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Figo or Ritz....which one to go for?

By for Ford Figo from Jaipur 2012-04-16 13:38:06.0
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I recently took a test drive for Ford Figo Diesel and I was pleasantly surprised. I am not particularly a fan of Ford cars but this car was surely a delight to drive with its smooth gear shifts. The confusion arose when I took a test drive of the Maruti Ritz Diesel. The smoothness of the engine, the pickup, comfort of switching gears etc were far better as compared. The cabin of Figo is a little low in height which may cause a problem for tall people. The Ritz is a little more comfortable and spacious in comparison. At the same time, the finish of the interiors of Figo gains a little more points in comparison. In terms of ground clearance, Figo seems to be a little lower than Ritz causing problems at the speed bumps and potholes. Figo has a ground clearance of 168mm and Ritz has a clearance of 170mm. Though by the look of it, it is just 2 mm but when 5 people sit in the car, it makes a hell lot of a difference. I am getting mixed reviews regarding the mileage as well. Some seem to be happy with it and agree with the company claims whereas others are complaining that with the AC on, the car requires a refill pretty soon. One can say that mileage can also vary depending on the way one handles and drives the car, but being a Maruti car it is far easier to believe the claims that the company makes even if not the users.  Plus another major disadvantage with the Figo can be the after sale service and maintenance. Here no doubt, no one can beat Maruti. Tata maybe close but Maruti still overpowers all.  

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  • Subramani |18 Apr,2012 09:11:41 AM

    I have heard Figo on the longer run develops rattling noises inside the cabin. why don't you try a test drive of a VW Polo. It is far better than Ritz and Figo.

    Subhankar |18 Apr,2012 09:39:49 AM

    See the price difference also between Figo, Ritz vis a vis Polo.

    Subramani Panchanatham |18 Apr,2012 09:51:59 AM

    yes.. price is on a higher side... you can calculate in this way. There should be 4 services free from Maruti/Figo (not sure) but Polo has maintenance free driving for first 15,000 kms (petrol version). The first service is after 15K kms so you don't spend on any thing other than fuel. Apart from all these, the luxury you get in Polo is incomparable with Maruti or Figo. I say this becos i own a Polo, very much satisfied. I don't visit the service center. I have visited only twice in 2 years. My suggestion is take a test drive and then decide.

    Sami |26 Apr,2012 04:04:42 PM

    Boss VW POLO has a pathetic mileage also

    Maninder |10 May,2012 10:55:00 AM

    You gotta kidding me man , POLO TDi has awesome FE and maruti can never be compared to fit , finish and build quality of VW

  • Rajesh Jagtap |18 Apr,2012 02:26:59 PM


  • abhilashsivaraman |18 Apr,2012 05:23:59 PM

    i own a ritz vdi,an man, it is an awesome car. i earlier had a scorpio, but this car is great, in mileage, pickup, and once it crosses 2000 rpm, the car just pulls out drastically. the mileage is cool, i get around 17-20kmpl, but i usually drive quite fast. the space is good, u get a feeling of sitting in a big car.especially up front. and the rear can easily seat 3 pax. altogether a great car to own.

  • Sohel Khan |18 Apr,2012 11:55:12 PM

    Ha ha, If you are driving Ritz you love to hate Figo because of more then dozen reasons. Ford is a company making brilliant cars like Taurus (my favorite), Fusion (not the indian version), Edge, Mustang and many more but Figo is just for the people who love their money nothing else like comfort, durability, power etc.

  • TARIQ |19 Apr,2012 09:13:28 AM

    Still Confused, Wait for new model of Ritiz then deside.

  • salman |19 Apr,2012 10:59:15 AM

    is figo available in auto gears???? if not, we can make it??

  • muralikrishnan |19 Apr,2012 07:25:01 PM

    i really love ford figo..its a fantastic car in that price

  • sahil kazim |20 Apr,2012 10:37:32 AM

    I love ford cars over maruti ritz and even i dont like swift on figo. Who says figo is not spacious i do had experince of ritz ,figo is far better than that the engine capacity of figo is more efficient than of ritz ,not only rngine but figo`s body parts {outer} are quiet heavily made if you want to compare than you just can lift bonett of both the cars then u will cm to know wats ford known for {quality drive} its not that i am born lover of ford. It just that i love perfomance of ford cars as per my experiance do u all know figo was designed for indian market only. But as per demand from abroad,now figo is in serious export in about 55 COUNTRIES I dont think so you would hv listen any of d maruti cars bening in internationaly demanded.

