New Maruti Swift Dzire First Drive

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“I cannot afford to lose but I have to gain. The gain should be affordable. And the gain should lead to further gain” that’s what exactly the Swift Dzire must have thought before it underwent a total cosmetic surgery.  There was a challenge before Maruti engineers when they had to redesign the Dzire. The length of the car should be within 4 meters to gain from the Govt Tax policy. Yet, the boot should not be shrunk keeping in mind the usability.

New Maruti Swift Dzire


The new Dzire is 165 mm shorter than the previous one (3995 mm). At the same time, the breadth has increased by 5 mm making it roomier. The height has also increased by 25 mm so more head room. The wheel base is increased by 40 mm yielding in better ride quality.

New Maruti Swift Dzire


All this was made possible by using the new Swift platform. The boot has been reduced to 316 litre from 440 litre to get the tax benefit, which indeed is an irreparable defect. But the space is more than enough for a small family to go for a long or short distance trip .My personal opinion is that the boot of the old Dzire was a bit too long.

New Maruti Swift Dzire


The turning radius has been increased to 4.8 metre from 4.7 metre but it does not affect the driving. The ground clearance is still the same (170 mm), all thanks to Maruti.

New Maruti Swift Dzire


Now let us view the new Dzire from the front. A new blue ZDI Dzire that was awaiting me in front of the McClarren garage in the pit lane of Buddh Circuit. The most attractive change in the front view is in the front bumpers. Air dam has become wider. The bumper design near the fog lamp gives more alluring look for the “U” character of the front.

New Maruti Swift Dzire


Moreover the vertical headlamps and the bonnet add to the good looks of the front view. The new black grill is trendier than the old chrome lined grill which was beginning to look dated. The similarity of the new Dzire and the Swift are welcome, no second thoughts about it.

New Maruti Swift Dzire


The view from the sides makes the size of the car more noticeable. Turn indicators have been added to the wing mirrors looking really neat. Maruti says that it has given more importance to the motion in the design of the 15 inch alloy wheels in the Z variants. Wheel designing has to be a little trendier but its better now than the earlier Dzire wheel design. The new Dzire verifies the fact that manufacturers have to give more attention to the wheel designing of small cars and mid size sedans.

New Maruti Swift Dzire


The rear design clearly shows a change from the rounded shape of the predecessor. The rear design is evidently prominent with the boot lid with in-built spoilers, trapezoidal tail lamps and the bumper that configures with the “U” shape of the front. The boot which looked like a large suitcase now seems like a nicely shaped notchback.

New Maruti Swift Dzire


The design, in total, displays the vigor and novelty of youthful spirit. The first thing that attracts us when we enter the car is the interior color scheme which blends a sporty black with energetic beige.

New Maruti Swift Dzire


The black color that extends from the dashboard till the door panels is really attractive. Beneath these narrow wood finish inserts are also given. The rest of the space including the seats is done in beige. This gives a large roomy pleasant feel in the cabin. The aristocratic look of the silver-chrome touch on the AC vent on the center console, steering wheel and the door handles look stylishly designed. The steering in a new design is now manually tilt-adjustable.

New Maruti Swift Dzire


The instrument cluster has also been modified. There is a liquid crystal information display in the midst of the cluster. All the details regarding fuel efficiency, average mileage, distance that can be travelled using the fuel left, odometer – trip meter readings, the temperature outside, time … etc are all available on the console.

New Maruti Swift Dzire


The new Dzire has the best audio system with auto volume control. There is an automatic climate control device placed beneath the audio system. Below the climate control there is the accessory socket and USB port which has now become a must have in all recent car models.

New Maruti Swift Dzire


There is a lot of storage space above the glove box with a retractable cup holder. The space within and the seats have not changed much as compared to the older Dzire seats and the comfort level also remains the same. The rear leg room has increased with the step-up in the wheel base. The interior of the new generation Dzire gives a more up market feel than the older one.

New Maruti Swift Dzire


Let us take the New Dzire for a spin, shall we? We place our car towards the first curve on the Buddh Circuit, leaving the pit lane and the starting point. No noise from outside is heard inside the cabin, not even the revving of the engine proving that the in cabin sound insulation is now much better. After the third curve comes the longest strait in all the F1 tracks across the world, the 1248 cc DDIS engine prepares for a lurch while the gear is shifted to the second. I reached the end of the strait when the gear was shifted to the top.

