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Defective Or Used Honda City Car Instead Of A New One

By for Honda City 2013-05-31 14:44:22.0
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I  bought a new Honda city recently in Ranchi. The car looked perfect, but it was a defective one. When we bought the car, and after payment procedures, the owner of the showroom abruptly said in a cunning voice that now the car is yours, and we will now not be responsible for any damage as we have checked the car well. We didn't understand why did he replied in such a clumsy voice, but one day when we went for the servicing of car about one month of the purchase at Honda service station and the worker said that it had lots of bumps under the car which became visible when the car was lifted up for washing. Also the engine oil tank was seriously damaged and a lot of patch work was done to stop the oil from coming out. We went to the dealer to talk to him but he replied very badly, not listening a word and repeating the same thing when we had bought the car. They said that we have made the bumps and damaged the engine oil tank. But I knew that this is not the truth. We want justice and want this car to be replaced with a new one as no one would like to drive a damaged or repaired old car. We are sure that the car was damaged since the time we purchased it and this should be the responsibility of the dealer to replace it. I want the conerned authorities not to take it lightly and take appropriate steps.

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  • Prantar Bakshi |09 Jun,2013 06:47:15 PM

    Such dealers should be banned by Honda else they will spoil the reputation of this great company.

    AD |15 Apr,2015 02:34:31 PM

    Can you tell me, why Honda is a great company?

    helloo |22 May,2015 06:38:47 PM

    Hello this ianfpr twaying purppse

    helloo |22 May,2015 06:39:32 PM


    sammaiah |06 Apr,2016 11:02:02 PM

    It's better to base of the car it be must before delivery the car and and also do the mandatory by Honda company it must be think

    hijj |28 May,2015 06:18:34 PM


  • uttam khandkar |20 Jun,2013 06:49:56 PM

    thanks you a lot for posting such an informative comment for other probable customers. I believe its totally the fault of the dealer to earn double the amount by deceiving the customer as well as the company.

  • BIPUL SHARMA |24 Jun,2013 12:24:10 AM

    Looking forward to hear what the Company had done about it. We cant go to factory to buy car - the Company has appointed dealers... Anyway, the car is not as good as they say. I own one.

  • Jai |01 Jul,2013 06:19:34 PM

    Just try and escalate the complaint about the dealer to HONDA CARS INDIA through website. (email to concern authorities)

  • Shivam |03 Jul,2013 09:46:21 PM

    Thnx for you concern....well the person owning the car claimed a lot to the concerned auth. and finally seeing the reputation of Honda showroom going down...the dealer took the whole responsibility and fully repaired the car at his own cost ...not a single ruppeee he took

    chaten patel |17 May,2015 09:17:53 PM

    The dealer should have replaced it. Would you in your right mind take a damaged new car...defeats the object of owning a new car

    Paresh Jain |30 Jan,2016 04:03:44 PM

    Car is good or bad

  • krishna |06 Aug,2013 06:37:45 PM

    Was planning to buy from Honda dealer in Ranchi, now will need to think again before making the buy

  • ajay kumar |30 Aug,2013 08:49:11 PM

    You should go to consumer forum & go to news agencies

    Paresh Jain |30 Jan,2016 04:05:09 PM

    Car good or bad

  • sharukh |06 Jan,2014 07:41:22 PM

    how many airbag in this car .,., plz tell me

    vivek |17 Nov,2015 07:09:51 PM

    It has 2 airbag driver and front passenger

  • ANAND..S |12 Jan,2014 01:17:57 AM

    this really cheating .Dealer should give more imp to these types of complaints.Otherways u cannot survive t for a long time.

  • puneetbzbdhsjdjjdjddjjdjdjdjdjdkdkxkxjxkxjdjdjjdjdjdjwkak sjejnsnd |25 Nov,2014 02:32:00 PM


  • puneetbzbdhsjdjjdjddjjdjdjdjdjdkdkxkxjxkxjdjdjjdjdjdjwkak sjejnsnd |25 Nov,2014 02:40:29 PM


  • puneet |13 Dec,2014 05:42:01 PM


    puneet |13 Dec,2014 05:42:29 PM

    Fuf f ffggggggggggg

  • James Raj |02 Jan,2015 03:06:38 PM

    File a lawsuit and claim 1 billion from the company for wasting your time and creating stress.

  • Shweta |03 Jan,2015 01:06:20 PM

    Hahshhsjdjjsjshs hjsjs

  • Ashish Sharma |03 Mar,2015 11:01:05 AM

    The Honda dealers seems to be on Seventh cloud. I visited the dealer in Faridabad and it seems they don't care whether you buy or not.

  • sandeep verma |07 Mar,2015 09:09:55 PM

    Honda should take this matter serious

    Yogendra Sharma |12 Mar,2015 07:17:55 PM

    Its true . not only in Faridabad every where they treat like they are doing some charity to attend customers . I have faced in Jaipur .

    hshshshsh |10 Apr,2015 12:58:29 PM


  • Sunny |14 Mar,2015 10:22:45 AM

    Report to police about the dealer and also the manager.

  • shahs |25 Mar,2015 05:17:41 PM


  • brijesh |16 Apr,2015 11:25:26 PM

    Woh dealer ki maa chod dalo

    Ankit kumar |21 Feb,2016 06:17:03 PM

    What ? Can u plz type this gaali in Bhojpuri . Lol !

