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    Hyundai Elite i20
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    Hyundai Elite i20
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I Hate i20

By for Hyundai Elite i20 from Jaipur 2010-09-21 17:51:55.0
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Hey, friends, I would like to warn you not to fall for the looks of Hyundai i20. I have done this mistake so I don't want others to do the same. I was planning to buy a car in five to six lakh rupees range and I was very much impressed with the looks of i20 and especially its rear side and Hyundai is a good brand as its i10 is very much popular in the market. I like the interior as well, dark brown dashboard with the well-placed controls. But my the car started showing its poor performance. The Hyundai i10 engine doesn't work in this car. I am speed lover but the car disappointed me on this front as well. I still wonder that what made people purchase this car.  

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  • goutam saiba |25 Sep,2010 07:42:21 PM

    i20 is too good to look but but poor in mileasge.

    Toufeeq Baba |04 Feb,2011 12:39:59 AM

    whats the mileage of the car

    jai singh |13 Feb,2011 01:10:30 PM

    15.5 km/pl awesome car. fcuk off tarun malhotra

    kt |27 Mar,2011 12:20:00 PM

    daer jai..i20 is worst car..if u have been fooled by hyundai..why not tell others...u think that u have been fooled by hyndai let others to b fooled..

    Aseem |29 Feb,2012 10:29:28 AM

    u dont know anything about cars, so better shut ur mouth!

    prakash kumar |06 Apr,2014 05:51:06 PM

    i20 very poor car breaking so much problem pickup problem milage problem after service maximum 2000 km perfect runing after getting much more problem i buy car from jodhpur rajasthan taken delivery by evening 6 clock 8 clock accident by breaking problem and next day morning once more accident as same problem break go to hard i asked dealer but he told me sir car is ok no any problem then i will pay bill accidented bumper 10000/- after that i was 5 time bumper changed so bad car please dnt buy i20 maruti Suzuki is bes car

    Abc |05 Jun,2015 10:06:11 AM

    Lol it has ABS breaking system. Clearly it says you are worst driver, you dont know to drive and blaming on cars hahaha lol very funny my friend

    sohil |05 Jun,2015 10:00:34 AM

    i20 is best choice. And performanace is superb, who dont know to ride and drives roughly that dont make sense of asking for better performance. Overall best choice and awesome car👍

    pata nhi |27 Oct,2016 09:41:13 PM

    I dont know who are you but dont tell that i20 is worst car

    vgvy |24 Mar,2012 11:41:15 AM

    Teri maa ka bbhosta. Teri maa chudhi thi kya car mae

    Golu |18 Nov,2012 09:33:03 PM

    You mother fucker. Don't abuse else I'll rape your mother..

    swapnil |04 May,2014 11:04:04 AM

    i get 20 petrol on economy speed limits about 65-70km/h

    mfdfgi |13 Mar,2015 01:33:09 AM

    Thnx deart

    rohan |11 Oct,2016 02:49:13 PM

    I20 is to good car . I get the 18.54kmpl with ac on highway within 4 days when i purchased

    nikhil |27 Jul,2011 01:48:42 PM

    its just a cosmatic brand no any qulity hyundai mens cosmatic cars

    rohit |09 Apr,2012 06:27:57 PM

    baas kar pagle rulaega kya

    Puranik |29 Feb,2012 09:43:36 AM

    u are looking for the mileage or for the comfort??

    puneet pathak |08 Dec,2014 04:59:37 PM


    B |04 May,2015 12:15:20 PM


    rohan |11 Oct,2016 02:48:49 PM

    I20 is to good car . I get the 18.54kmpl with ac on highway within 4 days when i purchased

  • samir |30 Sep,2010 08:31:11 PM

    i agree. pick up horrible. i ahte using brakes in such cars

    jerry |03 Apr,2011 03:33:51 PM

    i own a i20 i think its got the engine right i cloaked 165 km/hr in this car i think it can do more,there was no vibration so i think it has really good performance

  • suresh |15 Oct,2010 05:48:57 PM

    hai! I have i20 astra model. I like long drive with speed of 110km/hr, at present,speed gradual is very slow.In city drive I am getting only 11km/lt.If the advisors have quoted the mileage I would have gone to scorpio, which gives high pickup on highways.

    xyz |06 Nov,2016 09:03:13 PM

    You are comparing i20 to scorpio? Seriously?

  • asad ahmad |15 Oct,2010 10:49:56 PM

    hey i m also planning to buy i20 i m confused in its engine power(1200cc)and mileage wat do u say?

    jose thomas edattu |15 Jan,2016 11:25:54 PM

    Go for it without any doubt. Unless u r not a speed lover.

  • shubham |25 Oct,2010 07:32:56 PM

    thankz buddy... same as u i also loved d space n d catchy exteriorz of d car but wen i red ur post n personally took d test drive.. could really find d pothole in it.. i juss lov d thrust a car has 4m 2nd to 3rd gear n i20 loose it big time... so i finally decided to stick on to swift. agreed swift'z preity common nw a dayz but wil get it a bit modified in d cost difference of i20..

    richard |26 Aug,2016 05:36:04 PM

    Go for vw polo

    rohan |11 Oct,2016 02:50:59 PM

    I20 is to good car . I get the 18.54kmpl with ac on highway within 4 days when i purchased. Vw polo is not spacious car

  • Kersi Marolia |04 Nov,2010 12:35:25 PM

    Hey car lovers, I am hopeless with technology, mechanics etc.I am looking for a 1200cc compact car with a large cargo space and i20 was recommended but found out that the exhaust rusts very quickly....is it true? Help? and recommend what I should be looking for? Thanks.