New Maruti Swift Dzire


The speed is reduced to 60 from 160. I am reminded of the F1 racers who sped at 330 km/hr in this strait though the Dzire cannot be compared to their cars. The engine is the same as in the old Dzire. The power is 75 Ps and the 190 Nm is the torque. The car reaches the speed of 100 from zero in about 14.8 seconds.

New Maruti Swift Dzire


The mid range performance allows less braking at high speeds and the turbo is more enjoyable as it starts working before 2000 rpm. The 5 speed gear box which suits the engine deserves special mention.

New Maruti Swift Dzire


The curves 4 to 16 in the track made the handling capacity of the car more evident. The stability has improved than the old Dzire. The rear suspension is softer than the new Swift. The steering feedback is also much better and lively. All in all the Diesel version of the New Dzire clearly outshines its predecessor in a grand manner.

New Maruti Swift Dzire


The petrol variant has a 1.2 litre K series engine with VVT. The power has increased at least by 2 hp due to VVT (86 hp). This engine can perform well in the start and at the top end. Maruti has for the first time introduced a 4 speed automatic transmission option in the new Dzire VXI variant. Fuel efficiency has also improved. The mileage certified by ARAI is 19.5 kmpl for diesel and 23.4 kmpl for petrol. Dzire is available in Pacific Blue and Glistening Grey colours.

New Maruti Swift Dzire


The second generation Dzire has around 150 changes, small and big. Maruti says it spent around Rs.230 crores on the New Dzire development. The new Dzire comes with new features which will upkeep the tradition of the old one which conquered about 40 % market in the entry level sedan segment.  




Maruti always had a winner with the Dzire, it out sold all sedans in its class. People were ready and are still ready to book and wait for the allotment of their cars for nearly 6months. Now with the New Dzire, things can only get better. The New Dzire looks much trendier and more like today’s time sedan.

New Maruti Swift Dzire


Long list of features come in and the quality and fit finish have also improved largely. The ever reliable petrol and diesel engine units are now tuned better to give higher performance and efficiency. The New Dzire easily retains its title of ‘The King’ in its segment rather easily and is the best buy in the segment.

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 Comments on "New Maruti Swift Dzire First Drive"

Asked By shaheen mohammed 13 Mar,2012 09:42:15 PM

want to know about the mileage.. heard that petrol engine mileage is up to 10-12 kpl..

Reply By CarDekho Team 14 Mar,2012 09:45:01 AM

We expect a mileage is 12-13 kmpl on the petrol and 16-17kmpl on the diesel New Dzire, stay tuned for a comprehensive road test of the New Dzire soon.

Reply By shaheen mohammed 14 Mar,2012 01:31:30 PM

thanks for the reply cardekho team.. i would like to know the mileage given by swift lxi and will be there any problem with the diesel engine if not use regularly.. i used tata indigo and our use was occasional.. so it had many problems with the power of the engine.. when showed a mechanic he said all the diesel engines have such faults.. diesel engines cars should be used daily then only it will show its performance.. please do reply.. iam looking into it...

Reply By Arijit Saha 15 Mar,2012 09:36:47 AM

I bought a new Dzire VXI (Petrol) about two weeks back and I am getting a mileage of 18.2 km per liter.Well this car is real amazing and the acceleration is very good.Though as a new car, I dont drive it fastly and keeping the speed till 80km/hour.If you are not a reguler user then go for a petrol version.Deisel is about 1.30 lacs expensive than petrol one.

Reply By shaheen 15 Mar,2012 04:57:44 PM

thanks Arijit for your valuable reply.. as i have been waiting for such a reply... yes you are right its too expensive and my use isn't a regular one.. but heard that the mileage it gives around 10-12 kp/l.. i would be happy if it gives atleast i ave made up my mind with swift dzire vxi...

