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Tata Motors, India's prominent automobile manufacturer is working hard to bring its dream car 'Tata Nano' back to popularity. And the company has taken a major step towards the campaign by launching the all new advertisement of Tata Nano. The emotional advertisement of this people's car is now available on YouTube and through this commercial, the company has tried its best to bring this stunning car back to our minds.

Tata Nano in the concerned commercial is given a tag line as 'Key to happiness'. Tata Nano these days is going through a bad time in Indian markets and that is the reason company is trying its best to bring the product back to track.


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The latest Tata Nano commercial has laid great stress on the utility of this vehicle and the car is pasteurised as the people's car. The advertisement shows the Indian orientation of Tata Nano which further fills it with emotions.

The tremendous space and attractive exterior is flaunted well along with its utility to Indian customers. The powerful pickup of this car is also depicted well in the advertisement. The video shows that Tata Nano is made for Indian users and thus can give Good performance even on bumpy roads. The little size of the car is turning people's head on road which is actually the case with Tata Nano because of its exclusive compact looks.


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Tata Nano assures happiness in home, and once you drive it, you will get addicted to it. While the car is driven on road people are found observing it, may it be your neighbours or someone on road, people just can get their eyes off your car.

Thus taking a prominent step towards Tata Nano campaign, the company has come up with a real attractive advertisement and will surely achieve its purpose through this ad.

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Asked By Colonel KJS Sandhu 21 Dec,2010 11:26:05 AM

Dear Readers Greetings ! ! As a deeply rooted in Indian soil patriot, I Love My India. The scooter brought mobility to us working classes.My beloved LML Vespa (3 gear)is parked in my home and every 3/4 months , I take it out for a joy ride. At a traffic signal I love giving our youngsters on bikes a shock by front wheel in air take off.I love cars and have driven from 140 miles NORTH of KHARDUNGLA to lans end Kanya Kumai ! ! I own the 2nd TATA Indica sold through CSD in 1999. Like many others NANO was to be my Dream Car- last new car after retirement. Like the marketing adage- there is a sucker born each minute .... I also qued up with my Re 1.76 lac draft for this car.Fortunaely, I lost in the bookinf BUT gained in happiness. My Indica forces me to CONCORDE Motors every month. I saw the silent suffering of the Nano owners. After a detailed exercise - the tragedy behind the triump was pieced together. I share it with you, as I know it. The car has below 10kmpl fuel efficiency.It displays the horrifying cataspophe of spontaneous combustion.Brakes are weak. Rear mounted engine, low is vulnerable to tail strikes at traffic signals and parking. Water logging in underground parkings and rains render it flooded. These as per my experience are NOT design defects but DEVELOPMENT ARROGANCE. The engineers who tested it DID a hurried shoody job and perhaps did not take the pains for prolonged testing.Fire suppression as a retrofit is risky and expensive in a petrol car so small.Lacs of Auto Rickshaws are lawless and bang every car, repeatedly from the back. Fuel average is again a development issue - changing jets is a poor sunsitute for engine performance- gas flow, peak pressures and ger box mating/ger ratios for optimum bang for the buck. Working classes like me who travel at conveyance costs of Rs60/litre divided by 15 kmpl by car or 40 on 2 wheeler are Rs4/kmpl in 4 wheeler with family or Rs 1.50p/kmpl on 2 wheeler are finding NANO mileage of 10kmpl indicating Rs 6/km exorbitant. Fix these and sustain for one year and you have the car back on track. This is my analysis and Inference pleaser.


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