MG Gloster: Dissecting The SUV’s First-In-Class Tech Features

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The Gloster’s brawn is matched by its brain as MG has given the SUV several segment-first (and -best) tech features, including advanced connected car and autonomous driving tech

Butch, luxurious, tech-laden - these are descriptors that we in India rarely string together in the same sentence when talking about an SUV. It’s almost always a case of either this or that. Up until now, that is. 

That’s because MG Gloster owns those qualities by offering a package that is unlike anything seen on Indian roads before. Its huge size is complemented by strong and clean lines, while its luxurious interior space is akin to a presidential suite compared to rivals. 

But the Gloster’s technology is where you pause with the comparative and start talking in the superlative. Here’s how MG, with several segment-first tech features, has made the Gloster the smartest full-size SUV you can buy in India: 

12.3-inch HD Infotainment System 

The MG Gloster is the longest and tallest SUV in its class while also offering the longest wheelbase, but the bragging rights don’t end there. The interior gets a 12.3-inch touchscreen HD infotainment system, the largest in its class. 

The large size not only makes it easier for you to operate the infotainment but also offers a better content consumption experience, a much-needed boon on days when traffic is slow. Speaking of content consumption, the system pairs with your smartphone through Android Auto or Apple CarPlay to let you control music playback, live map navigation, and even phone calls. 

If you’re a music buff, you’ll especially enjoy the Gloster’s dynamic sound quality put out by a 12-speaker system, another area where the SUV sets the segment benchmark.   

MG i-Smart 2.0

But size is not the infotainment system’s main forte. That acclaim goes to the internet suite powering the device, i.e. MG i-Smart 2.0. The i-Smart internet suite has been one of MG’s biggest calling cards and in its latest avatar, it’s more feature-packed than ever before. 

It now comes with an i-Smart app for the Apple Watch, helping you control several functions of the Gloster remotely through your smartwatch. You can also use MG’s smartphone app to do the same by remotely controlling the Gloster’s sunroof, AC, doors and windows, seat heating and lights. 

Taking the convenience factor a notch higher is i-Smart’s voice recognition feature. By simply saying ‘Hello MG’ and uttering any one of the 100+ voice commands, you can control most of the Gloster’s tech and multimedia functions without moving an inch. In addition to offering an immersive driving experience, this also ensures your safety isn’t compromised by letting you keep your eyes firmly on the road ahead. 

That said, i-Smart takes care of your safety not just passively but in an active way too. For instance, it’s loaded with safety features such as overspeed alert, critical tyre pressure voice alert, Find My Car, Geofencing, E-Call, and I-Call. Find My Car comes in handy to locate your Gloster on occasions when you park it hurriedly and don’t remember where. Geofencing, on the other hand, alerts you via the smartphone when your Gloster leaves a preset perimeter. 

While those two features ensure the SUV’s safety, E-Call and I-Call have been designed by MG with your safety in mind. For instance, the E-Call feature automatically sends a message with your location details to MG’s 24x7 Pulse Hub whenever your Gloster’s airbags are triggered. With I-Call, you can manually contact the Pulse Hub for help in any situation, no matter where you are in India. 

MG ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System)

The Gloster’s tech is not restricted to only the occupant’s comfort, convenience, and safety. MG has also used tech to make the Gloster’s driving experience unmatched in its class. Leading from the front here is MG’s ADAS which offers a sneak peek at what the future of autonomous driving holds. 

For instance, the tech takes cruise control as we know it and makes it more intelligent. Known as Adaptive Cruise Control, it helps you relax on the highways by automatically keeping your Gloster at a safe distance from the vehicle in front. If the latter slows down, so does your Gloster. And when it picks up speed, so does your Gloster, up until the SUV reaches your preferred cruising speed. 

Lane Departure Warning is a virtual pea-shooter that alerts you whenever the Gloster departs its designated lane. Similarly, the Front Collision Warning raises an alarm if an immobile object is in your Gloster’s path. And if this alarm doesn’t evoke a timely reaction from the driver, the SUV’s Automatic Emergency Braking tech applies the brakes faster than most humans can. 

The MG Gloster’s ADAS is useful right up to the point at which your drive ends. That’s because the SUV gets an Automatic Parking Assist feature, wherein the Gloster steers itself into a parking spot on its own. The SUV’s ultrasonic sensors detect a parking spot, after which it parallel parks itself without any human intervention. Beat that! 

Butch, Luxurious, Smart – The Perfect Package

Getting ahead of your competitors is one thing, but to do so by setting a benchmark that can give even higher-priced vehicles a run for their money is another. The MG Gloster’s tech features are a great example of this. These features also improve the way you drive and live with your Gloster on a day-to-day basis. 

If you’d like to experience this aspect of the Gloster’s technology package up close and personal, get in touch with your nearest MG dealership today.

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rajesh r upadhyay
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An excellent & pioneer in Indian automobile industry in many aspects.

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