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September 15, 2015: Jaguar F-Pace is the company's third product to be built on Jaguar's Lightweight Aluminium Architecture after Jaguar XE and the new XF. Based on the C-X17 concept, the F-Pace also gets F-Type inspired design features such as the powerful rear haunches, fender vents and distinctive tail light graphics. The F-Pace can seat five people in absolute comfort with generous head and knee room, while the luggage compartment volume of 650 litres is enough to swallow everyone's luggage. The powertrain range of the Jaguar F-Pace include an 180PS 2.0-litre diesel manual RWD/ AWD and automatic AWD; 240PS 2.0-litre petrol automatic RWD; 300PS 3.0-litre diesel automatic AWD; 340PS and 380PS 3.0-litre petrol automatic AWD. The F-Pace also gets a torque-on-demand all-wheel drive (AWD) system with Intelligent Driveline Dynamics that was first developed for the F-Type.

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Jaguar F-PACE | Discover the Excitement of Driving Jaguar's SUV

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    Jaguar F-PACE | Discover the Excitement of Driving Jaguar's SUV

    Jaguar F-PACE | Discover the Excitement of Driving Jaguar's SUV


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    Jaguar F-PACE | A Performance SUV with Sports Car DNA

    Jaguar F-PACE | A Performance SUV with Sports Car DNA


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    Jaguar F-PACE | Technology and Practicality to Suit Your Active Lifestyle

    Jaguar F-PACE | Technology and Practicality to Suit Your Active Lifestyle



Jaguar F-Pace Review


The world of cars has been molded to the level of grandeur and that we know today only with the innovativeness, skill and excellence of its leaders. When narrowing down to the class of luxury cars, there are few brands that strike awe into the hearts of their beholders, and the world renowned Jaguar is one of them. This company is an undoubted world leader that has put out some of the most desirable machines ever raised. It is a company that has scaled the heights of engineering and craftsmanship, touching new heights and taking the entire industry along with it. Jaguar has stood for almost a century, and this is a massive span for this car maker to hone its craft. Today, it pioneers manufacturing of the finest, standing for a blend of class, luxury and elegance into its high model sports machines, ensuring that the range of vehicles it brings out are top notch in every form possible. A newly risen concept model that the company has awakened in the sights of its audiences is the C-X17 . This is a machine that is something no fan of this company has seen before. It is a sports ultra luxury crossover, an SUV that is a one of a kind for this company. The car stands tall and wide, with a robust, hefty build that invokes the menace of many other mighty giants. It is known that Jaguar has invested a great amount of time, money and personnel on the working of this brand new masterpiece, which is sure to leave its thumb-print in the realm of SUVs and sports crossovers. It has been manufactured on a rat-race against rough competition with numerous other towering brands and companies.

Rolls Royce is also planning to bring out its very first SUV, as is Bentley, Volvo and BMW. Jaguar is beating the odds to get there first, laying waste to its competitors. The C-X17 is a marvel from this manufacturer, a blend of good looks, elegance and class, but at the same time, nothing left compromised with performance and other heavier features. It is seen with an architectural layout that gathers the most immense appeal. It is equipped with the same well bound body format that most top end SUV brands give their vehicles. The exterior structure is very much similar to the build of other machines of this segment. It is tall and lanky, with a robust body format to weather rougher terrain. It is speculated that the basis of this car would be harsher and more unpredictable off-the-road conditions, which is the reason behind its broad and well structured build. The side profile is accentuated with large fenders and broad wheels that are sure to grip the sand dunes when treading on them. The sleekly flavored headlamps are aided with the presence of a set of bolder, larger lights below it, settled right between the grille. Perched at the center of the frontage is the signature Jaguar grille, with the company's brazen emblem atop it. The air vents positioned by the front provide maximum cooling to the powerful engine and the vehicle's inner mechanics. The lights are sure to be integrated with all the necessary brands of lighting, including LEDs, turn indicators and courtesy lights. As a sports crossover, the C-X17 concept has the most fine tuned graphics molding its exterior build. It has aerodynamic strength that goes along with its robust build and intimidating build. It is streamlined, meant for cutting through the streets with agility.

It has a low height, along with an optimized center of gravity that ensures perfection in its suspension and balance system. Furthermore, it is blessed with the most advanced infrastructure that also ensures higher speed capacity and luxury. It has a lightweight all-aluminum body meant to bring it superior driving dynamics. In addition to this, Jaguar's latest build tops of all others that it has pioneered in the past, taking to all new techno borders like never seen before. The C-X17 is founded on cutting edge, advanced techno aids. An example of this is the Torque Vectoring by Braking. This is a system which constantly monitors the vehicle’s cornering dynamics and, when required, intelligently re-balances the distribution of engine torque to individual wheels, thereby reducing under-steering, maximizing grip and securing the best stability for the machine always. The C-X17 has reassured capability on all grounds. It has a ground clearance of 213mm, in addition to an all wheel drive system. Both of these together ensure that the handling, control and stability of this machine is sealed all the way through. Grip on poor roads and rougher conditions is also ensured, and Jaguar makes new ground with the stability that this sports crossover has. According to reliable sources, Jaguar has modeled with mean machine with an intelligent all wheel drive system, which consistently monitors grip levels and driver inputs and, using torque distribution, keeps the machine stable and well altered inside lines of control always. All put together, the inner dynamics of this machine are trimmed to deliver the most exalting, mindless driving experience that only Jaguar and its exquisite craft has managed to deliver.

