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17 July, 2012: Renault Clio bookings are now officially open in France; one can book this supermini car for a price of 13,700 Euros. Renault Clio enthusiasts can also avail a special payment scheme offered by the company along with DIAC wherein they can avail a payment facility through Renault New Deal Finance and can make the payment in a time period of five years or when they have run the vehicle to 50,000 mark. This scheme offered by Renault is condition free term lease and the customers just need to pay- 199 Euros per month.  Clio, the five door hatchback was unearthed on July 3, 2012 and the car comes with class leading exterior and interior; the LED daytime running lights, reversing camera and R-Sound effect, keyless entry, hill start assist, Plug & Music connectivity and Renault Bass Reflex System offer exceptional sound reproduction enumerates the amazing features incorporated by Renault in Clio. Renault Clio is offered in a total of 8 versions, seven of which are fitted with in-dash navigation and seven inch touch screen display.


Renault has been in global car market since a long time now and has been offering high class variety of cars that have lured the consumers towards it. The brand new offering from Renault is Clio. However, there is no news, whether the company will launch the car in Indian car market or not but the UK variant has surely impressed numerous car fanatics there. The new Renault Clio unveiled in UK is a true combination of style, performance and power. The car has managed to win many hearts. The car is expected to hit the showrooms by the first half of 2013.

Renault brought the Clio model in the year of 1990 and about 11.5 million units of the car has been sold in above 115 countries across the world. Now with the new Renault Clio, the firm is confident that it will do as well as the older variants of Clio did in the world market. The fourth generation of Clio by Renault is a power-packed car that has been blessed with ample of features.  The exteriors of the car are stylish and sensual from all angles and the interiors with plenty of personalization options complement the car very well.

The major highlights of Renault Clio comprise of its innovative technologies such as reversing camera, Renault R-Sound app, keyless entry, Renault Bass reflex system, Renault R-Link, which is an incorporated internet connected touch screen tablet in the car and so on. What make the car more exciting are its engine specifications. The company engineers have tweaked the engine such that the fuel efficiency has increased and carbon dioxide emissions have been cut down substantially. The new three cylinder petrol engine fitted under the bonnet of new Clio is quite impressive. The 1.4 litre of petrol engine uses the direct fuel injection and turbo charging technology that produces maximum power of 90HP with 135Nm of peak torque. This engine has been coupled with six speed EDC dual clutch automatic gearbox that further enhances the overall performance of the car on road.

On the other hand, the 1.5 litre of DCi diesel engine is another addition to the Clio family.  This diesel engine comfortably churns out 90HP of peak power along with 220 Nm of maximum torque. As per the Chief operating officer of Renault; the brand new Renault Clio is all ready and prepared to set a benchmark in the global car market. With the new and innovative package of gadgets and features make it stand out of the crowd. Overall, the brand new Renault Clio revealed in UK looks very exciting and if released in India, it is expected to win many hearts here as well. The pricing of the car has been kept under the hood, but hopefully the price tag with the Renault Clio UK variant will be kept affordable and easy on pocket.

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Renault Clio Gear
Acceleration & Pick-Up

Who doesn’t wish that their car have good pickup and whooshes away with a great speed? The answer is everyone. Therefore, while developing the brand new Renault Clio fourth generation, the firm made sure that the speed and acceleration department of the car is sound and impressive. The acceleration and pickup of the brand new Renault Clio is expected to be remarkable as well. All the variants of the car are likely to have good acceleration and pickup. The car would zoom away with a good speed and catch the 100kmph of speed mark from 0 in merely few seconds.

Engine and Performance

The brand new Renault Clio has been unveiled in the United Kingdom. The car seemed to be very impressive in all terms. What makes it further more interesting is that the hatchback is revealed in both diesel and petrol variants. The petrol variant of the hatchback has the new three cylinder turbocharged petrol engine churning out 90HP of peak power at the rate of 5000rpm with 135Nm of maximum torque at 1650rpm. This 1.4 litre of petrol engine has a displacement of 900cc with stop and start facility that helps in enhancing the overall performance of the car.

On the other hand, Renault Clio diesel features the latest 1.5 litre dCi diesel engine accompanied by stop and start technology. This four cylinder 1.5 litre engine gives out peak power output of 90HP at the rate of 4000rpm along with 220Nm of maximum torque produced at the rate of 1750rpm. Also, the fourth generation Renault Clio will also be offered with a dynamic and robust 1.2 litre of TCe engine that would produce 120HP of power and 190Nm of torque at 1750rpm. The main interesting part of this new engine is that, it will be mated with six speed efficient dual clutch automatic transmission.  However, this engine production is still in progress and is expected to be launched by the first half of next year.

Renault Clio TachoMeter

The new Renault Clio would come with both diesel as well as petrol engines. the petrol variant of the car has a three cylinder 1.4 litre of petrol turbocharged engine that is a perfect combination of fuel economy and driving pleasure. This 900cc of engine produces peak power of 90Hp accompanied by 135Nm of maximum torque. The engine is coupled with efficient manual transmission that allows the car to give out perfect fuel efficiency. The fuel consumption of Renault Clio petrol variant is 4.3 litres per 100 km along with emitting 99g/km of carbon dioxide.

The diesel variant of the new Renault Clio would feature the dynamic and robust 1.5 litre dCi diesel engine that gives out peak power output of 90HP with 220Nm of maximum torque. The engine coupled with the manual gearbox pushes the car to deliver good fuel efficiency with a fuel consumption of 3.2 litre per 100 km. There is another variant of Clio, but that is expected to come by the first half of next year. This variant will be offered with 1.2 litre of petrol engine that would churn out 120HP of power and 190Nm of torque. The engine would be coupled with six speed EDC automatic transmission that would facilitate the car to deliver a humble mileage figures on road. Speculations in the market suggest that this engine would be the most powerful yet the most economical engine in class today.

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Renault Clio Photos
Power of Renault Clio

The power delivered by the freshly revealed fourth generation Renault Clio is impressive. The diesel and petrol variants won’t disappoint you at all. The petrol variant of new Clio features 1.4 litre of petrol engine with a displacement of 900cc. The power delivered by the car is 90HP with 135Nm of torque, while the diesel variant of the car manages to give out maximum power of 90HP with 220Nm of torque. The 1.5 litre dCi diesel engine performs fairly well on the road as well. There is another variant of the car that is expected to be rolled out in the global car market. This car variant will be accompanied by 1.2 litre of TCe engine producing 120HP of maximum power and 190Nm of peak torque. The six speed ECD automatic transmission would further make the car variant remarkable and a true performer on road.

Renault Clio DashBoard
Braking & Handling

The braking and handling system of the freshly revealed Renault Clio is inspiring. Renault Clio has taken care of the safety of both passengers as well as the cars. The new Renault Clio has been developed on the new version of Alliance’s B platform that is known for more maneuverability, comfort and extremely less noise levels. The handling of the car will be further made easy by the presence of power assisted electronic steering wheel that would facilitate the driver in gliding through the heavy traffic condition with total comfort.

Safety & Security

The handling of the new Renault Clio is top class. The power assisted electronic steering wheel makes the handling of the car super easy and utterly comfortable. On the other hand, the suspension system of Clio fourth generation is not a letdown at all. The car drive with such an impressive suspension system makes the driver a smoother and much better altogether. As far as safety of the car is concerned, Renault is known for providing high class safety features. The new Renault Clio has bagged the first position by becoming the first ever B-segment car to obtain 5 star crash test rating from EuroNCAP. The car will come with all- starting from ABS to dual airbags, EBD and brake assist.

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