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    Ford Aspire
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    Maruti Dzire
    Maruti Dzire
    Rs   5.56 - 9.43 Lakh*
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    Ford Aspire
    Ford Aspire
    Rs   5.72 - 8.69 Lakh*
    Honda Amaze
    Honda Amaze
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    Ford Aspire
    Ford Aspire
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    Volkswagen Ameo
    Volkswagen Ameo
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    Ford Aspire
    Ford Aspire
    Rs   5.72 - 8.69 Lakh*
    Maruti Baleno
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    Ford Aspire
    Ford Aspire
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Ford Figo Aspire- Finally on Roads

By for Ford Aspire 2015-09-02 12:23:38.0
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  • Appearance
  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Value For Money
  • Fuel Economy
  • Overall Satisfaction

Pros : Air bags in base model, smooth pickup

Cons : Clutch paddle a bit tight, ABS missing in 2 initial variants

Look and Style: Looks are best in the segment.

Comfort: Ok.

Pickup: Nice throttle response.

Mileage: Excellent, it gives 21 kmpl.

Best Features: Air bags in the base model make it the first choice.

Needs to improve: If ford is talking about safety then why the basic features like ABS

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  • abc |03 Sep,2015 02:27:06 AM

    Good to see yr review..but If I talk about petrol version I really feel worried about...I booked this car in petrol segment & had test drive...some of the features were really good..but If I talk about Power/Pickup on 2nd gear its really missing

    abc |03 Sep,2015 02:31:33 AM

    Cluck n acceletor are smooth but when u press accelerator its feels like free & doesn't make u feel power interms we talk about other cars at 86bhp...Grear shift is smooth..handeling is smooth interior quality is average..safety features r good..

    abc |03 Sep,2015 02:38:12 AM

    Quality of the body is not to heavy if we take as safety incase of any accident.. Seats r comfortable..good leg room both front & back..If u want a family car at price of 6.5lac go for it but if u need power u really gonna miss it !! I'll give only 3 star

    prithu |04 Sep,2015 09:59:02 PM

    I think sheet metal and other material used in aspire is better than dzire...

    varun |15 Oct,2015 11:29:43 PM

    My suggestion is to better you people go for TATA ZEST, which is better than desire and also figo aspire ,even in quality of interior and metal sheet used for body...it having very good features like Harman music system,projector headlamps...

    shubham |21 Oct,2015 10:46:23 AM

    Right It's car is very paisa vashul........

    rachit |14 Sep,2015 08:28:08 PM

    Same here...something missing in 3rd gear...if it is because of heavy weight ..then I think.. We need to think ..in case of petrol

    rachit |23 Sep,2015 11:20:50 AM

    Hi... Did u drove petrol.. I found it under power during .. 2-3 gear ... Though .. It might produce 88 php @ 6000 rpm.. But what about when Rpm is less than 4000... ?

    Abinas Ojha |08 Oct,2015 11:18:00 AM

    Yeah....u'r r8..i hv been driving this car for 20 days & yeah ...at 2nd gear...its feeling less power....bt overall its good....and completely value fr money......

    d patel |04 Nov,2015 09:23:23 PM

    Spot on mate. Diesel version however is altogether a different experience. Petrol.just lacks that punch.

    gaursv |08 Nov,2015 12:45:47 AM

    I am very confused Ford Figo vs Maruti Baleno petrol engine please help me all friends

    Nilesh |31 May,2016 12:40:01 AM

    Go for baleno its a good car with good. Milage

    Rinku singh |04 Apr,2016 06:56:08 AM

    I bought petrol trend model in nov-15 this car gives only 10km per litre ....this is very sad for me clutch also very tight...

