Volkswagen Vento V/S Honda City

By rashmi from JaisalmerAugust 14, 2010 | 35549 Views | 81 Comments

Volkswagen Vento 2010-2013

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I am planning to purchase, one of the best sedan cars in the country, I have found two best sedan cars including Honda City and Volkswagen Vento, but i am confused, which car will be suited at par my expectation. Plz help me!, which car should i purchase. Honda City is most popular car in the auto market. Apart from it, Volkswagen Vento has recently launched in the auto market. And also I wants latest technology and impressive features combination, but the Honda City is now having such kind of features, because before long time it was introduced in the auto market. On the other hand, Volkswagen Vento is latest technology car which would be offered much more advantage.
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User Comments

Asked By akash 14 Aug,2010 03:22:12 PM

Good, now it is right time for indian sedan car market, more models and more competitors here to challenge for best price, technolgoy for customer need / satisfication. All the best for Toyota, Honda, VW, MSIL, ...

Reply By Teji 29 Mar,2011 12:51:20 PM

Hey Guys..If u want to Test Drive Vento..just go to VX india site--Shopping tools--Request a test drive.Within ten minutes they will call u back to fix the appotmnt.Myself followed the same route and extremly happy with test drive. BR

Asked By Aashiish Gupta 15 Aug,2010 08:31:15 AM

I would definately go for VW Vento. Much more fun to drive. Much better value per KM as you can go with diesel. Much better look. High European standards inside and out.

Asked By rahul gupta 19 Aug,2010 12:28:30 PM

i am very much happy to see that vw is very intrestedto tuch mid segments nd time to time lounch sutabile product in this segments, iam also planning to purchase vento petrol andno doubtits best sedan in india bt i thik will wait 5 to 6 month to see pratical responce of car on road.

Asked By amit 22 Aug,2010 04:34:31 PM

there is no comparision between HONDA CITY n VW vento. honda city is best in its class but vento has nothing, no good looks ( normal look) no style, no good interior like honda city just the brand name VW is good in vento, performance is good but price is higher as compare to features in vento. honda city is unbeatable car, so please dont compare wid vento.

Reply By Rohit Sharma 01 May,2012 03:07:26 PM

oye mad kahi ke you must see the new vw vento and i m sure that you will like it. hONDA is just a name in india with just 6 cars when there are 11 going to be at the end of this year . So please never go with honda city it just looks good and is also expensive. Vw gives you a rear ac vent and has rear parking sensors too and has also a much beautiful music system whereas in honda city you don't gets a music system and off course it also don't have any parking sensors and rear ac vents one more thing to tell you is that vw vento also has a climatronic ac and in honda city it has a manual normal ac.... So first of all you must go to its showroom and check for the details ..

Reply By pradeep reddy 15 Nov,2013 10:33:29 AM

Dear Rohit, Honda has a great name in World not only in India. Honda has atleast have 6 cars VW has 5 cars. Looks are Awesome for Honda compare to Vento, Legroom, Head room, Drive comfortable in Honda. You said no rear vents for Honda, Buy For your Information Honda has rear vents Under Front two Seats. Music system is inbuilt but only USB & FM/AM. Climate control is not there in Honda city but Humidity control sensor is there. I am not supporting Honda brand... fyi im a customer of VW & using Vento.

Asked By SK 22 Aug,2010 05:17:29 PM

I have City automatic for 4.5 yrs now. I have not spent a rupee other than changing the engine oil once... It has done 40,000 kms... Vento seems to be promising ... But got to see the maintenance of such cars though,...

Reply By Raghuneet Kapur 23 Dec,2011 12:21:55 PM

What kind of mileage are you getting in city conditions.

Asked By mahesh 25 Aug,2010 11:34:13 PM

honda is bigger and has futeristic looks .looks more newer car than vento honda has a very nice ride and handling time tested .need to wait for vento on road performance thou vento(petrol) is about a lakh cheaper as compared to city and that is a big adv. for vento in price sensetive indian market . so wait for a few months and let the pic. get clear.

Asked By Jerin 29 Aug,2010 08:11:05 PM

I think vw vento will put down honda city through its performance

Reply By anmol 24 Mar,2011 12:12:17 PM

vento is just a kid as compared to honda city

Reply By Danny 21 Apr,2011 11:04:43 PM

Kids grow up over time

Reply By Bhaarath 23 Apr,2012 06:02:45 PM

But the purchased kid doesn't grow.

