FORD FIGO: A smart package by Ford

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Pros : Extremelly stylish looks giving a feel of Sedan, Value for money in terms of Performance & Comfort

Cons : None till now

I finally had my Ford Figo delivered on 25th March'2010. I chose Colorado Red, as the color has an excellent metallic finish to it. I opted for Petrol variant and am extremely satisfied with the fuel efficiency its providing, as I made a trip to Massourie and the car gave me an average mileage of 15.5kmpl on highway with AC. Its a complete family car and perfect for metro city driving. The five speed manual transmission and power steering certainly makes the drive pleasurable. If you enjoy driving, Ford Figo is an excellent value for money option in terms of comfort and smooth drive. My Petrol variant has come with an array of advanced safety features like Dual Front Airbags that offers safety in case of front collision, ABS (Antilock Brake System) with EBD (Electronic Brake-Force Distribution) that enhance the stability of the car and provides more comfortable driving experience. Also, can't restrain to mention the stylish, eye-catching fabric, equipment and seating arrangement. The driver seat is absolutely adjustable and the dashboard comes with advanced stereo and instrument panel. The car offers good leg-space and is immensely comfortable for 5-6 adults. Truly, Ford Figo is one of the best creation from the Ford designers, with features like Full Wheel Covers, Front Power Windows, Remote Trunk Open, Fabric Insert on Door Trims, Passenger Vanity Mirror on Sun Visor, Removable Parcel Tray, Music System, Central Locking, Keyless Entry and Engine Immobilizer. If the tag-line says Feel the difference I certainly did!!!

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  • Mohan |31 Mar,2010 11:31:17 AM

    I would also like to purchase a newly launched Ford Figo in India. Let's cheers!!!

  • sanjay kumar |31 Mar,2010 06:14:27 PM

    i appreciate your experience about ford figo.i was planning to book it in next month. your experience added my excitement. thanks.

  • Anish |01 Apr,2010 04:55:24 AM

    Are you sure about the mileage? 15.5 kmpl on highway with a.c!! The ARAI figure says something else.

  • gagan |03 Apr,2010 08:20:49 AM

    i took a test ride of figo and frankly i was impressed with the interiors of figo and the features inside make u feel as ifu r in a sedan. secondly when i saw the space for luggage . i was really surprised to see the huge space there.In this price i feel its a good choice.....

  • Vijay |05 Apr,2010 04:43:28 AM

    I Planned to purchase a new car in this segment I m waiting for review of this car Now I will definitely go for this car only

  • Rajesh |07 Apr,2010 05:19:30 AM

    I read your views above but still I am confused whether to go with swift petrol or ford figo. What about the after service costs whether this expensive from marutis or not as well as the spares parts.

  • manu roy |09 Apr,2010 02:03:29 AM

    I have also purchased a red figo from kairali ford in cochin. its diesel Exi with reg no: KL-7-BN-1226. Its mileage is pathetic. it gives only 10KM/ltr. my friend also has another figo which also give the same mileage. Other than the mileage the car seems to excellent in its performance and comfort

    vipul |15 Feb,2011 03:35:58 PM

    Manu, My Figo gave mileage of around 9kmpl initially. However, after running some 7K's I have noticed that it's around 13.5 without AC in city. I'm sure it would give more on highway.

  • Suraj Singh |10 Apr,2010 09:19:54 AM

    I was looking for a car in this catergory by sometime now. I am extremely excited after seeing the review and would like to book this car in the next visit to the dealership.

  • Aayush |13 Apr,2010 12:08:29 PM

    I found the review really gud!!! Was lukin for some relevant information since long. U have given me gud knowlegde about Ford Figo that I really wanted. Thanks. M sure to purchase it now

  • Amit |13 Apr,2010 03:28:23 PM

    Great details. N the mileage u mentioned 15.5 kmpl sounds good too, which will certainly improve after first 2 services and few more kms. Keep the good work going n keep posting your updates about ur added miles with figo.

  • dr manoj kumar |14 Apr,2010 09:27:10 AM

    i would like to purchase this car within two month,if its review in respect to performance is satisfactory to me .i want more infomation about this specially the difference between exi and lxi model.

  • Rakesh Gupta |17 Apr,2010 05:43:35 AM

    I was confused between a few options, before reading the review. But, now am really convinced on Ford Figo as all that I wanted to know is here. Thanks and Congratulations for your Figo. Njoy!!!

  • Shoumo |23 Apr,2010 06:30:30 PM

    If anybody can please confirm the mileage of diseal variant of Figo? What about the after sales service and spare part costs? I need to know about the above few. For the rest of the specs, Figo has already got me in. Look-wise perhaps the best from Ford. The dash is absolutely contemporary and the car looks sturdy and fully loaded. A magical mix of power and economy.

  • Ross Endrews |24 Apr,2010 10:42:59 AM

    awesome review!! thanks...I like Ford Figo a lot and thanks for adding to my knowledge base about the car...

