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I am really getting confused between Beat and Figo.For both Cars I have seen Positive and negative reviews on this site. Looking to looks and height of car I like Beat while looking to width of rear seat and luggage space and brand name I like Figo. As far as milage is concerned there is no correct feedback. I really needs feedback who are OWNING CAR(BEAT OR FIGO). Please help me to take decision.

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  • Prajeesh |19 Apr,2010 05:49:11 AM

    Me too confused just like you... I think Figo is good in space, quality (Body, interior plastic quality), Front

    Nikhil |02 Jun,2011 09:44:21 PM

    Don't confused Both Figo and Beat are poor mileage cars and use nad throw vehicles Go for maruti or Hyndai

    Sanjay |17 Jun,2011 03:11:13 PM

    dont go for Figo..mileage is very poor....

  • shivm |19 Apr,2010 07:35:52 AM

    Hi There is no need to confuse between these two cars because both are designed for different set of customers. Beat--> Advantage - stylish look, good engine, decent mileage, 3 years maintenance free, awesome driver seating comfort and look. Disadvantage - Only 4 seated, rear seat leg rooms is very less even, very less boot space. So car for a family with 2 adult and 2 children Figo--> Advantage - Spacious, decent mileage, decent pickup and driving comfort. Disadvantage - Costly when comparing to beat (around 40000), maintenance is free for only one year. I booked figo because I am staying with my family, so rear seat leg room is important to me otherwise I will go for beat

    Sunil C.X |07 Apr,2012 01:41:02 PM

    Thanks, you evaluation is correct

  • Bhavik |19 Apr,2010 03:35:25 PM

    Thanks for your comments. How much milage you are getting in Figo in city and on Highway.Don't you think that Spares avability and Service will be a issue for Figo.

    Sanjay |17 Jun,2011 03:12:58 PM

    milleage for petrol is 10 KMPL in city...very bad...

  • Velayudhan |25 Apr,2010 06:03:55 PM

    Hi, @Shivm - I'm not sure why you got only one year free maintenance! Because, I have booked a Figo and have got a 2 yr free maintenance, plus one year additional year maintenance free as I'm working in corporate (corporate offer). So, totally three years. @Bhavik - I had a talk with a proud owner of Figo (diesel) and he is getting around 14.8 in city with AC.. I believe Petrol would give around 11-12 in the same conditions. regarding the spare parts, Ford gets it manufactured from its Chennai Plant.. and hence the price is also reduced..

  • arun |12 May,2010 11:00:32 AM

    Hi I am looking for a car in diesel in around 450000/- with good fuel economy. Pl suggest whether Ford Figo or Indica Vista. Will Figo deliver on fuel economy?

  • nawaz |12 May,2010 06:31:25 PM

    HI.i am looking for a car,i am pretty intrested in figo so for,but i am not working as coorpate,so idonnt know what company will offer me. its my first car so i want to someone to guide me properly about it,as every one will be knowing that what one expects when its ist time to get the car. can any one help to choose the best one

  • sarbojit mukherjee |20 May,2010 01:28:44 AM

    i m planning to buy ford figo or beat ,but i just cant decide,i m a middle class family person planning to buy a car which has less maintainance cost and best in every sense,please help me to decide..

  • Inbarasan |26 May,2010 12:37:48 PM

    No Doubt.. Ford Figo is Fantastic. It stands out tall when it comes to driveability. I acn challange any car would not have such statbility

    Sanjay |17 Jun,2011 03:13:53 PM

    Mileage is very bad...

  • Tejas |21 Jun,2010 04:04:36 PM

    @Sarbojit.. Hi, me tejas from hyderabad. Figo is good except millage( which is very less 10 to 12km/l). I like Beat when compared to figo. Beat is not much spacious as figo but good at millage 15 to 16 in city. Great interiors and exteriors. I took a test drive today in Beat. Every thing was good. I found the music system very classic, so we need to get a wooffer as extra fitting. If you doesn't need much of millage Figo is excellent. Very spacious and great looks. But as a middle class family i choose beat. :). I hope my experience helps.