Reply By kirti 19 Oct,2013 06:01:44 PM

vento has the features from security perpective when compared with the Honda city, vento has a very strong body and has the engine best in its class, infact engine used in audi is the same as in vento. Honda has become popular since there is no option in its segment, but vento has grown in this tough market with lot of options around.

Reply By pradeep reddy 15 Nov,2013 10:39:38 AM

In terms of security, Honda still No.1 than VW. You said strong body, ... only strong body is not secure.. Honda has a Differently designed Chasis no where in other models, And strong Crumple zones, soft Bumper & Bonnet to save when hit to a Pedestrain, etc., Honda thinks in each prospective .... People have many options in the segment, But honda has a Quality, Durability, Reliability.... No engine / Manufacturer have that qualitative product....

Asked By y.dhanumjaya rao 30 Aug,2010 08:52:16 AM

I have Ford , It seem Vento is better than Ford. I am eagerly waiting for launch of Vento in Viskhapatnam

Reply By Rajesh Pillai 20 Apr,2011 03:21:57 PM

This will never get launched in such a small village called Vishakapatnam... Pls come to Delhi to get this purchased or search for near by area

Reply By Raghu 06 Oct,2011 05:35:46 PM

dear Rajesh pillai visakhapatnam is not a village. go get some knowledge u .....and vw all models are availale here too.not just vW we have almost everything.

Reply By biju 05 Mar,2012 03:48:16 PM

Oh! oh! Oh! You do not seem to have seen anything that it is outside Delhi. Grow up boy! Use Google at least to know about Visakhapatnam. Some Big brand cars are launched at Visakha.

Asked By CHANDRAMOHAN 31 Aug,2010 10:17:08 AM

i had booked a high line disel vento white colour in madurai tamilnadu Rs 75000\- as advance.but it is not clear about the launch date and delivery shedule

Asked By solanki 31 Aug,2010 01:07:36 PM

vw is best in performance,interior,quality,security systems and other things,,, vw will beat honda city as honda city dont have good features and high maintenance as compared to vento,,, vento is a must buy car,,,,,,,,,,,,,, bad news for honda,,,,,,,,,hahahahha

Asked By ASHOK GOYAL 02 Sep,2010 10:27:18 PM

i want to purchase new vento but it is difficult for me to book as there is no display till date in Chandigarh...waiting long ....also there r few questions first one this is totally new one as compare to Honda or Maruti which r tried n tested.....second is availability of service/parts ..?? which r very esily available for Honda/Maruti......pls help me out.....i sold my old car few days back n facing difficulty and want to purchase new one as early as possible....thanx

Reply By nitin 23 Jul,2011 06:46:36 PM

Don't LOOK here & there.... HONDA CITY is the Best... for Today and Tomorrow and Day after ...... still is a Leader. The Best Design, The Best Technical side, The Best Resale, The Best Brand Value and Low maintenance....

Asked By Bani Das 05 Sep,2010 01:24:36 AM

I would definately go for VW Vento, but unfortunately there is no dealer in my city(Guwahati) or any place of my state.

Asked By Soumen Jana 06 Sep,2010 02:10:17 PM

Vento may not look have extraordinary look but has German Quality and engines are more powerful. I think this would be a well thought model of vw in India. City is common but proven one. The picture will be clear in a couple of months. I will then decide...

Reply By Preetam 12 Aug,2011 07:13:18 PM

So wats the picture now?? According to you...

Reply By Bhaarath 23 Apr,2012 06:11:53 PM

Now its the Dirty Picture

Asked By Kanwarjit Singh 08 Sep,2010 02:57:59 PM

yet to form an opinion

Asked By Kanwarjit Singh 08 Sep,2010 02:58:43 PM

yet to form an opinion

Asked By Desde 10 Sep,2010 08:30:59 AM

Booked a Vento Highline Diesel. Getting delievery next week, as dealer had one extra.

