Fiat linea poor airconditioning , mileage, pick up

By for Fiat Linea 2008-2011 from mumbai 2010-03-22 07:39:42.0
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Pros : looks

Cons : poor mileage 7kpl , poor pick up

i have a fiat linea petrol . on delivery the airconditioning was very weak. On my first service i pointed out this problem to bharathi automobiles ,service partner of fiat. inspite of this the problem persisted. the service engineer mr walter at bharati said he will call me when the service manager from fiat comes to his service station. In the hot summer i sweat with the airconditioning on. the car is very poor on mileage 7kpl and pickup. the engine power doesnot match with its heavy weight and therefore very poor on climbs and elevated roads bijith

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  • Anurag |22 Mar,2010 11:56:29 AM

    I don't like to purchase this vehicle, but also I feel that it can be a minor problems which is coming from this vehicle.

  • akash |28 Mar,2010 06:29:26 PM

    sir if you want to sell your linea i dont mind buying it

  • Rajnish Sharma |29 Mar,2010 02:10:40 PM

    Dear Bijith, I faced similar problem but none of them remains now, Now i have a mileage of 15kmpl. Airconditioning is much better

    piyush |26 Jun,2011 08:24:40 PM

    dear rajnish, i am having the same problem as bijith,can you advise as to how you have a mileage of 15kmpl?

  • riaz |02 Apr,2010 01:59:11 PM

    Bijith, i have a complete different experience..i have bought fiat linea emotion pk in Nov 09 and i can say that i am a proud owner with absolutly no complints with the car. It is a grand car, with all possible features you can think of in a luxury car. Mileage after 3K running is around 10-11 in city with AC on and i am satisfied with the pick up as well. Your's can a specific case with some issue in the AC, otherwise it is an excellent value for money car.. it might not fetch a good resell value, but in terms of features and quality and value for money, it has left even honda city miles behind..

  • MAhesh |26 Apr,2010 06:17:55 PM

    My fiat linea also had the same poblem of practically no AC cooling. After giving the car back for repair 4 times, i feel i am being cheated by the service center, Wassan Motors. Complaint to Tata motors is of no solution. Now after wasting a lot of time and money there is some cooling with cabin temp not going below 26 c and grill temp not below 7 c ( though service center claims 4 c, they refuse to demonstrate) Milage is any day poor at 7 km in city. Never ever make a mistake of bying one

  • Alok |29 Apr,2010 06:35:28 PM

    I m confused completely? is this vehicle has inconsistancy in production lot?

  • chaitanya |04 May,2010 06:39:16 AM

    I'm also facing the same AC/Cooling issue in my Punto 1.4 Petrol Emotion. Puntos cannot be driven in indian summers. Fiat Punto is not value for money, I20 is any time better. I made a mistake by purchasing one , I recommend others[excluding FIAT fans] not to opt this one. I've given my car for servicing to Concorde Motors,Hyderabad. They say they've around 10 complaints from Punto and Linea owners as on TODAY[May 4 2010] . Lucky RIAZ !!!. Only ONE out of TEN cars from FIAT comes out with absolutely zero issues

  • ravi |19 May,2010 03:47:40 PM

    I bought linea act petrol. I am facing the same AC problem, on low speed in delhi summer, he AC trips and just doesnt work, its only when you drive above 40 Km/hr tha it gives cooling. workshop guys have no clue---i think it a manufacturing defect, and we should take hese guys to consumer court. they seem to know this problem but are hiding it. High time they accept and provide us a soluion. Interesting ly disel varient doesnt have his problem

  • Gaurav Sood |21 May,2010 06:10:51 PM

    I bought a FIAT Linea Petrol EMOTION model on 19th Dec 2010 from Metro Motors , Ambala Cantt. vide Inv. No.PCD/32008 . Chassis MCA 11071509010423 JPZ

  • ZIA |08 Jun,2010 10:55:15 PM

    M dam confused about linea is there any1 who say's that he is satisfy with this car,No complaint for A/C, pickup,mileage. If Yes please help me m planning 2 use this car.