  • Bask |06 Nov,2010 04:22:33 PM

    Huw come same 1.2L Kappa engine for both i10 & i20 petrol models? No doubt power seems to be an issue.But the looks are pretty with a premium

  • priyangshu |13 Nov,2010 08:56:21 AM

    If you wants good performing pick up in i20 go for its diesel version.Its overall a amazing car. Diesel version is definitely a better bet than swift.Also diesel version comes with disc breaks in 4 wheels.

    krunal |11 Jan,2011 02:31:30 PM

    Hey, myself patel Krunal and m very confused dat wich one shud i buy between i-20(diesel) or swift(diesel)..????

    madhulika |14 Mar,2011 09:07:21 PM

    go for swift.

    Ajay |17 Mar,2011 05:26:21 AM

    Is there a reason you recommend swift? From extensive reviews, i20 diesel seems the better option, but only if shelling out extra 1L is not an issue...

    kt |27 Mar,2011 12:22:55 PM

    go for swift

    nikhil |27 Jul,2011 01:54:58 PM

    very promtaly advice dont take a cosmatic product hyundi. you go for volskwagon polo or maruti sujuki swift

    Smeet |29 Jan,2015 04:45:38 PM

    Go for swift diesel its much better thai I20

    Eldho Varghese |01 Feb,2015 10:59:52 PM

    I20 disel...a car that loaded with full features. Almst servicing is little bit high than maruthi but really affordable...

  • sai |02 Dec,2010 10:39:09 PM

    is it really have gud performance in diesel?coz i,m planning to buy with in two weeks

  • akul |04 Dec,2010 12:38:04 PM

    hey sai,,i m also planning the same. But positively,i will buy a punto rather than i20. Frends,plz suggest me,if there are any other better options...

    ankit |13 Dec,2010 05:36:46 PM

    u should take punto dude its nice italian car and hav gud performa then i20 and also hav gud mileage . the drawbck of i20 is its underpowered and fuel gizzle and also prisey where punto is best in clas .

    Ajay |17 Mar,2011 05:31:11 AM

    Guys... From what I have read and analysed so far, i20 petrol sucks. But i20 diesel rocks. This is not surprising cos they have put a 1200cc engine of i10 in the i20. But with i20 diesel they have a 1400cc engine which delivers 90ps. Which is the highest in its class. But buy diesel only if you have a good amount of running to do (like 2k per month). Diesel engines need to be used longer or else they develop snags over a period of time.

    kt |27 Mar,2011 12:23:53 PM

    go for ritz

  • paras |09 Dec,2010 03:45:43 PM

    hey guys pls help me nd tell me that which car the best 4 me betweeni1o and i20. pls i want to buy next week so rply soon

    ankit |13 Dec,2010 05:38:32 PM

    hi u should prefer i10 1.2 l magna its best car then i20 and less pricey but same engine gud lucks

    nikhil |27 Jul,2011 01:58:15 PM

    pelese pelese dont take hyundai product you are go for polo or swift

  • riyas |12 Dec,2010 09:19:36 AM

    iam planing to buy car wich ranges between 4 to 5 lks,ihave short listed sme wich are sift/i20 hundai,ford figo,i10,tell wich one will be good

    ankit |13 Dec,2010 05:42:38 PM

    hi as i hav driven all these cars but i lik the most is swift and figo but 1 choice i would go with swift its awsome car with maruti badge which u knw its best company in india but boring looks bckup this swift but if u choose i10 its also awsome car with great lucks and likeble features so if u want a less maintaince car go with i10 .

    nishad |23 Feb,2015 11:58:16 AM

    Oh............i20 or liva

    CarDekho Team |14 Dec,2010 11:32:02 AM

    Well to be frank all the cars that you have shortlisted are good able cars in the segment. Our pick would be either the Maruti Swift or the Hyundai i20. The Swift is a very well made car and has been the best seller in this segment for long and above all has the best in class after sales and support from Maruti Suzuki. The Hyundai i20 is also a good car with roomy interiors and a very good drive and feel. Take your pick from these two car models. Thanks, CarDekho Team

    Rakesh |24 Dec,2010 11:27:56 PM

    I am unable to finalise between i10 and i20. The mileage is a priority and hence I was checking on differences of mileage between i10 and i20. I'm not able to arrive at a conclusion based on reviews as the mileage quoted by various users depends on their driving styles. What is the difference of mileage seen between i10 and i20? I visited the showroom today and talked to couple of salesmen there. While 1st was inclined towards i10 quoting a mileage of around 18/16 on highway/city and stated a mileage of 16/12-14 for i20. The 2nd salesmen (along with a senior mechanic) was inclined to i20 quoted a highway mileage of 18 and 12-14 in city for i20. Now thats confusing me more :)

    Ajay |17 Mar,2011 05:34:56 AM

    Dude, If you want mileage then go with i20 Diesel...

    sree |05 Apr,2011 07:05:00 AM

    If Milage is really ur concern, go for Swift Disel with ABS (City-16 & highway - 21to22. of course, much depends on ur driving style). Sure u will never repent. But to Choose a zooming racing car u can go for i20 at a bit higher - price and economy. Good luck.

    Ajay |17 Mar,2011 05:36:41 AM

    Hi Cardekho Team, Isn't it true that a 1200cc engine on i20 petrol is not as performant as 1400cc engine?

    prakash kumar |06 Apr,2014 05:54:21 PM

    i20 very poor car breaking so much problem pickup problem milage problem after service maximum 2000 km perfect runing after getting much more problem i buy car from jodhpur rajasthan taken delivery by evening 6 clock 8 clock accident by breaking problem and next day morning once more accident as same problem break go to hard i asked dealer but he told me sir car is ok no any problem then i will pay bill accidented bumper 10000/- after that i was 5 time bumper changed so bad car please dnt buy i20 maruti Suzuki is best car

    mohit |06 Nov,2015 08:02:59 AM

    Hi I am Planning to buy either I 20 petrol Magna or xcent diesel (s) version. Both are costing me the same. Pls suggest which one would be a better pick and why? Based on all factors like comfort, style, looks, features etc.