Asked By kshitij 12 Sep,2010 06:35:21 PM

pls help me ........i am confused bw vento and city...which car i should buy.........pls help

Reply By Tharian BE 22 Mar,2011 12:04:24 AM

Have a Honda city zx.Confused wether to sell it &go to Vento Diesel.I have weekly 250 kms average

Reply By Chandra Shekhar 23 Feb,2013 08:18:48 PM

finally, which car did u select ? n how is it ?

Reply By vikram g mhatre 27 May,2013 02:56:51 PM

dear look & style very good of city & also performance. i think u should be go with honda city . vw service is not god its just brand name good.

Asked By deepak 12 Sep,2010 07:40:34 PM

im totaly confused which car too buy honda or vw vento plz help me.......

Reply By Deepak 04 Dec,2010 11:24:52 AM

Well, i own a Honda city Automatic since over 8 months now. Now, this not why i am saying this... If you compare the two, there is no comparison ...City vs Vento -- power 116 PS vs 105, fuel efficiency- 14 km a ltr vs 11.2 km a ltr etc. To my mind every thing else is secondary because all the cars coming out today will have standard safety features.

Asked By Preeti 12 Sep,2010 09:53:27 PM

We r planning to buy new car.The confusion is b/w Honda city and V/W Vento.V have seen Vento and driven.Looks are stylish (Interiors and exterior both) but not sure for the performance and maintainenance of Vento.Honda city is well known and proven one for its performance with its stunning looks.Pls help us in choosing the car in terms of performance and maintainenance.

Asked By SP.RAMANAATHAN 13 Sep,2010 11:10:42 PM

Myself and my three friends are planning to buy vento Diesel. Guid us in this range which vehicle will be better in performance and maintanance.

Asked By vinod dixit 13 Sep,2010 11:45:45 PM

as for as me concern please wait n watch for a month or tow to get the performence of the v/w ventos chalenge,it is good to see the test on rond not in showroom or brand name.

Asked By Kinky 16 Sep,2010 08:20:47 PM

1. The inside rear view mirror is pathetic. It does not give a clear full view of the back mirror. 2. The diesel highline was noticed having excessive vibrations. 3. The space between the rear seats and the back mirror is of no use at all. Any thing placed there ia bound to slip and fall towards the passengers sitting in the rear.

Asked By dilip more 18 Sep,2010 10:32:51 PM

i had almost closed on verna but the day a read news about vento, i delayed my decision untill i test drive vento. i have seen the vento and it is amzing, i think i will go for vento highline.

Asked By Pawan 18 Sep,2010 10:48:06 PM

had a look at vento petrol today at the dealers place (im currently having accent executive) thinking to change it with vento. is it a right decission, donno...pls help

Asked By danish 19 Sep,2010 10:36:42 PM

volks wagen is better

Asked By Aalay 21 Sep,2010 04:52:01 PM

you should buy vento because it is the most comfortable car i have ever seen

Asked By xchalil 21 Sep,2010 09:46:52 PM

i took a test drive of vento petrol highline in the middle of bangalore city traffic. first impression is very good. good maneuvering and ideal for city drive. much better dash board( honda city !) -/ more classic look. - more similarity with polo. - no audio control on steering. - no usb - some other minor issue regarding power window control. * Overall great value for money.

Asked By GS 21 Sep,2010 11:14:50 PM

Why NOT pick Vento over City: 1. Lower powered and feels sluggish in both city rides and on highway compared to Honda City 2. No EBD!! At least not written anywhere 3. Not for musically inclined. only 4 speakers and no USB (yes, NO USB!) meaning all your iPod/Flash-Drive stored music is toss. Come on, even 3K CD players have better features. 4. Lower mileage - period. 5. Looks elongated version of New Polo. Whats the fun in driving car that look like another car that too smaller? If that doesn't bother you why not look at DZire or may be Indigo as well, while you are looking. 6. City's Paddle Shift AT beats any other AT hands down. Vento's AT is no big deal anyway. Why DO pick Vento over City: 1. Cheaper :-) 2. More lively colors available 3. Diesel! ya, go longer pay lesser 4. Torque rating is better so you can get some juice when spot racing on signals 5. Some might find rear seat more comfortable [but I can't tell I drive my car ;-)]

