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Overpricing Definitely Makes It Thumbs Down

By for Hyundai Creta 2015-07-22 12:08:44.0
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  • Appearance
  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Value For Money
  • Fuel Economy
  • Overall Satisfaction

Pros : Looks

Cons : Price

Look and Style: Excellent. This is its best feature, style and looks make it adorable.

Comfort: Good and can be experienced over the time.

Pickup: Good

Mileage: Good as shared, but will need to experience. Should have been improved, though.

Best Features: Looks and style are best. Ground clearance and driving also is a plus.

Needs to improve: Pricing should be brought down, or will not succeed much.

Overall Experience: Nice and driving is cool.

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  • Hardik |22 Jul,2015 01:51:57 PM

    Lookwise excellent but price must be less

    gaurav |26 Jul,2015 01:51:01 PM

    This hasnt looked upto expectations from price perspective. . Maruti s cross will be priced better n aggressive

    swapnil Verma |30 Jul,2015 09:54:04 PM

    There is much difference between maruti suzuki and hyundai... Creta at its level is best....choice...better than terrano, duster ....and ecosport...

    Vishal Gupta |17 Jan,2016 10:59:36 AM

    Duster is a real suv bt creta is not a real suv

    nawaz |13 May,2016 03:14:26 PM

    Hyundai is the best budget car

    suryans mittal |27 Nov,2015 08:33:03 PM

    Gadha kahinka

    cnncj |29 Dec,2015 10:34:17 AM


    bhavdeep |07 Apr,2016 11:25:44 PM

    Den u r mad U dont have money to buy dis car

    l Pamei |20 Apr,2016 03:23:46 PM

    Yes I. agree to that reply. If you want to own a real car like the CRETA you got to be ready to pay that much. If no money shut up! I hav bookd the top SX (O).

    nawaz |13 May,2016 03:15:26 PM

    Nice reply

    nawaz |13 May,2016 03:13:27 PM

    For passenger safety,comfort

  • Hardik Pareekh |22 Jul,2015 05:53:14 PM

    As far as features performance and design is concern, it is a value for money car and much ahead of duster,terrano, whose base diesel models price starts with. 11.5 lacks and 11.93 lakhs and no features. Creta is sure to buy.

    tarun kant |10 Aug,2015 08:17:18 PM

    I am monitoring all the vehicle of this segments for th last one monts. I m agree with you. In duster there is no interior, durability, even duster does not compete with terrano. Terrano has better space style interior but has 4 year old vehicle. Tarun

    abul kalam |25 Dec,2015 10:44:31 AM

    Creta for 11.45 lakh base has no fog lamps. Price is 100,000 more.

  • vaibhav |22 Jul,2015 07:47:31 PM

    Price bhahut jyada hai.. Starting price 7 lacks hone chahiye.... Itne price me scorpio best hai...

  • atul arora |22 Jul,2015 09:25:03 PM

    Price very highy

  • honey |22 Jul,2015 09:58:45 PM

    Price very high

    Jamserng |01 Mar,2016 06:18:03 PM

    yes honey..... creta petrol gives 10-11 kmpl mileage within cities. And on highway if we mantain the speed between 45-60 kmph then mileage is around 15kmpl...but if u drive at 100kmph then mileage goes down to 8kmpl... I hope this may help u..

    Jasmin |19 Mar,2016 07:36:19 PM

    Thank you so much for this info it really helped me

  • akash |22 Jul,2015 10:27:17 PM

    Love this car..too much waiting for car that is wrost part overal like it

  • harmeet |22 Jul,2015 10:29:02 PM

    Price are very high.