Reply By Arijit 15 Mar,2012 05:15:17 PM

Yeah.Thats really a very good choice.The torque is real amazing.The best part is if you sit inside the cabin with all windows up, u cant even listen the voice of engine.Music system is real good with good surround.The steering is adjustable and the middle armrest at backseat is a feather on the cap.I really recommend you petrol version if your usage is not regular.Right now my car is giving a mileage of 18.2 kmpl.Yesterday I have been to the service station for first servicing and that guy said that if you drive this car nicely on city then it will give u a mileage of at least 16.5kmpl.Its a good car,go for it.

Reply By shaheen mohammed 15 Mar,2012 06:51:39 PM

thanks once more for your advice.. definitely iam going to buy a swift dzire and proud to be a member of maruti suzuki....

Reply By sagar 26 Mar,2012 11:37:18 PM

hey dude from which showroom have u booked nd which colour

Reply By Arijit Saha 27 Mar,2012 09:23:34 AM

Well I didn't book it.I know a guy who actually finance cars and he got me the car within two days without any booking.Diesel has got a booking period for around 3 months.I have got a silky Silver colour car.The looks of this compact sedan is quite sporty with an appealing interior.

Reply By siva 16 May,2012 07:42:43 PM

i want to buy this car soon please help me ... my num: 9894041848

Reply By arijit 17 May,2012 05:22:24 PM

call 9873666874 and give my reference

Reply By swapnil 28 Mar,2012 02:03:55 PM

which color you have booked and after how many days you get your dzire vxi becoz im booked the same vxi in silky silver. will u mail your cars images to

Reply By Rufus 12 Mar,2013 10:43:53 AM

Arijit since you've been owning the dzire for about a year what is your feedback. I am getting a swift dzire VXI petrol same as yours possibly next week. How is the music system in the car and do you find any difference since this swift is lighter than the old one. I had taken a test drive and the engine seems so refined, car has good control but i drove only for a short distance. Your reply is most appreciated.

Reply By Arijit Saha 13 Mar,2013 09:53:47 AM

Hi Well it's been more than a year that I am driving this car on and off. The mileage I am getting is around 17.5 per liter(Normal Petrol). No problems yet. Well I strongly recommend to buy this car if your travelling is not that much.Music system is good with surround. Well if you are looking for loud music( with a punch of bass) then u need to update the system with amplifier and woofer. Otherwise I find it very good. The only problem with this car is the visibility. Sometimes You find a lot of difficulty when parking the car because the interior dashboard is so much raised that u cant see properly and at the back, the dicky is also very high so u should get a parking sensor installed after purchasing it. Please dont install a camera at the back as I think parking sensors are better and its beep actually let u stop from colliding when parking your car. Engine is good and I would recommend to drive the car within the rpm of 2 to 3, the mileage you will get not less than 17 for sure.I hope it will work for you. And still if you have query then please call me anytime at 981884903.

Reply By Rufus 13 Mar,2013 11:34:33 AM

Thanks a lot for the advice and opinion. I will go for the parking sensors as suggested, for music I want the music to be decent when I sit in the car and not irritating so this would do if i just fit the jbl speakers from my old car. Speed yes have to maintain it as the car seemed so zippy! your mobile number has only 8 numbers could you please send to me at 9884122696 so i can call you some time, thanks or please email me at

Reply By moon 29 Oct,2012 09:56:14 PM

pl give feedback about rear leg room.

Reply By Tony 14 Mar,2012 05:58:17 PM

Just Test Drive the Linea for the sturdiness and the build qaulity of the Italians. Petrol LINEA will come get you more than the 12 kpl..

Reply By ricky singh 16 Nov,2012 10:05:04 PM

u r rite, petrol mileage is 12 k p l, just about ...............

Asked By Bhathal 14 Mar,2012 05:22:59 AM

Looks like full size doggy with a truncated tail.How about turbo noise while deaccelerating?

Reply By CarDekho Team 14 Mar,2012 09:43:24 AM

The cabin sound damping is much better on the New Dzire as compared to the older one do the turbo and engine noise is not very audible in the cabin.

Asked By Aravindh 14 Mar,2012 10:04:04 AM

Very good review.. Thanks CarDekho Team...

Asked By Pranav 14 Mar,2012 01:03:00 PM

Hi , I am very curious in buying new Swift Dzire...most likely to go for LDI version....can any one suggest..that it is good to go..?? Also how much ileage LDI version....???? Thanks in advance !

