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By for Ford Figo 2012-2015 from Hyderabad 2010-11-11 16:41:27.0
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Pros : Tried and tested 1.4 TDCi, spacious interiors,bluetooth audio, service interval,price

Cons : rear power windows

For some time now, the Blue Oval from the American land was going stable, but was indeed bothered with the growing competition. Almost 9 years in India, Ford was considered as a niche player. Cars such as Mondeo and Fusion didnt take off as expected. Ford never gave up. With the on set of its Rival GM getting competitive, Ford must have got the spirit in tme, must have listened to the Obama's speeches YES WE CAN. And the Change they have, thats Figo. Entering the Mass market in a country like India isnt a child's play and that to with big mama - Maruti Suzuki leading. Ford understood the key things - Value For Money, Customer Service, Spare parts availability, easy maintenance. The concentration that they have shown in these is the solution that they put it into Figo. The first impression of the car is that it looks small, just open the door and you find it like the presidential suite of a star hotel. People have gone jaw dropping with the amount of space Ford managed in Figo even it being the small car. The comments immediately flow striking that it looks like Fusion etc...but, whatever it is, its pretty big car for the amount of money we pay. Ford has struck right absolutely on almost everything. The integrated Bluetooth stereo, the rear wiper with defogger, bootlight, the distance to empty, the dimming effect of the instrument panel, the door ajar are features which are essential and functional.  The rear power windows are missing, now what ford explains is that 80% of Indians use AC in their cars irrespective of the season which do require the windows rolled up. Call it cost cutting or anything, it does some time makes sense. The rear seat is where all the comfort is, the under thigh support is marvelous which makes Figo fit even for highway drives. Ford always design driver oriented cars, Figo is no surprise, the stability is remarkable, turning at the corners and the car handles pretty well. To many who may not know, Figo is one of the few small cars on Indian roads with Independent Suspension which makes the ride pleasant. The 1.4 TDCi is a gem of an engine from Ford's stable. The gear shift that augments with the engine is beautiful and makes city driving simple. The service interval is the other thing that goes in Figo's favor as it is 10,000 or 1 year which makes Figo more irresistable to own. The spares are quite low considering the localisation of Figo at almost 80% and also the engine working hard even in the Fiesta. With 60,000 sales mark from the date of launch in March 2010. Ford has a Blue Diamond which it is sure to be proud about................... 

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  • amit |11 Nov,2010 04:46:12 PM

    thanks for such detailed review !!

  • SN Sharma |11 Nov,2010 08:24:37 PM

    May I request everybody who has good knowledge about cars. which car of 1200 CC will be suitable keeping in view the price and mileage. I do not much about the cars because this will be my first acquisition of a car

    chaitanya |12 Nov,2010 01:01:16 AM

    @ SN SHARMA: Since you are first buyer for a 1200 cc car, i would suggest you to chalk out Swift,Figo and Ritz considering space, mileage and other features. But Figo Petrol has got more features in comparision to Swift and Ritz. The top model of Figo has airbags which are absent in both the ones. My suggestion would be please take test drive of the cars, esp the ones that provide you comfort.

    By Team CarDekho |12 Nov,2010 02:55:32 PM

    The most efficient 1.2 Petrol car in India is the i10 IRDE2 but power is a bit low on it, if you want power efficiency then chek the Wagon R or the Chevy Beat. Thanks, CarDekho Team

    davinder singh |13 Nov,2010 09:14:19 AM

    you should go for beat. nw i hav sold my alto and purchasing beat next sunday

    Ankur |18 Nov,2010 02:01:01 PM

    Beat is the BEST

  • James |15 Nov,2010 05:07:10 PM

    I am looking for a car and have been deciding between a ford fiesta and ford figo since a month. This review has been helpful to me.

    Ankur Guha |18 Nov,2010 02:02:12 PM

    Go for Chevy Beat... Value for money

  • rahul |16 Nov,2010 06:43:48 PM

    this review has been phenomenal. i was in a confusion to buy figo or i will definitely go for Ford Figo.. thanks..

    Rashmi Raman |16 Nov,2010 10:44:21 PM

    Foed Figo petrol gives only 7 to max 8 km to a liter of Petrol if driven by an excellent driver or else it will give u only 6Km. Very Poor in mileage otherwise a car u'll be happy with.