  • Selvakumar |27 Apr,2010 04:22:55 PM

    I would like to buy EXI model(petrol) of ford figo. It is very attractive features and smort looking.kindly send me the on road price of exi petrol on madurai city tamil nadu

  • Ross |03 May,2010 12:31:02 PM

    I quite appreciate the writer's opinion. It has been so well written that it has actually convinced me for Ford Figo. I am able to relate to this review really well

  • Ashish Kapoor |08 May,2010 09:58:49 AM

    I do not know how you are getting 15.5 KMPL. The mileage is pathetic I am using Figo ZXi mileage is never more than 9.5 though in start it was as low as 8.

  • Rishank gupta |04 Jun,2010 04:21:27 PM

    i am also planning to buy Ford figo but only the basic thing is about the mileage.please contact me on this no and tell me more about Figo. 9956382795

  • ashish |13 Jul,2010 09:33:28 AM

    can i upgrade (Ford Figo Petrol ZXI) with ABS ??

  • Ruchir Bhatnagar |15 Jul,2010 04:16:01 PM

    I am also planning to buy a ford fogo LXi or EXi but I am really worried about its milage

    VIPIN PATEL |22 Mar,2012 10:26:33 PM

    me too dear if u already purchased, please suggest me. I am also planning for that

  • Murali |16 Jul,2010 04:46:13 PM

    Ho about the sound and vibrations in Desiel Model??

  • Kalpesh |17 Jul,2010 11:23:51 PM

    i am also worried about the mileage. i am planning about the titanium diesel, but i was expecting a much better mileage, now makes me rethink. For everything else i am hooked to Figo

  • c k dixit |05 Aug,2010 10:25:55 AM

    i already boocked a ford figo petrol Exi but still worried about the mileage of it other wise i found all ok please advise me or call me 9215008889

  • suraj s |05 Aug,2010 08:30:31 PM

    go for will dance on ur fingertips..handling is superb

  • rajesh |06 Aug,2010 12:27:44 PM

    I dont know how he is getting 15.5 km mileage. I am getting mileage of 10-11 only. With AC on the mileage is just 7-8 km. in Delhi city. I wrote to ford but no response. can anyone tell me whether its engine is cng compatible

  • subrahmaneswararao .N |08 Aug,2010 10:41:28 AM

    I am very likeing to purchase figo but Iam very warrying about milage.Just i want to know the correct milage of figo zxi model.

    CarDekho Team |04 Dec,2010 05:48:55 PM

    18kmpl Thanks, CarDekho Team

  • Arpita ghosh |26 Aug,2010 02:23:35 PM

    I want to buy Ford Figo Exi(Petrol) but I'm worried about the milage. Can anybody inform me the right milage of this car? also want to know is there USB facility?

  • srinivasan |27 Aug,2010 08:53:17 PM

    Ford Figo Diesel version sea grey zxi model - a total disappointment. I have a car which was bought on june18th have driven 2800 kms and want to sell it.

    shyam |30 Aug,2011 09:46:47 PM

    can you share the reason of the dissappointment is it the dealer or the car

  • R.Srinivasan |27 Aug,2010 08:55:17 PM

    any one interested in ford figo diesel zxi model sea grey colour 2 months old and 2800 kms run.Please contact 9448109251

  • Manish |28 Sep,2010 02:14:49 PM

    I need to know the reasons from srinivasans about the FIGO and whats the feedback he can give me. I am concerned about the Mileage. Pls update

  • vinod |03 Oct,2010 02:38:06 PM

    I would like to buy your figo petrol model. But I realise that this is only getting a mileage of 10 kmpl which seems to be very less. This worries me. Why this is only getting this much less mileage.

  • vinod |05 Oct,2010 05:26:27 PM

    Ford Figo is successful with diesel duratorque engine... long term value of all aluminium diesel engine and overall rigid structure to meet indian road conditions... petrol is only a variant to sell ,as competitors are also selling petrol... otherwise diesel is better than swift,i20,fabia,ritz ....... because only test drive will give 100% idea...... go and test the figo.. anybody who wish to buy a car for more than 6 years or so... go for figo diesel... it will be the rigid,strong brand........for bad roads.. and save money as spares/services are lesser priced than swift... it's true.

  • NARESH |13 Oct,2010 01:27:18 PM

    Mileage of FFd/FFp ? Interior finish ?

  • Chetan |26 Oct,2010 04:19:03 PM

    I have booked Ford Figo recently. I'm in for ZXI model. I was told that the mileage is around 14-15 kms for the petrol version. The guy who is getting 10kms/ltr must be having a problem with his car. He needs to get it checked once. I tried every car in this range guys, and let me tell you FF is value for money..1 or 2 cases on this site wherein you find a complaint can be discarded.You can't have 100&% satisfaction.

  • siju |11 Nov,2010 09:15:49 PM

    My figo disel Exi am getting milege of abt 15-18 .but i think the petrol version of figo is not so economical.but...figo drive!u can feel the difference

  • Amarendra Sekhar Mishra |03 Dec,2010 07:15:19 PM

    I am very likeing to purchase figo but Iam very warrying about milage.Just i want to know the correct milage of figo zxi model diesel.