  • Tushar |03 Sep,2015 10:43:14 AM

    Prithu # is it a review of your petrol variant or diesel one ?

    abc |03 Sep,2015 06:25:21 PM

    #Tushar I'm sure Prithu is talking about desiel varient bcz 21Km milege is not possible by Petrol varient Comp. Only claim 17.4

    prithu |03 Sep,2015 10:08:40 PM

    You guys correct its diesel

  • ankit |04 Sep,2015 12:50:34 AM

    Good looking car but ABS / EBD missing in lower trims which budget friendly.. Both Titanium trims r costly considering rival cars. Tata Zest & honda jazz r good options, but i am drooling over front desigm of figo

    Raj |04 Sep,2015 08:52:17 PM

    Am looking for a car with 9lakh budget .diesel one ..can any one guide me ...hatch and sedan no issues ?

    prithu |04 Sep,2015 09:55:53 PM

    If you are not mileage conscious go for skoda rapid anniversary edition.. Best in safety and with lots of features.. Check it out

    Raj |06 Sep,2015 09:10:39 AM

    Aspire and elite 20 top ends Which is the better option ?

    narendra |06 Sep,2015 11:35:21 PM

    Aspire is best

    abc |07 Sep,2015 01:25:13 AM

    #Raj Personally I just got my I 20 elite petrol after cancelling Figo Aspire petrol I'm loving it now Q arrises what is yr budget and what exactly u need in a card if u go for Aspire.Titanium & I20 Elite sports both make u feel luxuries..

    rakesh |15 Oct,2015 11:32:25 PM

    Both the cars having so many issues...my suggestion is to better you go for ZEST Or xecnt..

    Naveen |07 Sep,2015 01:27:47 AM

    Volkswagen Polo

    rakesh |15 Oct,2015 11:34:30 PM

    It is nothing but like truck...you feel like your riding a truck...too engine sound and smoke issues...

    Naveen |07 Sep,2015 01:26:47 AM

    Dear go for Volkswagen Polo/Vento... Last week I bought this Car VW Polo Highline Petrol one... Its awesome car never let down your image in the society and make feel proud to have this... I drove with in two dayz around 280kms & its really very good car.

    ggggg |13 Sep,2015 09:04:45 AM

    Tuv 300 Is good that can be opted

    amandeep singh |19 Sep,2015 10:08:08 AM

    First safety,then choose car brand,ford is safe cars.ecosport is very good car.they got best car of the year in Brazil on mountain riding.in combact seden aspire is better than amaze,xcent,dzire.

    Kamiyab Seliya |01 Oct,2015 08:41:03 AM

    i20 best car.. Even u think about maintenance than u bought swift dzire zdi.. Always and forever superb... I booked the all new figo bt still i have no experience about figo..

    Raushan |02 Jan,2016 05:36:46 PM

    9 lakh will be a good budget but you should consider what features do you want. If safety and comfort is your priority then go for figo Aspire Tatanium (AT)

    Sandeep Anand |10 Oct,2015 06:44:10 PM

    Hi, I am planning to buy ford figo aspire petrol version but many and most people are scaring me out because of its charges. No doubt reviews are excellent but no one says about after servicing and other expenses. I am first time buyer and have no idea wh

  • Avinash Gulhane |04 Sep,2015 11:56:46 PM

    I think ford figo Aspire automobile enggineer missing Projector Headlight,its very useful & nessessary for Driving on highways as well as GPS Navigation screen also missing two major Aspect I want to need for Purchase Aspire In Festive Season,I m upset

    Rishank |07 Sep,2015 08:31:15 PM

    Buddy will we get any offe or discount on aspire during diwali season...as it is newly launched car

  • Rajat Agrawal |06 Sep,2015 08:00:14 PM

    Hi, what about maintenance of this car? Can anybody help.

    amandeep singh |19 Sep,2015 09:40:04 AM

    No problem in maintaining the car.because new technology of ford aspire engine is easy to repair via scanner,this car scanning process is different than other car.then scan overall car.like ac,music system problem,any filter problem,same as ecosport.

    sivaiah katru |03 Nov,2015 02:54:15 PM

    Particurlarly for figo aspire and figo they started manufacturing company for spare parts in gujarat.usualy the maintainence cost had reduced for this car .

    chetan |28 Feb,2016 11:27:21 AM

    Ford aspire are i20

  • fugjg |06 Sep,2015 10:29:17 PM

    Okay thanks for ur review :)

    HIMANSHU SHARMA |01 Dec,2016 06:55:23 PM

    Hi what about the figo engine capacity?

