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My Diamond White Darling!

By for Ford Figo from Haldia, West bengal 2010-09-27 17:46:07.0
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Pros : Value for money, Space, Fuel Economy, features

Cons : Limited service network, ZXi would have come with ABS

It was while test driving Chevrolet Spark and Beat on NH5 Vizag, I saw the banner of Figo at Tristar Ford. Went into the showroom casually and asked for a test drive of the Petrol Figo. A few minutes later, a white Figo was waiting before the show room for me. The A/c was chilling inside and sat in the driver's seat with my brother and other two show room personnel. Pumped up the accelerator and felt a strong surge that I felt like very familiar. I asked immediately, is it a diesel or a petrol?? Diesel sir, they said. It was just like the fiesta diesel that I drove earlier and in fact with the same engine. After 5 km drive on the highway, I took a sharp U-turn and then did a quick 100kmph. I just fell in love with it. The main attractions for me are the 1.4 Fiesta engine, big space and mini Innova type looks. That night I left to Haldia (West bengal) back to my office and registered on the Ford website for a test drive of Figo petrol. A week later Ganges Ford from Kolkata contacted me and came Haldia (135 kms away from Kolkata) to offer me a test drive. Again it was a diesel. This time I tested it to limits. Touched 160kmph on the VIP road and almost decided upon it. Still thought of the petrol Figo as it too has 70 bhp and costs 1 lakh less. finally, after two more weeks, they came back to my office with a petrol one. The petrol one is silk smooth and with 4 members on board and A/c at 2 it can reach 110 kmph like any other car. The engine has good punch up to 120 kmph. But gets lazy afterward. The maximum speed I could make on the VIP road is a lazy 130 kmph. It can go still further but the road ended. That's final I booked Figo Diesel ZXi instantaneously. Torque and Fuel Efficiency that's what struck me at that moment. Look and Style Though swift has good looks, Figo has nothing to complain. Particularly the white one looks like a mini Innova. The black strip between doors makes you feel that Figo has only a single large door. Comfort and Space Figo has a lower stance for high-speed stability. I am 5' 6 and obviously I don't have any problems in ingress and egress. Taller ones may have problems with ingress but you will get accustomed very easily. The suspension is far better than my Santro and Maruti Swift. Body roll is minor and could be felt only by rear passengers. Suspension makes thud noise when you cross over a bump or pothole at a faster speed but will not make the occupants very uncomfortable. Small bumps and rough roads doesn't disturb the ride. The rear seat is as comfortable as an Indica and a Getz. But, I consider Getz has the best rear seat (my opinion) among all. Engine noise is loud during idle. but there will be no vibrations. Engine noise diminishes after a couple of kilometers and also when you cross 2000 rpm. Coming to space, it's everywhere you must drive other Maruti and Hyundai hatchbacks to appreciate Figo's space. Boot space!!! I brought washing machine in my boot with my rear seats folded. The music system is awesome with its punchy sound and Bluetooth feature. I am enjoying my Nokia 5235 comes with music like anything in my Figo. If you are using Nokia phones to stream music via Bluetooth, I suggest to switch off the stereo widening and equalizer settings. These settings mess up the sound. Engine Performance and Handling Turbo lag can be felt if you are a late shifter, particularly with A/c and full load. If you have the habit of shifting gears fastly, you will not notice any turbo lag, the acceleration is addictive in the First three gears, and linear in the 4th and 5th gears. If you need a sudden surge of acceleration for a fast overtaking, shift to third or fourth and floor the accelerator. Figo diesel takes off. You can reach 80kmph in 5th gear at 2000 rpm and the maximum speed I did was 160kmph on the Kolaghat to Kolkata highway. Up to 3500rpm the acceleration makes you crazy.  