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Delhi Govt To Lift Ban From Retro-fitting CNG Kits in ‘In-Use’ Cars Now

Published On Sep 29, 2016 02:15 PM By Alshaar

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The Delhi government finally seems to have caved in to the demands of CNG kit manufacturers as it’s preparing to revoke the ban on the retrofitting of these kits in ‘in-use’ cars, it said on Wednesday. In line with the move, the transport department will soon launch a software that will keep records of the sold kits.

“Government will revoke its ban on retrofitting of CNG kits (in-use cars) in next few days. An online system is being created for retrofitting CNG kits,” the state’s transport minister Satyendar Jain said while addressing the media. 

Members of the Association for CNG kit manufacturers, Distributors and Retro-fitment Centres have staged demonstrations outside the Delhi Secretariat demanding immediate revocation of the ban on retrofitting of these kits in ‘in-use’ cars. They have protested that the ban has affected their livelihood for the last three months.

“For the last three months, there is no work of retrofitting of CNG kits which is affecting our livelihood. People doing this business have the fundamental rights to earn their livelihood, and government cannot snatch the fundamental right by issuing such order,” Association spokesperson Yousuf Kareem said.

The software being developed by the transport department will now require CNG kit importers, distributors and retro-fitment centres to provide all details of the sold items. They will have to upload these details on the software in order to regulate the sale of the kits.

The Delhi transport department had imposed a blanket ban on the retrofitment of CNG kits in all cars in June, in the view of some CNG kit manufactures supplying “unapproved and uncertified” CNG fuel kits. However, it later came to lift this ban on the registration of new CNG kit-fitted cars, last month.

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