  • nandan |16 Jun,2010 10:24:46 AM

    I too have Linea Emotion Pack from last September 2009. I would Like to state that: 1. Built quality of car is very poor. Car keps on squeeking and sqeeling from one part or other. 2. A/C is a major problem. Mine stopped working altogether. Got repaired, it does not function on any hot afternoon. (Problem with all linea nad punto, company should call back all its vechiles, for refitting.) 3. Low Ground Clearence. 4. Less then good buying experience. Feels like one has visited a govt. office. Yes but car has good pickup, speed and mileage. 5.

  • Ashish |01 Jul,2010 05:52:07 PM


  • Ashish |01 Jul,2010 05:52:36 PM


  • Mathew |08 Jul,2010 04:37:05 PM

    Thanks guy for the valid information,Next week i am supposed to book a fiat Linea Emotion .Now i need to rethink about it..

  • irfan_lv |12 Jul,2010 08:53:23 PM

    am gettting 1 year old linea dynamic in 5 lacs, 15k kilometers driven.... Is this deal worth?

  • Rajesh |15 Aug,2010 02:14:28 PM

    Should I buy Lenia or not.....

  • BHARAT PUROHIT |19 Aug,2010 11:21:37 PM

    Dear Friends and all readers, We have in the past 20 years brought all TATA Vehicle starting from Estate, Sierra,Sumo, Sierra New Version, Indiga, Indiga New Model and even Indigo. The are certain minor issues with them but the Services and Service Team of TATA is Best and they see that the Customer is Satisfied in all respects. I have brought other vehicles also but their service team is not upto the mark. And now i am buying LINEA for myself. I WOULD SAY THAT NORTH SOUTH EAST WEST TATA MOTORS IS THE BEST

  • Rahul |17 Sep,2010 12:01:06 PM

    I owe a Fiat Linea Emotion PK(Diesel).. Inside comfort of the car is very good.. But Pick Up is not very good(Compared to d price), Engine is very Noisy inside the car(at least it should not sound inside).. The Blue n Me service is good but sometimes it doesn't work.. Its Front Rims are always Black as its Disc sucks, and Mileage is also not very Good.. Automatic Climate control i.e A/C is good in cool seasons, But it Sucks in Summer.. Ground Clearance is less.. But driving this car feels like Luxury..

  • makarand |28 Nov,2010 06:11:55 PM

    What would be best buy amongst Honda City , Chevrolet Aveo 1.6, Hundai Verna or Fiat Linea. Out of the lot Fiat Linea is biggest in size and lowest in price ... What is your advise ??

    reena |30 Apr,2011 03:05:33 PM

    even i have the same issue, please advice????

    anand kashyap |23 Aug,2011 05:30:01 AM

    Do not buy Ur car with anyone's review or suggestion, its Ur money and it will be your car, i own a Linea not by choice but by destiny (i bought it with my hard earned money)but i can say i am in love with it, even my girl friend started loving it which at first she was upset from the very news i was going to buy a fiat, so my suggestion is go by yourself to the car which suits your pocket and which gives pleasure to your eyes and your family. Take a Test drive of each car in your price tag, test ride are free and all the dealers are bound to give that, otherwise you can complain to the company which belongs the showroom belongs too. Feel the comfort do not go for mileage as ever car gives almost the same as its competitors its just a matter of Fine Tuning of the engine. Thank your car every time you get down after a ride, it will never give you any problem unless you start neglecting it Best of luck for your car

  • Thamaya |30 Dec,2010 01:56:38 PM

    I hve planned to buy linea active even after reading all the problems customers are facing thinking it may not be there in all vehicles. I am not 100% happy buying this vehicle. The luxury it is providing for the money we are paying is worth the risk, i suppose. The milage of 12 km claimed by the dealers is good enough for a sedan, since all sedans are giving same milage. Still verna VTVT is still in the back of my mind.Test driving this vehicle gave me a luxury feeling, with no noise inside, good speed control, excellent braking without any pull to any side. i'll tell u more after driving it regularly. wish me luck...