    Jason |12 Jul,2017 01:06:07 PM

    Please translate in Espianol

  • vignaraj |29 Apr,2015 08:53:38 AM

    Are you reviewing the car or telling your bad experience with a bad car dealer

  • chaten patel |17 May,2015 09:14:54 PM

    Did you get the replacement. Ask them whether they were aware of the damage at the point of delivery. What did dealer mean ...you are responsible. ..ask them

  • ifkfkfkvkc |01 Jun,2015 05:40:39 PM


  • Ugfddgjjj |15 Jul,2015 01:30:36 PM


  • rohin |22 Jul,2015 12:02:29 AM

    Bought a honda city on 19th of june 2015 from harmony honda. Noticed after a few days that water collecting on the foot mat on the passanger side in the front. On inspection noticed it dripping from airconditioner unit. Took it service center but could not be rectified. Went shsin on the first service snd complained sbout the problem. The car is lying eith them for 3 days. The dashboard steering wheel etc has been dismantled. A defective part has to be shipped from delhi. Will take another 3 days. Sad to see your new car in that shape. Seems no qualitycheck is done by honda at the assembly line. Worried that the fitting eill not as the original. Regret changing my loyality towards honda. No wonder maruti rocks.

    Arpit |31 Jul,2015 04:43:40 PM


    rohin |28 Nov,2015 08:58:29 PM

    The carcwas repaired. They probkem is solved. Harmony honda , the dealer apologised for the inconvenience. Till now the exoerience is amazing. Drives like a dream and without any fatigue even on long rides. I drive the petrol version.

  • SUBHAS ROY |02 Aug,2015 02:44:48 PM


  • Swapnil |02 Aug,2015 06:31:38 PM

    I advise you to go through consumer court and charge cost of vehicle and compensation also.the court will punise him.

  • srinivas rao |05 Aug,2015 02:20:01 PM

    Company is good, but the dealer was waste fallow.......

  • karthikeyan |23 Aug,2015 01:13:31 PM

    Please tell the car showroom names were did you buy the car so that we came to which showroom is worst on thier work

    faisal |16 Sep,2015 12:40:48 AM

    I am planning to purchase Honda city in diesel. After all comments I change my Mind to go with Maruti desire vdi Thanks you all

  • Dr Jagat Anand Surin |05 Oct,2015 02:32:02 PM

    May I know from which dealer in Ranchi you have purchased. He is a big cheater and everybody should know who he is and at what year u have purchased.

  • parminder singh |13 Oct,2015 03:14:50 PM

    Can you please tell us which is the dealer so that we can spread the information and ensure no one buys from the dealer

  • ashok Sahoo |21 Oct,2015 06:22:37 PM

    You should go to the E.media then file a case in consumer court.

  • Rohit |05 Nov,2015 08:06:34 AM

    Such Dealers Should be banned.

  • Ramesh RamChandran |25 Nov,2015 04:59:03 PM

    Such dealers should be strictly banned And costumer has to receive a new car from Honda if dealer found guilty

  • Raghav |19 Dec,2015 12:34:13 AM

    Kindly advise on service cost of deisle honda and does it sound bad on high speed ??

  • Sumit Tulsiyani |28 Dec,2015 11:10:00 AM

    Car Should Be replaced How can the dealer be so rude Is this his talking behaviour with customer??? Y is he appointed in the showroom

  • sunny ganjoo |01 Feb,2016 09:38:09 PM

    Hi friends can anyone recommend that should i go for the new honda city or is there any change of the model this year or any uplift mode launching this year in 2016

  • Divyanshu Aryan |24 Feb,2016 10:57:01 PM

    Fake Story The story which you have posted is 100% fake. Honda is such a big brand and Honda can't cheat its customers. I myself owns a Honda City and surprisingly from Ranchi, BASUDEB HONDA. And i have noticed how patient,gentle and honest they are.

    Divyanshu Aryan |24 Feb,2016 11:05:54 PM

    Go for Honda in Ranchi. Don't believe in fake stories. They are the best. The know how to take care of their customers very well. They call you time to time for car services. So you can go with a Honda car in not only Ranchi but in the whole India.

  • chandru |29 Mar,2016 05:50:21 PM

    I agree with ur comments. I also faced lots of problems with my vw service centre.

  • maninder |06 Apr,2016 09:39:52 PM

    Very bad car

  • Dadasaheb Desai |15 Apr,2016 11:01:58 AM

    I will think twice.I was planning in May.

  • subash k |03 May,2016 11:56:41 AM

    In this segment Honda city petrol s better option.. if Diesel means all should try to buy Duster AWD

  • Dr L D Bharali |14 Jul,2016 04:57:12 PM

    As stated can this really happen as to giving an old car instead of a new one as stated because i recently bought a honda city.

  • hk singh |14 Jul,2016 10:30:43 PM

    Such dealar should be punished so others may get a lesson. It is damagable to company also.

  • guna |27 Aug,2016 04:49:08 PM

    Report it to Honda about the dealer. Surely they will respond, if not then file a consumer complain against Honda

  • guna |27 Aug,2016 04:49:34 PM

    Report it to Honda about the dealer. Surely they will respond, if not then file a consumer complain against Honda

  • guna |27 Aug,2016 04:49:56 PM

    Report it to Honda about the dealer. Surely they will respond, if not then file a consumer complain against Honda

  • anand |23 Feb,2017 02:17:35 PM

    Straight Forward Such dealers should be banned by Honda.Kindly take action on such type of dealers.

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