Reply By JAGDISH 14 Mar,2012 02:01:54 PM

Hi Swift Dezire is Nice pakage I won't say it Hatch boot but it is a Small Sedan.Interior are nice and appealing and Drive is comfortable. Seat Fabric are of Beige color which is really Nice. Boot is accpetable and Good Enough for Small Family. Noramlly Big Sedan's boot is most of the time empty. SO GO FOR IT. LDI,VDI,ZDI you will get mileage of 18-20 depending upon drive

Asked By inder jeet singh 14 Mar,2012 01:08:05 PM

Fantastic out look &i m planing to buy in near future.

Asked By vidhish 14 Mar,2012 04:59:22 PM

i booked my car on 15 dec 2011. still i dont get d car....when i gave him half paymnt of d car..they give me date 18 march 2012 of delivery d car..and still they dont give me car.....can i take any action with them....plz suggest me.......

Reply By Tony 14 Mar,2012 05:54:19 PM

Just Cancel the Booking and go for the Linea. it has much mire features than dezire. And the dezire has a running on FIAT MJD engine.

Reply By vikram subramanyam 15 Mar,2012 08:14:48 AM

yes you can take action. send an email to customer care with booking reference and speak to manager also. they are selling to customers willing to pay premium over the price.

Reply By vidhish 15 Mar,2012 02:13:45 PM

thnx 4 ur rply.......i send email to customer care......but i dont get any reply...........

Reply By vikram subramanyam 15 Mar,2012 07:08:54 PM

Well i booked my car in Nov 2011 and got delivery in Feb 2012. So u should get it by this month end.

Reply By vidhish 15 Mar,2012 09:32:12 PM

month end price will be increase aprox 20,000 rs.....

Reply By nach 16 Mar,2012 03:09:44 PM

Then i think dealer are playing game with the customer..... if they make delay.. they will be with profit

Reply By Rajesh 18 Mar,2012 04:41:26 PM

u can contact there territory sale manager and tell ur prb to same he will solve ur prb definetly u can take there phone numbers frm the website

Reply By abhishek 22 Mar,2012 11:46:46 AM

hom many months he have written in your customer docket booklet.....if that written time period is passed than you can complaint to maruti (tel-18001800180) if that time period is not passed than you have to wait for that.................i also booked dzire vdi on 26th of december verbally dealer said to me that he wl deliver me the car within 3 months.......after that he said to me that the car is coming on 20 or 21st of march but still they dont give me the my customer docket the written waiting period is 4 months means i have to wait........

Reply By swapnil 28 Mar,2012 02:09:17 PM

@ vidish Dude im also facing the same problem and they told me the same date that you are described.i booked vxi varient in silky silver.

Asked By darshan khurana 14 Mar,2012 05:36:35 PM

verry good car

Asked By Dr. K. Ramesh 14 Mar,2012 06:22:30 PM

Good look, induced the viewer to purchase.... KR

Asked By carbhai 15 Mar,2012 12:23:04 AM

i dont like boot of this car its very ugly front n interior is gud but coz of boot i don want to buy swift is better then desire

Reply By vikramsubu 15 Mar,2012 08:39:59 AM

The Dzire has additional features than Swift like Electronic Brake Assist, Climate control, more rear legroom, bigger rear doors, better rear sofas etc. It also will give u excellent resale value. go for Dzire.

Asked By indresh tiwari 15 Mar,2012 02:14:36 AM

diesel engines cars should be used daily then only it will show its this true...bcoz i don't use car on daily basis there are problem with diesel engine

Reply By vikramsubu 15 Mar,2012 08:19:52 AM

No that's not true. New generation diesel engines are very reliable and do not need to be started daily. It makes sense to buy the diesel if you plan to use it daily 50 kms average running. The additional 1 lakh for diesel engine is justified if your average usage is high.

Asked By Anupama 15 Mar,2012 11:48:50 AM

The new Dzire is available in an AT (automatic transmission) variant as well right? Any feedback on the performance for that? Specifically, price difference, and ballpark mileage values?

