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What is Car Insurance?A car insurance policy is a very important document when it comes to vehicles, and it is also mandatory under the Motor Vehicle Act. More often than not, getting your car insured can become a cumbersome task, and that is when online car insurance comes to your rescue. CarDekho, the one-stop solution for your all needs related to cars, also offers online car insurance to make things easier for people. Be it new car insurance or used car insurance, getting your car insured online is much easier than getting it done through a local dealer.
How it Works?To get your car insured, you just need to visit CarDekho home page and click on the 'Loan and Insurance' tab. On the next page, we ask you to provide some basic details about you and your car, and other details like if you wish to buy a new policy or renew an existing one, etc. On the basis of the details provided, we suggest the best suitable of our three car insurance plans to you. All the three plans include own car damage cover + third party liabilities. What's covered under the own car damage cover include natural calamities (earthquake, flood, storm, rockslide, etc.), man-made calamities (accidents, fire, explosion, burglary, theft, riot, strike, malicious acts, terrorist activity and damage in transit), a personal accident coverage of Rs. 2 Lakh (private car) is also provided for the owner/driver. Whereas, third party liabilities provides protection against legal liability due to accidental physical injury or death of the respective third party, and damage caused to a third party's property.
Below are CarDekho online car insurance plans -- Standard Car Insurance
Standard car insurance plan includes own car damage cover + third party liabilities .
- Basic Car Insurance
Basic car insurance plan includes own car damage cover + third party liabilities + voluntary excess additionally.
- Flexible Car Insurance
This plan includes own car damage cover + third party liabilities + voluntary excess + 24x7 drive assurance (includes on-the-spot assistance in case of minor repairs, flat battery, flat tyre, fuel assistance, accommodation benefit, taxi benefit free towing, legal advice, etc.)
Why CarDekho as your car Insurer?
We at CarDekho, not only make the process of getting insurance very easy for our customers, but also provide it at cheaper rates. We are tied-up with BerkShire Insurance, one of the best insurance companies in the country. Long story short, getting your carinsurance online at CarDekho is beneficial (since you save BIG on premium), whereas, it also saves you the hassle of going down to a dealer and spending hours getting your car insured. The difference lies in our smooth car insurance process as we send the policy documents via email and you can communicate to us 24 hours and 7 days a week for your queries and concerns.
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