  • Viswanath |12 Dec,2010 05:35:19 PM

    Hi I test drove i20, i10 and Jazz (and other major brands in last 4 weeks). Chevvy is giving real good deals in December. I drove on really bad roads (close to metro construction) and on fairly good road such as Nice corridor. Tested the acceleration, steering freeness, suspension on good road (30 kms/hr) and on bad road (slow speed - 5kms/hr) and at 70kms /hr on good road. Jazz transmitted all the shocks. we can feel the suspension shocks and the noise inside. The engine noise is quite high with all the windows completely closed. i10 and i20 seems to have pretty decent suspension. It smoothens out most of the shocks at the 3 speeds that i tried. Regarding the steering,gear hardness and clutch freeness Jazz, i10 and i20 seem to be doing pretty same. The electronic power steering works well in all. Breaks are good in Jazz, i10/i20 is acceptable. It is good enough. The features and goodies : i10/i20 scores many points over Jazz. Next point in India : Jazz has very low ground clearance. It is just about 7 inches. Hence it has all possibilities of scraping the ground, in road humps and pot holes. I will be deciding soon on one of them. Regarding power : 80/90 BHP is good enough for Indian conditions. I have been driving car since 15 years and have tried many cars, and have driven to many out stations, hills and have driven in all conditions of weather. Hence unless you are looking for a reckless driving of zooming and breaking, you can ignore power factor.

    paras |18 Dec,2010 01:24:30 PM

    hii viswanath i m paras pls suggest me that which car is best 4 me between i10magna or i20magna, i need a good luking car and also the good feature.. i like i20 magna luk its good and all the feature in this car but i m very confuse the both are the engine.... which one is the good

    krunal |11 Jan,2011 02:35:13 PM

    Hi..! please help me because m very confused dat which car shud i buy between i-20 and swift..??? And also if i want to buy in diesel engine, den from i-20 and swift den which will be the better option.....????

    CarDekho Team |11 Jan,2011 03:28:22 PM

    Dear User, This is in regards to your query posted on the website CarDekho.com, we would like to inform you that Maruti Swift can be a better option if you are looking for a diesel vehicle, the cost of Maruti Swift is cheaper as compared to Hyundai i20. The maintenance cost of Maruti Swift is less in comparison to Hyundai i20. Thanks

    Ajay |17 Mar,2011 05:45:04 AM

    Hi CarDekho Team, If we can set aside the value for money aspect, which is a better buy Swift Diesel or i20 diesel? Hyundai claims i20 delivers 90bhp as opposed to swifts 75bhp? Reviews suggest the same. The main draw back with i20 vis-a-vie swift is the cost, but at 1-1.25L extra you get newer technology, better mileage, better performance, air bags and better looking vehicle... Your honest opinion would be much appreciated

    nikhil |27 Jul,2011 01:58:59 PM


    prakash kumar |06 Apr,2014 05:49:44 PM

    i20 very poor car breaking so much problem pickup problem milage problem after service maximum 2000 km perfect runing after getting much more problem i buy car from jodhpur rajasthan taken delivery by evening 6 clock 8 clock accident by breaking problem and next day morning once more accident as same problem break go to hard i asked dealer but he told me sir car is ok no any problem then i will pay bill accidented bumper 10000/- after that i was 5 time bumper changed so bad car please dnt buy i20 maruti Suzuki is bes car

    Ajay |17 Mar,2011 05:39:50 AM

    If you want to ignore power factor, why bother buying a premium hatch back?

    Abishek |19 Jun,2011 10:29:36 PM

    can i go for i20 diesel

  • ankit |13 Dec,2010 05:44:29 PM

    jazz is totally money waste car

  • swapnil |20 Dec,2010 02:07:13 PM

    Hi guys..i m planning to buy a car in a month or so...getting confused b/w i20,nissan micra n skoda fabia..so help me decide (in search of gud luks and descent performance)..Which one should i go for??

    Ajay |17 Mar,2011 05:48:06 AM

    Don't buy Skoda fabia petrol, its a petrol guzzler. In city u may not even get 9KMPL. Also, the pickup is sluggish. The maintenance cost is higher and resale not that great... Don't buy i20 petrol either cos they have fitted the same engine (1200cc) of i10 into i20, which means the performance is going to be sluggish...

  • Rupesh |21 Dec,2010 03:12:06 PM

    Pl. suggest a suitable car for daily running of 50-60 kms. The cars selected Petrol version of Hundai I-20, Ford Figo, Polo, Fabia.

  • H K Narula |24 Dec,2010 11:09:23 PM

    I am planning to purchase a car ranging between 5-7 lakh. Anybody can suggest me t6he car to be pyurchased.

  • raju |07 Jan,2011 05:15:38 PM

    i love forvil all model but i 20 is gooooooooooooood his vouarsen

  • ajay |16 Jan,2011 12:17:28 PM

    what about the millege and comfort of diesel asta i20 ?

    CarDekho Team |17 Jan,2011 04:10:35 PM

    Dear User, We would like to inform you that Hyundai i20 gives mileage of 11.5 kmpl in city conditions and 15.0 kmpl on highways. Thanks

    gaurav |27 May,2011 09:25:18 PM

    whats the mileage of i20 era petrol in city and highway in worst condition.?