Asked By Asheesh 15 Mar,2012 01:25:30 PM

New D'zire is no doubt good looking than the older one. But the mileage is not so good. My freind got VDI last month and I used his car around 350Kms and mileage it gave was around 17KMPL on long route, rear passengers are not so comfortable as the legroom is not enough and 3 passengers are not comfortable. i have verna CRDI 2010 model which is far better than this car. Good pickup good mileage I got 21 plus mileage on long routes at high speeds of around 120 and rear seat 3 passengers are very comfortable. some features are missing in VDI model may be due to price. we can say it is better than older one.

Reply By Chaitas 15 Mar,2012 11:58:21 PM

I have New Dezire, i got aan average of ~19kmpl in city and ~21kmpl on highway.

Reply By Abhishek Das 26 Jul,2012 04:12:33 PM

Dude! Comparing a verna that too a cRDi with a mid sized notch back with a price tag difference of 2.0 Lakhs is not at all fair! Nd plus cRDi 's bigger engine and stronger Turbocharger will definitely ace out than the dzire, no questions!!! Even a city will give the same legroom probably bigger than your verna so compare that with your car.

Asked By MUKESH SINGH 15 Mar,2012 04:06:03 PM


Asked By stephen dias 15 Mar,2012 04:25:59 PM

The new Desire is quite good for its price. But if you race with any car of 1.2 say even Swift this Desire looses its balance on hight speed and in turns appears that it will topple at 100 kms /h and just imagine if you go higher than 100 km it is risky to drive. I drove Ford Fiesta 1.4 km and that car you cannot compare with desire it has stability at 160 kms and yopu feel that it is only 100 kms. Desire may be good for the price. If you want to show off that you have sedan car than go for Desire but if you want really speed up than it is not safe. The front show is really bad compared to other sedan cars. They should change the view of front . I admire the changes that was made in new design Desire. It is worth for that price and it is too good for a normal driver and not for a fast driver. Stephen Dias, Goa

Asked By gokul menon 15 Mar,2012 06:08:04 PM

what would be the mileage for dzire diesel version

Asked By Boby Daniel 15 Mar,2012 06:20:31 PM

Dear Team,Can u ask Swift Desire petrol (New Model-VXI) millage and kerala showroom price(if possible on the road price)

Asked By anees 15 Mar,2012 08:30:33 PM

like i want car

Asked By Farid Ahmad khan 15 Mar,2012 10:44:48 PM

Looking very nice , how much will be diesel engine Maruti Swift car at Lucknow ?

Asked By sanjog taori 15 Mar,2012 11:49:01 PM


Asked By chaitas 16 Mar,2012 12:02:10 AM

@ Cardekho Team, you have mentioned The mileage certified by ARAI is 19.5 kmpl for diesel and 23.4 kmpl for petrol.. this is reverse - for diesel it is 23.4 and for petrol it is 19.5

Asked By jeyaratnam k 16 Mar,2012 04:44:06 AM

need a swift automatic either at cochin or trichur what do i do? can u organize one

Asked By ashok raghavan 16 Mar,2012 07:28:23 PM

I would like to buy the newswiftdzire.what is the waiting period?

Asked By mohammed 17 Mar,2012 10:32:01 AM

I already booked swift Dzire vdi 2012 what is the status of productions & dispatches, is it true that white color is very much demanded because i booked white color,

Reply By rajesh 18 Mar,2012 04:42:46 PM

yes white colour is too much demanded

Asked By kailash 18 Mar,2012 12:21:41 AM

car is a very good car diky is a very smal old is a best taxi drivar not like this this car lagej problam

Asked By akshay 23 Mar,2012 11:52:26 PM

car is very good now plz come on tesst drive

Asked By Sathya 27 Mar,2012 09:40:41 AM

Heard that it is performing well

Asked By kichu 30 Mar,2012 06:30:41 PM

One of my frd today said the new dezire diesel gives abt 8-9km only.. not able to believe

Reply By Sumit Bihani 06 Jul,2013 01:55:05 PM

I agree with your friend. Even my new DZIRE diesel is giving 8-9 km per litre.

Asked By Raja 30 Mar,2012 06:37:32 PM

No boss.....dont believe rumours....check with Maruti authorised dealers....really Desire is very gud one....

