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Hyundai i20 2009-2011

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I am using i20, i sat inside many cars like alto, santro, indica, mahindra scorpio. But when i sat inside i20, i felt , wow! this is the car for youngsters, this is the car for(regardless of age) dynamic guys , this is the car to drive, gives the meaning why i born on the earth i love it... i am feeling the heaven... great i20
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Asked By Nitin dogra 10 Aug,2010 07:10:07 PM

Tell me the on road price i20 sportz petrol and also mileage

Reply By sanjay 16 Dec,2010 11:17:16 PM

Hi, pls tell me exceat details of i20 magana and i20 sports,whichone os better

Reply By hari 17 Dec,2010 05:12:22 AM


Reply By aneesh 06 Jan,2011 12:41:56 PM

i20 sportz would cost you 6.34 onroad.i would suggest you to go for the asta variant on road 6.84 just 50k more u get fog lamps,ABS,EBD and 2 air bags.the ABS really works.go for the asta

Reply By Akash Gaba 09 Jan,2011 11:47:51 AM

ON road price of i 20 petrol is now rs 5,81,000 an milage is around 11 to 10.

Asked By Hari 11 Aug,2010 08:24:04 AM

the onroad price will be approximately 12 to 15 percent of show room price-this is thumb rule for any car... but, more than price, it's the pleasant and safe feeling you can get when you drive or own i20...

Asked By Akshay 28 Aug,2010 12:57:29 PM

What's the mileage for i20 Sportz Petrol variant ,this website seems to mention different mileage for different variants . There is not much of a difference between Magna and Sportz , hence curious to know from the end users.

Asked By Surya 30 Aug,2010 01:51:34 PM

Hi Hari, I m also planning to take this version of i20 , what is the boot space of the car ? Is it comfortable for a 6 feet guy ? Surya

Asked By Hari 30 Aug,2010 09:45:29 PM

Hi Surya, am exactly 5'11 for me i feel, it;s like a benz, when you sit inside forget about the height factor excellent boot space and excellent interior where you can't see in other brands of the same segment... for you guy, i strongly recommend sportz version (with alloy wheel) very classy

Asked By ashish 24 Sep,2010 04:44:08 PM

awesum car ..

Asked By kushal 06 Oct,2010 03:56:10 PM

hi guyz im planing 2 buy i20 but not able to decide whether to buy petrol or diesel . what is d mileage of petrol and diesel . can u tell me d maintainance cost for petrol and diesel. suggest me which one to buy in petrol whether to buy sportz or asta. in diesel magna . bcz my bugdet is 5-7 lakhs. thank u

Asked By Hari 06 Oct,2010 09:42:18 PM

Hi, Kushal, i own i20 sportz petrol version i love the name sportz so i bought except it is not having ABS as in higher end Asta version....i am missing side air bags... but to know the fact, very rash drivers need air bags...but ABS is good for anytime... i would strongly suggest you to buy i20 sportz diesel version... value for money...

Asked By Sridhar 14 Oct,2010 12:29:22 PM

Hi Hari, I've booked a i20 sports (Petrol). Howz the performance & Mileage? Is it giving 14/kmpl as promised by Hyundai sales guys? Pls reply

Asked By Hari 14 Oct,2010 01:52:25 PM

Hi, getting 14 or 15 is possible, it all depends on many factors 1. Driving style 2. Smooth Gear shifting 3. Road Condition 4. If single user, much better

Asked By Abhishek 14 Oct,2010 09:21:38 PM

I am Abhishek wants 2 buy a B seg. Car n confused between SWIFT Petrol and i20 Petrol.Please suggest on mileage part.

Asked By Hari 15 Oct,2010 08:56:53 AM

Simple answer: Buy i20, feel the great pleasure in driving (No confusion)

Asked By Lokesh 23 Oct,2010 10:39:16 PM

I am confused in i20 magna or i20 astha petrol and i20 magna diesal and swift vdi with ABS, my yearly running 15000km budget 5.50 to 7 lakh., my wife is also drive. Pls tell me which is best in this range for my family

Asked By Hari 23 Oct,2010 11:17:02 PM

@LOKESH: i20 petrol, now with more features and airbags...(with fullest safety..just considering woman driver) Best of all: i20 Asta (without sunroof) petrol version smooth running, quick gear shift, less maintenance, full safety...(remember your wife...completely secured by surround airbags, tension free)...

