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Pros : dynamic looks, spacious

Cons : uncomfortable

Having driven various cars over last 20 years, we recently bought a i20 for my wife and daughter. Obviously, i was equally impressed by the great dynamic looks outside, smart integrated music system and pleasant blue led and LCD panel. It would also be unfair to mention that it gives a very spacious feel inside a small segment car.Would rate this cars as great in satisfying the sense of sight Having now driven it for last 5 days , unfortunately the excitement is completely killed. Soon I realized that I must give a constructive feedback to quality control and designers (especially interiors) at Hyundai. So this is just my effort to give a users perspective to Hyundai guys and make them come out of any hallucination they carry about work done on this car. The smell of interior is very peculiar. like a cheap toy plastic, wonder when government banned Chinese toys for using harmful chemicals, did they ever check out what is used in some cars. The smell gives a headache within 30 minutes of driving and the taste of mouth changes as if some bad chemical is accumulated around glands. Please some one at Hyundai should check the chemical composition of material used in interiors to avoid long term damage to users and small children commuting in this car with closed windows. The satisfaction of sense of smell of a new car remained not only unsatisfied but disturbed, Besides the accumulated poisonous chemicals in mouth brings a unease to the sense of taste. The air conditioner of i20 reminded me of good old days when we had a Maruti800, where the air-condition was always ON and we were always sweating. Believe me or test for yourself, if your car is not laying in shade and you start the car. It shall throw on hot air for first 5 to 10 minutes. There after it shall throw a bit cool air. But never cold air. The auto climate control is a nuisance as it only increase the airflow to maximum, so you have a full blast of hot air for first 5 to 10 minutes unless you take-over from auto climate and reduce the air flow. So it is very uncomfortable to your skin or sense of touch. Besides the fan of air conditioner makes so much of noise all the time, unless you keep it at lowest speed (which you can not because of lack of cooling). So it is very irritating to ears and the sense of hearing remains unsatisfied. The guys who have designed the seats have an amazing idea of head rest, it just makes sure you keep your head at 80degrees forward and can never keep it 90 degree straight, forget about relaxing at red light and moving it a bit backward or resting your neck. Guys at Hyundai please check out , these are meant to add to comfort and these at not design gimmicks. This is the only car where i am unable to view a car overtaking from the left in rear view mirror . The reason again i guess is that headrest on co driver seat act as obstruction and i really have to be extra careful to make sure that there is no car on left side. Obviously the side mirror on left being non motorized can not be opened and closed comfortably as many people prefer to keep it closed to avoid someone knocking it off. Please also checkout if the speed of car is less than 25km the car struggles to pick up in third gear and if it is less than 40km it struggles in 4th gear. off course 5th gear gives jerks in city driving. The first tank filled has given a average of 8km/Litre, hope it really gets near to the claim of Hyundai. Overall everyone says, wow you have bought a great car and we happily acknowledge to show we made a intelligent decision. Sanjeevx

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  • pradeep kumar jain |22 Jun,2010 05:47:48 PM

    average 8 km/ltr, front suspension become noisy within 1200 km, no reply by Hyundai of consumer grievances.

  • pradeep kumar jain |22 Jun,2010 05:51:55 PM

    if company wishes to buy back 2000 km run vehicle after deducting rs. 50000.00 on spent amount, i'll be highly obliged as average 8 km/ltr, noisy suspension, poor posture seats, noisy rattled clutch, only looks without brain.

  • sanjeevx |22 Jun,2010 05:58:34 PM

    Did some research, and found this article on http://environment.about.com/od/pollution/a/toxic_cars.htm GUYS BRING SOME AWARENESS MOVEMENT, I AM SERIOUSLY WANTING TO CHECK OUT WHAT ACTION HEALTH MINISITRY IS TAKING IN THIS DIRECTION Heat and Ultraviolet Light Trigger Pollution Inside Cars However, on January 11, 2006, the Michigan-based Ecology Center released a report entitled: ??Toxic at Any Speed: Chemicals in Cars and the Need for Safe Alternatives.?' In this new report, researchers detail how heat and ultraviolet (UV) light can trigger the release inside cars of a number of chemicals linked to birth defects, premature births, impaired learning and liver toxicity, among other serious health problems. Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (or PBDEs, often used as fire retardants) and phthalates (chemicals used to soften plastics) are the primary culprits. Part of the seat cushions, armrests, floor coverings and plastic parts in most car interiors, these chemicals are easily inhaled or ingested through contact with dust by drivers and passengers. The risks are greatest in summer, when car interiors can get as hot as

