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Two months of my Alto K10

By for Maruti Alto K10 from new delhi 2010-10-30 14:45:15.0
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Pros : I feel its a value for money pick

Cons : Leg-room is still less

Look and Style:�I have always been a Maruti's fan and always wanted to own one as my first car. I think the level of customer satisfaction is highest amongst the buyers of Maruti cars. I was following the auto news and as and when I came to know about the Maruti Alto K10, I was firm on buying this beauty. The car has got refreshed styling and design with a wider stance.�

Comfort:�In terms of comfort the Alto K10 scores higher than the normal Alto due to its larger wheelbase. I think that the car is really cool up to 4 adults, but with 5 adults trying to accommodate it can be a difficult task. The driving comfort is good and so is the seating comfort. I find the steering of the car really smooth and so is the gear shift.�

Pickup:�Alto K10 is a very good performer. The car has a K Series engine that helps its power to weight ratio to be best in class efficiency and power due to lesser body weight. The pick of the car is really smooth and the problem of pick up while in the 2nd gear that was faced by the earlier Alto is no longer a part of this all new Alto K10. The pick up whether with AC or without is really good and smooth.�

Mileage:��The car gives the mileage of about 18 kmpl in city areas and that too with the AC switched on. Isn't that superb? I love my car for this.�

Best Features:�I feel the simplicity of the car is the best feature as it wins one's heart over a period of time. The styling of the car is not great, but it's great according to the price tag it comes with. I also like the riding comfort offered by the car. It is undoubtedly a value for money pick.�

Needs to improve;�I am not able to point a single point in this area right now and I feel that in the price the car comes in, it already offers much more than the customers expect. � �

Overall Experience: Indeed I am so happy and pleased with the car that I have asked many of my friends who are wanting to pick their first cars to have a look at what this beauty has to offer.�

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  • rajendran |30 Oct,2010 05:54:55 PM

    i will b oked

    hhhhh |03 Dec,2014 04:37:00 PM

    Great car wow

  • sunil |01 Nov,2010 07:17:03 AM

    maruti alto k10 is very good car in class budget giving satisfaction to customer. all the features are so good e.g. mileage, pickup and comfortableness. this car is very suitable for small family.

  • Shaktidev Mukherjee |02 Nov,2010 06:32:37 AM

    I am 62 years old and is a Maruti user for last more than 10 years.Little more than 2 months experience of driving Alto K-10 is very exciting.Maruti should keep this car in market for at least 15 years so that the users of middle class who travel short distances daily can use this car comfortably for this period and may be if he falls in love with this car then will like his mortal remains to be carried on top of this car for funeral and will advice his next generation to preserve this car in a car museum which his son or daughter will like to develop in the memory of their father.

    Ranscor |20 Nov,2010 12:32:50 AM

    grt mam,,,after seeing ur comments i prefer to buy alto

    pankaj |09 Feb,2011 10:09:12 PM

    i am poor. Muze car bohat pasand hai.

    zabndu |29 Aug,2011 06:28:26 PM


    adnan |05 Mar,2011 07:58:21 PM

    thank u mukherjee sir, a hexagenerian has to be believed at any cost. I will buy this car in April'2011.

  • shre |06 Nov,2010 10:16:07 AM

    Want to buy

  • rahul malhotra |03 Dec,2010 11:56:59 PM

    hy i know it gives 16KMPL wid AC in city...... But I hv a question.... Mine is3 months old n hv done 1500kms but wat avg i'm getting is 13-14KMPL WIDOUT ac.... i contacted maruti n dey said avg is delivered after 3rd service. Is it true????! ANSWERE WILL BE APPRICIATED

    robin |09 Dec,2010 01:15:42 PM

    @rahul ..pour in measured quantity of fuel and check milage. majority of the petrol pump dealers are cheats. after trying out 7 different pumps, i finally found one which doesnot cheat on fuel quantity.

    lokesh agarwal |30 Dec,2010 08:15:40 AM

    In a normal yes, The fuel consumption is optimal after second to the third service of the engine with changing of the oil and other lubricants in the engine.

    shemeer |27 Apr,2011 06:24:07 PM

    no man! i got 23 km/ltr in befor 1st service of ma k10. i think that was the engine prblm . contact with maruti after 3rd service.

