Punto(1) can be top performer among Fabia(2), i20(3), Polo(4), Swift(5), Figo(6)

By for Fiat Grande Punto 2009-2013 from NOIDA 2011-03-09 14:18:45.0
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Pros : Gr8 Looks, Best driving Confortability, Value for money, service reqd for 15000KM or 1 yr which less

Cons : Mileage of 12 in city(With AC) After first service, bit low pickup, interior looks to be upgraded

Look and Style Because of looks, I took this vehicle Comfort Better than fabia, polo, i20, swift, Figo Pickup not so gr8 Mileage 12 with AC in city after first service I have not tested on highways Best Features Best driving, handling, drive quality superb Very strong body u can go slow even at 4,5 gear Needs to improve Interior looks, Initial pickup Overall Experience This is my first vehicle and I have learnt driving also ......felt so good so far .. Lets see......my experience in coming yrs Iam not bothered about service centres because it requires service after 15000KM or 1 Yr which ever is less may be because of spare parts cost Maruthi, Hyundai may score better in terms of After sales.

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  • Mukesh |09 Mar,2011 07:45:01 PM

    Thanks for review. Punto is a good car but no way it could be better than i20 & Polo. Comfort is great in i20 & Polo than this... All the best for your car... Drive safe...

    Devinder |09 Mar,2011 08:18:14 PM

    I think the review is very honest . comparing the drive feel and the comfort any fiat car Palio( i had one in diesel still my favorite ) punto, Linea, even Uno beat any other hatch as far drive feel and comfort and safety is concerned . Fiat has improved its service levels. I had bad experience with there oldest dealer in Delhi Vivek Auto Fiat has stripped them of there dealership. They cannot sell fiat cars. It means Fiat is trying to improve there repo. I bought Punto diesel the car feels perfect for a driver . You just want to drive it. As far as the i20 and Polo is concerned Korean cars are a dabba and nothing else as maruti, Polo is good ,real good but engine noise and a feel of three cylinder is a point hard to digest that to at a premium cost ( extra 50000 compared to punto active MJD) Punto iam sure if supported by good service backup will definitely catchon in the market Congrats on your decision of buying a punto.

    Ramesh |10 Mar,2011 08:21:22 AM

    hi i20 no way.. i20's interiors are good..thats it..Just close all mirrors in punto and i20 then take drive u will see the difference. Punto is made up of strong body (huge metal) and just check doors of i20 and punto. then u will find the difference. In automobiles, quality wise no koreans can dominate Germans and Italians Polo can be comparable bit in quality but still punto leads. I can not write differences between polo and punto but take the boths ride check all the things ....Punto sales successed in almost every country but in India only it failed reach their expectations because of after sales Indian mentality

    sriram |10 Mar,2011 03:42:51 PM

    Hi Mukesh. Polo's comfort will not be get in any other hatches in India.. Its comfort is better than even Ford Fiesta, Honda Jazz... i20 is just another typical hyundai car with different look & dimension...

    sriram |10 Mar,2011 03:43:13 PM

    but surely i20 is better car than Punto...

    Devinder |12 Mar,2011 08:45:55 PM

    ye bhare ka sales man har jagah pahuch jata hai sriram

    feel heat |10 Apr,2011 07:10:18 PM

    no frnd punto is 1 of the best car.....great handling,supb drive quality...

    Nataraja |30 Jan,2013 03:07:19 PM

    i20 can be a never better then Punto i am sure

    nataraja |30 Jan,2013 03:12:32 PM

    No one can beat Punto in reliability

    Ramesh |12 Mar,2011 11:31:25 PM

    HI Sriram Who told u Punto is not luxurious car when i20, polo are luxuroius....Engine and quality wise dont bring i20 in to topic.

    Ramesh |12 Mar,2011 11:32:57 PM

    Punto is theft safe also and huge vehicle thats why its handling is best so far

    Rohit |03 Apr,2012 03:45:18 PM

    i20 is still spacious, but Polo? Its a cramped car. Ask the rear passengers of a Polo & a Punto. There's hardly any space in Polo, forget about comfort!