  • Ashish Alexander |23 Jun,2010 08:44:05 AM

    Greetings to all the readers. I thought of posting a reply to the comments by Mr. Sanjeev.I would say that I strongly disagree with the discomfort factors listed by the gentleman in the this page. Three months ago I bought an i20 asta (o) with sunroof for my mother who is 56. I know its kind of a young car for an old lady, but I thought it would be useful for me as well in this atrocious Delhi traffic. It happened so that I took some of my American friends to Agra in the month of april in the i20 In that trip, I did not have any discomfort while driving and so was the case with my friends. Moreover the aircon was and has been working great. (you see automatic climate control aircons are very efficient and effective when one knows how to use it. Try keeping it on a particular temperature always, like 18-22 degree as it also reduces the load on the engine. Avoid keeping it on the lowest temperature. Think of it as a cassette / split aircon. Thats how it works, checks the temperature and then starts cooling) It is obvious when once you start the vehicle and switch the aircon on, it would take a while for the vehicle to cool. More over we returned back to delhi in about 4 hours, which is a great deal. I although agree with you on the engines power lag between the gear shifts. As for the noise from the blower, you can't help it for the first 3-5 minutes (18-22 degrees setting). I would rather sit in a car which is cooler that be sweating my glands out.I must say that the other cars we have( Audi A4 2.0 TDI that I own and Skoda laura L

  • sridhar |26 Jun,2010 04:15:29 AM

    Dear Mr Sanjeev , Just a few comments on your review . I too have been driving cars for 25 odd years , and happen to own a Corolla . In dec 2009, we purchased an I-20 (petrol automatic) for my 75 year old father, who still drives himself and is fairly active for his age. To be frank , I too noticed the inadequate cooling of the Aircon as soon as i tried the car in Jan . This was pointed out to the dealer in Trivandrum , who seemed to know precisely what was wrong and promised to fix it during the 1st service . He did do the fix the problem in fact - and when i drove his I-20 again in March , the aircon problem was totally gone . Cooling is certainly okay now (though cannot compare to my corolla though). Reg other points - sorry i disagree . Your smell of the interior is bound to fade away after a while , and on the whole (looks , features , interiors, performance ) i feel that this Car is a knock-out. Certainly the best looking among all hatchbacks in India . I knew very well that for the same 8 lacs we paid for this I20 automatic, we could have v well bought a resale Civic , but never for a moment have we regretted our buying decision.

    George Samuel |20 May,2011 03:01:43 PM

    Which Hyundai distributor in Trivandrum is reputed for after sale service excellence ? Any hearsay about Hyundai Hilton ?

    Anil Kumar |10 Aug,2011 05:15:21 PM

    Mr. Sridhar . I am from trivandrum and planning to sell my SX4 and buy i20. Thanks for your feed back- Mob 9447142212

  • sanjeevx |28 Jun,2010 05:39:29 PM

    Thanks friends, i appreciate your valuable inputs, sharing your personal experience and views. By the way i recently drove the i20 megna (1.2L version)just to clarify, on a long drive to Haridwar. The outside temperature was 38 degrees and the A/C was working much better, the smell was much less. The highway drive the air flow to the radiator works as a coolant, hence the A/c always works better. On the other hand my shared experience was of days when outside temp. was 42-43 degrees (in delhi)and in city traffic. The smell increases with temperature, i guess thats when the chemicals release increase from interiors. Regarding the pickup on a highway, it was always difficult to overtake a bus or truck on 3rd and 4th gear and i had to switch over to even second gear at times. Unforunately, my side mirror was hit on side by a tractor running at a speed of 30km/hr when i trying to overtake it on third gear. The good thing was side view mirror broke but mirror assembly did a 180 degree turn, great feature. sanjeevx