  • Sangha |16 Dec,2010 12:51:55 PM

    Is central lock available in alto k10 vxi

    shachin |27 Dec,2010 10:18:51 PM

    showroom ja ke dekho na yaar

    SUMAN CHATTOPADHYAY |11 Feb,2011 12:15:11 AM

    @Sangha ..Yes they have it... Alto K 10 VXI is having A.C. and Power steering plus Front two doors Power window, central locking, dicky tray, fog lamps, side beading, wheel cover..it's a 998 cc car with 68 bhp power. In Kolkata price of it is Ex-showroom 327041 insurance 10521 Registration 30250 Hypothication charge 500 = 368312 and for interested buyers, Auto Hitech is giving an awesome rate, I just booked it today... Wow !!!

    Dr Anandamay Mukhopadhyay |15 Feb,2011 04:13:37 PM

    how much discount did they give on Vxi at hitech?

    Dr Anandamay Mukhopadhyay |13 Feb,2011 10:52:13 AM

    cls is part of standard feature in VXI only for front windows. You can also fit cls in the rear ones @ 7000/-

  • Savio |18 Dec,2010 04:28:46 PM

    Alto K-10 is worth for its value,perfect pick up and provides very good mileage. Savio

  • ajeetsingh |03 Jan,2011 12:00:33 AM

    no comment

  • Thomas Jacob |05 Jan,2011 04:36:25 PM

    Excellent review. I have purchesed an Alto K-10 for my father who was using Maruti 800 for last 8 years. He also feels much comfortable than old one. I feel K10 gives good milage & comfort.

  • RAO |10 Jan,2011 12:35:02 PM


  • Ateek |11 Jan,2011 01:43:25 AM

    hi friends please suggest me which car is best b/w k10 n santro xing...my relatives said that santro is low maintainens car.. please help me...Thanks in advance!!!!

    CarDekho Team |11 Jan,2011 02:49:11 PM

    Dear User, This is in regards to your query posted on the website CarDekho.com, we would like to inform you that Maruti Alto K10 can be a good option, the model Alto K10 is upgraded with K series engine. Maruti Alto K10 is powered by 1.0 liter petrol engine which is efficient enough to churn maximum power of 68PS at 6200rpm, whereas Hyundai Santro Xing is more spacious compared to Maruti Alto K10, the car is powered by 1.1 liter petrol engine and churns maximum torque of 63 @ 5,500 (PS@rpm). Thanks

  • vijay kumar sharma |14 Jan,2011 11:05:28 PM

    i have decided to purchase Alto k10 after careful considration of the specifications of this car

  • kosala |15 Jan,2011 11:42:45 PM

    What is the difference between Maruti K10 LXi and VXi

    neil |29 Jan,2011 11:34:25 PM

    the power sterring diffrence is there..... vxi has more powerfull

    k.satyanarayana |08 Sep,2011 03:17:16 PM

    What difference it is going to make weather driven by power steeting or un powered steering?

  • punith |16 Jan,2011 11:08:13 AM

    hi guys i m planing to buy k10 in a month is this low maintainence car n good purformance rite plz reply me any one n help me soon

    CarDekho Team |17 Jan,2011 04:04:46 PM

    Dear User,br We would like to inform you that no doubt Maruti Alto K10 is a low maintenance car with excellent performance and is powered by 998 cc petrol engine. The car gives mileage of 15.0 kmpl in city conditions and 20.2 kmpl on highways. Thanks

  • punith |16 Jan,2011 11:08:46 AM

    wat is d difference between lxi and vxi

    CarDekho Team |17 Jan,2011 03:29:18 PM

    Dear User, We would like to inform you that the major difference between Maruti Alto K10 Lxi and Maruti Alto K10 Vxi is of power windows. Maruti Alto K10 Lxi does not comes with power windows, where as Maruti Alto K10 Vxi is equipped with power windows. Thanks

    dharmesh_Soni_Raipur |11 Feb,2011 12:37:16 AM

    And vxi also have Center Locking, Body color Bumper, New Steering Design etc.. This is nice car.. and yaa Number plate is on 5th Back door in K10 vxI. THANKS...