  • Prashant Prem |19 Jan,2011 02:47:28 PM

    I want to buy swift diesel or i20 sports diesel which is better option and why.... plz guide me

  • NIYATI |25 Jan,2011 07:58:33 PM


    shailesh deshmukh |16 Dec,2011 10:08:39 PM

    thxx niyati ..very confused yaar

  • amit khandelwal |27 Jan,2011 11:34:40 PM

    superb car with gr8 features but dissappoint in averge

  • Sanket |29 Jan,2011 10:57:00 PM

    Guys i m planning to buy car within budget 5-6 lacks. i need good mileage upto 18-20. i m confused in swift diesel, i20 diesel, i20Petrol. plz help me...

    manik |19 Jul,2011 01:37:37 PM

    which one is best between i-20 and swift diesel

  • Toufeeq Baba |04 Feb,2011 12:45:48 AM

    i want to know what is the mileage of hyundai i20 in diseal version

    CarDekho Team |04 Feb,2011 03:16:36 PM

    Dear User, We would like to inform you that Hyundai i20 comes in both petrol and diesel variants. Hyundai i20 petrol gives mileage of 14.0 kmpl in city conditions and 17.0 kmpl on highways, whereas Hyundai i20 diesel gives mileage of 18.0 kmpl in city conditions and 23.0 kmpl on highways. Thanks

    Abhijeet |06 Feb,2011 05:45:42 AM

    Hello CarDekho Team, I have seen almost everyone complaining about the mileage given by i20 contrary to your statement that i20 gives 18/23 mileage. I doubt how do you calculate the mileage. I hope you dont consider that ideal condition which never exists. Thanks

    CarDekho Team |07 Feb,2011 01:31:08 PM

    Dear Mr. Abhijeet, If you are referring to the Petrol i20 then in real world the mileage figures are close to 15kmpl and does the best of 16.5kmpl when driven on highways. The 1.2 Kappa2 VTVT engine that now comes on the Petrol i20 is fueal efficient but if you consider the Diesel vesrion of the i20 thats still better in terms of fuel efficiency the CRDI i20 easily gives a combined mileage of 19kmpl if driven sanely. plus it has immense torque and power under its belt. Thanks

    Sachin Mistry |01 Mar,2011 08:49:57 AM

    Dear CarDekho Team, You mentioned i20 is now equipped with 1.2 KAPPA2 VTVT engine ? Could you confirm this. I am still struggling to find this on official site of Hyundai to check if that was reality. Thanks, Sachin

    JP |12 Jul,2011 09:31:06 PM

    i checked yesterday at hyundai showroom, they dont have vtvt on 120

    Harpreet |30 Nov,2013 02:58:13 AM

    Hello sir, Am going for i20 sports petrol due to its overall features with design,comfort along with mileage.If its around 14-15 in city conditions,then i must say its fine as all hatchback cars in this segment let it be swift,amaze,fabia etc comes with same ranging from 13-15 kms.So i guess need not to think much about this.Another major concern is maintenance issues so hyundai has vast network.So i guess it would not be problem.Only concern is pick up issues.Well spend extra bucks and have higher pick up cars like ford classic petrol at the cost of milege.

  • aayush |07 Feb,2011 12:45:25 AM

    please suggest which one is better option i20 or skoda fabia...? considering power looks and features.

    CarDekho Team |07 Feb,2011 06:30:39 PM

    Dear User, We would like to inform you that Hyundai i20 is a value for money product. The interior comforts of Hyundai i20 are excellent. There is ample of legroom and cabin space. Looks of Hyundai i20 are sober. Performance, pick up and road gripping of Skoda Fabia is better than Hyundai i20. For further assistance you can send us your contact number on our id contact@cardekho.com and one of our auto-experts will assist you. Thanks

  • ASHWANI ARORA |12 Feb,2011 02:05:15 PM

    Dear CarDekho Team, I want to buy a car , my average running per month is 600 kms. what you suggest i should go for diesal or petrol. Also suggest which car (hatch back/ sedan) i should go for as my budget is 5-7 lakh. Yours Truly, Ashwani Arora 09855703266

  • Mahesh |13 Feb,2011 08:03:46 PM

    Dear Sir, I am driving Alto LXI from last 5 years. I am planning to change to diesel version and my average running per month is 1500 kms and very confused between i20 Sportz, Punto, Fabia and swift. Only reason I removed swift from my list is due to its interiors. Would like to know your sincere advice on i20 diesel version performance. Thanks,Mahesh

    CarDekho Team |14 Feb,2011 05:59:51 PM

    Dear User, We would like to inform you that Hyundai i20 is an excellent hatchback. The car is powered by 1.4 liter petrol engine. It gives mileage of 18.0 kmpl in city conditions and 21. kmpl on highways. For further assistance you can send us your contact number on our id contact@cardekho.com and one of our auto-experts will assist you. Thanks

    prasana |31 Jan,2012 10:38:18 AM

    iam totally confused.recently igot option to book hyndai i20,honda brio,ford figo.so please help me which car to get.but i like hyndai i20 reply me as fast as possible.iam going to book i20

    Ritesh Madhok |12 Mar,2012 11:40:49 AM

    If you want a powerful diesel car the Hyundai i20 is the best but if you want a all round best diesel car the Ford Figo is the better option.

    Saurabh |17 Jul,2012 06:51:33 PM

    1.4 ltr Petrol engine?

  • ravindra |17 Feb,2011 11:20:07 PM

    Hello, I would like to buy a car (hatchback) and my budget is 6-7laks, my usage will be daily 70km,is i20 a better opton?? in all the aspect of comfort, quality & milage, pls advise. thnx ravindra 9902985225

  • Ravinder Nath Goel |19 Feb,2011 08:37:10 PM

    Can you please help us compare i10,i20 (1.2lt),and Volkwagen Polo comfortline ( All petrol variants)? Since i10 and i20 have the same engine , how do these cars compete in pickup, performance and driving comfort. Can you please highlight the After sales service and spare parts costs for Volkswagen POLO. Our contact number is : 919416745891

    CarDekho Team |22 Feb,2011 03:58:06 PM

    Dear User, The i10 is the fostest in the speed pick up from the lot followed by the i20 and then the VW Polo which has a 3 cylinder engine. The driving comfort is the best on the VW Polo so is the fit finish and overall quality.The After sales and service is the cheapest in an Hyundai as compared to the VW cars. Thanks

  • rahul |02 Mar,2011 11:06:13 PM

    hey firends go with 1.4 crdi diesel it is so amazing car.

