Maruti Swift Dzire 2014-2017 User Reviews

Maruti Swift Dzire 2014-2017
Rs.5.23 - 8.58 Lakh*
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Maruti Swift Dzire 2014-2017 User Reviews

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  • for ZXI

    Lion of Indian Vehicle( Swift Dzire)

    This is the top classic vehicle, from Maruti, smooth driving system best mileage, good control systems, smooth running, music system very nice, I have driven continuously from Mumbai to Rajapalaym (between normal gap) steering wheel very good, dikky space very big, only one headlight is very poor, tyre good, engine is very smooth no sound, high pow...Read More

    By rajeev s nair
    On: Feb 28, 2017 | 2116 Views
  • for ZXI

    Nice car with compromised safety

    It's our 1st family car and I have driven it extensively through Western Ghats, Hyderabad - Pune Highways, Hyd - Mysuru Highways, through ghat road of Ooty. Have enjoyed to the fullest. Drives during Nights are challenging but thrilling. I have clocked more than 10K KMs in 4 months and done with 1st major servicing with oil change. Exterior Exterio...Read More

    By janhamamu
    On: Feb 09, 2017 | 325 Views
  • for ZDI

    Value for Money

    Hello all, I bought a Maruti Swift Dzire this year in January and though to share my experience on the car so that others can benefit out of it. To start with I would first compliment the company for having thought of perfectly to fulfill an Indian's desire. The car is a great performer on all fronts be it mileage, the comfort it gives while drivin...Read More

    By rithik kushwah
    On: Jan 27, 2017 | 81 Views
  • for ZDI

    Value for Money

    This is Ricky from New Delhi, after a long tenure of waiting period, I finally got my Swift Dzire Vdi. I would say that the looks of Maruti Swift Dzire are so- so. Maruti Suzuki could have made it more sporty and curvy like other competing cars. Comfort: Interior comforts of Maruti Swift are very good. Fabric upholstery and plastics used are of fin...Read More

    By rithik kushwah
    On: Jan 24, 2017 | 58 Views
  • for VDI

    Dzire-Need Of Every Home

    When we talk about cars, we want to buy. then we want to have the best one in less price, now the best one here means which is spacious with the best mileage along with comfort and look. then for such want swift dzire is the best one. space inside the car is enough for a long journey that won't make you suffocated when we talk about satisfaction, s...Read More

    By patel bharatkumar
    On: Jan 22, 2017 | 67 Views
  • for VDI

    Nice car

    So it has been 4 years since I am driving the is VDI(diesal).i have drive around 750000 I consider my self-eligible to write this review.first of all let me start with the brand Maruti. it is well establish brand and having services in the farthest no ques on credibilty of brand. now let me rate the interiors of the car .a...Read More

    By varun
    On: Jan 22, 2017 | 63 Views
  • for VDI

    Swift Dzire: A car every Indian 'Desires' to have

    My father bought Swift Dzire in the month August 2009. We family of 4 discussed and finalized this car within 1 day and waited for this for almost 7 months due to the waiting period. A car with loads of desires like and to be very specific why every Indian and every lower and middle class can afford this car are mentioned below- 1. Excellent Price ...Read More

    By anchit mukesh jain
    On: Jan 20, 2017 | 241 Views
  • for ZXI

    Maruti Swift Dzire : My first car that take me to rendezvous

    Maruti Swift Dzire has stormed the sedan market in India since its launch. I bought the car in 2016 and I am quite satisfied with its performance. The entry level hatch Swift Dzire is decent in terms of comfort and looks and as far as the price point is concerned. I was very impressed with its Stylish looks and upmarket interiors with facilities of...Read More

    By keyur
    On: Jan 20, 2017 | 66 Views
  • for VDI

    My Dezire review

    Exterior Looks are very good, sangria red and Magma gray color are super. Interior (Features, Space & Comfort) Interior is ok, however, driver arm rest is not there in VXI, ample space for keeping water bottles, music system is good. Leg room for driver seat is sufficient, for rear passengers may face some problems or feel congested. Engine Per...Read More

    By mahesh
    On: Jan 18, 2017 | 60 Views
  • for VDI Optional

    Swift DZire VDI: Nice Car More Value to Money Invested!