  • sriram |10 Mar,2011 03:39:58 PM

    It looks very funny when you say Punto is a better car than Polo. Polo is the best hatch available in India although the cost of maintenance is still unknown and expected to be on higher side... I would like to tell that i will never buy any cars from FIAT. Some one said above that Palio is a great car. Its funny.. U r the only person in india could have said that... Perhaps they will admit in the group of many people of old fashioned still believe & say that TATA cars are great.. They are in a few list of people in a FIAT group.. Come on dudes.. Punto is already a another failure model in India from FIAT... VW Polo is already attained a peak position and VW faces backlog due to huge demand and the waiting period is now over 4 months... Anyway Best of luck Punto....

    Lakshman |10 Mar,2011 04:31:54 PM

    hi I took Polo's Drive only once but I felt Punto is bit better in driving Comfortability, smooth (Can take huge holes smoothly), heavy vehicle. And price wise u need to pay 60K - 70K more on same variants from VV and FIAT.

    Lakshman |13 May,2011 08:08:27 AM

    hi sriram, U r fool to say funny, seems like you are sales person. I have seen ur reviews in polo every where. How its possible. Iam a cusomer, u can check from oberoi cars that in Jan I took this vehicle. CHECK LAST 10 YRS SALES IN EUROPE ALSO, U WILL FIND SALES OF POLO AND PUNTO. eACH VEHICLE HAS ITS OWN BEST FEATURES. PRICE WISE ALSO CHECK. iAM NOT SAYING polo IS BAD CAR. pOLO CAN BE BETTER IN INTERIOR LOOK THATS IT. OTHER THAN THAT U CAN NOT COMPARE WITH PUNTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VW brand is better Than FIAT, I Agreed but Punto is successfull vehicle from FIAT. WRITE THE CORRECT ONES!!!!!

    yk sharma |13 May,2011 08:11:51 AM

    sriram , i think u are a Polo lover, can u sit the back seat of polo , Gray top , half dashboard is black and beige , wow what a tree colored interiors in polo VW is a good reputation brand but in India the cheated us in Polo . Engine wise Polo has good and gear shift is best in class, but ASS is very weak and the biggest thing is behavior of VW personals in dealership , the are proudy and not good communicator. I visited almost 3 state dealerships. For Punto , do u know that Fiat is the 3rd largest car manufacturer in world? In India Fiat Is JV of 50-50 by Fiat and tata and Fiat is supplying it's 1248 cc diesel engine to Maruti (Swift, Ritz and Dezaire) and Tata (Vista and Manza) .

    rahul |27 May,2011 03:17:11 PM

    sriram dont compare hyundai cars to fiat and any other brand.............hyundai and honda are two car brands who are cheating indian consumers.................they are overpriced and dont have that quality value...............

    Lakshman |27 May,2011 05:28:31 PM

    Europian design is heavy vehicles with huge body weight and best safety features...Punto Kerb weight is 35 Kg more than Honda city. And atleast you can compare HOnda not Hyundai. Hyundai brand cheating people by huge price by attracting people interiro looks. German and Italy are king makers of Autos...........

    Nataraja |30 Jan,2013 03:09:47 PM

    If you cpmpare in all aspects Punto is the better then Polo

  • Lakshman |10 Mar,2011 04:32:59 PM

    60k - 70K more on Polo when compared to Punto

  • Lakshman |10 Mar,2011 04:35:11 PM

    1 Lac more for i20 When compared to Punto on same variants. THIS MAKES HUge difference also

  • sriram |10 Mar,2011 06:20:12 PM

    YES Lakshman, POLO & i20 are costlier than Punto. Because they are luxurious/premium hatchback cars.. Surely Punto is not as good as Polo. I also have made test drive in both... Comfort wise Polo is great.. Next to polo, Skoda Fabia is best in comfort. This is my opinion. Final car choice is yours :-)....

    priyangshu |10 Mar,2011 06:43:54 PM

    I20 is fabulous car which is the leader of the premium hetch segment.Its followed by polo and punto.I20 is most spacious car in the segment with a fabulous 1.4 cc diesel engine.Punto considering its engine same as swift its price is on higher side. I20 and polo top versions are not costlier considering the punto with 90bhp. As i20 CRDI is starting from a lesser price than punto 90bhp base variant.