Impressive thing is that, if you close the doors and drive, noise is not that audible even at 120kmph, noise increases from 140kmph but still there will be no vibration at all. You will feel earthquakes in Swift at those speeds though it is a powerful diesel than Figo. The engine will become smooth once you cross the 3000km and gearbox gets smooth after 1000km. coming to handling and stability, you will definitely feel this car is rock stable. It creates an impression that the car is getting more and more heavier as you gain speed. Steering gets heavier at high speeds only to give outstanding feedback. Take your figo to a few fast corners to know its cornering ability. The best i managed was a 70 kmph turn at a right angled bend. The speed reduces drastically after you corner because of the grip Figo has, but it will not skid. It was like playing NFS when you drive Figo on twisties. Mileage I completed 3500km. the worst FE i got was 16.5 kmpl before 1st service and now I am getting 19kmpl consistently on my regular driving in Haldia. The DTE which used to show 560km on tank full before 1st service is showing 774km after 1st service. I had not done any long drive yet to know its highway mileage. I suggest strictly to follow the tank full to tank full method to calculate Fuel Efficiency and consider DTE as a mere warning lamp to go to a nearby fuel pump. Best Features Awesome ride and comfort, Good music system with Bluetooth facility, Great driveability and in gear acceleration, rock stable at high speeds & sharp at cornering, Very good steering feedback, Big space in both the passenger compartment and boot, Remote boot lock and finally at an awesome price. I got mine @ 5.4 lakhs on the road Kolkata. You know you can lock any ford car with any Ford key. But you cannot unlock. Remember, someday this might be useful for us. Needs to improve-Few rattlings from doors and rear hatch (fixed by showroom). plastic parts of seat belts and rear parcel tray if not fitted correctly make irritating noise. Bottom insulation is poor - road noise, sand and stones hitting the bottom can be clearly heard, even the suspension noise can be heard on bad roads sometimes. I had the ground clearance issue once, with 5 members on board, my rear mud flaps scraped a speed breaker. Chassis touched a large bump once with 4 members on board. Later on, I observed that it is recommended in the manual to keep the tire pressures at 36-41 if you drive with a full load. Now I keep 33psi at the front and 36 psi at the rear. No GC issues yet with these tire pressures. Earlier I used to keep 28 at the front and 30 at the rear. I check tire pressure every week. Service has been a pain for me as I have to drive 300km to and fro to Kolkata just for the sake of service. Wrote a letter to Ford customer care to provide fortnightly or monthly service camps in remote areas like Haldia. Overall Experience-I am still in love with my Diamond White Darling. For its price, Figo 1.4 TDCi ZXi is a substantial package and a great value for money. Like every other car, it has its own pros and cons but you will never regret buying it. Except for some minor issues, there are no major flaws as such in Figo. I would have gone for the Titanium model, but I don't have enough dough for it. My suggestion: Have a comprehensive test drive along with your family before you decide upon Figo. Drive in all types of roads with a full load and full A/c. check its performance and all of its features. This will ensure you that you love your car always and complain never. Regards, TVS Kumar

