Recently Honda Jaaz price is redced by over 1.5 lakhs.I jave purchased Jaaz last september at 7.42

By for Honda Jazz 2009-2011 from Orissa 2011-08-28 17:49:55.0
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Look and Style Recently Honda Jaaz price is redced by over 1.5 lakhs.I jave purchased Jaaz last september at 7.42 lakhs.Now i feel its being cheated.Now the number of disstisfied customers are growing.I think honda should come out with some idea on how to satisfy this no. customers.else no body will go for again to think about honda when they will go for a next one.Maruti & Hyundai now they are spreading this message as their marketing strategy and spreading how honda has cheated their customers.

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  • puneet |28 Aug,2011 08:01:51 PM

    Please do not treat it as cheating. Honda brought Jazz into the market as an exclusive hatchback for premium people. People like you bought it not because of value for money hatchback but as a symbol of luxury and exclusivity. In the meantime, other companies also came out with cars having similar / better features at a lower price and with good brand name like polo, punto and i20 etc. these cars were introduced with diesel option also. With increasing petrol prices it became difficult for honda to sell this car at that price and it was forced to offer hefty discounts.In order to survive in the market, it had to relaunch the vehicle at a much lower price now. It is not cheating rather it is a market strategy. Car companies can afford to adopt these type of strategies because a customer is not buying the same product again after 1 month or one year. Customer loyalty is therefore secondary to them. you will be surprised to know that on Honda city there is a dealer discount of 70000/ apart from recent price reduction of more than 50000/. Dont be surprised if honda comes out with revamped honda city at 7 lacs in october. You are pained not only by the price reduction but also by loosing on premium tag of the vehicle you drive. Whatever hyundai and maruti people say honda products are way better and one more thing people have very short memory, these hyundai/maruti people sold base versions of zen / santro at 3.25 lacs in 2000 and are selling better versions now at the same price. It is market my friend.

    sruti ranjan |29 Aug,2011 09:15:30 AM

    Dear puneet,I agree with you with all the points except customer loyalty.because for good business customer trust is more important.moreover a price reduction of 5% is welcome but a price reduction of over 25% is not a welcome step.I dont mind now that car is cheaper or i would rather mention the word competitive.I want to always see that HONDA Should be at top.But as a matter of concern to gain the customer trust it should give at least an insurance free for 5 years,so that the old jaaz customers can also be like a goodwill ambassador for them.else they will not go for honda when they next will plan to by a honda product.

    avinash |30 Aug,2011 10:51:00 AM

    sruti, it is unfortunate that u say it is not a welcome step. Wud you like only few Jazz on road. More Jazz means benefits for competitors ( the bench mark for quality rises up at prices lower), for easy availability of less expensive spares. Good will ambassador would be better based on quality than lower price strategy. Is there any other manufacturer of car or any other product who has given insurance or some benefits to old customers. Wud u have done if u were Honda. All this is luck game. U wanted to buy first so u bought first and enjoyed the Tag of Premium customer. Now for others let them be happy buying at lesser prices.

    sruti ranjan behera |30 Aug,2011 02:37:31 PM

    Mr Avinash, i think u have not read my mail and felt the sentiments of old jaaz owners.What u say is fine.but the company will be more valuable and trust worthy if they come out in the form of free insurance for next 4-5 years.because,when u buy a car it is not just buy and forget but u are entering into a family,in this case it is HONDA,the most trusted brand in terms of quality.Mr. avinash quality at a lower price is always welcome step and i want to see more JAAZ running in the road and more happy customers of HONDA.Thats what we want.what i really want is that as the price reduction comes in a very short period of time,HONDA should come out wiht some plan for old jaaz owners so that when somebody asks us to buy a HONDA then we can from inner of heart say that we are proud owner of jaaz.Mr.avinash Money can buy everything but not trust,and as a owner of jaaz i wish HONDA should maintain trust as it was maintaing since years.Hope now you can understand the viewpoint of Old jaaz owners.

    avinash |30 Aug,2011 04:03:56 PM

    Ms. Sruti. Yes I agree now with your viewpoint. I had no intention to demean your view whatsoever. I do hope that many more Old jazz owners share this and appeal to Honda to make a statement. when did you buy Honda Jazz and how do you find servicing/spares. I am planning to buy one. Only yesterday I saw one in showroom. Very few here. Avinash Sonawane Panjim Goa 9422438185.

    sruti ranjan |30 Aug,2011 04:30:41 PM

    I purchased it from Bhubaneswar.CAr is very good.You will not find any complain.service is in every 3 months.only engine oil change will cost u.Synthetic oil Rs. 3500/- and it can run up to 10000 kms.Mr. sruti Ranjan Behera Bhubaneswar 9437163266

    avinash |30 Aug,2011 04:45:53 PM

    Thanks Mr. Sruti. I think the oils of other cars are not this expensive. Ok 10,000 kms means lot many years. Did you find difference in Previous and New models as regards to quality of material, interiors. Mileage seems to be much less. For city riding due to higher rpm there seems to be more fuel consumption. How about feelings on suspension on highway turning at speeds? Akso on I saw some videos of faulty fuel lid (remaining open) when supposed to be closed. Did you experience this or heard about? Is the booking amount of Rs.100000 proper? I have feeling the dealer is misusing this big amount and not delivering as promised.