Asked By Manash Saha 25 Oct,2010 05:30:26 PM

Hi I am Manash and have recently booked i20 Sportz petrol. I liked the car interior and also the smoothness. I would like to know how is the maintainance cost of it. Thanking you all for the inputs.

Asked By ravindra 20 Feb,2011 02:30:11 PM

Hello, i am planning to buy a i20 (sports) petrol version, please anyone can suggest me about milage in city and highway. Thanks Ravindra

Asked By sachin 28 Apr,2011 05:48:15 PM

Hello guys, i am planning to buy toyota etios g or i20 sportz, so can anyone tells me which one is more better? please reply, thanks...

Asked By maninder 14 Jul,2011 04:37:16 AM

hi i want to purchase a car. my running is very less about 15000 km per year my budget is 5-6 lac now suggest me b/w i20 magna,asta, or swift zxi( petrol). Should i have purchase a diesel car

Reply By Hari 14 Jul,2011 08:12:20 AM

1) i20 diesel magna = will satisfy all your needs (this is for manider) 2) Toyoto etios (this is for sachin)

Asked By maninder 14 Jul,2011 04:40:13 AM

which car has lowest maintenance cost hyundai I20 or swift zxi

Asked By Hari 14 Jul,2011 08:19:00 AM

manider, maintenance cost must be worried by regular drivers like car rental agencies... owners...need no worry...just handle it like your heart...that's enough regular timely free and paid service will keep your car in good condition (applicable to all cars)

Asked By maninder 16 Jul,2011 03:19:57 AM

sir my running is very less wat car you suggest petrol or diesel my running is only 500 km/month

Reply By Hari 16 Jul,2011 09:22:16 AM

still i suggest you to buy diesel cars...

Reply By shahaji 13 Aug,2013 02:35:40 PM

Wrong , if ur running is upto 1000km/ month then go for petrol car. call me i will give u all the calculation Petrol Diesel Car Prize 536000 643000 Insurance and RTO 70000 95000 Milaege 14kmpl 19kmpl Running in 5 yrs 30000km 30000km (500km/months) Fuel consumption for 5 yrs 2143 ltrs 1580 ltrs Cost on fuel in 5yrs 167154(78rs/ltr) 91640(58rs/ltr) Extra interest paid on exta money paid on diesel car 0 30000 (5 yrs interest by 10.5 %) Total cost end of 5 yrs 773154 859640 Additional maintanance cost for diesel engine Choice is yours Diesel car is good if ur running is more than 1200-1500 km/ month.

Asked By mymy 04 Nov,2011 12:01:08 PM

i have purchase i20 sportz and it is giving me good mileage and it's a good car. it's much better than swift.

Reply By Deepak 16 Apr,2013 09:48:54 PM

how much mileage does the i20 petrol give? im planning to buy one. confused between polo and i20

Asked By Manish Jadhav 16 Dec,2011 04:04:38 PM

my used is about 1300 km per months. After market survey my decision is to buy I20 sportz petrol. Should i go with my decision ? or is there any better option ?

Asked By Hari 16 Dec,2011 05:11:35 PM

good option mr manish

Asked By R.K.Sood 09 Jun,2012 05:35:00 PM

I want to buy Hyndai 120 Sports model,what is your opinion. My running is only 500 KM P.M. I like the features of car.

Asked By nitin 09 Dec,2012 07:09:17 PM

hi, can someone conform me d mileage of i20 sport z petrol verson

Reply By Hari 11 Dec,2012 08:10:23 AM

Mileage of i20 sportz petrol version = 12

Asked By Harpreet 10 Jan,2014 11:37:05 PM

Hello,am driving i20 sportz petrol from last two months and has taken ride of more the 2000 kms in single month.I feel great inside the car,interiors..its controls are also very fine along with comforts.Talking of handling,i didnt found any problem.It has superb controls.Milage is the factor which people often complain.If milege is only issue then dear friends,never go for petrol.If you are planning car to drive,simple drive,forget milege.Live comfort inside the car and have fun driving rather thinkin all the time of milege while driving.My monthely running is 1000-1500 but am loving it simply without worrying of milege factor.

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