    Ankur Malik |18 Nov,2010 09:56:55 AM

    Thts quite bad 7-8 mileage, infact my ikon 1.6 always gave 7 kmpl. Ford just cant match the Japanese for fuel effieciency

  • Ajay Shinde |16 Nov,2010 08:55:54 PM

    Please help me in this I m confusing in Ford Figos Petrol or Diesel please guide

    Team CarDekho |18 Nov,2010 03:12:02 PM

    If your usage is more than 100kms daily then only opt for the Diesel or else stick to the Petrol version. The 1.2 Petrol Figo has a good refined engine thats peppy and efficient as well. Thanks, Cardekho Team

  • tarun |16 Nov,2010 11:32:27 PM

    but average is a pblm. it gives only 10 km per lt

  • MURALI |17 Nov,2010 10:30:13 AM

    I dont agree that Ford FIGO is a winner.It is one of the worst car what i have had.My car is just 1 month old & right from day one i have been facing with problems with the moisyure condensation inside the head lamps & the front floor mat just giving away.Photos were mailed directly to MD of FORD & to the dealer Lathangi FORD .Bangalore Dealer Lathangi replaced the caps inside the Head Lamps immediately after 2 days when i reported about the moisture condensation inside the head lamps which occurs when you drive in the Rain in the nights OR when you drive with your A/C on .Turn ON the lamps drive.Shut OFF the engine, just sprinkle or pour water on the head lamps you will see the moisture condensation.This happens even when you drive without your Head lamps ON when the outside ambient Temperature is low say aroun 25 deg C.The problem did not cure.They replaced the lamps still the problem is continuing.I must have sent about 10 Mils to the MD Micheal who is least bothered.When i told them that i will approach the Consumer Forum they called back .I was surprised to hear that ARAI has accepted that there can be moisture condensation inside the head lamps.I have asked them to show the document No reply.They claim that the Vendors who supply the Head lamps to Hyndai also supply to FORD.I told them that i own a Verna & i 10.This problem is not there but they have no answer.They calimed we use double filament lamp etc.Please note every car uses this technology only , nothing great about it.Its basically a poor Design & no quality checks, hood winking the customers.They have no answers.The pick up solo driven is also very poor specially when in 30 - 40 KMPH you need to go to 1st Gear with or without A/C.I think i have made a mistake investing on FIGO, a very badly designed no QC check car.I would proudly vouch for a 1 10 & not for FIGO

    srinivas |17 Nov,2010 03:37:48 PM

    hi murali,After reading your comments i feel i should go with i10 or i20. Initially i was thinking of buying Ford FIGO but now i dropped .

    Murali |26 Nov,2010 08:53:54 PM

    Hi Srinivas Thanks I guess you have made the right decision in going for a Hyundai i 10 / i 20 car.It is the car.I do have a i 10 which is very good, gives driving pleasure with a mileage of 13-14 km in city.I also had a santro which i used for 4 years, sold & went in for a FIGO.Even santro was a good car.Hyundai cars are low maintenance car like a Maruti, but never a FIGO

    R J |18 Nov,2010 12:49:09 AM

    I have a figo and its been an absolute pleasure. I drove it in the city and in the highway and with elderly and young people - we all enjoyed the drive immensely. No issues with the suspension, lights or the fog lights. And I drove the fog in thick fog and heavy rains as well with no issues. Pick up is very comfortable and good. I am usually in the 3rd gear when I reach 30-40kmph and its a very smooth ride! :) not ridiculing you and your issues, its just that I have never faced a single one of them.

    Ranscor |20 Nov,2010 12:20:15 AM

    hey figo is a uteer waste car....really waste u r convincing urself... pls don go for figo,,,i10 is the best

    uday |19 Nov,2010 10:32:46 AM

    hi mrunali, i already heard about Figo Negative only, but after reading your mail, i won't go for Figo

  • Pavnesh sharma |17 Nov,2010 02:35:24 PM

    I want to purchase a petrol car priced near 4 lakh. i am confused between wagonr, Vista,I 10 & Figo. for best.

    Ankur Guha |18 Nov,2010 02:05:40 PM

    Go for Chevy BEAT... 12km /ltr in city, you get 15 on highway

    Ranscor |20 Nov,2010 12:21:49 AM

    Beat have no pickup ...its just like a toy car...pls don go for beat.

    Ankur Guha |09 Dec,2010 11:01:10 AM

    You must be crazy I think... best pickup in B-Segment car CHEVY BEAT

  • Vishnu R |17 Nov,2010 04:02:22 PM

    i am a proud owner of ford figo exi diesel. I will give you the guarentee with the performance of the engine. Am getting a mileage of about 22.6 which is good. Also its suspension is superb. Good driving experience. Achieved a speed of 140 plus in kerala highways. Hope you know our roads are really bad. No turbo lag. 100kms in below 16 seconds. Initial pickup is a bit small compared to swift. But after running some distance it can be maintained. 1.4L engine gives enough power for city ride. Its a very good car for long run too. Now you are having 600 km run per month. Hopefully you will do some more long runs in the coming years. So go for diesel cars. Also the interior is good and spacious. Good handling in top speeds. Actually the engine shows its style after achieving 100 plus speed. Go fida. I will certainly tell you to go for Ford Figo. one more thing to add. The actual drawback(i dont think) of figo is lack of rear power windows. Its ac is 154cc and other cars of this car has 90cc ac. So its powerful ac gives you a pleasant experience in the backside. Cooling will reach within 10 seconds even in the backside. We all love to ride the car with ac. So it is not a drawback. Also the legroom is very good. Its front seat positioning is good enough for a passenger sitting in the back seat to draw his legs forward (fully stretched). Also good storage capacity. But dont think about much offers from Ford

    Ranscor |20 Nov,2010 12:22:53 AM

    we want to hear the same comments from you even after 1 yr:)

  • ayekpam |17 Nov,2010 08:29:29 PM

    Guys Don't disheartened by the comments. There is no doubt that Ford Figo is really amazing car.