  • Vamsee |04 Mar,2011 11:34:15 PM

    Hi Sir, I am planning to buy Hyundai i20 diesel version, cannot make between Era Diesel or Magna CRDI Diesel. Inclined towards Era Diesel coz of its 6th gear and less price. Please suggest me, which one has the best engine. Thanks

    CarDekho Team |05 Mar,2011 12:43:53 PM

    Dear User, All the diesel vesrion of the i20 are better in terms of fuel efficiency,the CRDI i20 easily gives a combined mileage of 19kmpl if driven sanely,plus it has immense torque and power under its belt. For assistance you can send us your contact number on our id contact@cardekho.com and one of our auto-experts will assist you. Thanks.

    suvendu |08 Mar,2011 06:21:59 PM

    Hi, sir. i am planning to buy a hatchback within 6-7 lacs. . Confusd between i20 asta 1.2l petrol , volkswagen polo 1.6l and punto emotion pack diesel . we mail=nly reqiure comfort and the car wont be taken out much. plz help

  • Yogesh |21 Mar,2011 04:22:12 PM

    I want to buy a hatch back for an budget of 5 to 6 lakhs. Models I am considering are I20 Magna Petrol & diesel / Swift Diesel and Ford Figo. My daily use is just abt 25 km and once a month 100km. Please suggest me which car should i buy?

  • bonY_M |22 Mar,2011 05:19:19 AM

    hi everyone.. i want to chose a car for my parents. They barely use it..may be 20 km in a week.. so, stuck with the petrol version.. We statrted considering Chevy Beat LT(o) at first.. then vame Ford Figo titanium (petrol).. then VW polo comfortline (petrol) and later it was Hyundai i20 sports petrol.. seriously confused among these.. swift was ommited coz of its common nature.. Fabia was out of question due to its expensive maintenance... Pls do advice me on this problem.. my contact num is 9656666080.... thnku

  • Ajay |22 Mar,2011 09:32:37 PM

    Hi, want to go for a diesel car in the budget of 5-7 lacs, confused between swift dsl/i20/swift desire/nissan micra/ford figo

  • agyan |25 Mar,2011 10:50:01 PM

    Dear CarDekho Team I really Confused with i20 Magna and Maruti Ritz vxi.Intially I am very impressed with the looks of i20 but I think its a heavier car than Ritz which has an engine which gives 80 ps as compare to Ritz's 85 ps.Also the interios space is very good in Ritz.So kindly help me out that which one is better to buy??

  • kk |31 Mar,2011 08:42:33 AM

    Hi cardekho team im confused between i20sportz and punto emotion (both dsl). My budget is 6 to 7 lks. My monthly driving is 2000 to 2500 kms. And i need good milage wth comfrt. Plz help me bcz im planing to buy a car within a week.

  • kush |06 Apr,2011 10:33:39 PM

    Dear CarDekho team, I am planning to buy Hyundai i20 petrol in next 1 month. I am really worried about mileage factor. Few reviews here say that mileage is around 11 kmpl. And as per your replies, mileage of i20 is around 15 kmpl. How you get the mileage ? Do you get user feedback ? Also, can you suggest any other alternative in same segment other than Swift. Maruti Swift has waiting period of 3 months in Bangalore ? Thanks, Kush

  • datta |08 Apr,2011 05:59:15 PM

    hi i want buy diesel car around 6 lack please suggest.

  • ankur |09 Apr,2011 11:29:21 PM

    hi everyone, i hav read many comments, but after all these i m struck between i20 magna petrol and vw polo.i had made my mind for i20, but after its so many cons, i wish to confirm about them?so plz help me out in making a wise decision?

    nikhil |27 Jul,2011 02:01:18 PM

    polo polo polo polo polo polo polo polo polo Hyundai just like cosmatic product made in china dupicate

  • Rishi |19 Apr,2011 10:26:12 PM

    Hi team , presently i am driving a Hyundai Gets top model(2006), very comfortable but lags behind in mileage ,my priorities is mileage comfort and budget is 5-6 Lacks ,my monthly running is 2000 km .suggest me best Disel car should i go i20,Ford ,Maruti Swift,Nissan Micra,Punto or Polo.

  • anupam chambial |25 Apr,2011 05:46:57 PM

    hello everyone, i have bought ford figo diesel zxi and till now ihave travelled more than 3000km in himachal pradesh and it is givinging me 19.47 km per litre average.with speed not more than 60 km. So it is far better than i20 diesel which is 1 lakh expensive than figo diesel .......thanks.

  • vikas |17 May,2011 01:19:08 PM

    hello car dekho team.....lyk everyone here m also confused....but i think still m going for i20 diesel....plz let me knw asap dat which is d best...swift/i20/ford figo/polo/fabia....all in diesel....plz tell me abt d milege n last wat abt vento diesel price n milege....hope to see a rep soon.. thanks

    sayantan |17 May,2011 03:24:53 PM

    Ritz is the diesel hatchback among all. 17-18 km/pl city & 21 km/pl at highway, super grip, big wheels, most spacious internally with both best in class leg & head rooms, you will not feel cramped & siting on the floor behind the wheels. Just go for it and dont get confused.

    SHARIQ |28 Nov,2011 07:54:04 PM

    Most uncomfortable rear seat in Ritz

  • saraswat |24 May,2011 12:36:12 AM

    very very confused with all ur reviews...