  • Carlover |23 Jan,2011 11:52:24 AM

    Does any model of Alto comes with Power windows??

    CarDekho Team |25 Jan,2011 03:06:20 PM

    Dear User, We would like to inform you that Maruti Alto does not comes with power windows but Maruti Alto K10 comes with power windows. Thanks

    dev |04 Jun,2011 12:19:29 AM

    Yes, Alto VXI till 2004 you will get all the luxuries of both front power windows and steering, wooden finish but not so good in millage. Its a zen engine. Now the company stopped this version untill they came up with brilliant Alto K10 VXI.

  • shachin |29 Jan,2011 08:34:45 PM

    i want to buy maruti but i am confused on buying.i want to buy ABS MODEL but likes Alto k-10.what should i do ?

    CarDekho Team |31 Jan,2011 01:18:25 PM

    Dear User, We would like to inform you that Maruti Alto K-10 does not comes with ABS(Anti-lock Braking System), the standard features of Maruti Alto K-10 include : Air-Conditioner, Power Steering, Power Windows and Central Locking. You can opt for Chevrolet Spark and Maruti Wagon R as ABS is optional in these car. But it would cost you more. Thanks

    SUMAN CHATTOPADHYAY |11 Feb,2011 12:24:26 AM

    Alto K 10 VXI is having A.C. and Power steering plus Front two doors Power window, central locking, dicky tray, fog lamps, side beading, wheel cover..it's a 998 cc car with 68 bhp power. In Kolkata price of it is Ex-showroom 327041 insurance 10521 Registration 30250 Hypothication charge 500 = 368312 well cardekho team... i booked a beat and planned to cancel the deal and to buy k 10... suggest me which is a better car? beat vs k10

  • adnan |05 Mar,2011 08:10:00 PM

    please suggest, is A Star a better choice over Alto K 10 vxi, but Engine is of same class

    dev |04 Jun,2011 12:27:13 AM

    Adnan! by now you have gain enough knowledge about K10 reading reviews in this page. Astar and K10 is powered by same engine with different looks, Astar both exterior and interior looks more aggressive and sporty where K10 lacks all these. Astar have a very small bootspace and its heavier than K10. If you look at their price then Astar is far costlier. So, if you are onto looks go for Astar else K10 is very much decent deal - you wont be disappointed.

  • MuhammadK |29 Mar,2011 10:20:34 PM

    Hi all, I am planning to buy alto k10 lxi,can you please suggest me that, is it a good car.i have read many reviews about this car, that it is having many problems like, cluch shifting,and gear leaver prob,and its not smooth to drive, etc.

    dev |04 Jun,2011 12:32:19 AM

    MuhammadK: Probably before passing such comments they should learn how to drive car (power). K10 incorporates a new technology gear shift - cable type, which is smooth but yes while shifting 1st and 2nd gear and leave your clutch theres a little hitch but its definitely not an issue to consider K10 a bad car. Take a test drive and know by your self. Hold on before you go for K10 LXI, I suggest you to go for VXI.

  • Siddharth |10 Apr,2011 12:14:01 AM

    hi, I am a student. I have to travel everyday for 30-40 kms. So if I but Alto K10, I want to know will it be economical for me? I will buy the Alto K10 on Rs.100 per day offer. Pls suggest.

  • P K SINGH |15 Apr,2011 03:34:36 PM

    Dear all, I have justbaught a alto k10 lxi after reading many reviews about this car, but that now i have purchased it,i am finding many problems like, cluch shifting,and gear leaver problem,and its not very smooth to drive esp if you have to drive for more than 1 hour probably due to lower seating arrangement.Also after starting the car it gives a diesel engine like vibration at idle.Could some one help?

  • mukesh SONI |21 Apr,2011 10:12:38 AM

    is alto k10 available with CNG option, i have to run 60-70 km on daily basis.

    v.b.chavan |24 Oct,2012 10:38:46 AM


  • aaaa |27 May,2011 02:06:24 AM


  • seema singh |20 Jun,2011 12:41:39 PM

    Does the AC work fine in Delhi hot weather of May and June ?