  • Kuljeet singh |22 Jul,2015 10:52:53 PM

    Today I went to Hyundai showroom for creta new Suv.Though vechicle is goid to see.After talk to sales personnel he told waiting is four to six months; Price is very high for top model.To mt experience when ever new vehicle is launched sales person's talk towards custmers is not polite. This was earlier case was when i went foe Eco sports 'again same attitude was same when i went for Creta vehicle. Sales person should know that today in the market so many options are there. As per Creta is concerned prices are very high as compared to earler suvs.Hundai peoples should take note of this. Kuljeet

    rahul |23 Jul,2015 10:36:03 PM

    I m 100% agree ... N its down town ppl .. Better go to adliam showrooms they r know them customers .. They don't know v buy 14-15 lakh machine its nt cheap thing .. They talk like they come to showroom in BMW or mercz f**king bastards

    GBReddy |30 Jul,2015 10:06:38 PM

    But there is a very good response from Hyundai showroom in Hyderabad.

    rahul |24 Jul,2015 10:52:23 PM

    Which state?

    ramesh |04 Aug,2015 10:58:26 PM

    I drive 1.6 sx it's so good car and milege is ok looking best rear seat conjest

    dipendra |07 Apr,2016 05:15:28 PM

    Pl. Say abaut milege and comford

    sunny gupta |13 Sep,2015 12:03:13 AM

    verma hyundai is best in all over india in hoshiarpur punjab.they are very polite to customers.i have bought sentro in 2008 and now xcent in 2014 feom verma hyundai.i think verma hyundai is the best in all hyundai or other showrooms.

    Prabhdeep Sidhu |15 Dec,2015 10:04:02 PM

    Yeah Verma Hyundai Hoshiarpur is the best showroom and sales mam are using ploite language Bought i20 crdi Asta in 2012 and after that bought another i20 elite crdi Asta again coz of its quality , features and performance in this price range

    abul kalam |27 Nov,2015 12:25:17 PM

    Sir I agree with you the same happens in ford showroom , sales executives found sitting crossing their legs as if they are the owners of show room. I filled a compliant via email and rectified. By getting good salaries as commission they are insulting us.

  • Rajan |23 Jul,2015 12:37:36 AM

    Creta's Price point will make it down,for 1.4 s+ version one is paying 11.50 lakh and about 13 lakh on road pric, he is still not getting auto AC, Prices are definitely 1 lakh higher, Hyundai should rethink about its prices from long term point of view...

    sunny gupta |13 Sep,2015 12:06:35 AM

    bro quality of the product of hyundai is very good compairing to all other company.nvh level of hyndai cars are almost zero.other cars are like you have bought a tractor with high noice level.so price is not matter with the quality of hyundai cars.

    Dhirajbagwe |23 Oct,2015 02:32:31 AM

    I agree with u I bought sx plus petrol and i am satisfied with the performance as far as the price is concerned one should look the quality Its korean Creta is a master piece

  • surendra |23 Jul,2015 01:18:16 AM

    Prices are very high less features in middle model. Base model nothing compared to higher model. When we compare 1.4 to 1.6 sx model too much feathers lessbin 1.4

    Abhilash patel |05 Aug,2015 09:01:40 AM

    Beautiful car and very stable and safety

  • amit soni |23 Jul,2015 01:45:58 AM

    its my dream car I saw in first time this car when launched in China...thank God finaly launched in India. I have also booked.....thanks hundai....

    lakshit |25 Jul,2015 01:44:52 PM

    What model did u book ?

  • rajesh |23 Jul,2015 11:08:56 AM

    Too costly...look is good....hyundai maintenance is heavy....my rating 2.5

  • Ravindra Kumar |23 Jul,2015 11:08:58 AM

    Overpricing is the main drawback. .was expecting the prices to be atleast a lac less compared to other cars of the same category. ...I will take back my booking amount

  • Mithilesh Rakshamwar |23 Jul,2015 02:54:59 PM

    Extremely over praise. ....I was waiting to buy creta but now i will prefer Duster.

    lakshit |05 Aug,2015 10:41:39 PM

    Hi... But why do u prefer duster over creta ?

    Guna |11 Nov,2015 10:57:32 PM

    Which one s best??? Creta 1.6SX Duster 110ps Explore

  • Zafrul Imran Mannaf |23 Jul,2015 04:04:51 PM

    Style & looks good but Price is too high

  • piyush |23 Jul,2015 05:40:58 PM

    Awesome vehicle will change the segment forever

    kabir |26 Jul,2015 04:50:34 PM

    Bed looking & overpriced... I prefer Eco sport to Great...