    Ashok Sokhal |20 Apr,2012 11:25:06 AM

    Very Right said Sahil.. I have Ford Diesel Titanium ... I love driving ... taking a test drive and driving on a long route there is day night difference ... I drove my figo from mumbai to sriganganagar 1600Kms plus covered in 21 hrs ... a wounderfull experience.. In three months i have driven more than 15000kms... later got a chance to drive swift ... but handed over the car to my friend after driving 120 kms only... Figo is much much stable on road at high speed comparing any maruti car you take in this segment.Even all my friend who had taken Swift in the same month when i purchased agree to the better space inside Figo then their swifts. If you have a passion for driving go for Figo or if you need a car to use for home to office and back ... choose any one ...

  • raviprakash. K. V. |20 Apr,2012 01:07:10 PM

    I am having RITZ VDI version since 2009 Dec. Absolutely there is no problem in performance, mileage even control over the vehicle. It is too good and I am satisfied very much. Also recommended to my friends also.

  • Sudeep |20 Apr,2012 04:15:46 PM

    I see this is the problem here, MARUTI...!!! the moment we here this name we tend to satisfy ourselves 50% regardless of the product under its tag. If we can take in a closer look, Maruti is as cunning as a Insurance companies that is encashing on the fears of people, especially the middle class. We blindly trust Maruti that we fear to look in to any other brand. Consider if you had to buy a car for Rs.10 lks or if you are not buying car for the 1st time, will you consider maruti then? To get a better vision on Maruti's nature of business today, try comparing Swift and Figo and the price tag on both... the truth can be seen :) a equally good product sold at a premium price coz, we like the Swift look and trust the Maruti tag... and the more Shwift sold in the market, the better the resale value is... The only thing that maruthi is worth appreciated is its network of service stations. If other brands were in India for more than 3decades like maruti, i wonder if maruti could have grown this big... Think open and be wise... Customer is the king of business and we have built this empire for Maruti for which now we get to buy maruti cars built of poor quality (in comparison to the prevailing competetion), cheap plastics and rediculesoly priced.

  • Abhijit |21 Apr,2012 10:12:30 AM

    Very true Sudeep

  • Shroff |21 Apr,2012 12:47:43 PM

    Well said Sudeep, I own a Figo since over 2 years now and apart from niggling problems which are addressed immediately by the Services am pleasantly happy on this purchase. The no of Ritz on the road as compared to Swift speaks for itself that the demand for the former is significantly less despite having the same engine. The body of the Figo, road handling on highway and boot space score over the Swift too, whereas ground clearance not on account of the 2mm difference but on account of longer wheelbase demands one to be more careful over speed-breakers. I have a Swift too and I think both cars are VFM, however Sudeep hit the nail on the head saying we tend to get comfort with the Maruti Badge. Though must add a Japanese label has less maintainence thru its life as against its European/American counterparts

  • vimal pant |21 Apr,2012 01:52:14 PM

    In this segment,also check out the ew TOYOTA Liva. I own it n its a fantastic, spacious, trouble free car..

  • subramanian |21 Apr,2012 03:44:27 PM

    I own RITZ very much comfort in this car,biweekly riding chennai to vellore and enjoying the self driving.Figo seats are very low and inconveniance to enter in it

  • J.Jeny Wesslin |23 Apr,2012 06:09:11 PM

    want fun? Go for figo! It can go upto 185

  • ajaz |24 Apr,2012 11:47:26 AM

    i take test drive of ford figo & maruti swift but i have purchase ford figo ford figo give better millege vs swift or any maruti car very good air condition i very impress to ford figo. i also recommanded my frnd to purchase ford figo........ awessom

  • bejoy |27 Apr,2012 09:10:15 PM

    Ford figo EXI, is a good car for the value and cant compare with Maruthi or tata cars as this Figo is a much better version.

  • Amit |16 May,2012 10:01:00 PM

    I have seen all the cars every car is nice in deisel variant. No car is all plus, but we have to choose some and compromise some. Tata Maruti has a plus point of parts availability in the market so u can maintain ur car outside but all other needs to go to service centre only. For five years its no matter what car u purchase, every car will perform. Swift have no space at rear seat and boot is very small, figo has low ground clearnce but if u are a good driver u need to cross big breakers by making your veichle in cross position car is nice good value for money. etios liva is the best in this sagement with abs edb its nice.i20 is also very nice but its preety expensive at this price we can get sedan, skoda fabia is again very expensive top model is for whooping 9 lakh on road and still struggles for space in the boot. palio is a nice car punto is again preety expensive. But before buying u should try all cars and test drive all atleast 5-7 km with fast and slow speed and on very bad roads too. if some one got figo please update me about ground clearance problem, or any other problem if anybody facing. I have booked figo and liva for me and for my brother in law.