  • B S Sharma |30 Jun,2010 05:32:23 PM

    My over keenness to buy this car has cooled down

    ashish |09 Nov,2010 11:32:54 PM

    mine too

    C |15 May,2011 05:42:14 PM


  • Yugal Jain |20 Jul,2010 03:08:55 PM

    I see none of those who have posted their comments on the review have talked anything about the mileage the car is giving. It's just over a month since i bought my i20 Magna 1.2l and it is giving me 11kmpl. It is about a week away from the first free service and i hope the mileage will go up atleast to 12 if not 13, with subsequent service checks. Talking about the smell of the interiors or the cooling of the aircon, i havnt felt any such smell till now, even though i have driven the car in delhi traffic at temperatures over 40 and the cooling is totally satisfactory too.

  • prem jindal |06 Aug,2010 12:45:56 PM

    you go for honda jazz test drive price is little more then i20, but comfort zone is excellent you enjoy the drive, fully loaded

  • praveen sharma |08 Aug,2010 11:23:27 PM

    Really after reading all the comments,My over keenness also to buy this car has cooooled down. nobody has so much of time to write this long review or feedback, Mr Sanjeev must have suffered.

  • harimohansharma |12 Aug,2010 11:05:02 PM

    it is very good car .

  • SHILADITYA |26 Aug,2010 08:11:10 PM


  • vishalgoel |01 Sep,2010 08:23:04 PM

    it can be a well devised idea to show down hyundai, seems to be motivated by a competetor.

  • Bhanu Taneja |13 Sep,2010 07:11:28 AM

    Well, i really want to thank all for the reviews as i am planning to buy this car I20, Magna(Petrol) within a month. I decided to buy Swift then i made my mind to buy this because of the waiting and intransparency by the maruti guys. But still very confused. As this will be my first car so which one would be best for me. I am very much impressed by the looks and features it comes loaded with. About me I am 23 and live in Delhi. So, if anyone can suggest me which one to go for Swift Lxi or I20 Magna.? Thanks Bhanu

  • sanjeevx |13 Sep,2010 02:54:06 PM

    Dear Bhanu, I also was keen to buy Swift LXI as Swift LXI is value for money and you really feel the power of car when you drive it. The only problem is when you go to buy a swift LXI , you realise that it is just a stripped car..you dont get Power windows, stereo and many basic features which you expect when you are spending above 4 lac.So you tend to go for higher version like VXI or ZXI. But then at the price of over 5.5 lac, you really dont get value for money from Swift...as you miss the feel of a expensive car with cheep interiors and especially check out the paint quality of swift..there is some thing wrong as it looses the lusture very fast. If you are fine with smaller car, i think I10 is really value for money, smart interiors and solid power. On the other hand if you can compromise on power and want others to say WOW after looking at interiors and exteriors..i20 magna is fine. The fact is you do not get every thing from any car at this price..just be clear about your priority. Sanjeevx

  • nimesh |15 Sep,2010 04:48:21 PM

    has anyone compared polo with i 20. which would be a better buy.intend to buy it for my wife.she is not too particular about looks of the car.would prefer good performance instead.

  • sanjeevx |16 Sep,2010 03:19:40 PM

    Hi nimesh, Hi tried to take a trial of polo. Went to gurgaon company showroom and as it was 6:15 pm..no one in company was ready to attend. Every one was taking rest. Then tried to take trial of Polo at Okhla..and they do not work on Sunday. With a company self centered and working in 9 to 5 envirnment and may be 5 days a week. I could make out the service i would get if i buy it. All the best.

    paras |18 Nov,2010 03:27:02 PM

    hiii sanjeev i m paras pls help me to suggest for that which car i buy. i saw maruti swift nd i20 magna pls help me which car is better for me. this is very important for me because this is the first car which i buy. so pls rply me

  • Rahul Bothra |08 Oct,2010 06:06:04 PM

    Hello All,I am palnning to buy a car within 6Lacs range. This would be my first car. Which car should I go for. I have seen i20,polo,punto,figo,swift,fabia....which is the best for me? Can anyone advice me...However i did liked Jazz but its going out of budget.....

  • Ankur Jangir |11 Oct,2010 05:18:13 PM

    Hello I am going for i20 1.4 Asta AT (O) with Sunroof. Its quite expensive but fully loaded. Can any one please suggest me?