  • sheikh Arslan |23 Jul,2015 06:20:59 PM

    Hyundai could have rulled the entire segment if they could have priced it properly, they once again missed the trick. This car is pricesd exactly 2 lack extra. If they could have priced it between 7.8 to 11.5lack they would have easily dominated the entire market and sale of this car would have easily crossed 10000 units per month. For now Initially they will get same sales figure which they got for new fluduic verna (ie 3000/month) during its launch and after few months sales will dry much higer than verna as its even pricier than it.

    gaurav |19 Aug,2015 10:03:02 PM

    Absolutely right...I was eagerly waiting for creta n s cross. .both overpriced.You get 2nd best model of Honda city with all features onroad 10.4 lakhs. Yes its different segment but d best in c class segment

    neeraj rai |11 Sep,2015 07:18:46 AM

    I agree with you...also now I have to to hype each company started saying 6month waiting...

    surjeet singh |11 Oct,2015 08:17:00 PM

    I agree with sheikh Asian. Cost is very high. If cost placed proper slab. Then sales will be high. But at present sale is less.

  • shad |23 Jul,2015 07:41:12 PM

    It's over before it started. Hyundai really missed a big fish. Everything was on money until the selfishness came in terms of pricing 2 lakha extra. Man this is india where a 90% people are on low salaries. Missed this golden opportunity to become 1.

    shad |23 Jul,2015 07:45:44 PM

    Think like maruti once again and relaunch it again with 2 lakhs lesser otherwise within months no one will be bothering it. Hyundai take it seriously, or else get join with ur verna with low sales figures.

    varun |14 Aug,2015 08:24:55 PM

    True ......

    Ravindra Kumar |09 Aug,2015 08:47:47 AM

    Well said...so true

    Rupsing Rongpi |14 Sep,2015 01:14:54 PM

    Hyundai is in cheat mode! A mini SUV at the price of full fledged SUV! Hyundai creta go to hale!!!

    pankaj |07 Feb,2016 10:48:24 AM

    Guys this car is made up of high strangth steel, which rest of the compititor car is not that is y we feel that creta is 1 or 2 lakh expencsive rest the time will tell...I had booked sx top model 13.8 lkh

    pe d |31 Mar,2016 01:18:28 PM

    steel prices are down/// they want to employ more expensive koreans than indians.....thats why 2 lac more

    pe d |31 Mar,2016 01:20:16 PM

    donate to poors not rich....

  • Shubham kasture |23 Jul,2015 08:58:14 PM

    You 're right mister price is so high not value for money it should be under 15 lakhs

  • Shubham kasture |23 Jul,2015 09:03:22 PM

    Hyundai creta gets 15k prebooking so Hyundai got wrong that they will price a prouduct without thinking that this is india people wants value for money.. In past amaze was launched at 9 lakhs (on road) and indian people kick out that car and started switc

    Ajeet Kumar tripathi |24 Jul,2015 06:56:17 PM

    Over priced creta is a set back for genuine hyundai buyers. It's really disappointing due to over price.

  • rahul |23 Jul,2015 10:31:34 PM

    Car is excellent. But don't buy from downtown dealers ,always put u in waiting mode as I go for i20 active they give 4-5 month waiting n for creta 6-7 month ... I think them sales person not interested sales of there cars .. Use Aldiam my best advise ..

  • Ravindra Kumar |23 Jul,2015 11:14:26 PM

    Went for a test drive. .the driver is the most comfortable one in the car...but once I sat behind it was the worst nightmare. ..body rolling is quite evident and I was feeling uncomfortable after the first five minutes in the rear seat. ..

  • Ravindra Kumar |23 Jul,2015 11:24:59 PM

    In the rear seat. ..they say premium cars are equipped for just two people with a cup holder in between which when closed acts as a backrest for the person sitting in the middle is protruding a little in the front is really uncomfortable and no leg space

  • Krish |24 Jul,2015 12:11:07 PM

    Creta...The perfect allrounder car.( 6 speed AT diesel variant as well...Gud opt for easy to drive city traffic.&.Highways...Thanks to hundai*

  • sonu |24 Jul,2015 12:13:37 PM

    Hyundai is trying to build a premium image over other brands in India and that's why they normally follow a higher pricing . feel the same for Creta.. This may change the game in coming days.

