New Tata Indica to be launched next month

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New Tata Indica to be launched next month

Tata Motors India's largest automobile company seems to be geared up this year, the company today announced the launch of the refreshed version of its hatchback Tata Indica. The company is working towards making Tata Indica the most fuel efficient car. Ramakrishnan, an official from Tata motors recently announced that the company is planning to come up with the refreshed version of Tata Indica BS IV variant (diesel) with CRDI (Common Rail Direct Injection) next month. The company will incorporate the all new BS4 compliant, CR4 diesel engine in its popular hatchback Tata Indica. Apart from that some exciting features will also be added in the popular hatchback.

The refreshed version of Tata Indica is likely to shed some weight and become lighter than the current model. The new engine looks promising and is expected to enhance the performance of Tata Indica. The new engine offers an increase of 65 per cent in torque and is likely to enhance the power by 32 per cent. Not only this but it is expected that the fuel efficiency will be improved remarkably by 46 per cent. The refreshed Tata Indica will offer better drivability and will be donning new interiors as well as exteriors.

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Asked By ShabbUday 01 Mar,2011 07:29:00 AM

Mera India Meri Indica now becoming much much better and competitive

Reply By SURESH JAIN 01 Mar,2011 07:15:31 PM

Tata indica vista

Reply By SURESH JAIN 01 Mar,2011 07:17:36 PM

Indica vista

Reply By Anshul 02 Mar,2011 11:33:50 PM

vista quatrjet is very good , but tata should improve Horn quality

Asked By Dr. Deepak 01 Mar,2011 08:38:36 AM

Buy only indigenous cars and boost our economy

Asked By CarExpert 01 Mar,2011 09:52:07 AM

Fuele efficiency improved by 46%, means current 20-21kmpl x 1.46 You mean to say 30 KMPL ? please be reasonable in your posts.. 65 PS engine will be improved by 65 % that means it'll be more powerful that LENEA and MANZA's engines. Be serious dude while reporting.

Asked By amol 01 Mar,2011 11:39:58 AM

buy only tata cars indica

Reply By rajesh 01 Mar,2011 02:13:18 PM

tata indica price on road

Asked By Colonel KJS Sandhu 01 Mar,2011 11:41:27 AM

Dear Readers Greetings If you cant convince them - confuse them. So many versions of the TATA Indica.Car is only good as a taxi for 80,000 kms or two years which ever is earlier.Safari NOT succesful- Manza despite relaunch NOT succesful.Aria ???????? Where are we aiming at ? NANO sputtering along despite the charming offers. WILL someone at Made in India cars please take a long hard look at reliable, durable, good looking small diesel car- Rs 350,000 on road with Safety Airbags, ABS and EBD. You WILL have almost 25 lac buyers. Are the car companies listening. Petrol will touch Rs90 per litre by next March. Best Wishes Colonel KJS Sandhu

Reply By kamalraj 02 Mar,2011 08:47:19 AM

tata cars for indian roads are like chinese mobiles just use and throw

Reply By akash milton 03 Mar,2011 08:31:42 AM

you are right itrs correct.its like china mobile use and throw .i hate it. it can be used only for taxi purposes

Reply By ranjith 05 Mar,2011 06:09:29 AM

excellant comparison.

Reply By divya 02 Mar,2011 12:38:31 PM

forget abouit petrol and even diesel cars shortly. bcos petrol may reach 100 rs. in 1 or 2 yrs and diesel will reach 75 rs. its high companies concentrate on other forms like electricity cars, biodiesel engines etc.

Reply By Harsh Preet Singh 03 Mar,2011 10:21:57 PM

Col JI har kisi ko mukammal jahan nahi are expexting to much even chinese companies will raise hand to it.

Reply By Nitin Warty 04 Mar,2011 11:02:23 AM

col sandhu has said what used to be called a sola( 16) anne gal.............i refer to his first comments..............IN EFFECT.....MAKE NON AGRICULTURAL AND RELIABLE CARS MR TATA.......otherwise every thing else is eyewash as a fauji- he seems to demand the moon...a price of 3.5 l............i wldsay, even at 5 lakhs, mr tata, can u give us a economical (fuel consumption), reliable (good for 300,000 kms) which drives smoothly.......... nitin warty

Reply By ranjith 05 Mar,2011 06:08:09 AM

lets hope it to touch 90/ltre on March 2021.

Asked By sunil 01 Mar,2011 01:01:37 PM

lekin aayegi kab tak?

Reply By swapnil gohokar 01 Mar,2011 06:01:25 PM

next month likha to hai waha pe!!!!!!!

Asked By Dr Swapnil Gohokar 01 Mar,2011 05:59:49 PM

The best family car....SST(sasti sundar tikau)..seriously good car comfortable for every thing....(EAST OR WEST INDICA IS THE BEST)

Asked By nizam 01 Mar,2011 05:59:56 PM

what will be the price(onroad) of this new indica diesel car.

Asked By dr.harish bansal 01 Mar,2011 08:54:27 PM

kya body shape main bhi kuch change kiyya hai

Asked By shachin 01 Mar,2011 10:04:15 PM


Asked By kaushik 02 Mar,2011 12:30:33 AM

It will offer about 25Km/L milage, a peak power of 70 PS power at 4,000 RPM along with a top torque of 140 Nm.The price range will be 400,000-500,00.

Asked By Kaushik 02 Mar,2011 12:45:40 AM

Let me correct, the price range will be 400000 to 500000. the new variant of Indica will also carry fresh looks and features at both interior and exterior.

Asked By Leslie 02 Mar,2011 07:36:18 AM

If they could have some graphics done on the body instead of giving at a plain BOILED EGG, it would be great!

