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` 8.0 Lac*
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Onelook at, Toyota’s latest product, the Toyota Rush, is all it takes to understand that the car is certain to take the automobile market by storm. To begin with the car has a trendy and sophisticated appearance that helps it in becoming a true treat for the eyes. The exterior is equipped with a host of features which not only help in serving an important purpose but also add a new dimension to the car’s appearance. Fog lamps help in improving visibility during foggy conditions and gel well with the car’s look. Wing mirrors help the drivers in judging traffic conditions better and also impart a hi-tech feel to the car. Rear spoiler, reverse sensor, turn indicator, headlamps and a spare tyre cover are some of the other features that breathe new life into the car’s exterior. The interior of the car is almost as impressive as its exterior. To start off, the seats have a comfortable and soft feel about them. An effective AC helps in diminishing the challenges associated with driving in summer. The steering wheel of the car is equipped with an audio controller that makes it easier to maneuver the steering and results in a smoother driving experience. Power windows simplify the handling of windows by making it possible to operate all windows via a central console. A sun visor, sunglass holder, leather gear knob and an audio system are some other features found in the interior. The presence of a host of safety features indicates that the makers of the car consider safety to be one of their prime responsibilities. An Anti- Braking System (ABS) prevents the brakes from jamming in case braking is done at high speeds. A Supplementary Resistant System (SRS) airbag inflates during collisions and protects passengers from damage. Safety locks are provided to prevent accidental opening of the doors while the car is in motion. An Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD), collapsible steering column and a Global Outstanding Assessment (GOA) body are some of the other safety features possessed by the car. The car is a sure shot winner when it comes to technical aspects. It is equipped with a powerful 3SZ-VE, 4 cylinder, 1495 cc DHOC  engine  that offers a peak torque of 141 Nm at 4400 rpm and a peak power of 80 Kw per 6,000 rpm. The availability of a host of color variants, such as white, grey metallic, silver mica metallic, and black metallic, endears the car to the, highly metrosexual youth. On the whole the host of brilliant features present in the car will help it in becoming an instant classic.

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The exterior of the car has an elegant and royal look. The presence of 215/65R16 alloy tyres imparts stability to the car and makes it suitable for long journeys. It is equipped with a host of features which not only enhance the car’s looks but also perform important functions.. The headlamps of the car facilitate safe driving during the night and also help in magnifying the car’s sleek looks. The technology used in the headlamps varying depending on the variant in question. The Rush 1.5G A/T and Rush 1.5G M/T areequipped with multi reflector headlamps while the 1.5S A/T uses projector headlamps. Fog lamps are provided in the Rush 1.5S A/ T version of the car. They facilitate driving under foggy conditions and impart a hi- tech feel to the car. A reverse sensor is provided, in all three versions, which enables smooth and crash free reversing. Wing mirrors, which are provided in all the variants, help drivers in forming a better view of traffic and impart a sporty aura to the car. Dealing with sharp turns is often considered one of the biggest challenges associated with driving. To simplify this daunting task the 1.5S A/T version of the car is equipped with a turn indicator. It helps in avoiding collisions while turning. Some of the other features that add new meaning to the car’s appearance include rear spoiler, tyre cover and high mount stop lamp.


The interior of the car has a very neat and royal appearance which is reminiscent of the princely carriages used in the bygone era. To begin with, the car is equipped with comfortable and adjustable fabric covered seats which help in creating a powerful first impression. The seating arrangement can be altered to enhance passenger comfort. The various seating configurations include 7-seater, space mode, relax mode and 6-seater mode. Keeping in mind the fact that that an impressive steering plays a big role not only in facilitating smooth driving but also in enhancing a car’s market value, the makers equipped the car with an elegant looking and easy to use steering. The Rush 1.5S A/T is equipped with a 3 spoke leather steering wheel while the Rush 1 .5G A/T and 1.5G M/T variants are equipped with a 3 spoke Urethane steering. An audio switch is provided, on the steering, in all three variants. The driver side window is equipped with a jam protection mechanism which helps in enhancing window life by ensuring smooth functioning. A centralized console box is provided, in all three variants, which allows the driver to keep important utilities at an arm’s length. All the versions are equipped with an impressive AC that simplifies driving in summers and enhances passenger comfort. Comfortable and stylish gear knobs help in making driving a pleasurable affair. These knobs are made of leather and chrome (in case of Rush 1.5S A/T) and Urenthane and Chrome (in case of the Rush 1.5G A/T and Rush 1.5G M/T) and hence take the car’s style factor to the next level. The fact that the entire interior has been done up in black adds to the ruggedness of the car while the presence of an analog 2 DIN Tuner CD/MP3 players carters to the entertainment needs of users.


The presence of some highly impressive comfort features help the car in becoming a “palace on wheels”. To begin with, the otherwise complicated task of maneuvering windows is made easy through a power locking mechanism that adds a degree of automation to this cumbersome task. A highly effective Air Conditioner enhances passenger comfort during the summers and hence amplifies the car’s viability. The presence of fabric seats helps in ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable journey. The presence of some safety features act as the proverbial icing on the cake and establish the car as a top-notch luxury car.Yet another good feature in the car is the presence of a jam protector mechanism that helps in enhancing the driver’s comfort by ensuring smooth functioning of his window.

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Engine and Performance

All the variants, of the car, are equipped with a 3SZ-VE, 4 cylinder, 1495 cc DHOC  engine that has been designed using the VVT-I technology. This technology helps, through the frequent opening and closing of valves (in 1/1000th of a second) helps the car in meeting emission guidelines and providing a good fuel economy simultaneously.


In today’s expensive and competitive world a good fuel economy/mileage is a must for any car as it helps in improving the car’s economic viability. The car offers an impressive mileage of 14.8 Km/l which helps it in staying heads and shoulders above its competition.