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  • ihsan |28 Sep,2010 10:17:17 AM

    after changing the tyre pressures from 3o to 36 hav u ever faced the priblem of ground clearence with 5 members in your figo?

  • TVS Kumar |28 Sep,2010 10:41:36 AM

    If you keep the tyre pressures higher (36psi), there will be no GC issues. You have to check your tyre pressure frequently.

  • TVS Kumar |28 Sep,2010 10:43:49 AM

    I suggest to go for rubber mud flaps (available now at showroom) instead of plastic mud flaps.

  • TVS Kumar |28 Sep,2010 10:46:56 AM

    always keep rear wheel tyre pressure 3 to 4 psi higher than the front one for example: If front is 34 psi keep the rear tyre pressure @ 38 psi. Figo Tyres can take upto 41 psi pressure. See the panel on the frame at the front left door. It's given there. 41 psi is for 5 members and with full boot load.

  • varghese |28 Sep,2010 07:33:45 PM

    you sound very professional. Which car would you suggest for me. I live in Delhi and drive around 900 km a month. 90% of my driving is inside city only (traffic congestion & over-bridges)and 10% in highways or good roads. My average trip size is 10 Km. I am not an aggressive driver and rather short (5ft. 2).

  • Kumar |29 Sep,2010 02:33:14 PM

    @Verghese. Since, your usage is less than 1000km and mostly you drive in city, i suggest you a small, lighter and fuel efficient petrol hatchback with good pep in city driving. Based on your requirements, you can consider Chevrolet spark or Hyundai i10 irde. Both are good cars to drive in city. You can also consider A star automatic or i10 automatic for a relaxed drive in cities. Fuel efficiency will be slightly low for automatics and also the resale is also low.

  • varghese |30 Sep,2010 07:07:45 PM

    Thank You Mr Kumar. But what about Ritz

  • irfan |03 Oct,2010 09:04:26 PM

    Dear mr Kumar, i am from navi mumbai, rightnow i am using santro for past 3years it si 7yrs old one. Now i am planning to buy a diesel car like swift vdi.But after reading your review about ford figo, i feel to chnage my mind from swift to figo. Since i have not heard about ford very much. If i buy for fego instead of swift would it be worthy? pls give me your sincere advice...... BR irfan ym

  • Saby |03 Oct,2010 11:32:19 PM

    I am looking for a car and did test drive on I10 and Ritz. Now after reading your review, i will go for test drive of Figo. Which car is better out of these 3?

  • Kumar |04 Oct,2010 05:32:57 PM

    @ Irfan. I am a Santro owner too previously. I too considered Swift VDi ABS at one time. Figo diesel is cheaper than Swift with more space, good driveability, comfortable ride, high speed stability and more features. Figo maintenance costs are same as Swift. Swift beats Figo only in looks and slightly higher power rating and Of course with a widespread service network. Take a comprehensive test drive of both vehicles along with your family on all types of roads. with full a/c, without a/c, good roads, bad roads, etc take feedback from your family members or friends after the test drive. Ford is improving its service. Take feedback about Ford service in your area, from recent Figo owners. It will be very easy for you to decide after a comprehensive test drive and feedback from your family and friends. For feedback from Figo owners see the FordFigo page on facebook. It has lot of info

  • Kumar |04 Oct,2010 05:50:54 PM

    @ Saby Each car has its own pros and cons. Ritz has a good engine. Suitable for tall drivers. Figo is a value for money car - more features for less price. i10 is my favorite among the three petrol cars because it has everything - looks, fuel efficiency, power and decent space. If 11-12 kmpl (in city - petrol car) is not a problem for you. I strongly recommend Figo. The Best family car among the three with its good space, strong build, stability and ride comfort. If you are considering Figo diesel. I will definitely recommend Figo Diesel EXi above the other two. It is only Rs. 40,000 more than ritz and i10 with similar features. I hope you know the advantages of a diesel car...

  • Kumar |04 Oct,2010 05:52:28 PM

    @ Verghese Ritz is a good car. If you have no problems with its odd looks

  • Kumar |04 Oct,2010 05:53:49 PM

    @ Verghese. I don't suggest heavy and higher engine capacity cars for 90% city driving. They give poor FE.

  • rajeshjohn |05 Oct,2010 12:29:41 PM

    mr.varghese y cant u take a test drive with nizan micra, its made for city only. Iam a figo titanium descel owner,i triyed micra petrol three times in bangalore city for comparison, it was amezing and expecting 12- 14 milege in city

  • rajeshjohn-09901713604 |05 Oct,2010 12:45:53 PM

    mr. Saby u can book the figo without test drive if ur not thinking about gc.