  • Rocky |24 May,2011 02:55:26 AM

    This is a new question.... maintainence cost of i 20 diesel. . pls tell as i think its the best after reading all review..

  • Abhishek |12 Jun,2011 05:27:45 PM

    Hi , i m confused whether to go for i20 magna petrol (I can not go for diesel at all due to reasons) bec of looks or restrict myself to i10 magna. Price difference is 1.10 lakhs. I read that i20 is not good as same engine of i10 has been fitted into i20 pl help ..my no 8144795697 / 044 22341723 Thank you

  • Ramesh |15 Jun,2011 11:51:46 AM

    Guys, I'm planning to buy i20 sportz diesel. would need your valuable suggesions here.

    nikhil |27 Jul,2011 02:03:35 PM

    plese dont take i have poor experience about i20 crdi sports

  • manish |17 Jun,2011 10:45:08 AM

    planning to buy i20 sports version but confussed between swift dzire and i20 please help me

  • Amit |19 Jun,2011 09:41:47 PM

    Hello Car Dekho Team I own a Maruti Baleno and am now looking for a hatchback.I do about 800-1000 km a month so am looking for petrol versions. I am confused between Polo Cl, Swift and i 20 sports. I test drove the polo today.It has a 3 cyl engine and I found it a bit noisy for a petrol car. Next test drive planned was the i 20 sports but after reading the forum I think the concern about having the same engine as i 10 is quite genuine. Pl suggest which one to go for.

  • Amit |19 Jun,2011 09:43:56 PM

    In continuation of my previos post...Whats your take on the i 10?

  • Abishek |19 Jun,2011 10:31:51 PM

    next week i am planning to buy i20 diesel..i am impressed with its look and also heard that mileage is good than swift..is it right???

  • Rahul |05 Jul,2011 12:36:43 AM

    Dear CD Team, I am planning to buy petrol hatchback and the cars shortlisted are, i20, Etios Liva & Swift. I, definately got swayed by the good looks and features of i20 however wish to have some technical guidance in comparing i20 and Liva. Swift is my last choice. Secondly, what would be your take on VW Polo vis a vis i20.Regards

  • Anoop |07 Jul,2011 11:22:55 AM

    Try FIAT Punto Diesel, you will love it.Feature Rich and Good Mileage also..

  • saket.jangid |09 Jul,2011 07:14:23 PM

    Dear Car Dekho team & car dekho visiter : in 2 weeks i m planning to buy a car but i m confused, can u plz suggest me for car b/w i20 magma & swift, plz give total overview (looks, interior,mileage, space, performance) plz...send it soon..as soon as possilble

  • sumit |10 Jul,2011 05:35:25 PM

    dear cardekho team, i am very much impressed by the looks and features of i20 magna petrol....but from different sources , hv come to know dat its mileage really sucks. I hv to drive mainly on highways, also , this is my first car. Plz guide waiting for an honest reply sumit 09897366188

  • pallav mehta |14 Jul,2011 11:20:53 PM

    Hi, Pls suggest, will i20 support the mileage of minimum 20km in city?

  • vishal gupta |17 Jul,2011 07:38:09 AM

    I am confused Between SWIFT new petrol model and I-20 petrol car?

  • shveta sharma |03 Aug,2011 02:59:59 AM

    Hi car dekho team tel.the avearage of I20 magna petro. I am planning to buy it coz swift wld be available in another 3 mnths

  • nitin magade |30 Aug,2011 03:54:30 PM

    Hello Car Dekho Team, I am planning to buy a car but I am confused in two options (I-20 SportsIV-Petrol and New Swift ZXI-Petrol) This is my first car please suggest honestly. thanks Nitin Magade

  • Karan |31 Aug,2011 08:56:08 PM

    Hi cardekho team, first I wud like to thank u for the gud reviews. I need assistance on buying my 1st car. I m lucking for a hatchback with budget of upto 6.5L; I hv running of 800-1000km p.m. M thinking b/w i20 magna diesel or swift vdi. Pls suggest.

  • Raghu |05 Sep,2011 07:22:57 PM

    If your looking for below 7 lac go for Swift VDI. If budget is fine, go for i20. It as 1.4 (90bhp) music system plastic & body quality is good. Also look Punto you will get better deal (nice discount), you may get top end (ABS, Airbag).

    Karan |07 Sep,2011 09:25:46 AM

    Thanks Raghu..is the after sales service of Punto gud enuf? I m getting a TD this weekend on Punto. M looking for total VFM car.

  • vaibhav |22 Sep,2011 08:05:15 PM

    hi i am planning to buy a diesel car in the 6-6.5 lac range.i have shortlisted maruti swift and i20. i wanted to know about the mileage and any recurring maintenance expenses in both these cars. my average car running is around 2500kms in city in kolkata. any sincere advise is appreciated thanks

  • Arun M V |22 Sep,2011 10:12:16 PM

    HI......am planning to buy Hyundai i20 sportz diesel.Request your suggestion i its performance and mainly on mileage. Regards Arun

  • akash sharma |27 Sep,2011 08:10:12 PM

    Hi friends I'm planning to buy swift ldi.pls suggest me about its real performance,thanks.

  • Anand |31 Oct,2011 04:46:08 PM

    Dear Sir, Hi, I am planning to buy car in the range of 5 - 6L. I am luking for petrol car. i have sorted SWIFT VXI and I20 magna. monthly run will 500km km. pl suggest me which one is better to buy either swift vxi or i20 magna petrol. Anand 09869048596

  • abhinay |24 Nov,2011 03:26:15 PM

    ultimately which is better, swift r i20. hw abt pickup in i20. reply me

    narendra |25 Nov,2011 12:56:01 AM

    are yaar i20 is d best

    abhinay |25 Nov,2011 07:09:32 PM

    thnx dude

  • narendra |27 Nov,2011 12:03:38 AM

    hey abhinay m 2 going 4 i20 sports disl wich r u going 4

  • pratap behera |29 Nov,2011 08:50:31 AM

    can any one suggest me b/w fabia elegance and i20 asta petrol.