  • saurabh |18 Oct,2010 02:47:55 PM

    hi i have just read something.. wanted to share with you guys.. Hyundai India has finally come up with solutions for airconditioning and rattling problems in the i20. Since quite a time i20 owners have been complaining about lack of cooling, which can be a terrible thing in the extremely hot summers of the north. Occurrence of rattles from many cars was also reported. In order to resolve these issues Hyundai India is now offering the affected customers with ECM reprogramme to enhance the AC performance. For the rattles an addition of urethane pad & yoke spring has been suggested. These changes will be offered free of cost to the customers. The rattle issues will be addressed only for those affected and the AC solution is applicable only for certain batches and any clear information about these batches is yet to surface. While Hyundai is calling up the eligible customers other i20 owners can call up their dealership and confirm about their eligibility by giving out the registration number. Dealers from New Delhi confirmed the move by Hyundai India. Three cheers to hyundai at least they acknowledged. I am sure, this thread has played a part in it.

  • sanjeev |23 Oct,2010 05:33:20 PM

    Hey guys, I was shocked when i opened the bonet to check out AC of I20. So much of cooling is wasted as the exposed aluminium pipe (cold air ) runs in bonet for atleast 1.5 meters without any insulation. So much of cooling energy is wasted. I wonder why this is not insulated pipe like other cars..or maybe pipe is too thin to be insulated. Wow..hyndai must have saved Rs 1000 to Rs 2000 and made people suffer who paid Rs 5.50L for the car. sanjeevx

  • vijay |26 Oct,2010 02:32:30 AM

    Hi i am planning to buy this car I20, Magna(Petrol) within a month. But still very confused. As this will be my first car so which one would be best for me. I am very much impressed by the looks and features it comes loaded with. Your suggestions welcome.

  • Manjunath M |26 Oct,2010 03:55:49 PM

    Hi All, It was great to read the reviews. I was in a doubt whether to go for i20 or not. Finally decided to go for it. I got the car delivered as said on 20/09/2010 since then i have drove approx 1000 kms and filled petrol for rs 3650.00, which clearly indicates on an average milage of 16 kms..... surprisingly that is more than what i expected... might be i have drove around 650-700 on highways and approx 300 on city. This mileage is absolute fantastic. AC is absolutely working fine, no issues at all. There is nothing to comment on smell. Just go for it, its an excellent vehicle.... Just have a look at the roads and find how many i20's are seen. The car is selling as a hot cake. I am absolutely happy about the performance so far.

    paras |24 Nov,2010 03:52:16 PM

    hiii manjunath i m paras. well i want to know that which model u have in i20. and pls tell me plus points of this car

  • adi |30 Oct,2010 12:33:34 PM

    i m thinking to take magma can any 1 tel me about the after sale service of d car or d maintenance of d car.......... and about d engine ????? pls help

  • Anoop |04 Nov,2010 09:57:38 AM

    Go for FIAT EMOTION DISEL MULTIJET ENGINE, If you are conscious about the money are spending.Initial cost, Spares cost,features and Millege wise Punto is better than i20. Great Car getting a millage of 20Km/Ltr(with AC) FIAT EMOTION DISEL MULTIJET ENGINE rocks.Leaving back all the plastic parts issues, Rest everything is perfect. Great Engine Ample Power,great comfort in seats and space. Bluetooth technology is also very good I connect my E73 to my car, it pairs once i get into my car and its my world inside my car. Great Blaupunkt Speakers. A Car for India roads..Shock absorbers are superb. Great value for money car.