    Lakshman |10 Mar,2011 07:21:14 PM

    HI 1. Swift engine is FIAT's engine not the one used in Punto. 2. Please check the dimesions of i20 and punto, Punto length is more than i20 and height of punto less compared to i20 3. Punto's 90HP is the Multi jet Diesel which already scored above Skoda Fabia version diesel. 4. I/No body wont agree ur point regarding price of i20 which is less compared to Punto. But i20 is also good one with nice interiors but costly.

    Lakshman |10 Mar,2011 07:22:53 PM

    May be... When I took drive of Polo and skoda I was new learner

    Lakshman |10 Mar,2011 07:25:07 PM

    May be... When I took drive of Polo and skoda I was new learner

  • manay agrawal |10 Mar,2011 11:52:59 PM

    i am looking for new car but confuse between ritz and punto which will be best performer please help me

    sriram |11 Mar,2011 11:41:23 AM

    Hi Many, Punto is a better car than Ritz... You have other better options than Punto.... Decide as per your budget...

    Devinder |12 Mar,2011 08:49:40 PM

    kitni salary pe hai ye Sriram

  • Lakshman |11 Mar,2011 11:04:56 AM

    UNdoubtedly Punto

  • Devinder |12 Mar,2011 09:07:37 PM

    My friends have a good test drive of all the cars. If you decide only on the basis of a test drive ( figo polo indica swift or i20 ) in diesel specially. You will be forced to buy punto. Now other points to go for punto ( esp. for Sriram) 1.Four cylinder 16 valve DOHC multijet world renowned engine even powers 20 lac car from FIAT fiat 500. 2.Best in class torque of 197nm @ 1750 rpm polo 160 @ 2200 rpm. 3.My brand new car is giving 17.5 on city roads. 4.50 months warranty ( no extended warranty available for german baby with no free services.) 5.best in safety. 6.best in looks 7. highest wheel base in its class. 8.best features even in the base model. 9. polo top end has internal adjust mirror manual and no steering control with no bluetooth and a three cylinder let down engine same as punto base model active other than its great multijet engine i think its a shame on German car. forget about the resale i got 1.35lac for my 41/2 years old palio 1.25 lac km driven.

  • mangesh |13 Mar,2011 04:46:58 PM

    hey after reading all reviews i'm planning to buy PUNTO ACTIVE DIESEL.But more worried about mileage in normal city with ac and without a.c. but only want clear advice. No advice from promotor of this company or other.please suggest me as too many people from other company are behind to sell their product but we as a customer should not get fooled....i dont have habit of changing vehicles regularly...

    Devinder |13 Mar,2011 05:15:16 PM

    hai Mangesh this is Devinder just disposed my Palio 1.9d wanted to buy a hatch other than Fiat seriously. Took test drive of Figo, Polo and Punto Figo gives a fell of a very raw car. I mean the cabin noise, clutch/suspension jerk. The car will vibrate when switched on. to much unnecessary red led in the dashboard. Pricing of the car is attractive but feels like a compromise. rejected Polo a class car my brother bought one with great excitement the top end for 7.25 plus on road. He didn't knew that bluetoth in top end is missing. A serious let down . A three cylinder engine hard to take. Manual adjust side view mirrors. no steering audio controls these are basic top end features every brand is offering. Icing on the cake NO EXTENDED WARRANTY . I was pushed to take test drive of Punto Will not talk about top end feature list pls chk if you are interested. Punto active has good basic features. 1. Mobile charger 2. Front power window 3. Centre lock keyless entry now available from fiat and Auto - copp . 4. int. adjust side view mirror. Average calculator / Speed alarm / door open alarm . Tilt steering. Now ESSENTIALS :- 50 MONTH ROADSIDE AND CAR WARRANTY (peace of mind) Best in class average 17.5 kmpl in city with AC ( this depends on your driving skills) take a turn on 120 km/hr on this car and you will realise the balance of the car. Suspension excellent. I think features were enough for me to buy a fiat again ColourTuscan Wine. i hope this will help you . if you want to talk, let me know