  • dr naik pravin |09 Jan,2011 02:01:44 PM

    i also feel bad about poor performance of a/c ,low ground clearance and low pickup....about linea mjd diesel

  • deepak |21 Jan,2011 08:38:34 PM

    I have linea EM OK sinc the day i bought the car ,i am facing folllowing probles 1)Engine warning light followed by jerked driving and sut down of engin ein the mid of highway-fiat peope replace ECU problems get solved. 2)Center lock doesnt work properly-still facing 3)Bake gets jammed at slow speed-still facing 4)AC performance low-THEY UPGRADED it,noe performanc is better but at the time of 1st start in day,only hot air comes out of ducts till the temp stablises by setting it at 16 degrees.They ar not able to rectify it. 6)Blue & me sometimes create problem. 7)PICK up is worst FIAT REALLY SUCKS DEEPAK 09920934930

    piyush |26 Jun,2011 08:32:58 PM

    dear deepak, i own a emotion pack(petrol). i am facing the same jerking problem in my car.....can you advise me how you managed to solve the issue. regards piyush

    Siddanna S B |30 Aug,2011 11:53:20 PM

    I have a file legal case against FIAT as they are not able to solve the defects.

  • s.k.iyer |20 Apr,2011 07:54:43 PM

    was planning to buy the top end petrol model-but after reading buyer's experiences,I am put off.Tata does not give a damn for fiat vehicles,while enjoying sales of their own cars with fiat diesel engines.Typically our indian business attitude.Why should anyone pay big money to buy an uncertain product?

  • parag |12 Aug,2011 12:45:36 PM

    Actually i m looking for Fiat Linea as very good looking from outside, but the feedback for milage, pick up and comfort does not match with the price. So again I have to think for another car that the requirements match. Regards Parag

  • Vicky |26 Aug,2011 06:44:45 AM

    ooooohooooo,,,,, i was just abt to book fiat linea EP (petrol),,, luckily i found this link ,,lol,,, if we are goin to pay around 8lacs,,,nd get a car whose ac turns into cooler anytym with mileage of 7 ....gosh,,, !!!!.... nw i may look forward to verna or city....but i will read their reviews as well before deciding ;)

  • nvsraju |24 Dec,2011 07:53:46 PM

    fiat an italian company its best in quality and perfomance it is the owner of ferrari italy known for super cars so guys dont look back if u want to buy a fiat dont look back

  • pratap r |27 Apr,2012 02:27:44 PM

    yes, i to aggry because i purchased my vehicle in dec'2009 in storting the ac was very high but even after changed with desil kit also it is not giving much effecive is there any upgrade kindly suggst to replace

  • raman |26 Dec,2012 10:11:47 PM

    i planning tu parchase this car

  • Sudip Mandal |10 Jun,2013 04:28:22 PM

    I own a Fiat Linea Dynamic for almost 6 months now... and feel that it is a great car. Mine certainly has no a/c problems since it chills all passengers when the automatic is below 20 C. The Car has an average of 10 Kmpl with Ac on and is very comfortable and gives the feeling of driving a luxury sedan. It has a not so good pickup on 3rd gear but changed my driving to shift directly to 2nd when quick acceleration is needed especially while overtaking and on 2nd it has a very high acceleration. The engine is very silent and rarely ever heard with ac on. Managed to touch 165 Kmph on pune express highway with 5 passengers and full boot and still the car was rock steady with no vibration or noise, it inspires a lot of confidence at high speeds unlike verna, however the irony is that with its 1.4l engine and its massive size its top speed is not as high as one would like it to be, wish it would come with a 1.6 L or more variant. The only problem i have sometimes so far is with the reverse gear not always clicking in when shifted, but that also happens rarely. The Fiat service via Tata motors is however truly pathetic.

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