    Anil |24 May,2012 12:15:44 PM

    Good choice Amit. Figo Ground clearance probelm has been taken care now in feb, 2012 model later models by slightly changing the suspensions and Titanium models are the best ones now since they have Alloys with tubeless tyres which are the best combinations for longer smooth silky drives. I am taking my Ford Figo titanium delivery on June 5th. Took test drive twice with Titanium and Zxi models and felt the difference. Liva is Good but has been compromised on Body sheet thickness , where Ford scores heavily due to its strong build. Even Swift and Ritz have poorer Body thickness than Toyotas. Only Renault is providing equally Good body compared to Ford Figo. I am an Automotive Engineer by my Qualification but Mechanical engineer by my work , so can assure you that Figo is the best choice you have made.

    Sravan |14 Aug,2012 11:21:08 PM

    Thanks Anil for commenting about Figo. I planned to book Figo this month and dropped the plan as my friend is upset about the ground clearance of his figo when the car is loaded with 4-5 people. It hits even a small bump easily. Can you please confirm me that ground clearance problem is really taken care and is good even when the car is loaded with 4-5 people and probably with luggage? And do you think suspension may go bad after some kilometers?

    munendra |13 Sep,2012 03:49:41 PM

    i hav figo-Diesel from last 2 yrs and this car has no any pobs like other s, GC is ok only 4 mm , my working place is 39 km far frm home so per day run is 80km approx but this car is ...SUPER.... go for figo..

    Ramakrishna Maiya B C |17 Jan,2013 06:12:40 PM

    Thanks Anil. My budget is 6.15 lacs and I am struggling between Maruthi Swift VXI - Petrol and Ford-Figo EXI Duratorq - deisel. With your comment, I am veering towards Figo

    Piush |27 Aug,2012 07:35:40 PM

    HI I took test drive of figo....it hit the ground twice.....but the speed barkers were quite high..and also the air pressure in tires were low..... I have heard from owners that this problem is there but its manageable.You can inflate the tires well.. Figo is not the first car which is having this problem..even esteem and zen older model had the same issure.. however both were sucesssful......

  • Pradeep Kumar Sahoo |25 Jun,2012 10:25:52 PM

    Which is better-- Toyota Etios LIVA or Ford Figo Titanium?

  • smit patel |15 Jul,2012 12:05:09 AM

    which one is better according to its legroom , space, technology n features.....ford figo/ maruti ritz..? pls reply...............

  • durvesh |27 Oct,2012 09:28:18 AM

    see if u want a smooth drive,powerfull engine,smooth gearshift, afthersalles service, best resales value........... go for the ritz.... or any maruti.... figo is something which gives features but is simply pathetic.... see be practical....on road u will see ritz are more then figo...... and i seem for last 5 years ford all model are flop..!! for indian market...today any person is going for swift dizire insterd of.....feasta...... see a am not telling u any nonsence but i have etended 17 auto expo....... i have littele bit of knowledge.....if u want to see a real power go for a petrol of maruti........u will actually see the power

  • vignesh |03 Jan,2013 12:10:47 PM

    i own a ritz and my brother has a figo....i have been driving both the cars for more than 2 years now...figo has excellent milege and has a powerful A/C and the stering is easy to operate. IN ritz the seating comfort is the best and is a good family car,very less maintainance as compared to figo and best suited for long dives. Pick up is best in ritz when it comes to climbing hills,in plain roads there is not much difference between the both. Ritz has a better interior than figo but figo is spacious than ritz.Groung clearance is less in figo and always kisses the speed brakers if 5 people sit in the car.I would recomend RITZ.

  • ram murthy |13 Jan,2013 10:56:49 AM

    many people believe that figo is a better car but it is no match with ritz as mileage and power are totaly different the comfort, pick up of speed of ritz is far better than figo .One disadvantage in figo is its suspension is not good,and its ground clearance is less than ritz . that can cause damage while crossing speed bumps.But if you are worried about the shape of ritz ,then from now on don't worry,because shape is adopted from an arrow.it has a very aerodynamic shape. if it was not so, then how can ritz pick up the speed faster than figo?so if you are buying new car then go for ritz it is the best car to move in highways with family.and the comfort is very good as compared to figo

  • rakshith |02 Apr,2013 11:37:58 PM

    im planing to buy a car pls help me ? Figo or ritz ?

  • RANVEER SINGH RATHOR |15 Mar,2015 02:12:18 PM

    Figo is best vs maruti all car

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