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Elite I20 - Excellent Feeling! Best Car in the class!

for Sportz 1.2

I own the Hyundai I20 Sportz Option (Petrol) Model for about 2 years now and I have completed about 15 to 16 thousand kilometers by now. Till today, all I have to talk about my car is to praise it. I have the Passion Red, which I felt is the best color offered. White is also a very common color for the car. To go into details of the car, we will need to start with its looks. It has a European touch in it's design. The old I20 was good in terms of power, but this one has completely changed the face and perception. The C-Pillar being blach, it gives a floating roof structure, almost giving the look of Range Rover Evoke. The highlight of the car is it's Tail Lamb, giving a spectacular view at night. The Diamond cut Alloy wheel, plays it's own part in giving the car a luxurious look. The front grills, door handles etc. adds to its charm. Two things I wished it had is a shark tail antenna, and a fancy muffler, which could have uplifted the image a bit more. Secondly, the commendable, and the most important aspect is the way it's interior and other features are designed. A careful touch can be observed in the interior blue lightings, that gives a special ambient touch. Keyless entry feature is very useful and also a good show off feature. One feature I miss is the auto central locking. The reverse camera came up with a surprise for me, since the display of the camera appeared on the central rear view mirror, and also the camera adjusted itself with the steering movement. The telescopic adjustment of the steering wheel and the height adjustment of the driver seat helps a lot in adding comfort while driving. I wish there was height adjustment for the passenger seat also. Oh! I forgot to mention the Best feature, which made me feel attached to the car ? the side mirrors open up when we approach the driver's door,it gives a feeling that the car is greeting us, like our pet dog. The retracting feature of the side mirrors helps us in the congested traffic ridden roads of Bangalore. The turning radius is quite good, and the steering wheel has good play, that the U-turns can be taken in one go, even on narrow roads. The high-speed control of the vehicle is also very good, that it stays on the road, without vibration even at 160 KMPH. And at high speeds, the brake and steering get harder, which helps us stay on the road, and keeps the vehicle safe. For a hatchback, the luggage space is very good, and can accommodate 2 to 3 person's normal luggage. The passenger leg space is pretty decent. Back seat can take 3 people comfortably, and 4 persons can also fit in. Headroom is also pretty decent, that a 6 ft person can comfortably be seated in the car. From a driver's perspective, the gear box is very smooth, the seating position is comfortable, hand rest is appropriate, leather steering wheel provides adequate grip and the front view is perfect. One and the only negative comment I would give the car is its mileage. I get 8 to 10 KMPL in city traffic, and around 13 KMPL in highways. This needs to be improved, and that's the only reason I haven't given a 5 star rating. Otherwise, on an overall outlook, the car is the best one can have in that price range, and in the available options.  

On: Nov 17, 2016 | 36 Views
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