Asked By Sachin 23 Sep,2010 06:41:17 PM

took test drive of both City 1.5 V MT and Vento Petrol 1.6 MT Highline. in the same vincinity of city. I can tell you that I had superb control over Vento than City. City may have a futurustic look but it has a plastic look whereas Vento looks robust and real metallic. Only disadvantage I felt was no USB and Stearing mounted audio controls. However I was told that the company fitted system can be changed by dealer with options like USB, Bluetooth and voice controls. You can also fit reverse censors and GPS in Vento as accessories. Vento has no free service but the first service itself is at 15k kms that's real free service I guess since you anyway spend on oil and lubricants in any other free service. I also took test drive of diesel. Good pick up and little vibrations inside car but felt some vibrations on clutch which were getting transferred to my left leg. Overall I felt Vento is better option than City if you are not so inclined about futuristic look from outside.

Asked By akshay 25 Sep,2010 09:28:41 AM

volkswagon vento is good than honda city .

Asked By Capt. Mehraj Mirza 27 Sep,2010 09:03:51 AM

hey i have just bought the VW Vento, i was desprate to buy one as i had sold my beloved Swift. i was looking for somthing similear in performance so i opted for the Vento highline diesel. i was disipointed to see the wating list but managed to get the car. i have had it for 5 days now and all my enthusisium of owning a better car than Swift has nose dived. though it is 1.6 L it is sluggish and i found it difficult in city handling. the engine noise is as if a 1960 amby with a tempo diesel engine has started. the dealer absoulately gives you nothing, not even a 300 RS VW keychain. The avilibality of spares and quality of servicing which we have to keep our fingers crossed. when i asked the dealer about spares price as compared to honda, he laughing said you are owining a VW so offcourse the price of the spares is going to be expencive then honda, Final verdict wait and watch.

Reply By seema 03 Mar,2011 01:29:33 PM

thanks , my husband is also in army and we are also looking toward vinto to buy---

Reply By then 14 Apr,2011 01:58:37 PM

then go and f..c...k

Asked By Desde 28 Sep,2010 09:42:56 AM

received the car last week. Driving is smooth. Drove a lot in city traffic with very bad roads & one outstation trip. mileage seems to be 18 diesel on AC. I hope that in better driving conditions should be 20

Asked By Parth 29 Sep,2010 01:22:10 AM

Is it true that Volkswagen is the only company which gives you 6 years of Anti-corrosion warranty Pls reply I am planning to buy vento

Asked By Kinky 04 Oct,2010 06:04:33 PM

I wonder why nobody is looking at the major cons of vento? There is excessive vibrations on the clutch in the diesel model. They seem serious and quite annoying. The rear view mirror can hardly give a good image whats behind. The space between the rear seats and the rear windscreen is sloping and thus cannot be used at all. The better strategy would be to wait and watch if Volkswagon solves these issues. Right now it is just the marketing hype that people are crazy for this car. By the way is volks wagon giving a Anti Corrosion warranty or is just the standard Anti Perforation warranty like other cars do???

Asked By Harpreet 06 Oct,2010 07:02:19 PM

I am planning to buy VENTO (Trendline), found all features pretty good, but only feature disappointed me is USB....seriously no USB!! Is there any other option to connect a USB??? any accessories or other thing for USB/iPOD connectivity?? PLS reply....

Reply By sourabh soni 09 Nov,2010 05:09:05 AM

brother chk on ebay ull fnd dere a solution

Reply By Ruhail Shah 05 Feb,2011 08:08:40 PM

i dnt thnk so i was also thnking bo8 this....

Asked By RSKR 09 Oct,2010 08:07:19 PM

I am using honda City from past 5 years.Today i have booked Vento Diesel Highline in Hyderabad. 2 Months waiting period.The drive was amazing.Pick-up was excellent when compared to City.I enjoyed driving this car.When mileage 21km/lt (on Highway) matter there is no doubt that you have to choose vento compared with City 11km/lt in City.There were few cons about steering audio conrtols.But at the same time it has rear A/C and Solid German Engines which has to be considered

Asked By S.Subramanian 09 Oct,2010 10:36:35 PM

Decided to purchase as early as possible

Asked By Prashant 10 Oct,2010 04:56:17 PM

I had a test drive of Vento diesel (highline), was an amasing experience. The only thing i am concerned about is the service and parts availability. I am Lucknow(UP) resident, though there is service station here in the town. But i am not aware about the company's expansion plans in other parts of the state.