    nitin jaswal |30 Jun,2012 03:54:56 PM

    thx for ur feedback it is realy working for me as i am planning to buy a cae but confused between beat and figo

  • sujit |14 Jul,2010 10:48:24 AM

    hi I am also searching a good car ,high milage, bigger interior space, good looking

  • karan |14 Jul,2010 10:37:49 PM

    i belongs to a middle class family and i want a car that is spacious and good looking

  • pooja |17 Jul,2010 12:26:16 AM

    Hi can any one help me in knowing the service maintenance cost compariosn for Beat

  • vikas |01 Aug,2010 09:30:07 PM

    Hi i belongs to a middle class family. any one can help for figo Vs beat compare with spacious,high milage,maintance cost.

  • venugopalvarmauppalapati |05 Aug,2010 08:03:26 PM


  • Pallab Dutta |05 Aug,2010 09:56:21 PM

    I think beat looks very attractive compare to figo, but when i was test driving figo, i found it more comfortable than beat, because in beat the dash board is little bit higher and it really creates problem for the driver. But as far as figo is concerned I think it gives you a pleasant driving experience and its as specious as a sedan. So I have finally bought Ford Figo, because I think people who will be traveling with me should not feel suffocated, but in beat whoever will seat at the back will feel suffocated because of very little space.

  • hasmukh patel |06 Aug,2010 04:53:06 PM

    hi pooja, replying to u ford figo maintenace is economical compare to beat thanks

  • Praveen |13 Aug,2010 04:38:53 PM

    :) we bought both Figo and Beat... on 6th Aug 2010. On the Road figo is awesome with the horrible roads.. Beat just sucks its better to go in Auto than in beat.. the interior of beat is just awesome in day but in night its highly disturbing powerful blue lights... always figo is better... i hold figo diesel titan

    mohan |14 Jul,2011 12:54:25 AM

    if u have extra 10 rs purchase all hatchbacks in India

  • chandan |19 Aug,2010 05:51:36 PM

    Hi,,,This is chandan,,Iam looking for car.Please can anyone suggest me. Range will be 4 to 5 lacs.Does Ford figo will work?

    puneet |23 Nov,2010 03:10:04 PM

    if range is 5 lacs,the go for i20 ot dzire

  • Kinshuk |22 Aug,2010 05:06:20 PM

    @Chandan,If you are in and around Mumbai, yes Figo will fall in your range, not the highest model.. However, you can take Beat as well..

  • RAJU |31 Aug,2010 05:02:32 PM

    Can somebody tell me how is Ford Figo performance is The Ford brand cars are tagged to expensive maintenance and low mileage i would appreciate response from a FIGO owner for six months or so

  • ramanujam |01 Sep,2010 10:54:09 AM

    These two cars are for a different class. Beat is upgradation of entry segment car like Maruti 800 or Alto which is meant for 2 adults plus two children abroad. Figo is a hatchback version of B segment car Ie: every comfort in a laxury car is available with a little less boot space. You cannot compare a horse to a mule!

  • dr rk ranka |07 Oct,2010 01:14:07 AM

    I am still confused with the reviews. Will some one tell me as to which of these suit a6ft 1inch tall person,without fumbling legs at the driving seat.?

    pintu |10 Feb,2015 09:30:48 AM

    Go with Ritzy

  • m.k.u.karimulla |31 Oct,2010 08:36:38 PM

    hi iam much confused 2 buy a figo r beat i reside out of my home town and have 2 travel nearly 300 km in every 3 months with 2 adults and 2 children.Also looking more space for luggage,and comfort for the people who travel with me.This my first car and i look for a good deal.

  • Anil |02 Nov,2010 12:00:40 PM

    Hi, Im planning to buy my first car in the range 3.5 to 4.5 lac on road... i need experienced peoplez suggestion if i hav to choose between Figo or a Beat basic models ? Please explain me d gud and bad things associated in both the cars . . regards, Anil Hyderabad

  • Sankar Ghosh |03 Nov,2010 07:37:59 PM

    HI, I am looking for a car, i am intrested in Ford Figo (petrol) but I m not sure about its milage. Can any figo owner (petrol)tell me the actual milage?

    puneet |23 Nov,2010 03:13:34 PM

    10 in city 13 on highway. 100% sure

    roger |22 Feb,2011 12:03:38 AM

    i get 13 in city and 15.8 on the highway after completing about 987km.the mileage varies from driver to driver. if u use the ac very sparingly then you can get 17 on the highway.

