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Ford Figo - Always stylish

Published On Oct 17, 2012 By Rahul for Ford Figo 2015-2019

Figo in Italian means cool, and to make a fashion statement Ford initially launched it in Squeeze colour, with an option of coral red interior.  With a mid-life facelift due, Ford continued with its fashion trend on the Figo and enhanced its existing appeal. Ford claims to have made the existing Figo even better in the facelift version. Dig deeper as we share our initial impressions of the facelift Figo that we drove in the night.

Ford Figo


Ford Figo

There are a few changes on the external design. The Figo now gets a new trapezoidal front grille that is similar to that on the EcoSport. Even the headlamp design has now been changed. This new front grille design is the Kinetic Design Version 2.0, and will be the face of the upcoming Fords in India. 

Ford Figo

The silhouette remains untouched, while some extra sparkle is added with the new alloy wheels. At the rear, only the tail lamp design has been changed. Also, now the Squeeze green colour has been discontinued and Yellow, kinetic blue like young and trendy colours have been introduced. 


Ford Figo

The interiors of the Figo have seen some subtle upgrades. Now, there is a steering column mounted audio controls stock. The music system now also gets USB-connectivity. The instrument panel is also offered in Riviera Blue shade. Ford states to have picked up this colour, from the fashion industry. The seats also get the same sort of blue fabric holstery, to have a uniform pattern across the interiors. The blue interior trim is optional, so you can pick the black one, if you are looking for something that is sober.

Ford Figo

Other than this, the remaining kit on the inside remains identical. The space is definitely one of the best in class in both the rows with large and comfortable front row seats. The second row has ample of space for your knees, however to our dismay the thigh support could have been a tad better. The 284 litres of boot is large for its size and has easy loading.

Ford Figo

Engine and Transmission:

The car still comes with the same two engines: 1.2-litre petrol mill, while the second is the Ford India’s most widely used 1.4-litre oil burner. Ford claims to have fine-tuned the engine for better performance, however we didn’t find a major difference in the diesel we drove. The low end torque felt wee-bit better than the older Figo, and that’s about it. We couldn’t get our hands on the petrol mill.

Ford Figo

The difference was felt majorly in the third gear, as the engine pulled cleanly without much of a struggle. The 1.4-litre DuraTorq has always been a gem of an engine and one of the best to look upto. This engine has one of the best drivability when compared to the under 1.5-litre oil burners. Despite being 68bhp, the need for more power isn’t felt and the car can potter around in the city and the highway. When out on an open road, it doesn’t feel out of steam like many other B segment cars. You can’t call it swift, but it is good enough to hustle around.

Ford Figo

Ford states that the gearbox has gone through some alterations and this can be felt. The shifts are more precious and shorter. The box doesn’t feel notchy or rubbery and we liked the way it engaged with a gentle push. Even the ratios like before, are well altered for city and highway driving as one can drive in a higher cog without straining the engine.

Driving Dynamics:

The Figo’s handling characteristics have always been good, just like any other Ford. The flexibility of the chassis makes it fun to drive around twisty roads and turns. The composure through bends and under braking is good and even the heavy steering wheel comes handy— further inspiring the driver’s confidence.

Ford Figo

The ride is a tad stiffer than one’s liking. The thud noise is loud when you go through a pothole, but the good bit is that not much of the shocks are transferred into the cabin. The suspension does a pretty good job of absorbing them and keeping the occupants intact. Even the MRF tyres roar on uneven road surfaces and interlock roads.


Figo changed the fortunes of Ford in India, not just because it was a mass volume product, but also because it is a good value for money proposition. Not only does it have space and sufficient power, but even frugal engines. Also, with the increase in localisation, the ownership cost has also seen a reduction.

Ford Figo

As an overall package, the Figo has always been a good value for money product. Now, Ford has embellished a couple of more bells and whistles to its bucket and not hiked its price. This further enhances, the proposition of the Figo and makes the customer happy that every bit of his moolah invested comes back.

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