatically less .

    Karan |07 Jan,2016 01:21:32 AM

    fake review...car is jst superb

  • aryan |08 Jan,2016 11:12:20 AM

    Bhai teri choice hi bekar hain ... sab me 1 star denga to iska matlab kya huan.. aur milage me bhi 1 star .. bhai yeh sab se jyada milage deti hain ... dusari baat yeh review woh dete hain jo yah car use karte hain ... tere paas hain kya ? ..............

  • Naveen |08 Jan,2016 10:40:15 PM

    I'm using VW Polo petrol Variant,I bought this Car on August 2015 and Really Salutes the car engineering.Guys Its a German Car , And German are best in Automobile sector and I never found even a single item which is low category...and proud2have VW Polo.

  • Naveen |08 Jan,2016 10:53:19 PM

    Volkswagen Group sells passenger cars under the Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Audi, Porsche, SEAT, ?koda... These are top level cars. Never heard car was breakdown but often seen Maruti,Hyundai,Tata car breakdown on Road and 4-5 persons pushing the car.

  • Naveen |08 Jan,2016 11:01:17 PM

    Guys its a matter of ur need n desires....if you want good quality high-level car then Go4Polo,this car will never regret you. The materials used in car is awesome like Car Sheets, Gear Box, Steering..All these r No.1 quality,No compromise with Quality

  • Naveen |08 Jan,2016 11:05:44 PM

    VW Polo...Feel the drive and trust me you love to drive again... My Friends have Hyundai,Ford,Honda,Maruti Cars but when I come with my car then they started following of My Car PoLO .... Agar yeh gaddi pasaand nahi aayi toh Audi aapko pasand nhi aayegi.

  • Pushkar |13 Jan,2016 12:59:37 PM

    What to say mr sanjay

  • yogesh |14 Jan,2016 12:24:06 PM

    Maruti Suzuki Baleno is best car.....but Nexa showroom is useless , worst service , no any fix commitment , such a poor managment .....

    Akash |16 Jan,2016 03:12:32 AM

    YA very true Nexa akshardham assured me to deliver baleno alpha within 8 wks ie by end f jan but now dey r saying it will take another 2 mnths..wht to do either wait or cancel my bookingD

  • dhaval |23 Jan,2016 01:29:49 AM

    are rajpurohit ji, agar aap compare karoge koi b 2 car companies k bich me to fir aap koi decision hi nahi le paayenge ki kon si car le ya konsi naa le. value for money, comfort and convenience and maintainance ye 3 chize hi diamg me rakh ke car leni chaiye, tab aap kabhi confuse nahi hoge, agar aap compare karoge to, decision nahi le paaoge. thnx.

  • scg |06 Feb,2016 12:20:28 AM

    indian does not know the real meaning of safety they go only by looks

  • Miy |10 Feb,2016 02:37:42 PM

    Its 1.3 engine n u compair with 1.5 and all...rubish

  • Ajay singh bhau |13 Feb,2016 06:34:13 AM

    R u comparing vw wth Maruti milage service cost resale value

  • ramachandra |13 Feb,2016 06:31:08 PM

    Nexa showroom palace ground opp staff irresponsibility & careless answers.

  • Utsav Arora |19 Feb,2016 05:47:26 PM

    Fake review. You're comparing the car to VW Polo GT. What about the price difference between the vehicles? IDIOT!

  • amit vashistha |06 Mar,2016 01:21:08 PM

    Bakwaas review car is awesome..... you are definitely vw executive

  • Garvit |06 Mar,2016 03:57:38 PM

    Parts, repair and service will hit u bad in VW as compared to Maruti

    prasanta |13 Mar,2016 09:24:23 AM

    Maruti is for only those who know nothing about cars.

  • prasanta |12 Mar,2016 11:02:31 PM

    body is built by mauti but engine by fiat. why you buy a car of such a company which is incapable of making its own engine. try my car avventura. go for polo or punto. much better than Maruti cars.

  • tseten |19 Mar,2016 11:36:44 PM

    When will nexa open in Himachal pradesh? Im waiting to buy a baleno. If i buy from jalandhar amd bring it back to himachal how much much tax i have to pay? And for service do i have to go bak to jalandar

  • ketan shukla |13 Apr,2016 01:10:57 AM

    Talking abt polo did you compare the prise? At this price baleno offers industries best features

  • prashant singh |25 Apr,2016 12:55:04 AM

    I m going to buy first timr ...baleno petrol is ok

  • ayan mukherjee |27 Apr,2016 11:50:28 AM

    Polo has 2 lakh more ex showroom price with lesser features in terms if safety n convenience. Space is much better in this maruti, and ground clearance is better which is a must in Indian conditions. Only where polo scores is handling and gear shifts.

  • thremkiumong |28 Apr,2016 05:47:28 AM

    I'm going to buy beleno delta1.2 how is the car

  • thremkiumong |30 Apr,2016 09:13:07 AM

    Pls help me to get this car Dalta 1.2

  • Bomri riba |28 May,2016 10:30:14 AM

    Bullshit post

  • darshankothari |26 Sep,2016 11:35:06 AM

    You have no eyes and you are a moron for sure,This car has more leg room than any other in this premium segment,And the power of the engine whts wrong wid u are taking it for race?If u feel Vw polo was good thn u wldnt hve bought the baleno,Instead of u other customer wld hve got it!Fake review and u dont hve taste of four wheel

  • SANJAY GUPTA |23 Feb,2017 10:22:45 PM

    FORD FIGO ASPIRE is very cheap. about for Rs 1 lac less you get all the features when compared to Baleno. Can anybody throw light which will be a better option? Ford Aspire or Baleno Zeta considering Zeta is Rs 1 lac more than Aspire.

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