    Ranscor |20 Nov,2010 12:25:21 AM

    ya he is right yeah ford figo is a amazing car,amzingly poor mileage amazing poor wheeels etc/...:):):)

  • Ankur Malik |18 Nov,2010 09:55:26 AM

    The ownership reports over a period of time will tell the Ford's mantle. As an owner of Ikon 1.6, I just hate ford for their reliability and quality of parts. By undercutting the price for a decade old model worldwide (Figo/fiesta-hatch), ford is not doing a service to the nation. Further, mileage and spare part costs would still remain an issue with ford.

    Ankur Guha |18 Nov,2010 02:08:40 PM

    I agree ...

  • madhukar |18 Nov,2010 10:03:44 AM


  • Umesh Kumar |19 Nov,2010 12:50:28 PM


    Ranscor |20 Nov,2010 12:26:49 AM

    please don give fake reviews ,,,,pls save others before they waste their money

  • Harprit |22 Nov,2010 01:02:09 PM

    Ford Figo is the best car in diesel segment. best mileage best interiors best pickup best space I am happy that I have purchased it.

  • S.V.SINGH |22 Nov,2010 04:01:08 PM

    I am going to purchase new car, please give your comments on whole features about Ford figo EXI Petrol

  • CarDekho Team |22 Nov,2010 06:18:22 PM

    The Figo petrol has a 1.2 Duratec engine that has 71PS on it and is peppy and efficient.Though not the most powerful in its segment the Figo petrol is very drivable in the city and on highways. LXi, EXi, ZXi and Titanium are the versions on the Petrol Figo. The Titanium being the top end having front power windows, bluetooth conectivity, MP3 player, Alloy wheels, ABS and Aitbags. Thanks, CarDekho Team

  • OmSriBalaji |24 Nov,2010 05:28:31 PM

    this is my 1st car ,i ve deceided to for FORD FIGO diesel .becoz (petrol price are rising month by month) and i also came to know that figo petrol only seems to give 10 kms per liter,and i also drive maximum 750kms per month,will i be able to manage disel or petrol ,kindly advise

    CarDekho Team |25 Nov,2010 04:03:28 PM

    If your running is of 750kms per month then go for the diesel version of the Figo, its efficient as well as powerful. Thanks, CarDekho Team

  • indu mathi |24 Nov,2010 05:37:52 PM

    My Family had deceided to buy ford figo ,and we are very particular about the milage and maintanance,we came to know that ford figo spares are costely, and the car dose''nt give a good milage (atleast petrol 14kmpl & in disel 18 kmpli) is it true? and we are middle class family we ll'' dont drive car daily only weekly(60kms),also let me know the average milage of figo petrol& disel verson,kindly let me know

  • CarDekho Team |25 Nov,2010 04:04:28 PM

    The Figo Diesel is one of the best hatches around currently. the TDCI engine is taken from the large sedan the Fiesta and is very powerful and efficient. Expect atleast 17kmpl in city and 19kmpl on the highways. Thanks, CarDekho Team

  • rajesh |28 Dec,2010 09:56:18 PM

    i am prod of owner of figo, this is very nice review.only one thing about power window of car, and fuel economic of car. over all car is very best and value for money.

  • madhu |01 Jan,2011 11:31:44 PM

    Am planning to buy ford figo titanium diesel, my usage at the biging would be 500 or 600 kms but it will increase for sure. My question here is as this is my first car is there any special care required as its diesel ? Is it possible to installed power windows for rear with the if of local mechanic ? Does that affect bar by any way?

  • madhu |01 Jan,2011 11:40:22 PM

    Sorry spelling mistakes my question is Is it possible to installed power windows on rear with the help of local car mechanic ? If yes it wont affect the bar by any way rite ? Is it more or less like installing alloy wheels rite

  • Suresh |04 Feb,2012 11:50:20 AM

    I own a figo petrol and i Have found that compared to all hatch backs in India the Figo Petrol can be awarded the the hatch with the Worst fuel efficiency in India . You guys at Card Dekho should seriously consider testing the fuel efficiency of the Petrol Figo before recomending it to others

    Ritesh Madhok |05 Mar,2012 07:25:47 AM

    We at Cardekho have always said that the petrol Figo is not our choice and we always recommend the Diesel TDCi vareint of the Figo.

  • Suresh |04 Feb,2012 11:53:30 AM

    The Ford Figo just givea an average mileage of 8 to 10 kms per litre depending on city or Highway conditions , I have tested the efficiency time and time again and come our with the same results There are Large sized Sedans out there that have much better fuel efficient engines than the FIGO PETROL.

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