Asked By Jacob Thomas 11 Apr,2012 09:30:50 PM

I would like to buy all new dzire. I am in confusion whether I have to go for a petrol for diesel car. I have been told the cost of service/maintenance of diesel is higher than petrol. I don't have much use on daily basis. Kindly let me have your advise. Thanks and Regards Jacob Thomas

Asked By solomon anu george 28 Apr,2012 03:23:37 PM

Definitely you go for swift zxi. is the best choice than any diesel model... if you have no daily use. The interiors has so many difference in zxi. but vdi look like a normal car innterior and has no special features

Asked By shalu yadav 04 May,2012 08:45:14 AM

pls 9630066206

Asked By nundy 06 May,2012 12:38:12 PM

what is the waiting period for the new swift dzire LXI?

Asked By Dinesh.P.SINGH 13 May,2012 10:08:16 AM

Plz suggest 5 to 6 Lakh who buy new car mob=9639556106

Asked By Dilip 17 May,2012 10:44:09 PM

Can we still order and buy old Swift Dzire ??

Asked By kjayakarbabu 19 May,2012 11:39:07 PM

I have taken new dezire lxi and upgraded to vxi (only to save extra cost towards cost of insurance and life tax around Rs.15000 and installed a sony dvd player in place of audio given in vxi model. I travelled so far a distance of 350 km and its giving me a mileage of 10km only. Others are telling me that till I run for a distance of 3000 km, mileage wont be increased. For that, the vehicle has to undergo few more services. Is that right. Can I get the notified mileage ever?

Reply By Abhishek Das 26 Jul,2012 04:28:45 PM

Yes it is very much true that before the first 2-3 servicing rounds the car of any possible make won't give you the optimum servicing be it the mileage factor or the drivablity. There are certain rules you need to follow before your odometer strikes 2000 Kms. First drive the car at a speed not more than 65 -70 Kmph! and Second, drive at variable gear shifts, like use the right gear at the right speed, like for ex. do not switch to 5th gear at a speed of 40-45 Kmph. Do it till 2000Kms and 2- 3 servicings, whicever is later and you shall get the optimum value for your car!

Asked By kjayakarbabu 19 May,2012 11:47:57 PM

I have taken new dezire lxi and upgraded to vxi (only to save extra cost towards cost of insurance and life tax around Rs.15000 and installed a sony dvd player in place of audio given in vxi model. I travelled so far a distance of 350 km and its giving me a mileage of 10km only. Others are telling me that till I run for a distance of 3000 km, mileage wont be increased. For that, the vehicle has to undergo few more services. Is that right. Can I get the notified mileage ever?

Asked By RAMESH 21 May,2012 11:12:12 PM

i dont like this car... the previous version is better than this...

Asked By Amit Jamwal 28 May,2012 09:53:04 PM

Hi Car Dekho Team, I had booked Swift Dzire VDI on 1st Jan. 2012 but till date I have not recived the car. They are saying delivery will take 2 more month. But during booking time they assure delivery 3-4month. Pease help me in this case.

Asked By dr saurabh jain 01 Jun,2012 05:49:17 PM

hi guys.. bought a new swift dzire,,, i am having a tough time with this car,,, after just 1600kms cars TURBO spoiled,, after that now some problem in suspension,,, company workshop fellows trying from last 2 wks,, problem unsolved,,, they tried and replaced parts,, no correction till date,,, now recent diagnosis,, problem in axel of car(crack etc),,,, horrible,,, i think maruti is using inferior quality products as they know that car is selling like a hot cake,,, and yes,,, mileage of my car on highway,,17 km/lit only,,, think twice before buying this car......

Asked By SATISH ANEJA 03 Jun,2012 12:23:47 PM

Love to..Swift Dzire..I had booked Swift Dzire VDI on 5 may 2012 and me deliverd car on 18 june 2012 on my Birthday..i regard and love to Maruti Udyog.MARUTI is No-1 in motors world.

Reply By Devender 08 Nov,2013 01:00:18 PM

hiii everyone Alpine introduce one audio for swift Dzire And Ertiga with all features CD/USB/AUX/PREOUT/BT and Advance BT

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