  • gopal gupta |06 Sep,2015 11:10:26 PM

    I want to buy petrol varient car in compact sedan so kindly suggest for same which is better in all respect,budget 6_7 lakh Or u may ignored compact sedan

    amandeep singh |19 Sep,2015 10:00:09 AM

    In very much traffic use hatchback, like figo. On offroad using ecosport and endeavour,on highways and light traffic area use aspire.if you luxury car then ford mondeo is coming soon. In UK mondeo got best family car award.search on Google.

  • sureshkumar ponnuri |07 Sep,2015 09:53:52 PM

    Ford is missing his trademark about body gauge in the aspire

  • Prabhakar Ghavate |08 Sep,2015 06:00:12 PM

    Ford aspyar is good car in sefty Avreg 23 kmpl. Pick up good

  • uday |09 Sep,2015 12:00:59 AM

    Frnds i want to take aspire secnd vrsion is it good .hw the cr zz prfrmed plz tell

    kaushal |10 Sep,2015 01:10:47 AM

    second varient ie. aspire trend is realy awesome. if you dont want to spnd more thn 7.5 Lk for petrol virsion thn u can dfintly go for it. its btr than desire in al aspects but not in milage.i have ths car and its pick up...AC ..and interiors are th bst

    uday |10 Sep,2015 08:32:51 PM

    Hi kaushal.....i am also planning.... what is the milage.....

    amandeep singh |19 Sep,2015 10:18:19 AM

    Mileage is very good,don't choose car according to mileage.safety first. Ford, Cheverlet,volkswagen,skoda,Honda,Toyota. Is very good in safety.

    Dhanush |15 Oct,2015 11:44:31 PM

    TATA and mahindra are only companies giving safe vehicles in INDIA why bcz foreign companies doesn't know about Indian road conditions.these company cars are most suitable for Indian roads.foreign companies manufacture lightweight vehicles.so many acciden

    uday |12 Sep,2015 08:56:34 AM

    Kkk their is no abs to scnd vrsion rit

    amandeep singh |19 Sep,2015 09:45:45 AM

    Ford is American brand.fulfilled with safety.braking system is disc brakes is better than other brands of abs.first test drive then reply me. Ford,built tough

    ankit |21 Sep,2015 10:40:16 AM

    But trend misses out on ABS & EBD, which i think nowadays is must. Other than these 2 miss, Trend is pure VFM car

  • alok panddy |12 Sep,2015 09:06:32 AM

    Is it costly for maintainable??sme ppl r saying its parts r too costly as compare to maruti ..kindly guide me

    amandeep singh |19 Sep,2015 09:54:17 AM

    Because ford spare parts is coming from Europe.second they make their own parts via motorcarft. I think 2016-17 they make parts in india,then price of spare parts is get low.during the ford mustang launch.

  • ashok |13 Sep,2015 03:06:29 PM

    figo aspire...base model..pl advice

    amandeep singh |19 Sep,2015 10:11:09 AM

    Don't buy Base model buy only medium and top.

    tarang khatri |20 Sep,2015 09:31:49 PM

    Base model is good , just ask company to add a music system of aspire trend which would cost around 12000/-

  • sameer madhok |14 Sep,2015 12:37:33 AM

    Confused between aspire and honda jazz (both petrol base models) Both are in different segments but my budget is 6.00lacs only And finally shortlist these two

    prithu |15 Sep,2015 04:35:21 PM

    Dear you will not get jazz in 6lakh...

    prithu |15 Sep,2015 04:43:12 PM

    Sorry for wrong info. U vl get jazz from 5.37 ex showroom

    sameer madhok |17 Sep,2015 09:17:34 PM

    Wat about city mileage (crowded) of aspire petrol approx

    amandeep singh |19 Sep,2015 10:13:48 AM

    Sir,both brands are very good.I love aspire because very good looking

    chetan |28 Feb,2016 11:47:19 AM

    Ford aspire vs i20. Kaun si car purchase karo

    ganesh |15 Oct,2015 11:36:45 PM

    TATA ZEST is the best car in this segment... Good come back by TATA...

