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Pros : premium feel

Cons : yet to see

Look and Style :Hi all, thought i should also contribute to this wonderful forum.only one thing after riding this car very very premium feel infact better than honda city's.quality is much better than any maruti, just better than i20, and in last honda is honda..before sitting in this car , to me , price was too high to be acceptable. but after driving it , handling it, having magic of premium components and their feel, i feel it was rightly outragageously priced ( okay may be too much i said, but it desrves a high price due to premium feel.) infact i too have bought it after a discount of 1.5L , got all accessories of jazz x , as it was not available, so settled for select edition. Dr. Sachit Malhan. Comfort : Just great , go to website of honda and see animation of magic seats. u will undersatnd how little children can be made to sleep on back seats and they get good enough space too. :) great for common need. Pickup : Good, sp 2nd gear, manuever it acc to any road condition, just second gear goes to 6500 rpm with max speed of 90 and it wont even show lag or cmplaint.. atleast mine doesnt. Mileage : Yet to see, but looks like 13-14 as my insta av comes to be 13-20 , but will update as soon as i get 1st service done Best Features :  Space, premium feel ,and luxuries . they have even kept care of small small plastic knobs. Needs to improve : Yet to find out. Overall Experience : Completely satisfied and more than me , my family loved it. that impresses me more. :)

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  • sriram |24 Jul,2011 11:57:32 PM

    Hi Sach, Nice review. All the best and have a nice car. Drive safe...

    sachit |25 Jul,2011 06:04:20 AM

    thanks man.. will update soon.

  • sachit |04 Aug,2011 11:45:17 AM

    okay update: cons-- i found two cons but not too major but obviously need some change in car driving style 1) despite such a good car locking system, auto car locking is available only in Automatic Transmission models which india do not have, means i need to lock my gate manually myself, which even a local 2000/- car security system will do for you once car goes beyond 20kmpl or some systems will lock all 4 doors once you start the ignition, i just wonder why Honda can not do such a small thing. not too expensive, and one more thing i asked them can we do something , they said NO only A/T vehicles can do it. i could only say ' what rubbish' and put the phone down. :) 2) third Geer driving is something you get used to after a while. i mean when i shifted from maruti and santro type cars which has picks the car from 3rd gear so well, 3rd gear is slightly low compared to these. well 2nd is too powerful, can go from standstill to somehere 85-90 , but for third gear go to 30 first on 2nd gear and then come to third gear and then you get good push, infact very good. well there is no doubt 2nd gear is a boon as in standstil to neck to neck traffic to smooth moving jams(sp delhi ones ) it is just great. sachit

  • Jasjeet |01 Sep,2011 12:18:10 AM

    Sachit, brother reading your feed back was fine but tell me why does one will need to start the vehicle in third gear when the car is provided with 1,2 gears???

    sachit |01 Sep,2011 03:46:59 PM

    hi jasjeet No one starts the vehicle in third gear. what i meant was, in delhi , u frequently get neck to neck traffic mixed with roads where u get 5th gear driving too ( my most of work is on ring roads, if u understand wat i mean), that time you want to freqent between third and fourth gear only. that is the time u feel third is low powered. well in anycase, this is how honda designed it to be. i just got my first service done, and ispecifically ordered for GEAR MAPPING to check if it is mine car, this problem is there or same for all cars. mapping just showed all is normal. but still i asked senior service manager, then he clarified : all the cars where i felt 3rd gear is good like old swift and ritz, they are wire based clutch gear systems and they ca be adjusted acc to mood and driving style of driver, but new swift and honda jazz are computerised clutch gear system and they will be like what they give you.. well in so many days with jazz, i havelearnt to change my ways of driving and feel it to be adequately powered but not super charged like swift or ritz. power delivery is very smooth, unlike rush u get in swift or ritz. well some people like smoothy drive some like rushy kind of drive, jazz wont suit the latter. BTW never is power less on road.

    Jasjeet |01 Sep,2011 06:12:20 PM

    sachit, it feels that u have studied the car so well and the engineering in it,which inturn gives me a feeling that ur very much in love with ur car and satisfied too. well then i guess u could be right person who could guide me for buying of the car. actually i am driving a swift dezire for the past 3 years and satisfied with it, now that honda has slashed its price of jazz so i was interested in buying the car. any piece of advice before i conceret my decision?