  • amit |06 Oct,2010 10:27:55 AM

    hi Buddy nice post, I was also contemplating to buy a figo, but something had come up thought will ask ur suggestion. I had Santro xing for 4 years, sold and bought a 2001 Maruti Baleno Altura amazing car but poor FE, takes lot so space to park and terrible in traffics. Planning to sell and buy smaller car. Tried Figo, UVA and I10, while going to Hyundai showroom I had enquired on GETZ Prime, they said it has been discontinued but have one last piece left, for GVS model they are offering amazing discount final price offered is 4 lakhs. I am confused now. a) I have always loved Getz, b) Great space in car and Boot, c) Ok Ok mileage, d) getting it for 4 lakhs. whats ur take.hey guys u could also suggest me on this. I live at Chennai with huge traffic, monthly not more than 1000km. Regards Amit

  • Tayyab |06 Oct,2010 11:22:52 AM

    Mr Amit y dont you go and take a test drive of i10 1.2 kappa 2 which hyundai has launched recently. As u can get the new i10 with more features for the somewhat same price. In new i10, hyundai have done lot of changes in exterior and interior and has provided all the features. You can get i10 sportz for 4.45 L and has all the features in it except ABS, air bag and sun roof. Its not worth buying a discontinued car, as in future you will be asked to pay more for spare parts since they will not be easily available. Ford FIGO petrol is too sluggish interms of pickup, interior is not much attractive only plus point is the boot space. If you talk about service centers, hyundai and maruti has a wider network of it. FIGO is too much under powered and mileage is also not upto the mark. I am also planing to buy a car of this segment and have taken test ride of Wagon R, FIGO, BEAT and i10. As per my opinion best value for money car is Wagon R or i10 1.2 Kappa 2. These cars are easy to drive in heavy traffic and mileage is also goood.

  • Kumar TVS |06 Oct,2010 02:49:30 PM

    @Amit. Seems you are after a big hatch near 4-4.5 lakh budget. Getz prime is a very good car. I think you are considering the 1.1 litre engine with 68 Hp. The 1.3 engine will burn your pocket for fuel. If it is not a problem for you to buy a discontinued car, you can go with Getz. The price is mouth watering. Get it checked, if it is not a defective one. Hyundai has good service. Spares will not be a problem, as they could arrange spares even for my 1998 Santro DX. Don't judge the power of a car by the peak power figures mentioned by car manufacturers and reviews on the internet. They can be only attained @ 5000-6000 rpm which is not practical on our daily road traffic. What matters is the torque. If torque is high at low rpms, the car will be easy to drive in cities Eg: Santro and i10 irdE. If the torque is spread across the midrange too, engine will have enough punch upto 120 kmph. If the peak torque comes at high rpms, the car will have great acceleration above 120 kmph Eg: Swift. In city speeds (0-60kmph), Santro feels powerful than Swift. But on highway Swift is the king. The sad thing is that you can neither see the torque curves in the brochure nor the showroom personnel know about it. That's why, take a comprehensive test drive to feel the difference between cars. Buy the one that impresses you much and fits to your needs. Remember no two brains think alike....

  • balu |07 Oct,2010 12:48:04 PM

    I want a small car for going to office and coming back. Daily drive may be around 25 to 30 k.m. I prefer less expensive cars which can give better mileage. I have s very small budget. Can I go for used cars----- which make--- diesel or petrol. Alternately can I fix gas for petrol car?. Please advise. Balu Bangalore

  • Kumar |07 Oct,2010 04:12:48 PM

    @ Balu. You can consider Alto or Spark as a new car. Alto is very Fuel efficienct but Spark has both power and fuel efficiency and comes with 3 yrs free maintenance. You may get a good discount during this Dussehra and Diwali season on Spark. Spark PS will a very good option with Power steering and A/c. For used cars, you can get a 3 to 5 year old Wagon R/ Santro Xing under 1.5 to 1.7 lakhs. If you wish to go for a used Alto, a 5year old Alto will be around 1.25 lakhs. Don't buy cars that has already driven above 60000 kms. maintenance will be high. If you are considering to keep your car for the next 3 years, consider cars under 40000km mileage. Caution:Second hand market is full of fraudulent sellers including Maruti True value. this is my personal experience. Go with a known mechanic or a person who is knowledgeable about cars.