Power of Toyota Rush

The power and torque offered by a car plays a big role in determining its viability. The car is equipped with a strong engine3SZ-VE, 4 cylinder, 1495 cc DHOC engine  that offers a peak torque of 141 Nm at 4400 rpm and a peak power of 80 Kw per 6,000 rpm. These impressive figures help the car in getting a decisive edge over other cars in the same genre.

Stereo & Accessories

The entertainment needs of passengers are taken care of through the presence of an easy to use CD/Mp3 player which is equipped win a 2-DIN tuner.  The presence of six highly effective speakers, which offer top-notch sound quality, ensures that passenger” live” the music they hear.

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Braking & Handling

An efficient braking system is important for ensuring a safe journey. Keeping in mind this philosophy, the Toyota franchise decided to equip the car with a solid braking system. All variants of the car are equipped with disc brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear. Disc brakes facilitate easy and smooth braking while drum brakes enhance the sturdiness of the whole mechanism. The effectiveness of the braking system is enhanced further through the use of the ABS which prevents the brakes from locking or jamming in case of sudden braking while on slippery or hard roads. Very often braking results in an uneven distribution of brake force between the front and rear wheels. This problem is eradicated through the presence of an EBD which enforces equitable distribution of brake-force.

Safety & Security

Realizing the importance of ensuring passenger safety the car is equipped the car with some highly effective safety features. To begin with, the Rush 1.5S A/T variant is equipped with an Anti-locking Braking System (ABS). This mechanism stops the brakes from locking or jamming in sudden braking is done while on slippery or hard roads. A technology called the Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) complements the ABS mechanism by facilitating an equitable distribution of the brake-force between the front and rear ends. Child safety locks are provided in all variants. They protect against accidental opening of doors while the car is in motion. A collapsible steering column plays a pivotal role in protecting the driver from incurring chest or rib damage in the event of a crash. The Rush 1.5G M/T variant is equipped with single SRS Airbags which inflate in order to protect passengers from suffering injuries during collisions. Seat belts are provided to protect passengers from suffering spinal damage in case of sudden braking. The presence of a Global Outstanding Assessment body enhances the safety aspect of the car by absorbing the shock associated with collisions. Anti-jamming power windows, at the driver side, help in protecting driver from suffering injury while maneuvering the window. Safety features are complemented by an impressive security alarm which comprises of a siren, auto locking and an engine immobilizer. An immobilizer mechanism protects the car from theft by disabling the engine if a fake/duplicate key is used to ignite or enter the car. An automatic door locking system protects the car from the threats associated with unlocked doors. A siren mechanism helps in intimating the owners and security about possible intrusion. There are ample features to ensure driver safety.

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Wheels are the founding stone on which the entire weight of the car rests therefore the presence of top-notch wheels is essential. The car is equipped with alloy wheels which have a tyre size of 215/65R16.These are highly durable and hence add stability to the car.

Toyota Rush Pros

Stylish interiors, impressive exterior, loads of safety features, enhanced passenger comfort, association with a good car brand and the presence of entertainment features are just some of the plus points about Toyota Rush. All in all, this is one of the finest offerings from the Toyotafamily.

Toyota Rush Cons

The car is expected to come out a bit harsh on the pockets with a huge market price which may affect its popularity amongst a certain section of society.

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  • Kindly Launch As soon as possible....
    By Abhishek kumar| | 1290 Views
    Look and Style: Appears to be a beautiful SUV. The price and performance also seems to be very competitive. At a launch price of Rs 8 lakhs the product may give other cars in this segment a tough competition. If we believe in brand Toyota it is going to be a best buy but looking as inferior interiors of ETIOS..if repeated.. its definitly going to flop or else may be famous amongst taxi drivers. ... Read Full Review
  • all is well,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    By suree| | 897 Views
    Look and Style except the back ,car is superb,stepny tyre instead of  back,it may be adjusted in bootspace...   Comfort is fine   Pickup grt......   Mileage satisfiec......   Best Features ovr all look     Needs to improve,,, stepny may adjust  inside of the gives yhe quanto look to d vhicle.   Overall Experience,,,,good    ... Read Full Review
  • TOYOTA RUSH could emerge as a winner in its class
    By Sajal Gupta| | 1487 Views
    Look and Style : From the available info, the modern suave and semi-mascular looks (resembling RAV-4, Toyota's another globally popular elite product) are expected to contribute a lot to its popularity, as the bar is already set high ny Renault Duster in the Look & Style Department. Toyota would score still higher if it is able to offer "non plasticky" inner trims, by use of superior engineering plastics & synthetic fabrics li... Read Full Review
  • lancy toyota rush
    By Lancy-D'sa| | 1362 Views
    Look and Style ok  the suv should be wider enough and arrow dynamic in terms of better agility like tu rning and high speed. Comfort for driver seat should be very adjustable and rear seater also with good ac in terms of 7 seater.   Pickup pick in terms of desiel will be slow in terms of petrol good.   Mileage within city dirve it should give 14-15 with ac and on highway 17 expected.   Best Features reverse sensor and driving seat should ... Read Full Review
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  • Toyota to enter the compact SUV segment with Rush
    Posted On | | 7748 Views

    With the advent of compact SUVs like Renault Duster, Audi Q3 and upcoming Ford EcoSport, this segment of the market has started catching pace. And to further maintain this pace, Toyota is soon going to bring in their compact SUV which is christened as Toyota Rush. The SUV is currently available in Japan, Chile, Turkey, Malaysia and China, and soon adding to the list would be India. The SUV is expected to come in the year of 2014 and the speculated price bracket is Rs. 8-12Lakhs.

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