  • Arshad Ahmed |24 Jul,2015 05:43:31 PM

    Small car big price

  • john |24 Jul,2015 10:58:38 PM

    I20 active crdi fully top model . 10L where creta 1.6 sx crdi 13Lakh 3 lakh extra just increase engine 200cc. 10cm more high n 20 cm length .. Not a value of money .

  • Kiran |25 Jul,2015 01:08:46 AM

    I too feel the same...the high end vehicle cost is almost equal to XUV500 W8.

  • Ravindra Kumar |25 Jul,2015 07:11:56 AM

    In the rear seat during test drive it could not accommodate 3 people..one of them had to throw his arm behind to make ourselves comfortable. ..very congeste

  • lalit jain |25 Jul,2015 12:03:51 PM

    Price to mouch high

  • Taran |25 Jul,2015 12:11:30 PM

    She us nothing than a smaller version of Santa Fe

  • ashok arora |25 Jul,2015 12:13:04 PM

    Creta is fantastic suv but in automatic alloys are 16 inches instead of 17 inches this is biggest minus point. I am buyer of 3 automatic suv's but i am double minded because with 16 inches alloys are not looking good atall

  • rahul rana |25 Jul,2015 12:16:54 PM

    Car is awesome look wise comfort wise nd features wise but one disadvantage price is very high . Before lauching hyundai says creta beat its rivals duster,terrano ,eco sport.yes it really beats but only in price .hyundai this time cheats there customer..

    shad |26 Jul,2015 10:19:11 PM

    Sir, not only price but now the problem is the rear seat which can only accommodate 2 person. It's over for creta as far as comfort & pricing are concerned. Really feel sorry for suv lovers who were eagerly waiting for this one. Rip Hyundai

  • ashok arora |25 Jul,2015 04:51:13 PM

    I have given my comments

  • ankit |25 Jul,2015 06:12:32 PM

    Petrol s model y there was not the air bags...

  • yogi |25 Jul,2015 09:43:22 PM

    Only one thing, over pricing

    Morale Suhas Rangnathrao |26 Jul,2015 10:22:56 AM


  • rahul |26 Jul,2015 10:23:12 AM

    Over priced veichle ... Should 1to 1.5 lac less..

    Morale Suhas Rangnathrao |26 Jul,2015 10:25:24 AM


  • mohanlal |26 Jul,2015 11:48:15 AM

    Recently i purchased creta 1.6 crdi sx it so beautiful and best purfomance

    Sohanlal |30 Jul,2015 07:53:10 AM

    bhaiya apne kb li

    Guna |11 Nov,2015 11:04:55 PM

    Sir me too 1.6sx model only booked. But now i plan to cancel nd go for duster 110ps Explore. This is good option??? Suggest me

  • Sanjay |26 Jul,2015 01:17:16 PM

    Price are very high

    gaurav |26 Jul,2015 01:49:48 PM

    Price is exaggerated. . Maruti s cross will cut the price n rule

  • kabir |26 Jul,2015 04:51:43 PM

    Bed looking & overpriced...

  • kalidas dhamdhere |26 Jul,2015 05:49:07 PM

    Pricing is very high..

  • Dharmesh Patel |26 Jul,2015 06:24:29 PM

    Such a immesive agains the other compnies SUV

  • vikrant |27 Jul,2015 12:12:16 AM

    I wait this car but the price is so high and not a suv like terrano and duster.because back set is seted only 2 person. Than I decided and buy the nissan terrano 85 ps top modle in rs 1250000.creata is 2 lac more than this car same power.the Tarrano is go

    naveen |19 Sep,2015 10:12:34 AM

    what mileage are you getting in terrano

  • Mandeep singh |27 Jul,2015 10:12:59 AM

    Creta is concept suv ...all fuction is avilble for top model but i20 has mush feature and beter then ....out side temperature and cooling glove box not avilble for creta .....creta s prize is so high for 1.6 variant. ...