  • hemanth |07 Oct,2010 06:51:27 PM

    Yeah.,I too Buyed ford figo titanium diesel.Its an awesome Car.Small and good looking with all Special features.

  • Kiran Gawde |08 Oct,2010 02:32:27 PM

    I am waiting dersparately for the test drive.of Figo Diesel.....Its almost 15 days and somebody spoke to me on my cell..there after no communiaction... With other option I have already shortlisted i-20 -Diesel. Kiran Gawde

  • ramani |08 Oct,2010 03:19:43 PM

    i recently bought a ford figo zxi model. what is your advice to upkeep the car in good condition so that i will get good maint n mileage. my driving per week is hardly 50-60 kms. i bought figo, because i liked it very much during test driving with my colleague/family members. even though i drove during test drive viz. i10, wagon-r, tata quadrajet-petrol version, but figo's drive was very good and it impressed us a lot. moreover, i already have maruti dx a/c 5 gear version model and it is doing well. as i am going thru your comments on cars, your knowledge is seems to be pretty good........... regards....... ramani

  • Kumar |09 Oct,2010 03:08:15 PM

    @ Hemanth. Congratulations. Enjoy your drive.

  • rajesh john |09 Oct,2010 11:27:40 PM

    mr. Hemanth. Congratulations. Enjoy with her.

  • ramani |11 Oct,2010 11:50:12 AM

    Mr kumar....... pl give your comments/adv/feedback on my msg on 8.10.10......ramani

  • Kumar |11 Oct,2010 05:55:38 PM

    @ Ramani. 50-60 km per week leads to hardly 15000 to 20000 km in 5 years. You will not face any major maintenance within this mileage, except changing oils and small spares. Car body protection:- If you stay in a coastal area, get under body anti corrosion coating done. Wash your car once in every 15 days and wax it atleast once in a month. Keep the car out of the sun. Park it in a shady and dry area if you don't have a dedicated garage or parking slot. Vacuum your car and polish the interiors atleast once in 3 months. Do not cover your car when it is wet. Fuel efficiency and engine protection:-Check tyre pressures every week and maintain them as recommended. Keep the rear tyre pressure a bit higher (2-4 psi) than front ones to avoid ground clearance problems. Get the A/c, Electrical system, music player checked every six months. Get the brakes, clutch pedal and accelerator pedal adjusted every six months and get the engine tuned every year. Get your wheels aligned and suspension checked at every 10000 kms and Change the engine oil atleast annually irrepective of the car's mileage. Don't change a trustworthy petrol bunk. Finally, take your car for a long drive atleast twice in a year.

  • Kumar |11 Oct,2010 06:22:46 PM

    @ Ramani. Since, you own a car already, you must be knowing many tips to improve fuel efficiency. I would like to add some more:- Keep the front tyre pressures at 30-32 psi and 34-36 psi at the rear in Figo. Use A/c moderately. Keep the A/c knob at the centre of the blue band and use blower at speeds 1 or 2. If you are driving alone, keep the blower speed at one and close the other two a/c vents that are not facing you. Don't use A/c and use only blower for the 1st and last 1km of your drive. Don't drive aggressively in the first 3 gears, that wastes a lot of fuel. Just visit the Ford Figo page on Facebook. In the discussion board there is a lot of info. http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=165417500478&topic=14733

  • ramani |12 Oct,2010 09:57:25 AM

    thanks a lot kumar.. very useful info. anyway, as of now, i am not staying in coastal area. will try to follow whatever suggestions you have mentioned. information is very useful for not only for ford figo users; it is applicable for other users also.

  • NIRMAL |12 Oct,2010 11:53:11 AM

    thanx friend, very deep review, i m also confused to decide upon wethr 2 buy it not. but i wan 2 go fr petrol version, kindly tel me something about its fuel effeciency and other performance details. if u do so i,l b obliged.