Reply By Manoj 09 May,2011 07:19:48 PM

Mr Prashant, how is your experience with VW. Im also planning to have one ventp diesel (highline), please suggest

Asked By raghav 10 Oct,2010 09:19:48 PM

gr8 value for money

Asked By k c 11 Oct,2010 09:25:42 PM

no comparison with city. honda city is unbeatable.

Asked By SKN 16 Oct,2010 05:42:53 PM

RSKR : Are you a Vento person , Looks like lots of people are lobbying and writing their remarks from both Honda and VW . One writes good the next write bad. I called VW persons today (16th ?Oct 2010 ) for 10 times. No one picks up the phone. There are emails sent for a test drive. No response at all. I doubt they will care about customers. Same way for Honda I feel they are too proud for having monopoly and neglicting customer servicing many times. I feel it is not worth buying any car almost 1.5 times more cost with lesser quality in India.. These people are cheating anyway

Asked By Rakesh Jolly 16 Oct,2010 06:45:48 PM

I visited VW showroom at Chandigarh yesterday for a look at Vento at company's showroom owned by M/s Genuss motors at industrial area. I was astonished to see response of sales team who were highly uncooperative and couldn't offer the vehicle for test drive inspite of my insistence. If that's the attitude what about post sales care of company. I may well go in for a city honda an established product in market.

Reply By Saurabh garg 12 Nov,2010 11:26:37 AM

@Rakesh Jolly Hey u r absolutely correct i too visited genuss motors and the staff is very uncoperative and they feel as if they are doing a favour on me by selling vento.Talking about the car Vento is realy awesome wid great features volkswagen is known for its quality.Although honda city is ruling this segment for years and vento is a new player.Getting Volkswagen parts is not a easy task and the maintenance cost will be high as compared to honda.

Reply By Rakesh Bhatla 26 Dec,2010 12:15:09 PM

I had the similar experince at Surat and now having a second thought about Vento as I am worried abt after sales service. I even tried to contact the company many times... again no response. Looks like they dont have cars to sell so they are arrogant at the moment...

Reply By Aman 05 Feb,2011 06:27:57 PM

spot on... they r utterly uncooperative nd talk as if they r doin us a favour in sellin their car..... total shytheads... i booked a vento ..nw m canlellin it nd goin in for honda city...!! nd city izz better too!!

Reply By ashoake malik 28 Feb,2011 11:02:56 PM

I had same experience the sales person was so arrogant and was showing attitude hell with car and thr sales team

Reply By Teji 29 Mar,2011 12:50:32 PM

Hey Guys..If u want to Test Drive Vento..just go to VX india site--Shopping tools--Request a test drive.Within ten minutes they will call u back to fix the appotmnt.Myself followed the same route and extremly happy with test drive. BR

Asked By AKS 20 Oct,2010 03:37:34 PM

Honda City

Asked By rajesh desai 27 Oct,2010 11:48:49 AM

I have booked vento highline petrol on sept3rd .I was promissed deli.on first week of oct. despite regular folloup dealer/company is not giving any reason for dealay nor able to give delivery till today

Asked By Navin 02 Nov,2010 03:41:52 PM

I have booked a Honda City after comparing it with a Vento. Although Vento seems a good car, I feel the only version of Vento that is really comparable to a Honda City is the Highline Diesel. The quality of interiors seemed fine and comparable to honda city (and honda city interiors are not worth writing about anyways). Few things which really pushed me towards Honda is: VW Showroom issues: My experience with the VW showroom folks was not so great and I was made to wait for 2 hours before I could even test drive the car. I think all the VW showrooms have crossed their sales targets and hence not interested in new customers. Most of their cars were not even maintained properly with a polo having clutch issues. The VW vento diesel also had some vibration in the clutch and I am not sure if this is due to bad maintenance or an actual issue with the car. The VW sales guys (spoke to 2 of them) didn't even try selling the car or explain me the features. On the other hand, honda city folks picked me from my home on a Sunday and were very cordial. Music system: I don't know how could VW put such a crappy music system on a C segment car. Nothing much to write about but a pure waste. It doesn't even cost much nowadays to have a decent music system. Looks: I think the honda city is way head when compared to Vento. It just feels like a better car in terms of looks. (of course beauty is in the eyes of the beholder) Cost: Although Vento looks attractive in pricing, Honda gave me a good festival/corporate discount and I got a on-road price of 10.15L (Bangalore) for the s-variant. There is not much difference (especially safety features) between S and V Variants except alloys (i wanted my own alloys), some chrome and fog lights). Only the vento highline has all the good safety features but the cost of diesel vento was pushing it beyond 11L on road. Both are good cars and it all depends on your taste and budget. Just my 2 cents.

