Why Choosing The Right Engine Oil Is Most Important For Your Car’s Health [Sponsored Feature]

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Most people do not know how the engine runs smoothly inside a car – it’s the engine oil that keeps your engine running smoothly and reduces friction by lubricating parts such as pistons that rub against cylinder walls and taking away the debris caused by the same. In the process, the engine oil also takes away the heat from areas inside the engine where the coolant cannot reach. Due to this, your vehicle is able to return the amazing acceleration, top speed and fuel economy for which you chose it over other cars (well, most of you did!).         

Having said that, changing the engine oil on a routine basis ensures your car's engine keeps running smoothly. It is not all about when to change the engine oil. What matters equally is the type of the engine oil that needs to go in place of the used engine oil.         

Choosing the right engine oil           

This bit is crucial for your vehicle's engine's safety. If you do not change the existing engine oil with the right type, it can cause catastrophic damage to your vehicle’s engine. There are three types of engine oils – synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral. Mineral ones are based on petroleum products and have predominantly been the choice of engine oil for most vehicle makers. Synthetic oils are purpose-built oils that are used in vehicles meant for high-performance applications (like racing) but have slowly replaced their mineral counterparts in almost all cars. Semi-synthetic oils draw a compromise between the mineral and synthetic types, offering best of both worlds without incorporating drawbacks of either. Then comes the second determinant which is identifying the engine oil's viscosity which refers to how readily it flows when subjected to extreme temperatures. The numbers like 15W-40 can be found on the engine oil container. W stands for winter and the number before it tells you its viscosity when subjected to 0 degree Fahrenheit. The number after it talks about oil’s viscosity at 212 degree Fahrenheit. The engine oil's viscosity, as recommended by the OEM, can be found in a car's owner manual too and has to be strictly adhered to. Here's a video to help you choose the right engine oil.        

When to replace/flush engine oil?        

Another tricky bit is to determine when to change the engine oil. Normally, every routine service of your vehicle has engine oil change as a task. With prolonged use, the engine oil starts losing its viscosity and lubrication properties. In essence, it starts becoming useless. However, there are certain exceptions to the rule. One of them is driving habits. If you drive smoothly with fewer speed changes, the vehicle service intervals are spaced nicely enough for the engine oil to be replaced. Needless to say, those who drive at different speeds and are generally abusive of the car may need to get the engine oil replaced earlier than needed. Storage is yet another exception. If you intend to let your vehicle stand for some time and not use it at all, then consider replacing the engine oil before you stop using it. If that has not been done, before you begin using your vehicle actively, do get its engine oil changed at the earliest.      

Gain the edge with Castrol EDGE       

Knowing that engine oil is critical, changing it represents just one half of the job. The other is to look for the right engine oil maker and product. When it comes to engine oils, one name that you can rely on is Castrol. Take Castrol EDGE, for instance. It has Titanium polymers and together with the company's Fluid Strength Technology,  Castrol EDGE behaves differently under extreme stress conditions. As compared to a regular engine oil, its enhanced film strength prevents film breakdown and reduces friction. The decrease in friction is a huge 15 per cent!  Castrol EDGE maintains its strength for 140 hours longer, making it suitable for use in a country with varying conditions like India. By using Castrol EDGE, you can be assured that your car's engine will deliver maximum performance in the toughest conditions. Want to buy Castrol EDGE for your car? Then click here. Happy driving!

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