  • AK Sharma |19 Dec,2011 11:22:48 AM

    I am planning to buy i10 or i20. I am unable to decied which one is better and why. Hope someone could share his good/bad experience.

  • binny |12 Jan,2012 12:44:32 PM

    which hatchback is best in india please any body tell. price under 10 lacs

    Ritesh Madhok |07 May,2012 05:10:29 PM

    You can Go for either Volkswagen Vento or Honda City Where Vento scores more on the rear leg space, boot place, light steering, body control and of course cheaper price, Honda gives you a better engine performance, fuel economy and looks. The choice is still yours. Regards

    lokesh |09 Jun,2012 10:43:22 PM

    @ Ritesh...Hope you knew the meaning of hatchback!!!! @ Binny-I would suggest an I20. cheers.

  • junaid |06 Feb,2012 01:38:48 AM

    hi, i have i20 asta crdi 6speed manual and i'm very happy to have it generally all petrol engines give less milage than diesel engine mine gives 18-20 kmpl in city and 23 kmpl on highway in city speed is generaly 40-50 kms/hr and on highway 100 kms/hr.Pickup is good features are great space is very large be it boot space or interior of car my sugestion go for it.

  • carexpert |30 Mar,2012 10:13:59 PM

    Its high time to address on -i20 compared to wat the competition is offering. U can't get the best of both worlds in a single car, these days all cars r more or less driven in same kinda tech, so the bottom line is wat u want in a car, if u look for space,boot,sophisticated cabin witouh all bells n whistles with a decent look, look no further than i20, frankly if u r living in a metro city, u can't exploit the full capability of any engine so why bother ABA Kappa or vtech or k series, u save more petrol by ur driving habits than u do by these engines.. Simply outline ur needs and go for the Car ur heart wants to be in, be it punto,VW,i20,swift et'al. If urwhole concentration is towards reselling the car then ur buying the ccar to sell it, if u r buying the car for average only ur buying it for saving money only, if u r buying it for maintenance u r buying the car only to maintain it but I would suggest to buy the car u feel good in sitting into and which makes u confident in ur choice . Rest is all nonsense, ur heart is just searching for an approval on wat u hv already decided, go for itfor sheer love for it coz that's where life is happening, enjoy ur ride!!(pun)

    Raghvendra |04 Apr,2012 01:52:40 PM

    Hey carexpert, I think u r right. I bought the I20 Petrol last month but very much unhappy on the 2nd gear pick up & mileage. It really sucks when u consider the 6 lacs u paid for it. But honestly I20 was my dream car...and i bought it. As u said, how much u utilise the full engine is a question. I like the line - ur heart is just searching for an approval on wat u hv already decided. I am now getting on to the decision what i made and enjoying the ride.... so leave away the swifts, polos and all others... I love my I 20 !!!

    Carexpert |23 Apr,2012 06:32:34 PM

    Thts da way my dear friend!! Show ur love n respect and the car will love u back !!

    Vikas Sardana |19 Apr,2012 11:55:06 AM

    Very much agree with the comments of Carexpert..

    prakash kumar |06 Apr,2014 05:57:41 PM

    i20 very poor car breaking so much problem pickup problem milage problem after service maximum 2000 km perfect runing after getting much more problem i buy car from jodhpur rajasthan taken delivery by evening 6 clock 8 clock accident by breaking problem and next day morning once more accident as same problem break go to hard i asked dealer but he told me sir car is ok no any problem then i will pay bill accidented bumper 10000/- after that i was 5 time bumper changed so bad car please dnt buy i20 maruti Suzuki is best car

  • Rajdevinder |23 Apr,2012 03:53:03 PM

    I20 is really a good car if your compare all the features with swift and any other hatchback it will fufill your needs.nowdays people are more carzy for swift but if you compare things like bootspace,Steering adjustment,interiors then you will go for i20

  • Murthy |26 Apr,2012 10:02:31 AM

    Hi Guys, I feel i20 Diesel is good choice as it saves on economy unless you are frequent changer of cars. Hyundai gives you basket of features which none other brands give you. I am planning to go for it instead of Fabia or Swift.

  • abhishek |26 Apr,2012 10:54:27 AM

    Hi Buddy, i BOUGHT MY I20 PERTOL SPORTZ in No2011. my car was going good except my car co passenger seat belt as it takes a very long time to return back to its orignal postion once used.But real evil struck when i had my car secord service. I drove my car without any issue for 15-20 km. But suddenly my car engine swithed off and could not be swithed on again. i called my hyundai motors ther gave me road assistence but my car ignition issue is not fixed. I got just few crank sound. support guy told me please send you rcar to service center. I was shocked and just betrayed as i had alrady spent my hard earning to buy this car as i was a grate admirer of this car.Recent new ABOUT MY CAR BROKE DOWN IS MY CAR HAS FAULTY ecu(mICROPROCESSOR) its an very imp part of car. and they will bring this ECu from pune as they dont have.its been three days. Please go to internate site and check hyundai cars has this ECU problem and concerns are being raised fromall over the woarld . its something related to petrol octane. I read artical from many suffere of this issue. they have lost hope as this ECU issue can not be rectified completly . your service center will fix it just keeping your car in workshop. you will ahve same issue again after a week if very lucy monthly

  • rajiv kumar |01 May,2012 04:55:43 AM

    hello, cardekho.com, i just wanted to take a final decision regarding views of i20 asta . what u say regarding new asta as company people says that many faults has been resolved. shud i go for it or for other options. if other options, plz. suggest me the best and cheap car for a middle class person. thanx. waiting for reply.