  • Shamim |27 Jul,2015 01:43:32 PM

    Company should rethink about price

  • Jatin |27 Jul,2015 03:40:01 PM

    The AT has waiting period of 4-6 months . Should cut down that to less . Amazing looks / features . And for 15 lacs it all worth been given if compared to vehicles of this segment . Hope i get my booked AT soon. A decent looking mini SUV 👍

    Sohanlal |01 Aug,2015 08:17:47 PM

    Bhai nepal m rheta h kya jo 6 months waiting h teri

  • abhi |27 Jul,2015 07:47:50 PM

    Car is good but in the same price tag xuv 500 is better option with max nmbr of features and good ride quality

  • shourya |27 Jul,2015 08:36:05 PM

    Milege not so good. Looks as better as all hyundai cars. Cost is OK. Can put more feature in same cost. HAPPY TO BE A OWNER OF HYUNDAI.

  • Raaj |27 Jul,2015 08:42:05 PM

    Amazing car much more premium then the competitor duster terrano or eco sport and deserve premium pricing for its superior quality finish which I can compared it to santafe and looks as premium as santafe Awesome car we booked the car 's' petrol .

    Udaya Chandran |04 Aug,2015 05:36:05 AM

    Hi raaj..could u tell me more about petrol version..I did not get a good review on petrol..I had booked petrol now feel dual mind..let me know..Uday

  • abhinay |28 Jul,2015 02:02:45 PM

    Look and price are nice

  • Biswanath Das |29 Jul,2015 10:06:50 PM

    Finally booked the diesel SX Option trim. Will drive the baby back home next week. Did not have to wait because of pre launch booking. I fell in love with when I looked at it, and enjoyed the test drive too much. It's little pricey but could not resist. H

  • pasalkar uddhav b |29 Jul,2015 10:16:48 PM

    Price is very high and in rear 3 seats conjusted.

  • Chandan Kumar |30 Jul,2015 05:26:55 PM

    Hyundai has come up with a good suspension and ride quality. Very comfortable seats. Interiors are awesome.. SXO is a worth car!!

  • nilesh malang |31 Jul,2015 12:43:49 PM

    Its an awesome car.have placed an order on the date of release..though the price is a bit high but hyundai always maintain its quality and comfort..classy vehicle..!

  • bipinkumar |01 Aug,2015 09:35:20 PM

    good looking...but price is very high.

  • Hardik Pareekh |01 Aug,2015 11:55:00 PM

    Just bought my creta 1.4 crdi base model and power is excellent with good control on road. Very practical and good performer compact SUV. Drived for first 300 kms and the mileage on an average calculated at 19km/lit to 21km/lit. The exact will be soon out

    ram |22 Aug,2015 02:13:13 AM

    Hi Hardik, Any update? Km driven

    skpatel |24 Aug,2015 06:12:52 PM

    Hi 1.4 is best Hi? Konsa modal he ?s,basic,s+?

  • Marli Doji |02 Aug,2015 12:31:10 AM

    High price better go for Scorpio in this cost

  • Parmar |02 Aug,2015 07:39:25 AM

    Dream SUV . Price is little more but best m best

  • ketanpatel |02 Aug,2015 11:56:09 AM

    I wont to know about Creta AT reviews or test drive. Please suggest for AT. & I have heard that 6 speed AT is from Elantra is that true ??

  • lovekesh |02 Aug,2015 02:02:23 PM

    It is exactly as i expected.. all is good..looks..features..price.. performance.. Seems as if bit overpriced but it was the same case as of i20 in 2009... It ll surely rock the roads as i20 does..

    Krishna reddy |02 Aug,2015 03:55:14 PM

    I booked creta two months before the launch. I was very excited of the launch but after it happened i changed my mind not to buy. The reason is price, no four wheel drive, there is no panoramic sunroof and even no led's on the backlight as compared to korean model. I think sure hyundai will come up with all the above to attract more and more customers.