  • shylaanil,calicut |15 Dec,2010 10:09:18 PM

    I booked a Figo titanium-petrol,i want to know the coeerect milage of figo

  • Chetan Rao |22 Dec,2010 09:04:08 AM

    I bought a Ford Figo ZXI on 4th Nov'10 and have just enjoyed every moment since then. Day 1 till today,its almost 1.5 months of sheer luxury and enjoyment. This car gives me 15.0 kms in city and on the highway it has given me 17.2 with A/c. Its too good. Real value for money. I also have a collegue working alongwith me whose car gives 11kms /litre. This is also true. Request Ford to really look into this huge variation as the reviews on this site also confirms that there is really a big customer base which gets only 10 or 11kms/lit and are not happy. The success which Ford is now enjoying shouldn't be short lived is my message. happy Driving..rather i would say Happy sailing!!!!

  • Siddhant |25 Dec,2010 04:37:13 PM

    its reallly comfortable......and its very..........and also has a very good.......ahhhh what to say its the best car of the whole world for me

  • vinod |29 Dec,2010 11:50:27 PM

    can anyone please tell me what is the mileage of diesel model. and wat bout spares and servicing,is it costly than maruti swift??

    CarDekho Team |30 Dec,2010 12:47:19 PM

    Hi Vinod, We would like to inform you that the Ford Figo Diesel gives mileage of 14.5 kmpl in city conditions and 18.5 kmpl on highways. The car has been entitled as Car of the year. The diesel engine is powered by 1.4 liter diesel engine. The maintenance cost of Ford vehicles has reduced as compared to its past maintenance cost of Ford vehicles. The company has got its manufacturing facility in Hyderabad. Earlier the spare parts were imported but now the company has overcome this problem. Thanks

    ameet |12 Jan,2011 04:31:09 AM

    Hi Vinod, I have driven figo diesel zxi for last 4 months and running is 9500 as of today. I am getting average of 18 kmpl in traffic timmings in city and 20 kmpl on highways with ac kept on everytime. It driven around 80kmph speed on highway without ac then it gives around 22 . That is almost as good to make you smile and happy. Take a call yourself. As far as spares are concerned they are as same as maruti spares as they get manufactured in chennai plant.. so dont worry it was big problem for previous models like ikon. Engine is 1.4cc which is very good and impressive its not their with other competitors also not that this is the same engine which fiesta uses so its a tested technology.

  • vinay |31 Dec,2010 12:34:50 AM

    for family purpose (manthly300 km)petrol or deisel car is better?

    ameet |12 Jan,2011 04:35:32 AM

    Hi Vinay, General formula to select an petrol or diesel variant is the monthly running. If your monthly running is more than 1200km then go for diesel variant of any car.

  • Ojas |02 Feb,2011 12:26:53 PM

    yes its the smart and the smartest choice made in and for india.....

  • ankita |08 Feb,2011 10:23:12 PM

    i m planning 2 buy figo diesel model somebody please confirm the mileage of diesel variant of Figo? What about the after sales service and spare part costs? Ground Clearance? for me these are the major concern... plz help..

  • jagdish |16 Mar,2011 02:41:32 PM

    can anybody tell me that ford figo petrol lxi is better than maruti swift lxi petrol? what about maintainance cost for both?

  • Mahavir Parsad |08 Apr,2011 07:30:34 PM

    suggest me please I want to buy diesel car like punto, figo,swift which is the best car in millage

  • gagan |23 Apr,2011 12:38:06 PM

    hi all i am planing to buy figo but i think after reviews the milage of car is not good kindly help with true information.

    CarDekho Team |23 Apr,2011 12:41:56 PM

    The Figo is a good car in its segment, expect 12 to 14kmpl on the Petrol and 17 to 19kmpl on the Diesel version of the Figo.

  • lalit |20 May,2011 06:54:24 PM

    the ford figo will relaunch ford in india,similar to what swift did for maruti

  • vishwanathan Pillai |11 Aug,2011 01:27:48 AM

    Pls suggest i want to buy Figo Diesel EXI, PLS HELP TO TAKE A DECISION ON I20 MAGNA OR FIGO EXI

  • rohit |25 Nov,2011 09:09:22 PM

    plz suggest what is the good for cng kit in ford figo petrol

  • gourav |23 Dec,2011 08:37:44 PM

    Ford figo is really nice car,I have ford figo diesel ,initially its mileage was around 14-15 kmpl but after first and second servicing its giving 18-20 kmpl on highway and around 16 kmpl in city ,once even I have driven more then 140 kmph for around 400 km with 5 persons sitting and full AC on it gave excelent mileage of 16 kmpl.

    Deepika Chhetri |02 Mar,2012 05:17:19 PM

    waw that sounds cool.. but iam planning for petrol titanium as per usage...

  • Deepika Chhetri |02 Mar,2012 05:15:38 PM

    Hi Ford Figo Titanium Petrol Users.... I am planning to buy Ford Figo Titanium Petrol. Please suggest me or guide me with your experience with Ford Figo Titanium Petrol. I am not going for Diesel one because daily running of my car is not fixed. i might use it twice in a week and once in a 3 months for long tour from Guwahati to Siliguri. Please give your comments... Regards Deepika

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