    I have bought this car in the month of May Swift DZire VDI(0) Manual Transmission. The car performance is excellent, Engine is very smooth. Coming to Power while driving in highway it is giving more performance even no noise inside the cabin. Fuel economy is very excellent, in long drive I got 20KM/PL Its very satisfactory in Fuel economy. One of t...Read More

    By kannan
    On: Jan 16, 2017 | 66 Views
  • for LDI Optional

    Swift Dzire -My first Car - Review

    I have Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire ought in April 2016. The car is just awesome. No maintenance till date.As per general review very less maintenance in future also as compare to other cars in the same range.Mileage as desired. Car is having nice comfort,nice look and rough. The Car is suitable in city as well as in village also.There is no...Read More

    By sharad sanap
    On: Jan 16, 2017 | 55 Views
  • for VXI Optional

    Excellent car

      Very good car.i have travelled 750 km continuously with out any problem and mileage around 18+ km. i am fan of Maruti cars. previously i used alto and wagon r (vxi)Read More

    By pramod
    On: Jan 14, 2017 | 37 Views
  • for LDI

    Best Car in All segments

    Maruti Swift Desire is a perfect car. It gives you a content. Service it in time and then there is no hassle. KPL is also good. Its RPM, torque, Power and ground clearance is one of the best not only in its segment but others also. It colors and interior are unique. When one drives the car its spacious and beautiful interiors give the person a feel...Read More

    By roshan murari
    On: Jan 14, 2017 | 41 Views
  • for LXI Optional-O

    Swift dzire LXI O

    Bought on 18 February 2016 Kms done 9540kms in 11 months. servicing is not so good. Exterior- Looks are very good, sangria red decent and official look. Interior - it is ok, however ample space for keeping water bottles, Leg room for driver seat is sufficient, for rear passengers may face some problems or feel congested because of height and leg sp...Read More

    By srinath
    On: Jan 13, 2017 | 47 Views
  • for VDI Optional

    Is is good? Yes, yes, yes!!!!!

    Recently, my mates and I were out on a tiny road trip. Tiny, because it didn't even cover 200 kilometers to and fro. And it even felt smaller because of the typically bad Indian road conditions and the usual dab of chaotic traffic. Now, not to be a pedantic pessimist, but the roads were appallingly disturbing and we all agreed on the fact that we w...Read More

    By luit azaan
    On: Jan 13, 2017 | 60 Views
  • for LXI

    A nice and spacious car

    A nice and spacious car. However, its feel in the car can be much better. Further, the company can also work on the milage. Further, the company should also work towards its durability. K-series engine works well at the start and kicks well once the car crosses 40 kmph. The car upholstery can be better. None the less a nice car with a limited budge...Read More

    By kiran
    On: Jan 12, 2017 | 37 Views
  • for VDI

    Best comfort and best deesign

    Great Mileage - Great suspension - Good wheelbase - Better service centers available - Cheaper maintenance Cons: - Cheap plastic and material - poor dashboard - poor body material - Boot space is less than competitors - Power torque missing Swift Dzire is simply great, but if they improve on below that is most selling again 1. Day time LED like bal...Read More

    By satyam singh
    On: Jan 12, 2017 | 36 Views
  • for ZXI

    Dzire-ZXI....Fulfills ur Desire to Drive with Comfort

    My Dzire - ZXI , is the completely packed vehicle which gives me a reason to drive with Pleasure & Comfort while on Official Trip or on Family Vacation.....

    By vishal vohra
    On: Jan 12, 2017 | 47 Views
  • for ZXI

    My second car

    This is the 2nd car I am buying, previously I had Hyundai I20 which lacks in many aspects if your Hyundai I20 crosses 50K Km then it is a indicator to sell the Hyundai I20 becoz after that you have to change suspension and etc so overall you can drive Hyundai I20 to 50k Km and it is not advisable to own it after 50K Km.. But when I bought Swift dzi...Read More

    By narayanan
    On: Jan 06, 2017 | 73 Views
  • for VXI

    My first Dzire

    I bought the car three years ago and I am quite satisfied with its performance. It is decent in terms of comfort and looks and as far as the price point is concerned. I was very impressed with its looks and upmarket interiors. Swift dzire, despite being a hatchback is quite spacious and we three adults were able to fit in quite comfortably in the b...Read More