  • amandeep singh |19 Sep,2015 09:35:14 AM

    This is awesome in driving. Ford is American automakers. In all America ford is best selling vehicles.very powerful torque engine. Ford aspire is heavy than swift, caiz, i20,Honda amaze, hyundai xent.it feel light in driving because of very powerful eng.

    Sabyasachi |12 Oct,2015 08:48:02 PM

    Hello sir... i want a sedan car (diseal) for both personal & commercial use... so is it good for future... my budget is 6 lac only.. so plz suggest for figo aspire or any other company sedan....

  • amandeep singh |19 Sep,2015 09:48:48 AM

    Never forget European countries like America, Canada, Brazil,some Arabic countries is using ford cars and suv in her military and police.

    Raj |20 Sep,2015 02:23:55 PM

    I20 ásta n aspire tito+ DSL which is better option ? ?r shall i wait for launch maruti suzuki Baleno ? i want the best lot out of it ....so could u pls suggest

    Raj |20 Sep,2015 02:26:15 PM

    Rating 5/5 i just wann to kno Hows it ? Overall ownership cost ?

  • prithu |19 Sep,2015 05:52:40 PM

    Waiting for FFAspire long run test reports...

  • swaminathan |20 Sep,2015 03:26:15 PM

    Hi, I bought Figo Aspire Titanium 1.5 TDCi and the car feels great. With in a week I got heavy ratling noise from front left wheel and taken the vehicle to dealership and it was corrected and reason for the ratling mentioned as suspension bolt not tightened as per the torque chart given by Ford. After the correction it works fine but Ford should ensure to arrest such gaps in future. Also I am getting 14 kmpl of mileage in city which seems to be low for which the answer from dealership is over a period of time the engine will set and I must get minimum of 18 kmpl. Interiors are great and NVH Levels are awesome...

    prithu |23 Sep,2015 08:37:23 PM

    Dear can you please mention serial number of chasis??

    swaminathan |01 Oct,2015 05:25:06 PM

    It is MAJZXXMTKZFT09230

    gaurav katiyar |09 Oct,2015 01:15:40 PM

    Really..v less avg.. I think i must buy amaze.. Its giving 22...before any service and mileage gows up..to 25 Real lyf I think ford is cheating customers

    Asaithambi |06 Nov,2015 03:51:23 PM

    I am planning to buy Trend diesel variant.

  • Sandip |20 Sep,2015 08:03:58 PM

    I am looking for buy Ford Figo aspire. What about the milage with AC and Without AC, in City and Highway. How's the mileage after an year or two. Every car milage vary after year.What's about maintenance costs of year.

  • sandeep singh |21 Sep,2015 11:38:20 AM

    I bought Figo Aspire last week. I think I m loving it. This car will give heavy competition to dzire and amaze. I bought Trend model and it is equipped with all necessary and few luxury features. Complete Value for money.

    uday |12 Oct,2015 12:01:39 AM

    Hi I am also planning what is the milage in petrol please tell me...

    harshad |22 Dec,2015 10:05:11 PM

    Which variant u have bought? Because I wants to buy petrol version.. & I'm getting trend aspire petrol for 6 lacs on road.. what is the milage for petrol version?

  • Ram |23 Sep,2015 05:33:29 PM

    I'm looking at the aspire automatic. Any reviews on that?

    akshat agarwal |24 Sep,2015 05:02:34 PM

    I already booked automatic transmission. And the reviews are awesome. Go for it

    srinivasa |28 Sep,2015 11:10:23 AM

    Hi akshat I will to buy auto transmission in Ford figo aspire is it best car ? Confused whether to go for it or not regarding mileage or shall I go for jazz cvt technology what is it which is best . regarding servics maintain ace Plz guide me 88853030

  • Rahul |25 Sep,2015 01:24:13 AM

    M reallly confused, whether to buy petrol or diesel variant....... I drive lyk 10 to 15 kms avg per day xcept for holidays... Some say diesel variant parts are costly and all...... Pls help a guy out wud you?