    sriram |12 Apr,2011 12:42:23 PM

    hi devinder, the reason for Polo's higher price is becasue it is better built than Punto.... Polo top end dont have Bluetooth. Will you buy car for Bluetooth or better build, comfort & luxury. Punto is not a luxury car... Take a drive of all at the same time with a good judger.. Then you will know which is best. Make Stand Punto & Polo at the same place & ask people which looks better.. Also read all reviews of polo & punto comparision which are available in youtube... FIAT is always just a ordinary FIAT car makers...

    Lakshman |14 Mar,2011 11:58:11 AM

    hi Mangesh When u r taking Diesel version, no need to worry abt mileage. But Punto Diesel one which is Multi Jet Engine is well proven vehicle. What I suggest u is when u r going for other than maruthi, Hyundai then better to take every thing factory fitted. Because in January I took Punto, then many suggested this thing. Better is Emotion, Where no single paisa to be invested except petrol (Includes music system, keyless entry, fog lamp, ....).Now decide ur Budget. 50 - 60KK difference in active and diesel. In Punto, u r going to get exact mileage as company claimed after first service and in Highways bit more what my experience Iam writing.

  • mangesh |15 Mar,2011 12:23:22 AM

    hanks Devinder ande Lakshman for your valuable suggetions. earlier i was planning to buy indica drivejet as having fiat engine only. but the size of tyre was smaller than punto, my budget was approx 5 lac but i extended it little more and opted for base version of punto. cant afford to have bigger versions. But still can feel the drive of fiat production. my another worry for punto was resale value after 4-5 years as fiat cars generally dont give proper value. But the tie up with TATAs should give the proper price. i asked for central locking from company as it is difficult to fit it outside due to function of immobiliser. it conflicts with outside central locking.i requested company fellows to sort the matter with company engineers.i'm getting almost all fittings done from company only. Wanted proper user reply and i think it is satisfactory from ur advice.I was worried about the decision taken to buy PUNTO as my family members were tensed for my decision. They say that PUNTO is not getting market as it should have. But you just supported my decision.so joining the family of PUNTO.

    Devinder |17 Mar,2011 09:22:55 PM

    hai mangesh great decision dont worry you will feel great once you start driving the car. one advice for people like us buying active version. i got the useless JK TYRE(165/70/R14) changed with wider good year duraplus 185/70/R14 paid extra cost of just Rs.6000 and got the feel of Emotion pack version which are riding on wider tyres. today i feel its a great decision. Central locking of fiat for 8000/- and Blue tooth stereo from pioneer. my active version is no less than a emotion pack. all the best

  • Rahul |01 Apr,2011 02:18:48 PM

    hi all, I bought my punto 4 months back Emotion 1.2.After 4 months i need to say that a great experience to drive her around. Stylish classy spacious comfortable.Only thing i'm not comfortable with her Pick up but its ok when she can give u around 12 Km/Ltr with AC.If any one ask me to drive any of her rivals or any small cars i buy the key with a bit of stress that i feel bit uncomfortable with their less solidity & handling when comparing my machine . I recommencement if you are looking for a solid stylish hatchback.