Asked By Sudhakar 02 Nov,2010 04:17:39 PM

I booked VW Vento petrol highline model on 31-Aug-2010. Promised delivery time is around 6-8 weeks. Even today (2-Nov-2010) dealer is unable to provide me delivery date. I suggest others not to hurry in buying this new car, wait and see the customer care and maintenance costs for another 4 months at least.

Asked By N.Narayanan 03 Nov,2010 08:09:59 PM

I had test droved Polo a few weeks back and as Mr Navin feels that the guys at the Chennai Saidapet are no good they think as if they are selling a rocket Any Day a japanese Technology is better for Indian conditions I own a Ritz VXI was trying to look for a diesel car for my use and I felt that all the European car dealers were thinking themselves a tribe apart be it VW, Skoda,chevey, fiat anyday MSIL Honda or Toyota is a better deal comparing the european car makers

Asked By Siddharth 04 Nov,2010 02:37:28 AM

@Harpreet :: If you are buying Trendline you can go for USB/Bluetooth deck which comes as part of accessories. I have put that in my Vento. Although its not that stylish in looks but it serves all purpose.Vento diesel rocks. The only problem i see in Trendline version is Manual central locking(tend to forget the driver door manually). They say that this accessory will be available in another 6 months. I couldnt go for Highline because of the delivery delay issues. I got Trendline in 15 days after booking. I was lucky i guess.

Asked By Harish Chandra 08 Nov,2010 05:12:03 PM

I am planning to buy a new car, my daily driving would be approx 60 kms. Can u please suggest me weather i should go for Honda city or Vento Diesel.

Reply By sourabh soni 09 Nov,2010 05:16:09 AM

jus go for vento automatic (petrol)It will suits your requirements .diesel sound nd vibrations in d car will be quite annoying nd petrol engine also rocks.. Dont go for honda city from safety point of view vento s far far better.

Asked By Kirti Nainani 19 Nov,2010 03:29:51 AM

VW Vento would be my pick over Honda City. Although Honda is offering discount these days which makes it almost equal to Vento's OTR Price but still the driving experience of Vento is much better. Concerns would be mileage and after sales.

Asked By Kirti Nainani 19 Nov,2010 03:30:58 AM

Can anyone give me figures on mileage of Vento Petrol MT version. Has anyone calculated till now?

Reply By CarDekho Team 19 Nov,2010 06:09:41 PM

The Petrol Vento Manual gives milage figures close to 13kmpl on highways and 11kmpl in city drives. Thanks, CarDekho Team

Asked By zaheer 19 Nov,2010 12:30:53 PM

please let me know how much noise is made by the diesal engine of vento trendline. im going to buy after your reply.thanks

Asked By arun 19 Nov,2010 11:38:46 PM

i wud rather take my choise as vw vento..... the best of sedan nw in india

Asked By pritam shingavi 20 Nov,2010 04:38:17 PM

I have driven both Honda city VMT & Vento diesel highline .I think if ur running is more than 2000-2200 kms per month then u should go for Vento diesel highline otherwise honda city is better.In short if u want petrol car go for honda city

Asked By k.v.prithvi raj 25 Nov,2010 12:42:57 AM

hey i am planning 2 buy a new car---i am in a confusion 2 buy (vento) vw petrol/vw diesel(vento)/honda city.......plz tell me wich car 2 buy

Asked By manoj 27 Nov,2010 08:23:33 PM

please dont but this car it's really a waste.people can instead go for innova

Asked By C.VIJAYAKUMAR 01 Dec,2010 10:24:47 PM

Please go for vento...........for greater pick up and for german engineering.