    Krunal |25 Oct,2015 09:50:59 PM

    Its true rahul ownership cost is high compared to petrol variant but then it comes with mileage. If you are going tl drive around 30+ kms daily, then diesel makes sense else petrol is enough, also diesel engines are turbocharged and with more power output

  • Dinesh |25 Sep,2015 12:54:03 PM

    Simply stylish, comfortable, powerful, best in class mileage and safety too...love u drive my aspire..!

  • Aman Rawat |25 Sep,2015 06:15:47 PM

    I think i20 elite is best to buy.this car is good but if we compare to elite i20 the elite i20 is best in hatchback but some people only purchase in sedan so Hyundai Xcent is best beciz in Xcent ABS Come in base model also or Honda Amaze

  • amritpal |26 Sep,2015 10:40:53 AM

    Look nice and good pickup but accessories not easily available.

  • karthi keyan |26 Sep,2015 02:55:22 PM

    Comparing this car tata zest is best

  • Yashawanth |26 Sep,2015 05:34:57 PM

    I want to buy a car ...confused between i20 elite and fego aspire ...which one is better ...

    vikram |18 Oct,2015 01:13:44 AM

    In this segment ZEST is better car

  • jagmohan singh |27 Sep,2015 02:01:34 PM

    I bought a new ford figo aspire titanium tdci and its stye is make most people stare.Diesal engine has great power and inside cabin is quite silent. Brakes auto a/c and sound system is very good .A drivers car should be a hit in indian car market

    rohit verma |02 Feb,2016 11:31:31 AM

    can anyone tell me right price of aspire titanium model . dealer has offered me 7.64 last ?? some more disciunt possible ??

  • niten |27 Sep,2015 04:29:43 PM

    Which one buy Ffaspire or xcent in deisel ?

    Suri |28 Sep,2015 10:17:04 PM

    Aspire... Go for it... Bought myself last week...

  • Meehan |29 Sep,2015 03:14:11 PM

    I want to buy diesel varient which option i could choose?, i need bluetooth and steering mount control

  • Saurabh Shinde |29 Sep,2015 11:10:22 PM

    Hey plz help me to choose between xcent and aspire

    gupta |18 Oct,2015 01:17:43 AM

    Compare to this cars tata ZEST is the best car...you can go for ZEST

    prithu |01 Nov,2015 07:58:11 PM

    No doubt tata offers cheaper product but....After sales n service is worst in tata

    sharad |01 Dec,2015 10:14:06 AM

    Hi my drive is approx 120 kms per day and Wants to purchase a car with low maintenance and good performance ..please guide which car I purchase ..zest..aspire or dezire.... Which will be best in terms of average and budget of 7-7.5 lakhs

  • v k gupta |01 Oct,2015 08:28:12 PM

    Can any figo aspire owner petrol version 1.2 ltrs tell me the milage of the car

  • siraj |04 Oct,2015 08:13:08 PM

    Overall rating I will give 4 stars 1st Oct I brought interior design is excellent only driver hand rest is not available I requested to dealer at ford metro to provide, good looking from outside . I drive 200 km with in two days I felt good .

  • anagh |08 Oct,2015 05:07:17 PM

    Diesel Figo aspire and hatchback r great cars.

  • Amit jhorar |10 Oct,2015 10:09:01 PM

    Figo aspire gadi kaisi h, m purchase krne ka plan bana raha hu...... Give me advice plz

  • inzi |11 Oct,2015 08:37:17 PM

    I want to buy figo aspire diesel trend ver. But people scaring me for its maintainance, users kindly guide me . . . . really confused

  • Sabyasachi |12 Oct,2015 04:48:41 PM

    Hello everybody... i want to buy a sedan car under 6 lac for both personal & commercial. Does ford figo aspire base model is good for me or any other sedan car is good than its... please suggest...

  • Dipankar |14 Oct,2015 08:21:29 AM

    If any body can tell me about the mileage of Aspire petrol virsions .

  • faiz |14 Oct,2015 09:06:40 AM

    Dear frends I am rady to buy sedan bt bit confused betwn aspire and dezaer... Which one is better option.. And y

    prithu |01 Nov,2015 07:56:27 PM

    Aspire, cheaper and better than dzire

  • Ratnaji vallabhaneni |16 Oct,2015 09:34:40 PM

    Dear Figo aspire marketing team. You are giving daily more publicity in aspire but you are not provide any consumer discount but dealers also don't have sufficient stock.All other competitors offering good Festive discounts but you are zero exchange.