  • paras |18 Nov,2010 02:23:28 PM

    hiii sanjeev i m paras pls help me to suggest for that which car i buy. i saw maruti swift nd i20 magna pls help me which car is better for me. this is very important for me because this is the first car which i buy. so pls rply me

    sanjeevx |20 Nov,2010 11:07:59 PM

    hi Paras, Its your choice that matters the most. My advice just do not overstretch your budget. check out the following: Do you need car for lots of long drives, may be swift is better. Do you want to impress others and distinguish yourself a little bit..i20 may be better. Do you want to speed and rough tough drive..swift is better. You are a carefull driver ..the speed does not matter much..I20 spacious -i20, good paint quality i20..low maintenence swift..easy to reverse and park.swift...and so on. sanjeevx

  • paras |21 Nov,2010 05:18:18 PM

    thnx sanjeev but i tell u waht i m thinking. dear i will drive 2 or 3 days in week only upto 20 to 30 km in a day its maximum using my car because i m doin job in gurgaon so i have a bike for a long drive. so see this poin nd then give me ur opinion.I like 120 magna model nd i also like i10 magna. tell me one thing more if u know that how about body of i10 nd i20.so i m waiting 4 ur reply and once again thnx.

  • paras |21 Nov,2010 05:19:53 PM

    Thnx sanjeev but i tell u what i m thinking. dear i will drive 2 or 3 days in week only upto 20 to 30 km in a day its maximum using of my car because i m doin job in gurgaon so i have a bike for a long drive. so see this point nd then give me ur opinion.I like 120 magna model nd i also like i10 magna. tell me one thing more if u know that how about body of i10 nd i20.so i m waiting 4 ur reply and once again thnx.

  • bhavan das |27 Nov,2010 01:14:03 AM


  • Navit |29 Nov,2010 12:18:06 PM

    Hey Sanjeev, Your review has been very helpful in all its length and breadth.. I am seriously looking at buying either an i10 Magna Petrol or i20 Magna Petrol. I'm impressed with the features of i20 very much for the price Hyundai is offering it for.. However, some known issues of pick-up and AC performance are also of certain concern.. does it really run like a bullock-cart if all 5 passengers sit in the car, with little luggage in the boot and AC on..? Is it that sluggish, that it will iritate the driver that the car is not picking up speed at all..? Some very concerning questions I have about i20.. could you help..? On the other hand, i10 in all its respects is a good car.. the new Next Gen i10 seems to offer little more than its previous launch.. which I guess is only - more mileage and latest technology engine.. does it offer anything more than that..? I am totally confused with what option to go for... - New i10 or i20..? Could you advise me which one of the 2 is better for city ride considering my above stated concerns..?

    sanjeev |29 Nov,2010 06:27:48 PM

    Sorry Bhavan, i guess you have not tried many cars. Swift pickup is better in third gear, i10 pickup is much better in 3rd gear and i have driven Lancer for many years..it has such a great pickup in 3rd gear.never felt short of power..and offcourse i Honda city has also no problem. so please just share your experience and let a potential buyer go informed when he is taking his own trials or a decision. Finally every one has his own veiws and choice that is why every company still sells its models. Navit, my experience with 5 passenger is not bad in 1st and 2nd gear and if you shift to 3rd at higher RPM's..which could mean you shift to 3rd after 4000RPM or 40 or 50Km/hr speed, the only thing is when you change gears at high RPM's you end up burning more fuel. Good thing so far with 5 passenger or heavy luggage is that the rear suspension in I20 is good where as i have noticed i10 - has or had rear suspension problem. Check that out for yourself..you shall notice i10 when loaded moving on road ..it appears the rear tyre dig deep in body. sanjeevx

  • paras |09 Dec,2010 03:54:57 PM

    hiiii sanjeev pls reply soon actualy i want to buy car in next week so pls help me between i10magna and i20magna. which one is the best for me and tell me abt the maintenance its a big diffrence between both of cars cost wise ? pls rply soon

    sanjeev |11 Dec,2010 12:01:31 AM

    Hi Paras, Given a choice again , i shall go for i10magna. No complaint on power, AC. pls see my reply to Navit, i10 has one serious problem of rear suspension. If you have good load on rear the tyre seem to touch the body. Overall its handy ,comfortable to drive. Fuel efficiency, not much difference with I20.

    paras |16 Dec,2010 06:16:41 PM

    hii sanjeev thnx for the suggetion but i like i20 magna lookwise and also the feature. first i saw i10 magna but the new gen i10 model is not good as lookwise seriously i need a good luking car and i just want to know about the ac, stereo and life of i20 magna. i leave in delhi i dnt drive reguralary i will drive maximum 15km in a day so now whats ur thinking first u tell me that do u hav i20 magna ?

    paras |16 Dec,2010 06:28:13 PM

    hii sanjeev can you give me your mobile number i want to talk on phone.