  • Krishna reddy |02 Aug,2015 04:41:51 PM

    I booked creta two months before launch. I was very excited about the launch date but after it happened i changed my mind not to buy. There is no doubt that creta has got good looks, good engine options, technically strong in its segment, design is also much better. But the reason behind my decision is high price, no four wheel drive, no panoramic sunroof and even no led lights as compared to korean model. Sure i will make my decision when hyundai come up with all these.

    Sohanlal |02 Aug,2015 05:11:56 PM

    correct , in china its almost the same price with sunroof and other attracting features

  • manish chauhan |02 Aug,2015 07:35:25 PM

    Bought 1.6 SX on 1Aug after lot of study between XUV, Duster, Honda City and Creta. Excited and Happy..though wanted to go for blue but could not verify..so settled down with ever green silver

    Guna |11 Nov,2015 11:11:04 PM

    Sir im also plan to buy 1.6sx creta model. But somebody told its very high nd maintance cost also very high. Nd back sheet rolling complaints. Its true??? I have one more plan Duster 110ps Explore diz is good option???

  • Diwaker bansal |02 Aug,2015 07:36:01 PM

    Vehicle is great however overpriced by Rs. 1 lac.

  • dkey |02 Aug,2015 10:59:43 PM

    It's a high price vehicle. Company cheating the customer by add only

  • mayur |03 Aug,2015 12:01:25 AM

    Create is far much premium in its segment... So it should not be compared with rivals like duster n teranno or ford eco sport...looks,comfort,driving pleasure powered with features is what Creta is.. ­ï¸­ï¸­ï¸­ï¸­ï¸

  • MD Rafi |03 Aug,2015 01:47:12 AM

    Hyundai is good at design but price should be competitive.

  • shinde d c |04 Aug,2015 02:41:11 PM

    Hyundai cars experience in india is worst Hyundai india has penalise by govt for 50-60 crore for insufficiency, purposefully shortfall of spares of in open market in india.pls make avail of the spares in ample for next 15 yrs also.of past vechivles also.

  • shinde d c |04 Aug,2015 02:43:40 PM

    Use maximum amount public transport. Minimum personalised transportation.

  • Chetan Yadav |04 Aug,2015 04:58:29 PM

    The prices of both petrol and diesel models are very high. At least by Rs. 75000 to 100000 for all models. Also, 17 diamond cut alloy wheels & some very important electronic features are not given to the top petrol model. They should rethink on prices.

  • jainendra rahud |04 Aug,2015 09:32:01 PM

    Should I go for petrol 1.6... my monthly running is below 1000 km.....any reviews about petrol version

    Chetan Yadav |05 Aug,2015 11:51:15 AM

    If your monthly running is around 1000km, then u should think about the diesel models. Again the price is a concern. U can also think about the upcoming Nissan Terrano AWD.

    Chetan Yadav |05 Aug,2015 12:07:49 PM

    Also, if someone is thinking of buying the top diesel model of creta, then it is definitely better to spend some more and buy Mehendra XUV500. It would be a better deal if parking space is not a constrain. Also, it is a 7 sitter, looks better & more power

    manish chauhan |08 Aug,2015 04:37:27 AM

    XUV is not good. It has very bad run in terms of its performance and cheap material. People are soon realizing the mistake.

  • ramesh |04 Aug,2015 10:59:37 PM

    So nice car I got sx 1.6

  • Rahul Raj |05 Aug,2015 07:15:56 PM

    Very high price

  • GBReddy |05 Aug,2015 07:17:17 PM

    It's price and looks are better than S-cross.

  • Reddy |05 Aug,2015 07:44:44 PM

    Great looks and power,what you need more than this. Price is not very high. Comparing with S-cross,the price is less and Duster looks like a mini truck. Ecosport , small,cannot be compared. XUV 500 is bulky with poor quality material.

  • yusuf kalwani |06 Aug,2015 03:09:12 PM

    Good looking and comfortablel.but price little be high...