  • rahul |17 Oct,2015 09:59:52 AM

    Aspire or i20 top model Which is best

    sandesh |18 Oct,2015 01:26:20 AM

    You may go for ZEST Or Xcent both are good cars...if you need more packed features go for ZEST...why bcz I m loyal customer for maruthi Suzuki from 8 years...i have exchanged my SWIFT to ZEST...really zest is best car in compact sedan segment..

    Asok Kumar Saha |20 Dec,2015 12:17:28 PM

    I agree worh you that Zest isca comeback car for Tata.!! But what about their after sales service? Do you think its good ?

  • Dinesh |19 Oct,2015 02:31:20 PM

    Very nice car it's gives a mileage of 24 km/l, drive 4675 km in one month. Really full fill my all expectations..apealing look, safety, powerful ac, on highway feel very comfortable, moreover best in class mileage.

  • Dr Mairaj |19 Oct,2015 06:21:48 PM

    I got ford figo aspire trend DSL two weeks back.I am disappointed with the built quality of the car. I have driven it for 2000 kms and it has already started to make noise from doors. The clutch is hard. The good things are mileage and space. Power is gud

    prithu |01 Nov,2015 07:54:30 PM

    What dealer said about this?

    Dr Mairaj |02 Nov,2015 07:13:31 PM

    They said there is some problem with door hinges but didn't corrected it as yet. Said vl wait for response from ford india . It has been already 3 weeks since I complained.

    Dr Mairaj |24 Nov,2015 09:06:08 PM

    Now dealership has disowned my car completely. Saying ur car is not in d list of cars in which hinges r to b changed. I wanna sell my car n move on to some other brand like maruti.

  • Dr Mairaj |19 Oct,2015 06:23:33 PM

    Looks like I m driving two year old car after only 15 days n 2000 kms Need to improve quality

  • Prabhakar Ghavate |20 Oct,2015 01:56:19 PM

    Very good car

  • Rachit |21 Oct,2015 05:52:55 AM

    Hi can anyone tell me the performance of petrol ver..

  • jitul sonowal |21 Oct,2015 06:06:08 PM

    Small wheel in14 inches the car is muscular an missing 15 inches wheel overall is good.....

  • Saurabh Shinde |23 Oct,2015 12:18:25 AM

    Figo aspire best fit in any price range

    nitin garg |23 Oct,2015 08:22:47 AM

    Aspire diesel or amaze diesel???

    hanish |26 Oct,2015 03:10:51 PM

    ZEST diesel...

    prithu |01 Nov,2015 08:01:03 PM

    Aspire...more features n ground clearance than amze

  • gurmesh singh |25 Oct,2015 02:35:33 PM

    Break improvement sought

  • b l yadv |25 Oct,2015 08:31:59 PM

    Purchased on 22 Oct petrol titanium plus average normal below 15 pick up good 2 gear not so good gives experience like that of Audi

  • Srinivas |28 Oct,2015 12:44:17 PM

    Hi, I'm Mr Srinivas from Hyderabad.I recently bought Ford Figo Aspire Trend version in diesel it's performance is good it's worth for it's price. I'm already existing customer of Ford. Recommended go for it.

  • RIPON |29 Oct,2015 10:18:37 PM

    I m planning to bye Aspire..... Plz give me suggestion.... It will b my first ford cpmny... Plz...

  • BASAB BIJOYEE |30 Oct,2015 11:09:17 AM

    Going to buy aspire today..... Don't know the future......

  • amal |31 Oct,2015 10:07:53 AM

    How is the body quality? Compare to other segment. Is ford really safe car. I have read they used thin metal sheet in the body but they offering 6 airbag. What is the purpose of airbag in this situation?

    prithu |01 Nov,2015 08:04:19 PM

    Chasis is stronger as they mentioned... Sheet metal may be thin.. But better than other in its segment

    amal |03 Nov,2015 01:23:52 PM

    Where they mentioned chassis is stronger. I need more information. I heard built quality is inferior compare to old Figo.