Asked By C.VIJAYAKUMAR 01 Dec,2010 10:35:26 PM

Prthivi raj please go for VW vento diesel trendline... it will cost U 9,30,00/ and spend around 50,000 for (JVCTouchscreen set with polk front component and polk rear coaxial speakers...with JVL amp and woofer with bluetooth conectvity and rear camera with leather seatcovers and 3m film) it makes all about 9,80,000... it will give u great cofort with a 17.5 milega... please donot go for VW petrol lakh difference U can save in 40,000 kilometers due to milegae ... I had droven 3500 kilometer in diesel vento and i had spent around 9,000..( 17.5 km/l average if i had chosen petrol means i have to spend 18200... double time due to average milega of 10km/l ( 3500/10= 350 liersxrs52= 18,200) when u compare diesel vento ( 3500/16=218x42=9200) almost double......please think

Asked By deepak 04 Dec,2010 11:52:47 AM

Well, i own a Honda city Automatic since over 8 months now. Now, this not why i am saying this... If you compare the two, there is no comparison ...City vs Vento -- power 116 PS vs 105, fuel efficiency- 14 km a ltr vs 11.2 km a ltr etc. Beside, the i-VTEC engine is technically way superior to other engine type; it gives you more power and fuel efficiency then any other car in the segment. Because if you look, either you get more poweror fuel efficiency, you d not get both. To my mind every thing else is secondary, because, all the cars coming out today will have standard safety features and as far as trivial things like looks, color choice, music system etc, one should not compare as these are always relative and least important when it come to selecting a car.

Reply By C.VIJAYAKUMAR 06 Dec,2010 04:02:58 PM

Deepak, I own a disel ventoTurbocharged Common Rail 1.6L diesel engine in the Vento produces 105 PS (77kW) of unbridled power and an amazing torque of 250Nm from 1500rpm to 2500rpm,mileage 20.5....aame cost of honda city automatic

Asked By anshu bhatia 06 Dec,2010 12:05:29 AM

I am planning to buy a car i liked vento highline petrol but i am really confused which car i should buy vento or honda city interior are much more better than honda city but about performance of vento i donot know much please guide

Reply By C.VIJAYAKUMAR 06 Dec,2010 04:05:09 PM

Do not go for petrol ventos.... But instead of highline petrol.. please go for trandline disel of same cost that will give good mileage and better than honad city due to Turbocharged Common Rail 1.6L diesel engine in the Ventothat is designed to deliver dynamic performance and go frugal on fuel as well. This engine produces 105 PS (77kW) of unbridled power and an amazing torque of 250Nm from 1500rpm to 2500rpm,

Reply By seema 10 Mar,2011 09:10:48 AM

vento highline petrol or honda city

Asked By sanjeev jain 27 Dec,2010 01:00:56 AM

vento de. is a such an a** h*ole !!! Good pick up and little vibrations inside car but felt some vibrations on clutch which were getting transferred to my left leg. in short in 9k vento de. is a such an a** h*ole !!!

Reply By Susheel Bhat 10 Jan,2011 04:39:30 PM

A skilled driver does not need his left foot on the clutch all the time, you need it just as and when required.

Asked By sanjeev jain 27 Dec,2010 01:03:03 AM

Good pick up and little vibrations inside car but felt some vibrations on clutch which were getting transferred to my left leg. in short in 9k vento de. is a such an a** h*ole !!!

Asked By Arun tm 30 Dec,2010 05:01:05 PM

Honda models changes in every 5 year.No comments from any one on this?

Asked By shikhar 17 Jan,2011 06:53:37 PM

v.vento is unbeatble..go for it

Asked By ARVIND 18 Jan,2011 09:36:53 PM

vento highline is the best and all things is jabardasttttt

Asked By mandeep 20 Jan,2011 09:36:57 PM

Hi, I too went to get a test drive but found VW staff just not interested it looks like either the car sells too much or perhaps they just dont want to take the headache. I was cheesed off by the disinterest came out utterly disgusted wont buy it even if i get it free. because it will give a lot of trouble later on.

Asked By karunanithi 26 Jan,2011 07:48:26 PM

Friends, I went for a long drive in VW Polo Petrol. It was nice experience. But we could feel the engine noise which is not there in City. Honda city has the pride. If you drive a city, you can see that heads will turn towards you on road. If you are not concerned only with mileage, City is the best. But Honda is exploiting Indian customers by over pricing their car by 15 to 20%. If they are not reducing the over priced honda cars, they will face the music.