    By adi
    On: Jan 06, 2017 | 42 Views
  • for VXI

    Excellent Entry level sedan

    I purchased Dzire VXi in Bangalore by last year. I had an old Santro earlier, so wanted to go for the entry level sedan for which I preferred Dzire. After the purchase in 1 year, I have covered 15000 kms which include 15% city and 85% highway. Exterior has no major changes (in VXI and VDI) when compared to the old Dzire other than retractable OVRM,...Read More

    By kaleem
    On: Jan 05, 2017 | 47 Views
  • for LXI Optional-O

    Stunning Performance and Delightful Experience

    After driving to Maruti Wagon-R for quite a year, I started looking for a car in a compact sedan category which gives extended comfort for my extended family. My search goes for Amaze, Xcent, Ameo, Baleno and segment favorite Dzire. My concern is not only good on the comfort, style, performance but on the pricing too which comprises Price, After sa...Read More

    By vikas
    On: Jan 04, 2017 | 38 Views
  • for VDI

    My car__ my love ... A dream come true..

    I remember that day when I purchased my car. I was happy that day because my dream came true. I am totally happy with my swift dzire. This car is very fuel efficient and in the budget also... and a very cheap service. That is why I love my car.Read More

    By ishu singla
    On: Jan 04, 2017 | 37 Views
  • for VXI

    Swift history

    The Suzuki Swift is a subcompact car produced by Suzuki in Japan since 2000. Prior to this, the "Swift" nameplate had been applied to the Suzuki Cults in numerous export markets.The Suzuki Swift began in 1985 as a marketing and manufacturing rebadge of the Suzuki Cults, a super mini (or subcompact) manufactured and marketed worldwide across three g...Read More

    By asif khan
    On: Jan 03, 2017 | 32 Views
  • for LXI Optional-O

    Swift Dzire- City Car 11 months review

    I am driving this car from last 11 months, as the name suggest Swift Dzire, Dzire add more pleasure to the swift. Car looks more sporty and fun to drive as compare to old swift dzire. Balanced look between bold for elder and sexy for a youngster. Compact looks and spacious interiors are combinations hard to achieve. Availability of color choice is ...Read More

    By kush malik
    On: Dec 28, 2016 | 47 Views
  • for VXI

    Successfull Choice

    Our opinion for buying a Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire was very much correct it has fulfilled all our desires and such an wonderfull experience while driving with so ease and comfortRead More

    By madhav
    On: Dec 28, 2016 | 29 Views
  • for VDI

    Best and cheapest car for the LONG RUN

    Hi there fellow member, This is the review about my car MARUTI SUZUKI SWIFT DZIRE (DEC-2011) I have been driving this car for more than enough time but I can say without any regret,this is the best car in its class with unmatched performance and highly efficient engine which has greater shelf life and peppy, easy and fun to drive engine in any cond...Read More

    By barinder
    On: Dec 26, 2016 | 40 Views
  • for LDI

    Very useless Family Car

    Hello sir'' Maruti swift zxi is a very bad car in India because this car has a local has many problem.there is no imprint engine name.some swift car has Suzuki engine. some of the cars local engine.why this differ when car body s are same, but the engine is you know the answer? please tell me sir. because I have swift zx...Read More

    By pandian
    On: Dec 26, 2016 | 89 Views
  • for LXI

    Good Vehicle for use and after use

    Swift is a vehicle of choice when it comes to buying a car for Indian conditions swift always stands out from the rest of the cars in terms of mileage, comfort, revalues. It is one of the most liked cars all over India. When I bought my swift I had a lot of options but I chose swift just because of the service centers. Although the main focus is re...Read More

    By santhosh
    On: Dec 24, 2016 | 37 Views
  • for ZXI

    Excellent Car from Heaven

    This is the car you should be use in your life one time , Heavenly car it's my experience in India you are getting best class sedan car with excellent interiors and features , you can feel all the luxuries in Maruti Swift Dzire.Thanks& Regards,Vijayakumar Pillai,9909958732.Read More

    By vijayakumar pillai
    On: Dec 22, 2016 | 40 Views
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