  • moon kibriya |01 Nov,2015 03:59:52 AM


  • b l yadv |03 Nov,2015 07:20:26 PM

    Purchased petrol on 22 Oct disgusting in mileage looks good features good but what's about mileage Ford India think about it .shameful to purchase

    ripon |04 Nov,2015 10:36:18 PM

    What is the mileage of this

  • Raul |04 Nov,2015 11:31:57 PM

    Swift dezire or aspire... plz gv me a sugst me

  • Dr Mairaj |05 Nov,2015 10:57:28 PM

    Will somebody from ford help. My car is making noise from all four doors n I m getting no response from dealership. Plz help

    amal |06 Nov,2015 01:20:31 PM

    R u feeling any driving difficulties means any vibration from steering. Really back seat is comfortable or feeling any vibration.

    Amit |06 Nov,2015 09:29:38 PM

    Door noise is factory fault which is solved in all new Figo

    prithu |13 Nov,2015 04:05:43 PM

    How they are correcting it in the cars which are already sold?? Do u have any idea

    prithu |13 Nov,2015 03:47:21 PM

    Same here... Some noise from doors and back side..I don't have any idea.. But going for 1st service soon..vl share feed back later

  • chetan |08 Nov,2015 01:08:33 AM

    Ford aspire is value for money car...best in class in this segment..1.best in picup..2milage 3.groundclearns.4 aircondition.overall best car..

  • b l yadav |10 Nov,2015 08:50:53 PM

    Doors are so heavy and started to make heavy noise even under 500 kms why Ford does not understand it .who will solve the problem.

    prithu |14 Nov,2015 07:55:25 AM

    Yadav g you are the 4th person including me complaining about the door noise,

    Saurabh Shinde |18 Nov,2015 12:07:45 AM

    I also heard about door noise problems,I think it is now a big issue,I am planning to buy it,tell me if ur problems r solved by company.

    Dr Mairaj |24 Nov,2015 09:09:22 PM

    They have sold car nw u r nothing to them I mean ford n their dealerships

  • narendra |17 Nov,2015 11:11:36 PM

    Its very good car..

  • soni mahesh |18 Nov,2015 07:59:40 PM

    Paisa vasool car.powarfull pickup but city mileage 16 km ac

  • raj |29 Nov,2015 09:36:54 PM

    I have purchased petrol verson Milage is 11 on highway cum city. City milage is 9 /ltr

  • Ankur |08 Dec,2015 09:55:53 AM

    Any one can help me with actual mileage in Petrol Aspire?

  • Pawan |12 Dec,2015 09:25:13 AM

    What about figo aspire automatic version?

  • sangram |12 Dec,2015 11:38:32 AM

    I want buy a car.i jave budget of 7lacs.i will hardly drive car for 2000km once or twice in year.monthly running hardly would be 1000km.which car should I go for? Petrol or diesel?

  • vishalbhai |14 Dec,2015 11:24:09 PM

    Good pickup and good control

  • Dinesh |17 Dec,2015 04:56:19 AM

    Best car...gives the diesel mileage of 44.2 km/l at speed of 58 kmh on highway. And avg of 30.17 km/l in general.

  • vishal |27 Dec,2015 12:14:38 AM

    Figo aspire very classic car Because of its power pickup with good Average so I think price also resonable.

  • Mukul jain |10 Jan,2016 12:21:06 PM

    It is a nice car

  • sachin haridas |14 Jan,2016 06:40:42 PM

    Planning for Aspire Titanium petrol. Please suggest .. What is city n highway mileage?

  • hasan |20 Jan,2016 07:12:50 PM

    Hello friends kindly help me please I want to buy a caring budget 7 to 9 lacs but I m quite interested in ford Figo aspire so will it be right decision to buy ford Figo desiel although I have desire ldi from past 3 years it's outstanding performance

  • dr narendra |29 Jan,2016 12:41:53 PM

    My personal experience with Ford is so bad .I bought figo aspire on 1 Jan 2016 .on 7 Jan left front tire is damage automatically .marte marte bacha hu or Ford vale kahte he humari koi jimmedari nhi h mrf vale Jane.