  • Kumar |12 Oct,2010 12:33:26 PM

    @ Nirmal. Ford figo petrol is a good car. It has great passenger and boot space, comfortable ride, powerful A/c and an awesome music player. Four of my colleagues already bought Figo Petrol and they are happy. Ground clearance issue can be managed by maintaining recommended tyre pressures. The car gives 11.7 - 12.7 kmpl with 100% A/c and 60% city driving conditions. 12 kmpl is easily manageable with some good driving habits. Figo maintenance cost is equivalent to Santro and i10. I will give you an example: If you drive 600 kms a month, considering 12 kmpl, the average Fuel consumption will be 50 litres per month and for 5 years, it will be 3000 litres. If you consider i10 which is giving 14 kmpl under the same conditions, the fuel consumption will be 2571 litres. So you will be spending Rs. 24000 extra to feed your Figo for 5 years. But for a given set of features i10 costs Rs. 30000 more and has less space. So, if Fuel efficiency is a prime factor for you, go for any japanese or korean car (maruti and hyundai). If ride comfort, space, stability, built quality, features etc are more important to you then Figo will not dissappoint you. Don't decide based on reviews, Just take a comprehensive test drive of all the cars you are considering.

  • Kumar |12 Oct,2010 12:42:04 PM

    @ Nirmal Regarding performance, Figo petrol has good punch till 120kmph. after 120kmph, the progress is slow. It can reach 160kmph but needs an open and long road. City driving will be very comfortable. Gear box is smooth and you can manage in the 2nd and 3rd gear itself in most traffic situations. Driving style varies from person to person. If you wish to compare the performance of Figo to other cars, take test drive of all the cars under the same driving conditions.

  • Harshal |12 Oct,2010 04:07:48 PM

    Figo petrol is very bad in term of pick up and BHP only 70 while others are 80 in this segment(1200cc) people hardly have any knowledge ab it and Figo petrol seem to be having very badly refined engine with expensive spare parts and bad service overall

  • Kumar TVS |17 Oct,2010 08:47:10 PM

    @Harshal Eg: Fiat Punto 1.4 has better figures (90 hp) than i10 (80 hp). But actually Punto is slower than i10. Thats why i say test drives speak more than horse power numbers.

  • rajeshjohn |19 Oct,2010 02:47:55 PM

    i agree with u mr. Kumar

  • Harshal |21 Oct,2010 03:27:37 PM

    @Kumar Who said Punto is slower than i10??.Punto has very good pick up even better than i10.i have test drove both. only diesel has little power lag which is well known in all segment compared to petrol ones and in terms of pick up & acceleration of FIGO... on Expressway(Mumbai-Pune) i was driving BEAT.we had very tough fight till 80 kmph with FIGO but then things changed around and BEAT moved ahead very swiftly. Both were forcing acc pedal to extreme and at the end it was BEAT who won the race!! YUPIII Literally i touched 160 kmph on that day

  • Nishant Khanapurkar |22 Oct,2010 12:19:12 PM

    Hi Kumar, Thanks for repying to so many people...I have already test drove Figo Diesel Petrol....I liked diesel a lot... My only concern, I am mostly going to use car on weekends (sometimes to office) hence covering say 50-60 km per week..But I want diesel only (petrol FE is low ~11 kmpl)..Will the diesel Figo be a problem for such type of use i.e. weekend use {ofcourse i will be going outstation etc..}..Will the engine need higher maintenance in this case? TIA :-)

  • Kumar TVS |22 Oct,2010 07:30:17 PM

    @ Nishant, the diesel car costs about 1 lakh more than the petrol one. with 1 lakh you can drive as much as 20000 km on a petrol car/Figo. Since your usage is only 60km per week, it will take 6 years for you to cover 20000 kms. If you are buying the car on loan you have to pay more interest for the additional 1 lakh. So i suggest you to go for Petrol car unless your usage is high. Maintenance of any diesel car is slightly high compared to their petrol counter parts. Don't consider a diesel car unless you drive atleast 60000 km in 5 years. Consider a powerful yet fuel efficient petrol car in your budget. If you consider only driveability and lower monthly running costs and not bothered about additional investment, diesel Figo will be a great choice.