  • paras |02 Jan,2011 02:32:29 PM

    hii sanjeev u didnt rply me pls rply me as soon as possible

  • raju |07 Jan,2011 05:27:28 PM

    hi all i20 u like it (magna & sportz) petrol u buy

  • sharath |07 Feb,2011 09:49:01 PM

    i10 is a useless vehicle in terms of pickup.i wonder why people are boasting about its power.i have been driving it for an year now and i feel the terrible lag.if you compare santro and i10 santro is a raging bull.santro picks up like anything while i10 waits for someone to push it from behind.no matter how much you pedal down the accelerator,the pickup you get is like an old ass.may be hyundai was trying to save fuel and get better fuel economy out of this car.but the other issues like suspension,ac,everything else are good.one more thing that is a bit bad is the wheel base which is far less than santro.and i must mention i am driving a magna 1.2 kappa engine.

    Kumar |12 Apr,2011 07:45:06 PM

    you should try a test drive of new Nex gen i10 Kappa2 (vtvt), it has great pickup

  • Vikas |09 Mar,2011 03:02:15 PM

    Hello Guys.. recently i purchased i20 sports(O), Superb car, i really enjoy driving it. interior of the car is beautiful, 13 km per litre mileage is giving. Car is perfect and i m very happy with my decision.

  • bonY_M |22 Mar,2011 05:06:12 AM

    hi every one.. i want to chose a car for my parents. They barely use it..may be 20 km in a week.. so, stuck with the petrol version.. We statrted considering Chevy Beat LT(o) at first.. then vame Ford Figo titanium (petrol).. then VW polo comfortline (petrol) and later it was Hyundai i20 sports petrol.. seriously confused among these.. swift was ommited coz of its common nature.. Fabia was out of question due to its expensive maintenance... Pls do advice me on this problem.. my contact num is 9656666080.... thnku...

  • Anoop |07 Jul,2011 11:23:26 AM

    Try FIAT Punto Diesel, you will love it.Feature Rich and Good Mileage also..

  • Anil Kumar |10 Aug,2011 05:09:40 PM

    Thanks for the feedback in detail

  • manjusha |31 Dec,2011 10:04:45 PM

    can anybody tell me about milege of i20 magna

  • ashish |17 Jan,2012 01:06:05 AM

    Hi Sanjeev and all the experience buyers,i am ashish and i am working in delhi, i m looking for a car with in a range of 5 lac, this will be my first car with my own hard money, so i want a best in all verticles. looks wise i like i20 but here i have seen lots of issues about the car, i want a car with a average of 15 kmph atleast, with looks and value for money. plz suggest me what i do i hope i'll get my answer very soon..... thanx.

  • honey |24 Feb,2012 11:08:52 PM

    i want to purschase i20 sportz(pertol) give me sone advise.......... thanks

  • johnson |01 May,2012 02:42:32 PM

    Hi Sanjeev, could you please suggest which one is better, Swift Vxi or i20 Magna.I am planning to buy any one out of this.Its a first car for me. Waiting for your expert advise and suggestion. Thanks John

  • nvr sastry |21 May,2012 11:04:13 PM

    I am planning to purchase a car which would take me 17 kms in long drive and atleast 15 kms in city drive with all latest features good pick up catchy look and solid engine. please suggest me good one.

  • rsrao |29 Jul,2012 08:31:25 PM

    hello friends , I dont known anything about the cars. I want to by my first car in the life. i20 look wise ok. Please advise to which should i buy whether i20 or swift

    sanjeev |27 Aug,2012 04:43:38 PM

    Friends, I need to update all those who are reading this article about service costs for i20. I had a perception that hyndai service costs would be low but to my SHOCK the cost is more than my Lancer. The LABOUR charges is minimum Rs 2500 for paid service of 2.5 hours cost . This is for doing nothing except PSI (wonder what they do in this except checking RPM) for rs 1200/- balance 1300/- for CLEANING body, brakes, airfilter. Since when the cost of labour in india became 1000/- Rs per MAN Hour , that would be 8000/ rs per day and 200,000 Rs per month.

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