    B.K.Tiwari |02 Oct,2011 08:57:32 AM

    It is not possible that same configuration and same feature will be selling in such big discount. Becuase the automobile indusrries are not working in such big margin. No one company will bear such big loss. I know that this is their marketting streatgies but their is some hidden cause which we don't know. Which will be disclose after some time when people will use it.

  • venkat |29 Aug,2011 01:07:24 PM

    I bought the Jazz in july and think about my feeling in this regard as how much i will be feeling if the price is reduced by 1.50 lacs within 20 days.

    avinash |30 Aug,2011 10:58:11 AM

    Car market will be another share market. This will be so in hot market. I purchased Matiz in 2000 for Rs.3.7 lacs without power steering, without power windows, no one new what is ABS and EBD then. I was happy then. Why should one regret if others get benefited due to low price some of these features. Bhai this is technology obsolescence. So I remember song of 1966 film Gumnam (aaj agar tum jinda ho, to kal ke liya mala japana)

  • puneet |29 Aug,2011 07:13:04 PM

    My brother in law bought Jazz in May 2011 and after driving his jazz, i also decided to buy it, but my daughter said that we will buy it on Diwali in october,after the launch of swift.She wanted to see if there is change in the design of swift which somehow she dislikes.Now even after seeing new swift, we have decided to buy Jazz and fortunately its price has also been reduced. Had i purchased the car in may, i also would have felt cheated, as the price reduction is massive.I can very well understand your feelings. I agree with Sruti ji view that Honda should provide some sort of compensation to its existing customers, otherwise they will have a feeling that company has taken them for a ride and cheated them just because they had faith in brand Honda. It is essential that all the affected customers should write to Honda through this site and directly as well. Cardekho team should also write to the company.

    avinash |30 Aug,2011 11:02:54 AM

    Do you think it will happen? Please accept reality and Do not remain in fantasy world. Cardekho is doing good work of a platform for sharing user experience. Why would they advice Honda or anyone.

  • venkat |30 Aug,2011 05:38:51 PM

    Dear All I do not regret for buying at a higher price because as its all in the game. New jazz as per Honda they have localised 76% of the materials including the engine but earlier JAZZ its not the case and i think hence i have paid a higher price.

  • karan joshi |06 Sep,2011 04:34:30 PM

    Dear All. I take test drive of MARUTI SWIFT new model, Hyundai I20, I10, Honda JAZZ and after test drive i feel that the look of Jazz is sporty, comfort is also more, technology is also new plus safety features is also best it in segment so i booked honda jazz on 01/09/2011 might be i get it on diwali but After reading all the reviews i am now confuse that is it right decision to go for JAZZ or not??????

    Manoj |22 Dec,2011 03:52:41 PM

    WHY CONFUSE. What wrong with these reviews. Don't think much. go forward. If you r not bothered abt the petrol price then Jazz is the best. If you can wait for couple of months then u can get diesel varient.

  • pratap behera |15 Oct,2011 02:37:52 PM

    i'd booked a jazz in 2nd week of this sept.initially they told max waiting period is 1&half months,now they're telling its 2& half it true that stock is very limited & i may not get it in 2& half months also.another Q about providing 2yrs/40000km standard warranty whereas ford providing 150000/3yrs warranty(fiesta-classic,figo).i'm confused ,plz suggest.

  • navtej |27 Oct,2011 10:33:21 PM

    hii I was willing to buy ford figo but after jazz price reduction i think jazz would be a better option.i do not have any idea of cars i should buy diesel figo or jazz. pls advice

  • sunil kumar |01 Nov,2011 07:33:20 PM

    hi,i m planning to buy a car i do not have much idea about the technology of cars,hyundais i20,swift,toyota liva,or honda jazz-x.among these i woule like to go for,would u pl advise me the best car(in every aspects) among expert advise will help me to decide,thanx

  • Aniket |22 Nov,2011 03:52:42 PM

    All the honda dealers have now stopped the booking for Jazz till next year and for the people who have booked in last 2 months there is a waiting period of 6-8 months. Honda production has got affected due to flood in malasiya. They should be restarting the production by Dec 1st week. No doubt Honda Jazz is best hathback to buy and its worth waiting as well.

  • jc64 |06 Dec,2011 09:10:01 PM

    Pllease raise ground clearence to 190 mm following highway ditches & city humps.Small town dwellers are then ready to buy it.

  • Manoj |22 Dec,2011 03:34:53 PM

    Now I feel that I am very lucky to own a Jazz. Earlier I planned to book i20 and on the same day morning read the news abt the price slash. Didn't think much and the same day booked the Jazz. Now as an owner I am very much satisfied with Jazz. I feel Jazz is far better than i20. My neighbour bought i20 just 2 months back and now he is crying that he missed the opportuniety. For me it took only 1.5 months for waiting but now it is closed for some time because of huge demand and flood condition in Thailand. Also Honda has decided to put more shifts to increase the prodution to 1000 units/months.

  • sumit |14 Mar,2012 09:47:51 PM

    totally hopeless comment

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