Worst car i have owned, problem with gear box and suspension in 15 days, company accepts the problem

By for Hyundai Verna 2011-2015 from Nagpur 2012-04-13 15:16:00.0
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Pros : Nice Looks

Cons : Bad quality of parts, Poor Customer service

Look and Style Mere botox treatment for looks. Comfort ok. Pickup fine Mileage fine for 1.6 engine. Best Features looks, looks and looks. Needs to improve A Lot issues.  I have purchased a brand new Hyundai Verna 1.6 CRDi SX on 23.03.2012 from Eros Hyundai, Nagpur. The vehicle has been detected with faulty gear box in 15 days (1,500 kms run) only. They say, they have to DISMANTLE the GEAR BOX. Company is taking it very lightly and behaving very irresonsibly. The vehicle has been lying at the company service station since 9.4.2012 & they just accept the fault but want to repair it. Even emails sent to centralised customer service & grievence system at website haven't been responded for over 3 days. Even the rear suspensions are making a lot of noise and they say its normal... Go to hell.. m driving car for last 12 years & this is my first brand shift from Maruti.. Now i repent.  WTF did they have PDI for??? This is the worst quality of product mfgd by Hyundai & they dont even care to pay any heed to customer's complaints. They are just busy with making nice looking vehicles with worst and cheap components...  Waste of my hard earned 11 lacs... I wont suggest anyone to buy a Hyundai Car.. They cant even get the basics right..    Overall Experience Never buy a Hyundai diesel car.. Worst in customer service !!!   Suresh Kewalramani, Nagpur, email:sureshkewalramani@gmail.com

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  • PREM |16 Apr,2012 07:19:59 PM

    same problems been faced by me. call for the all customers facing the problem let us unite and fight against the company

    suresh |16 Apr,2012 09:51:54 PM

    Sure prem. I have already started process for going to consumer forum. Let me know ur location and nature of complaint to explore possibility of filing a joint application.

    Yogesh |18 Apr,2012 04:25:48 PM

    Thanks a Lot Guys .. I was planning for Hyundai Verna SX Diesel ... but now i wont ... m looking forward for Chevrolet OPTRA 2.0 , Vat say ??

    suresh |19 Apr,2012 11:44:26 AM

    Verna & Optra belong to diff category Yogesh. Do visit user reviews at Carwale.com as well for both the cars.

    PREM |21 Apr,2012 01:49:01 PM


    Ankit Narula |29 Jan,2014 01:56:33 PM

    hi, did you file a complaint in the consumer court? I too had a similar issue(faulty gear box in the new fluidic verna changed within 1000km), followed by issues with clutch plate/wire, steering. The car went to the service center more than 10 times in the first year.

    Zahra |17 Mar,2014 08:04:16 PM

    hi all, me too facing same problem with my car.my car went to the service station 6 or 7 times for gear complaint.still the problem persist.Got fed up.

    Alankar Narula |03 Jun,2015 01:33:43 PM

    Hi what was the outcome of your case? My case against hyudai for the same problems is ongoing in the Chandigarh District Forum.

  • Andy Hira |21 Apr,2012 10:17:54 PM

    Hearing these kind of complaints, I will never ever entertain the thought of buying a hyundai! Keep the complaints coming guys,lets protect each each other from these dirty folks!

    Suresh Kewalramani |21 Apr,2012 11:41:19 PM

    guys go thru the following link; its very usefull for anyone wishing to have a view on hyundai verna fluidic.

  • Suresh Kewalramani |21 Apr,2012 11:43:19 PM

    www carwale com-Forums-ViewThread-23595.html

  • Rachit |27 Apr,2012 11:21:01 AM

    Thnx 4 dis wonderful comment Suresh Kewalramani... I was about to invest ma money in dis car bt thnx to u..nw i've purchased SX4 diesel..n believe me its wonderful decision n d car is also very sturdy...