    Rohit |03 Apr,2012 04:12:14 PM

    I totally agree with you! I drive a 1.2 Emotion as well & it returns a mileage of 13 in Delhi. Even smaller & so-called fuel efficient cars like i10 give the same mileage, so what's the point in buying a Tin can? Better look for the sturdy Punto! Luv my Punto boy in black! Still gets people's heads turn since I bought it in 2010. ;)

  • vinod |06 Apr,2011 02:42:00 AM

    which car to buy punto or skoda?i heard fists after sale service is poor is it true????????

    yk sharma |13 May,2011 07:54:11 AM

    Punto Has service network of Tata , and skoda has own, but skoda have only one dealership in rajasthan and Tata has more then 10 dealers in my state. Service intervals are 15000 in both , u deside... !

    Rohit |03 Apr,2012 04:17:57 PM

    Ask Sokda owners in Delhi. Its the worst! Honestly, you can even check out on the web, user reviews for Skoda's after sales. My Punto has been through all 3 first free services & I never had a problem with Tatas yet.

  • vinod |06 Apr,2011 02:42:42 AM

    which car to buy punto or skoda?i heard fiats after sale service is poor is it true????????

    Lakshman |06 Apr,2011 02:02:19 PM

    If u r going for diesel then punto Multijet preferable. If u r going for petrol then check ur budget since skoda costs 50K more I think. I suggest good car is skoda fabia incase of petrol. Now Tata service centers providing service to fiat. No need to worry. But skoda brand!!!!!!!!!

    vinod |06 Apr,2011 06:04:55 PM

    thanks for reply.i want petrol version.i heard that skoda petrol version has some engine problem as it has 3 cylinders.how in hyundai i20 asta petrol as compared to skoda petrol???

  • Lakshman |06 Apr,2011 02:03:13 PM

    But No car can beat punto in looks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • vinod |06 Apr,2011 06:05:43 PM

    thanks for reply.i want petrol version.i heard that skoda petrol version has some engine problem as it has 3 cylinders.how is hyundai i20 asta petrol as compared to skoda petrol???

    xx |10 Apr,2011 07:17:58 PM

    hey go for punto

  • Lakshman |07 Apr,2011 11:10:29 AM

    One of my frnd took Hyundai i20 asta which is fully loaded costs around 6.4 lac...Now depends on ur budget

  • karan |13 Apr,2011 05:10:05 PM

    punto is a good car but can't compare wth swift (1)swift,(2)punto,(3)polo,(4)i20,(5)figo.

  • balakrishna |31 May,2011 08:28:38 PM

    punto is class better than swift and figo. just test drive and feel the difference dude. i m buying it within a week.

  • Abhishek |14 Jul,2011 10:32:15 AM


  • joshy |09 Aug,2011 08:01:27 PM

    Better valve for money, drive quality go for punto.....bcause its diesal base variants gives more features than other companies..... Make a test drive,then vil feel d difference Money is yours and it has greater value.....so take a better decision as per your requirement..... Cheers 2 life....

  • Ram |11 Sep,2011 03:50:23 PM

    Definitely Punto is a good diesel hatch back among other hatchs in indian market. It has a robust diesel engine which is not comparable with others. Good european(italian) looks and more stylisy. This is a successful car in europe since 90's. do you tell me about polo. I dont believe,polo is a head than punto ever ???

  • HEM |15 Sep,2011 04:21:42 PM

    HI all ! want to buy a diesel hatch back car.. but confused between swift, polo & punto. i read the article & decide to buy punto. but still not sure, i need ur help guys, seriously. need a detail comparision between these three. HELP

  • abhishek |27 Oct,2011 06:56:51 PM

    punto is value for money car.

  • shamaknt dange |09 Nov,2013 04:24:36 PM

    I have purchased Fiat punto 1.3 multijet emotion car in Feb 2013. The car is nice looking , car has given me milage on highways around 22km/lit with A.C. Car has good ground clearance of 185mm handles bad road better, built quality of car is superior. Punto is a driver's car.I tink punto is one of the best hatch back in India compare to other Hatchbacks

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