  • seshu |11 Nov,2010 09:56:26 AM

    me d same prob...beat ya figo...??

    puneet |23 Nov,2010 03:14:32 PM

    look vise beat ,and if not look then go for m-800

  • Ved |13 Nov,2010 08:21:12 AM

    hye, I want to purchase Ford Figo Petrol version .pl. advice me about its Pickup & milelage

  • akshay |12 Dec,2010 03:04:38 PM

    hey m preety confused n hatchback cars m gonna buy within a week hey m gonna buy base model requirement is comfort ,spacious, performance, mileage little bit, with low maintainance n a long service 4m company any 1 help me out quickly as soon as u read it pls b fast

    CarDekho Team |14 Dec,2010 11:34:11 AM

    The Figo is more spacious as compared to the Beat, while the Beat scores over the Figo in terms of looks, design and cabin comfort. Chevrolet is also offering the 3 years unmatched zero maintenance offer on the Beat which is the icing on the cake, Go for the Chevrolet Beat. Thanks, CarDekho Team

  • Vjdya Rani |13 Dec,2010 12:04:35 AM

    as on date i have sentro ls zipplus of 2002 model and I wish to purchase a new one,I want a fuel efficient and price of car Rs5lac. Whether I should go for ford figo diesel Zxi or BeatLTopt

  • Sandeep Kale |10 Jan,2011 01:24:27 PM

    What every one think about Ford Figo(Lxi Patrol) in compare to Sentro Zing and i10. I know beat is only show off. I have to choose on my Budget is 3.50-4.50.... I need to book the car in a month.

  • hetulgandhi |22 Jan,2011 09:55:05 PM

    HI, I am hetul & i am looking for a car, i am intrested in Ford Figo (petrol) but I m not sure about its milage. Can any figo owner (petrol)tell me the actual milage?

    roger |22 Feb,2011 12:07:04 AM

    actual mileage depends on the driver. if you know how to change gears at the right rpm level and u use less of the clutch then you can easily get about 13 in the city with the ac on and 15 on the highway with ac. if u dont use the ac than u will get even more

  • mayur thakkar |27 Jan,2011 10:57:12 PM

    pl suggest my budget is between 4 to 4.5 lac and i have small family only confuse between A-STAR OR BEAT pl suggest which car is best

    CarDekho Team |28 Jan,2011 11:42:59 AM

    Dear User, We would like to inform you that Chevrolet Beat is a good option, it is powered by 1.2 liter petrol engine. It gives mileage of 14.5 kmpl in city conditions and 18.6 kmpl on highways. The car has got excellent pick up, performance and stylish looks. The company avails 3 years free warranty on the car. Maruti A-star is also a good car but has not been as successful as Chevrolet Beat. A-star is equipped by 1.0 liter petrol engine, interiors are well crafted. the major advantage can be its wide spread dealership and service network, good resale value and low maintenance cost. Thanks

  • mayur thakkar |27 Jan,2011 11:02:15 PM

    Dear car dekho team pl suggest me on urgent basis i want to purchase day after tomorrow but Accoroding to you which car is best A-star or beat? pl replay fast

    CarDekho Team |28 Jan,2011 11:46:11 AM

    Dear User, We would recommend you to go for Chevrolet Beat as the car is more efficient in terms of power, pick up, acceleration and looks.Also the company is availing free maintenance of 3 years. Thanks

  • preeti |28 Jan,2011 10:22:49 PM

    hi wl some1 using swift petrol and ford figo petrol advise mileage of both these cars. if a choice has to be made between the two, which car is best in terms of mileage, maintenance cost, servicing. tks

  • Rishit |26 Feb,2011 03:55:52 PM

    Hi, i m planning to buy a car but yet to decided between BEAT/FIGO/i10, pls suggect in terms of maintenance/Service/quality Thanks

  • RAJESH |10 Mar,2011 08:38:54 PM


  • Srinivas |19 Mar,2011 12:46:24 PM

    Hi CarDekho Team, I am planning to buy a car around 4.5-5Lakhs(max) on loan. I travel 50kms/day in city . I am unable to decide whether to go for Figo Diesel or Beat LPG. Which would be more economical for a long term regular usage. Pls suggest. Thanks in Advance, Srinivas

  • Previn, Tuticorin |29 Mar,2011 06:30:01 PM

    Hi, i m planning to buy a car but yet to decided between BEAT/FIGO/i10, pls suggect in terms of maintenance/Service/quality - also long drive comfort.

