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Rating of Hyundai i20 2015-2017
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Hyundai i-20 Elite: The delight of the hatchback cars

for Asta Option 1.2

As Apple i-phone rules the smartphones so as Hyundai i-20 in hatchback cars and that's my awesome car. The Korean carmakers had craftily named it so that people have the notion of an i-car just like an i-phone. Moreover, I am quite impressive regarding the design of the Korean car. All inventions on earth have been depicted from living objects around us and mostly inspired by a human body. If the airplane resemblance a bird, a computer being inspired from human brain so certainly car might had been depicted from running jaguar or cheetah. Most of Hyundai cars depict the picture of Laughing Buddha with a wide smile if you can aesthetically see it from the front. Hyundai i-20 elite is a premium car in the hatchback segment. I belong to a middle-class family and owning a car is luxurious thought for a common man like me but still, I wanted to fulfill my dream, at the same time I also had to justify the value of money spent. So I started my research about cars somewhere around mid-2015 and the online auto portal helped me a lot. Almost every day I used to open the site read the reviews, exterior-interior view, 360-view and study the comparisons with various other hatchback cars. After all these research and test drives my dream came true in November 2015 when I got the keys of my Hyundai i-20 elite and thereafter it's all delight. I bought Hyundai i-20 Elite Astra (option) of aesthetic silver color. Though I am not an expert on cars still my review would be mostly based on my experience driving the i-20 elite. I will rather discuss my experience than any technical specifications because tech specs are available in dozens if you search over internet, what counts is the experience. In fact, very few people have the knowledge about the tech specs, an average indian doesn't buy a car based on tech specs he/she buys based on looks, price, mileage, comfort and word-of-mouth campaign or by reading reviews. So I believe that review should be more on an experience of the product. Performance The overall performance of a car is based on a number of factors like top speed, mileage, braking, acceleration, ground clearance, comfort, suspension etc. The car is 1200cc petrol variant with 5 manual transmissions. I don?t know much about engines as it says 1.2-litre 81.83bhp 16V Kappa VTVT Petrol Engine, all I could say that if you are in the cockpit of an elite i-20, you will be in silent and tranquil mode. There is no noise of the engine or any sort of vibration when the car is on. It's so silent and tranquil that when I drive it I feel peace. Driving the car on highways is a pleasure. The car accelerates very fast and reaches top speed within few seconds. The car is very stable even at a speed of 120kmph and its suspensions are fantastic. Its ground clearance is quite high in comparison with other hatchback cars. I travel mostly on small town roads and you obviously know how speed breakers are constructed here. They are built more for trucks rather than cars!!!. But still, my i-20 passed the test. The power steering wheel, the brakes, the accelerator, and clutch are very smooth. It gives an average mileage viewing the traffic conditions on Indian roads. Safety should never be compromised, so I bought the top model i-20 with two safety airbags available at that point of time. Exterior What I can say regarding exterior of Hyundai i-20 elite. I can bet it is the best one in the market in terms of shape and look. The car looks elegant and every curve is aesthetically built on it. The most impressive are the back red light and its curvature. When it blinks at night it can take your heart away. It has fluidic designed. Interior-In comparison to other cars in the hatchback segment, the Hyundai i-20 is equipped with lots of interiors. It has a beautiful and grand dashboard equipped with touch screen music system and AC vents and switches. The car is very spacious inside and there is enough leg room space for passengers. More space is allotted between the driver and co-passenger. My family members are healthy and when they rode my car they are delighted regarding the comfort of the car. There is Ac vent at back for the passengers sitting at back. The driver seats and passenger?s seats are ergonomically designed for better comfort. The things which I like the most among the interiors are the inbuilt navigation/GPS system which helped me in long drives. The control buttons on steering wheel help to navigate the music system and radio. Moreover, the Bluetooth device helps me to attain a phone call while driving without any distraction and my hands are free. The most impressive thing is a small refrigerator in the co-passenger side cabinet, where soft drinks bottles could be kept cool for long drives. A disadvantage-The only disadvantage to me is that the there is no cup holder at driver's end. Rest the car is all equipped. Some more advantages Inside the car is very spacious and equipped with a lot of interiors. It has convenience and comfortable in driving. It is fuel efficient car than its previous models. The elegant look and fluidic design make the car outstanding. The touch screen media and inbuilt navigation system make the car reliable for long drives. In spite of being the premium car but it suits all my requirements and its worth the value of my money. Moreover quality comes with a cost. The car is equipped with a lot of safety devices like airbags and Anti-locking braking system (ABS). Still, now, I haven?t spent a penny as maintenance cost for the car. Conclusion The Hyundai i-20 Elite is a complete package mixed technicalities and experience. It?s an awesome car in the premium hatchback segment. The elegant look, convenience, comfort, safety and quality command the demand. Concluding, the Hyundai i-20 Elite is really the Delight and the blessing of a Laughing Buddha

shakil hassain
On: Dec 28, 2016 | 34 Views
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