  • C. A Reddy |02 May,2012 11:52:31 AM

    I have purchased a brand new Hyundai Verna 1.6 CRDi SX on 23-11-2011. so far 6400km r over, but i have not faced any problem. the only thing is getting 13 to 14km in city(Hydera bad) 16 to 17km on highways. I purchased it from MODEY HYUNDAI. Service side i went to show room only once for my first service.

  • C. A Reddy |02 May,2012 12:50:54 PM

    I have purchased a brand new Hyundai Verna 1.6 CRDi SX on 23-11-2011. so far 6400kms r over, but i have not faced any problem. the only thing is getting 13 to 14km in city(Hydera bad) 16 to 17km on highways. I purchased it from MODEY HYUNDAI. Service side i went to show room only once for my first service.

  • ravi |12 May,2012 01:15:24 AM

    now m in dilemma.i m planning to buy hyundai verna 1.6 VGT CRDi after seeing reviews i couldn't decide which sedan shud i go for tht worth of 11 lacs....plz suggest me.

  • phaneendra prasad |13 May,2012 07:59:25 PM

    hi guys....am having 1.6vtvt...i did not find any problems in my car am getting 18km on highway and 15km in the city including A/C ....no problems with suspension...superb car...

    Naveen |15 Sep,2013 10:31:41 PM

    Dear Mr Prasad I am planning to buy Verna petrol..its been more than one year since you bought your car.. How's your car running would you recommend me to buy it

  • Mayank |18 May,2012 10:04:23 AM

    I have driven over 3500 KM, 1.6 CRDI SX. NO such problems faced. I am getting an average of 15 KMPL in city (Mumbai WE Highway morning 8.15 AM & evening 7.30 PM), 20 KMPL on highway. The only problem I have noticed is the stability at 150 KMPH and above. Its a nice car, suggest everyone to consider it before buying chevy or ford.

  • PK SINGH |24 Jun,2012 04:34:17 PM


    som |27 Jun,2012 05:00:22 PM

    Hi P K SINGH, Since you say that your car has done 14k km and seem to be experiencing a clutch problem..... the defective parts seem to be a cause due to the shifting on a half clutch basis. Unlike other cars verna cannot be pushed on clutch pressure basis... I suggest you try to accelarate to a minimum every time you release the clutch... and shift on full clutch extension.... this ought to keep your engine and clutch to its valid life period.....

  • Pranav |27 Jun,2012 03:16:57 PM

    I have verna crdi 1.6 SX and the car is superb has has no issues at all. Best in class refined diesel and absolute VFM. Though suspension is bit soft, again it is not offraoder... Can not expect Bolero stiffness and BMW ride quality at one go. I am getting FE of 15 in city with AC and 17 on highways (100-120 kmph).So far i have clocked 5200 KMS.

  • Shekhar |02 Jul,2012 06:10:24 PM

    Hello Guys, After seeing so many comments rather complaints could not stop myself from sharing my experience of Verna Fluidic 1.6 CRDi. I own this car from October 2009 and have clocked 21K kms got all the 3 free services done. Since I am more of a holidaying person, have taken it to tough terrains like Manali, Kalpa, Rohru, Chitkul, Nainital etc but have not faced any such issues listed by the other users. Moreover had faced situations where the ABS-EBD works more than expected on hills. It also depends on how people drive the car and the way engine refines. Have been getting in city FE of 18 and Highway FE of 20 in my fluidic. Just my experiences!!

  • Emran Diyari |16 Oct,2012 04:57:06 PM

    I got Verna Fluidic 1.6, have driven 20000 KMS, initially faced AC problem, other than that no issues.What i suggest is like, no company have good servicing .. if u seek a very good service then u cant buy any car in any brand. Some one saying go for Nissan Sunny, Dude u know what, the same engine is used for Nissan Micra, only body is BIG. I am not a supporter of Hyndai, i am telling u everyone is a victim in one way... the way is different...