  • Jasjeet |02 Sep,2011 12:29:40 AM

    Plz can u tell me what are the features: 1. Keyless Entry with Answer Back 2. Power door mirror auto retract 3. Driver Side Auto Pinch Guard 4. what is the average in city/highway. I will be glad to get this information and will be very helpful to me. Thanx

    sachit |02 Sep,2011 12:40:12 AM

    hi jasjeet i indeed am very satisfied with all starting from even small buttons, upholestry, interiors and plastics, SPACE, coming from desire u will feel so refreshened. but this is a petrol car, BUT PREMIUM car. even honda city owners swear to quality of jazz Vs city. i getting av of 11 in day to day traffic, if very congested , i get 10 but never below 10, as shown by tank method and digital meter in the car. this is in delhi with lots heat and AC always ON. my other friends having this car tells me i will get mileage of 13-17 as quoted by company, only after 2nd sevice. i specifically mentioned petrol as if ur runing is above 1000km, i wont suggest you this car as petrol do pinches. :)

  • Jasjeet |02 Sep,2011 01:52:41 AM

    ooooo!! if average is a point then before i make up my mind i will have to personally drive the car first and then look into it, then only i will be deciding the same, but what i feel is that honda cars are definatly worth buying and such a premier car, average can be put on back seat!!

  • Santosh |14 Oct,2011 12:47:59 AM

    Dear Sachit I have read all your comments now I just want a little advice from you. I am not able to decide car to go for should i buy Toyota Etios(petrol) or Jazz Select. Which will be better driva as per you i mean both in High ways & city.

  • sachit |14 Oct,2011 06:15:39 AM

    well , i believe you have taken test drive of both the cars. then choice would not be difficult, Etios is good car, BUT sitting in car, it got horrible interiors and my wife rejected it there only and so it did not suit me , due to cheapiness of material all over inside. if space is requirement, it is a good car, but if you still think space is a prob, why not look at nissan sunny. but i sincerely believe not etios, onl for looks, otherwise ride quaity wise, pick up is better than Jazz.

  • Santosh |15 Oct,2011 08:22:45 AM

    I found space in both vehicle good & looks & comfort I liked Jazz better Sunny is too bulky. Just pls confirm me about the performance as you have driving it for few months now.Are u satisfied with it.

  • sachit |15 Oct,2011 09:50:53 AM

    initially had some prob with 3rd ear adjustment, now i have adjusted to it by using it less often(as i feel), and even with firstservice it improved , so no prob reg that. otherwise all in all it is a great buy at this price. material quality is superb, that is what impresses me more,as most of the times i have been with maruti cars, comp to maruti, hyundai, obv toyota, interiors are superb. music system is best in class, sometimes i just take ride just to enjoy music at real high volume with all windows closed. going to 20 vol wil feel it will burst ur ears , very good bass. max vol i dont know as never i dared into that kind of territory. space i awesome. ride - if u love punch, u can get it understand it is more of family car, cruiser style so power delivery is always very linear NEVER too sharp, which people sometimes like on name of RUSH mila ke nahi mila. that account for more decent drive, that is why i am saying it is more family car. BHP wise it got more than any car , none hatchback is having 90bhp. good torque.. all in all it is good , value for money car, initiall do pinches why pay more than market, but it is for luxury and good quality of material used in the car. and may be relavent or not, honda care is great, the keep on asking me about the prob, if i tell them yes, they will rush executives to my home, but will get the work done. experience is great overall :)

  • dhara |05 Dec,2011 05:08:42 PM

    dear sachit,i have read all your comments and knowledge about honda jazz,as i have booked a jazz x on dussera and am eagerly waiting for the delivey.all you positive responeses about jazz are very inspiring because all the people around me have kept on hammering me ,sayin DO NOT SIMPLY BUY A plzz can you suggest me that sticking on jazz is a real good decision or not?????

  • rajan |09 Dec,2011 03:37:40 PM

    dear sachit, with the petrol pricing going highy every now and then will the Jazz with average of 10-11 will qualify as a good hatckback. What is the average you are getting as of now wih ur Jazz.

  • sachit |09 Dec,2011 09:24:30 PM

    @ RANJAN now it is 12-14 with winters coming, ac is sometimes off sometimes on. my 700km trip on highways with ac off last month returned av of 18.7. well petrol do pinches ie why i always say buy this car if ur running is below 1000km. spending another lakh on diesel car will take 33 months to get to that extra 1 L, with av running of 1000km, and petrol vs diesel rates at deficit of 3 rupees. so you have to decide what is ur usage and do u really need diesel car. sachit.

  • V |17 Dec,2011 09:07:50 PM

    How do you feel about the car performance after 6 months...

  • Sachit |18 Dec,2011 07:51:32 AM

    Hi performance wise it definitely has improved over time with two services, 4months and 5000 kms of distance, and and I have been told that it will further improve with more wear with more kms, and which I have been noticing lately. Sachit.

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