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can we use CNG in ford figo diesel exi

Published On : May 22, 2011 sanjay patel
Category : Fuels
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Yes you can fit a CNG kit to the Figo.
By Arun on Sunday, May 22, 2011 9:33:19 AM
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  • If any probles in the Alto K10 when we fit the LPG Kit

    Published On :Oct 26, 2016 By Arun
    Category : Gas-prices

    You can install LPG kit in your Maruti Alto K10. There is no harm in this, however, we would recommend that if your monthly run is more than 1500 kms, then go for LPG. In addition to this, you have to sacrifice with the power to get more fuel economy. If you plan to install the LPG kit,please make sure that the LPG/CNG kit that you are installing is RTO approved. Also the dealer that you are fitting the kit from should also be RTO approved. If you get it installed from some other sources, then it may hamper the warranty. Please click here to know more abut CNG kits and there types.

  • i want details alto k10 cng maintance in every 10000km

    Published On :Oct 20, 2016 By Arun
    Category : Gas-prices

    The total maintenance cost of Maruti Alto k10 (CNG variants) will be approximately INR 22,408 for six years. Engine Oil and Oil filter will be changed at 10000 kms that will cost somewhere around INR 1,415.

    Please click here to see the detailed analysis of service/maintenance cost. Moreover, you may also get in touch with the authorised Maruti service station for the same. Click here to find authorised Maruti service stations in your city. Don't forget to select your city in the drop down list.

  • Is there is any advantage using Speed petrol or Speed Diesel

    Published On :Oct 18, 2016 Riju
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    Ordinary petrol has an octane number around 85. Speed petrol has an octane number of around 93 or even higher. Higher octane number is required when compression ratio of the engine is higher. Because of higher octane number pre-ignition is avoided. Thus giving a better performance. Sports vehicles have higher compression ratio. Hence the drivers of these use Speed petrol.

    In an ordinary engine, speed petrol might not have that big of an advantage but as compression ratio increases one requires a petrol which can cope up.

    High Speed Diesel has good cetane number 56-60 whereas normal diesel has cetane number ranging from 45-55. So, High Speed Diesel have better combustion thereby achieving good performance as well as cleaner emissions. Now a days, High Speed Diesel has special additives that even cleans the carbon deposits on fuel injector.

    Hi-Speed Diesel contains detergents that enhance combustion through a process of cleaning up of fuel injectors that are blocked with harmful deposits. This improves spray pattern and prevents the injectors from "dribbling" with diesel. These detergents not only clean the injectors but also prevent the formation of new deposits making it work as good as new. HSD is normally used as a fuel for high speed diesel engines operating above 750 r.p.m. i.e. buses, lorries, generating sets, locomotive, pumping sets etc. Gas Turbines requiring distillate fuels normally make use of HSD as fuel.

  • nuvo sports n6 fuel average in city

    Published On :Oct 18, 2016 By Arun
    Category : Diesel

    Mahindra NuvoSport N6 (Diesel) variant will give you the mileage of 13.8 kmpl in city whereas 17.45 kmpl on highways. It is that fuel economy which the brand claims. However, the actual mileage cannot be determined. It can vary, depending upon the factors like environmental conditions, way of driving etc.

    Please click here to see the specifications of Mahindra NuvoSport. 






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