  • Rishi Raj Singh |12 Feb,2016 08:46:23 PM

    Awesome car in all sedan about 10 lac.

  • jayan |13 Feb,2016 07:28:17 PM

    Yesterday brought aspire ambient from kairali ford edappaly ernakulam..amazing car...power.. Torque... Very good...

  • Tushar |21 Mar,2016 02:17:04 AM

    Hlo frndss.. I want desal car for both my personal and commercial use and my running is approx 2000 to 2200 km per month. Am confused on shift vdi, I20 elite and Figo aspire which car purchase and best for me at desal segment so plz suggest me....

  • manish |27 Mar,2016 12:33:53 AM

    Dzire aur aspire me best kon?

    karthik |27 Mar,2016 10:47:48 PM

    Hi go 4 aspire best in power 100 ps it's first kind in this segment and ye's maintanance and resale value is only concern in ford

  • rohit Kumar |30 May,2016 05:43:17 PM

    Company claim 25 on highway 23 in city But reality is 15 on highway and 13 in city.

    sagar |25 Aug,2016 09:14:30 PM

    Hey Your using petrol or disel Pl tell me petrol mileage Bcz i am loving this car

  • chanan |27 Jun,2016 10:36:14 PM

    Superb to go for diesel veriant without any hasitation

    Riyas p k |15 Aug,2016 12:04:43 PM

    I am very confused honda jazz petrol automatic vs ford figo aspire petrol automatic engine.plz help me all friends

  • harshit |30 Aug,2016 01:03:48 AM

    After lots of confusion, concluded with figo aspire. I got delivery by today. Engine Power, interior, sound system, looks are excellent. I will update soon about average in diesel after usage. Cargo ford dealer and team is really good.

  • S M |15 Sep,2016 11:02:01 AM

    Just got the new Aspire diesel recently. Its for young heart and for car enthusiasts.Modern look spacious front and rear seats,good handling,superb pickup, AC,parking assist, cluster meter etc and above all a smooth ride.Everyone would ask about fuel efficiency,yes its very economical on the city roads with all time AC on.The boot space is enough with remote, air bags, ABS,alloy wheels,styling etc you name the least. The best part is the price of car with good features among the competitors.I am just falling in love with my car.The only upside down was dealership experience which I feel Ford should look into.Otherwise its one of the best product in its category and I am one of the proud owner of Aspire.Thank you Ford ,its value for money.

  • S M |15 Sep,2016 07:23:31 PM

    The only missing thing which i have found is the engine temperature guage.Outside temperature is good in Titanium model.The meter console is clean and clear.

  • S M |16 Sep,2016 08:14:22 PM

    Before deciding for Aspire, we went on window shopping but not many dealerships . Only one other than Ford. I took test drive of a very popular sedan from competitor. When I drove that car I found the rear seat to be smaller than Aspire to accomodate 3 adults, though the price was higher than Aspire for the mid model which lacked basic safety features such as rear defogger and Air bags. Only plus point was after sales service and resale value.When I started driving the car i should mention here i was looking for diesel engine,i felt the bumpy ride of suspension and also felt engine under power on the highway.I wanted to know from the salesman the reason for the bumpy ride, he could not explain to me. Finally we came to Ford dealership,I asked for test drive car. As soon i put in the first gear i felt the power of real horses.I decided this is my car.Now We are proud owner of Ford AspireðŸ'.

  • Chetan Samdani |20 Sep,2016 07:25:35 AM

    Heavy noise from Wheels after 10000 kms

  • Rishabh |13 Jul,2017 07:28:09 PM

    I have very bad experience with new Figo Aspire, Purchased on 21/04/2017 and after few days its producing extraordinary black smoke in local drive and average reduced 17-19kmpl to 8-11kmpl. Visited 8 times for resolution but they are unable to rectify the issue, now am totally frustrated and sent a legal notice to FORD. After sales service is very poor, I think they hired untrained mechanics in their service center.

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