  • Nishant Khanapurkar |25 Oct,2010 10:08:22 AM

    Thanks for the reply, Kumar...I had this idea in mind, but wanted to get it confirmed form a user of Figo...Once I have car in had definietly the usage would be more than 60 km per week {who wont be tempted to drive it to office atleast 3 times a week :-)}...If i take petrol, i won't be taking Figo, the New Swift is better option...Anyways, if u have idea, please let know how much more is the maintenance cost of a diesel car than petrol, in general (not related to Figo or swift)??? Good day!

  • Kumar |25 Oct,2010 03:12:36 PM

    @ Nishant. The additional maintenance cost for diesel cars is because of the oil and fuel filters. Which will be Rs 1000-1500 extra for every 10000 kms. If you can afford a Swift Petrol, better to go for Figo Diesel.. the price difference is small. Figo Diesel top version Titanium is cheaper than Swift petrol top version.

  • Nishant Khanapurkar |26 Oct,2010 10:00:39 AM

    You are right Kumar...1500 is not a great difference looking at 10K kms gap of servicing...And as i said earlier, my travel won't be limited to 60 km per week :-) .....Hence going with Diesel figo will be great...My favourite colr is the Colorado Red...Nice talking to you...

  • pradip |19 Nov,2010 08:03:30 PM

    you can not consider Haldia a city drive . it is almost driving in a highway.

  • Abhi |22 Feb,2011 01:55:15 PM

    Hi Mr Kumar, I just bought FIGO ZXI petrol as i found it very stable and driving was fun. But, When i drove the veicle 3rd time, for a 10 kms distance in chennai city traffic with changing gears between 1st, 2nd heavily because of traffic jam. After reaching back home and parking, i swithced off the engine and removed the keys, still loud sound was coming from the bonut which went on for 2 minutes. Not sure, may be it was radiator fan which was trying to cool the heating. Checked with service centre, there is no issue in the ignition switch, so this is not a engine issue. But, my point is even if the heating happened for just 10kms of drive, fan should run only for few secons and not 2 minutes. It would dischsrge the battery and battery life will be impacted. Please advise if this is product feature or there is some problem.

    TVS Kumar |05 Mar,2011 11:38:12 PM

    That's quite normal for any car. idle for 30 seconds before you switch off the engine. It's a good habit. The fan will run till the engine reaches its normal temperature. Switch off the A/c before the last 1 km of your drive. Nothing to worry, your car is completely normal. you can consult the service station, if you are not convinced with my reply.

  • naveen |20 May,2011 12:34:16 AM

    hello mr.kumar ..this really is a nice review and vry useful tips for better milleage.i just got diamond white baby (disel,titanium,spl Edition) a week ago and have done 300 kms and the fuel economy is only 13.6 km/ltr with a/c on..i havn't pushed the baby to its limits ..have driven within 2000rpm mostly, clocking around (average around 60 km/hr max80- 100 km/hr )..have driven in a mixture of city and high way.will the milleage improve ? FE econmy apart ..im in total love my baby ..love the handling and the ride quality.

    TVS Kumar |23 May,2011 10:13:32 AM

    Do not count the mileage based on DTE. DTE shows erroneous readings initially. It needs atleast 5000 kms to be run to reach an accuracy of 80% Count your mileage from Tank fill to Tank fill. If your mileage is still low, then visit the servicing center. It shouldn't be such low.

    naveen |23 May,2011 12:25:25 PM

    hi kumar , I did calculate my milleage based on tank fill basis.took my baby for a long drive and it gave around 16.6 ..but this time 50 city and 50 highway...i pushed my baby to it limits touched 160 vividly ...the steering starts to shiver beyond 120-130 ...wat is the max speed ?is the vibration beyond 130 normal ?

  • M Kumar |15 May,2013 03:37:57 PM

    What is the maximum lugguage load that can be carried in ford figo disel, I am planing for a long trip of about 700km on way

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