  • neeraj |15 Apr,2011 10:09:42 PM

    hi anybody can tell me which car is the best in budzet of 5to 5.50lacks

  • Santanu Purakayastha |02 May,2011 11:05:54 PM


  • shubham |24 May,2011 12:05:21 PM

    tomorrow i have to book a car so what choice i have to make ford fogo or beat.pls rep me fAST ACCORDING TO MILLEGE AND EXTERIOR LOOKS

  • CarDekho Team |24 May,2011 12:10:31 PM

    @ Shubham - If you looking for a Diesel option then go for the Ford Figo if you looking for a Petrol car then get the Chevrolet Beat.

  • Rohin |24 Jul,2011 06:52:11 PM

    Hi , I am planning to buy my first car but bit confused b/w Beat Diesel or Figo diesel could any one plz assist me . Which option would be better performance wise & looks wise too.

  • nithin |03 Nov,2011 01:38:08 PM

    hello guys, i m confused b/w,figo diesel and beat diesel.which has good looks,mileage and comfort.pls help me as i m plannin to book the car in next 10 days.pls

  • nithin |05 Nov,2011 02:54:26 PM

    hello guys, i m plannin for figo petrol version.wat is the mileage for this mileage beat is good or figo is good.pls help me

  • yogendra verma |24 Nov,2011 10:05:29 PM

    hello guys am interested in ford figo diesel exi as want a economical car despite its slightly higher price tag than petrol cars due to rising fuel costs. and looking at the alternatives i have come across beat, swift one of them is cramped another is overpriced . what i am worried is there increased maintenance costs for figo after few years as reported by some . i have test driven it and would love to own one. kindly give advise

  • Rahul |27 Nov,2011 09:39:30 PM

    Hi guys ,m plannin to buy a new car on december 2011 last week.m a lil bit confused which car to buy among figo and beat best for rally budget is rs500000.reply please

  • Rahul Singh |27 Nov,2011 09:43:05 PM

    Fattu gadiyan buy a chervolet captiva

    kitta |25 Feb,2012 08:03:00 PM

    indeed captiva is good but costly yaar. buy ford figo car

  • Ramesh |14 Dec,2011 02:48:39 PM

    Hi guys/Car Dekho team , I am planning to book a new car on this friday(Chennai).I am little confused between Beat LS and Figo EXI.My budget is 5L - 5.5L and i expect a good mileage and good service.Looks and interiors are not essential according to me. Can Figo/Beat suggest me as early as possible based on u r experinece.

  • Deepika Chhetri |02 Mar,2012 05:11:58 PM

    Hi Ford Figo Titanium Petrol Users.... I am planning to buy Ford Figo Titanium Petrol. Please suggest me or guide me with your experience with Ford Figo Titanium Petrol. I am not going for Diesel one because daily running of my car is not fixed. i might use it twice in a week and once in a 3 months for long tour from Guwahati to Siliguri. Please give your comments... Regards Deepika

  • Vivek |22 Mar,2012 11:17:08 PM

    hey .. for all those who think ford spares are costly.. here is one news for u ppl... ford has adopted new strategy to reduce cost of spares..In its effort to reduce ownership costs, Ford has adopted the child parts approach. To give you an example of the child parts approach, if the solenoid of your starter fails, you do NOT need to change the entire starter assembly. Rather, Ford will sell you only the solenoid assembly (which will, of course, cost only a fraction of that for the entire starter). also its well evident that ford has increased the number of dealerships in many indian cities.. go u can surely opt for ford to enjoy best driving and world class technology... cheers !!

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