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Rating of Hyundai i20 2012-2014
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i20 vs five human senses satisfaction

for Magna

Having driven various cars over last 20 years, we recently bought a i20 for my wife and daughter. Obviously, i was equally impressed by the great dynamic looks outside, smart integrated music system and pleasant blue led and LCD panel. It would also be unfair to mention that it gives a very spacious feel inside a small segment car.Would rate this cars as great in satisfying the sense of sight Having now driven it for last 5 days , unfortunately the excitement is completely killed. Soon I realized that I must give a constructive feedback to quality control and designers (especially interiors) at Hyundai. So this is just my effort to give a users perspective to Hyundai guys and make them come out of any hallucination they carry about work done on this car. The smell of interior is very peculiar. like a cheap toy plastic, wonder when government banned Chinese toys for using harmful chemicals, did they ever check out what is used in some cars. The smell gives a headache within 30 minutes of driving and the taste of mouth changes as if some bad chemical is accumulated around glands. Please some one at Hyundai should check the chemical composition of material used in interiors to avoid long term damage to users and small children commuting in this car with closed windows. The satisfaction of sense of smell of a new car remained not only unsatisfied but disturbed, Besides the accumulated poisonous chemicals in mouth brings a unease to the sense of taste. The air conditioner of i20 reminded me of good old days when we had a Maruti800, where the air-condition was always ON and we were always sweating. Believe me or test for yourself, if your car is not laying in shade and you start the car. It shall throw on hot air for first 5 to 10 minutes. There after it shall throw a bit cool air. But never cold air. The auto climate control is a nuisance as it only increase the airflow to maximum, so you have a full blast of hot air for first 5 to 10 minutes unless you take-over from auto climate and reduce the air flow. So it is very uncomfortable to your skin or sense of touch. Besides the fan of air conditioner makes so much of noise all the time, unless you keep it at lowest speed (which you can not because of lack of cooling). So it is very irritating to ears and the sense of hearing remains unsatisfied. The guys who have designed the seats have an amazing idea of head rest, it just makes sure you keep your head at 80degrees forward and can never keep it 90 degree straight, forget about relaxing at red light and moving it a bit backward or resting your neck. Guys at Hyundai please check out , these are meant to add to comfort and these at not design gimmicks. This is the only car where i am unable to view a car overtaking from the left in rear view mirror . The reason again i guess is that headrest on co driver seat act as obstruction and i really have to be extra careful to make sure that there is no car on left side. Obviously the side mirror on left being non motorized can not be opened and closed comfortably as many people prefer to keep it closed to avoid someone knocking it off. Please also checkout if the speed of car is less than 25km the car struggles to pick up in third gear and if it is less than 40km it struggles in 4th gear. off course 5th gear gives jerks in city driving. The first tank filled has given a average of 8km/Litre, hope it really gets near to the claim of Hyundai. Overall everyone says, wow you have bought a great car and we happily acknowledge to show we made a intelligent decision. Sanjeevx

On: Jun 22, 2010 | 13578 Views
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