  • Narendra Kumar |06 Aug,2015 09:20:21 PM

    Price jyada h aur 5 seater h scorpio is best

  • Marli Doji |07 Aug,2015 12:32:59 AM

    Creta SUV compact car was my much awaited car but its price is very expensive. Because in this cost scorpio is better. So,i have decided to purchase mahindra scorpio in this cost.

  • ruk |08 Aug,2015 11:21:56 AM

    I'm planning to buy create is my decision is correct or not

    D H Das |31 Aug,2015 09:45:13 PM

    Go ahead. Perfect

  • Ajeet Kumar tripathi |08 Aug,2015 05:03:07 PM

    Overpricing is a dent for so many genuine customers who were looking for it for so long time. Hyundai has always been known for its splendid design much ahead of its competitors yet disappointing for the reason of price otherwise it will be a flop show.

  • avijit Singh saluja |08 Aug,2015 05:06:48 PM

    Any review for Automatic creta..

  • tarun kant |10 Aug,2015 08:35:10 PM

    Little bit over pricing is keeping the vehicle a class apart. It is much ahead of duster terrano xuv and scross.

  • varun |14 Aug,2015 08:22:57 PM

    Not value for money.i20 1.4 asta(0)dicel 956000 ..creta 1.4 s plus 1335000 ...(onroad)these two vaiant vehile give same perfomance and same features.i20diecel asta(o)is best option. creta is not giving a superb looking suv.dustr..terano..looks wel and top

  • Aravaazhi |17 Aug,2015 07:42:46 AM

    For lower models, Hyundai can add features like rear parking assist, etc if they do not want to reduce the price of lower models of Creta

  • ram |22 Aug,2015 02:20:32 AM

    Creta 1.4 s is the car one should go for if you are actually looking for a premium as well as a healthy mileage compact SUV. I must say,Hyundai is very smart as far as pricing is concerned. They just have one manufacturing plant in India

  • popli |22 Aug,2015 07:11:33 PM

    can any owner of creta tell the mileage

  • Ajey Kumar Bajaj |29 Aug,2015 06:23:40 PM

    It is definitely over priced

  • D H Das |31 Aug,2015 09:41:05 PM

    I picked up the 1st CRETA (1.6 SXO )from our Secunderabad dealer on 29 Jul. Am glad my choice was'nt misplaced. Go ahead, it's a fabulous vehicle.

    Gaurav |31 Aug,2015 10:47:25 PM

    How is the mileage?

  • varun |02 Sep,2015 09:10:45 PM

    Worst suv.nothing new from i20.price concern flop flop flop.mileage is too bad .now mileage is a great part in life .sedan diecel cars give above 23...and price range is below 12 lack which comes from lots of features.try another luxury car with this priz

  • jrtjjtjfkf |05 Sep,2015 06:27:01 PM


  • Hari |08 Sep,2015 07:36:35 AM

    Hi , Im plannig to buy 1.4 S could someone please let me know how is the performance of

  • Hari |08 Sep,2015 07:38:03 AM

    Hi, Im planing to but 1.4 S diesel. Could some one please post here how is the performance of 1.4 engine ?

  • veer |08 Sep,2015 11:43:27 PM

    This car looks good but less than santa fe as its design emerged from it. Price is so high as if we spend more few lakhs or thousands of ruppes then we can afford XUV 500 which is far better than this...base model has not all features and low power.

  • Subodh Talukdar |12 Sep,2015 04:15:02 PM

    I booked top model diesel version Creta. After launching the Creta when I knew the price list and saw the luggage portion of the said car, immedietly i withdrawn my booking amount. Its too much. The price should decrease.

  • Rupsing Rongpi |14 Sep,2015 01:37:51 PM

    This is just an overpriced car from Hyundai. Am not a great fan of mahindra cars but I think the sales statistic of the newly launched TUV3OO will definitely dominate creta though still its a sub 4 metre vehicle.