  • RahmaN |22 Jun,2011 03:08:30 PM

    hey m also planing to buy d nw alto k10 Lxi... I jst want to know dat hwz d car pickup wid a/c on? Yestrday i drove alto lx its 800cc nd truly sayng i hav a realy bad xperience in pick up wid a/c on.

  • samarth |25 Jun,2011 05:44:59 PM

    i am looking alto k10 vxi cng should i get include petrol & cng kit. what is the milage with cng & petrol. please let me know

    abhishek |26 Jun,2011 09:14:36 PM

    i am not statisfy with baba autos in punjab(amritsar)because they are adding center locking price in alto k10vxi seprately

  • MANISH |31 Jul,2011 02:02:46 PM

    pl suggest which car i buy spark, altok10, wagonr r or santro

  • MANISH |31 Jul,2011 02:05:24 PM

    pl suggest me car for low maintenance & good mileage among spark, altok10, wagon r & santro..

  • Rajasekhar |14 Aug,2011 05:36:44 PM

    Hello everybody...I also became the owner of ALTO K10 on 01 Aug...Till now I drove it for 600 Kms which includes two long trips like 160 Kms & 140 Kms. First of all Alto got the reverse gear engaging problem (Don't be in doubt of that). It doesn't engage 8 times out of 10 even tough you concentrate to. Second thing the pick up prob when AC is on. Its got the sudden pick up prob in 2nd and 3rd gears. you are compelled to come down to first gear at lower speed where as you can easily continue in 2nd gear in other vehicles. About mileage its only 15 dys and not yet done the 1st service also....its not justifies to comment on that...I will keep on giving the comments...Guys and Girls please reply and share the views..Thx

  • praveen |14 Oct,2011 03:38:16 AM

    hi i m a owner of the alto K10,ya it is a good car only but i hve a serious problem with my car in the 1st gear while relasing the cluch the front wheel is shakin like something i m not intersted to ride car in city hence i m planning to sell it and buy new shift.if any body planning to buy alto u can call me 9884948295.thanks

  • vijith |23 Mar,2012 08:58:14 AM

    Is there any improvements in the 2012 model altok10 from the 2011 model?

  • amit |20 May,2012 09:47:00 PM

    i want to buy my first car....plz suggest between alto k110 vxi or Hyundai eon in terms of good looks, mileage, performance and comfort,,,

  • Ashish |14 Jun,2012 01:43:30 PM

    I bought K10 because of good milage but I am getting less than 10 on highway!! that is like 8rs/Km These maruti guys tell me that it improves after 5000 km! It may be true but with the figures I quoted, it is just crap!!! They just try to brush of the matters by quoting 5000 figures! I so wish there were better service standards in India! Is there any Mauthi guy listining to this? Help me if you can!!

  • Sreenivasan C |10 Mar,2013 08:14:30 PM

    Can I get fixed power window on the back doors of Alto K10 VXi?.

    vishwanath |21 Oct,2013 06:01:52 PM

    yes u can fix pw for back doors. outside it cost max.700 rs and in Maruti service may be around 2000 rs.

    samir k patel |13 Feb,2015 11:39:18 PM

    Wts abt length. Hight...

  • rakesh |12 Jan,2014 07:57:30 PM

    I Planned to buy alto k10 series in this month Jan 2014. Last edition of 2013 model. Hope made the decision right with my requirement fulling matching my expectations level in mileage and general comfort. Will let you know the other aspects once start. Other reviews on above stands in right solutions and confidence...

  • hhhhh |03 Dec,2014 04:37:30 PM

    Good car nice work

  • manoj |20 Jul,2015 02:14:55 PM

    Is maruti Alto k10 gear box show any problem.

  • Anand Prakash |04 Dec,2015 09:29:20 PM

    Friends I gotmy first car maruti alto k10vxi and had a drive of 1300 km and it gives 15 km mileage with ac on higway and till now i didnt get my car for its first servicing kindly tell its mileage will increase or not

  • vikas |10 Mar,2016 01:51:45 PM

    Please advice me I m thinking to purchase a new car altok10, celerio, and Wagnor which is best plz share ur experience

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