  • Basant |29 Jun,2013 08:24:22 PM

    I have been driving the 1.6 CRDI automatic for more than a year. Admitted that the suspension is bouncy, but the butter smooth engine, overall driving comfort and features are unparalleled. I have managed to greatly reduce noise, suspension stability and road grip by simply fitting tubes. The driving feel, comfort, humming noise and grip have tremendously improved. The overall feel is that of driving its elder brother, the Elantra. Basically, the tyre rubber becomes hard, air filled inside amplifies sound and reduced rubber softness increases bounce. The additional rubber from tubes takes care of these issues and moreover, the tube rubber creates a barrier between the air filled in tyres and rim metal that conducts it throughout the vehicle body. The advantages of a tubeless tyre though lost, the resultant advantages of tubes are far more.

  • Ash |22 Jan,2014 03:57:27 PM

    I own a Verna Dsl since Nov 2012. Its a brilliant car interms of look and feel. Gud Music system, minimum cabin noise. What hurts the most is the THUD from the hood near the FRONT tyres, because of the soft suspension. Wonder why dint Hyundai pay any heed to everyone complaining about the Soft front suspension. Besides that its a stunner with with mileage as 22 Kmpl on Highway and 17.5 in City with AC. :-)

  • Suresh Babu R |20 Jan,2015 04:11:26 PM

    I also faced the same issue but it happened after my second service. The clutch was very hard and gear is not moving all of sudden, just after a year. Very bad. When I reported the problem in Chennai HMP, they have requested me to change the gear box (I guess, they will do the over-oiling) cost will come around 32,000 rupees and that I need to pay some advance and then wait 10 to 15 days for spare parts then only they will start the service. Very pathetic.

  • supreeth |15 Apr,2015 11:37:08 PM

    My self supreeth from bangalore. I purchased verna fluidic on 2013 feb, at 35000km i got clutch problem like i noticed a jerk sound in reverse gear shift. I took to trident service center(sheshadripuram) they told entire clutch system had to be changed and the did it. I was charged 25k. Later a month passed and i had same problem with reverse gear shift. I couldn't take my car to service center because of busy work schedule. After i ran around 43500km i took it service and they i was told that due to more use of clutch in traffic my clutch plate got burnt and there is no warranty for that and i was charged 8k for that. Now am facing that same problem and and i was told that i have to change Clutch MC. Service adviser informed that modified clutch mc has to come from Lucknow and he installed a moidfied MC what he had in stock. The problem has not solved till now after repetitive service for the same problem. I have no idea whether the technician got no experience in rectifying the problem or the car itself has the manufacturing defect. Am really fed up of spending lots of money. Am planning to go for a new car but not again for HYUNDAI car again am suggesting to my friends and relatives not to go for HYUNDAI.

  • Deepak Chadha |06 May,2015 07:04:14 PM

    I am also having the problem. I bought brand new Verna in Oct 2015. The seals of axles started to leak just after 10000 km. The Sam was rectified . But the real nightmare came after that. My car started to give abnormal sound while on the go. I stopped the car and opened the bonnet. To my surprise the engine was knocking very badly as it was about to burst I switched off the engine called the 24 hr helpline no. The nearest Hyundai service centre was just 15 km from the site but I was told that they will took 2 hrs to reach the site. I called my frnd towed the vehicle to the workshop. Next day I was told that The problem arised as I have filled the petrol instead of diesel. Bullshit. They open the chamber and I found the coupling of one of the piston with crank damaged and pieces of the coupling were sticking between coupling. When I asked i was told that the car was not warmed up before driving. I drove the car continuously for around 70 km when the car breakdown. My car is under warranty and now the engine need complete rrebuilding I.e crank piston connecting rod oil pump head reboring I mean complete rebuilding merely after 30000 km. I know the engine can not be rebuild with the precision the way it is done in factory. Earlier I drove maruti for 100000 km nd still running without any problem. But this fkg brand became major headache. So I suggest u guys not to buy this brand and commit a blunder the way I have did. Can anybody let me know if I can get complete engine replacement?. I also want to file a complaint in forum in this regard. Plz do let me know iv there is any hope of getting the replacement of engine. 8146662550. My car reg no. HP 72A2863 . I have sent the mail to customer care regarding that but of no use till date.

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