    Nitish |16 Sep,2015 07:00:58 PM

    creta is not a sub 4 m vehicle ,correct ur data before giving ur comment

  • lakshminarayan |17 Sep,2015 01:23:08 PM

    Wat about the mileage in petrol variant can someone clear my doubt

    Dhirajbagwe |23 Oct,2015 02:34:00 AM

    I am getting 17 on highway and 13 in city

    mehul |22 Jan,2016 11:20:28 PM

    19 highway and 16 city Creta 1.4 s

  • Fatima |19 Sep,2015 06:46:58 AM

    Good👍🏼but give information about the car Eg :-from where the car is Is this available in Gaya

  • karan |15 Oct,2015 12:14:52 AM

    I just bought the Creta SX+ :-) Its an awesome car. It coated me a little over 13, but I must say its definitely worth every buck. I just can't stop looking at it. I think I'm going to sleep in my creta tonight. It's that beautiful red shade. Goodnight :-

  • pawan phadke |13 Nov,2015 10:44:23 PM

    Guys plz tell me about creta 1.6 crdi sx plus model on road price in Mumbai and this area

  • arth |15 Nov,2015 12:14:32 PM

    Can you tell me about mileage? City and highway both!

  • Amit |23 Nov,2015 09:44:30 PM

    Compare s cross to i20 active not with creta

  • suryans mittal |27 Nov,2015 08:28:01 PM

    I like this car n this is a high fi car

  • Rajesh Gugaliya |08 Dec,2015 06:35:45 PM

    1.4 litter segments milage is better than another xuv model Creata diesel 1.4 models milage has above 20kmpl

  • cnncj |29 Dec,2015 10:33:58 AM


  • Amit |17 Feb,2016 08:15:28 PM

    Anything is good or cool but over pricing is never accepted. Budget come first.

  • Devendra Chaturvedi |23 Feb,2016 08:11:51 PM

    I want to purchase a SUV equipped with Automatic Climate Control & +200 Ground Clearence,which will be best.Ecco Sport.Duster.XUV 500.Creta or Avventura.

  • aktar |05 Mar,2016 01:16:04 AM

    It's a high cost vehicle.

  • bhavdeep |07 Apr,2016 11:24:52 PM

    Very good n value for money car very happy wid dis car ??

  • kavi |22 Apr,2016 01:48:49 PM

    Fuddu back this car

  • Karamsingh |26 Apr,2016 08:25:55 PM

    Good feture Over price

  • Abdul kalam |02 May,2016 02:12:55 AM

    i have just bought hyundai creta , its infotainment system is hanged after 30 minutes of listning th music , just hanged and not work its touch screen and all buttons and countinously on a cracked sound in the all speakers like burrrrrrrrr, i have off the engine and locked the car and all its component but burrrrrrr sound is still same , i have call the road side assistance and hyundai care but they are not help me so i have decide the remove of battery turminal and cut the battery current , speakers crack sound is off and after restart the car, system is ok but after thirty minutes system is again hanged , so please any body help me this regard

  • mishu kanwar |05 May,2016 09:08:10 AM

    Excellent looking ,well comfortable ,less vibrate in petrole series but max torque is soo less comprising to des. Engine

  • Mohan Kumar Yadav |08 May,2016 10:13:16 PM

    Wonderful Performance

  • satheeshanand |20 May,2016 01:22:30 PM

    Hyundai CRETA Is having solid structure and sturdiness and it is a must that the company should. bring down the rate by RS75,000

  • md Rasheed |01 Jun,2016 08:33:13 PM

    Nice car But too expensive

  • babaush rebello |03 Jun,2016 08:22:56 PM

    Price is too high, otherwise m in love with that....

    karan |27 Jul,2016 01:37:36 AM

    Nw m confused between creta n honda city diesel

  • samarth singhal |17 Sep,2016 08:04:22 PM

    I'm confused I want to buy or not please tell me

  • jaikrishna |24 Nov,2016 10:35:55 PM

    It's not fit 4 ghat road I hate this because it make some different sound in hairpin bend I hate this car

  • Srinivas |07 Apr,2017 07:18:17 AM

    Really surprised that there is no fuel range or distance to empty in the petrol auto where it is so essential.

  • Baldev |16 Jul,2017 05:31:16 PM

    Overpriced vehicle.

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