Asked By seema 03 Mar,2011 01:10:55 PM

we are reading both the cars constantly -- wanted to buy Vento WV but it carries bad reputation of BAD service and Bad Behavior of salesman.We have driven wv in south africa -- we have confidence in company but not ...

Asked By I N Mahanta 04 Mar,2011 08:24:19 PM

i m in dilema for going to choose a car in between vento and polo 1.6.Someone pl guide me .

Asked By CarDekho Team 24 Mar,2011 12:14:50 PM

Do not underestimate the VW Vento, its a very able performer in the segment.

Asked By Teji 29 Mar,2011 12:51:04 PM

Hey Guys..If u want to Test Drive Vento..just go to VX india site--Shopping tools--Request a test drive.Within ten minutes they will call u back to fix the appotmnt.Myself followed the same route and extremly happy with test drive. BR

Asked By sadanand 23 Apr,2011 04:38:18 PM

no doubt vento is a fine vehicle.The very thrill of buying a new vehicle will be killed by the dealers. they are not sure as to when they can give the must see the attitude of the dealers. perhaps they think that they are giving the vehicle for free.Disgusting

Asked By Gazal 26 Apr,2011 01:50:48 PM


Asked By sanju 20 May,2011 11:53:49 PM

Can any body tell how is the comfort in the rear seat of Vento??Also i came 2 knw dat sme ppl r telng abt clutch vibration and engine noise of vento...can u make it more clear???

Asked By Jibin Achankunju 03 Jun,2011 02:52:52 PM

My suggestion in car to choose volkswagen vento. Its because, it giving latest technology than honda....the only fault is that,volkswagen is newly appeared starring company in indian market.

Asked By Jibin Achankunju 03 Jun,2011 02:56:13 PM

The Best is can be choose after only the TEST DRIVE before that we only get the a smoky figure detail about the car...

Asked By Shashank 14 Jun,2011 08:03:11 PM

my name is shashank Prasad. cell- 9869072441 shanks333gmail .com i want to buy a sealed ipl kit that comes with Volkswagen Vento(costing Rs.25000). If anyone has bought a trendline petrol vento (without the ipl kit ) and can order that kit for me, i can pay that person 3000-4000 Rs. just for helping me.... Please contact me at the earliest....i wish to purchase it as soon as possible...I reside in Mumbai (Andheri)

Asked By Shashank 14 Jun,2011 08:03:13 PM

my name is shashank Prasad. cell- 9869072441 shanks333gmail .com i want to buy a sealed ipl kit that comes with Volkswagen Vento(costing Rs.25000). If anyone has bought a trendline petrol vento (without the ipl kit ) and can order that kit for me, i can pay that person 3000-4000 Rs. just for helping me.... Please contact me at the earliest....i wish to purchase it as soon as possible...I reside in Mumbai (Andheri)

Asked By Shailendra 21 Dec,2011 02:15:47 PM

If you wish to go for Petrol, then go for Honda City. Reasons: Time tested Best mileage in its class up to 17/18 KMPL Low maintenance (only oil and filter change 5000 KM) Can be converted to CNG and performance with CNG is best Silent and very smooth ride Value for the money with features like ABS, EBD, two airbags with less price of VW Vento Low on body metal new models VW Vento New introduction No idea of maintenance how much it would be Engine make hell lot of noise as if you are driving diesel car though it is petrol Service though once in a year but heavy on pocket Mileage (~14/15) is not as per Honda No features (ABS, EBD, Air Bags) at the price of Honda City I had gone for Honda City over VW Vento

Asked By job kuriakose 19 Nov,2012 10:19:29 AM

I am auser of the car .Performance is Superb .Comfort added with mileage . Car is just floating ! that too on Indian roads . No complaints till last 21 months , Visited service station only once for first service. Mileage is 14-15Km with AC for petrol. Diesal is better if you have at least 150 km driving /day Very silent also incabin noise is the lowest . Really German technology.Only thing service station & technicians are poor or not competent enough to handle this German technology

Asked By sddsbfwgdsgrqgs 13 Oct,2013 02:12:30 PM

Go to my website rmrnvhfkfmfjfjfmf.fkdmxmxm

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