Reply By divya 02 Mar,2011 12:43:57 PM

on any day indica is always a better looking car than any small maruti cars!

Asked By prashantgange 02 Mar,2011 09:52:42 AM

please give only one fan on this indica becoz we are allready collapes before 7 indica problam big just onlu engin fan

Asked By Vikas Sharma 02 Mar,2011 10:27:00 AM

indica is a best car in best rates with best features and normal facilities for a middle class person. i like it. Vikas Sharma

Asked By M.G.HUSSAIN 02 Mar,2011 10:44:55 AM

I like Indica car due to this is my favorite car best rates & best deatures. M.G.HUSSAIN

Asked By M.G.HUSSAIN 02 Mar,2011 10:46:36 AM

I like Indica car due to this is my favorite car best rates & best Features. M.G.HUSSAIN

Asked By DEEPAK 02 Mar,2011 10:46:40 AM

what will be the price of this car?

Asked By Ravinderparmar 02 Mar,2011 11:13:19 AM

Tata launch new car every querter. its good for improve ment. But tata forget to best service forold cars. tata authrised workshop get service chages so high , spear parts cost to much,we,ll pay it they are not given satecfied services. so resuelt poor.

Asked By ashwamegh singh 02 Mar,2011 11:18:19 AM

thats a good news...what will be the price range????...and will there be any body changes???....

Asked By Mohandas 02 Mar,2011 11:23:28 AM

Using indica 4 years, run KM one Lac 40000. As an indian proud to say Tata ki jai.

Asked By Kishore Reddy 02 Mar,2011 12:27:03 PM

Gr8 to know that the new mileage is gonna be 46%. Believe me I've tested my TATA Indica VISTA Terra almost every time I'm getting 25KMPL on highways by maintaining speeds b'ween 70-80KMPH. The car is very stable even at 130's and Highest speed I could see is 155KMPH. Seems locked at this Speed. ONLY letdown is when I look at the interiors, they are not that gr8 enough BUT overall its worth for its price.

Asked By biju k.Zachariah 02 Mar,2011 04:44:36 PM

I want to know the price of CNG version of TATA Indica.

Asked By S pillai 02 Mar,2011 05:04:36 PM

very nice

Asked By Ravinder Rao G 02 Mar,2011 10:45:18 PM

Indica more power for indians

Asked By shashi prakash 03 Mar,2011 09:04:05 AM

what's the rate?

Asked By ks ashokkumar 03 Mar,2011 09:15:34 AM

All the TATA Cars are very highly priced as col.Sandhu has said keep all in one car which is worth Rs.3,50,000/-.You will have more customers. Hope????? when can we expect??????

Asked By Vickie 03 Mar,2011 10:00:22 AM

tata motors is losing its image under customer satisfaction & indian market is crowded and soon its gonna be flooded with cars, today a car buyer lots & lots of options, tata motors should change their idea in cars....service centers really sucks, interior quality, its not driver focussed either....if they change their ideas...definetly tata motors will be shinning star....

Asked By Colonel KJS Sandhu 03 Mar,2011 11:43:20 AM

Dear Readers Greetings 1....I am sure many of you will be aware of the facts I recount for your memory-TATA cars were launched with Indica [ 100,000 cars were booked at FULL Price ie Rs 325000/-]But the car failed and almost 90,000 owners/booked owners to be formed a Internet Group and cried about their problems- I was one of them 2nd Car to be sold All India DLE. Car was relaunched but continued to fail all around. 2... TATAs had a JV with CONCORD Motors for Product support, Marketing, Maitenance and Logistic Support. They dida BRILLIANT JOB- PAR EXCELLENCE BUT the TATAs broke this partnership. These areas rapidly deteriorated to the Car Buyers/Owners disadavantage. 3... All of you know the rest- its been downhill all the way. BUT I honestly and truly believe IF TATAs can relook at the Indian Car Buyer afresh and NOT get confused in seeing you and me as either a truck driver or taxi operator they will get back on track. India has changed and even VW with a very superior product but Bad service has bitten the dust. FORD has learnt and Chevvy is getting set- TOYOTA, HONDA & FORD will kill the others pleaese wait and watch just 180 days. Best Wishes & Regards Colonel KJS Sandhu PS: The Oil cartels and Indian Oil Companies are putting us in Rs 90 per litre petrol bracket kindly be cautioned please !!!!!

Asked By raghav 03 Mar,2011 06:12:11 PM

i am one of the person looking for the tataindica turbomax which was launched on 2010, which was a 71 bhp and 19 km/l vehicle but i was unable to get the silver color in all the showrooms of bangalore. now i saw your new add of refreshed tataindica with crdi engine, whether the crdi engine gives more bhp power than the turbomax and will the car be in different colours and with change in interiors as well as exterior. Please let me know when the vehicle will be launched, cost of the vehicle and show some of the images of the new vehicle. i am very eagerly waiting to purchase.

Asked By Divyesh 04 Mar,2011 10:42:14 AM

when will come tata indigo manza cs..i m waiting for it.

Asked By dilip kumar jha 04 Mar,2011 10:26:02 PM

when tata indica crdi model launched and how much price.what are the feature , specification and colours of this new model car.

Asked By Dr.Ashwin 05 Mar,2011 11:22:36 PM

east or wet indica is d best i loooooooooooooooove tata........... n especially i love indicaaaaaaaaaaaa....... hats off to indicaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.............

Asked By Harpreet Singh 06 Mar,2011 12:27:15 PM

What about typical Tata Diesel car noise? What about maintenance cost?

Asked By CarDekho Team 23 Mar,2011 12:53:40 PM

Noise damping is good on the Indica and running cost is also low as on all Tata cars.


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