  • verma |03 May,2012 12:00:55 AM

    Dear, pl help me in deciding should I purchase i20 or swift dzire.your valuable suggestion will help me in purchasing a good car in the month of JUNE 2012.

    Anirban De |07 Jun,2012 05:32:59 PM

    GO for Swift blind folded.

  • mahe |08 May,2012 12:47:46 PM

    go for swift

  • rajesh |27 May,2012 06:03:45 PM

    Ah i have good experience in this you go for Polo or Swift VDI ( 25000) Premiers Rio. Maruti and Hyundai dealer will not serve you after sale as they have no need as they already earned much by sales.

  • Kevin |16 Jun,2012 05:13:25 PM

    Hi Please suggest. I20 Sports Diesel or VW Polo???

    Satheesh |25 Sep,2012 01:27:11 PM

    Go with i20 Diesel

  • RAKESH SHARMA |27 Oct,2012 08:46:26 PM


  • mohit |13 Nov,2012 07:53:44 AM

    i m preparing to buy a car which will b better i20 or ford figo according to milage plz suggest me.

  • sasd sd |28 Dec,2012 03:53:27 PM

    i20 petrol Megna (O)....really very bad pickup even milage too....I am getting 12km/ltr in city and same on highway at 100+. Suggest if you are not bootspace freek then go for Swift...or want to stick with i20 then buy a Diesal version.

  • sasi |27 Jan,2013 05:31:42 PM

    Hi car dekho team and friends, From all the above reviews, I can understood that i20 diesel rocks bcoz of 1.4 crdi. But the important is that i20 disel have high maintenance to i20 petrl. Pls comment on this. I going to buy it in another mont. Pls comment

  • ashwin |15 Apr,2013 08:47:59 PM

    It's an awesome car!, I just bought it (an asta with 2 air bags), city mileage is quite ok and even all comfort inside, what else u guys want in just 700k? love it...!

  • Sibu |29 Oct,2013 05:04:37 PM

    Hi, I own an i20 petrol to be very clear it is not that stable at high speeds as the shock absorbers are designed for indian city roads, they are soft as a result you get that vobbling effect unlike the american cars which have very stiff silencers which are stiff, and over great handling at highways but create a lot of noise when hit ups and downs in the city and are a bit bumpy. hence I would advice every one to buy i20 if it suits their needs as in driving inside city with great comfort this is the car to go for, sure shot head turner, 12 13 kmpl average, has most of the features but not for long rides at high speeds. It very good for speeds till 130 140 but beyond that its not that trust worthy I would trust my ecosport more at higher speeds. Well in city it serves the purpose of comfort acceleration and looks. If you want faster cars better go for a ford figo. I20 is a city comfort car unlike a highway hatch back. It comes in budget features are good speed is good over all a better car at that price

  • er.rtgs |09 Jul,2014 12:39:33 PM

    I am planning to buy a diesel car. Pls suggest weather to go for i20 sportz or ford figo. My first and prime concern is milege and maintenance cost. I drive on economy speed of 60 to 75km/hr.

  • testteamindia |31 Dec,2014 03:53:21 PM


    testteamindia |31 Dec,2014 03:57:05 PM

    Hello rjfrjfurjff fifth did Uighur

  • mahesh |08 Feb,2015 05:49:33 PM

    I-10 is Hassel free car...

  • vicky sachdeva |28 Feb,2015 02:21:42 AM

    I like your comments

  • bihari lal biyar |16 Apr,2015 10:33:58 AM

    I 20 elite lena achcha rahega

  • sandeep sen |18 Jun,2015 05:28:24 AM

    Go for POLO

  • haishd |30 Jun,2015 12:40:34 AM

    Bhai tu gaadi bech de mujhe chahiye 8222888842 my no.

  • ambhareesh |08 Jul,2015 12:15:57 PM

    Poor milage :-(

  • karan narang |13 Oct,2015 01:00:32 AM

    Maruti swift/hyundai elite i20?

  • chetan vyas |19 Oct,2015 03:21:50 PM

    Dear car dekho team; can you guide me in terms of milage maintainunce cost performance and also resell value which is better among swift dizere vdi I 20 magna tata zest xms

  • mansingh |04 Nov,2015 11:15:52 AM

    Hello , if you guys complaning about milage so why dont you go for NANO ! If you buying i20 elite dont even think about high milage but i m sure its best in comfert and i have bought i20 elite and i m getting milage in city 11kmplwith ac on and 15 kmpl on highway ! And i have been told by company i will get more milage after 2nd servicing and thats truth and i m very happy about it even if avarage increases by 2 as its best car in comfert so im thinking to i increase my income rather than complaning about milage ! You have to compromise somewhere ! Thanks

  • Shubham Kumar |08 Jun,2016 10:19:17 AM

    Very wrong about i20 It's a high speed car 140-165

  • Keerthi Raj |06 Dec,2016 06:58:15 PM

    For 5 lakhs ul get lamborghini r wot???

  • Aayush Chhallany |30 Jan,2017 01:11:25 AM

    Have you tried the CRDi version I had it for 2 years and was never disappointed with its performance I20 is not the 6 lacks car but it is a premium hatchback You buy the lowest model Dont take any of the features amd blame the company for your fault I have personally driven i20 at 150 kmph And it didnt even had the vibrations in the steering and it felt like i was cruising at some 80-100kmph

  • rohan mankotia |16 May,2017 12:49:03 PM

    If you are speed lover then you should go for desiel variant thats good for speed lovers with 6 gear box. I am driving i20 asta CRDI engine and i am in love with it it is 7 month old till date

  • biplav baruah |31 Jul,2017 09:43:46 PM

    Yeah..facing d same prob

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