Jaguar has announced that is future vehicles will be powered by engines with a wide range of capacities and output, all imbibed with latest innovations in fuel-efficient technologies. The C-X17 will be the first vehicle to be equipped with all-new four-cylinder diesel and petrol engines. This revolutionary engine not only arms the vehicle with amazing performance, but ensures environmental gains as well, with the lowest CO2 emissions. These advanced, high-output engines will be built at Jaguar Land Rover’s new UK engine production facility. Sources have confirmed that the construction is a part of a £500 million investment. All put together, this vehicle is armed with the top notch performance and speed that all of Jaguar's vehicles have strived to deliver, but at the same time, secures world class fuel efficiency and environmental gains at the same time. When talking about the inside of the vehicle, it is an unspoken agreement to be noted, that this is manufacturer that leaves no stone unturned, when chasing elegance. Jaguar's models have always scathed the surface of the sky in terms of the luxury and the comfort that their vehicles bring to their passengers, and this model is surely no different. The interiors of this C-X17 is a juxtaposition of premium traditional materials and modern finishing techniques. Designers drew inspiration from a variety of sources, from extruded aluminum lampshades and lattice-framed stools to premium leather shoes, jackets and handbags.

The luxury and freedom that the cabin offers is accentuated with the C-X17's unique panoramic roof. The designers of the C-X17 have constructed the interior of the roof from a series of sculpted vanes running from front to rear, closely arranged in parallel and integrated into the header and cant rails. They are contoured on the lower side to generate extra headroom, and shaped to create a ring of space that enables a whole-roof view of the sky above, giving the occupants a sense of openness. The topside of the vanes follows the smooth profile of the glass roof, maintaining the sleek exterior lines of the C-X17. The bespoke leather panels have been created specially for the C-X17 by renowned British leather specialists Bridge of Weir and Connolly, the most acclaimed names in premium automotive cabin craftsmanship. The 3mm-thick Connolly saddle leather has a unique perforation design inspired by traditional Brogue patterns and a hand-painted edge, giving the interior of the car a classy yet contemporary feel, and features bands of stitching to increase the passenger’s tactile experience of these surfaces. The C-X17’s interior door finish is a waxed clay walnut wood veneer. For the interior metal finishes, ruthenium is used instead of brightwork, creating a darker, more tonal effect that suits the subtle, premium feel of the cabin. The top surface panels of the interactive surface console are laser-etched with a brogue-inspired pattern.

The C-X17 takes interactivity and in-car infotainment to a new level with the unique interactive surface console that runs the length of the car’s centre tunnel, from the dashboard through to the rear cabin area, just behind the front seats. Made up of a series of interconnecting touchscreens encased in transparent acrylic glass, the interactive surface console connects those in the rear cabin with the driver and front seat passengers via a secure in-car Wi-Fi network. The interactive surface console allows the vehicle occupants to upload pictures, video and sound files from their mobile devices and share them with their fellow passengers, as well as on Weibo and other social media channels. Using the touchscreens and an intuitive user interface, information can be ‘flicked’ forwards and rearwards between the front and the rear passengers. The interactive surface console enables sharing between the occupants, and immerses them in a unified multi-sensory experience.

In addition to all of this, it is equipped with an ultra-premium Meridian audio system. The C-X17’s 3D surround sound system, from British audio experts Meridian, features an all-new architectural speaker location meant for optimum sound delivery. The 28-loudspeaker system presents innovative speaker locations, altogether ensuring the most heightened audio experience for the passengers. In addition to this, height speakers have been set in the top of the head restraints to deliver the correct perception of image height, enabling each passenger to enjoy a personal and even more authentic musical experience. The all-new sonic architecture allows Meridian’s proprietary trifield 3D technology to unveil the most pleasurable and compelling atmosphere in terms of comfort.

When talking of safety, Jaguar has always crossed barriers to secure the firmest hold on its passengers' lives. This model reaches new milestones with respect to this, and ensures that Jaguar's craft is raked higher with every model. The C-X17 features rear exit detection, an innovative system which uses sensors to warn exiting passengers of quickly-approaching hazards, such as cyclists and mopeds, which are in the path of the vehicle’s opening doors. The system is activated when the passenger places their hand on the interior door handle, illuminating a hidden-until-lit icon in the pillar trim that identifies if there is a potential hazard as the result of an approaching hazard. Furthermore, the C-X17 is sure to be armed with the gift of precision with technology as well. It is predicated to be armed with all the technologically advanced features that other vehicles of this company have had, from ABS and EBD to airbags and other stuff. This machine is a one of a kind innovation, something that is sure to raise Jaguar and its manufacturing base to a whole new grounding in the industry. All brought together, the strong external cover and the blessed internal design together bring this vehicle to the edge that Jaguar has always pushed towards. It is known beyond doubt that the range of vehicles commanded by this awe-inciting manufacturer reach new peaks with every new release, and here is a release that is to set the bars up all over again. The Jaguar C-X17 is all set to unleash itself sometime later on this year, and the world waits in awe.

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